can this make a come back

Tonight’s KM Highlights:

  • Jimin cracked open a walnut with his hands and asked if JK could do the same.
  • “And I said: Of course I can.” - JJK, Muscle Pig
  • So, Jimin came up with the Bet: Jungkook must record a video of him breaking open a walnut with his bare hands on his first try. If he can’t, he owes Jimin a meal. If he can, Jimin owes him a meal.
  • Either way, Kookmin are going on a date.
  • Jimin came into Jungkook’s room to complain about the noise even though apparently his room is quite a bit away from JK’s.
  • Jungkook’s Revenge
  • “You can hear it? So you’re saying you can hear it. Huh. You think I’m going to lose? I’m going to make you come back again.” - JJK, speaking in banmal, total Dom Mode.
  • Used Lie as bait.
  • Got visibly deflated when Jimin didn’t take the bait.
  • “He’s not coming? He’s not coming… “
  • Got visibly happy when Jimin took the bait. 
  • Jimin ran so fast he tripped on the way over.
  • Jimin was shy about being seen without his make-up on so he wanted to be in the back. To which JK said: “Ssaengeol Minam Jiminie-hyung!” (Barefaced handsome manㅜ)
  • JK wanted Jimin to do a live of Lie.
  • Player 3 enters (Tae)
  • “What is this? Why is e-everybody coming in??! WHY??” - Jungkook, 21, tired of being cockblocked in his own hotel room.
  • JM: “I’m not much of a gamer so I can’t do it.”
  • JK: “That’s right, Jiminie-hyung’s bad at games.”
  • JM: “That’s not true~”
  • ????? 
  • Then they shared that look.

Kogane: I just wish I had something more to tell him.

//in which keith, about 10 years old, finally asks his dad with all seriousness when he will get to see his mother. 

adding some headcanons:

  • keith is mature for his age, so papa kogane is straight with him and tells him that there’s a chance that he’ll never meet his mother. (keith hates worrying his dad, but he still can’t hide his disappointment.)
  • later that night before bed, papa kogane tells him all that he knows about keith’s mom. (as he talks, keith falls asleep, dreaming about what she’s like.)
  • keith is comforted by shiro during times like these. he sees him as an older brother.
  • (in the picture, he’s wearing one of shiro’s old basketball jerseys, cause it gave him the courage to ask his dad)
  • keith also finds comfort from lance, since his father is a police officer (dad mcclain has already come close to death from his job, and lance understands that every time he goes back into service, he might not see him again)

(this is technically for my childhood au, but can be considered a collective headcanon about keith coping with his mother’s absence.)

i might be looking into things a bit too much, but i just thought i’d share some things i noticed. 

so in today’s upload, we’re met with this:

he’s been with us all along” ––– now, bare with me for a second on this… what if this is a subtle reference to dark? mark started playing scp containment in 2012 in the beginnings of his channel. and around that time was when the whole ‘darkiplier’ character started to spring up in the community as well.

now, mark has started playing scp again, and coincidentally enough, dark has returned as well (returning in ‘a date with mark’, and ‘don’t play this game’). which poses that question: has dark been here with all of us the entire time, but only now started to make his move?

looking into this video, i picked up a few things… there’s one scene where mark is in the elevator and becomes attacked by an unseen being. 

You can feel something near you, but you are unable to see it. Perhaps it’s time is now.” it reads.

hmmm… well, looking back on it all, dark has disappeared for a while from the channel (only appearing on rare occasions) and mark didn’t seem to notice. which brings me back to the idea that dark has been there all along, but he’s been waiting for the right moment to come back. which is where the “perhaps it’s time is now” ties in. and now is the moment that dark’s been waiting for.

but it can’t all be coincidence that dark started to come back with the fact that mark is playing an old game he used to play, right?

what about this, maybe?

ah, a slender game! we haven’t seen one of those on mark’s channel for a while either. but there’s only one character who was associated with slender and even got around so much as to get an interview with him…

this guy… wilford.

