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I’m absolutely devastated about The Get Down being cancelled (though still hopeful that they can continue it in a few years with a timejump, it would fit where p2 left off very well), but I’m also so frustrated that this is the most active The Get Down tag has ever been (I’ve been tracking it since before p1 aired)….where were you all during the #renewthegetdown campaigns? There are so many usernames posting about the cancellation that aren’t at all familiar to me, and just….where were you?? It’s painful to go through the tag and see all of the complaints and negativity and know that even after we got new episodes, there wasn’t this much activity.

Strength of Your Beliefs

He comes back to the hospital much later, well past the end of visitor’s hours, when he’s certain that Maggie and Melissa will have gone home for the night. He’s held up for a moment at the nurse’s station, but they all remember him as the lunatic who had completely lost his mind when Scully had first been admitted, and none of them seem too keen on telling him he can’t see her.

Her room is dark; more likely than not, he realizes, she’s asleep. Sudden misgivings make him pause just outside the door.

She’s been through an unimaginable ordeal. Mulder’s mind is full of the transcripts that clog the files in his office- the testimonies of alleged abductees who returned with stories of unimaginable torture, of extensive and invasive testing done without any anesthesia, and the idea of any of that happening to Scully makes him want to vomit. Even if her mind doesn’t remember what she’s suffered, her body still does, and she needs her rest.

Mulder asks himself, before crossing the threshold into her room: who is he here for? For her? Or for himself? He’s about to turn and leave, to let her rest undisturbed, when a soft, scratchy voice calls out to him from within the darkened hospital room.

“Are you going to stand out there all night, or are you going to come in and see me?” His face breaks into a grin, the muscles of his cheeks aching from the almost-forgotten act of smiling, and he ducks into her room.

Scully smiles softly up at him as he crosses to her. Without sparing a glance at the chairs waiting along the wall to receive visitors, he sits down at the edge of her bed, by her hip. She reaches for him without hesitation, and he holds her hand tightly in his own, the way he had longed to before, when he’d felt too self-conscious under the infuriatingly knowing smiles of her mother and sister. She smooths her thumb over the backs of his knuckles in a gentle caress and he feels, finally, as though everything is going to be all right.

“I didn’t know if you would be awake,” Mulder says, his voice thick.

“I was waiting,” she tells him. “I had a hunch you might come back.”

“How are you feeling?” he asks. The smile slides slowly off of her face.

“Frustrated,” she confesses. “I’ve been lying here all afternoon, trying to remember something, anything, about what happened, about where I’ve been.” She sighs. “I remember calling you, leaving you a message… I remember Duane Barry breaking my window, and then….” She shakes her head. “Nothing. Nothing at all until I woke up this morning.” She frowns. “Well, nothing except….”

“Except what?”

“I think… I must have been dreaming for at least part of the time I’ve been here, Mulder. I can’t remember all of it, but there was a nurse….” She trails off, frowning in confusion. Her eyes close for a moment.

“A nurse?” Mulder prompts her, and immediately feels guilty. If she’s drifting off to sleep, he should let her.

“Yeah,” Scully says sleepily, and her eyes flutter open again. “Nurse Owens. I remember hearing her talking to me, telling me that she’d be taking care of me… but the nurses here told me that there’s no one here with that name.” She looks up at him. “And I thought… I thought I heard your voice, too.” She yawns. “That was real, wasn’t it? You told me that you didn’t think I was ready to go yet.”

“Yeah,” Mulder whispers. “Yeah, that was real.” She gives him a gentle smile, her eyelids at half-mast. The hand not holding his gropes clumsily on the nightstand to her right, and when she brings it back, Mulder sees her cross glinting golden in the faint light from the hospital hallway.

“My mom says she told you to keep this with you,” she says. “So you could give it back to me, when you found me.” She looks up at him. “She says you wore it.”

“Yeah,” he admits, ducking his head. “That part’s true, too.” She smiles bemusedly.

“Why?” she asks, perplexed. “It’s not a symbol that means anything to you, Mulder. You believe in lots of things, but Christianity isn’t one of them.”

