can this make a come back

things learned from s21e02:

  • creek is real and it’s 100% canon
  • cartman as per usual never learns shit
  • south park’s animation is improving with every episode (that scene with the kid being hit by a car, fuck)
  • you just never know what’ll happen (heiman got back together? who would’ve thought!)
  • tweek can come into craig’s room at night and yell in anxiety
  • tweek can play piano and sing AND make cupcakes
  • president garrison is a shithead
  • tweek needs to vent A LOT, but those around him only try to shut him up (i’m looking at you mr. and mrs. tweak)
  • craig is a good boyfriend
  • cartman isn’t
  • heidi needs to see through cartman’s bullshit and dump him asap
  • fidget spinners don’t work; love does
  • stan had dialogue ;_;
  • kenny died lol
Anti and the Septiceye Theory

Okay, I’m writing this as fast as I can to try and make as much sense as possible. I am fully aware this was probably said by accident, but GOSH DARN IT THIS SOME GOOD THEORY MATERIAL.

**cracks knuckles** Here we go.

“Why does my eye hurt all of a sudden? Is the Septiceye coming back to kill me?”

Okay, the reason this stands out to me so much because it calls back to a theory I feel like was buried in the Antipocolypse. It came so late in the game and was buried by so many other things, it became forgotten. I can’t exactly remember how the theory went or who originally posted it, but let me explain it as best as I can remember, then we’ll dive in.

Judgement Day.

August 3rd.

Among all the chaos, Jack fucks up his twitter, as tradition demands it. Everyone panics, and naturally, the amount of chaos and theories, stuff gets buried. Important stuff.

Some people liken the profile picture to the septiceye.

Jack’s signature icon.

And people start to wonder.

What if, the signature septiceye had something to do with Anti?

What if it was his eye?

After all. The septiceye always there, always watching. All of Jack’s social media, Jack’s channel. That was how Anti was able to see everything.

Speculation kind of stopped there.

There were better things to look at.

But now we’re all looking back at the old evidence? I’m glad this buried theory can be brought to the forefront again.

And remember Jack’s specific wording here. The SEPTICEYE COMING BACK TO KILL HIM. NOT ANTI.

Looks like it’s time to have a look at Anti’s connection to the Septiceye. I can’t promise all the answers right now, I need time to think.

But what if the reason Anti is able to see through the Septiceye is part of his origin story?

Where Sean first got… infected?


the-wonderlust-traveler  asked:

Can you please do a mermaid taehyung? I loved your namjoon one!!!