and mark has mentioned in one of his tumblr posts, saying to “buckle the fuckle up” when someone stated that they hope wilford will return. which this could pretty much only mean that the bubblegum bitch is going to reappear again.

wilford is definitely not who he says he is. there’s more to him. i mean, in a date with mark, the guy literally teleports you to the bathroom where you find out that you’re actually chica. so i hope it’s safe to assume that wilford, in one way or another, can deal with time and space. so, looking back at the title “a scare from the past”, perhaps wilford is the one who is bringing back all these old games? and because of this, dark is returning as well?

the egos are definitely up to something. there’s got to be more to it than just a big coincidence. do they have something planned?? are they plotting something??? i just???/

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How about harry being obsessed with your ass

He’d absolutely love your ass. Give it a slap when you’d walk past him, when you’d make some food, he’d come behind you and start peppering your shoulder with little wet kisses as his hands would slide down the back of your sweatpants and squeeze it, massaging the smooth skin.

“Such a pretty ass, love. And all mine”

When you two would wake up in the morning and you’d sit up on the edge of the bed, he’d turn to your side and ask you to stay there for a while, just so he can admire the beautiful view of your ass pressing against the sheets. He’d stoke your skin with his fingers, the cold metal of his rings that he left on for the night, sending a shiver down your spine, making you arch your back and push your ass back. “Fuckin’ hell” Harry would mumble under his breath.

And when you’d ride him, his back against the head board and his knees bent, he’d push you down on him by your ass, his fingers digging into your skin and his knuckles would turn white, so you can feel every single inch of his cock. You’d take hold of his shoulders and nuzzle your face in the crook of his neck. “Does my baby like tha’? Huh?” and Harry would give a hard stinging slap, making sure to leave marks for the next day, so he can take care of you, kiss the sensitive red marks and rub some lotion on you.

Frosting and Crushes

Summary: Newt has been distant the past week, focusing only on Tina and their work. You try to strike up conversation with him at dinner, but, after many failed attempts, grow irritated and leave early. Queenie decides to take matters into her own hands.

Word Count: 2,224

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

You sit at the dinner table with no goal but to enjoy the meal as Queenie flutters around, stirring pots with both her hands and magic. She already denied your offer to help, so you decided to pass the time talking with her. Newt had disappeared somewhere, probably inside the case, and you had immediately decided against a walk when you glanced at the growing grey clouds outside.

Inside is warm and cozy. You’re wearing your favorite gold sweater. The heat from the cooking keeps out the bite of chilly air rattling the windows. Queenie is humming a jazzy tune you’ve never heard before, only stopping to giggle at Jacob’s red face when he bumps into her.

“I’m sorry.” He says as his face turns a shade of tomato red.

“It ain’t a problem, honey.” Queenie doesn’t break a stride. “What is it you’re making?”

You’re pretty sure she asks it for your sake, given the sounds your stomach has been making since he stuck the pastries he’d spent all afternoon making into the oven, and the smell had spread throughout the small room.

“Special strawberry turnovers.”

“What makes them so special?” You ask, raising your voice over the bubbling, clanking, and simmering sounds filling the area.

“They’re my momma’s recipe. Filled with love and one other special ingredient.”

Queenie swings by Jacob with the pot of stew in hand. “I don’t think nutmeg is very secret, honey.” Five bowls float down into their places around the table as Queenie sets the stew in the center.

“I never said –“

“You don’t have to.” She smiles at him and lifts the pot’s lid.

The rich smell wafts over the table to you. You breathe it in, closing your eyes to revel in the memories it brings back. Your mother always made beef stew with potatoes and chopped carrots for special occasions. Mentally thanking Queenie, you slide your chair back and step toward the pot, scooping the stew in until it nearly sloshes out the side. Queenie merely smiles at you and twirls around Jacob.

She resumes her humming. The turnovers mix with the scent of the stew and your mouth waters. The windows shake, generating a beat that Queenie forms her music around. Jacob’s laugh fills the warm room, and your entire world, for once, is at peace.

