can this just air already


Are you kidding me?

Are they serious?

Omg just kiss already.

You can see the love in the air and is not because their girlfriends are sitting in front of them.

If one of them would’ve been a girl they would’ve gotten together three seasons ago. But no because they are two guys and the writers apparently don’t have the balls to make mcdanno cannon even when we all know is the best idea.

i’m glad that i don’t really get involved in fandoms anymore (aside from writing anyway)

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I have to give one for Genndy for not caving in to todays silly standards that every cartoon/show has to be politically correct and has to have gayness to please Tumblr. He is finishing the story the way *he* intended to not how Tumblr wanted. You know the people on this site are off when they are ready to accept/defend some forced/horribly written gay romance instead of a good straight romance with the sole argument being that they are 'Straight'.

Genndy planned this for years without considering the fandom in mind which is what artists do, person makes a story for themselves more than for anyone else, he was probably planning it before tumblr even existed and for everyone to be all “that’s hetero homophobic bullshit” is kinda ridiculous to me? Also do people forget that he worked on the Steven Universe pilot?

Genndy had a vision that’s his own and no fans can change it the shows already finished were just waiting for the airings since we are just an audience.

Personally genndys story telling and art style has inspired me since I was a kid and that (along with other 90-2000 cartoons) got me into pursuing art and animation as a career so when people bad mouth him I take it a little personal like “yo,,, that man literally made my childhood I literally am a decent person cuz of him that’s literally my almost father.” Anyways I’m rambling that’s my more then 2 cents

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hey i dont understand did the reunion already air??????? where can i watch it????

nope, just a preview!! it airs at 8/7 today like usual and you can watch it on vh1′s site! (click xfinity as your provider then sign in with fb or twitter and you can legally watch for free!)


Percy is a huge dork and just likes seeing all his friends be happy, so the moment he notices two people like each other he goes into full shipper mode. So like the moment he sees Alex and Magnus interact he’s gonna be like “i can cut the tension in the air with Riptide. just FUCKING KISS ALREADY, GODS!” in his head.  And he’s probably gonna tell Annabeth about it.



Word count: 7,027

Summary: lifeguard!au, but you won’t see anyone drowning. Not on Jongdae’s watch!

I’m filling a request here, and I would have never imagined it to be 7k. I just… Don’t know what happened here. But I hope you’d like it, anon!

You are finally free.

There is your favorite song on your earphones, the one that you really, really love, but it’s a guilty pleasure – you wouldn’t admit to liking it. You are warm, and comfortable, with eyes closed. Just relaxing. You can smell the breeze, the iodine in the air already making you feel better. That is heaven.

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→ what?
← nothing… just noticed you don’t smile too much.
→ my once promising career in bioengineering is over. my boss is in a wheelchair for life. the explosion that put you in a coma also killed my fiancé. so this blank expression kind of feels like the way to go.

poi rewatch - 1x23 - firewall

“I did this corporate training thing once - I was blackmailing the CEO, long story -, but they did this exercise called the trust fall, where you close your eyes and fall, and wait for someone to catch you. I knew you boys wouldn’t let me down.”

Ok I agree with everyone’s theory, Yuri is going to discuss his and Victor’s future together, whether he’s gonna keep coaching him or whether Victor is going to return to the competitive skating world, but if he did return,

Doesn’t that mean that Yuri is going to compete against Victor in the next season?? 

I think that would be a great theme for a new YOI season since it’s going to -sadly- end next Wednesday.

Yes Victor did say that he wished Yuri would “never retire” when Yuri asked him to be his coach until he does, but that was before Yurio beat Victor’s world record, and before he got inspired by Chris’s performance, we all saw how emotional he was getting and how held back he was watching Yurio break his own record.

so yeah I think that’s the theme for the new season, Victor back to the competitive skating world, against, fiance Yuri and son Yurio