can this show get any more awesome

rosegoldgemini  Do you think us malec stans gonna love this…

Angst is overrated and I’m not particularly a fan of it, not to mention if it’s over done, it can get exhausting to watch and the malec angst on this show is definitely starting to get exhausting and I’m kinda over it

Ready for an unpopular opinion? No, I mean a REALLY unpopular opinion? I don’t think Magnus & Alec have had any more angst than any other couple on this show has. If anything they’re the only couple the show seems invested in seeing through until the end. They’re the Haley & Nathan of Shadowhunters. Sure, they have their problems and they are not without drama, but they’ve been happy together more than any other couple on the show. No other couple on Shadowhunters is even in their league. 

Motivational Mango

Hello, I am Mango, birb of the internet, and I have heard that you have a sad. 

Did you know that I am professional sad fighter? It’s true! Mango will show you the way. When you has a sad, you may feel like doing this: 

As you can see, Mango has been there too. But I can offer you some solutions. 

Sometimes it can help to talk to a friend. It can be hard to reach out, but sometimes expressing how you feel and commiserating makes you feel less alone. Hiding in hair is optional. 

You can talk to friends online if that makes you more comfortable. Computer is also good for viewing birbs. Good for combating a sad.  

If you’re having a rough time, it’s ok to take a break and enjoy a favorite activity. Don’t feel guilty! We can’t be 100% work 100% of the time. You’re allowed to have fun! 

You could get some rest, take a walk, or fix yourself a favorite snack! Sometimes you need to treat yo self. You deserve it because you’re awesome. So remember to be good to you. 

You just take that sad and you give it this look to let it know you mean business: 

You examine this sad and tell it that it has no power here. Give it a real good look with your birb eye and remember that you are worth more than any momentary despair this sad could bring. Here, Mango show you how: 

If all else fails, Mango will get real puffy at the sad for you to ward it off. Sad has no room when Mango is poof. 

But of course the best cure for a sad is looking at pictures of birbs. 

Hang in there, birb! You’re gonna make it. 

Wildest Moments | 6

You are determined to get over Min Yoongi.

Originally posted by sugagifs

pairing: yoongi x reader
genre: smut, fluff, angst
wordcount: 8.6k

part one | two | three | four | five

You stumbled into your apartment building, hoping that Jimin wouldn’t be home. You were exhausted, and all you wanted to do was crawl into bed and cry your eyes out. You were sure Jimin would be out still with Jungkook, allowing you privacy to cry. More tears shed over Min Yoongi. You shook your head bitterly to yourself, your throat was raw from holding back the tears as Yoongi’s face flashed in your mind. How many times had you sworn would be the last?

Your apartment was dark as you let yourself in. The silence was oddly comforting, the only sound was the shuddering sigh that escaped from your lips.

“Y/N?” The light switched on, you jumped under the sudden harshness of the light. Jimin stood there, dressed in just his pyjamas, a confused look on his face. Oh my God, he’s home. You struggled to maintain a composed expression, glancing away, hoping Jimin wouldn’t notice how upset you were.

“What are you… hey. Are you alright?” Jimin’s eyes widened when he took in your tear stained cheeks, your red and sore eyes. Of course he noticed. Jimin always noticed. 

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morning routine & tips

Since our morning can be that make-or-break time that sets you up for a good day or a bad day, I googled a lil bit to try and find some stuff that might be helpful for establishing few nice habits that  (with no special effort I hope) will put you on the path of stringing together good day after good day. So here they are; ♡

1. Drink a glass of water (if possible warm one so you get your body going because it was 8! hours without any water!! And you can add some lemon that will help get your digestive system ready for the coming meals, and make the water tastier or maybe a little bit of honey!

2. You probably heard this one like hundred of times but TRY TO WAKE UP EARLIER! There are so much benefits of waking up early and here are some of them that people who wake up early are proved to do;

  • Studies from 2008 showed that people who wake up earlier earn better grades!
  • Better planners - using that extra time in the morning for organization and setting goals is awesome?!
  • Get better sleep (the irony tho, but for real!) - your body is getting more restorative sleep and is in tune with earth’s circadian rhythms.
  • They are more optimistic and satisfied

3. Do a stretching routine 

 Your body will be thankful and you’ll feel awesome. Here’s a 5 minute stretch that you can do in the morning to wake up your body (or if you have any work out routine - that’s even better!)

4. Listen to your favourite music

Or anything that is uplifting and makes you feel good! Here’s one playlist that’s really calming if you don’t have any ideas on your mind. If you don’t feel that one, check out this one!!

5. Eat a real breakfast

Because you will have more stable blood-sugar levels, and you will be less hungry over the course of the day. And these are just the statistics for people who eat any breakfast. When you eat a healthy breakfast, the doors to a productive day swing wide open. A healthy breakfast gives you energy, improves your short-term memory, and helps you to concentrate more intensely and for longer periods!! So eat and NEVER EVER skip it please!

6. Smile at yourself for 30 secons in the mirror

This one might be awkward (well, it is) but you’ll be surprised at the positive thoughts it inspires plus it’s basically just a matter of designating some time as true “me time” and seeing a happy you reflected back in the mirror.


7. Set 3 most important things you need to get done for today. 

Once you establish the habit of getting the most important three things of the day done, you’ll be able to build up confidence and go for bigger and bigger things. A funny thing also happens, all of the smaller stuff that you thought needed to get done either does get done without being on your list of three, or fades away because it wasn’t that important to begin with.

