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Friendship Breakup- Alex Nylander

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Ok so in my opinion friendship breakups are way worse than relationship breakups. Like they suck. I’ve been there before, many times, and it doesn’t ever hurt less. So if any of you ever need to talk, I am here. Promise! Love you guys! Enjoy!

Warning: angst, cussing

Anon Request: Hey, I’m going through a friend breakup ( I don’t know what else to call it😂) so could you do one with Alex nylander where you’re starting to drift apart with one of your really important friend and you just feel really bad and crying and so and he comforts you? Love you 😘


              You didn’t know what to do anymore.

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Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 3

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 1.2k


Part 2 <<< >>> Part 4

People could say whatever they wanted about Chris, but he knew how to be a gentleman when he wanted or needed to. When he was courting someone, or when he was in presence of someone he appreciated and respected, he behaved properly. He had always treated Mara right, because she deserved it and also because William wouldn’t permit Chris to treat Mara any less than like a princess.

But as of lately he was a little uneasy about the girl, she was up to something and his guts told him that he wouldn’t like it. Since her stunt this morning in the hallway, Chris knew that the boys she was flirting with weren’t an end, but means to an end. But Mara was a mystery to everyone even herself, she had a twisted mind and she was smart and cunning, she could be scheming for world domination for all he knew. Although he was quite certain world domination did not involve laughing at a guy’s every joke so loudly everyone in her vicinity could hear how fake her laugh was. She wanted someone to hear her, or see her. She had a secret agenda and Chris tortured his mind with far-fetched theories about it.

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A Dwalin Fanfic

Based on imagines found here, here and here

I groaned as, yet again, I found Dwalin blocking my way in battle, determined to always be there when I didn’t need him.

The wargs were on us and we were running for our lives, but I was still a Durin, something both him and my father seemed intent on ignoring.

When Gandalf called for us to fall back into a gaping hole in the rocks, Dwalin basically threw me down, where I was simply lucky to land on my feet.

I glared at him as he followed.

“Don’t give me that look.”  He growled, seeing my expression.

“What look?”  I asked innocently.

“The look accusing me of getting in the way.”  He said as the others began following.  "I’m not your bodyguard for nothing girl.“

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Naturally clingy touch-starved lance, afraid to be clingy because he thinks he's annoying ??

*Cries* Hell Yes 

Lance always loved to be touched. Either through hugs, holding hands, forehead kissed, pats on the back, he loved everything.

Lance was grateful that he grew up in a big family, and that he was the second oldest. Everyday he received hugs from his mama, he would receive cheek kisses from his sibling and cuddles when they wanted to sleep. His papa would always pat him on the back and mess up his hair just to show that he was proud of him. Lance was always content with life.

Until he found himself 10 billion miles from Earth (not to scale) and Lance lost the touches he craved. 

Lance tried to ignore the lack of touches. He tried to keep his mind occupied. This work for the most part, except when Lance was left alone. 

Whenever Lance attempted to go to sleep, he would think about how alone he actually was. He couldn’t bother the team over his dumb need. 

Almost 4 months after they left Earth Lance was at his breaking point, he couldn’t do anything. Being around the team hurt him too much. Lance had face multiple occasions where he would grab on to one of team mates. He would then stand there like a fish out of water trying to explain himself to why he randomly grabbed them. 


Lance gently landed Blue down on a yellow planet, they were responding to a call for help from a peaceful tribe. 

Lance exited Blue and met up with the others who were talking to the tribes chief. 

“So as you can see, we desperately need your help.” The chief was about as tall as Pidge and was a vibrant red. 

“What’s the issue?” Lance asked as he reached the group. 

“The planet is out of water.” Shiro said as he looked at Lance. 

“I have an idea!” Pidge jumped with excitement. “What if Lance shot ice and Keith melted it. Then you would have water.” 

Everyone considered the idea for a few second. 

“It’s worth a try, come on you two you have work to do.” Shiro motions for Keith and Lance to go to their lions. 


Lance was tired, he had been shooting ice into the dried up lake for almost 4 hours. He could tell Keith was getting bored of the same routine and would occasionally groan in boredom. 

Lance watch the water rise and nearly slammed his head into the control panel. They were barley half way there. 

“Shiro I can’t do this anymore. It’s too boring.” Lance tapped his fingers against his leg. 

“Come on Lance , just think about how happy you are making them. Maybe you can get lucky with a girl.” Shiro chuckled.

Lance let out a loud whoop. “Now you’re talking! Come on Keith let’s move.” 


Lance ran out of Blue he needed to stretch his legs. Lance met up with Shiro and the chief. 

“You did wonderful blue and red paladins!” The chief brought Lance in for a hug then gave Keith a hug against his protest. 

Lance felt the world stop around him, he just got a hug for the first time in months. Lance quickly excused himself from the chief and walked trough the village. 

Lance soon realized that this would not be a peaceful walk because everyone that saw him insisted on hugging him thanks. Lance nearly cried, he thought back to his mom’s hugs and his siblings hugs. 

Lance knew that he shouldn’t get used to the touches since he wouldn’t get a lot on the castle, but he was going to indulged just this once. 

My poor son

I hope you like it! 

Thank you for this!

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I don't understand, why are they hyping Sansa vs Jon so much? I confess, I'm weak, I'm starting to think they are doing this so we think it's BS but in the end it'll be true. But then we have some contradictions: Sansa will do not-so-honourable things but even though Jon will listen to her more... wth?? My mind is blowing trying to figure it out what they're trying to say. I hope it isn't true and that the "one unexpected tryst" isn't Sansa/Creepyfinger bc that'd be completely OOC, bad writing.

