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Y'all mind if I

love and appreciate Kim Doyoung for all his hard work, variety skills, and angelic vocals?

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nobody asked for this BUT JESUS I AM SO ANGRYDUGYUFR their blogs are so nice!!

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this is going to be under the cut but PLEASE CLICK/TAP “KEEP READING” these blogs are actualllly amazing and i have the most underrated blogs that I’ve come across!

it’s organized so u can look for writers, editors, and any other content creators!!

i put a lil over 30 because chances are you probably already follow a portion of them, and also if one of the blogs isnt your style there are other “options” to follow if you know what i mean

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If u could draw bts in greek gods au, what would they be?

((sorry haha im getting impatient so i’ll posts these now but pls do not come to me and say “oh this person should’ve been this!!” like no dont do that ok))

Namjoon: So can we get out of these costumes now and go back to bed??

Hobi: No we still got one more left

Yoongi: I feel naked

Jin: Shut up, all of you


Hi hello! My name’s Sam and I’m an art student opening up sketch commissions bc I really need the money to help out with rent, food and art supplies!

If you’d like to check out more examples of my work you can go here!

Please feel free to send me an ask or email me at if you have any questions!

Even if you don’t get a commission from me, a signal boost is really appreciated :’) thank you!! ♥

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Hey can u please do an alex imagine where alex is having one of those moments like "dont fuxking touch me", sassy comebacks and annoyed phase lol and reader is there to break that phase and gets alex to get all lovey dovey cause alex has soft spot for her thnk u! Do more imagines of alex standall pls and i love ur writing hehe

Thank you for requesting! I love Alex soso much, therefore I will definitely work on more things regarding him (after all my requests, however). Thank you, that means a lot!! I hope you enjoy :) x

“Fuck off, Justin, you’re pissing me off.” Alex exclaimed, pushing Justin’s outstretched hand away. Justin just laughed, trying to poke the annoyed boy again.

“Justin.” You warned, knowing that Alex was not in the mood for anything annoying today.

“What?” Justin asked innocently. “Is it his time of the month?”

Alex glared at the boy, kicking his leg. “No, Justin, it’s called I know you.” Alex bit back. You hid a small chuckle behind a fake cough. “No one is having a good time with you being a little fucking shit.”

“Hey!” Justin called. “That really hurt, fucker.”

Alex rolled his eyes. “I bet it did,” He scoffed. “That ego is big enough to fit your fat ass into it.”

You let out a loud laugh at that, watching as Justin’s face morphed into complete shock. Alex smirked smugly at the other boy, shuffling away to get closer to you.

Justin outstretched his hand again, but this time punched Alex in the arm. Alex punched him back, causing you to roll your eyes and slap Justin’s arm away too in order for the little fight to break up.

“Go away, Justin.” Alex muttered.

“Fine, Mr. Pissy Pants.”

You sighed, watching Justin head over to the other jocks, leaving you and Alex in peace.

“Alex, can you please come here?” You asked, turning to face your quiet boyfriend who sat on the couch, ignoring you. You sighed. “Alex?” You were trying to put the curtain rod back up because Zach took it off when Alex called him a butthead. You don’t know why Zach decided that taking the curtain rod off of its hooks was an effective way at getting back at Alex - considering it was your house - but he did, and then he left, and you’re now stretching in attempt to push it back up.

By now, you’ve realised Alex isn’t having any of it, and so you placed the rod onto the ground and walked around to sit beside Alex on the couch. You looked over to the boy [smol bean] and reach out for his hand, in which he moved from your grasp. You frowned. Why was he even annoyed with you?? You hadn’t done anything. It was Justin!! And everyone else!!

“Alex, why are you mad?” You asked.

“I’m not mad.” He mumbled, picking at a loose thread on his jumper. “I’m simply experimenting.”

You smiled, quirking a brow. “What experiment?”

“To see if you’ll stop talking.”

You slapped his chest lightly. “Shut the fuck up, dick.”