And before finishing, I just want to leave this quote here; 

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, stop whenever you want. You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.”
Eric Roth, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Screenplay

  • me: you cannot convince me that Story of Tonight is not the most beautiful song ever
  • me again: Dear Theodosia is the most beautiful song ever known to mankind
  • still me: Best of Wives Best of Women is the definition of sheer musical perfection
  • me: Burn is the most gorgeous heart-wrenching song ever made
  • me again: I will fight anyone who tells me that Blow us All away and Stay Alive reprise are not the most amazingly heart-wrenching songs ever thought of
  • it is still me: The pain of Quiet Uptown knocks me out it blows me away I can't imagine anything being more tear-jerking than this
  • still me: Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story is the most sole moving piece ever created and you cannot tell me otherwise
  • me: you cannot show me a song that is more fun and awesome than Satisfied
  • still me; there is no song that is more fun to sing than Helpless
  • Me again: there is no song more great than Reynolds Pamphlet
  • Still me: you cannot actually get any better than obedient servant
  • its me again: no song can ever be better than Room Where it Happens
  • me: you just can't top the election of 1800
  • me again: no song can ever be more hype and awesome than my shot
  • my final verdict: you cannot tell me that listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack is not the most roller coaster ride of amazingness and feelings and that it doesn't destroy my heart and make me cry and so happy all at the same time
All of Lance's Children AU

Au where (through time shenanigans) a klance child and a Lancelot child show up in the castle. Cue immediate confusion and panic as everyone tries to figure out what to do with these half cuban ¼ galran kids/teens.

Possible situations include:

*lion piloting (can they?Which one?)
* accidental reveals of possible future relationships (where’s aunt Shay? Bonus points if they don’t match)
* finding shiro (if he’s lost)
* father children spa days!
* someone asking which one of them is from the “bad” timeline and immediately getting a boot/weapon to the face (Lance or/and klance child defending Lancelot child because wtf)
* lotor being surprised/ uncomfortable at first but secretly really happy that his kid is such a good/well rounded human(?) being (take that zarkon!)
* Lance joking that if any more kids show up they can start a band
^ shance kids? Super awesome daughter with her fathers leadership qualities and her papas warmth
* the kids being wary of each other at first before realizan that they all love Lance and want him to be happy
* spa days with aunt allura
* tech sessions with pidge and hunk
* awkward dad hugs from Keith
* the biggest teary goodbyes when they all leave

Lance with all his future babies ok! That’s all I want (feel free to add on or write/draw this!)


Anime Expo photos pt. 2

More awesome cosplayers!…and a Hello Kitty Sonic plushie that I didn’t get a chance to buy XD;

(Btw, if you are or know any of the cosplayers that are in these photos, let me know so I can put up a link back to their blogs)

anonymous asked:

can you give me a scientific explanation as to why ripped jeans look so awesome on all SHINee members? cuz i've seen ripped jeans in real life and so NOT appealing. But put them on any one of ot5 and i'm literally exploding inside from how good they look.....even the ridiculously excessive rips where their legs are almost completely exposed anyway (which i find so ridiculous irl) what is this phenomenon????

a question i’ve struggled with for years, my friend. why is it that the shines can work such styles? what is it, exactly, that makes them look so damn good? i’ve worked strenuously for months and i’ve yet to find a scientific explanation for this. i have, however, developed a hypothesis:

  • undeniable fact #1: shinee’s got good leggies. the best leggies. best leg.
  • undeniable fact #2: denim is a superior material
  • when u have beautiful legs, the more u can show em off, the better.
  • additionally, jeans hug the curves of good legs in beautiful ways.
  • therefore, with the multitude of rips, holes,and tears that come with ripped jeans, and with the curve hugging denim material, we get the most of those shine leggies as we can get.
  • and therefore, in your words, ripped jeans look so awesome on all SHINee members

to test this hypothesis out, let’s check it with kibummie.

so if we start with a regular pair of pants:

we have an undeniably beautiful boy just glowing but the pants just are Not doing him any favors (and before some1 gives me garbage for this just know i have a specific tag for these pants because i love them so much but that’s not the POINT)

so we give him some jeans:

look at those leggies!!!!!! so much more defined!!! so good….but these still do not give him the love he deserves, and he knows it too…..

so just…cut the knee holes:


but we still know….we can do better.

and there it is…….the end all be all for good leg fashion. the alpha and the omega for all good looks of all time forever. the earth spins on its axis and revolves around the sun all for this look. the sun shines just so that this look may be seen by the world. this is it!!!! ripped jeans!!!!!! the best look!!!!!!!!

✓ hypothesis proven

this can be supported with evidence from all shinee members

Super-Mega-Foxy-Awesome-Hot Olicity Fic Recs!

I felt the need to share my favorite fics with the fandom to help survive this hiatus, Hope you enjoy :) 


Blind and Unable to Speak Oliver is Blind & Felicity Can’t Speak + A Dangerous Situation 

*Hide Aways “You keep - ow! - ace bandages inside your jacket?” Felicity is mind-boggled by this. “Like - inside?”“Yes,” Oliver says calmly, like this is no big deal at all, like it’s totally normal for somebody to sew medical supplies into custom-made Italian businesswear, like everybody does it and Felicity is the one who’s weird for questioning it.

Write It Right Felicity leaves Oliver messages by writing on his arm, and he starts doing the same to her.