find others: hoseok | namjoon 

  • a male siren/triton who had the ability to hypnotize with his voice
  • and like female sirens, it is his song that lures people toward him. the deep tenor of his voice makes it impossible to not hear and the uniqueness of it is supposed to cast a sort of hypnotic spell on someone
  • unlike a siren, taehyung has no interest in hurting the people he lures - he mostly does it for fun and out of boredom
  • singing in order to get humans to come close to his lake, so he can gaze upon them, maybe every now and then steal trinket 
  • and then break the hypnosis just in time to hide back beneath the water and leave the human confused on land
  • his hair is long, worn in a low hanging ponytail that cascades down his back 
  • his tail is hues of purple rimmed with gold and he wears multiple gold earrings to match. his teeth are just a slight bit sharper than a normal mermaids and so are his nails
  • that one of the other sirens painted for him 
  • interestingly, taehyung has golden markings on his body that resemble something like tattoos - they’re passed down through the linage of male sirens and if you run your hand over them it’s said to have a ‘stimulating’ effect
  • and taehyung claims he’s never tried it on a human before,,,,,but for some reason no one believes him LOL
  • like most sirens, his voice can lure anyone - literally anyone
  • so if taehyung sets his sights on you - you’re done for
  • which is why when you set up your camp beside the lake where he resides
  • and taehyung, who spies from the depth of the water, his dark eyes and the top of his head seen peeking from the ridge of the lake 
  • sees this cute, overly enthusiastic about spending the night in the woods human he decides that he wants a closer look
  • plus the necklace you’re wearing from far away intrigues him 
  • so, slowly but surely, he rises from the water 
  • the deep, alluring voice of his hums at first and then the lyrics passed on through generations of sirens echos through the trees and the lake
  • but,,,,,,,,unlike most other humans who by this point are frozen - shocked by the sound
  • you keep,,,,,,,,,,going on your merry way. pitching your tent and fussing over starting a fire
  • confused, taehyung dives down and swims closer to your part of the lake
  • he emerges again, humming and singing louder but it’s like
  • you can’t hear it - at all
  • stopping himself, taehyung tries to size you up - you’re definitely a human. i mean you have two legs so you’re not a mermaid
  • but how,,,,how are you avoiding his song???
  • disgruntled, taehyung swims even closer
  • to the point where his hands are pushing apart the grass and moss that grows at the edge of the land
  • but nothing - his song does nothing
  • “what kind of human is this?”
  • he says aloud, forgetting that if you break song - speaking can be heard by anyone
  • with a shout, you turn and grab your frying pan from your backpack
  • falling on your butt, you clutch the pan and point it toward the lake “whose there??”
  • you demand, moving the pan a bit to see the upper body of a handsome boy
  • “w-what are you doing in there???”
  • shit, taehyung thinks before cracking a small smile and perching his arm under his chin
  • “im swimming, my camp is set up on the otherside so i thought id come over-”
  • “the otherside of the lake is four miles away,,,,,,,,did you really swim four miles. are you on the national olympic team??”
  • taehyung has to bite back a smirk, oh so you have some sense in you
  • “fine, i didn’t swim, but if i told you the truth you wouldn’t believe me~”
  • he teases, looking at you expectingly
  • you clutch the frying pan and go “try me”
  • “im a siren, see?”
  • he swims back a little, just to dive head first - his tail coming up out of the water and leaving you with your mouth hanging open
  • “o-oh my god”
  • taehyung shrugs, “it’s a gift”
  • “so you actually could have swam four miles”
  • “that’s nothing to a siren.”
  • you set your frying pan down,,,,considering asking this guy if he’d like to catch some of his fish brethren for your dinner, but deciding that’s rude you go
  • “if you’re a siren, do you have a song?”
  • taehyung’s shoulders stiffen,,,,,,,he does have a song - but it doesn’t freaking work on you
  • “i ,,,, do. but i don’t want to put you in a hypnotic state or anything so-”
  • “let’s hear it.”
  • you show no sign of fear, smiling at taehyung and crossing your legs as you wait
  • taehyung clears his throat,,,,,,,and decides it’d be more embarrassing if he didn’t even try 
  • but when he starts to sing,,,,he notices that you don’t move an inch. after a while you frown and go “you’re moving your mouth- but i can’t hear anything.”
  • “i know, i tried before but- i mean,,,”
  • your eyes widen
  • “did you try to use your song on me before???? and it didnT WORK??”
  • taehyung feels like disappearing into the water, but he’s never met a human like you before so he can’t just leave
  • so admitting defeat he nods, mumbling something about wanting to get closer to you but that the song just didn’t seem to have any affect
  • “maybe you’re not really a siren-”
  • “HEY” taehyung crosses his arms before pointing to the golden markings running up his ribs and down his shoulder blades 
  • “no other mermaid species has these, they’re for sirens only. im sure humans have written about it or something.”
  • “i should google it” you say thoughtfully and taehyung raises an eyebrow “what is a google?”
  • you stifle a chuckle and say it’s nothing
  • “listen, im going to camp near the lake for a coupe of days. can you make sure your siren friends don’t try to hypnotize me either?”
  • “i don’t think their songs will work either, but no worries. they know you’re my human.”
  • you stop, “what does that mean? im you’re human?”
  • taehyung clicks his tongue and tilts his head, his ponytail swishes behind him and he explains that if a siren picks a human, other sirens aren’t allowed to hypnotize them
  • “so - do you guys like eat the people you hypnotize?”
  • “no, for the most part it’s just to seduce and plunder”
  • you nod,,,,,,but then smirk, “so, do you only seduce cute humans? do you think im cute?”
  • taehyung is taken back by the straight forwardness of your question, to be honest he’s never talked to a human before, just sort of got them to get near the edge so he could see and then vanished after breaking the spell
  • but if humans are like you,,,,,then taehyung regrets it - you’re quite fun
  • “of course i think you’re cute, i have the best taste out of all the sirens.”
  • you laugh, “im flattered. you’re also cute mr. siren”
  • “taehyung, and im not cute - im handsome”
  • his wink makes you break out into a fit of laughter which taehyung pouts about, splashing some of the water from the lake on you 
  • “fine, fine you’re handsome. but also it’s getting dark and i need to get to bed so - see you some other time taehyung.”
  • watching you get up to walk back to your camp, taehyung wonders if all humans are like you - or are you just special
  • when he returns home, he swims to an elder sirens house where he asks curiously - can humans be immune to a sirens song
  • the elder almost chokes, because no no no that would mean that the human is the soulmate of the siren and everyone knows that isn’t possible
  • the image of you flashes in taehyung’s head and he thinks, maybe it’s not impossible,,,,,,,,maybe there are humans out there who can hypnotize sirens,,,,,,,,,maybe you’re one of them 
Brock and Misty to make an appearance in Alola?

As Brock and Misty see everyone off at the airport before they return back to Alola, the three exchange their farewells but what might surprise viewers is that they don’t seem to be making their final goodbyes. What happens in this scene is Ash suggests that they should come visit Alola, and Misty and Brock agree that they should definitely check it out. Ash then even has them promise that they’ll come see him in Alola. 

The writers said a while back that they’re not ruling out the idea that Ash might be seeing more of his friends again, but they can’t make any promises as to what might happen in the future. Is it possible that they’re checking out the fan reception and adapting the show to suit the fans’ tastes for once? Maybe we can expect a giant reunion of all the old faces in Alola for once!

Guess who else we aren’t seeing the last of?

Listen, I’m touch-starved and I can’t stop thinking about these Andreil headcanons, so I gotta write them out and hopefully someone else will like them as much as I do:

*This is all imagined to happen after “yes or no”s have come up less frequently when it comes to casual shows of affection because “no”s have been thoroughly proven to be respected*

