can this not happen srsly

#Betcha didn’t see that coming  #Let’s pretend I’m extra confident about this

#NO #NOPE #what is this shit #i don’t like this #where’s jim #petition to bring him back from the dead

#shit shit shit shit shit  #how did she know  #what gave me away  #was it the green carnations in the wedding #or the bridemaids in lilac #perhaps this was a bold choice indeed #no we ‘re not together mary you have to believe me  #he only touched my knee once when we were drunk  #nothing suspicious i swear #he’s not with me #jawn help #and i thought i was hiding it so well  #plz don’t kill me 

#srsly now #is this happening #I can’t believe it #I ain’t got no time for this  #Sherlock plz concentrate I’m about to shoot you  #your gayness is unfathomable #IS JOHN IN THE BLOODY BUILDING

#oh #lol right #not my fault your question was ambiguous #straight bro John is downstairs

#well he answered in the second try  #I guess I must give him that  #I was expecting worse  #given

My actual reading of this scene

I finally finished my entry for @gouallout for the “I’m Here” prompt! I’ve written this story (last year) envisioning this has happened before the OVA. But then, this can also happen after the OVA. It’s up to you guys!

Since I’m super late anyways, I decided to GOU ALL OUT. Around 60 panels and colored. I hope I don’t regret anything! It looked a hell lot better colored. Gou needs to be appreciated more SOS! I just hope the text is making sense coz I’m posting this at 5am without sleep. So much innuendos in this 😂😂😂 

UPDATE: Originalish image has been found :D

Greetings, Kaworu enthusiasts of tumblr. Remember these high-waisted pant- bearing nerds? You might have wondered what happened to ask-kawotrio because now it’s literally gone (LOUD GASP).

So what happened was, I wanted to delete a side blog (that’s not kawotrio) but I mistakenly deleted my main blog, thus losing four years of artwork and therefore fucking up my life. Fortunately not all is lost because many kawotrio posts can still be accessed through reblogs on this site, as well as translations from other websites, and for that I am very happy.

So you’re all probably wondering, “what’s gonna happen to kawotrio? Are you going to make another ask blog?” The answer is, no. I reserved the url just in case, but I’ve already decided to consolidate all my artwork into one blog for now because running 5 art blogs was kind of annoying. BUT that doesn’t mean I will stop taking asks for kawotrio. They are super precious to me and I’ll continue to draw comics for them, as long as I get requests or questions.

So yeah, feel free to follow me if you wanna see more kawotrio or other fandoms. This WILL be a multi-fandom blog so you’ll be seeing all the artwork I make for pretty much everything. Redd out. o/

When you’re having a good time because Yoongi finally released his mixtape but then you wonder if it has to do with the “young forever” story line

- Do you recognize me?
- I don’t even recognize me. Why would you be familiar?
- Because my name, Kurt Weller, is tattooed on your back.


Happy Birthday, Emre Can!