*Six Times Felicity Uses Post-It Notes and One Time Oliver Does Olicity being adorable and hilarious 

Little Black Dresses and King-Sized Messes Canon divergence during the Summer of Unbearable Sexual Tension. Kissing on a mission undercover.

Challenges Made, Promises Kept When Felicity issues Oliver a challenge that includes her on his back while doing push-ups, it becomes a daily moment for the two and their friendship strengthens because of it.Otherwise known as the “Felicity sits on Oliver’s back while he does push-ups” fic

Not Just a Close Shave While at a gala, Isabel Rochev notices a speck of blood on Oliver’s face, Felicity steps in to cover and finds out that Oliver might not be as okay as they all think.

I Woke Up Like This The morning after the night before. Felicity isn’t feeling flawless. Adult content (sexytimes).

Tight Spot and a Hard Place While on an undercover mission, Oliver and Felicity find themselves in a tight spot. Oliver is forced to become suddenly very aware of his attraction to his beautiful little IT girl. A humorous one-shot.

Flashback Thanks to The Flash, some visitors from the Future help to give Oliver a new perspective on some things. Season 3, humorous. 

Not So Platonic Feelings Felicity has a horrible migraine, Oliver knows how to help. But will he be able to keep his feelings in check?

Lean on Me Post Flash 1x08. Felicity helps take care of injured Oliver after his fight with Barry. Aka they are so married and they don’t even know it

But You Stood By My Side Night After Night (You Loved Me Back To Life) Oliver and Felicity stuck in a trunk, queue felicity squirming and Oliver really notices.

Reaching For You Oliver comes back from a bad night out as the Hood, and when Felicity refuses to leave him alone, the lines of their friendship are tested. 

No Talking The one where Felicity loses her voice.

I Wore the Wrong Shirt Today A distracted Felicity leaves the house with a dark bra under a light top, Oliver has trouble keeping his eyes on her face. She has no clue why he seems uncomfortable.

Darling heart, I loved you from the start (But you’ll never know what a fool I’ve been) For Oliver Queen, the soul mate mark was a curse, at least until it was a blessing. Soulmate AU. 

Branded with your mark (I wear it proudly on my chest above my heart) “I’m very happy it’s you,” he said. Soulmate AU.


*Forever Is Composed Of Nows Oliver & Felicity future toddler shows up because the future is to dangerous for her in season 2. THE BEST fanfic I have ever read. Words can not describe how awesome this is, just read it, even if you hate future fics give it a try. 

*Monsters in the Dark Lets just say I have re-read this more than any other fic ever. Felicity has the ability to see guardians, spirits that protect the majority of people. Some guardians talk, others don’t. Oliver Queen’s is a sassy, chatty beast. She starts helping Oliver, forming Team Arrow, and getting drawn into the pull that is Hurricane Oliver. 

Tango After a mission goes wrong Felicity and the team have to deal with the ramifications, and how to handle her going undercover once again.  Oliver tangos, enough said. 

What Happens In Russia… When Diggle disappears, Oliver and Felicity travel to Russia to track him down. But their trip is interrupted by the presence of Isabel Rochev, and things do not go as planned. What happens in Russia doesn’t always stay in Russia…

Technical Assistance  Felicity Smoak swore she’d provide technical assistance to all who need it. She’s just not prepared for her newest client.A story that shows another way Felicity and Oliver could have met. Major slow burn. 

What happened in Vegas… It’s all fun and games until you wake up hung-over and married to a stranger. Five years ago Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak made a drunken mistake that could never be corrected. After years on a hellish island he comes back as a man on a mission only to find out that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. (Season One Rewrite)

The Offer The evidence was stacked against her. The murder of her boyfriend was a crime that she didn’t commit, but the judge and jury didn’t see it that way. Felicity was preparing herself for the guilty verdict and a life in prison. Except that the night before her final trial, a masked stranger offers her another option. The opportunity to disappear, live a life in the shadows. A chance to get justice for others, justice that wasn’t awarded to her.

Remove All Doubt “Really shouldn’t that list have been titled ‘Oliver Queen’s Top 5 Ways To Turn You On?”When a group of Oliver’s former flames decide to spill the illicit details of his private life, Felicity cleans up the mess but not before her babbling inadvertently lays down a challenge.

Times Like These A man from Felicity’s past she never thought she’d see again suddenly appears in Starling City, bringing with him memories she’d rather keep forgotten, and a new threat. Felicity is Kidnapped Fic. 

I Could Get Used To This Oliver offers Felicity a place to stay while she looks for a new apartment.

Fifty Bucks Says When Oliver Queen lets Felicity Smoak move in as his platonic roommate, Tommy, Thea and Digg don’t believe for a second it’ll last. So of course they’re going to try and make money off of it.

Although I can’t promise you will love all these fic’s as much as I have, I sincerely encourage you to at least try the ones with a * star next to them, they will give you all the feels, and they are still my favorite fics of all time :) Check out my blog if you would like & please send me recommendations for more fics  :) @overwatchsmoakk

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Have an amazing day and we love you!

- Mel, JC, and Kat

Boyfriend Ethan (Headcanons)

Here’s my first set of Ethan (CrankGameplays) headcanons that I made to celebrate I’m Still Single Valentines’ Day! Hope you enjoy!

