can this show just be about him putting things in his mouth

picture this,,,isak and even lying under the starry sky, isak showing even all his favourite stars, telling him some facts about the universe and after a while even just turns his head to stare at isak while talking and he loves how isaks face lights up talking about things he finds interesting,and then isak says “look at that bright star!” and evens like “i am” and isak snorts and faces even like “youre not looking at it” and even whispers “why would i want to look at that star up there when ive got the brigthest one next to me” and isaks mouth hangs open and he tries to find the words but he just ends up smiling and kisses him then puts evens arm around himself so he can put his head on evens shoulder and he does it bc he loves having evens arms around him but he also wants to just hide his stupid grin and pink cheeks

before show routines

“Hey Ty, can I try something?” Josh asked, walking into Tyler’s dressing room. Tyler was just putting on his tie and didn’t have his red jacket on yet, his shirt was pulled out and pants were unbuttoned. He turned around to his friend’s voice.

“Sure, what…” Tyler was cut off when Josh placed a hand over his mouth and spun him to where his back was pressed flush against him. Ty could clearly feel that Josh was hard and figured he must’ve been contemplating this for a while. The thought caused him to whimper into Josh’s hand, trembling with lust and maybe a little bit of fear. Josh could feel it and laughed gently, murmuring into Tyler’s ear while sliding one hand down his chest and stomach. 

“We talked about how one day this would happen. How I would catch you in your room and do bad things to you before a show…” Josh’s voice turned him on even more, causing his breath to hitch. Josh pressed a soft kiss to Tyler’s neck, which slowly turned into leaving purplish, red marks. Good thing he still wears his black make-up. 

Tyler felt the front of his pants growing tighter the more Josh teased him. His fingers stopped just at the waistband and he paused his skin-bruising kisses for a moment.

“Sure you want this?” Josh asked. Tyler nodded, squirming in frustration and vocalizing a quick “mhm”. Josh slid his hand around Tyler’s throat, feeling his adam’s apple squirm beneath his palm as he swallowed and whimpered. Josh slowly dipped his fingers below Tyler’s waistband before sliding them under the second layer, running them over his trimmed pubes. He always loved the noise of surprise and arousal Tyler made when he wrapped his hand around his hard member for the first time. He slowly stroked him inside his briefs several times, swiping his thumb over the wet tip which drove Tyler crazy. His head lolled back against Josh’s shoulder and the most beautiful moans ripped from his throat. He bucked into his hand while panting heavily, trying to get more friction. 

“Alright baby, on the couch.” Josh commanded, pulling his hand out abruptly and causing Tyler to whine. Josh nudged him towards the couch just a few feet away. Tyler was already beginning to pull his pants down. 

“So needy for me, aren’t you babe? Let me do that.” Josh said, stepping towards him and replacing Tyler’s hands with his own. He yanked them down, along with his briefs leaving Tyler completely bare from the hips down. Josh tilted Tyler’s face up and began kissing him deeply. 

“What do you want me to do to you?” Josh asked, pulling away gasping and staring into Tyler’s eyes. Tyler stared back intently, almost with a look of defiance as he licked his lips. This display caused Josh’s cock to twitch and he considered shoving Tyler to his knees and fucking his throat. 

“I want you to fuck me, Josh.” Tyler said calmly and with as much purpose as he could muster. Josh’s eyes darkened, he smirked slightly and grabbed Tyler by the waist, pulling him close. He slid his hands down his back before resting on his ass. 

“You want me to fuck this cute little ass?” Josh said playfully, working his fingers between his cheeks. Tyler’s eyes closed, losing his resolve as Josh pressed one against his entrance.

“Josh, holy fuck, please…” he whimpered pathetically as Josh continued fingering him while biting more marks into his neck like it was his job. Tyler was unconsciously rubbing himself against Josh’s thigh, and Josh stopped him, holding his hips still. 

“You don’t get to do that, I’m in control Ty.” Josh reminded, “Now turn around and get on your knees.” Tyler’s eyes widened from Josh’s forcefulness, but did as he was told. Josh put his hand on his back to push him forward slightly. 

“Beautiful, and all mine.” Josh said, wrapping his hands around his hips. Tyler held still, keening into the cushion. Soon he felt something warm, wet, and soft pressing at his hole. It was Josh’s tongue. Tyler’s head swam and body trembled with pleasure, and he soon felt something stiffer joining it. Before he realized it, Josh had two fingers inside him, scissoring and stretching him open. Due to Tyler’s pleading and needy little moans, Josh couldn’t help but wrap a hand around himself and begin pumping a few times - which turned into several. Then Tyler heard it. The wet sounds of jerking off, and Josh fucking moaned while eating him out, and he almost lost it. 

