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Unexpected love: Part 5

Jay sat on the floor laying his back against the wall by your apartment door. Waiting for you to show up at any moment. Seconds turn into minutes and minutes turn into hours. You still haven’t shown up and he’s getting worried about you.

The past few hours sitting here, all he could think was about you. Remembering every single moment the two of you spend. Writing lyrics, coming up with beats, rapping and singing together. The way your lips form into a smile.

Everything you did, he loved. He couldn’t take his eyes off you as you two seat next to each other in his studio working. He throws his head back and sighs. 

Could you be hiding from him because what he said to you about liking you? 

Now I probably ruined my chance to be with you. Way to go Jay. You ruin everything. How could I held what I feel for her? Since I keep seeing her every day. She makes so hard for me. One she so damn beautiful. Two she so damn beautiful again. I don’t know how long I will last. I just want to grab her and kiss her. Okay, Jay calm yourself down. 

All sudden he hears the elevator doors open. He gets up from the floor and stands there. Hoping it was you.

You step out of elevator lose in thought as you look at the floor. Why after thirteen years? Why did he wait so long to tell me the truth? You couldn’t stop the tears escaping from your eyes making their way down your chin. 

You placed your hand over jacket grabbing it, hoping the aching pain would stop. It felt someone was stabbing your chest, over and over again. You stop walking and cover your eyes. 

“I have few months to live. Since you know the truth now. Please don’t feel guilty. Thank you for giving me chance to see you again.I can finally say I’m proud of you.”

He broke down in tears after saying how proud he was of you. His tears spoke all the pain he had to carry for years. He never blamed anyone nor God.The truth was he was framed for murdering your mother. All these years you hated him and even wished he could die in prison. All these years you could had a relationship with your father along.

“I love you much and please continue following your dreams. I will soon be joining your mother and we’re going to watch over you. You made us proud, sweetie. I watched every single music videos. I heard all your mixtapes and watched all your performances. I know you hate me but, I hope one day you can forgive me. Please remember I love you. You are the best gift God has given me.“

But now it was too late because he only has few months to live. You started to sob loudly not caring if anyone heard you. This pain your chest was greater than anything you felt before. All theses years you hated this man and turn’s out he was innocent. You grabbed on jacket harder. You couldn’t breathe anymore. You were going to lose father again but this time he wouldn’t be alive.

Yoongi ran up the stairs case of the apartment complex. After seeing you standing inside the elevator as the doors closed. He finally made it to the floor. 

Your entire body shook as you sobbed. Now two men stood between you. Watching the heartbreaking scene in folded in front of them. “Y/N” You heard two familiar voices calling your name.

Taking your hand away from your face. Your eyes meet Jay’s.  A moment staring into each other eyes. Jay stood there in shock for while. He didn’t see this coming. He took step seeing pain all over your face. You needed someone to comforted you and want’s to be that person. 

Before he took another step. You heard a familiar voice again and you knew who it was. You turn around and his name left your lips. You broke down in tears. You covered your eyes again, you didn’t want him to seeing you like this. He knew how much you when through because of your… 

“Abeoji” (father in Korean)

You felt his warm hand on your chin raising your head slowly. Knowing it was Yoongi. You felt his warm hand again but on your hand, taking your hand away from your face. 

Feeling his thumb caress the side of your cheek, wiping off your tears. He stares into your eyes and doing the same thing with your other cheek. He takes his left hand behind your head and his other hand on your back. You pull him tighter into a hug because any second, you felt your knees giving up on you. 

 "Yoongi make this pain go away… P-please. It hurt so mu-u-c-h.“ 

Genre: Fluff & Angst
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jay Park
Summer: You never unexpected him to fall in love with you, because you already knew he didn’t felt the same away. Can you truly move on and be truly happy with someone else.