Your content joy only expands when Newt walks in, messy auburn hair plastered against his forehead from the rain sprinkling outside, giant, beautiful smile stretched across his face. You glance at your stew, fighting the huge smile trying to break upon your face. Queenie kicks you under the table and, when you meet her gaze, lifts an eyebrow. You give a quick nod before staring back down at your food, trying to resist beaming.

The fight becomes much easier when Tina walks in behind Newt, also covered in water, smile upon her face.

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Dating Harry Would Include - 40

When he has to leave: 

- Looking at him with a sad frown when he lets his bags near to the front door waiting for the taxi that will take him to the airport
- Him trying to give you his better smile even if you can see a sad look come from him
- Reaching out his hand for you to take it and pulls you towards him, his thumb caressing your knuckles
- Trying to make you lift up your chin, calling your name slowly “Please Love, look at me …”
- His smile becoming wider when he sees that you can’t help of smiling  back at him even if you’re sad
- Resting your palms over his upper chest, his fingers running above the soft skin of your hands
- Looking at all your face with attention, no words being pronounced between both of you during long minutes
- Watching carefully the little details of your face that he loves to keep them in mind when he will be away from you
- His warm palms resting on your cheeks, leaning towards you to press sweet kisses on your forehead
- Holding in his wrists, standing on your tiptoes to receive  his slow kissing on your lips
- His smiling lips pressing a last kiss on your cheek before making you walk towards the couch with him
- Asking you to site on his leg, while he wraps his arm around your hips
- Passing your arm around his shoulders, allowing him to hide his face in your neck, inhaling  your perfume in a deep breath
- His big hand squeezing your knee when you lay your cheek on his hair with a sigh
- His raspy voice as a whisper against the skin of your neck “I promise i will be back quickly this time …”
- Caressing the hair at the back of his head, your hand resting then on his cheek to make him look at you
- Pressing a kiss in your palm “ I promise …”, a relieved expression on his face when you nod with a tender smile
- Joking about all the benefits you will have when he will not be here, just to make you laugh
- His hand in your back, his thumb rubbing slowly the base of your spine while he looks at you
- Feeling his body tensed when the buzz on his phone lets him know that his taxi is here
- Hugging you tightly a last time before letting you get up
- Accompanying him to the front door, kissing his hand before letting him take his bags
- Passing the door, walking towards the car before coming back quickly to you
- Taking your chin in his long fingers to kiss your forehead, murmuring “I will be back soon … promise!”

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Maybe im jikook trash but i totally think kookie played lie so loud not only to tease jimin but because he wanted him to come back. He literally kept looking at the door all the time and he looked disappointed when he said "he's not coming back" and the second jimin came again to "scold" him his face lightens up and he laughed/giggled so cutely! These two are truly something ahhhhhhh also that look they shared will haunt me forever, gosh the tension!!!

Trust me, it’s reality. Jungkook literally sat there, played lie loudly, and danced just to lure Jimin back into the video. @satellite-jeon translated it as: 

“’You can hear it? So you’re saying you can hear it. Huh. You think I’m going to lose? I’m going to make you come back again.’ - JJK, speaking in banmal, total Dom Mode.
Used Lie as bait.
Got visibly deflated when Jimin didn’t took the bait.
“He’s not coming? He’s not coming… “
Got visibly happy when Jimin took the bait.
Jimin ran so fast he tripped on the way over.”

You can literally see the dissapointment on Kook’s face when he realizes Jimin isn’t going to come. 


look at how happy he is once Jimin came storming into his room! Little baby was literally giggling, and you can tell Jimin wasn’t even mad. Like I can’t believe how obvious Jungkookie was. 

Originally posted by spankpjm

Also I want this gif played at my funeral bc I have died bc of this romantic-ass-chessy-kdrama-type stare those two shared. Like no joke, I 99% believe that if Tae (bless his soul) hadn’t interrupted, Jikook may have made out right then and there. Like…. just sayin’. 