“JoshJoshJosh no please, I’m gonna cum. I need you inside me.” Tyler begged incoherently, moving away from Josh’s tongue. Josh grinned wildly and gave his ass a love-smack, causing him to cry out. 

“So sexy, Ty. Want you to cum with my cock inside you and I’m gonna fill you up so good, baby.” 

As Josh lined himself up Tyler could feel himself on edge, still blushing from his words. The initial pain of his head pushing past helped distract him, but that didn’t last long once Josh was fully inside him and the pain melted away. Tyler squeezed his eyes shut, groaning from feeling so full. Josh held onto his hips, admiring the view and feel of Tyler stretched tightly around him. He slowly pulled out and slid back in, and by that time Tyler had fully adjusted. 

“Fuck Ty, you feel so good. You want this don’t you baby.” Josh emphasized by digging his fingers into Tyler’s skin, rocking his hips against him a bit faster. Tyler was panting heavily and blushing from the praise and affection Josh was showing him. He had no idea Josh had it in him to talk like that. Precum was leaking from his swollen pink tip, but he dared not touch it, wanting to get off from Josh fucking him. So he focused on Josh’s rhythm, his fingers digging into his hips, and…oh god…he changed his angle, and now Josh was roughly grinding into his prostate with every thrust.

Eventually, Josh wrapped a hand around Tyler’s cock, jerking him in time with is thrusting. Tyler gasped, bucking into his hand and pushing back against him like his life depended on it. Josh worked his cock so expertly as he moved inside him, Tyler’s stomach did flips, and soon he felt the beginning of his orgasm. 

“Jo…osh can I- can I cum pleeeease?” Tyler moaned, overtaken with pleasure as his orgasm was peaking. No matter what the answer, it was going to happen. 

“Yes, cum for me babe, you deserve it.” Josh giving permission made it so much better, and Tyler knew nothing but Josh and the mind-numbing orgasm he associated him with. Josh worked him through, stroking Tyler with his own cum as he milked every last bit out. Once he was finished, it only took Josh a few more seconds of relentless pounding before his hips slowed and he gave up control, releasing into Tyler. They remained like that for a moment, suspended in after glow and allowing the sensitivity to die down. He pulled out with a satisfied grunt, using a random towel to clean them up before helping Tyler get dressed and put his black paint on.  

“Alright boys, time to head out on stage!” A stage manager called from outside the door. 

The boys stepped outside the door and put on their balaclavas, giving each other one last quick peck on the lips. Before they parted ways, Josh gave Tyler a playful slap on the ass. Then they were onstage, playing in front of thousands of screaming, unknowing fans.  


going to jail anyway, so why not? :-) 

Do you ever think about baby bellamy blake in school doing really well. Like doing SO WELL BECAUSE HE LOVES SCHOOL AND LEARNING. but then he does so well that his teacher wants to put him in some extra curricular type stuff but he can’t because someone has to be home for octavia and when he declines his teacher is like I’LL TALK TO YOUR MOM. YOU SHOULD BE DOING THIS THING. and then Bellamy has a straight up freak out because HE’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BRING ATTENTION TO HIS FAMILY. HIS TEACHER SHOWS UP AT THEIR DOOR AND HE’S HIDING OCTAVIA AND HE HATES THAT HE’S NOW THE REASON OCTAVIA HAS TO HIDE IN THE FLOOR. 

So when his teacher is gone, before his mom even opens her mouth, Bellamy’s apologizing and saying how he’ll never get good grades again. Middle of the road grades for the rest of his academic career. Sliding under the gaze of teachers, not bad grades, not great. Just average so he never gets noticed again. DO YOU EVER THINK ABOUT THAT AND CRY? BECAUSE I DO. 

Jhope talking about a beautiful fan is a LIE. Someone made up that fake translation. 

First of all, putting words into people’s mouths especially if they are someone who is a celebrity, is a fraud. You can get reported or even charged depending on how severely the lies hurt the person. Not only does it ruin someone’s reputation, it could ruin their life or even others involved.

If you don’t understand why that fake Jhope NOW3 translation could hurt him since it sounds like he’s saying something positive about fans, let me break it down:

  • Some fans may not appreciate that Jhope picked ONE fan to show his appreciation
  • Some fans may go far to search for that “Seung Hie” girl (which could be just attacking any girl with the same name)
  • Some fans could turn their backs towards Jhope or even BTS
  • Other fans who want to crush BTS + ARMY may use this to their advantage by creating a scandal
  • Scandal in general

Also, take posts with a grain of salt. Check if there are other posts talking about the same thing. Check for sources. If there aren’t sources, look for the source yourself. Don’t be part of a possible misrepresentation by spreading something that isn’t true. 

Whether you have thousands of followers or barely in the tens, posts spread like wildfire. Fraud doesn’t have to if you just check for sources