can u feel the love tonight not

You Meme A Lot To Me

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Y/N, Natasha.

Clint: every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break

Natasha: clint, it’s 2 am.

Clint: every step you take

Clint: I’ll be watching you. happy valentine’s day. my gifts will be delivering later on pls do not trash them

Natasha: is that coulson’s song?

Y/N: this explains why my room is flooded with gifts from the others

Natasha: why must tony give us all cardboard cutouts of him every year?

Pietro has joined the chat.

Pietro: couldn’t u choose a better song old man? this is why u have no valentine. even ur wife said no.

Clint: did i invite u? no.

Pietro: today is a day of love so don’t be salty

Clint: Na.

Clint: hahaha get it

Pietro: no

Clint: ofc you wouldn’t

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he is so cute :(


Group: BTS


Requested:  Anonymous said: Hi i was wondering if you perhaps do a angsty kind of sad yoongi scenario where the reader is in love with him but he is in love with someone else. If you could, can u please base it off is there somewhere by halsey? thank you ♥️

Excerpt:  ‘ “I’m sorry but I fell in love tonight.” 

Genre: angst, imagine

Length: 0.7k

A/N: i understand this feeling too well :(

Originally posted by yukidinme

The train ride seemed longer than usual, Yoongi sat next to you yawning as he pulled your joined hands to his mouth. You had been forced to wake him up for a party and even as his head landed on your shoulder, nuzzling it slightly to get comfortable you couldn’t stop your heart form fluttering as his mouth opened slightly letting the odd snore as he fell deep asleep. You looked down at him trying to desperately shove the hopeless amount of love you felt away.

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i should really be arrested for the comments i leave on AO3. i can never say anything serious bc i’m me, but i need authors to know how much i love their shit so i just end up commenting some awful meme garbage compliment 

i am sorry to every author who has written some beautiful prose that i commented “thank u for giving me a reason to live” or “i feel god in this chilis tonight” on

thinking all love ever does is break, and burn, and end

So the awesome @tall-butt sent me a prompt from this list: ‘exes meeting again after not speaking for years au’. It was gonna be like 5k but when do any of my fics ever go to plan!? SO here it is, 19k of pain.

Eternal thanks to @the-pontiac-bandit and @startofamoment for letting me yell about this/proof reading.


December 23rd, 2018

Text message  11/29/18   19:53


When are you coming home?

Text message  11/29/18   20:09

Jake Peralta

New lead in case. Will b late.

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I'll Never Be Her

Requested by @shortiiqt16 Hope it made your standard Darling. You didn’t say you you wanted so I hope Bucky is okay

Just came across this song “I hate u, I love u” by gnash and maybe your genius mind can come up with some angst for this song!

Word Count: With lyrics 1129 words

A/N: This is a pretty angst fic, Thanks to @barnesvogue for her help because I swear I would have skipped posting this tonight if she didn’t help.

Warnings: Angst, pretty general stuff

Feeling used, But I’m Still missing you
And I can’t See the end of this Just wanna feel your kiss Against my lips
And now all this time Is passing by But I still can’t seem to tell you why
It hurts me every time I see you, Realize how much I need you

You and Bucky had what most would call a complicated relationship.

The best way to describe it would probably be something like friends with benefits, but Bucky still confided in you when he needed too. The only problem is that anytime you needed his help, he was nowhere to be found.

You tried to talk to Bucky about it, explain, it was killing you every time he left, or when he wouldn’t let you talk to him. But it blew up. Words were exchanged, things were said that you couldn’t take back and before you knew it, things were over between you and Bucky. You weren’t even friends.

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{ halloween prompts }

hey, garden hoes!!! since it’s the beautiful month of october, n since it’s one of my favourite settings 2 write abt, i thought i’d organize some spook fest prompts!! i feel like this would be a chill thing i can edit between work n school, n since they would be abt a drabble’s length, i wouldn’t feel pressured 2 create some 12k masterpiece.