Title: Berserk | Chapter Twelve

Rated: T (language/violence)

Summary: Berserk. Out of control with anger. This is what Natsu was born to be. A warrior soaked in blood. A murderer. This is what Pergrande turned him into. Taken at a young age by the King, Natsu is a soldier of the Royal Army, a creature of rage and violence—a weapon. Lucy is a thief from Fiore with a price on her head. Natsu is sent to kill her. When they meet it isn’t pretty at all.

Word Count: 4532

| One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven |

*Because tumblr is garbage, nothing with an outside link shows up in the tags. Therefor, I have removed the FF link. The chapter is also now on FF, so feel free to leave a reply there or do whatever you want to do.

{i’ll ask of the Berserks, you tasters of blood}

Natsu inhales sharply as he awakens, his body going stiff as finds himself in an unfamiliar place. Frantic eyes dark around what little he can see of the room, a door, articles of clothing scattered across the floor, haphazard and significantly less that he thinks it should be. He tries to swallow, confusing sweeping through him, but his mouth and throat are bone dry. Squeezing his eyes shut, Natsu tries to remember what happened last night, where he is and how he got here. His mind is foggy, slow as he drifts between worlds like a ghost.

It comes back to him quickly enough once the last tendrils of unconsciousness release him from their grasp. The fight. The blood. Becoming a monster—murderer. That’s what he is. Maybe that’s what he’s always been. The kind of beast His Majesty has always wanted. He’s a—Natsu shakes the thoughts away, relaxing just the slightest as clarity comes back to him, the haze of sleep slipping away from his mind.

Jorah. He’s in Jorah. He made it. They both did.

His shoulders go rigid, muscles tensing when he realizes he can’t feel Lucy’s presence against his back, her warmth along the length of his spine, her breath against his shoulder blades. He was dimly aware of her constant presence throughout the night, always there when he was lying awake, drifting in and out with the pull of the moon. Natsu holds his breath, body impossibly still as he listens, hoping she’s only rolled away from him in the night. He doesn’t look, afraid of what he might find; afraid of what he might not find.

But there’s no heat coming from behind him, no soft sounds of sleep. Natsu knows that she murmurs in her sleep, especially in the early mornings, awake but not entirely. He doesn’t need to look to know she isn’t there. It’s something he can feel deep in his bones. Most of his short life he’s been alone, and loneliness is something engraved in him. Natsu knows when he’s utterly alone.

Lucy is gone. She has been for some time now. Her scent is faint in the musty air, twinges of stardust tickling at his nose when he inhales a certain way. This is the third time her scent has been so faint to him, the first when he was sent to follow her—to kill her, the second only the night before.

For the longest time he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to find her at all. She made so many twists and turns through the town, wandering and walking in circles. Waiting. He would have searched all night to find her if he needed to. He made a promise to her. He intends to keep it. No matter how long it takes him, he intends to keep it, if she’ll let him.

He’s beginning to notice a pattern, one that he doesn’t particularly like. She keeps disappearing on him, leaving him hours behind her, stumbling to catch up. He doesn’t like the faint tickle of her scent in his nose, gone before he can lock onto it. It makes him uneasy, realizing she’s gone. He doesn’t like being able to tell how long or which direction she’s gone. It can be helpful, yes, but he thinks it would be better not knowing.

For a moment, a horrible thought comes to mind, but he banishes it from his mind before it can fester into something worse. He killed a man last night, now she’s gone. Natsu’s teeth grind together harshly, his hands curling into shaking fists. He knows they aren’t related. He knows they aren’t, but it doesn’t stop the stinging in his chest, it doesn’t stop him from folding in on himself.

Natsu sits up slowly, glancing around the room once more, slower this time. He didn’t get much of a look at the room last night, too confused, too tired, too lost. It’s cramped he notices, only about twice the size of his former cell, which isn’t saying much, all things considered. His cell was meant for containment, nothing more. It was claustrophobic, damp, but, oh, did it echo. Natsu could hear everything in that cell. Every scream from his brothers.

