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Me when I finally meet The Vamps
  • Them: hi! It's lovely to meet you.
  • Me: ...
  • Them: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Them: ...?
  • Me: you're all so beautiful...
My R5 Concert Experience

On July 10th, 2015 I went to see R5 perform at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Alpharetta, GA, and I wanted to share with you my exciting adventure throughout the day leading up to the best night of my life. 

So here I Go….

My name is Jessie, I am 19 years old and this past friday was my first time seeing R5 perform live. I got my tickets during general sales which turned out to be the best seats to get possible. I was so lucky to get Riker’s side (Orch 1), 3rd row and the aisle seat, so basically I had so much space to go crazy and could move up if I wanted to without getting yelled at by security. 

So my day began at 8:00 am getting ready for Rydel’s signing which was only 10 minutes from the concert venue but 1 hour away from where I live. So I got ready and headed to Barnes & Noble where I bought “Rydel: Rock your Life” magazine for her to sign. I waited in line for about 1 hour before Rydel arrived, they announced Rydel was coming out of the hidden room but as she walked out I saw 2 blonde heads instead of one…  little did anyone know Riker came along for the ride and surprised everyone at the signing. If anyone knows me, Riker is my favorite so when I saw him I freaked out (aka shaking uncontrollably and my heart was pounding). So the line moved farely quickly and as I moved up and was the 3rd person in line Mark told us Riker can sign the album and Rydel only can sign the magazine/or another item,I didn’t have a cd for Riker to sign so he signed my phone case, & Rydel signed my magazine. I was so nervous I don’t remember if I said anything if anything I said Hi and awkwardly waved as I approached them. I do remember Rydel saying my name and freaked out a little inside. The signing ended around 12:30, and I waited around at the starbucks next door, waiting to see where they would walk out but my “stalking abilities” are weak and stormie ended up driving the white van around the back and took off. So this was my moring/afternoon about meeting Rydel & Riker, again I literally was so excited I didn’t think I would’ve met Riker. 

So my day carried on, and I ad nothing to do for 5 hours b/c the venue would not allow us to park until 5 pm so I shopped, hung around the mall, etc. 

5:00 came around and headed to the venue, which was outdoors and it was so hot, hour later gates opened and headed to my seat and meet one of my internet friends who I had been talking to for the majority of the day. So Grace, if you’re reading this I am so happy I finally met you and I hope we can go to an R5 concert together one day <3. 

Probably should’ve mentioned this earlier but I went to the concert alone, no friends, no parents, no body, so I was sitting by strangers, but the girls were nice and not little kids (big plus lol). The concert began at 7:00 with Ryland who got the crowd pumped and excited, I wasn’t into it as some people but I eventually started getting into it. Being an introvert is tough when your alone so for me to do this all alone was a big risk, and I am so glad I did. After Ryland’s set, Jacob Whitesides was next, who I had never really heard of, and knew no music, so I didn’t do much listening and watching, overall he sounded good and is pretty cute ;) 

Now for the best night ever, around 8:45 R5 began; the stage production and lights made it so awesome. They opened with All Night which got everyone jumping, including myself. Like I mentioned earlier I was on Riker’s side directly infront of him ( maybe 6 rows) I had clear view of him ( as you can see from photos below) The night went on as the sun went down, which Ross kept saying the sun needed to go away. Rydel sang Lighting Strikes, which by the way is amazing live, she seriously killed it! After that, it slowed down with Ross playing “You and I” by Lady gaga, which was so beautiful, he could literally sing any song and It would make me smile. (wow that was cheesy). Ross finished it and then went on to play parts of Drops of Jupiter <3. The night kept going and I wish it didn’t stop. Riker made eye contact with me (at least I think he did), rocky and his palm tree Jefferey, Ross and his “hip thrusting,” Rydel and Ellington’s cute eye contact throughout the concert. Literally anything else made me even more happy. 

Over all this night made me realize why I love R5 as much as I do, because They love what they do, and they love all their fans. (this was not me bragging to any extent, just thought I’d share my first concert experience). Sorry it was so long. Here are pictures from the show I attended (please do not steal, and if you take them please give me credit).

Thanks for reading! <3 

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