Monsta X Fitness Challenge |Day 2: Abs/Core strength |

hello again all!!! I am back with some lovely ab exercises!!! For this, please keep in mind that i actually used some of the exercises my ballet teacher makes us do, so if i use terminology for exercises that you may not know then forgive me plz bc i only know them as what my teacher calls them :(  my inspiration for the was Wonho’s beautiful honey abs and can i just thank not only God but wonho’s parents as well like you guys did really really good and the world thanks u for ur service  ~Admin H

You can either listen to the songs recommended, or your own music, whatever gets you pumped up and moving!!!

You can also do all these exercises WITHOUT the use of any equipment!


(you’ll be dong the same stretches and warm up from Day 1, just to keep some consistency.)

  • stretch your arm across your chest, using your other arm to pull it, and alternate arms back and forth, holding each arm for at least 18 seconds
  • roll your shoulders backwards for 20 seconds, then forwards for 20 seconds
  • roll your head in a circle, either direction for as long as you want, but make sure to do the same amount of time on the other side, otherwise you’ll be lopsided. 
  • hold your arms out sideways and plant your feet in a firm V shape, and GENTLY alternate touching your toes on a diagonal. Remember, you aren’t quite as warm yet, so be careful not to pull anything!! If you can’t touch your toes, then just get as far down as you can!! (this can also count as part of the warm up, if you do them fast enough.)


  • make sure to warm up in a nice warm room!! otherwise your body will be difficult to work with even if you’ve stretched and warmed up and you run a higher risk of injuring yourself.
  • first, lightly jog in place for 1 minute, it seems like a long time, but it goes fast!!
  • do jumping jacks for another minute
  • jog in place for 1 minute (If you feel like pushing yourself, you can do 1 min and 30 seconds, or 2 minutes!!)
  • jump rope for 50 seconds, if you dont have a jump rope you can just fake it like i do :’)
  • make sure to keep breathing, in through your nose and out through your mouth!!! if you need to take a 10 second break between the jogging and jump rope please do so! this is supposed to be enjoyable, not a punishment! Take it at your own pace!! :) 
  • do 45-50 seconds of alternating fingertip to toe jacks
  • Then run in place one last time for 50 seconds this time.

After doing that, take a short breather and have a quick 20-30 second drink. Remember, being healthy isn’t just about working out a lot!! be sure to drink a lot lot L O T of water every day!! 


This part is going to be really easy!! All i ask is that you dance to a few of your favorite kpop songs!! it can be any fast-paced kpop song, or you could dance to these Monsta X which are my favorite for working out!!

  • Fighter
  • All In
  • Trespass (I do pushups every time they say “knock knock” and “thwack thwack” ??? wowowowwo it’s intense!!! ur doing pushups for like the whole song!)
  • Stuck

like i said, you don’t have to dance to these, if you don’t know the dance, or don’t feel like you could grasp the dances, just jam out and make sure to keep moving!! you can do more jumping jacks or jogging in place, but it’s so much fun to just dance and goof off!!!


Now bear with me, this is gonna be a long one >.< make sure to drink water during your rests!!

  • First, sit high on your butt bones with your feet out in front of you and your feet flexed, tuck your chin, and slowly roll down through each vertebra in your back, using your abs to help control your body on its way down.
  • we’re starting out fairly simple and just doing 30 rollups w/ a twist
  • then do 25-35 ankle reaches
  • the next one really,,,,really kills me okay they’re called flutters in my classes and you’re gonna do them for 30 seconds and then Die™
  • *optional, you can rest here, you dont have to but after doing this myself i super recommend it bc after the flutters ur really gonna need it*
  • 30 sec bycicle kicks
  • 45 sec elbow plank
  • 20 leg lifts
  • 30 sec mountain climbers
  • 20-30 sec eagle crunches
  • 45 sec side plank (each side)
  • 50 second criss-crosses!! they suck ass!! but hey!! abs!!(make sure to stretch your legs out ALL THE WAY!!) 
  • 20 hip ups
  • 20 crunches
  • ~rest~
  • 20 reverse crunches
  • 30 sec russian twists! If you can’t be in a perfect V then that’s totally okay!! do whatever level you feel comfortable with!
  • 25 sec plank twists!!
  • hold a 20 sec plank bc i am a kind and generous person 
  • and ta da my friend you!!! are!!! done!!!!!!