Perhaps the Berserk he fought last night screamed once too, before they broke him.

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Later That Night

Daveed Diggs x Reader

Part One | Part Two

Note: Okay so this is a sequel to You Naughty Bitch, Don’t Act Like You Forgot. It’s all fluffy and lot’s of healthy conversation about what the reader likes (i.e spanking) as she explains what she likes about it to Daveed. Also shoutout to @patron-saintof-sluts for reading this over for me! 

Warnings: One hit with a belt 

Word Count: 1,258

Tagged: @hamiltonsquills @tallish-hobbit @iamgrayfox @rottwat @beckett-faye @justanotherone2u

A soft groan escapes you, as you wake up a few hours later. You’re still cradled against Daveed’s chest, his fingers still buried in your hair.

Daveed himself has his head tipped back against the back of the couch and his mouth wide open as he snores softly.

“Daveed,” you mumble, shaking his arm. “Daveed wake up.”

“Hm? What is it?” He asks, his words practically slurred together and you can tell he still isn’t quite awake yet.

“My ass hurts from earlier,”

He shifts slightly at that, sitting up and wiping his face with his hand as he attempts to wake himself up.

“Can I get you anything babe?” He asks, twirling a lock of your hair around his finger.

“Nope. I just wanted you to be awake with me.”

“Oh really? You didn’t want to let me sleep since I’m not in pain?” He teases, tracing your jaw with his finger.

“Well you did cause the pain so…” you tease right back, grinning as you lean in to kiss him softly. “Can we go back into the bedroom?”

“Sure babe, want me to carry you?”


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Can you do a grey hound for the potronus thingy. I was hoping for a fox and I feel kinda bummed now

  • one of the most ancient breeds of dogs srsly they originated in ancient egypt w o w 
  • fastest dogs in the world
  • despite this they spend most of their time just lazin around iconic
  • king canute passed a law saying only nobles could own greyhounds so I guess people think you’re p awesome (however this was the guy who thought he could stop the sea so don’t let it go to your head too much)
  • artemis is often shown hanging out with greyhounds and she’s my fave 
  • they have 270 degree vision ??? that means they can see the back of their head ??? what ???
  • they have a special blood type which makes them perfect blood donors that’s so hufflepuff 
  • jk rowling has a greyhound the queen has spoken
  • they’re v sensitive so you have to use positive training methods with them incase they get scared
  • if a greyhound runs off to chase something, the owner should roll on the floor and make high pitched noises because the dog will get worried and come to check on you
  • only dog breed mentioned in the bible amen
  • every greyhound alive today can trace its lineage back to one dog. he was called king cob (amazing) and lived in england in the 1830s
  • when running greyhounds spend 80% of their time in the air I mean that’s basically flying

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what's the most frustrating thing about art?

For me honestly, I think it’s the fact it takes time. Takes time to get good at something, takes time to get out of a funk, takes time getting back into the groove, takes time to re-learn or practice something, takes time to complete something, takes time to think of an idea or concept or pose, takes time to make edits if need be, takes time to walk away from something and come back to it later, takes time for every aspect of it. 

It takes time to get to a point where you’re happy with your work, but can also actively see the areas you need/want to work at. I notice lots of stuff I wanna work on, but gathering the energy and patience to sit down and actually work at it gets daunting sometimes and it throws me into a bad mood so I end up just quitting and doing something else for a bit.It’s gotten to a point where simply remembering what I wanted to work on, and how to go about implementing it into my works saps energy out of me that i end up not drawing anything at all because i’m already exhausted LMAO. Even though i’m aware that it takes time, i’m still impatient some days and it’s like I wanna see the results of what my stuff would look like if i did the whole taking my time part RIGHT NOW!! GIVE ME THE IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION!!!!!!

Which is why breaks are important to do. It’s alright to just drop art and do something else for a change. I usually don’t do anything on the weekends and work as much as I can in one sitting throughout the week so I can still take a day or evening off without feeling too bad!