  • Andrew getting into the habit of spreading his legs every time Neil makes a motion to sit down in their living room and any of the other foxes’s living rooms so Neil can settle on the floor between them and sometimes lean his head against his thigh and his fingers will tangle in his hair and sometimes Neil will lean his head back and sometimes he gets a kiss and other times he gets a roll of the eyes and a few times he’s gotten a slap on the forehead along with a mumbled, “Fucking junky”
  • After getting a “from the hips up,” Neil spending an entire morning just tracing the lines of Andrew’s spine, the curve of his waist, the bulge of his bicep, following the movement of his back’s muscles moving as he leans a little more into Neil’s chest with his eyes closed in his peace
  • Neil just slumping on top of Andrew’s back whenever and wherever their standing and nuzzling Andrew’s neck when he’s particularly tired and trusting that Andrew can carry him without particularly paying any mind to the stares
    • Does this a lot in the morning while Andrew’s fixing them their coffees
  • Winter is sometimes a moisture sucking monster and makes it impossible to go a day without lotion, so take the time to imagine Neil hearing the sound of dry hands rubbing together and bringing out the bottle of Bath & Body Works lotion Renee gave him for his last birthday and pouring a whole shitload on his hands, asking for Andrew’s hand and just rubbing the lotion into his hands and higher depending on the outrageous amount he poured out
    • Andrew Minyard walking around smelling like Japanese Cherry Blossom gives me peace alright
  • Limbs, everywhere:
    • Andrew’s leg over Neil’s shoulder as their sitting in the living room scrolling through their phones
    • Legs weaved together, with Andrew rubbing his foot up and down Neil’s recently shaved legs in bed while they’re doing homework
      • Allison “accidentally” switched his lotion for a Nair’s bottle
    • Neil laying on Andrew’s ass while Andrew’s reading out of his Advanced Psychology textbook out loud to help him concentrate with Neil’s hand massaging his hips and thighs after a particularly hard leg day and a “yes”
    • Andrew laying between Neil’s legs, head smooshed into Neil’s chest  and hands under his sweatshirt and following the outline of his back muscles as Neil watches one of Kevin’s many “assigned” Exy games to study
    • Neil laying across Andrew torso with one arm wrapped over his shoulder and the other around his waist with his head on his chest while Andrew smokes with the window in their bedroom open above him with a hand on his back tapping along to the rhythm of the music playing from one of their iPods
    • Neil in Andrew’s lap with his legs wrapped around his waist with Andrew’s hand up Neil’s basketball shorts indulging Neil (and not himself tysm) in a thigh massage
    • Arm over Neil’s shoulder with his hand inside his shirt
    • Arm around Andrew’s waist with his fingers curled around his belt loop and finger hooked inside the waist band of his jeans
  • Andrew just sitting on Neil’s lap, with Neil’s head leaning against the sofa’s backrest, eyes closed as he’s soothed close to sleep, and just spending a good hour just combing back his hair, eyes staring uninhibited at the small pimples on his chin, the car lighter scars, the knife scars; one goes from his eyebrow to the bottom of his jaw, the other one crossing across to the bridge of his nose and the deepest one going from his temple to the top of his cheekbone, his thick eyebrows, his long, thick eyelashes, the soft smattering of freckles from his runs outside in the middle of summer, the line of his nose, the way the sunlight coming in contoured the sharp line of his cheekbones, the way his square jaw looked from every direction he could look at it from, his beautifully stupidly marked cupid’s bow, the small scar at the corner of his mouth from the one time his mom had slapped him hard enough to bleed when he had screamed to loud when she was stitching up a particularly painful cut, the small nicks from where his mom’s nails had cut him on his jaw and cheek from his lessons. Every single detail, Andrew making sure to memorize
  • Neil returning the favor and helping Andrew in his shower 
    • Don’t think he’d ever do it while Andrew is injured… Too vulnerable. Triggers have a tendency to rise when feeling like injuries can keep you from properly protecting yourself
  • Andrew taking an Anatomy class and having Neil as reference because working out had helped in making his stupid muscles become obscenely marked and having Neil naked in his bed and draped in his cotton sheets as he follows the line of the muscles he’s trying to memorize really isn’t helping but god- does it make it hard to forget just where the semitendinosus or the sartorious is and- God, does he wish he was doing this with his mouth.
    • he passed the course with flying colors
      • he would have been able to do it with the book alone
        • would have definitely saved him the embarrassment of having an inappropriate boner in the middle of class that’s for sure
  • Andrew making a habit of braiding his hair after Neil had come back from a sleep over with the girls with a pair of french braids and had really liked how they looked on him
    • i just really like braids and i really like the idea of Neil walking around campus with long hair and braids in his hair ok
  • Neil making a habit of giving him head massages when they’re sitting side by side doing shit together

It’s 4 am and this is all I can think of.

{A/n; I’ll add Woozi if you guys request it, I just wasn’t sure if I should or not rip}


-gives no shits, loving the fact that everyone would know how well he fucked you- 

*fucks you harder with quicker strokes while one hand presses on your core; trying to force out your orgasm*

You; *lets out throat tearing moans while incoherently crying out for him* 

“That’s it, babygirl. Scream for me.” 
“Let everyone know how good Daddy fucks you.” 

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-the second he hears the members come into the dorm, this smug smirk paints across his face as your sounds gradually become louder- 

*while one hand grips your hips, the other moves down to your heat; his fingers automatically finding your sensitive bud* 
“Sh, sh, sh… You’re being so loud, princess.” 
*begins to rub your clit as he fucks you with long sharp strokes, filling the room with your moans*
“Be quiet, darling, do you want everyone to hear how good I make you feel?” 

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-he’d be so shy knowing that his friends were just in the next room, but would be completely entranced by the sounds of you crying out for him- 

*feels your pussy clamp down around him*
“Fuck- Fuck, God baby..”
*proceeds to quicken his speed, nearing his own high*
“Cum with me, princess. Cum all over my cock.” 