He laughed loudly, making you smile, before pulling you into his arms, landing a kiss on top of your head. “Love you.”

so!! for those of you who would like to maybe buy my art my redbubble has some stuff on it now! There’s not a lot at the moment but it’ll get there;; if there’s a particular piece that you’re interested in that I haven’t put up yet just send me a message and I’ll see what I can do when I have time ^^

also pls keep in mind that I am very new to this and have no clue what I’m doing at all tbh 

since the glory mv is coming let’s all remember that we are all allowed to have different opinions, if some ppl love it, or some ppl h8 it, it’s okay! that song has a lot of love from everyone & lets try to get the fights at a low or not start any fights because someone has an opinion that u don’t agree with. pls pls try not to get too worked up, if u do, it’s totes ok to log off! use the block button! mute ppl! it’s cool! i feel like ur wellbeing is a bajillion times more important than someones opinion about a mv, also goes if the mv is doesn’t go the way u wanted it to & ur v disappointed, it’ll be okay! i promise, u can act like it doesn’t exist à la torn apart : ) x

sorry guys, today has been so hectic 😔 i will get up those requests tomorrow and hopefully get a queue up too!!!

my tutor came into work and observed me doing some activities w the kids (which went SO well bc she literally said ‘this is the first time i’ve had a learner do so well in an activity and planning that i have no advice for improvement. you did and thought of everything" so!!!!! hell yeah i’m so proud of myself i was so fuckin nervous that she was watching and recording and assessing me too lmao bUT) set me some more assignment shit ON TOP of the TWO UNITS i’m already doing EVEN THO I’M SUPER FAR AHEAD IN MY STUDIES


i will answer all your wonderful asks as soon as i can give them they proper attention and detail they deserve!!!!

i really love u guys nd i’m so sorry for being absent again :-( thanks 4 sticking around ur babes honestly i love u little shits sm

all the love in the world, to the moon and back and beyond the stars, beth ✨🌙


Soooo everyitime I post another group information, I will also put it in the master list in case u guys want to read more of them! anyways let’s get it poppin

(last update 10.11.17)

READ!! The groups that not have a link are the ones that are in the process, pls be patient and you can always ask me to do more! If the links don’t work, send me a message and I will fix it :D

There will be 2 links: one for the group / artist information and another one for songs recommendation.

Boy Groups:

- BTS: Music / Info

- GOT7: Music / Info 

- EXO: Music / Info

- SEVENTEEN: Music / Info

- MONSTAX: Music / Info

- SHINEE: Music / Info

- IKON: Music / Info

- BIG BANG: Music / Info


- A.C.E

- DAY6






- FANXY CHILD (if u consider it a group lol)



Girl Groups:










- I.O.I

Boy & Girl Groups:



Solo Artists:





- IU




- AUGUST 2017 


- OCTOBER 2017

Birthday Spams:

- BTS:  rap monster / jin / jimin / j-hope / jungkook / v / suga

- GOT7:  jaebum / jinyoung / youngjae / bambam / yugyeom / jackson / mark

- EXO:  sehun / lay / chanyeol / baekhyun / kai / suho / D.O / Chen / Xiumin

- SEVENTEEN: wonwoo / jeonghan / vernon / D.K / The8 / S.coups / Hoshi / mingyu / seungkwan / joshua / jun / dino / woozi

- MONSTAX: kihyun / shonwu / jooheon / wonho / minhyuk / hyungwon / i.m

- SHINEE: onew / jonghyun / key / minho / taemin

- IKON: b.i / bobby / jay / ju-ne / song / dk / chan

- BIG BANG: gdragon / top / taeyang / seungri / daesung

- WINNER: seungyoon / jinwoo / seunghoon / mino

- A.C.E: chan / jun / wow / donghun / jason

- DAY6: jae / sungjin / young k / wonpil / dowoon

- NCT:

nct127: taeil / johnny / taeyong / doyoung / yuta / jaehyun / win win / mark / haechan

nctu: Taeil / Taeyong / Doyoung / Ten / Jaehyun / Mark

nctdream : Mark / Renjun / Jeno / Haechan / Jaemin / Chenle / Jisung

- VICTON: seungwoo / seunggsik / heochan / sejun / hanse / byungchan / subin

- PENTAGON: jinho / hui / hongseok / e’dawn / shinwon / yanan / yeo one / yuto / kino