Ethan as your Boyfriend:

  • Ethan’s cuddly af, so the cuddling is more of an “all the time” thing tbh
  • Kisses on the top of your head and on your nose
  • Avoiding any and all chances of conflict because conflict is not his thing, especially with you
  • Loves it when you join him to hang out with Mark and Tyler because he gets really excited that his friends get along with the person he loves (+ he can show you off to his friends just because he’s happy to be with someone as awesome you)
  • Couple videos (Who’s more likely to, multiplayer games, challenges, Q&A’s- literally any videos that he can make with you)
  • You’re the only person he actively texts back
  • Really, really dorky/cheesy flirting and pick-up lines
  • Movie dates that consist of (peanut-free) snacks and cuddling on the couch (Feat. horror movies)
Shabby Sandcastles Pt 2; C.H.

A/N: Due to popular demanded, I’ve given this part 2 a go. Happy reading.

“Y/n! Y/n wait!” She stops in her tracks, but doesn’t turn around at the sound of my voice. I wouldn’t blame her. She doesn’t speak, just stands there completely motionless, waiting for me to do something. “I’m sorry.” I mutter, probably not completely genuine if you ask me, but all the well, I meant it.

“I saw that yeah. I haven’t done anything wrong to you so in what right mind makes you think you can treat me in such a way?” Her voice is strained, but full of emotion - anger, maybe even hatred, towards me. I can’t come up with something proper to give her as an answer and decide to just stay quiet.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” She speaks louder this time and I can feel my cheeks heating when a few people down the corridor turn their heads. “Y/n, I’m sorry it’s just…” I trail off. She won’t be too happy with me when I just tell her she isn’t cool enough for me, because she most definitely is.

“Just what? You’ve got a reputation to uphold?” She cocks an eyebrow at me and a devious grin makes its way into her lips while she stares at me. I can feel the guilt and shame become apparent on my features and I think it fuels her anger she’s storing - just for me. “You don’t understand. Luke and - well you know - I can’t go back to how it was before Y/n. I just can’t.”

“Then I guess you can’t talk to me, right? Let’s end it now then and get it over with.” She huffs and turns on her heel again, ready to stalk away from me. “Y/n babe come on, wait.” I speak a bit louder while my fingers curl around her wrist. The death glare I receive speaks a thousand words, but I do not release my hold.

“Why didn’t you text me back?” I mumble, eyes cast towards the floor when I feel her pulling cease and let go of her wrist. I cross my arms over my chest, something defensive about it, when she slowly shakes her head at me. “We still aren’t completely housed in, Calum. I’ve been working on our new home for almost two weeks alongside my parents to get it a little bit more home-y. If I did get a chance to look at my phone I wouldn’t be awake long enough for a full text message.”

I don’t respond because somehow I knew she wasn’t like the other girls and wouldn’t keep me hanging on some thin line while talking to ten other males. She wasn’t like that. “So I’m sorry that I may have hurt your feelings, Calum. But sometimes life doesn’t go easy on you, it’s not like I want to be here.”

“I was enthralled when I saw you on the courtyard this morning.” I lazily smile, hoping to pull a small smile - any smile would suffice - from her lips. I fail.

“I didn’t notice any of that when you just blatantly ignored me two minutes ago.” If her words would be poisonous, I would’ve given up by now and accepted my faith. But I’m not giving up this easily.

“Let me take you out. I could show you around, and I can make it up to you. It’s a win-win for you.” I take both of her hands and feel more and more people stopping to stare, ignoring their conversations and focusing solely on ours. “And what’s in it for you?”

“I get to hang out with this awesome friend I made during the summer. And who knows.” I throw her a wink and I see the hint of a smile appear but she decides to scoff. “No and who knows Calum. I’m not someone who lets people walk all over her without consequences.” She smiles up at me and I feel my chest warm up - the same feeling I have felt all summer while I was around her.

“Tonight?” I ask hopefully while I let her hands go, taking a step back. “Can’t. Have to help my mom with the basement.”

I can feel my heart drop into my shoes that she might blow me off every single suggestion I make. “But how about this weekend? I’m free Friday night.” She chuckles when she sees the humongous grin that probably will remain for the rest of the day.

“I’ll make time. I’ll see you then?” I grin taking a few steps back towards the doorway as I watch her grin shyly, nodding her head. “Great.”


“I’m sorry I’m late. Got held up at the boys.” I sheepishly grin as soon as Y/n opens the door. The small smile playing on her lips shows me that she isn’t angry with me. “Where do you wanna go?”

“Well, I told you I’d show you around, didn’t I? So, let’s start with something to eat at one of my favourite places.” I start guiding her towards my car to start a night she hopefully would forgive me with and would be unforgettable all the same.

“This is the best pizza I’ve ever tasted! I think I’m in love.” Y/n mumbles with a mouth full of pizza, nodding her head along to emphasise her words. “Well, eat up. Because I have ice skating planned after.” I wink at the beautiful girl in front of me and her face lights up immediately. She shoves another bite of pizza past her lips before she drops the crust onto her plate.

“Let’s go then. I’m excited to see what you have in store. I can’t skate though.” She purses her lips and I chuckle, shaking my head as I stand up. While I hold out a hand for her to take, I speak. “Maybe that way you will be too busy to laugh at me falling flat on my ass.” It draws a high pitched giggle from her lips as she winds her arm around my biceps, pulling me closer.

“Believe it or not, I missed you.” I feel my heart constrict as she speaks the words and don’t speak up, just press her closer towards me.

Ice skating went just as I expected it would go. I was a complete and utter failure, while all of a sudden she decided to find a knick at it. It was nice to hear her laugh so heartily and carefree. If hearing that some more meant me falling down an awful lot more than necessary, I’d do it over and over again. It would also mean I would feel pretty sore at practice tomorrow.