Hi Anon, thanks for the ask!

Let’s get this “one unexpected tryst” out of the way first. Here’s a list of possibilities:

Greyworm x Missandei: What’s unexpected about that? They’ve been an item since season 5.

Yara x Ellaria: Unexpected I suppose, but it doesn’t seem all that important? Idk, I would have preferred to see some D@ny/Yara action, but I guess she can fuck whoever she wants, doesn’t have to mean anything…

JxD: If that’s the one they’re calling unexpected I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. 

Jon x Sansa: A girl can dream, right? But I’m afraid we won’t get more than tension-filled interactions, longing looks and if we’re extremely lucky, perhaps a kiss this coming season.

Sansa x LF: No. Just. No. Sorry, Anon, but I don’t even want to go there. I just can’t…

Cersei x Euron: Possibly? 

D@ny x Euron: In the books the flashy, bold pirate is actually sort of D@ny’s type, but to most show viewers it would be unexpected…

D@ny x Tyrion: Where can I sign up for that? I didn’t even realize how much I needed this until Peter Dinklage confirmed Tyrion being smitten!

This could be a very long list, if it’s truly unexpected, it could be anyone, right? I’ll leave it here and I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out…

Now, about the Starkbowl hype… 

I’ll admit that I also have my moments of doubt, but if Starkbowl is legit, hyping it up the way they’ve been doing for the last year doesn’t make any sense. The producers would want it to be a shocking development, not completely unexpected I suppose, so they’d tease it, but this has all been too on the nose…

If we’re looking at in-universe logic, it really wouldn’t make any sense for Jon to leave Sansa in charge of his kingdom if there was a real power struggle going on between them. He’s not that oblivious, especially not after already having been betrayed once.

It would also completely throw out Sansa’s arc of returning to her roots, her home and reclaiming her Stark identity. It would be outright bad storytelling. 

What I also think you have to understand about what the actors are saying is that they’re in season promotion mode right now… I try not to pay too much attention to anything they’re stating in interviews at the moment.

But I’d say it is really interesting that they want us to scrutinize Jon and Sansa so closely…. D&D pointing out that their relationship will be crucial to watch, the Starkbowl hype, the last trailer… They’re so intent on making us focus our attention on them, despite all the other storylines in season 7. Why is that?

Now, there might be some truth to Kit Harington’s words… Right after filming he already said Jon will start to listen to Sansa and he’s saying it again now, so that’s something I tend to see as truthful.

And even the part about Sansa doing some not-so-honourable things could be true. But I think she’ll do them to protect Jon and to bring down LF. I can definitely see Sansa not being able to confide in Jon about her plans, and him growing suspicious of her because of that. This could definitely lead to some tension and them parting on less-than-ideal terms. 

So I think we’ll see Sansa playing LF, possibly also Jon playing D@ny. (I wrote this a couple of days ago). And I believe D&D want us as the audience to stay in the dark or at least unsure about both of Jon and Sansa’s true allegiance for as long as possible.

So this will be a really stressful season for Stark fans and Jonsa shippers to watch, but I have faith that in the end everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to.

The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. 


Here is a complete masterlist of all the drabbles I’ve written so far.


“How is my wife more badass than me?” 


“If you can’t sleep…we could have sex.”

“A little too tipsy.”


“Dear diary…”

“Tell me you need me.”

“I’d kill for a coffee…literally.”

“How drunk was I?”

“I lost our baby.”

“Can you just leave me alone?”

“Girls can’t drive, plain and simple.”

“I Don’t Dance.”


“Sorry I’m protective over the things I love.”


“What color do you like better?”


“I’m fine.”

“You gave me a black eye.”


“This is your fault by the way.”


“I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go to a doctor.”

“I lost our baby.”

“Enough with the sass!” AND “Show me what’s behind your back.”


“You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.”

“You work for me. You are my slave.”

“It’s sick o’clock in the morning, you’re not having vodka.”

“You need to see a doctor.” AND “Stay awake.”

“We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.”


“Can you be romantic for once?”


“Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”


“Tell me you need me.” AND “I had a bad dream again.”


“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m a lucky girl. I’ll admit that.”

“Daddy’s gonna get ya.”


“I don’t want you to stop.”


“Please put your penis away.”

“Pick up lines only work when I’m drunk.”

“Excuse me for falling in love with you.”


“Enough with the sass!”

“Can you shut up for five minutes, please???”

“Well, you’re a prick.”


“Sing to me, please.”


“You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.”

“I never liked it, I lied.”

“Sing to me, please.”

“I’m a lucky girl. I’ll admit that.”

“I bet you can’t go 24 hours without cussing.”


“If you can’t sleep…we could have sex.”

 “Please put your penis away.”

 “I think you forgot who wears the pants in this relationship.”

“Just sleep with one eye open, that’s all I’m saying.”


“Tell me you need me.”


“She’s hiding behind the sofa.”

“You work for me. You are my slave.”

“Just smile. I really need to see you smile right now.”

“Not everyone is out to get you. Stop thinking that. It’s annoying.”

“Stop being so cute.”


“Do you ever stop smiling?

“He’s a good man.”


“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

“I don’t’ want you to stop.”

“I need a place to stay.” AND “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”

“If I trip over one more of your shoes, I’m throwing them all away.”

“I think you need stitches.”

“Get out of the way before I murder you.”


“Are you trying to flirt? Because, you’re embarrassing yourself.”


Sawyer: So what happened with Kayden?

Sutton: It was just really awkward! He’s sweet and nice but I don’t know dating is hard! Oh plus he mentioned both of our exes to add to the awareness!

Sawyer: It was just one bad date! 