- CNBLUE: yeonghwa / jonghyun / minhyuk / jungshin

- VIXX: n / leo / ken / ravi / hongbin / hyuk

- FANXY CHILD: zico / crush / dean / penomeco / millic

- WANNAONE: guanlin / daehwi / jinyoung / woojin / jihoon / daniel / jaehwan / seongwoo / minhyun / seungwoon / jisung

- BTOB: eunkwang / minhyuk / changsub / hyunsik / peniel / ilhoon / sungjae

- BLACKPINK: rosé / jennie / lisa / jisoo

- RED VELVET: irene / seulgi / yeri / joy / wendy

- TWICE: tzuyu / nayeon / sana / dahyun / jihyo / jeongyeon / momo / mina / chaeyoung

- MAMAMOO: hwasa / wheein / solar / moonbyul

- AOA: choa / jimin / yuna / hyejeong / mina / seolhyun / chanmi

- SISTAR: hyolin / bora / soyu /dasom

- GIRLS GENERATION: taeyeon / tiffany / yuri / hyoyeon / sooyoung / sunny / yoona / seohyun

- EXID: solji / le / hani / hyerin / junghwa

- APINK: chorong / bomi / eunji / naeun / namjoo / hayoung

- I.O.I: somi / sejeong / yoojung / chungha / sohye / zhou / chaeyeon / doyeon / mina / nayaoung / yunjung

- DEAN: x

- CRUSH: x

- ZION T.: x

- HEIZE: x

- IU: x

- JESSI: x



griffin: babe, look at ourselves. we have two wonderful children, a nice home, stability… i’m just so happy!!
benny: ok yea but–
griffin: but?

benny: ok so like i love u and u know that but…
griffin: ..but?..
benny: i’m getting stir crazy as hell and i really wanna talk about me going back 2 work pls!!!
griffin: o-oh!! i’m so sorry hun!!! i forget that you’re home all day with the kids and i’m out at work :(( i’m sorry!! i didn’t even think about it!!

benny: n-no!! i’m not mad but like i’m gonna chew off my own arm out of sheer boredom if i don’t get out of the house more and–
griffin: hun– 
benny: s-so when the kids are a lil older and they can start going to school–
griffin: hun!!–
benny: c-can we talk about me getting my job back at the science lab??
griffin: hun!!! of course!!! we’ll make it work, i promise. :)

benny: whew :)


I’m abi! I only discovered studyblr a few days ago, but honestly it’s been so motivating and nice so I wanted to join the community!

about me:

• I’m 17 (but I’m turning 18 in like 4 days ahhhh adulthood!)
• I’m currently in the middle of my a level exams, I’m taking History, English Literature, Physics and Maths
• I love all my subjects so it’s hard to pick just one
• I love writing and art but I’m a bit shitty at both!
• I have a cat and a dog and I love them both!!!
• if all goes well in my exams I want to go to university to study physics with astrophysics (space ✨✨✨✨)
• this is my side blog, my main blog is a bts/anime blog called smolsyubb (so I follow from there)
• I really love kpop (bts are my ult) and animes like yuri on ice, haikyuu etc.

some of the studyblrs that motivated me:
@tae-studies @bluelahe @mygnotes @kaiistudies @studythereal @apricot-studies @jiyeonstudies @littlestudyblrblog @hobifulstudies @cmstudy @cherinotes @studyfrog @mochi-studies @catsandcramming @miliastudies @seatudying @myastudies @bionctes

I’m just getting started with this whole studyblr thing (just as my exams are ending lmao) but I’d love to get to know more people!

any other studyblrs pls reblog so I can follow you!!!