ANYWHO, here are 10 phrases + 10 settings u can request for ur bias!! pls list the svt member n both prompt number’s if u want 2 be counted!! thnks!!


1. “okay, fine, take my jacket. you’re lucky i love you.”

2. “maybe you’ll feel better if you hold my hand?”

3. “i should get a kiss for having to go through that.”

4. “are you really afraid right now? okay, c’mere.”

5. “hey, you’re awake! oh yeah, you kinda fainted on me back there.”

6. “i think there’s some whipped cream on my lip that needs fixing.”

7. “i’m not saying i’m scared but can you please sleep in my bed tonight?”

8. “if i get this, we go on a date.”

9. “your ears are sticking up! oh my god, oh my god, use my hat!” (wolf!au)

10. “ow! i think your fangs just cut my lip.” (vampire!au)


1. drive-in horror movie.

2. haunted house.

3. carnival.

4. thunderstorm.

5. pumpkin patch.

6. corn maze.

7. abandoned building.

8. forest bonfire.

9. halloween party.

10. coffee shop.

Taeyong: Today’s fansign was really fun, you guys are our strength. Finished getting ready for practiceㅎㅎ
💘the caption was all sweet and stuff but the selca attached is so hot the difference in the photo & caption feels 😹😹and the last time a fan asked yongyong to upload a selca with specs and he did so. today a fan asked him to upload a selca tonight and he did it too, he fulfill all his promises, fanservice at its finest how can you not love😭😭💯💖

Birthday Surprise

Request: Can I have an Peter imagine for my birthday? Like she was all alone and Peter ditched her and she was all sad and the next day she was starting to ignore Peter because she thought that he keeps things fron her and she feels like she is distracting him and he was sad and he tried to bring his ‘bff’ back(but he loves her) and u can make the end? I just got dumbed and it’s my birthday and Im all alone with my dog… best day ever! But thanks and sorry if I’m waisting your time… love u❤❤

Requested: anonymous.

A/N: I apologize to the other two who’ve requested and I haven’t done them yet, I will, hopefully tonight but I saw it was this anon’s birthday and wanted to get this up for her/him before I have to go out! Your imagines will be up soon! I hope this was able to make your day just slightly better :) happy birthday love!!!! love you too <3

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: none.

Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

The anger had passed long ago, now all that filled you was regret and guilt. 

Yesterday had been your glorious sixteenth birthday and you’d invited a few of your friends over to celebrate. That included basically only about Michelle, Ned, Liz, a few other decathlon friends and of course Peter Parker, your very own best friend. They were suppose to spend the day, seeing as it was Sunday and then Peter and yourself would be able to spend the night just watching movies together.

Peter never showed up. 

You spent the entire day waiting and nothing. And then when your friends left, you spent the entire night waiting only for him to never show up. It stung and hurt more than anything ever had before. Of course, recently Peter had cancelled a lot of plans for last bit but you really thought he’d bother to show up to your birthday.

You were wrong. 

After you realized he wasn’t going to show up, you’d cried yourself to sleep overcome with sadness and anger. Though when you woke up, you only felt guilt. Peter had been doing this a lot recently, so that much mean he doesn’t care for you like he used to. And the many times you remember asking him about why he was ditching you, he’d only sigh and brush it off.

You were just a distraction.

A nuisance.

Peter had so many better things to do that bother you apparently, so that morning as you walked to school, you decided you would pull yourself out from his life. Give him the break he wanted.

That had been working well all day, you managed to avoid him effectively. And while your other friends questioned you, you answered honestly and left them. You hurt deeply inside and you terribly missed Peter. But you’d rather you be in pain than constantly annoying Peter.

It was the end of the day and you were by your locker, packing up the few things you needed to put away before you headed home. You’d stayed late so you didn’t think anyone was still in the school really, but you were wrong when you felt a hand clamp down on your shoulder, scaring the shit out of you and turning you around.