Sutton: You are lucky you met your soulmate as a toddler which is seriously unfair!

Sawyer: Well it took a tough little girl to get us together!

Sutton: Yeah well I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore Sawyer.

Sawyer: Give him another try! Why don’t we all go out to Aunt Rebekah’s new restaurant together? We can help make things less awkward! Plus I love my kids but I miss the outside world!

Sutton: I guess.

Imagine being Daryl's Best Friend and him helping you get your dream dress for yours and Carl's Wedding

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When you were little you always pictured having a perfect wedding, what little girl didn’t. You honestly didn’t care about anything more then the dress. You just wanted a high low,strapless, white dress, but now that was not an option anymore. Every since the world went to shit you were lucky to even be having a wedding. You even told Carl that you were ok with not even having a ceremony however Carl knew how much you wanted one. However he knew he couldn’t get you the one thing you wanted… The white dress. 

 "Daryl, can you go check on [Y/N]? She told me this morning I wasn’t allowed to see her till tonight.“ Carl asked as he walked into the hall wearing a worn white shirt and black blazer that he found in some of the Saviors clothing bins, and his jeans. 

 Daryl turned to him in his leather vest, t-shirt and jeans and smiled at the thought of you telling Carl to stay away from you, seeing how the only time you would spend apart was when one of you were on a run. "Yea, make sure she ain’t getting cold feet on ya.” He joked at a tense Carl. “I’m jokin, that girl loves ya too much to run away.”

 He clapped his shoulder before heading down the stairs and next door. However he never had to go in the house because you were seated on the stairs just staring into space. 

 "Hey short stuff.“ He called from the road snapping you out of you stare and calling your attention towards him, he could see the tear streaks on your face. 

"Hey….hey what’s wrong.” He said as he jogged towards the steps and knelt in front of you, his hand cradling the side of your face, “please don’t tell me you are getting cold feet because I just got done telling Carl you loved him too much to get cold feet." 

"No, I am happy to be getting married to Carl, we all know that Lori and Carol used to joke about how we were gonna get together one day. I just was thinking though about how I don’t get to get married in my dream dress." 

"Dream dress?” Daryl asked as you looked at him. 

“It wasn’t anything fancy, I just wanted a high-low strapless white dress." 

"High-low?” He asked causing you to chuckle 

“Yea it is one of those dresses where it is short in the front but long in the back." 

"Sounds complicated." 

"To you it might but to me I thought it was perfect. I just wish there was a way to get that dress." 

"Can I tell ya something?” You looked at the smile on Daryl’s face as you tried to think of what he could be thinking, “I was on a run and I came across this store, looked like it could have been a old bridal shop kind of thing. Wanna go check it out, see if it has this high-low dress you were talking about?" 

"But what about Carl?” You asked as your eyes shifted to the house next door. 

“Well the weddin ain’t till later, the shop is maybe a 30 minute ride out. You don’t have to…." 

"Well we are wasting time now aren’t we?” You said as you pushed yourself off the stairs and started towards the neighboring house and threw open the door, "CARL! IM GOING OUT WITH DARYL FOR A BIT. BE BACK SOON! LOVE YOU!“ You called before shutting the door and hurrying towards the bike, "well you comin’ or no?” You asked as Daryl just shock his head at you, and started towards his bike. 

 When you pulled in front of the abandoned shop you had a good feeling about it. Daryl left you on the bike to scoop the place for walkers, and once he clarified that the shop was empty he signaled for you to come on in. 

Once inside you found yourself surround by dresses and tuxedos and veils. You quickly found yourself laughing as Daryl stared at the mannequin wearing the most ridiculous princess gown. “I will never understand why someone would want to parade around in that circus tent?" 

 "I don’t know why someone would wanna be that shiny?” You laughed pointing at this bedazzled dress. 

“I mean maybe her man wants some diamond tits.” You erupted into laughter as you both started walking through the store. 

“[Y/N] I found my dream jacket!” He called causing you to turn and kneel over in laughter. 

For there he stood,in a neon blue blazer, striking a pose as you laughed. "Blue is a great color for you Dixon, all you need is a neon purple pocket square.“ You giggled as you turned back to the dresses.

 you hand resting on a mermaid dress, where the bottom looked like big bird died on the bottom. "What do you think Carl would say if I walked in wearing this?” I laughed as he smiled at the sight. 

“I think he would ask where the hell the rest of the flock is." 

"Well if we don’t find it,I’m glad…” However you stopped talking as you turned back to put the feather duster dress away, for it dropped to the floor as you looked at what caught your eye. 

 For on the rack next to you was a black lace accent, sweetheart neckline strapless white dress, with a short front and a lace train in the back, it was your dress.

 "Daryl…. I…. I found it.“ Tears slowly started to form in your eyes as you pulled it off the rack, Daryl hurrying to your side to see what you found.

 "So this is it?” He asked as you slowly nodded, “well then lets see it on ya." 

"There is no…” You giggled when you saw your best friend covering his eyes, allowing you to strip and redress in the dress of your dreams. It fit like a glove and when you had it on you cleared your throat, causing Daryl to uncover his eyes. 

“Woah.” He said as you did a full turn, “Carl is one lucky fella." 

"I can’t believe we found it Daryl.” You breathed out as you worked towards the full length mirror, and taking in the sight of you in this dress. 

“I think we need to get goin’ don’t wanna be late to your own weddin’” he answered as you collected your old clothes and hurried out the door. 

 You pulled into the camp to find Glenn, Rick, Carl, and Gabriel all standing in the dirt road, Judith sitting in the road in front of them in her light blue dress and braid. As the engine cut you heard the four year old scream your name and collide with your legs. You picked her up and slowly carried her back to the men in the street, each one had their eyes on you. 