You can do the same stretches that you did before, or you can do these, or you can do both!!

  • 20 sec quad stretch each leg, try to push your hips down instead of letting it be uneven and you’ll get a better stretch!
  • bend down and try to put your forehead to your knees, staying there and just breathing. breathing helps you ease into stretches, and is very useful if you’re trying to get more flexible!!
  • calf stretch, 20 seconds either side
  • shoulder stretch like before, 20 seconds either side
  • lower back stretch(lay on the ground and bring your knees to your chest and gently rock back and forth)
  • mermaid stretch(idk what it’s actually called, this is just what my teacher calls it lol, but lay on your stomach and use your arms to arch up) 
  • roll over and do the final stretch, go into a child’s pose and hold it for 20 seconds, just breathing, and then move your hands to one side and hold, then to the other side and hold, for a good side stretch.

IF you feel like really challenging yourself after that h e l l of a ab workout i put you through, you can do:

  • 40 sec hollow rock
  • 40 sec corkscrew
  • trust me you dont want to do anything after those they suck ass

here’s a kiss from Wonho as a reward for doing all that hard work and doing it so so well!!

The Fellpril Shipping Challenge!

Ok so theres two versions of these, the first is to ship Fell with ANYONE. You can write a fanfiction with this mystery guy and fell XD. So just ruin Fell’s life :) (im a terrible person XD)

The second one is where u just draw ships each day in this list. If you dont like one of the ships, it fine, just draw another XD. if ur late, good job im probably 4 days behind c:

1- Ink x Error
2-Paperjam x Fresh
3-BlueBerry x Fell
4-Sans x Fell
5-Ink x Dream
6-Dream x Cross
7-Dust x Blueberry
8-Error x Blueberry
9-Nightmare x Cross
10-Nightmare x Dream (brotherly love?)
11-Sci x Fell (Sci by Science sans)
12-Sans x Blueberry
13-Blueberry x Fell pap
14-Swapfell x Fell pap (????)
15-Cross Chara x Chara (DATS RITE WE DUNT JUST DO SANZ)
16-Sans x Toriel
17-Sans x Frisk
18-Dream x Blueberry
19-Fell x Fell pap
21-Frisk x Chara
22-Chara x Dust (idk)
23-Flowerfell x Flowerfell frisk
24-Blueberry x Ink
25-Some sans x You
26-Nightmare x Error
27-Goth x Palette
28-Geno x Reaper

im srry i have trash ships XD.. The tag for this is #fellprilships if ur gonna do this challenge, good luck!

oh my god my hands are shakign rn 

so work was bad yesterday and this happened and i just had to tell u guys somewhere im sorry im scremaing???

yesterday i watched three men die because one man sneezed in a room full of blood and shit and light.

no. it gets worse.

today 3 more go in and theyre holding these like super cheap mops, like this place cant afford anything better. it just made me fucking depressed like i don’t even get union pay and u make me use these mops??? like what????

. Yesterda, I watched a man I admired just like shot. because he left some chick a flower. like im literally screaming rn how can you do that?? all it was was like?? a flower and u shoot him?? im??

 Today, she doesn’t remember, and three halls down I can hear her screaming. (Im literally screaming rn))

and then the day before that i watched a group of soldiers like… they have to like shoot their own coworkers because of zombies and i was like wtf how is this real??? bjut its real i watched it if you dont believe me!1!!