You are, though,” says Mulder. Scully’s hand tightens around his, and her eyes sparkle with tears. “You have your beliefs, Scully, and I have mine… and whatever the Pope might believe, the Catholic Church can only dream of being as much of a force to be reckoned with as you are.” Scully chuckles, shaking her head.

“If that’s not blasphemy, Mulder, I don’t know what is,” she says. She starts to speak again, but her words are lost in an enormous yawn.

“Get some sleep now, Scully,” Mulder says.

“I’m probably going to need all the rest I can get, to undo whatever disasters you’ve created in our office while I’ve been gone,” she grumbles, rolling onto her side, getting comfortable.

“Hey, I’ll have you know that I kept that office running just fine before you came along, Scully,” he protests.

“It’s a wonder you managed at all before me, Mulder,” Scully sighs, her eyes closing, her hand releasing his as she starts to drift off.

“It really is,” Mulder whispers as he stands, his voice so quiet that he’s certain she can’t hear him.

But as he leaves, she opens her eyes to watch him go… and she smiles.

how can you make a flower bloom faster? trim the stems, place it by the window. and if the sun won’t shine? you wait. 

some things can’t be sped up, forced, pushed through. 

the daffodils always come up first. over eager yellow buds pushing through the cold ground at spring’s first gentle touch, as if they have something to prove. then winter comes with her chapped hands and forces the petals back down. too early. stop rushing. 

persephone sees her mother again, and patient flowers bloom bright and brilliant. sunflower, marigold, daisy. they don’t do it alone. the blooming comes easy with sun and rain and earth there to help. 

the first flowers are not always the strongest. a garden is just as beautiful in early fall as it is mid-spring. if it’s not your turn, then wait. you will grow. you are always growing.

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Why do you ship saphael? I mean, I'm not judging, I just don't.. see this romance you guys seem to see? And I'd actually like to know.. so tell me: would you be able to make me a saphael shipper?

I was waiting to come up with the perfect response to this. The I realize there isn’t a perfect answer, in a way it’s like Saphael. 

You see everyone can agree this ship is far from perfect. But the reason I ship it is because of the way Raphael cares for Simon. I didn’t realize it until this scene 

Originally posted by ohmysaphael

I mean sure the entire clan reacts but only after Raphael does. Notice the way Raphael is instantly by Simon’s side. 

Then I went back a little to my absolute favorite moment: 

Originally posted by ohmysaphael

And a vampire is carrying a dead mundane in his arms to the shadowhunters, this could not have ended well if it was other shadowhunters that came out instead. 

I strongly believe Raphael looks out for Simon because he feels personally responsible for his death but honestly would you look at someone like this 

Originally posted by vampraph

like this too?

Originally posted by malecbae

I mean!!

Originally posted by shadowfairchildx

and the unnecessary touching holy shit!

Originally posted by shadowfairchildx

Originally posted by grounvdersky

Originally posted by malecbae

and Raphael went to Simon’s mother after he found out that she’s worried about Simon (and yes it was because it’s causing a distraction while Simon is supposed to be looking for Camile but really)

Originally posted by fangtasticsaphael

So to sum it up, I ship Saphael for the way Raphael cares for Simon. For the fact that he made up a fake af position to get Simon to stay close to him, for the fact that he takes the time to look after Simon, even after the betraly 

Originally posted by shadowhuntersseries

But yet there you are Raphael!

Also Simon hasn’t been subtle either: 

Who looks at the guy they hate like this??

Originally posted by aminahowlter

Just kiss him already!!

Originally posted by lilscollins

Look at how he just touches Raphael, like babe, c’mere 

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Can you make a crash course on Boyfriend since they're coming back after 2 years??!?