“You found it?” Carl whispered to Daryl 

 "She’s the one who found it, I just found the shop.“ He answered as you joined the group. 

"So whose ready for a wedding?” You smiled as Carl walked towards you and wrapped an arm around your waist. 

 "You look gorgeous Miss Peletier.“ He smiled as he leaned forward and kissed you. 

"Gross Brother, stop kissin’ my [Y/N]!” Judith whined as she stuck her tongue out. 

“You don’t look too bad yourself, Mr. Grimes." 

"Well I guess it is about time to get these two kids married, would you agree Father?” Rick asked as the Father hurried towards the church. 

“Dad’s had the church filled for like 30-40 minutes.” Carl whispered as Rick grabbed his arm and started to drag him away. 

 "Ok Judith, go with Daddy.“ You instructed as you sat her down and watched her run after him, leaving you alone with Daryl. 

"Ready to walk me down the aisle?” You asked poking Daryl’s side. 

“Yea, you really do look gorgeous." 

"Thanks you, I would never look like this if it wasn’t for you Dixon.” You quickly hugged his side, his arm wrapping around you. 

“I love ya kid.” He said as he squeezed a bit. 

“Love ya too Dixon, now let’s get me married, and then let’s get drunk.” You cheered as you both started towards the church, to start your new chapter with the love of your life, and your best friend.

Superheroes: BTS edition

what will bts do or react if they get superpowers?*lol*it’s up to what kind of superpowers you wanna put to every member but sure to make it a hillarious and ridicilous one xD

- eunheeex0tics

Note: I’m always encouraging rather unique questions! So, hit me with your best shot and I will hit you back! … digitally. haha. 

Jin: Invisibility

“So, uh… you just want me to leave BTS? Is that it? How do you expect me to be the visual if they can’t even see me?!” He’d be really sad with his superpower but once he realizes he can eat everything and get fat because they can’t see him—he’ll be content.

Jin: “I swear, I’m here! I’m the one creating waves on Yoongi’s stomach! It’s all me!!!”

Suga: Mind Control

Shuts everybody up. “God dam* it. Shut the fuc* up. Nobody cares if you have fuc*ing superpowers.” Controls their minds to shut the BTS member’s mouth to get some peace and quiet.

Suga: “I’m gonna need you to stop, Jungkook.” *activates superpower*

J-Hope: Shape shifting

Everybody stares at him shift into a curvy sexy woman. They all murmur the same thing, “Lucky bastar*.” J-Hope would put it to full use—dancing to all the Kpop girl group songs and possibly having a double debut!

*J-Hope’s new debut group. Can you guess which one he is?

Rapmon: never having to brush his teeth again

“Well, at least I won’t have any toothpaste stains around my mouth anymore when shooting, anymore…” Rapmon looks at himself in the mirror with a pink toothbrush in his mouth. “Not again! I don’t need to brush my teeth! Wish i had the ability to have perfect hair, too.“

Jimin: Cloning

Jimin 1: “Jungkook- ah~”

Jimin 2: “How can you be so cute, Jungkook?!”

Jimin 3: “I love you, Jungkook!”

Jimin 4: “Which of us do you love the most, Jungkook?!”

Jimin 5: “Pick me! I’m sexy!”

Jimin 6: “No, Pick me! I can dance better!”

Jimin 7: “… Wait. What about Suga hyung?”

Jimin 1-7: “Suga hyung!!!!” Goes and attacks him.

* (Original Jimin and Jungkook)

V: Breathing underwater

V puts a cup of water to his mouth and just breaths in and out, enjoying his new talent.

Jungkook: Ability to fart and make others fart at any given time.

“JUNGKOOK! DID YOU FART AGAIN?!” Jungkook giggles, making the other members fart to the tune of “For you.”

“STOP IT, JUNGKOOK!” They scream, holding tightly unto their vibrating buttholes to keep from the explosive gas release.

Jungkook shrugs his shoulders and smiles, “I can’t help it. It’s just the superpower God has graciously blessed me with.”

(Jungkook gets a beating later; it’s either that or they all sit on his face while farting.)

What does love feel like?

I remember when I was in high school and I had my first real girlfriend over for dinner my little cousin asked me what it felt like to be in love. I laughed for a little bit before sitting back into the couch having just been hit with a question I never really thought about before. As a 16 year old, I was no stranger to the shoes of a hopeless romantic. I don’t think there’s just one definition for love and to say a 16 year old can’t feel love is just not true. That being said, I felt what I thought was love many times. And the only time I realized I hadn’t been in love was after the fact when I had the chance to look back retrospectively. I thought I loved this girl but so many other times it turned out to be something else so how could I know for sure. And as it turns out, I wouldn’t know what that felt like until 3 years later. But let’s take a couple steps back.

It’s 4th grade. I’m 9 years old and I’m in love. Or am I? It’s 2 AM and I’m writing a soon to be triangularly folded note to her. Circle this if you like me, yes or no? She circles yes. We both like green day, I spike my hair up with my dad’s hair gel, she wears all black. My mom says I’m not allowed to kiss girls. Cole Sprouse says he regrets that his first kiss was as early as it was so I have lots of reasons not to kiss her. I write what I think are brilliant poems about her. She’s the first girl to like me. We sit in the slide of the playground too afraid to hold hands. One day we do. Fireworks don’t compare to the feeling. We have competitions for who can jump the farthest on the swings. The school year ends and I never see her again.