. Today, we test another sample, this time on children. im criyng

so then like another day last week, as if this isnt’ bad enough,, I watched five men and women gunned down in an abandoned factory no one cares about. (I know no one cars about it b/c i was there okay,,, i saw,,)

 Today, it happens again and again. Every eleven seconds. Forever. ((9(can u imagine???))0

and like to top this all off it just keeps piling up., I watched a man sit comfortably in a nice armchair, sipping scotch and laughing as he ordered a woman to simply stop breathing and then today he gets the day off of work detail for good behavior like what?? is wrong with this place???. I watched hundreds of ppl in orange jumpsuits herded like animals into empty rooms that filled with gas and firebut then the next day hundreds more are told they have a chance for a lighter sentence, and a chance to serve their country (lmfao rite) like what?? does that add up??? no it does not .

so then like all this got to me in my mind and i was like okay this needs to stop. theres no way im the only one that sees like how fucked up all this is?? so i told my coworker, i took them to the side in the break room and i whispered in their ear and i was like look, yesterday i watched the world nearly die in a thousand thousand terrible ways. sometimes we would have had the time 2 scream. ive gotten used to it okay?? today u and i are alive to write about it.

and like they woldn’t listen to me they were like fuck u ur not the ethics committee i dont care. so i blocked them . ,

but here’s the thing like????? you want happy endings???? fuck you honestly???? they dont happen here like. You’re alive to read it. isnt that good enough. god help us all honestly 

so then heres the thing, this morning in the break room i was like, i told that to my coworkers to try to get them to see my side and they all listened and i was like holy shit im a martyr. so then i said really loud i was like “secure. contain. protect” and they all like nodded b/c they agreed and i felt better u know??? like im glad i could move these ppl. then the whole break room clapped

prophecy-of-thieves  asked:

what are your fave species and why? :>

OH BOY, thanks for this ask!! :D i’ll just do my top few sapient faves, b/c we’d be here all day if i did creatures too. :x

1. Trandoshans
the first sw species that i ever fixated on. :’) back when i was little my aunt used to put the movies on whenever i went over hers, and i used to look out for bossk’s two seconds of screentime in esb every time. i’ve always been facinated with reptilian things with sharp teeth (dinosaurs were - and still are - my jam), so the weird lizard man was a hit with young srah. now that i’ve systematically  c o n s u m e d  all the canon trandoshan content i can get my mitts on, there are few reasons beyond their aesthetic that i love them: their hunting culture is v. interesting, and i especially love stories about trandoshans who have broken away from the hunting life and are trying to make it in other fields (r.i.p, lug. a hero in my heart); i love the growly, hissy undertones in their voices, and their occasional roars; and their stupid distress call from tcw pleases me to a silly extent. nowadays, i hoard bossk merch, mourn the death of lug on the daily, and cry myself to sleep every night over the fact that qyzen is not romanceable in swtor. :’( 

2. Dugs
dugs!! they’re so great, but so underappreciated. sebulba is my guy. i love dug faces; the camel-derived elements lend them that scowly look that so compliments their cantankerous attitude, whilst the mustache-esque tendrils and fin-like ears provide a draconic finish. their build and locomotion are so unique, and makes for movement that’s as visually interesting as it is utterly bizarre (i wish canon would show us some arboreal dugs some time - they are SO designed to be tree swingers!!). i do wish we’d get to see some dugs in canon who weren’t utter dickheads (even the ones on malastare in clone wars weren’t treated favourably by the narrative), but eh. them’s the breaks.

3. Dathomirian Zabrak
my boys!! they’re a bit of an anomaly on this list in that they’re basically sparkle-humans and not weird anthro creatures. i think the dathomirian zabrak characters in canon are a big part of why i latched onto this species; maul, savage and feral are all solid faves and i wish they hadn’t all died horribly. :^) visually, the bright autumn colours contrasted with dark, stylised markings are niiiiice, and i love the unique horn alignments on each individual. their names are metal af, their lifestyle is brutal and pretty harrowing, they’re inevitably a bit tragic… idk idk there’s just a lot of elements to work with there. i don’t have an extensive list of species headcanons for them for nothing!