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-despite knowing how much the members will tease him about this later, he’d continue pounding into you, just adoring the way his name flowed out of you the harder he went- 

*groans loudly as you claw into his back*
“Tell me, kitten, who’s the one fucking you so damn good, huh?” 

You; *throws your head back into the pillows* “Y- You! You, You do.” 

“What’s my name, babygirl? I wanna hear you scream it out, I want everyone to know how good I make you feel.” 

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-neither of you would realize just how loud you were being, or that the members were even home for that matter, until Vernon knocked on the bedroom door- 

Vernon; *laughs while knocking on the door* “Can you two stop fucking for a moment and come eat?” 

*both of you blush heavily before giggling* 
“We- We’ll be right out.” 
*collapse on top of you, planting candied kisses on the crook of your neck*
“Looks like we’re going to have to continue this later, princess.” 

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-he’d be eating you out, relentlessly tongue fucking you while everyone was in the living room; not caring if their heard your sweet moans or not- 

“Moan for me, babygirl. Be loud..”
*gives your clit kitten licks as two of his digits sink into you, your body automatically obeying him* 
*his lips curl into a grin as he listens to you* 

“Good girl, that’s my girl.~” 

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clownboi trying to be romantic
  • he would leave you little messily written love letters in random places for you to find:
  • ‘my pretty girl/boy’
  • ‘you’re mine’
  • ‘come to the sewer’
  • ‘it’s lonely down here without you’
  • ‘you belong to me’
  • make a soft bed for you in his lair so you can stay any time you want
  • would leave red balloons in public places for you, like the back of the library at school, the bathroom stall of a cafe, a wooded area in a park, etc
  • plays with your hair
  • he likes it rough but he can be sweet too. gives you soft kisses and looooves French kissing
  • loves holding hands because you’re his and you should be next to him at all times
Emmerdale spoilers: Danny Miller on Aaron’s new love interest, ‘electric’ Robert reunion and the passion of Robron fans

Aaron Dingle could be set to try and move on from Robert Sugden in Emmerdale as there are flickers of attraction between himself and the dashing doctor who treats Liv Flaherty. Initially it’s the doctor himself who pays the interest in Aaron but as Liv does some matchmaking, the pair decide to head out on what they hope will be a successful date.

When Robert realises that there could be something afoot for Aaron and the man who is crushing on him, he is unable to conceal his hurt and jealousy as he watches from afar – could Aaron’s potential new romance be the catalyst for a Robron recovery?

Or is there some mileage on the blossoming new coupling? We caught up with Danny Miller on a recent visit to the Emmerdale set during a night shoot and got the lowdown on Aaron’s new story strand as well as what he hopes the future will hold for Robron.

How does he feel moving on from Robert – is that a big step?

It’s not necessarily in Aaron’s state of mind right now to move on from Robert – it’s very much Liv who is driving it forward. She still likes Robert and wants them to be together but ultimately she just wants Aaron to be happy so tries to push this relationship onto him. Robert embarrasses her in front of Rebecca and that triggers her to think ‘right, I’m going to help him move on’ so that she can annoy Robert at the same time as getting Aaron to be happy – which we all know is an impossible task! (laughs)

There is that flicker of attraction in the hospital – kind of ‘oh, he’s fit’, like you do – but it’s moreso from the doctor at first as Aaron is caught up with Liv’s situation at the time. The doctor is flirtatious and Aaron doesn’t really know how to deal with it as it’s been a long time.

Is it interesting to be paired with someone else after so much time with Ryan?

Yeah, it’s strange actually. I’m so used to working with Ryan – coming into work and kissing him just becomes part of the job. When someone new comes in – whether that’s a man or a woman – it’s always nerve wracking for an actor to kiss someone with all of the crew staring at you! It’s part of soap and it keeps it exciting that you get these new relationships while we’re all dying for the underlying relationship, which is with Robert and Aaron, to work out. It causes some frustration for the viewers!

How do you think viewers will react?

I don’t know actually – they’re Robert and Aaron lovers aren’t they? Despite anything that Robert or Aaron does, they can do no wrong to each other in their eyes and they’re constantly pushing for that relationship. But I think it’s needed for this relationship to come in – a bond forms between Aaron and the doctor and Robert comes in and almost interrupts at one point which makes it even worse for Aaron.

I think in the real world, Aaron isn’t really that interested in that moment but moreso when he sees Robert and also Chas, Liv and everyone sticking their noses in as usual, he just feels like a fish out of water. So he could then call it a day – or does he?

The Robron reaction remains as strong as ever…

It’s been amazing – I sometimes go on Twitter and haven’t been on screen for a while but you still get notification after notification of people asking questions and sharing YouTube clips of videos that people have made. You know what’s it like – you get inundated with it and it’s amazing that there’s such a wide variety of people invested in it and wanting this couple to work.

They’re a nightmare couple, really  – but they’re so in love with eachother.

I get communications from people of all backgrounds like older women who love the chemistry and other people who are homosexual or bisexual thanking us for doing the story and helping them. 99% of people are very polite about it and very complimentary. I just feel very lucky to be a part of this couple who work so well together – Ryan and I are really missing working with each other. We do still see little bits of each other but we’re not so full on at the moment.

People come up and tell me to leave Robert but don’t leave Robert in the next breath. They love to hate that kind of feeling they get – that it shouldn’t work but it does. It’s astonishing the level of love that we get for it.

Do you think the time apart will make the eventual reunion all the better for viewers?