It’s the 7th grade. I’m reaching the peak of my coveted awkward phase and she sits next to me in english. She has hair that reminds me of a lions mane. She’s an actress. I’m the only one in the grade without a cell phone but she’s going be a star one day. She’s in the school play and her monologue gives me goosebumps. We are best friends. She tells me about boys she thinks are cute and I pretend it doesn’t feel like daggers. She’s my first slow dance. We get detention for passing notes. We call each other every night. Over summer break she gets a boyfriend.

It’s 9th grade. I broke up with her after 2 weeks. Did I make the right decision? I didn’t. She has a boyfriend. She wanted me and now she doesn’t. I took her for granted. Fuck that stupid song Big Yellow Taxi. Why is the radio always stop on. I learn a Katy Perry song on guitar to impress her. She isn’t impressed. Regret is a stupid emotion.

It’s 11th grade. My braces are off and she likes my pictures on Instagram. She is a year older than me. She is beautiful. She smiles at me when we see each other in the halls. We get ice cream. She is my first kiss. It feels like a nuclear bomb had a baby with Coachella. I ignore my responsibilities to be with her. I sneak out to be with her. She is sick. She is going off the rails. I think about her every day but she hurts herself every day. She looks for validation in other guys. I delete her number. She goes to college.

It’s 12th grade. Get me out this town. This town is suffocating me. This town is horrible… who is that? She’s the prettiest girl in our town. She goes to the same school my mom teaches at. She looks like an angel. She listens. She understands my goals. She dreams bigger than I do. We talk on the phone every night. We fall asleep talking to each other on the phone and text each other throughout the day. 2 AM movie nights in my parents basement with our clothes in a heap by the heater. You party too much. I wish I was more social. I learn social skills to keep up with her friends. I hate her friends. Her friends hate me. She thinks I cheated on her with a girl in another state. We fight every day. It’s not worth it anymore. I go to college.

It’s 2014. I dropped out of college a couple months ago. I’m scared. I’m excited. I’m broke. I miss my family. I’m more turbulent that a fighter jet in a thunderstorm. I’m going to change the world. Halloween is so stupid. I don’t usually hate halloween but I do this year. I can’t afford a costume so I’m decked out in Good Will. Fuck it tonight will be great. Nice to meet you I’m Jonah. I don’t smoke but it’s part of my costume! So I guess I should probably get your number. She is smart, funny, interesting, and drop dead gorgeous. I’m so unbelievably lucky, how did I land this. Wanna meet for coffee? She likes red velvet. “The slice of red velvet cheesecake that flew from LA to your house, Merry Christmas”. She is the one. I repeat this is not a drill; she is the one. I’ve never had a 4 month anniversary. What do you even get a girl for her birthday. Dude I have $3 in my checking account. Maybe she can teach you something that she loves and that’ll bring back the spark! When was the last time I did something for myself? I don’t make art anymore. When was the last time I talked to my friends. I don’t feel like me anymore. She keeps telling me she’s losing herself to us and I agree but I tell her it’ll be fine. I’m drowning. She’s drowning. Who is this person and why is he acting so petty. You deserve better. We just went super nova. Matthew McConaughey and Neil deGrasse Tyson couldn’t save us from this black hole. 3 AM. Incoming call. I’m gonna need a big fuckin bandaid.

Love is irresponsible, unnecessary, and, until you learn how to control it, it will wreck you; kinda like trying to ride a horse without knowing anything about horses. At first it’s exhilarating and euphoric but then you realize you’re trying to ride a horse without knowing anything about horses. And you fall off. But for a little bit, the face full of dirt is so absolutely worth it man.

Birthday Girl

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Request// Isaac or Stiles? Where it’s like the girls birthday and something cute happens? 


Stiles P.O.V

I wanted to make Y/N’s birthday really special. She deserved it after everything that had gone on this year, she deserved a good birthday. Then I had the best idea ever. I knew see loved spending time with the pack without any worries so I could throw her a surprise birthday party with all the pack there, but before that, I want to take her to the beach. Just Y/N and I, having a nice stroll along the beach as the sunsets. I know how much she loves the sunset and going to the beach and putting them both together would be perfect.

It was 10 AM and I knew Y/N would be up so I had to call her. I picked up my phone and called her. 

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!” I shouted down the phone causing Y/N to laugh.

“Thank you babe,” She said laughing. 

“So what have you got planned today,” I asked her

“My family is coming around today, so going to celebrate with them” she informed me. 

“Can I pick you up at 7?” I asked her, knowing that the sunset will be around 7:45 so that would give us time to have a walk down the beach.

“Sounds good,” She told me and I could tell that she was smiling when she said it. 

“That’s great, Have a great day, I will see you at 7, I love you” 

“I love you too,” She told e handing up. Right, that was sorted I then texted the whole pack the plan and jobs they could do. Malia on music, Scott and Kira are on balloons and banners, Lydia is getting the birthday cake and Liam, well Liam will have to come to with me and get the food. So around 12pm I picked up Liam and went shopping. Which was the worst idea ever.! Liam was like a little kid around the shop. “Can we get this? Can we get that?” Plus he would never shut up. I had to spend 5 hours with him. 5 hours. Never again.

So when we got home I was thankful that the pack were already there so Liam could go and bug one of them. 

I put all the food in the kitchen and I got everyone’s attention. “Right we need to make the best surprise party ever, I’m taking Y/N out first so it will give you more time to finish everything off, it just has to be perfect. PERFECT!” I rambled on

“Stiles we will make it perfect stop worrying, just go and get ready and go and pick her up. We have everything sorted her” Scott told me. I hesitated but left to get ready. 