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would you still be invested in su if they dont really do anything more with jasper's character? do you like where the show is headed now?

of course, i still watch and have hope for good things! i think some of you are taking my concerns as a firm “i’ve Decided jasper is never coming back”, which wasn’t my intention. i just want to air my worries, which isn’t always easy when i am oft expected to be positive. i try to bottle my negativity up or rant on twitter so i don’t bother people here.

like… you’re talking to someone who’s probably most famous for making jasper-positive content, praising the show for the nuances of various characters and themes, and analyzing things i don’t feel the vast majority of fandom thinks about or appreciates enough. i’m that guy. and i still believe she’s gonna come back, mind you… i just have some concerns. i mostly voice them so i can hear other perspectives, especially if they have compelling evidence that i’m wrong.

that being said - if we reach the end of the show, and certain things don’t change in a satisfactory way? of course i’m not gonna blindly praise that! i’m not a ~stan. if i’m not happy with the ending, i’m gonna be honest about that!

jasper included - i think they’ve very carefully created a scenario where she ”chose” her corruption, but that does not mean it’s a good ending for her. especially not when you start to consider potential hypocrisy in who “deserves” to be reformed, the circumstances of her creation, the trauma she’s suffered, her self-hatred, her misunderstanding about rose, her potential, and, as it’s almost a cliche to say, how peridot and lapis are these small “cute” characters whose crimes people (generally) don’t take as seriously. 

i just want to hammer this home: i have not given up on her. i’m just in a less hopeful place after, it seems, more time has passed without her voice actor being active, we’re getting more new gems, the plot is continuing to focus on the “bigger” conflict of rose and the diamonds, and we still don’t have any word on whether these next ~30 episodes are the show’s last. 

there’s still plenty of hope, and steven universe is very good at building up uncomfortable status quos that later pay off… i’ve just had to “wait and see” for a while now, and it’s made me nervous.

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Oh dear, pj's video has been misinterpreted big time. He didn't say there was a wedding in may, he was talking about merch coming out in may but after talked about how life things like weddings can pop up out of no where.

(watch pj’s video here

yep, you are totally right! my bad for not going back to the source video and instead just posting what other people had been talking about! he mentions both weddings and funerals as unexpected life events that can make one’s schedule kind of busy in an unforeseen way. he didn’t say that there was an upcoming wedding at all!!! thanks for sending in this clarification :) 

lurkdusoleil  asked:

I wish you would write a fic where it's a Sherlock Holmes Zimbits AU but instead of the genius being a jackass he's Bitty, sweet and passive aggressive and Southern and all he really wants to do is make pie (he knows so much science it's just perfection every time) but he helps his lead detective buddy Shitty on cases and he gets a roommate when Shitty's friend Jack comes back from deployment and Lardo can be their snarky landlady and Holster/Ransom can be the investigators and Zimbits endgame.


I like this idea a lot.

I might be especially charmed by the idea of Jack and Bitty cohabiting in a more intimate setting than the Haus before anything happens. Kind of a lot.

Also Bitty investigating. I dig it.

littleredrxbinhood  asked:

jason following tim around once they start dating, because he's lowkey scared about what'll happen to his boyfriend, ''i can defend myself'' 'mhm' ''are you even listening to me'' 'nope', and there's these occasions where the titans will come back from a mission and they just find jason quietly scrolling through the channel list on the television,, nobody actually know how he gets in. plus jason makes it glaringly obvious that he's jealous of tim and kon's friendship but tim is oblivious to it.


I’m a sucker for overprotective!Jason.
Just Imagine Jason showing up to every gala Tim Drake attends claiming that he is his bodyguard or something,because he wants to see if anyone is dangerous and protect his boyfriend.
Or Red Hood showing up and for “some” reason and kidnapping Tim.And then rumor comes out that Tim Drake is dating the Red Hood because he saves him for several dangerous situations.

