can this happen lmfao

  • [in the dorms]
  • seokjin: hey yoongi do u want to hear a joke
  • yoongi: no
  • seokjin: okay so how do you make holy water
  • yoongi:
  • seokjin: you boil the HELL out of it *laughs hysterically as his window wiping laugh comes out*
  • yoongi:
  • yoongi: hyung i'm going to boil the hell out of YOU if you dont stfu

Sometimes i go and look at the drawings i made around the time vld season 2 trailer first came out, theorizing about season 2 and stuff, and i’m just….shocked by how accurate some of that shit was

happy birthday to our vocal king (and the king of my heart), kim jongdae #HappyChenDay

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Faith (since you didn’t specify, Imma just automatically do it for Faith lol)

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1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10
Would they date them: yes | no (lemme smash)
Favorite thing about them: idk ur a cool meme who i can do stupid shit with
Least favorite thing about them: you get caught too easily. like wtf how are we supposed to have our fun if you’re so shitty at getting away with it. also stop wearing make-up. you look better without it. :V

because of that one vine

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Crying rad anon again xD so i was thinking either happy or sad tbh i was just thinking TEARS and how weird darrell would find them because honestly he's probably aware that its a thing people do? but its not something he's ever witnessed before. oh gosh, happy tears would be even more confusing to him tho cause he'd be like "isnt this something you're supposed to only do when you're sad?!"

Well I mean I feel like Darrell would definitely know what crying is, yeah, because I bet he’s seen Boxman in plenty of frustrated tears when he’s throwing one of his anti-Plaza/Friendship etc. tantrums lmao, so I don’t think he’d be totally in the dark like “wait why are your eyes leaking????” lol~ ((Can the robots cry themselves?? Have we seen that in the show yet????))

But I agree that happy tears would probably confuse him So Much at first though!! x,D at least until Rad explains that they can happen when someone’s really happy too lmfao

(He’s cryin’ both because the plushie’s adorable and also bc Darrell went through the trouble of actually getting it for him~ (and also-also just bc Darrell himself is too adorable for this earth <33333333))

yurio’s story arc has always been about finding love through friends and pushing himself to be the greatest so if you guys really think the show is about to have him enter into a romantic relationship with an adult im afraid you are deeply mistaken LMAO aside from being creepy and weird it’s so obvious that’s not what Yurio as a character is supposed to be. otayuri will literally never happen lmfao interviews are just interviews. people can say all the dumb shit they want. what matters is what they put down into the storyboard. Yurio’s relationship with Otabek is about them finding their first friend. and if you think that’s not the case you’re being willfully ignorant.

what does it stand for
  • taehyung: what does the D stand for in August D.?
  • yoongi: it's just a D.
  • taehyung: yeah, but what does it stand for?
  • yoongi: it's just a D.
  • taehyung: so what does it stand for?
  • yoongi: FOR DAEGU, DAMMIT!
  • taehyung: ...
  • taehyung: ...
  • taehyung: ...
  • taehyung: so what does August stand for in August D.?