When I was ready it was 6:40pm, I put everything in the car then I was going to go back into the house when everyone stood at the door blocking it. “GO!”

Y/N’s P.O.V

I was sat in my living room waiting for Stiles to come and pick me up. He didn’t even tell me what he was doing. But knowing him he would make a big deal of it. One of the reasons I loved him. He was just so sweet and caring and what the best. I was brought out of my thoughts about him when he pulled up outside. I grabbed my things and headed out. 

When I shut the door he pulled me into a big hug. “Happy Birthday,” He told me hugging me even tighter than before as he kissed my temple. 

“Thank you baby,” I said as I kissed his cheek. Stiles linked my arm and walked me around to the passenger’s side and he opened the door, to a big fluffy teddy bear and a bunch of roses waiting for me. I turned to Stiles with teary eyes. 

“Happy birthday baby” He said with a big cheesy grin on his face. I tackled him into a big hugging him so tight. 

“Baby you are the best I love you so much!!” I felt stiles hug me tight and kiss my temple. 

“Well come on Y/N I have another surprise for you” I got into the car and he shut the door and went round to the driver’s seat and drove off.

After around 10 minutes of driving, we arrived at the beach. 

“I knew you loved beaches and sunsets so I thought why not bring you to the beach and watch the sunset” Stiles said smiling, I couldn’t hold it in anymore I began crying. 

“Baby oh my god I’m so sorry, I didn’t know it would upset you. We can do something else what…” Stiles rambled on

“No Stiles I love it. I’m crying from happiness. No one has never done anything like this for me. How did I get this lucky” I told Stiles grabbing his hand as he helped me get out of the car, I hugged him again. 

“How did you get you lucky? How did I get lucky is more the question, I get the most perfect girl in the whole universe so I love that I get to spoil you on your birthday” Which caused me to hug him tighter. Stiles grabbed my hand and pulled me onto the beach. 

As we walked on the beach hand in hand Stiles stopped me. “Y/N I got you something else” 

“Stiles you didn’t have to get me anything, just being with you is the best gift,” I told him with teary eyes. Then Stiles pulled out a box and handed it to me. As I opened it was a necklace. It had a heart with Stiles and my initials in it. I looked at him so shocked 

“Baby I love it, I can’t believe you would do this for me. I love you so much.” I told him giving him another hug. Stiles took it out of the box and went behind me as the sun was setting. He moved my hair and put it on me. Then we hugged me from behind. 

I watched the sunset in Stiles’ arms and it was the best thing ever. I was sure the luckiest girl in the world. When we got back into the car we drove back to stiles’ house holding hands.

When he opened the door everything was dark, then….

“Suprise!” The pack shouted making me even more shocked. 

Everyone gave me hugs and wished me happy birthday then Stiles pulled me into another hug.

I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. Stiles knew how to make me feel special and he did. Best birthday ever.

Jude and Connor FanFic

Okay So I thought it seemed about time for yet another Jude and Connor fan fiction. Ugh they’re so cute its unbearable.


Jude looked over at his phone. Connor’s profile picture came up, along with “answer” and “decline” buttons. He’s so cute, that’s a really good picture of him. He pressed answer and listened.

‘Hey Jude, mind if I come over?“

"Sure, that would be fun. Lena’s making lasagna.”

“Cool. See you in half an hour?”


I’m so excited. I love it when Connor comes over, he's my best (and only) friend at Anchor Beach. Jude played on his PSP until the love of his life rung the door bell.

“I’ll get it! No one else get it!” he yelled to whoever was listening.

He opened up the door and there stood the cutest guy in Jude’s grade, Connor. He was the light of Jude’s life, the reason he got up every morning.

“Hey, Jude.”

“There’s that Beatle’s song again!” Lena said, as she waked in from the kitchen. “You two go hang out upstairs, dinner should be ready in about 20 minutes.”

“So, what do you want to do? We could watch TV.” As he turned to face Connor, Jude’s hand swung and bumped into Connor’s butt. “Um…uh..sorry…”

“It’s fine, maybe you’ll get lucky,” he said with a chuckle, and then a wink.

As they headed upstairs, Jude began to feel an overwhelming sense of excitement. I can’t do this anymore, I can’t keep hiding it from him. He probably already knows. I should tell him. 

So, we can play PSP, we can do a board game–”

“Listen,” said Jude, cutting him off. “I have something to tell you, you might want to sit down.”

“Okay…go ahead.”

“Connor, this is hard to tell you, but I’ve been doing some deep thinking. And, I realized, that I like boys, Not girls, but boys. And, more specifically,  I like you. I understand if you don’t–”

Now it was Connor’s turn to cut Jude off.

“Jude…I was going to tell you first, but I feel the exact same way. I was going to tell you, but…” he trailed off.

“But what?” Jude said.

“But I thought you wouldn’t feel the same way.”

“Of course I do, silly.” Jude whispered, ad he grabbed ahold of Connor’s blue shirt and pulled him close.

“Is this wrong?” Connor asked.

“No, not unless you don’t feel the same way.”

Connor could barely mumble “yes” before Jude pulled him into long, passionate kiss. It lasted for a good five minutes before Stef called up the stairs that dinner was ready. Jude held out his small hand, motioning for Connor to grab it. Jude took Connor’s rough baseball-player hand in his own as they walked down to dinner.

They stopped holding hand before they walked into the dining room and served themselves some lasagna.

“So, how are you, Connor?” Stef said, as she took a bite of lasagna.

“Well, I’m actually really good. I learned something new about my best friend today.” Connor said, as he glanced over at Jude.

So, what are we now? Jude thought. Are we dating, am I his boyfriend? Should I ask him?