And yeah Jason is totally jealous of Conner because he’s afraid that Tim likes Conner too,and Conner is also not fond of Jason because of what happened in the past.Even the other superheroes are making fun of the whole situation and they are betting who’s gonna kill the other person first.

anniegirl27  asked:

I would love if Isak would start talking to Eva about Mikael. Telling her that Even has an old friend from Bakka who he doesn't talk to anymore and that Sana also knows Mikael but refuses to tell Isak anything about him. I can see Eva making big eyes waving her hand screaming "this is so gossip girl! I can't wait to tell Chris!" Eva is the worst gossip ever. And then she says she will find out for Isak and Isak just nods and smiles because he is still a bit of a sneaky snake sometimes.

hahahaha omg yesss i can see this omg. I need their friendship to come back right now. I miss them and that would be so cute ahhh. I love our Eva she is adorable and she can’t help herself, and neither can our precious little snake. <3 hahaha

David. Luiz. what a match what!! a!!! match!!! future proper legend that one he matured so much, kept his cool and had so many important interceptions motm to be honest, Nathan Ake too, so much respect you lil legend owned this one so proud of you my fellow Dutchie, captain Azpi (can we make this #confirmed forever)…. another day another Azpi masterclass, can trust him with ur life, ANTONIO CONTE. NO WORDS. NO FUCKING WORDS. MAGICIAN CONTE BACK AT IT AGAIN. DONT WANT TO HEAR A SINGLE PERSON @ING HIM EVER AGAIN WHEN IT COMES TO TACTICAL DECISIONS. BRINGING ON HAZARD FOR 20 MINS, WINS US THE GAME AND IS TOPFIT FOR NEXT PL MATCH. GENUIS.

Chelsea fc, love of my life forever and always thank you for this DELIGHT.

anonymous asked:

ANGST TRAIN! TOOT TOOT! Jason barely ever cries, when he does, its after a really bad patrol that triggered something, a terrifying nightmare or an argument with Bruce, a really bad one. And he can only cry alone at first, then, when he and Tim get together, it makes crying a whole lot easier, because Tim doesn't give two fucks about vulnerability, so he lets Jay cry into his shoulder and help him get back on that brighter path. Ur welcome!

You come into my house. I didnt ask for this pain?! BUT I WILL TAKE IT.

Okay but… This is so important to me? Jason -cries- more often than I think people recall. He is absolutely affected by things, and I think puts up a lot of walls to avoid getting hurt -again-. But we’ve definitely seen instances of him privately having moments, and I am down for him getting comfortable enough to let that vulnerability show. So yes please give me all the JayTim comfort moments, the crying, the hair and back rubs, those explosive moments of catharsis when Jay can just -let it out- and not have to hold it all on his own shoulders. OOF. Ima need some tea now thank you for that…. *sniffles* 

anonymous asked:

lmao ardynoct IS offensive and problematic so like ??? yeah lmao , , you dont gotta reply bc im not coming back to check , just letting you know , , there's a difference between someone getting mad bc you're literally shipping pedophilia and abuse and someone just overreacting ,,

Apparently you were deep enough in my blog to find a two week old reblog where I only mentioned Ardynoct in the tags and then cared enough to message me about it. Not sure how shipping two adults is pedophilia, or abusive if you don’t ship it that way.

But you’ve got a far reach, I could use your help around the house sometime. 

Nirvana is blindingly sunny in my eyeballs this morning!

I need to get my inventory built up in my Etsy store. I have a ton of finished projects and so many supplies to get listed. Plus I need to get some packaging designed.

I want to get back to making money from art so I can quit my day job. He’s not going to like the idea but once I get to shipping stuff out pretty regular I think he will come around. My target is July (if they don’t fire me by then and they probably will).

I need to schedule my time out and stick to a schedule. I know a lot of my process is staring into space while an idea processes but with everything that needs to be listed and the 100 plus photos I need to edit and the projects I have sitting in the pipeline, there is no reason for me to be sitting aimlessly.

My next necklace is going to be a heart out of the heart of juniper with topaz and raw garnet. The heart of juniper is the prettiest wood I have worked with. I dare you to send me something prettier.