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Upcoming Watchalong Dates

OKAY. I’m going to try to start doing this ahead of time again, since my next couple months are going to be busy, and I’ve been getting requests on movies. So this is just a way I am keeping track of all of those. 


MARCH 2017

  • March 25: Desolation of Smaug Extended / Star Trek Into Darkness

APRIL 2017

  • April 1: Battle of Five Armies Extended / Star Trek Beyond
  • April 8: NO SHOWS due to 221b Con - Please let me know if you will be hosting your own show and I will post it here.
  • April 15: Yuri on Ice!! English Dub Marathon (all 12 Episodes)
  • April 22: Lord of the Rings Extended / The Two Towers Extended
  • April 29: Return of the King Extended / Howl’s Moving Castle

MAY 2017 (Miyazaki Month)

  • May 6 (Oldies but Goodies): My Neighbour Totoro / Nausicaa / Porco Rosso
  • May 12: NO SHOWS due to OCC. - Please let me know if you will be hosting your own show and I will post it here.
  • May 20 (Magical May!): Spirited Away / Ponyo / Tales from Earthsea
  • May 27 (Girls Rule!): Princess Mononoke / Kiki’s Delivery Service / Arrietty

JUNE 2017

Thinking of a Super Summer themed month, like super hero movies, or possibly recent new releases, OR a Harry Potter month, ending with Fantastic Beasts.

  • June 3: TBA (suggestions welcome)
  • June 10: TBA
  • June 17: TBA
  • June 24: TBA

To those who can only come to earlier shows, please let me know if you’d rather I flip some of the movies to earlier times if you would rather see it first. The only ones that cannot be changed are the three Miyazaki “first” shows, as they were requested and confirmed already to play as show one.

Cake drabble : AM Interviews

Hey guys! It’s been a MINUTE. I’ve been super busy in life, but I saw the other day that Luke & Arzaylea are not together anymore. Hahahaha - guess he’s seen the error of his ways & doesn’t want to waste more time not chasing Calum!

Although, can I say that I absolutely don’t like this new look Luke’s got going? He looks like a 90s B-movie thug these days. He’s two-seconds away from getting round-house kicked by Jean Claude VanDam.

Anyway, here’s a tiny little drabble. I’m still pretty busy in life - but just dropping by to say “hi guys!”

“So Luke, care to join us back in the real world? Maybe tell us a little about this new release?” A forced laugh. Already the interviewer sounds annoyed. Their manager will not be pleased with his inattentiveness. After all, it’s first their first new release in a year.

He manages a grunt back in reply, then lets her voice fade away again as Ashton smoothly steps in to answer her question. His own attention focuses back on Calum instead.

Dark jeans. Messy black curls. Drowning in a long-sleeve t-shirt that’s too big on his thin frame. Calum’s demeanor is as casual as it can be, bundled up on the couch between Michael and Ashton and nursing a steaming cup of something.

The brunette is the same today as any other day and nothing like any other day. He very deliberately (shyly) avoids looking at Luke as he shifts to tuck his long, tan legs under himself.

Today is the first morning when Luke knows what those legs feel like wrapped around his waist. He’s had them slung over his shoulders, kissed the length of them from ankle to hip. In fact, most of his past 12hrs have been spent between them.

He knows the rest of that delicate body too. Knows the feelings of his hands sliding down from the tiny waist hidden beneath that billowing t-shirt and onto round, flared hips. Knows this particular t-shirt was chosen this morning because it doesn’t have any holes in it.

All the better to hide the dark, purple hickeys liberally decorating that tan skin. Hickies that are a matched pair with the deep scratches etched into Luke’s own back. A fair exchange, and one he intends to repeat.

As if sensing his thoughts, there is sudden flicker of wide, brown eyes in his direction only to drop down under a flash of thick sooty lashes when they meet his. Luke grins wolfishly at the bright flush of pink that blazes deeper on that lovely face, down delicately curved cheekbones, and underneath the collar of that t-shirt.


Still, that flush looks prettier when Calum is incoherent, naked, and underneath him. Which, he decides, is where the brunette will be as soon as they’re done here.

He glances at the clock mounted behind the interviewer’s head.

43 more minutes of interview to go.

He can get through this.  



Here’s my masterlist :

mottojgv  asked:

Again me ! 😂 Hahah sorry for that but I didn't understood. Toshi love Tomo later , right ? Bc There are so many series about them and their love. I don't know which movie first and last but in the "We will surely meet again" movie, Toshi looking like a love Tomoya. Do you know japanese ? Annnd thank you for reply 🌸 You are angel 💕 Love you 🙊❤️

HI, They have so many lovely films. If you know the release time of a movie, you can more easily understand the storyline. Please check this site

To sum up, “INCEST1-3” (brother’s love story), PANDORA’s 3 films (brother’s love story) , THANKS A LOT (no story, Happy birthday party) , FOREVER 1 & 2 (no story) , ONE SAD LOVE STORY (already summary & they din’t love together later in this film as I thought) , LAST SMILE (no story) , RED THREAD OF DESTINY (love story, not brother)

I know the japaness a little, so sadly !! Anyway, you can find another information from “GOOGLE” “YAHOO” and so on. It takes a lot of time and effort ^^ BYE