“Well, I had an amazing night. Thank you.” Y/n mumbles as she ties her own shoes back up and raises to her feet, wiggling from leg to leg in front of me. “Who said the night was over yet?” I grin up, raising to my own feet so I could return the skates. “What do you mean?”

“There’s something I’d like to show you. Nothing all too special.” I pull her along for the short walking distance uphill. I already feel my heart hammering in my chest although I don’t know why, when I take the last few steps up to the edge.

“Oh my god, Calum. This – this is amazing.” The twinkling lights of the city does itself justice. It seems a bit magical, maybe even movie-worthy as both of us stand there, enjoying the scenery. “This concludes the end of our tour. Thank you for choosing Calum Tours.” I proclaim proudly, turning towards Y/n as she bursts into a fit of giggles.

“You’re such a moron. Thank you for this, it’s beautiful and I really enjoyed myself.” Y/n smiles at me, her hands curling around my arm as she sneaks closer towards my frame. The wind was picking up and the night was setting it – it was turning harshly cold rather soon. We had to leave shortly. “Any time.”

“So, aren’t you going to kiss me?” Y/n questions as her gaze keeps locked on the twinkling lights, smirk covering her lips. She doesn’t have to tell me twice.

This is minute and not really well-thought out as I’m still trying to process some things that have happened in the last episode, but can we talk about how Raven does not only grow as a person the way she once told Sinclair she would, but actually comes to terms with Sinclair’s death through that?

The thing with her line “You’re always with me” and her deciding to choose life over pain is that it brings attention to one very particular emotional scene between them that took place way back in season 3 (3x03).

We all know that Raven’s need to hide her pain becomes very hard in the beginning, most notable when she tries to fight her physical disability by lying about it, but also visible through the emotional toll the traumatic experiences she’d been exposed to have taken on her by keeping a certain distance from the people she loves. It becomes clear that she can’t think of happiness or self-acceptance as a possibility at that time - driving herself to the point wherein she can’t even work anymore (which usually represented an escape for her).

When Sinclair breaks through Raven’s barrier and notices that she is a bundle of neuroses who purposely refuses Abby’s help (even though there is a way for her to get it with the medical equipment in Mount Weather) as she thinks she deserves the pain for all the things she’s failed to do and treats it as a sort of self-punishment for every person she couldn’t save while also believing that she is broken and therefore not fixable it’s him who let’s her know that she deserves more than any of this. That she is more than her pain and the losses.

I think I will never get over the motivation Sinclair brought out in Raven in this show, because this is something that he always made clear to her. That he always saw her awesomeness in a way no one else ever did, giving her the chances of a lifetime because he understood that she’s always been special - a little heart-murmur is nothing to him if it means that she can be who she wants to be. He’s come to represent the hand on her shoulder that grounds her, the one person who never once stopped believing that she is able to pull it off.

And while Raven wants to believe the things he says she doesn’t come to that understanding in 3x03 - not just because it is a process in itself, but because right after this conversation Raven fails to save more people - including a friend, Gina. So, diluted by that loss and fresh pain, Raven spirals deeper into darkness and isolation and becomes an easy target for none other than ALIE.

She takes the chip after convincing herself that she’s got nothing to lose and gets rid of everything, stripping her body and mind from who she actually is.

The fact that, for a while, Raven seems to be okay with what the chip does to her doesn’t escape anyone, even when we, as the audience, know that ALIE isn’t to be trusted since we know what her “key” does to people. She finds the solace in it that she hadn’t been experiencing for a long time, so she let’s that feeling wash over her and affect her to the point that she forgets about things - not just her pain, but also the things and people she loves (e.g Finn).

When Raven gets rid of the chip the first thing she experiences is death again. And it’s not just a simple death, but it’s her witnessing Sinclair dying on the ground, a fight she faces and can’t overcome, because she can’t save him.

While many people have made clear that Raven doesn’t let Sinclair’s death distract her from saving the world, working day in and out (Monty says that she hasn’t been sleeping for days - the circle under her eyes certainly tell the story) trying to find a way to defeat ALIE with her friends, there is a part in her that refuses to accept it. The difference this time is that the ALIE-upgrade - that she isn’t aware of in season 3 - and being able to focus on work/a fight give her the opportunity to not think about it (something she didn’t have before she took the chip), but the loss doesn’t go by her. Instead it hits her straight in the heart.

The first time we come to that realization is in 4x02, when she mentions Sinclair while she believes that she can’t run the repair of the ship alone, not able to place any trust in her skill-set as the awesome Raven Reyes she is:

And In 4x11, when she literally manifests him during another seizure, seeing her heart fight the remains of ALIE’s code in her brain for the first (and last) time:

The thing with 4x11 is that Raven does all the things she thought she couldn’t do before. For example, to win the fight against the brain damage (ALIE’s upgrade that Jasper first noticed about Raven way back in 4x01) - especially alone. Or the fact that she can and should place trust in herself and her talent, because she does not only come to realize that she, in fact, can save herself from dying in Becca’s lab or somewhere up in space, but also that she can be who she has always been at her core - the Raven Reyes who doesn’t quit, but keeps fighting. Live for herself without punishing her being with pain or the losses of the people she loves  “I don’t choose pain. I choose life”.

