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Can’t Go Back

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This is for ma hoe @wayward-mirage​​​​ Rat Pack Challenge. I got the song ‘You’ll Never Know’-Frank Sinatra.

Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x Y/n(GENDER NEUTRAL)

Warnings: Angst, argument, abandoned reader, regret, self hate. Just all angst.

Word Count: 1860

Summary: Dean finds himself back where he should be, but Y/n isn’t with him.

A/N: Ok, so some angst cos…this song just gave me a load of angst. I’m hoping it’s really angsty. I have no idea. Either way, hope u like it!!

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“No. No. NO!”

Dean frantically scratched at the floor, the doorway, anything he could get to so he could get back to you.

He turned back to Sam, eyes pouring with tears, not caring who saw him.


Sam swallowed hard, his heart pounding as the rage poured out of Dean.

“I…I did what I had to”, he stuttered, knowing Dean wasn’t going to accept this. Not with you still there.


Dean choked on his words, his vision completely blurred as he felt his heart break.

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I'm happy

I can not explain how overjoyed I am that the killing stalking tag isn’t (as) filled with bullshit hate and discourse as it used to be. It used to take me FOREVER to find any decent content in the tag because I’d have to dig through all the negative people, but ever since the first season ended I’ve noticed it’s WAY less hate. Honestly I’m so happy about this, Koogi didn’t deserve all that hate.

Now obviously, not ALL the hate is gone, there are always going to be haters no matter what fandom you’re in. But it has mellowed out a loT compared to how it was at first.

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"I SUCCUMB MYSELF TO HIS POWER. AND HIS VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, STRAWBERRY BLUSHU, DAIFUKU BUTT, YUMMY NOODLE HAIR AND TSUNDAIFUNESS." <--- This is going on all the Yasu club t-shirts. All of them. Your explosive bursts about him give me life, because he is creeping in so fast I don't know what to do. I CAN'T RESIST HIM ANYMORE. HELP MINA. IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN LIKE THIS. 💕💕💕


y’all ladies can pick which one, the simple or girly one!

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holdin’ hands 

(the quality is mes……..s….ed up u can click on the pic 4 better…quality)


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Nate Underhill

You can download him and his CC list here!

Nate was made a long time ago for a BC that didn’t get very far, and I thought it was time for my little adventurer to go out into the wild world.  He is the first of some little downloads I have coming up, so be looking forward to that.

Now for the important part, TOU: Can I ask that you do not change his name, or facial appearance. You can change everything else about him, however, if you would like to berry him, please ask me first. Please tag me if you use him, I track ‘amixofpixels’, and please, look after him, and have some fun.

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Dear Melly -- I know you posted about this once a long time ago but i'm on mobile and I honestly don't know how you would have tagged it -- perhaps "that time One Direction met up with Gigi at a music awards show and poor Liam looked like he'd swallowed glass." Do you know the super awful moment of which I speak?

In your defense my tagging system can be classified as “hot ass roasted mess” at best and “bag of dicks” at worst. I typed “awkard Loammy Jean at the AMAs” and was magically gifted this moment where Loammy Jean looked like he was suffering from chronic hemmorhoids -  here you go fer the post

But also here’s the Cliff’s Notes version:

Letter two hundred and sixteen

It seems you guys like angst, so here is some good old fashioned Eisuke angst. *Cracks Knuckles* 

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         Its been seven months and three days since you left. I used to say that you could never live without me. 

But I was so wrong. I guess it was me who can’t live without you.

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I'm having a hard time finding a specific fic. I've already searched the depressed steve tag, the went down with the Valkyrie tag and also used your search bar. I even tried searching ao3 to no avail. I'm hoping the mods here or one of your followers can help. Bucky & Steve both go down with the Valkyrie and wake up in the 21st c. Bucky is loving the future and adjusting well. Steve is having a hard time. I hope that's not too vague, it's all I remember. Thanks :)

All thats coming to mind is After The Bombs by fedzgurl, I’m sorry

Readers do you have anything not in our Steve and Bucky both go down with the Valkyrie that fits?