I think so yeah, it’s going to be electric when they do eventually get back together. Iain’s made it clear that he’s really up for a happy ending. I think it will be a big do and I think we owe it to the fans to give them that and then just see where it goes from there. It’ll be amazing when they do come back together.

Iain’s quite adamant that he does want that happy ending, it’s just a case of when and how much stress we can put the viewers through before it happens (laughs).

Do you think Aaron can ever learn to cope with Rebecca having Robert’s baby?

I think that life moves on.  Originally I thought that there was no way of doing it but he loves Robert and you can’t ever get rid of that feeling. So if that means that he has to take it on as much as it is annoying him, it’ll be interesting to see which way it goes. It’ll be difficult because Rebecca and the baby will always be there as a reminder so it’s a case of whether Aaron can ever forgive and forget and try and help out a bit.

You sounded so made up for Ryan at the TV Choice awards…

Oh yeah, I was buzzing for him. There have been so many years of Aaron being put through hell that it kind of becomes a little bit, not boring, but maybe repetitive. Ryan’s worked so hard to support not just Aaron’s story but our story and he deserves recognition as well. Some of the tweets encouraged votes for Ryan as he doesn’t have Twitter so can’t push for votes so I wanted him to win it for that – I’d have been happy for him or John (Middleton, who played Ashley). But especially for Ryan as he deserves some recognition for all of the work he has put in over the last two years. I was really happy for him.

What’s it like having Lucy (Pargeter, who plays Chas) back?

I haven’t seen her yet! Isobel (Steele, who plays Liv) is back too and she’s like my best mate and like a real sister – she’s so fun to be with. It’s just been Ryan and I for so long that it’s nice to have that added dynamic of doing bits with Liv and bits with Chas – I do have scenes with her coming up, I just haven’t seen her yet. It’s nice and it’s like a bit of fresh air – it gives you someone different to work with and bounce off.

Are you going to be sad when Adam (Thomas, who plays Adam) goes?

Oh, yeah – Kelvin’s gone, Adam’s going – there’s no-one left from the originals! Everyone has their little cliques and groups of people you work with the most – I work with Adam a lot so he’ll be missed. I see him a lot outside of work but it won’t be the same as it’s always been. But I wish him the best of luck because he’s a fantastic actor and a great lad but yeah, I’m gutted!

Corporate || Dylan O’Brien AU {Part Three}

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Words: 2614

Warnings: cute, a bit of violence? kind of

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Series Masterlist

Author’s Note: I wrote this in one night. Wow I hope it’s good, lol. Thanks to one of my favorites, @lovelydob, for proofreading this for me!!

Dylan had just stepped off the elevator, making his way towards his office as he had many phone calls to make about the new team. He had passed Mal’s desk, giving her a small smile as she returned it. He walked into his office, closing the door behind him and he stood in front of his desk, grabbing the office phone, dialing a number immediately.

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There would be no issue with him since he’s the most affectionate person in the world. “Aww come here baby!” He would immediately open his arms for you and hug you for ages, squeezing you every now and then.


He would go to you quickly and put his arms around you. “There’s really no need to be shy with me y/n. You know I’m always here whenever you need a hug. All my hugs and kisses are reserved for you…”


He would be so soft with you. He would rub your back and listen to you when you tell him what’s wrong. “You can hug me for as long as you’d like babe.” 


“Come here.” He would say with a sweet smile. He would wrap you in a tight embrace and give you a very affectionate kiss. “Tell me what else I can do to make you feel better okay?” 


“Jooheon to the rescue!” He would run to you and hug you from behind if necessary and then lean his chin on your shoulder before swaying along with you. He wouldn’t stop until he sees a smile on your face.


He would be slightly worried because he doesn’t want to see you cry. He would cuddle you close and he wouldn’t intrude but he would check on you just to see if you were crying. “Tell me what’s wrong when you’re ready babe…”


He’s always ready to hug or kiss you so you don’t really have to ask. “You already know you have unlimited hugs and kiss from me so…” He would grin.

Bill Skarsgard Imagine

Imagine: Bill has the job of picking you up from a party and putting you to bed, while you are very very drunk.  It’s simple, sweet and domestic.

It was 3:45 AM and Bill just received the text from you, asking for him to pick you up from the Hen Night you were at. He stayed up watching TV, until he could come and get you. He always liked to ensure that you got home safe. There was also not much point of going to bed because he knew that you would wake him up when you got back. Every night out you go on, he would either party with you or get woken up by you trying making food and stumbling on top of him, as you climbed into bed with a slice of pizza. This time, he offered to just stay up until you texted.

Y/N: Billllll, Can u com g4t mt ples. Brinh foodddd. Lobe u xxxx

Yep. You were defiantly drunk and requesting food, as per usual.

Bill: Sure sweetheart, I will be there in 15 minutes. I will make you some waffles when we get back. Love you xxx

He got in the car and drove to the bar he knew you were at. He could see you stood outside in the freezing cold. You only had on a short dress and no jacket. You had your arms wrapped around you and were talking to the bride to be. Bill got out of the car to get you because he knew you weren’t paying any attention to the cars pulling up. He shut the door and walked over to you.

‘baabbbe, you made it’. You slurred.

Bill bent down to kiss you on the lips but he missed as you moved your head to lean into his chest. He got your cheek instead. You had your face buried into his chest.

‘Y/N, we need to go now, you are freezing’. He laughed as he tried to pull you away slightly.

‘No, I’m using your chest to warm my face.’ You mumbled against him.