Boyfriend consists of 6 members

They debuted on May 26, 2011 with Boyfriend


Under Starship Entertainment (also home to Monsta X, WJSN, Sistar and more)

Fandom Name: BestFriend

Official Accounts: Daum Café, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter,  Instagram



  • Real Name: Kim Dong Hyun
  • Born in South Korea
  • Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist
  • Birthday: February 12, 1989
  • Languages: Korean, Japanese
  • His ideal type: “Because I’m a person who is careful with his actions, I prefer lively girls who smile a lot.”
  • Twitter: @boyf_dh
  • Instagram:


  • Real Name: Shim Hyun Seong
  • Born in South Korea
  • Position: Main Vocalist
  • Birth Date: June 9, 1993
  • Languages: Korean, Japanese
  • His ideal type:  “A girl who has a nice personality, who can get along with and understand me is my ideal type.”
  • Twitter: @boyf_hs


  • Real Name: Lee Jeong Min
  • Born in  South Korea
  • Position: Lead Vocalist
  • Birthday: January 2, 1994
  • Languages: Korean, Japanese
  • His ideal type: “I’d prefer a girl who I can get along well with.. A cool type of girl. So a natural girl who is like my best friend is my ideal type.”
  • Twitter: @boyf_jm
  • Instagram: @boy_jm_


  • Real Name: Jo Youngmin
  • Born in South Korea
  • Position:  Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
  • Birthday: April 24, 1995
  • Languages: Korean, Japanese
  • His ideal type: “I prefer girls who do aegyo.”
  • He is twins with Kwangmin
  • Twitter: @boyf_ym
  • Instagram: @boyym_95


  • Real Name: Jo Kwangmin
  • Born in South Korea
  • Position: Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Visual
  • Birthday: April 24, 1995
  • Languages: Korean
  • His ideal type: “Because I’ve been told that I’m blank, I feel that a girl who is similar to me would be suitable.”
  • Twins with Youngmin
  • Twitter: @boyf_km
  • Instagram: @kmboykm


  • Real Name: No Minwoo
  • Born in South Korea
  • Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Face of the Group, Maknae
  • Birthday: July 31, 1995
  • Languages: Korean, English, Japanese
  • His ideal type: “I prefer gentle and cute girl”
  • Twitter: @boyf_mw
  • Instaram: @boyminwoo_




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My gf broke things off. It was coming for months but I was trying. We wanted to make it work. But it can't. And I can't survive this.

You can survive this, just like I am surviving this, just like I have survived this before, just like you will survive this again. Our hearts are soft but they are strong. Your life is not defined by the romantic love in it or not in it. You tried. It is good that you tried. It is important to practice tenderness even when nothing comes of it. You gave and you didn’t get what you wanted back and I am sorry. I know it can feel like you’re unloveable and meant to be alone forever and ever, like all the walls are closing in around you. But they’re not. The walls are just walls and they stand now where they stood before. You are absolutely worthy of love and kindness and reciprocal affection. You are good and you are whole and you are not alone or unwanted or weak or standing at the edge of something you can’t come all the way back from. You’ll see that with a little time and distance. I promise it won’t feel like this forever.

Requested imagine 24 • Zach

Hi can you do an imagine where the reader is Justin’s little sister and has a crush on Zach bc they’re close but can feel that he likes her back but when she tells him, he takes it a different way and tells his friends and they begin to make fun of her for it and so does Zach but doesn’t realize he likes her until he saves her from a bad situation? (You can change anything) Thanks!

“Y/n! I’m going to bryces do you wanna come?” Your brother Justin said opening your bedroom door “yeah okay, better than being bored I guess” you replied putting on your shoes and following him outside “zach is waiting outside for us” Justin told you, making your heart skip a few beats, you had a massive crush on zach and wondered if he liked you back, he seemed to like you but you weren’t sure how much. “Hey man!” Zach greeted your brother with a manly hand shake “hope you don’t mind y/n coming” Justin said getting into the car “not at all” zach said half smiling and giving you a wink, you blushed and got into the back of the car.