And when she says “You’re always with me” she, for the first time, genuinely accepts the loss of someone without blaming herself - Sinclair’s death. For the first time she does not distract her mind or delves into pain or isolates herself in yet another room only to end up looking out of the window because she hates being alone, but she focuses on getting to her hearts true desire, to drive her body forward so that she can come out of this situation un-dead, to reach out to her friends through the radio and say “This is Raven Reyes, and I am alive”.

I said it before, but I will say it again. Raven’s story line this season has catapulted my love for her into a whole new sphere and the character growth (especially the emotional progression) is off the fucking charts.

Yes, Raven couldn’t save Sinclair back in Arkadia, there was just no chance, but there is no blame either. Instead, she tells him that he has been and will always be with her, because at her heart she never forgets.

It’s Who Knows You (Advice)

We have heard this piece of advice before, “It’s Who You Know”, when it comes to networking and finding opportunities. You have heard and I have as well. However, I am going to say that it is wrong advice. Yes, it’s good to know others, but at the end of the day, “It’s Who Knows You” that get you a bit further in where you want to go. 

I really want you to think about this. You may know a lot of people on campus, may even know a lot of people in the animation industry, which is a good thing. Yet, you are the one outside of the door, trying to get inside of the animation industry (or something else that interests you). You may know that person on the inside, but I have come to learn that just because you know that person, doesn’t mean they know enough about you to let you in. 

You may know all the software, the animation knowledge, have a great demo reel, so on and so on…if they (the ones you are wanting to be on their team for employment) do not know you, they will probably pass over you for someone they ‘do’ know. That person may not be as qualified as you, or have as many strengths…but that other person, they know. They know his/her work, they know their personality, and they believe that individual can get the job done. This gets that person a better chance of a consideration. 

That’s not to say that you will not ever be considered. People are always looking and searching for new talent to wow them. Even if you may not know that they are searching or know the individuals entirely. If they know you more than you knowing them, and they’re hiring/scouting/inquiring, that’s a great start for you! So, how do you get them to notice you, or to get to know you? You can start by creating a portfolio site, or an art blog, and update it on a consistent basis. Show your best work, and continue to update it with your best works (but have fun as well!). Another key factor is to meet in person. You can go to an annual con (local or traveling distance, depends on your budget), and meet up with other creatives. You can also try looking up local get togethers (like a coffee sketch night, or movie meet up). Be professional, but have fun as a professional. Also, do not rush to show your work right away, let them get to know you as a person first. They will move quickly to seeing your work as soon as you show them you’re an awesome person. There are other ways to network, and if anyone is interested, we can talk about that next time.

The point is, knowing others is a great asset to have, and you should aim for that. However, if they don’t know you, and you’re trying to get to where they are, it’ll be a bit more challenging to win them over. It’ll take time I’m sure. The last point to send it home is a home: Would you allow a stranger into your home without any prep? Probably not. Same goes with hiring a creative, they want to know you. 

It’s not who you know, It’s Who Knows You. It really is. 

written by Tres Swygert

The Reveal (Jensen x Reader)

I’m bored waiting for a download, so I wrote this. Have fun:)

Imagine: You’ve been on the show as a regular for a year now and you get to attend the panel for Supernatural at the San Diego Comic Con. 

Pairing: actress!Reader x Jensen 

Y/n = your name
y/l/n = your last name
y/n/n = your nickname (if you have one)
y/e/c = your eye colour
y/h/c = your hair colour

Note: Please don’t get me wrong, I love Daneel and JJ to death, but I didn’t have any other ideas. And I thought of some fluff so…

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Hinachima: “Despite of her hectic schedule, Ikuchan never show any fatigues in front of members. She is all cheerful in front of us. Ikuchan is really a one of a kind. I really like this lovely Ikuchan”

Hinachima said this in Nogikoi Part on today’s Jingu concert. I don’t really know the details. I just got the words from someone who went there.

a real angel does exist ;____;

Cosplaying Crash Course for Beginners

Hello friends! Here are some quick tips/steps on how you (yes you) can make your own costumes and start cosplaying!

1. How to Pick the Cosplay: Whenever I pick a new costume, I always think of all the shows, games, etc that I’m into, and then pick my favorite character. I always pick a character I know I will have a fun time being or if their outfit just speaks to me. Since it is your first time cosplaying, you do not want to try something that is over your skill level. Be sure to look at the hairstyle, details on the outfit, sewing difficulty, and props. Know that whatever you pick is probably going to be harder than it looks. Before you finalize your selection, think about how you’re going to make every detail and at least get some sort of idea of how you are going to make that outfit come to life.

2. Budgeting:  Let’s face it, cosplay can be expensive. If you don’t have money growing out of your butt, it can be SUPER important to make a budget before you even start the costume. First, if you need a wig, find the wig. Those tend to be one of the more expensive pieces of the costume. Secondly, go check the local thrift stores, you will be so surprised what you can find. ESPECIALLY if you have something really simple, like a white collared shirt? BAM. THRIFT SHOPPING *cue macklemore*. I’m serious. Also, look for things that you can alter. Need a dark blue vest? Hey wow I bet that 3 dollar shirt could look like a vest if I cut off those sleeves. Learn to be creative with altering clothing that you already have. You can ask friends to borrow things, like shoes. Shoes are usually very hard to do and very hard to find, so if your friend has the perfect white boots, then do ask if you can borrow them. Fabric stores have sales like literally once a week. Wait until they go on sale to buy the fabric/supplies you need.