“Assassin’s Creed” Movie Review: First Thoughts [CONTAINS SPOILERS]

Now that the film has been released for general viewing (Dec 22nd 2016), I can safely share my thoughts on the movie without worrying too much of spoiling it. But I’ll say it anyway: Please do watch the movie as soon as you can before reading the rest of this post! :)

I have since watched the AC Movie three times at the time I’m posting this. I hope that already hints of what I feel about the movie without giving too much away. ;)


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Silver Lining

Rated M for Mmmomygod, language, drugs, illegal goodness, and violence down the line

Member: Jimin ft. OT7

Word Count: 2000+

Tw: Human trafficking, abuse, Jimin’s existence, Jungkook’s existence, literally just bts

Author’s note: So… this is my first ever scenario. I don’t know how many parts there will be, but I hope whoever reading this enjoys it - please like, reblog and/or message me if you like it and want more ^^  P.S. this portion has some Jungkook x reader action, part two will be more Jimin centric. Also, lm ao self, what’s formatting?

Loyalty Can Always Be Bought


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What she says: I’m ok.

What she means: lazer team still has no official release date. All it says is August 2015 and its almost August 2015 already. I need to know so I can clear my calendar because I don’t won’t to miss the premiere of the first official Rooster Teeth movie, but they won’t let me know. Why won’t they let me know? Please Burnie, just let me know.

i announced today on twitter that i’ll be releasing a new ep soon, you can check out the album cover right here. i was pretty excited about the whole thing. that is, until my girlfriend told me that she’s already getting anonymous messages on tumblr because of it. like, mean ones! hurtful ones!! SO, because the world is full of awful shitty little babies, i guess i have to talk about the release in detail

i have an album coming out soon called four songs for losing you. the songs were written in the summer and fall of 2014 but i waited an entire year to finish and release them out of respect for the person that it’s about. i wanted to give it time, and to make sure that we had both moved on and were in stable relationships before i made the songs public. i wanted to make sure that we were both in a happier place before i even considered benefiting off of something so personal.

why is that such a difficult thing to understand? not to mention the fact that songwriting doesn’t always work like it does in movies and on tv. it isn’t so relevant and in the moment. from writing, to rehearsing, recording, mixing, mastering, then finally releasing. by the time you hear a song for the first time, it’s already so old and played out to the artist. plus, i can write a song about something that happened ten years ago and it would still make sense and be personal. emotions can be valid without being topical. the entirety of i clung to you and sleep were recorded while i was in a four year relationship. please understand that. 

above anything else, if you have any complaints or criticism about my career please take them up with me and leave my girlfriend out of it.

Concerning Thorin and Kíli's reactions to (spoiler!) Fíli's death...

So, here we go again, with another of my concernings. Spoiler warning, as usual! This time we will focus on the subject of Thorin’s and Kíli’s reactions to Fíli’s death in The Battle of Five Armies…

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Pink Tweets - K Illustration Book released, Preview of chapter 3 of Days of Blue and release of a new short special side story.

Pink, from GoRA, was the one to tweet last Friday.

In the tweets:

  • Pink announces that the “K Illustrations Book” with the collection of all the released illustrations of K Movie is already on sales at Comic Market 85! Please, check it out if you haven’t yet!
  • The dialogues of the illustrations are all written by GoRA.
  • Shiro, who didn’t appear in the monthly illustrations of K Project Official site, appears in this “K Illustrations Book”.
  • On 28th December, ARIA magazine released chapter 3 of “Days of Blue”. The title of this chapter is “Awashima’s Day Off”. The chapter focus on a minor incident that took place in Scepter4 on a holiday. We can see how Awashima spent her holiday as well as other Scepter4 members. Please, check it out if you haven’t yet.
  • A short special side story has been published on GoRA’s main site concerning Zenjou Gouki, his black cat named Kuro and Yoshino Yayoi. Please look forward to the translation!

Please look forward for more informations.


You guys are amazing! I finally was able to come up with more memes, you followers are the best followers I could ever ask for. I hope you all are excited as much as I am for the new release of this movie. Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, and all the Bella’s are back. 800+ followers is the best thing to ever happen to me, I am so grateful to have all of you be following me. I hope these memes are enough for all of you, they all belong to me and I did create them so please credit me for these. Thank you all for being such great followers, and hopefully these next few months go by fast so we can see the sequel already! I love you Aca-Nerds

Guys I can't stress this enough

PLEASE do not watch httyd2 illegally. We need this movie to make as much money as possible, or dreamworks is going to go bankrupt, and we can say goodbye to httyd3. i don’t care if you decide to save a few bucks and see it in 2D (although the 4 extra dollars for 3D is totally worth it), just please go see this movie in theaters! if for some reason you can’t see it in theaters, at least support dreamworks by purchasing merchandise or something, and then wait for the blu ray and dvd release to watch it. i know that’s a long wait, but seriously guys, this movie needs to make a killing in order for dreamworks to have enough money for httyd3.

i’ve seen this movie twice already, and i payed for my family’s tickets as well. I spent $67 on this movie already (my mom is going to pay me back but still). just please support this movie in some way, even if you can’t see it in theaters.