Panic settle within you when you noticed Peter, his face flushed as he panted. “I’ve been trying to talk to you all day,” he panted, slowly letting go of your shoulder. “I wanted to say sorry for yest-”

“It’s fine,” you cut off immediately. You wanted to yell at him, scream and cry but you remembered your plan and why you were doing it. “It’s cool.”

Peter’s brows furrowed; “no it’s not. Y/N, that was a dick move and i’m sorry.”

You closed your locker, regaining your composer. Turning back to Peter, you shrugged; “I already told you it’s fine.”

Peter paused, confusion filling his system. “Y/N, what’s going on with you? You’ve been avoiding me all day and you’re not even mad?”

“I’m not mad because I realized i’m the problem, not you.” You shrugged, turning to walk away. “It’s better if i’m just not there to bother you all the time, you have more important things then me.”

“What?” Peter asked, shaking his head. “No- wait, Y/N. No!”

“It’s fine, Peter.”

And you walked off, not giving Peter anytime to explain.

You didn’t go home after that, rather just strolled the streets for a good hour or so before finally deciding it was time to head home. Your mom would start getting worried if you didn’t so, walking up the steps to your front door, you placed the keys in, twisting it so it unlocked.

Immediately you smelled the wonderful smell of your moms amazing cooking skills. It was amazing after the day you just had, but before you could reach the kitchen your mom appeared seemingly out of nowhere and grabbed your wrists, effectively stopping you. “Eh, eh, eh, no.” She smiled, “you have a guest in your room that needs to talk to you, now. Dinner after.”

You narrowed your eyes; “guest?” Who could that be?

Your mom only shook your head; “no questions.” She turned you and gently pushed you towards the direction of your room; “go.” Reluctantly you followed her orders, desperately wanting to just eat. Placing your hand on your door knob, you pushed your door open, stepping in. Though you immediately paused when you saw who sat on your bed.

You went to walk out of your room but Peter jumped up from the bed, pushing you away from the door before shutting it behind himself. Nervously he smiled at you, holding out the bouquet of flowers in his hands, stuffed in a basket full of chocolate. You sighed; “Peter I already told you-”

“No,” he interrupted, stepping towards you. “Listen to me, just- please. What I did was wrong yesterday, it was your birthday and I should’ve been there for you. No matter what. You’re not a distraction, you never have been.” He explained setting down the basket. With wide eyes you stared at him, you watched him bring his hands up to grab ahold of your cheeks.

You felt yourself blushing and your body tense as he grinned down at you; “maybe you are a distraction.” He whispered, descending his lips upon your own. You froze, unsure of what to do before you return the kiss, relishing in the feeling. Pulling back, Peter smiled; “but you’re the only distraction I need.”

You smiled, happy with the way things had gone. Laughing, you looked down at the basket; “that’s a lot of chocolate.” You commented.

“I could help you eat it,” Peter offered, “cuddling while we watch movies.”

“Sure,” you agreed. “But after dinner!”

anonymous asked:

Headcanon request: How would Midoriya, Bakugou, Todoroki would react if their crush fell asleep on the train when they were going home together and their head leaned onto the boys' shoulder?


  • He’s gonna freeze up so bad and avoid making eye contact with anyone else on the train, especially others from the class. 
  • 10/10 bright red blush that you can see from space.
  • Too scared to move even an inch in case you wake up. 
  • Sort of wants to rest his head on top of yours but only actually does it for a second. 
  • When it’s time to wake you up he’s gonna tap you on the arm as gently as he can but hard enough to wake you up.
  • “____? It’s time to go. We’re nearly home. Our stop is next…. do you want me to carry your bag?”


  • You must fear neither death or God to fall asleep on this guy so casually. 
  • His first instinct is to jolt away or to tell you to get off but once it hits him that it’s /you/ that’s sleeping on him he calms down a little. 
  • If he’s with friends you can bet he’s gonna hiss at them to shut the fuck up; because they’re teasing him and more importantly their mindless chatter might wake you up.
  • Isn’t even bothered about resting his head on top of yours. You’re sleeping on him so he should be allowed to get comfortable. 
  • Can’t help but notice how much he likes your smell. Whether it be your perfume, body spray or shampoo that he’s picking up. 
  • He is not so gentle with waking you up. He pretty much goes to stand up so you wake up asap.
  • “You should really wait until you get to your own room to sleep. It’s not my job to take care of you whenever you decide to use me as a pillow.”