“Jude? Earth to Jude?” Lena yelled, trying to get Jude’s attention.

“Huh? What?”

“Stef asked you how your day was.” Lena replied.

“Oh…good, no great, actually.”

“Can Connor and I be excused? We were uh…doing…homework. Yeah, that.”

As the two boys headed upstairs, Lena and Stef shared a look. They both knew, and it was adorable. They both loved it and would talk for hours about it that night.

Once they were alone, Connor and Jude began their make out session again. Jude took off his shirt and motioned for Connor to do the same. They continued making out until they fell asleep in each other’s arms. The last thing Jude can remember thinking is hoping that this wasn’t a dream…and it wasn’t,

BTS Reaction to Seeing You In a Musical/Play

Okay, so it is 1 am here and I am running on 2 hours of sleep. If there are mistakes, let me know and I will fix it <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: He was absolutely happy to see you on stage singing. He watched intently, shushing the boys and scolding them if they spoke while you were on the stage. He had brought a single rose, not wanting to be the person to get you the cliché bouquet. Instead, he felt the single rose would show you just how one of a kind you were. He would spend the rest of the night talking to you about everything in the play, from the costume to your specific acting; but he would be nothing but encouraging.

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Suga: He had mumbled a complaint about going to your show, but you knew it was all just joking. He had bought the ticket to your show during the pre-order period and marked it on all his electronic devices. While you were in a scene, he would sit up straight, moving around the tall man who sat in front of him. He didn’t buy you any flowers, but he did take you back home, placed headphones on your head, and played the song that he had written for you for he always knew you would do well.

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J-Hope: He was the first one on his feet as soon as you took your bow. He jumped up and congratulated you. You looked at the boy from the stage and your heart could stop. He really was your hope and your everything. He was going absolutely crazy, screaming and flailing around as you took your boy. You could see him despite the numerous people and shining spot light on you. It was absolutely perfect for the two of you. “See, there was no need to be so nervous.”

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Rapmon: “But what do you think he meant by that?” He asked as he stared at you and your co-stars. The second the play ended, started applauding, approaching them at the end to give you a sweet kiss and tell you everything he thought about the performance. He would get pretty philosophical when it comes to the theme or meaning of the play. However, he didn’t come off as cocky or anything. He just found plays and musicals to be something important or life changing.

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Jimin: “That’s my girl!” He screamed on accident when he saw you come onto the stage. He wanted the world to know that he was the lucky one who managed to steal your heart. “See, she can dance and sing and act.” He didn’t even know who he was talking to, but he just didn’t even care anymore. He cared way more on actually getting the food than marry the two of you. He would be standing as well, giving a standing ovation after the amazing musical you had put on.

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V: His smile would be from ear-to-ear. He knew that doing this play was the one thing you had been looking forward to for months. So he was happy to see all the hard work finally pay off. He recited the lines along with you; having run them over and over with you. He bought you a stuffed bear, but he had told you that after your show he would take you somewhere very nice to eat. When you stepped of the stage, he wrapped you in a tight hug. “Jagi! I’m so proud of you!” He told you excitedly.

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Jungkook: He would be a tad bit jealous that he was not given the same opportunity, but then he would remember that you are just a really awesome person. He would applaud and laugh and tear up and get irritated along with the other admins as he falls completely into the storyline within the first hour. “Isn’t that a sign of a good actor? To make people think it is reality.” He pointed out as you felt a little sad because someone had told you that you were not as good as you thought you were in the musical.

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Pick On Someone Your Own Size

Characters: Teen!Reader, Gabriel, Dean, Sam, Cas
Words: 1045
Requested by Anonymous
Summary: When the reader starts acting strange at home, TFW and Gabriel decide they need to find out what’s going on. Gabriel goes undercover as a teenager to find out what was happening in the high school.

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Gabriel’s Point Of View

           Dean, Sam, Cas, and I all watched as Y/N got ready to leave for school. She packed everything she needed and sighed every few seconds. When one of us would say something or ask her something, she jumped at the sound of our voices and answered quickly and very quietly. She wasn’t acting like herself. And we were all getting a little worried about her. The past few weeks had really changed her.

           When she was gone, we all looked at each other, “I’m going to keep an eye on her,” I said without hesitation.

           “Right. You don’t really look like you fit in with the high school crowd, Gabriel,” Dean scoffed.

           “I don’t have to look like me, Bozo,” I said, “I’m capable of changing my form, remember. Archangel here.”

           “What are you going to do?” Sam asked.

           “I’m going to turn into a teenager and go see what’s making Y/N act so weird. I don’t like it.”

           They all sighed and nodded, “We don’t like it either,” Dean said.

           “I’ll check it out and see what’s what. I’ll let you know what I find out and see if I can fix it,” I said.

           They all nodded, “Let us know what we can do when you know.”

           “I will.”