Bill gave in and picked you up bridal style. You started to giggle and wrap your arms around his neck, as he walked you to the vehicle.You began to wriggle as you go to the Mini. Bill put you down so he wouldn’t hurt you… and so he could get you in the car.

 He tried to put your seatbelt on but you wouldn’t let go of his neck. You puckered your lips, asking him to kiss you. He gave you a quick peck so he could both please you and get out of the cold himself. You were still not letting go.

‘Come on babe, I need to put your seat belt on’. Bill laughed.

‘ ughhhh finnee’ You let go of his neck with a pout.

‘Don’t give me that look honey. I want to make sure you don’t get hurt if we get into a crash. I love you too much’. Bill said as he placed a kiss on the top of your head.

 You smiled at this and mumbled ‘I love you’ back.

 Your boyfriend got into the driver’s seat and drove away from the bar. He could see you out of the corner of his eye, while he was driving. You were trying to get off your shoes but there wasn’t much room because of how slouched you were in the chair. He could see you try the strap, pout when you failed and then try again. You were so adorable. He  tried to distract you, before you got annoyed and broke your shoes.  

‘Y/N, how was your night?’ Bill asked in a sweet voice.

‘Oh, it was good. The music was great and the drinks were really cheap. Some guy split his drink on me though’. You replied with a hint of anger.

‘Don’t worry, we will get your dressed cleaned’. Bill shrugged.

‘I knew you were dying to get me undressed Bill Skarsgård’. You flirted back.

‘Oh, so I see we are at the flirty stage but are far too drunk for us to do anything’. Bill smirked.

‘What, I’m not that drunk’ you objected.

‘How many have you had?’ Bill enquired.

‘Like 12 or something. I’m fineeee’.

‘You have had too much to make any decisions at the moment. When you are sober we can have some fun OK? Plus, you can’t even walk properly so I know for a fact, you would be stumbling around the bedroom.’ He stated.

He never wanted to take advantage of you. You may have been together for a few years but he always made sure you wanted anything before he did it.

Bill pulled up outside of your shared flat and lifted you out of the car. He gave you a piggy back this time so he could climb the stairs easier. Bill unlocked the door and walked into the flat. You both had so many memories in this flat. It was originally yours but he moved in last year. He could see all the photos of you and him on the wall. He could see the table you ate at, the first time he came over for dinner. He could see the blanket you would cuddle under. He could also see the draw he was hiding a small box in. In that small box, was the ring he was saving for your anniversary next week.

 He was brought back to reality when he felt you snuggling into his back. You noticed you were inside and dropped off his back with a wobbled. Bill caught you and sat you down on the sofa.

‘You take your shoes off and I will warm you up some food’. Bill smiled as he held your face.

‘Yes sir’. You saluted.

You got your shoes off and turned on the television, while Bill cooked some waffles. He could hear you laughing at some cute dogs on screen. He smiled to himself, at the sight of your drunk happy state.

 Once they were cooked he bought you in a plate and a glass of water.

‘Here you are beautiful’. Bill said, as he handed you the plate and put the water on the table.

You snuggled against him as you ate. He had is arm wrapped around your shoulders and placed kisses on your forehead, until you finished eating. He noticed you were done and were starting to fall asleep under him. He wanted to get you to bed before you passed out. He lifted you for a third time and took you to your shared bedroom. As he reached the bed, he placed you down. You immediately stood up and tried to get undressed. Tried being the main word.

‘Come here’. Bill chuckled.

You walked over to him and turned around so he could undo your dress. He pulled the zip down and kissed your shoulder. You moaned and moved your face to rest against his. The dress fell to the floor and you stepped out. You shivered at the cold and attempted to take off your bra. Bill pushed your hand away so he could do it instead.As he unclipped your underwear,  his cheeks grew bright red. He has seen you naked so many times but he can never get enough of it. You were drunk but still noticed his reaction. You smirked to yourself and put on your pyjama top.’Still got it’ You thought.

After you had cleaned your teeth and Bill removed your makeup, you both climbed into bed together. You instantly snuggled up against him and put your head on his chest. Bill wrapped his arm around you and rested his head on top of yours.

‘Goodnight Y/N, love you’. Bill whispered.

‘Night babe’.

‘Oh and Y/n…’


‘If you throw up in the bed, you are cleaning it up’.


things to remember when going to the movie / after watching it

when watching

  • there’s going to be some flashing when the words “ultimate weapon” and “ultimate ultimate weapon” are mentioned (x)
  • if you’re skeptical, try to keep an open mind. this is a different universe than the show, the characters won’t all be exactly the same, they were raised in a different environment
  • be respectful to any children present, i feel like this doesn’t need to be said, but it’s definitely important
  • most importantly, sit back and enjoy! let yourself get lost in the story for those couple hours! laugh at jokes! have fun!

after watching

  • make sure to tag your spoilers or keep them to a separate blog, not everyone can see the movie right away
  • there will be new people who liked the movie coming onto tumblr and other social media sites who haven’t watched the show, don’t be rude to them
  • (also: not all of them will want to watch the show, be respectful of their decisions)
  • movie reviewers won’t all adore the movie, since it’s going to be compared to the previous lego movies, and may be seen as inferior. it sucks, but just remember that if they haven’t seen the show it may not be as entertaining for them.
  • overall, just respect others’ opinions on the movie, not everyone will like it, don’t let yourself get too upset about it. your own happiness in terms of how you liked the movie will always be most important, don’t let anyone ruin your happiness.

tl;dr: just don’t be rude or mean, respect others’ opinions, and have fun!