Thanks @crossedbeams for tagging me! With 8 Days to WE! I got some pretty amazing news!!

I have been applying to Universities, getting ready to transfer from my current one to further my education and last night I got a pretty amazing E-mail! 

I got into my number one choice!!!! I have worked so hard for so many years to keep my grades far above average and my attendance practically perfect! Apparently my hard work paid off like there is no tomorrow!! I have wanted to attend this school so long… and while it may not be my first choice in Major I can always change that later!! 

I owe this one to the amazing women who inspired me throughout my life to keep going and aim high! So on this average Wednesday, I am going to be celebrating a huge win for myself!! I’m sure after this news, the rest of the day is going to be pretty meh!

I’m going to tag @cosmic-files-87 @notacleverxfileshandle @2moms-0fucks @ccoble @storybycorey @xfile-cabinetx @puzzlingpeace @scullysbagel Share #WhatIDidOnWednesday!

Bitty can’t do everything.

He can’t.

It’s all but statistically guaranteed that, in the life of a college student, things are going to fall through the cracks and, in the life of a college student who’s also a varsity athlete, a lot of things are going to fall through the cracks.

Mostly, those things are his marks and, mostly, Bitty ignores them.

Mostly, they manifest in failed tests and botched presentations and papers that don’t quite reach the points they should, but Bitty never actually tells anybody about all of that because, mostly, it’s embarrassing.

He’s a student athlete, but so are the rest of his friends and they all get good grades, so it isn’t an excuse and, really, the bad marks don’t bother him.

They don’t bother him, because he doesn’t let them.

Marked papers never quite make it back to the Haus, and he never really gets around to checking his grades online, and, on the off chance that he does do well on something, Bitty is always a bit too excited and a bit too proud, but that never lasts long because another mark always comes back soon, and that’s never a good thing.

But it’s fine.

He can handle it.

He gets a bad mark, he doesn’t acknowledge it, he bakes a pie, he goes to practice, he Skype’s with Jack, he goes to bed, and he’s fine.

Wash, rinse, and repeat.

He never talks about the bad marks, and he never has to.

He always scrapes by in the end and he always does just well enough to stay on the hockey team and, in the end, that’s what counts.

Sometimes Bitty feels like the bad marks are weighing him down and drowning him, and sometimes he feels like he’s the stupidest person in the world, and sometimes he feels like he’s not cut out for college at all, but that’s all beside the point.

The point is, is that he’s fine.

If his friends can handle it then he can handle it too, and he’s fine.


I’m doing the then/now tag thingy, and @tralatrala gave me 2007, and I’m not actually going to answer all the questions but okay let’s go let’s go let’s go aughts.

Then, turned 29. Now, I’ll be 39. (I am actually really glad I didn’t have to do math for this one.)
Then, a not actually that great apartment on the sixth floor. It had an elevator but it was key-operated and one of our keys broke (in 2007 if memory serves me correctly) so Paul and I were forever trying to pass the key back and forth but every couple of weeks someone would forget or schedules would change and of us would have to walk up allllllll the stairs and it would be terrible. Now, a much bigger apartment on the second floor and no elevator and only one Stair Rat so far.
Local bar
Then, we used to go to a bar that had a Trivia Night twice a month, and then once a week. We went two or three times a month, me, Paul, André, various other people, but definitely the three of us each time. The bartender got all his questions from a book that we think was published in 2000 at the latest, which meant lots of 1990s questions that we could answer way more easily than the other teams (the bar skewed young, we had age and wisdom and knowledge of the cast of Chicken Run). Our other weapon was André, who got all the music questions right, he could find the title after a few beats and it was amazing to watch, he would literally jump up and down and grab the pen and scribble the answer in seconds. We had a ridiculous winning streak, it was almost embarrassing. André loved winning, he’d crouch down and bite his nails until our team name was called, and then he’d yell OOUUAAIIS at the top of his lungs. Now, there’s a few bars we might go to occasionally, but certainly not weekly or even monthly. We live upstairs from a bar, maybe that counts.