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KAITLYN will u give me some reddie + prom headcanons pls i'll love u forever even more than i already do - julie richtoziier

uhhhh you bet your butt i can yulie

  • so it’s getting closer to prom and everyone’s getting dates: bill and stan, bev and ben, mike with this cute girl he met at the library
  • richie and eddie have like their weird ass flirting thing going on and both kinda know they like each other but they’re stupid. as per usual
  • richie’s trying to work up the courage to ask eddie but he’s too scared that eddie will reject him so he just decides to be a little bitch and not go at all
  • eddie gets sick of waiting for richie to ask him and since it’s getting close, when this dude comes up to him one day at his locker and asks him to go, he says yes (sorta to spite richie, since eddie is a petty little shit)
  • naturally, richie goes ballistic
  • he gets all passive aggressive with eddie and makes digs about him and his date like. all the time.
  • eddie gets royally pissed at him and they get into this huge fight and stop talking
  • so prom time comes and richie doesn’t go and eddie tries to be happy with his date but he’s seriously miserable and he keeps moping about richie to the losers and every time his date turns or walks away for a minute he looks like he’s gonna cry and every time bev is ready to go walk all the way to richie’s house and punch him in the face
  • during a slow song eddie’s date tries to kiss him and eddie just. can’t and he knows he’s about to cry and he mumbles out a sorry and runs to the bathroom 
  • richie keeps texting stan like “so did eddie’s date put on some makeup and get all pretty or does he still look like a piece of shit on the bottom of my shoe” and “what’s so great about that fucker ANYWAY”
  • stan is so done with this shit so he calls richie and tells him that he’s an idiot and that all eddie wanted was for richie to ask him and now he’s crying in the bathroom and that he better get there right the fuck now
  • richie’s like shit and he jumps on his bike and bikes all the way there in the pouring rain
  • he runs inside just as eddie’s coming out of the bathroom, sniffling and rubbing his face and looking tragic but he’s the most beautiful thing richie’s ever seen
  • and they make eye contact and richie’s standing there panting and soaking wet, in a fucking hawaiian shirt and ripped, cigarette burned jeans and ratty old converse and eddie suddenly can’t breathe and of course he’s having a fucking asthma attack right now
  • richie realizes and he’s all panicked, running over and sticking the spare inhaler he still carries with him in eddie’s mouth
  • eddie’s all wide-eyed like “you still have my spare inhaler???“ and richie’s kinda like “well. yeah? of course i do, eds” and eddie just about almost has another asthma attack
  • they just stare at each other for a hot sec and then eddie’s like “rich… what are you doing here?” and then low and behold… africa by toto starts playing and it’s muffled from where they are in the hallway and it’s perfect
  • richie gives him this stupid smile and he’s like “alright then old chap, are we gonna have a dance or what?” and eddie groans and is all “you are not seriously doing the british guy with me right now richie” but he’s smiling and takes richie’s hand anyway
  • they just slow dance there in the school hallway and they’re both kinda smiling but eddie still looks sad and richie doesn’t want him to look like that and he doesn’t know what else to do so he kisses him and he mumbles, “i’m sorry i didn’t ask you to the dance” and eddie has to bite his lip to keep himself from smiling too much and he’s like “it’s okay. you’re here now” and tugs richie closer so he can rest his head on his chest
  • that’s how the rest of the losers find them when they go looking for eddie and the losers are hyped and cheering and richie and eddie are like “shut the fuck up” and stan’s like “um? you’re fucking welcome assholes”
  • idk what happened to eddie’s date but i also literally do not care
  • why was this so long

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how to survive waiting in line at concerts: a guide

so i’ve had a lot of people ask me what to do while you wait in line at shows so i made a big ol post about it! all this applies no matter if you get there an hour early or six hours early or 12+ hours early. this is leaning more towards a longer wait tho so use your discretion. also this is such a long post so its under a cut! thank you to anyone who gave their suggestions!!! 