3. Wigs: Are wigs a necessity? For me, yes. However, I have seen some really amazing costumes that do not use wigs. If you do not want to wear a wig, or cannot afford one, that is ok. And also honestly if you have the perfect canon hair why would you waste money on a wig? Your costume can still look awesome. I will say that wigs can really give your costume the extra sparkle though. Real hair can sometimes not cooperate, it can get frizzy or your roots will grow out, or it will refuse to defy gravity. If you need a specific color, wigs are definitely the best way to go. Dyeing your hair can turn out bad, and not give you the right color (again, this is generally speaking).Now, if you chose to wear a wig, how do you get ahold of one? There are several wig sites that you can get quality cosplay wigs from. Arda Wigs, Amphegory, Match Wigs, and my personal favorite, eBay. BE CAREFUL IF YOU BUY FROM eBAY THOUGH. Make sure you check the reviews of the seller. If you use eBay, 9 times out of 10 you will be able to find an awesome wig for way cheaper than anywhere else. Long wigs and pre-styled wigs will tend to be more expensive. Most wigs need to be trimmed when they come in, but please watch a tutorial before you take scissors to your wig. CUTTING WIGS IS DIFFERENT THAN ACTUAL HAIR. I recommend this tutorial for basic wig styling. Also please note, if you want to straighten or curl or apply any kind of heat to your wig, make sure you buy a heat-safe one. It should say in the sellers comments. Also, before you go ahead and apply heat to  the whole wig, test the heat out on a small section that is invisible or can be cut off (bottom, underneath hair etc). There are seriously like 200000 wig tutorials on YouTube, so if your wig is a little challenging, go check for online tutorials.

4. Sewing: Ok I really like sewing so I’m probably going to get off on a tangent here but I will try to keep it very simple. If you know how to sew? Great awesome. If you don’t? Never fear! It is so much easier than you would think. A lot of places offer sewing classes, libraries, colleges, even high school. Go check out the above places for local classes. If there are none? Don’t worry! Check the internet. There are lots of tutorials ranging from basics (how to work your sewing machine) to things a little more difficult (how to sew that one really difficult thing). I would love to elaborate on how to sew but that would take up a lot of time and space. However, when you are selecting fabric there are a few basic things you should know. Make sure the fabric isn’t see through, and if it is make sure you buy enough to double the fabric. Make sure the fabric stretches if it’s supposed to. Make sure it will fall in the correct way (for example if you are making a dress and the fabric is too heavy or stiff it will look really weird). Make sure it is not itchy. Also, bring a reference photo to help match colors. If you have already bought some fabric in a previous shopping trip, bring a sample of it back the next time you go to make sure the other fabric you buy matches nicely with it (colors and textures etc). Don’t be afraid to ask for help! The people at the fabric store are more than happy to help (some of them might even be cosplayers themselves).

5. Makeup & Contacts: I am a very strong believer that cosplay makeup is SUPER IMPORTANT. Why? Ok so you go you to the con and you are dressed up and your costume looks super badass and you are ready to get pictures taken of you. You get there and you get so many pictures and it’s awesome and cool… But then you get home and you start looking through the pictures and you look washed out, have a lot of blemishes, look shiny, etc. And you didn’t look like that in person. But unfortunately, cameras are kind of mean and they like to make your face look a lot worse than it actually is. If you just slap on a little bit of makeup, then you will be good to go and problem solved. If you don’t want to wear makeup? That’s totally fine too. Makeup is not a requirement. If you want a more in detail cosplay makeup tutorial you should check this one that I made out. It pretty much gives you a basic idea on how to do cosplay makeup~ Ok and contacts. Contacts can be SUPER cool and make your costume look really cool, but a lot of cosplayers don’t wear them. They aren’t super important, but if you want your outfit to be the most kawaii of them all, contacts are definitely something you should check out. The sites that are good to get them at are - they are reasonabley priced and also come with perscriptions, so if you need corrective stuff never fear! Pretty colors and pretty vision! If you don’t need perscription though, is the way to go. They are cheaper, and really awesome quality (I think some of their contacts come with prescriptions but I’m not sure). Both websites are great places to order contacts. My rule of thumb to buying contacts is if my eye color is going to look weird with the wig/outfit color i will buy them. For example, with my Teto outfit the green eyes and red hair look a bit wrong so I bought contacts.

6. Attention to Details and the Importance of Detail: Details are the things that can make a good cosplay, a great one. I’m talking that tiny little bit of trim or those really cool earrings. Things like that are really what help tie a whole costume together and make the character come to life. Assuming you have the time and funds, make sure to pay attention to those little painstaking details. Make them look good, make yourself proud, because hot damn when you wear that costume you will look so cool and you will become the character you want. So yes, details may be small but they are also very important. You’d be surprised how naked and bare you could look without them.

7. Time Management: Just so you know, your deadline is closer than you think it is. Start working on your costume NOW. Buy fabric, order your wig, something. Order the online stuff as soon as possible because sometimes shipping takes longer than what it says. Just sew a little bit, or do a little bit of a prop every time you get a chance because you DO NOT want to be cramming right before a con. It’s no fun for anybody. PRETTY MUCH THE MORAL IS START YOUR COSPLAY NOW TIME GOES AWAY VERY FAST.

8. General Tips/Tricks: If you ever get stuck, check online for tutorials. There is bound to be one person who has gone through the same thing. If that doesn’t work, ask a cosplay help blog. They know a few things. Rock the costume you made. You look awesome, show some confidence. Do not let the cosplay stress you out. It’s for fun. It’s a hobby. Repeat it to yourself. This is fun. This is a hobby. Anybody can cosplay anything they want. You might get hate, but don’t let it bring you down because I love you and you’re awesome.