You arrived quickly at bryces and all piled into the summer house “y/n good to see you for once!” Bryce joked, you smiled and said hello to everyone. Sitting down you started scrolling through your phone “y/n wanna go in the pool?” One of the jocks asked, you nodded and stood up to go to the bathroom, you always left a swimsuit at bryces because you joined your brother here a lot. By the time you came out they were all in the pool, you stepped in slowly, lay on your back and floated around “im too lazy to swim too” you heard zach say, you opened your eyes and saw looked up at him, “in just relaxing” you reply making him do that little half smile again “I always like it when you come here, I can chill out with you instead of playing Xbox or play fighting with those animals” he joked making you laugh “I’m glad I can be of service” you said making him laugh too.

You and Zach chatted for at least an hour, you’d never really chatted with him before without being interrupted “can I text you?” He asked as he was drying off from the pool, nodding you dressed and got ready to go home. “You and Zach seemed to get on well” justin said after you arrived home, “we were just talking, nothing special” you reply making him smirk and nod his head. You lay in bed dozing off when your phone buzzed

Hey x - zach

Good evening x - y/n

How are you? I’m good, I enjoyed our chat earlier it was relaxing 😊 x - Zach

I’m good thank you! I enjoyed it too, you’re very easy to talk to x - y/n

You too 😘 x - zach

Does that emoji mean he likes me? You thought to yourself, no it’s just an emoji it can’t mean anything. You didn’t know what to reply, until he text you again

Wanna play 21q? X - zach

Okay sounds fun x - y/n

You both asked silly tame questions for a while then he upped the stakes

Do you like anyone? X - zach

Yes I do x - y/n

Who is it? Remember you have to tell the truth! X - zach

Okay, um I like you 😳 x - y/n

And with that the texts stopped, had he fallen asleep? Or was he mortified by the thought of you liking him? Your stomach filled with dread most of the night. The next morning you sheepishly went to the kitchen for breakfast, really not wanting to go to school and face zach after last nights rejection.

You walked through the school doors and saw him instantly, laughing and joking with his friends…you wondered for a second if he’d forgotten all about it or glazed over it “no way dude she’s his kid sister that’s just weird!” Monty laughed “I know, here read it!” Zach laughed pulling out his phone, they all read your text and laughed at you. You felt like you could vomit, you put one hand on a locker and bent over trying to breathe, starting to have a panic attack, unfortunately it had caught the jocks attention and they all looked in confusion then started to laugh, your vision was beginning to blur but you managed to spot Tyler Down taking pictures of you “t - ty stop plea-” you tried to speak as you found it hard to breathe. You fainted, could this day get any more embarrassing?

You woke up again leaning against a locker, only you and Zach in the hallways, alone “hey are you okay?” He asked seeming very concerned “im fine, why would you care?” You snap trying to stand up, you were abit wobbly but zach caught you and held you up “get off me, zach!” You said and he let go slowly looking hurt “don’t you dare give me that look, this is all your fault in the first place!” You shout at him and he frowns at you, confused. “I don’t know what to say” he mumbled and you chuckled “you’re an ass Zach, I can’t believe I thought I liked you” you reply and he instantly brushes his hand against yours “I like you too” he replied looking in your eyes “oh yeah? Sure you do! That’s why you ignored me last night and then humiliated me in front of your friends!” You say making him bow his head “I’m sorry y/n I panicked, I didn’t know how to feel when I read your text last night, I wasn’t sure if you like liked me or just as friends so I showed Marcus thinking I could trust him but he told the others, I just went along with it, so they wouldn’t make fun of me but I’ve just hurt you instead” he explained and you nodded “yes zach you have hurt me” you answered him walking away. He tried to shout after you but then you heard him sigh and walk the other way.

You stayed in your room for the next week, avoiding anyone the came over and avoiding going to bryces “you can’t hide forever” Justin said standing in the doorway making you give him a sarcastic look “come and watch movies with us, everyone had forgotten about it” he reassured you, finally you gave in and exited your room to the living room where Monty, Zach, Bryce and Alex were all sitting eating pizza “ooh zach here’s your girl” Bryce piped up making you stop dead in your tracks, you were about to turn around and run back to your room when you heard a crash, Zach first had collided with bryces face, just one punch to let him know he’s in the wrong and to shut the fuck up, then he reached over the back of the couch and grabbed your hand, guiding you round to sit on his lap. Neither of you said anything, you just made yourself comfy and he ran his fingers up and down your back while sometimes playing with your hair, you fed him pizza and he wrapped an arm tightly around your waist. Later they were all about to leave but zach hung back as long as he could still clutching your waist “I’ll text you” he whispered giving you a kiss on the cheek.