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RFA + V & Saeran reacting to MC's very low grade in math :(

- “Same”
- “Oh, b-but it’s okay don’t be sad about it! Let’s work hard together!”
- Gives up LOLOL for study sessions with you
- sheepishly agrees that he should be studying more too, so that you can both do better together
- believes in u!!!
- shyly tries to guide you when you have problems doing the sums
- “I think it should be like this, MC-!”
- study buddies
- helps you with math if you help him with the other subjects he’s bad in

- “ok first off who does math think it is huh”
- god he was never good at school but it’s okay he’s turned out fine dont worry bout it MC
- math is out to kill people he swears on it
- you’re definitely great at other things, who needs math? psh not you or him
- tells you to focus on the subjects your good at and to follow your passions
- will be so happy with you as long as you’re happy doing the subjects you love
- but if u want to improve your math grades you have his fullest support too he is your number 1 fan
- will ask jaehee for help so he can help you
- is the sweetest thing

- hold up yall queen in the house she scored straight As in school she got this
- will literally sit you down and analyse all your mistakes meticulously and incredibly patiently
- “it’s okay MC it’s a bit confusing at first but I’m sure with the effort you’re putting it you’ll get better in no time!”
- lends you her old math notes (you know she still keeps them cmon)
- all the assessment books get ready MC
- baehee just wants the best for you

- your math grades are bad? that wont do, you must get good grades to secure a good future
- calls in 4729272 tutors to teach you
- jumin pls no i dont need-
- shh jumin aint listenin to u he’s listening to ur math grades and they screaming ‘help’
- will be such a proud man when he sees you improve
- “I knew you had it in you, MC”
- wants to see your grades prosper like C&R’s GDP and stocks
- comes home from work and checks on you to supervise your math study no matter how tired he is
- supportive as hell

- math is important if you wanna be a hacker like me otherwise it’s literally useless
- im serious
- no im actually kidding you need to learn addition at least MC pls tell me u can add
- algebra? do u wanna do engineering or smth?
- I’ll beat math up for u hows that sound
- YEARGH!!!!!! Defender of Justice 707 hereby orders Math to leave MC alone!!!!! Math is bad!!!!!!
- Don’t be sad MC i told the bad mathy man to go away

- will listen to all your concerns about your poor math grades
- is vvvvv understanding
- if u express distress and desire to improve, he will do everything he can to help you
- pls dont be upset mc he can fix this just let him help
- will literally be the proudest dad when you improve
- literally does not care if your grades still suck as long as you improved

- does not give a single shit about your grades
- cares more about your wellbeing
- but gets angry at math bc it’s making you sad
- will help you get better by all means necessary for no other reason but spite
- gets so worked up
- he’s a hacker so he’s good at math so when he sees you struggle with it he doesn’t really understand
- “It’s so simple, god here let me do it”
- ends up finishing your homework for you
- saeran no
- “well it’ll help your grades” 

- mod xae 8^) thanks for the ask!! (been kinda busy lately but will try to answer more asks asap! thanks for sticking with us!!)


hey !!!! im in need of some extra money rn so im taking commissions! u can click here to see a small thread of some of my art (my art tag on here is kinda dry & outdated style-wise) & pls dont b afraid to pm me if ur interested (or if u just want more info) !!!! :3c

hey guys ;v; Been a long time since I even post anything on Tumblr… the reason is that I rly got less internet and work is killing me, not to mention I keep on getting sick every week due to the harsh different between France and Indonesia–

so, I got broke, like legit broke—

thus, here is my commish sheets– ;v; I will open 5 slots for Chibi, and 2 for actual arts

Thank you!! ;v; pls PM me if u are interested!!

you guys can check my art page: @teasnspicesart and @teaspunchart for more arts!!

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Pls don't kill me right now but if i ask for it like really nice (cuz i love the mail order bride au) can u put in somewhere anywhere in the FUTURE 4 me a scene where Rhys is supposed to work but Jack gives him some under the desk attention (cuz its usually the other way around) if you already wrote something like this pls help me with the title cuz i know u r really good at writting those ! By da way get better soon, i will call you a medic 😷 or something, dontcha dare die on me lol

Oooh yeah Rhys is never the one on the receiving end is he? xD We need more of that in the world xD I don’t think it’ll work on All Sales Final (we’ll see if i can work it in, but im not sure xD) and i don’t really have anything like that :O Closest thing I have is some basic phone sex in Busy Work but jack under the desk proper? Yeah we need that at some point xD

He’ll have a…desk…job…so to speak? >:D MWEHEHEH