  • Poor boy doesn’t know what to do with himself. Where should he put his hands? What if he’s breathing too vigorously? Can they feel his heart beating like crazy? Why have they chosen him???
  • After 5 mins of an internal meltdown he accepts his fate and just goes with it. It’s nice having this kind of affection so casually. 
  • Almost falls asleep himself but knows that that would be a very bad idea. He’s gotta keep you safe.
  • Really loves being trusted this much. Loves how nice it is to feel your weight and warmth against him. Jokingly considers just riding the train all day. 
  • This is actually the cutest thing that ever happened to him and he’s just @ god: thank u 
  • Wakes you up gradually three stops before you need to get off. 
  • If you’re still really sleepy he’s gonna let you link his arm so he can lead you back. 
  • “____-san? I’m sorry I had to wake you. You should go to bed earlier tonight… Is there anywhere else you need to go first?”

saizo: [literally risks his own life to betray village orders and keep her alive]
saizo: I love you
saizo: [fights his own friend so he can protect her]
saizo: [cuts down a ninja about to attack mc while in the middle of his own fight] don’t u dare lay a hand on her
mc: hmm… I wonder if you really love me 🤔🤔 can’t feel the love tonight 😤😤

devoraakss  asked:

Im gonna bother u some more if u dont mind headcanons for julian finding out mc can sing? Bonus if he finds out because they sing 'Jolene' while drunk at open mic karaoke (im feeling brave tonight the anxiety meds im on are working🙂)

Ask away, dear friend!! (Glad to hear you are doing well love <3)

  • For weeks Julian has been asking MC if they want to join him for karaoke night. Each time they decline.
  • But one fateful Friday night MC accepts.
  • That night Julian takes them to a corner where he got some seats reserved and notices that they look nervous.
  • Julian decides to buy some alcohol and appetizers in hopes to relax and them down~
  • As Julian took his hand in theirs, he was summoned onto the stage for his performance (the sign-up sheet for karaoke was at the front door).
  • Ruffling MC’s hair, Julian makes his way to the stage. By the gods before he even gets the chance to sing the pub is already hollering and cheering his name. Julian is apparently a famous karaoke singer in this joint.
  • The sound of Julian’s flawless performance along with the beer and breadsticks motivate MC to want to go up and give it a go.
  • But damn does Julian notice after getting off stage how tipsy and piss drunk they are. He instantly reaches for them and holds them up and panics when they push him gently and flail their arms to get the stage directors attention.
  • All Julian can think of is how many bad things could happen in a span of 5 mins that MC is on stage. The guy can’t help but worry that in their drunk state they might injure themselves. But alas the deed is done and now he must watch them perform.
  • Julian is quite surprised to hear that MC has chosen “Jolene” as their choice of song but those thoughts are quickly dismissed when they start to sing.
  • By the angels, the room goes dead silent and Julian watches them from his seat in awe. He is speechless as their voices tugs at his heartstrings.
  • Julian Devorak has most certainly fallen deeper and deeper in love with MC.
  • The song ended too soon he felt as he was brought back to his own surroundings and rushes forward to help MC who is trying to get off the stage.
  • The pub is blistering with cheers and whistles as Julian directs them back to their seats. 
  • Julian suddenly pulls MC in his arms and twirls them around, exclaiming how perfect their performance was. 
  • HE COULD JUST KISS THEM RIGHT NOW (but he doesn’t).
  • Seating themselves back in the quiet, comfortable booth, Julian wraps his arm around their shoulders and asks a waiter to bring in more food for the star of the night.