You lay in bed that night wondering if he really would text you or if it had all been a dream, suddenly your phone buzzed.

I don’t know about you, but I like the sound of “zach there’s your girl” x - zach

You couldn’t help but laugh at his cheesiness

I like it too x - y/n

So you’re my girl? - zach

I’d love to be - y/n

Be prepared for the pda tomorrow! Xx 😘 - zach.

Knock, Chapter 7

Knocking Off Work

Little white lies and big white dresses. 

Warnings: Pregnancy, Sickness (Simon/Reader)

Words: 2264

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4    Chapter 5    Chapter 6

“You’re not on the list,” Fat Joey mumbles, barely making eye contact with you as the Sanctuary’s forecourt bustles with Saviors, everyone but you loading themselves into the back of trucks for the monthly run to Hilltop.

“What do you mean ‘I’m not on the list’?” you demand as nicely as you can while trying to catch a glimpse at the clipboard of names. Being on the list for these runs is how you earn the big points, the kind of points that pay for tampons and cigarettes, not that you need those things anymore. Now you need to think about diapers and breast pads and they don’t come cheap if you’re lucky enough to get hold of them at all.

“It’s not up to me,” Joey’s gaze leads directly to Simon and suddenly everything makes perfect sense.

“Right,” you huff, knocking Dwight out of the way as you make a beeline for your ‘boss’.

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More Chris Evans/ Reader baby/ies fics?

Sleeping in has become a luxury since the baby arrived. She wakes up every morning around 4 to be fed. My body has become so accustomed to the schedule that I usually wake up a few minutes before she stirs. I gently untangle myself from Chris and take the baby from her bassinet before she cries and wakes him. Dodger follows us out to the kitchen and waits patiently while I make Mya’s bottle. I open the back door so Dodger can come and go as he pleases before I sit in the living room to feed Mya. She drinks her bottle quickly, fussing when I stop her to burp. After she’s finished and has burped a few times I sit sideways on the couch so I can lay back against the armrest. Mya coo’s at me for a while before her eyelids get heavy again. She fights sleep for a while, eventually crying out. I put her pacifier against her mouth in an attempt to sooth her. Her cries grow louder as she screams around the pacifier. I sigh gently before standing to rock her. I turn her into my chest and she falls asleep quickly once I get a good rock and sway motion for her. I try stopping a few times but she always wakes up and whines so I keep rocking.

I give up on keeping my eyes open after a while, continuing to rock her for a while longer before I try to put her down again. I feel large hands wrap around my waist and immediately lean back into Chris. He sways with my rhythm and presses kisses to my neck.

“Good morning” he mumbles with a squeeze. I hum my response, turning my head and puckering my lips as a request. He gives me a quick peck first, before leaning back in for a lingering kiss. Mya stirs gently in my arms and let’s out a small moan as she stretches.

“I can take her, you go back to sleep” I pass her over and kiss his cheek before going back to the bedroom.

I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep, but when I open my eyes again it’s 4 hours later. I hear Mya crying and Chris talking, trying to calm her.

“Did she eat?” I ask from the doorway to the kitchen, watching the way he he’s rocking her.

“Yeah she just finished but she won’t stop crying. I think she’s tired but she won’t let herself fall asleep”

“Hm sounds like her” he chuckle and take her in my arms, holding her so her head rests by my shoulder, and bounce her lightly. Her crying turns into little mumbles before she finally gives up and begins suckling on her pacifier. Her eyes close shortly after and once she’s out for a few minutes I lay her along the back of the couch with a blanket covering her.

“How did you do that?” he whispers.

