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Y'all mind if I

love and appreciate Kim Doyoung for all his hard work, variety skills, and angelic vocals?

ok so i was watching this interview from like 2012 and there were two very interesting things Magnús said

  • the idea was that after Magnús was done playing Sportacus for 3 more years they’d make a movie and change the look or find number 11 or even make a movie about number 1
  • he also mentions Sportacus number 8 possibly being a woman (in the sense that any one of them could be or that they weren’t all male)
how to survive waiting in line at concerts: a guide

so i’ve had a lot of people ask me what to do while you wait in line at shows so i made a big ol post about it! all this applies no matter if you get there an hour early or six hours early or 12+ hours early. this is leaning more towards a longer wait tho so use your discretion. also this is such a long post so its under a cut! thank you to anyone who gave their suggestions!!! 

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i love all of my lesbian mutuals and sometimes i tell my gf abt yall and she gets so extremely excited and happy abt the fact that there are ppl who would never shame her for her homosexuality pls keep on with the good work so i can tell my gf more

thank you!!!!!

hello! if you are following me and reading this - thank you!!!! 2 months ago i decided to make a studyblr in hopes of finding motivation and determination to improve my work ethic and grades in school. 2 months later, i still dont know if thats happened but more than 6k of you are following me? i still can’t believe i even went past 1k? aaah thank you, thank you, thank you! i love u all

hey my friend aurora is rly going thru it rn & needs some help! she’s been going thru the process of applying for social security but as most of u kno that process is rly long & u always get denied & have to fight until u get approved, if u evr do. unfortunately she can’t wait for that anymore bc she only has $40 to support herself & her cats until she either gets approved or finds a job that she rly shouldn’t be working in the first place. pls help her out!! if u can’t donate, pls share this post!!

more info abt her & her situation @