Prince Lovesexy Handwritten Tour Book Essay

Prince’s own original draft in pencil for the essay that appeared in the Lovesexy tour program, two pages, signed at the conclusion, “Prince ‘88.” In the margin, Prince’s tour manager Alan Leeds wrote notes for how the essay was to be divided among several pages in the program book with ideas for spacing and colors. The essay tells the story of Prince (through his alter-ego 'Camille’) creating The Black Album, his decision to not release it, and the subsequent development of Lovesexy. It begins, in part: “Time upon a once there was a boy named Camille. Now this boy named Camille didn’t know how 2 feel. Sometimes he was lonely, sometimes he was sad but most times he just took 4 granted all the nice things that he had…So, naive & terrifically in need Camille started looking 4 answers. His paintbrush the questioner, his canvas the arena, Camille set out 2 silence his critics. 'No longer daring'—his enemies laughed. 'No longer glam, his funk is half-assed… One leg is much shorter than the other one is weak. His strokes are tepid, his colors are meek.’ So Camille found a new color. The color Black: strongest hue of them all…Stroke after stroke callin’ all others a joke. Superfunkycalifragisexi. Camille rocked hard in a funky place. Stuck his long funk in competition’s face. Tuesday came. Blue Tuesday. His canvas full and lying on the table. Camille mustered all the hate that he was able. Hate 4 the ones who ever doubted his game. Hate 4 the ones who ever doubted his name. 'Tis nobody funkier—let the Black Album fly.’ Spooky Electric was talking, Camille started 2 cry. Tricked. A fool he had been. In the lowest utmostest. He had allowed the dark side of him 2 create something [crossed out: catastrophic coast 2 coast] evil…Love life, Lovesexy—the feeling u get when u fall in love, not with a girl or boy but with the heavens above. Lovesexy—endorphin. Camille figured out what 2 feel. Glam Slam Escape—the Sexuality Real. Tonight we make love with only words. Girls first. This feeling’s so good in every single way. It can quench every thirst. God is Alive. Let Him touch u and your own Lovesexy will be born. I wish u Heaven.”

A few small edits and changes have been made throughout the text. Includes an original 1988 Lovesexy tour book in which this is published; it appears essentially verbatim, with some changes to the last few lines. 

Prince famously withdrew The Black Album one week before its scheduled release after he became convinced it was 'evil’ during a religious epiphany. He followed this by recording Lovesexy—an album with a more upbeat, religious slant. This semi-coherent story-poem, published in the Lovesexy tour book, essentially explains Prince’s experience in creating The Black Album, canceling its release, and developing Lovesexy, which was recorded in just seven weeks from mid-December 1987 to late January 1988. Filled with metaphor and playful language, this essay is quintessentially 'Prince,’ and it exists as an important quasi-autobiographical record of his productivity during this period of his musical career.

Married Life with: SNSD

Originally posted by beautiful--stranger17


  • a relaxed kind of marriage
  • she’s very comfortable around you so snuggles, bare faced & in sweats are a nightly occurrence
  • her phone is filled w ugly pics she took of u while you slept
  • she sends snaps where she tries to be ugly but no, girl, you’re too pretty to pull it off
  • movie marathons until you both drift off on the couch
  • proudly introduces you at events as “my spouse. aren’t I lucky?”
  • greasy on the streets, greasy between the sheets ;)


  • a wife but also a mom
  • remembers all the appointments or anniversaries so you don’t have to; “babe, don’t forget to ring your cousin tonight, it’s her birthday!”
  • loves to cook as a special occasion but don’t expect to be spoon fed. she won’t wake up in the middle of the night to make you a sandwich, you’re a grown up, make it yourself
  • drops heavy hints about kids all the time … but for the future. she’s too busy atm with her career but being a mom is definitely on her mind