4. Gungans
i don’t care if jar jar made them uncool, gungans are a damn fine species in my mind. they’re aquatic bipedal space hadrosaurs with big adorable fin ears, what’s not to love?? i love just about everything about their design, from their faces to their locomotion to the appearance of their hands and feet (though, their feet kinda bother me in that they don’t look great for swimming?). their underwater city was p. gorgeous in tpm, and i find it bizarre that they use the naked duck mounts (i can’t remember their name off the top of my head) despite the fact that those things are blatantly land creatures that should not be underwater lmao. the fact that this is a warrior race is fucking cool as well, b/c i would NOT want to fight a space dinosaur. give me more actual warrior gungans or give me death!!

anonymous asked:

So ive only had a few squishes in my time, which is reasonable since im still a teen, but im confused. The first one i knew was a squish because i honestly just wanted to be friends, but my most recent one i wasnt sure. Im in a qpp with this person atm but there was some confusion(they are allo) and we were kinda distant from eachother which hurt me. We have fixed it by this point but i feel like ive lost feelings for this person but im not sure (1/2) (C)

So i suppose my first question is is it normal for you to just lose interest i someone when you dont want to and my second one is hoe can you telk if your feeling romantic attraction? Personally this squish is very strong and im just not sure. Help? (2/2) ©

you ask hard questions. 

for your first question, i think so? like that’s a thing that the Hets talk about right? when u lose the spark or whatever… if it applies to romantic relationships i’m sure it applies to queerplatonic ones too. it sucks but i don’t think it’s unusual.

it can be hard to tell if you’re feeling romantic attraction or platonic attraction. here’s a couple good posts about it: x  x

hope it helps!

anonymous asked:

hi darling, can you give me advice for loosing weight q u i c k? I want to loose 20 pounds by May 8th - I'm about 140, 5'4. (:

What I like to do is have a cup of black coffee in the morning, then a second cup around eleven or noon if you like, and then a cup of green tea in the afternoon. Coffee and green tea boost your metabolism, plus the caffeine will help keep you energized throughout the day. And make sure that you get at least 1,000 calories every day, preferably more like 1,200. And do cardio at least a couple times a week. I like to do Pilates a couple times a week as well to tone, because cardio just burns fat, it doesn’t help your muscles get nice and toned. And make sure to take at least one day off from working out every week to give your muscles a break. Oh and make sure to drink lots and lots of water. I think if you do all that you should be able to reach your goal in time, and feel free to come to me if you have any more questions ☺️

hello & welcome to my second tumblr awards! i’ve recently transitioned from being a 100% hp blog to more multifandom/aesthetic, and i thought doing some tumblr awards might help to solidify that change (as you can see, i’ve named the categories after all of my trash favs). i also want to take the time to congratulate a few of y’all for having such lovely blogs! happy friday, and good luck! - nadia xx

♥ R U L E S ♥
○ mbf this smol trash can
○ reblogs only (likes count as bookmarks!)
○ ends 2/14, winners announced 3/1
one winner & two runners up per category

♥ C A T E G O R I E S ♥
chuck bass award; best url
sirius black award; best icon
tommy shelby award; best theme
draco malfoy award; best hp
anakin skywalker award; best star wars
jackson whittemore award; best multifandom
damon salvatore award; best aesthetic
james moriarty award; best creations*
tom marvolo riddle award; best writing*
poe dameron award; best newcomer**
robb stark award; nicest blogger***
regulus black award; best overall

* link me to examples of your work to be considered.
** for the purposes of these awards, a newcomer should have less than 500 followers. submit a screenshot of your follower count to me to be considered.
*** you may nominate any blog you choose to be the nicest blogger by either sending me an ask or mentioning their url in the tags.

♥ W I N N E R S ♥
○ a follow from me, if not already
○ 3 screenshot promos upon request
○ 1 graphic upon request
○ my eternal love & friendship :)

♥ R U N N E R S   U P ♥
○ a follow from me, if not already
○ 1 screenshot promo upon request
○ my eternal love & friendship :)

The following is a PSA:

People can like more than 1 genre of music

PeopLE can LIKe moRE ThaN 1 GENre of mUSIC

  1. P e o p l e  c a n  l i k e  m o r e  t h a n  1  g e n r e  o f  m u s i c



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