“Sometimes she likes to be upright, you just have to try different things positions if something’s not working” I chuckle. He nods his understanding and sits next to me on the couch. “So, how much of last night do you remember?” last night was the premiere party for his latest movie and Lisa had watched Mya so that Chris and I could go. I still can’t drink alcohol because of breastfeeding, but Chris may have gone past his usual limit.

“I remember a good amount” he says confidently.

“Do you remember what happened when you caught me showing some people pictures of Mya?” he thinks for a few minutes but just looks at me in confusion. I can’t help but laughing loudly at the memory, he covers my mouth and points to Mya to try to hush me quickly. I continue giggling against his hand, thankful that she didn’t wake up.

“What did I do?” he asks, cringing slightly.

“You started crying” I say proudly.

“I did not”

“You did, I told you before we left that you were going to get really drunk and cry about how Mya. I was right” I say smugly before adding “I should’ve bet you on it” as an afterthought.

He buries his face in his hands to hide his laughter, he wipes away the tears that have built up from laughing before speaking. “I can’t believe I cried over her”

“They were happy tears, and it’s not like it’s the first time” I remind him.

“Yeah but usually it’s just around you” he’s quiet for a few moments before continuing “She’s just so perfect, (y/n), how did we get so lucky with her?” his eyes a welling up again and I can’t help but feel tears coming on too.

“I don’t know, babe. Maybe someone or something out there knew that you were meant to be an amazing dad and they decided that you deserved an amazing daughter. Or maybe we’re just really lucky”

“Maybe I’m just really lucky. I have a job that I love, a family that’s amazing, and then I got to add you plus this amazing little girl. I don’t know what I did you deserve all this, but I’m so thankful” I nuzzle into his neck and kiss along his collarbone while he’s talking. He gently pulls me onto his lap while we continue talking and crying about our perfect baby girl.

A/N: So I did this today instead of writing Private Lessons, oops. But guys I LOVE Chris with babies. Also, the whole crying because you love your child is a real thing, and I hope everyone experiences it.

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i cant believe i can say this but I’LL BE AT ANIME NORTH (toronto, on) THIS WEEKEND AT G-10!! :-D it’s been years since i’ve been back to my local convention…!

charms are not available at an sadly, but i’ll have new buttons & prints & books to make up for it! my p5 sketchbook compile will also be debuting - please come visit ♡♡♡♡

Chapter  87 Snippet


Note, this is only the Obi stuff because I’m short on time and severely biased~  Below is the very beginning…then skips to the end when Obi comes back.  In between is Izana doing king stuffs and the twins resolving things with Zen.  

I’ll try to add a few other good parts over the weekend.  As usual, please forgive my over-summarization and frequent butchering of subject/topics~

「Post War Management 」

「Wistal Palace」

オビ「Well then, Master and everyone, see you a little later.  Take care.  I’m out of here.」

ゼン「Well then, I’ve returned to the palace 」

ゼン「Obi told me if he did not return to go meet with Shikito.  I can’t stand making vacation plans, I’m going to pick him up」

オビ「Did you call me Master?」

ゼン「…Have you just arrived?」

オビ「Nope.  Honestly I returned yesterday but…」


ミツヒデ「Please excuse us Zen」

木々「We agreed with his opinion that we should tell you after everything was over.」


オビ「Why do you think?  You are in the castle now right? The pharmacy director could use some help in the library.」

木々「We had Shikito put his arrangements in order and come here when the news of the resolution was received from Sereg.」

ミツヒデ「We were thinking about going there to greet them.  Zen, would you like to go?  Zen?」

ゼン「I understand.  I’m on my way.」

A Cold Kiss

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: just a bit o’ rainy cuddle and concerned Bucky

Word Count: 797

Warnings: fluff + swearing

A/N: just trying to get past a bit of writer’s block and had this idea because the weather here is sooo bad. Rescue P7 is coming soon, I promise. Enjoy 💛

I grunt in frustration as the hood of my jacket falls for the upteenth time.