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Can I request a adult Snape x teacher!reader where they help eachother with classes and such and a rumor comes out that they're dating. Hope this makes sense

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

“ - I can teach you how to -” There was a timid knock at the door and Professor Snape bit back a sigh. “You may… Enter.”

The door creaked open and Y/N stepped into the threshold, holding a parchment in their hands. “Hi, Professor. Could you spare a moment just to help me with this?”

Professor Snape was obviouly displeased, his mouth in a thin line, but he nodded and jerked his head at them - step inside.

Professor Y/N strode up the aisle until they reached his side and began to murmur quietly to him - there was an issue somewhere in their lesson plan and Y/N couldn’t find it. A slender finger quickly found the error and pointed it out. 

Heads bent together at the front of the class, the two professors had a quick conversation before Professor Snape stepped back and nodded at them, before whirling around to face the blackboard. A flick of his wrist caused written instructions to flit across the surface of the board, the appearance of which kept the students’ attention off of Professor Y/N’s exit.

Only the door clunking shut behind her broke the silence of the classroom.

Hermione Granger slowly raised her hand and Professor Snape barked a, “What is it, you silly girl?”

“Excuse me, professor, but are you involved with Professor Y/N?”

Professor Snape arched an elegant eyebrow, which was his version of what the fuck? Unhindered by his silence, Hermione pressed on. “It’s just the they often come to you asking for help and you don’t tend to… Take visitors well when teaching. Sir.”

Professor Snape narrowed his eyes minutely, his dark brown eyes glinting, but he didn’t address her accusation. This lack of an answer appeared to be an answer to the teenagers in the room, all of whom erupted into speculations, giggles and rowdiness.

Quiet!” Professor Snape yelled, silencing the class immediately. “That’s quite enough. Now, turn to page four hundred and twenty. And Miss Granger - fifteen points from Gryffindor for speaking out of turn.”

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madapocket replied to your post: ummm this supporting character who is in three…

Lol otabek. Like, how random would that be? Why can’t people accept/remember that Yuuri’s the like second/third best skater (pre canon even without his current jump roster). Giving gold to anyone else wouldn’t make sense in an either narrative nor logical point of view.

Yeah Yuuri’s the third best skater in the series (after only Victor and Chris) BEFORE the series even starts!! 

That’s notably without his current jump roster, which has literally tripled the amount of quads he can do and would 100% up that rank. 

Victor goes to coach Yuuri in large part because he sees an incredible amount of talent in him, he comes back to competition literally because Yuuri has amazed him that much as a skater. 

Otabek is not even in the top five?? Which is fine, he’s eighteen and has time to grow but… yeah. 

Westallen have the best kiss out of all otps I’ve ever ship istg. No, not because of how sensual, or great their technique are but the real happiness and love that I could genuinely feel when I watch them kiss especially rheir happy-blissful kisses. Like I got melted over how sweet they are being im each other presence and savouring the moment. I swear to God they always so eager and so happy to kiss each other that I almost always can see their smiles before, in the middle and after kiss! Their kisses are always authentic, they just make me happy and soft, like man, can you guys being more in love than this?

Sobs now thinking about their wedding kiss and more of their kisses to come under their marriage bliss as busband and wife makes me so emotional, I really need them to come back asap.

Wanna One as romcom cliches

Minhyun: fake dating

  • agrees to date you so that you don’t look like a total loser when you accidentally run into your ex and his new s/o in that really popular cafe that literally everyone frequents
  • for some reason your ex ends up popping up everywhere after that and as much as Minhyun would love to help you, he realizes that he may or may not be falling in love with you and can’t take just being your fake boyfriend anymore
  • distances himself from you because he doesn’t know how to just come out and say he can’t “date” you without exposing his feelings
  • does nothing but nod when you get mad and yell at him for making you look like a fool in front of your ex smh nice guy minhyun sighs
  • accepts you back after you cool off like it was nothing
  • protests you meeting your ex to talk right after he breaks up with his s/o
  • cant explain why so he lets you go in the end
  • you get back with your ex and minhyun just keeps his distance and watches passively from the sideline
  • until your ex decided to throw you away again
  • so when you show up at minhyun’s place all misty eyed and crestfallen he can’t just sit idly
  • so he sits you down on his sofa, turns on your favourite movie, gives you a pint of ice cream and leaves
  • yes leaves
  • and you’re like “!!! um hello sir where are you going”
  • and he just tells you to eat your ice cream and cry if you need to
  • and he comes back later with a bruise on his cheek the size of, well, a fist
  • and you’re like “did you just go fight him oh my god”
  • and he was like “i wasnt going to, i was just gonna go tell him off, but when he opened the door there was someone with him and i just–”
  • your face kinda drops when you hear that there was someone else w your ex already “oh…”
  • minhyun keeps going despite your expression, “i couldn’t let him do that to you, you’re sugar and spice and paprika and vinegar and–”
  • you can’t help but laugh at the idiot
  • “vinegar? really?”
  • “it’s a good cleaning agent!”
  • “anyways, what im trying to say is that you’re so amazing and you deserve nothing less than perfection”
  • you scoff at him at this point
  • “im serious, you deserve to be with a guy who knows your favourite movie, who has ice cream on hand for whenever you’re down, who listens to all of your problems; even if they’re about other guys, and still loves you anyways”
  • at this point you kind of put 2 and 2 together, “minhyun, are you–”
  • “dont say it! because if you say it then i wont be able to pretend like it never happened. i’m not the type of guy to swoop in and try and pick up someone who just had their heart broken yenno” nice guy minhyun im sobbing
  • your heart is racing because why didn’t i ever notice he liked me??
  • minhyun notices your internal struggle, “okay, no more of this, let’s just watch the movie”
  • he grabs a blanket and tucks you all in nice and cozy
  • and you’re like !!! bc he’s so attentive
  • you didn’t even notice you were cold bc of the ice cream
  • but he did
  • bc he’s always noticed everything that had to do with you
  • he casually slings his arm around you and pulls you in so you’re resting on his shoulder
  • you’re blushing like crazy
  • minhyun just chuckles and shakes his head at you “you can calm down, im not some wild animal that’s gonna pounce on you at any second, just relax”
  • you’re lowkey disapponted oops
  • it isn’t long before you drift off to sleep and when you do minhyun releases the breath he’s been holding
  • he takes the forgotten ice cream container away and stops the movie
  • he picks you up and carries you to his room to let you sleep on his bed instead of the lumpy couch
  • he smiles at how cute you are all wrapped up in his blanket
  • “you’re going to be the death of me”