I hoped this helped! Cosplay is truly fun and some of the best memories I have come from cosplay, so the more people who join the better. If you have any questions or want me to elaborate you should send me an ask, I’m more than happy to help. Have fun, good luck, and happy cosplaying.


Feelings about the Izetta Finale



-The battle scenes were super intense and COOL AF, lots of fun to watch even as I was SCREAMING at the TV “SHE BETTER NOT DIE I S2G”

-The continuation of the scene from ep. 11 on the mountain was SO EMOTIONAL.


-Okay, ALL of the scenes where Finé is v. emotional and crying about her wife GUTTED me.  It was almost too much, I didn’t bargain for lesbian tears on this level, guys.  But it definitely cements how strong their emotional attachment is, so I guess that’s something?  Even though I can really only take so much in the way of sad lesbians ;0;

-Bianca is always insanely attractive and her black suit was not fair.

-I was v. mad before the end scene we get, I thought she had died.  I know that was the point, to scare the ever-loving shit out of us, but like damn.  Ya’ll are gonna give me a queer heart attack.

-Slightly sad we didn’t get a kiss or that the ending scene wasn’t a little more sweepingly romantic.  But that wasn’t super likely in the first place.  AND we do still get a lot of romantic scenes in other episodes (EP 11!!). The conversation with Izetta and Sophie is pretty clear as well, they’re actively talking about their attachments to the people they love.  So.   The show has really only built on the connection between Izetta and Finé, and the writers build HEAVILY on it.  There’s no hint of any other love interest for either Izetta or Finé, which is AWESOME. AND THEY DIDN’T DIE.  So like I can always hope for it to be more gay, but it ended a lot more positively than I expected.  (let me have my gay trash, it’s all I got)  I think it’s still so heavily implied (is it really only implied?  More like basically canon with plausible deniability only for assholes) it would be VERY difficult for someone to claim they’re just gals being pals.  I mean, an asshole could still claim “LOL THEY’RE NOT GAY” maybe, but it would b a huge stretch at this point.

-Sucks a little that our only on-screen gay kiss is v creepy and violent and about the villain character weh.  



-UM.  Is that corgi Dorothée or one of Dorothée’s corgi descendants?  Because if it’s Dorothée  THAT IS A VERY OLD AND VERY SPRY CORGI.

-My wife and I SCREAMED so loud when we saw Izetta and her lil red hair and dumb naruto shoes that our roommate came out to see if we were okay and if any of the characters had died because we warned him we were going to be watching a v emotional and gay finale.  

-So like.  Is it implied that Finé lives at the cottage most of the time when she can?  Does she just visit frequently?  I refuse to believe she visits infrequently absolutely not.  She has a suitcase?  This was three years later, maybe now she’ll have even more time there since the war is done and stuff?  I JUST NEED TO KNOW HOW MUCH TIME SHE GETS TO SPEND LIVING HAPPILY EVER AFTER WITH HER WIFE I KNOW SHE’S A HEAD OF STATE AND HAS WORK TO DO BUT THEY DESERVE TIME TO B HAPPY LESBIANS THEY’VE DONE SO MUCH.

-I don’t, unfortunately, think we’ll get another season and another chance at seeing them be even more gay together.  They’ve removed Izetta’s reason to be involved in conflict since magic is now not a thing anymore.   And since the whole thing was set during the war and the war is over, I don’t think there would be anything to go on.  I think any scenes implying future conflict is just to display that hey war will always happen, there will always be other wars and stuff.

-I do like the way they’ve arranged everything, though, it makes sense.  Izetta has to be hidden, like the rest of the world can’t know she’s still alive.  And I love the dialogue we get where Izetta knows that Finé, as a head of state, has to make decisions that look out for the safety of the entire country, not just one person. So Izetta will have to live separately to a) ensure her safety and b) allow Finé to govern since there will b times she has a lot of shit to do. So the way the ending deals with everything makes sense.  And cool that Izetta is understanding of that?  Doesn’t hold that against Finé?  Finé also understands that she’s asked a lot of Izetta and never expects her to do all the stuff she did and like?  The separation of the lil cottage in the woods will allow them to have a relationship without the wellbeing of the state being involved in it anymore?  THIS RELATIONSHIP IS SO HEALTHY MY GOD.


anonymous asked:

Hii! For the life of me I can't figure out how to teach my dog to stack. Do you have any tips or resources? :)

Puppy culture DVDs are awesome! Stack and Deliver, and Killer Free Stacks are the ones to buy. It’s cheaper to buy the online streaming vids than the physical DVDs. Totally worth it though!

Teaching a free stack (where the dog positions themself) is tough but worth it, especially in the show ring. So when you can go in the ring and get a free stack right away, the judge spends more time looking at a nicely presented dog, as opposed to looking at a handler futzing with their dog’s feet :D

Hand stacking– physically placing the dog’s feet– requires less training (mostly just rewarding them for letting you place their feet where you like ‘em, and getting them to stay put), and is more beneficial for photo ops if the dogs can’t free stack yet.

My process is usually something like this:
1. Teach stand/stay
2. Lure into position and reward good feet placement
3. Rinse and repeat until the dog starts offering good feet placement without being lured.

Really though, I’d definitely recommend the puppy culture videos. They’re super thorough and newbie friendly!