“I can’t believe I spent ninety dollars on this thing.” I mutter, yanking it back up. The winds whips my cheek, making me shield my face to the side. My eyes catch sight of the tall bluejay-looking building, sighing with relief as I run into the doors.

“Hey, FRIDAY.’ I sigh.

“Good evening, Miss L/N.” I don’t bother to stop, I just walk to the elevator at the end of the large, futuristic lobby and climb in. After a few moments of red lasers being scanned through the small room, I request my floor and am up in no time.

“Buck, I’m home!” I yell as I exit the elevator. I throw my bag onto the floor beside me the moment I can. Bucky rounds the corner in a black tee-shirt and joggers, his hair in a loose bun.

“Where’ve you been?” he asks, his voice etched with concern. “You weren’t answering your phone.” I pull down my useless hood and shake my drenched hair out like a dog.

“Sorry,” I say, pulling off my coat, “the weather was so nice this morning, I figured I’d walk to my class. Big mistake, obviously.” Bucky frowns and walks over to me, planting a kiss on my cheek.

“You could’ve called. Tony would’ve sent a car. I could’ve come to get you.” he says softly. I smile at his concern.

“A little rain isn’t going to kill me.” I roll my eyes and begin walking across our shared floor, on my way to the bedroom.

“No, but it can sure as hell give you pneumonia.” Bucky points out. He trails behind me into our room, reaching behind the door for a towel. He wraps it around me, his arms firmly placed around my arms.

“I’m fine, Bucky.” I lean into his shoulder for a moment. “Just tired. Need a hell of a nap.” I pull away to take off my sneakers, which are completely ruined with water. I grumble in annoyance and sit down on the bed.

“Hold on, I’m on the phone with my therapist, let me hang up quick.” Bucky says, exiting the room. I lay down and let the exhaustion overtake my body, feeling the goosebumps on my arms. The weather was downright shitty, with wind slapping me across the face every chance it could and rain so cold it would soon start snowing. In May. Unbelievable.

Still laying down, I slip my damp jeans off my legs and sit there for a moment, looking at the ceiling drowsily. My combat class, though very beneficial, never seizes to kick my ass. And it doesn’t help that I feel shivers chilling me to the bone. Maybe I should’ve taken that towel. I lazily pull off my sweater as Bucky walks in. He smiles softly at the sight of me in nothing but my underwear, barely able to keep my eyes open. He walks over and sits next to me. He places his flesh hand on my thigh and nearly flinches.

“Jesus, doll, you’re freezing.” he says. I don’t respond to him, just reach for the duvet over my head. He gets up and moves in front of me, using his human hand to rub up and down my legs in attempt to warm me up. He gently kisses my kneecap, his lips moving up to my thighs and then downward to my calves. His mouth is chapped, but the dry skin itches gently on me along with his stubble, and it feels familiar. It feels like home.

His hands straighten out my knees from their bent position. It’s not lustful at all, and I can’t help but let my fingers run tiredly through his long hair, abandoning my attempt for the duvet. This works better anyway.

He drags his lips everywhere he can manage to warm me. His hot breath makes my stomach flutter despite how long we’ve been together. He still has that effect on me.

Long after I’ve fallen asleep, he stops and nudges me fully onto the bed. He rests my head gently on his pillow and pulls the duvet over me. He crawls in beside me and presses his chest against my back, his hands wrapping around me and resting on my bare hip bones. My wet hair tickles his face, but he doesn’t care. His thumb moves back and forth out of habit, and he feels absolutely wistful. It’s moments like these that make him think that maybe he isn’t as much of a monster as he believes. Why would I be with him if he was?

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Among all the Spencer twin theories coming from that final scene, can we talk about what Wren was even doing at an airport??? Was he just coming back from making it look like Rollins is alive? Was Wren the one buying train tickets with Rollins’ credit card? Why?

Please,tell me,the problem is with me?lol,like i’m too cynic?
I’m sorry but i dont believe that Selena is in love with abel.I just can’t.I tried,i really did,but failed.