1/11 (the rest will be up soon!) Jisung | Sungwoon | Minhyun | Seongwoo | Jaehwan | Daniel | Jihoon | Woojin | Jinyoung | Daewhi | Guanlin

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okay but imagine straddling Penny's thigh and having some kind of make out session but before you know it you're grinding into his thigh desperately trying to come and at this point he can fuckin smell your arousal and is super fuckin confused so he pulls back and sees you grinding your hips into his thigh and he kinda just smirks, grabs you by the hips and pushes you down harder edging you on until you eventually come and he kinda just rips your clothes off and fucks you so goddamn hard after


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oh could you please do 23 for Jake x MC? :D

Hi anon! Thank you sm for requesting! I’d love to :D 

Late night reassurance

Summery: Set after Jake and MC made love and confessed their feeling for each other, before heading to the MASADA complex.
Jake still finds it hard to sleep, and a shaky confession escapes his mouth, revealing his doubts. MC assures him the decision is his to make, but can’t help but wonder if he’d come back to the states with them, or not.

Author’s note: This is one of my shortest pieces so far, but I felt that adding anything else, would ruin that. haha lol 😅 I hope you’ll like it!
Enjoy! 😄


“I don’t know if I can do this.” Jake confesses to MC on the night before heading to the MASADA complex.
“Jake…” MC’s voice shakes. She’s surprised, he’s been so sure of himself, so supportive of the plan, and even told her of his plan of not going with them through that gate, and listened when she insisted he had to, and yet, he says something like this. And she knows she has to console him, he’s been through so much, she understands where he’s coming from. And he’s have to face his family again… And Mike’s.
Some days she doesn’t know how she hasn’t given up yet. How she’s still going. So seeing Jake’s point of view wasn’t too hard to her.
I have to keep fighting, she always reminds herself. My friends need me, she tells herself. Someone needs to stop these horrible visions from happening.
“I’m saying nonsense, never mind, go to sleep, We can do it. g’night, princess.” He takes it back, but she’ll have none of that.
“No, Jake. It’s okay… Tell me,” She asks, stroking a hand over his back, and that makes him turn and face her once again.
He swallows, and takes a deep breath.
“If you really don’t think you could… come back with us to the states, I… understand.” MC took a deep breath, and said it. She knew Jake had to deal with a lot of stuff, if he’d come back into the states, maybe - probably - even be thrown into a jail cell, so she understood, even if it pained her to think it’s her last night with him, even if it meant… she’ll never see him again.
“MC…-” his breath caught at his throat as he said her name.
She loved it, when he did that. As much as she adored being called princess by him, it was much more special when he called her by her name. She felt tears forming in her eyes, but fought back.
“I believe in you, Jake. I believe in us, too. But if it’s too much to ask… I understand.” She shut her eyes, holding tightly. It was the only way she wouldn’t start crying.
Jake’s probably caught up on that, and suddenly, she felt his hands carressing her cheeks and a trail of kisses planted all over her face.
Slowly, she opened back her eyes, and he was looking deep into hers.
“I just love you so much…” MC said, capturing him in another kiss.
Even though they just said it the first time a few hours ago, she’d known she had fallen for him a long time ago. She was drown to the snarky pilot from the first second she saw him, and their adventures on the island only proved it to her further and further.
“I feel it too,” He said, when she finally broke away, gasping for breath.
There was this special connection, special bond between them, they couldn’t fight it, even if they wanted. And they sure as hell didn’t want to fight it. She wondered if he was talking about that.
Both kept looking into each other’s eyes. “Jake… what are you going to do tomorrow?” She dared to ask.
She assured him, it was fine, if he didn’t want to go back with them. It was entirely up to him. But she had to know.
“Your love makes me stronger.” He simply said, caressing her cheek in his hand.
“But…?” She bite at her lip.
“No buts.” He finally looked composed, as if he had made a decision. “Then?” The anticipation was killing her.
“I’ll come with you, princess. Hell. I couldn’t ever tear us apart even if I wanted to.“ So he did feel it too.
“I’m so glad.” A wide smile spread on her face, but it was still clear that she was crying just recently.
“Are you sure?” She had to make sure this was what he wanted.
“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” He told her. “It’s all thanks to you.”