  • married life with sunny was very fun and exciting at first
  • she would come home and bounce in the door, in a flurry of kisses and hugs, “I missed you today! ~”
  • but as the honeymoon stage wears off, you both mellow into a relaxed marriage
  • now sunkyu comes home, sheds her shoes and coat by the front door and pads over to you, cuddling up to you, “jagi, I’m tired. will you massage my shoulders?”
  • she might not be as much of an excited puppy anymore but mature sunny is great too ;)
  • and she shows her love in little ways like making you coffee in the morning or stealing some cookies from the snacks table at a photo shoot for u
  • texts you updates, alongside cheesy jokes
  • a hot mommy. she goes to every single school play/meeting/etc unless sm absolutely won’t give her that day or few hours off. showers her child/ren with affection and love
  • your marriage is overall filled with love and laughter


  • tries so hard to be the perfect wife to the point where you’re frustrated
  • even after a hard day of work, she’ll come home & want to cook dinner or do the laundry. there’s bags under her eyes, that can barely stay open since she’s so tired, but she just wants to show her love
  • “tiffany, no, go to bed!” but will refuse until she feels you’re happy
  • feels like she’s a bad wife somehow & you’re like “????”
  • will buy you jewelry or your fav sweets to make up for it but once again, “???”
  • also plans on being a mom some day, and will no doubt be an amazing one, but in the future. she’s career focused atm but kids are definitely in her future


  • has no fear in calling you out, no matter who’s around. if you try to tease her about “she loves me so much, she can’t get enough” & she’s like “that’s funny bc you were the one begging for me last night so? :)”
  • so you won’t get away w anything in the marriage, like telling a story but leaving out something embarrassing you did. hyoyeon appears from nowhere like “no, let me tell you what really happened >:D “
  • is also pretty discreet about the marriage to the media. friends & family will hear every detail but as for the public, she doesn’t want everyone to know about something so personal
  • loves when you wear her clothes & just lay about finds that image so warm and loving and wants to kiss u


  • pranks/jokes all the time. your marriage is filled w so much laughter that the others say you’ll both have crows feet before your 30′s
  • is a child sometimes, initiating tickle fights or wanting to sleep in when she can’t
  • but is so smart & mature at the same time. she can approach any hurdle in the marriage so efficiently that there are no real problems. any conflict is resolved in minutes so it’s smooth sailing pretty much
  • has a load of photos of you together that are hung up everywhere at work, as a reminder of you when she’s lonely
  • your marriage is very fun and loving


  • that wife who loves when ppl are like “oh, you’re married? but you look so young!”
  • date nights are a must. you both go out once a week, sometimes to the cinema or to a dinner or just to take a long walk
  • she loves getting asked about the marriage on shows, so she can brag. she just loves being loved by you. and wants everyone to know
  • will buy merch made by fans about you both & flaunts it all the time
  • the type to say “you looked sexy eating your ramen”


  • loves being married. having someone she trusts & who is committed to her is something so nice to come home to. she never feels alone, even when she’s far away from you, bc you always support & love her. w just one phone call, you manage to melt away her worries & she’s never been happier
  • is very private about the marriage, just bc she doesn’t see why the world needs to know
  • she’ll reveal the relationship & marriage, of course. and upload a few cute couple pics. but she’s not the bragging kind


  • kind of a perfectionist?? she doesn’t like it if u leave stuff laying around & lazy Sunday lie ins with her can be rare
  • is very focused on the relationship tho
  • notices everything about you, your lil habits or tell tale signs that you’re feeling down
  • even if you try saying “I’m fine,” she still knows
  • shows love w little, not big, gestures e.g “you look tired, do you want me to cook tonight?” or “I know that strawberries are your favourite so I picked them up on my way home”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wanted to let you know you're such a great and helpful person! And your art is so nice too look at! All the tips you've been giving are really helpful too, bc im currently studying game art too (well first year is the orientation year but i can go :') ) So once again thank you!

ooh u r soo damn welcome boi ! o(*^▽^*)o

i’m sincerely glad i can be useful to somethin’! I dun’ think mah answers are that helpful but maybe it’s kinda comforting to get answers anyway?!

I wish u good luck for ur first year!i’m sure u’ll succeed and find ur own path! If u need help, Feel free to ask meh anythin’ ! o(〃^▽^〃)/