Like,if Selena had a crush for Abel,why would she like Jelena stuff?Why keep lurking,stalking  in uptades pages about Justin and her?Why?Why?
Like,so she did wait for Abel,only to after start date him,she come back to be thirsthy about Justin?Sorry not make sense.If Selena  was really in love with abel,she would dont even remember about Justin.But she do.Oh,she do.Even when she is in The Weeknd concert,she still find time to stalk a update page about justin and her.

It’s clearly since day one,that Abelena is not natural.This couple is forced and extra.And the fact that Selena still keep one eye on Justin,even dating Abel,say a lot.
Abelena existence is for petty reasons for Selena part,and for the collab.That’s it.

like! the idea that I can tell my father no! is so wild to me!

I didn’t realize that was a legitimate option!

he’s gonna make my life hell regardless of if I listen to him or not and he’ll never truly love me again because I’m a lesbian!

and since I’m financially independent all he can do is threaten me! unless he decided I’m never allowed to come back home!!!!

and if that happens my sister isn’t ever gonna come back home either!!!!!!!

Robert Jacob Sugden

He has to be one of my favourite characters on the show. He is extremely flawed in the a lot of his actions but the fact is he is changing and progressing. He is a character that shows that despite past actions you can still grow and show remorse and although there will be times you make a mistake in the future you can come back from it if you have the courage to own your s**t. He is the symbol of reform and nothing motivates a person to change like love does. Rant over!

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All because I was young
And not in control.
I didn’t know how to feel.
or how to let go.

So now you’re scared
That I will act the same.
But I also am scared.
Of it happening again.

So I keep being closed
And not opening up.
But i guess that 
is pushing us apart.

At least with the summer
we get a huge break
so that when winter comes
We can try again.

this vicious cycle
can’t seem to end.
But each time i see you
i fall back in love.

but my worries still stay
inside my head.
maybe we were meant 
to always stay friends.

But that I will fight
will all my might.
Because just being friends
Will make my heart ache.

So even though we worry
that the past will come back.
I think because we’ve grown up
That the past is in the past.

So there is no reason to worry
no reason to fight.
If you were to cause my heart to break.
I think this time I will be all right.

Veltra Fang

Bellarke S4 Finale Playlist (for this hellish hiatus ahead)

“You left your home

You’re so far from everything you know

Your big dream is crashing down and out your door

Wake up and dream once more”

“And sometimes our compass breaks

And our steady true north fades.

We’ll be just fine.”

“Remember I love you, I love you

I believed it was love I called it destiny…

Hold onto me when I’m swaying my love

"But there is a light in the dark

And I feel its warmth in my hands, in my heart

Why can’t I hold on”

“We drifted to survive

I needed you to stay

But I let you slip away”

“Even when all the lights are fading

Even then, if your hope was shaking

I’m here holding on”

“Wandered off, lost and gone astray 

Tried to find a way to go 

But oh just come home”

“I had all, And then most of you

Some, And now none of you”

“Over and over the only truth

Everything comes back to you”

“When it rains I’ll be your umbrella

When it’s dark I’ll be your lighthouse

And I know that you’re sad, I know

I’ll carry your heavy load”

“Trying to find the in-betweens

We’ll fall back in love eventually.”

bootyfeathers  asked:

You may feel ok now, but it takes a hot minute for the adrenaline to wear off. Be careful. I'm glad you're ok. But keep an eye on your neck. Making out with the seat in front of you may have tweaked it without you realizing it. I've never made out with a seat, lol, but I've been in enough accidents to know that you feel fine at first. But in the days that come after you start to notice it may have done some damage. (It's been years but, oh God my back..) Again, so glad you're ok. ❤💛💚💙💜

Making out with the seat in front—TOTALLY NOT RECOMMENDED. Not how I imagined my first kiss to be like, but beggars can’t be choosers. XD

The thing is starting to kick in now actually. My head’s starting to hurt really bad now. My back’s been hurting for three weeks now so this is definitely not helping with my pain (i feel like i literally broke a bone in there somewhere)