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Ridiculous (Caspar Request)

~~~Caspar’s POV~~~
“Okay would you rather- Kiss (y/n) or kiss Gigi?” Joe asks Josh for the next question.
We were all sat around after filming and the idea of playing had just come up. Though I couldn’t help but get annoyed at their mentions of (y/n), also known as my girlfriend…
“That’s easy” Josh chuckles, “Its gotta be (y/n)”
“Hands down” Jack states, “Hottest YouTube girlfriend there is” He grins.
I glare at him straight away, my annoyance evident.
Deep down, I knew that nothing would ever happen with (y/n) and the guys, she was my girlfriend and that wasn’t going to change any time soon. Though, that didn’t stop me from getting annoyed at just how much they persisted to mention how ‘hot’ she was.
“Guys shut up” I roll my eyes, consciously hoping it would come off jokingly but make them stop all the same.
“Come on buddy, I think you got lucky there” Oli nudges me.
He was right. I was way too lucky. She was far out of my league and still she was dating me. For over a year. And every day I found myself questioning why. There wasn’t anything special about me to attract a girl like her. She was gorgeous, everything you could hope for in a girlfriend. She could get anybody and she chose me…
“Yeah bloody hell Caspar what’s your secret?” Mikey chuckles.
Before the guys can torture me anymore, a familiar walks through the door. (Y/n)
“Hey guys, I didn’t know you’d be here” She smiles to all of them, taking off her jacket.
“Of course” Joe replies, “Couldn’t leave without seeing our favourite”
My jaw clenches straight away.
“Well what can I say?” She chuckles and walks over to give me a kiss, “I’m just gonna get changed”
“Okay babe” I say and watch her walk away.
Part of me knows that I should forget about it, that there was nothing wrong. But the majority of me told my legs to stand and follow her. I hated them thinking of her like this.
She is just pulling her hair into a ponytail when I walk in.
“Hey babe, everything okay?” She frowns automatically.
“Yeah…” I look down.
“What’s wrong Caspar?” She questions, stepping forward to take my hand.
“Its just the guys” I sigh, “They spend the entire time they’re here just talking about how pretty you are or how lucky I am or how you could do better”
“You know they’re only joking, they’re all just trying to annoy you” She says truthfully.
“I know” I shuffle my foot on the floor, “Im being stupid”
“You’re being cute” She presses her lips to mine, “Even if it is stupid too”
I chuckle slightly and kiss her again.
“Just relax, they don’t mean any harm by it. And even if they did, they have no chance”
Soon enough, we head back out and the boys have decided to set up a camera to begin filming
~~~your POV~~~ “Wanna film with us (y/n)?” Joe asks as he adjusts one of the lights.
“No I’m okay, I’ll just help record” You smile and grab yourself some water.
“But we want you in the video” Josh pouts.
“Yeah come on gorgeous, you can help us with the questions” Caspar kisses your cheek.
You reluctantly agree and position yourself between Jack and Conor so that you are in the middle of the shot as they wanted.
As Jack tries to do his intro, Conor continues to jab at your sides, making you squeal.
“Conor quit it" You hit at his hand and he laughs
“Yeah Conor stop flirting” Mikey chuckles and you can see the look of hurt on your boyfriends face.
His eyes meet yours and you simply shake your head to remind him of your earlier promise.
He looks down and you see his lips curl into a smile.
“Are we getting on with this video or what?” You raise your brows and after that, Caspar knows the thought of the guys ever being anything more than one of your friends was one of the most ridiculous thoughts he could possibly fathom.
No skin thick enough: The daily harassment of women in the game industry

Content warning: This post contains graphic language, slurs and triggering content

This article is heartbreaking. And true.

There is a reason I throttled back on doing a lot of creative gaming content a few years ago. And why I still avoid taking some jobs in the gaming world when they’re offered to me. And why, when we have a female host on any of our Geek and Sundry gaming shows, we have to monitor the comments on YouTube extra, to remove the many comments that are offensive and pollute our community’s spirit of equality. Because I hate that shit. 

There is an endemic acceptance in the gamer world that “well, it comes with the territory” when a woman receives threats and harassment and the hateful anonymous internet dialogue is focused on her body and whether they would “do” her or not. I don’t know why this became okay. It’s a vocal minority that has been given way too much power over the industry dialogue, and I am so happy to see more and more articles like this shining the light on what reasonable gamer men and women have been conned into accepting as a given.

NOTHING is a given in this world. And frankly, it taints the art form we so love and keeps it back from becoming more respected and more diverse to not at least TRY to fight it. Gaming deserves more than complacency in this area.

Even posting this link will cause me to receive hateful Tumblr PMs. I can always tell when something I write gets linked on certain places on the internet (like 4 Chan or a few other forums of troll-hood), because I’ll immediately get dozens of hate mails along the veins of what is posted in this article. 

Well, I’m a lucky one to be prominent enough to have 10 supporters for every hater. I mostly feel sorry for girls and women who aren’t in my position, who may just give up on gaming when they’re too beaten down to fight anymore.

We have to change that. For the good of what we love doing, gamers! Okay, back to work :)

I’m All Yours

WARNING: A panic attack occurs during this one shot. Please don’t read if this may be a trigger for you.

The silence and glimmering light in my room doesn’t offer me any solace. It’s been months since she died, but it doesn’t hurt any less than it did the night I watched her die in my brother’s arms. My psychiatrist said it would get better—and it has—but I know the ache in my heart will never actually go away. Like the rest of the pack, I’ve learned to live with the dull throbbing in my chest. It’s not as noticeable any more, but it’s hasn’t lessened. Maybe that’s because my attention has been deterred.

Not long after Allison’s death, the school year ended, so we all started focusing on our rapidly approaching senior year and our post-graduation plans. Since we were born, Scott and I have been attached at the hip. Being twins you’d expect as much, I guess. When we’ve managed to catch some time alone over the past few months, Scott and I have been confided in each other about our worries for the future: what class we’re going to take senior, where we plan to go to college, how the supernatural will affect us in our final year and beyond, and so on.

One night Scott and I both confessed we want to go to the same college. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulder that night. I won’t be alone, I had thought happily. Scott had hugged me tightly, cheering about how we were going to take on UC Davis together. After growing so close to the pack over the past few years, I can’t imagine my life without them either—even Liam and Malia. Stiles and I are as close as Scott and I, so it’s no wonder he also wants to go to UC Davis with us. 

As I daydream, my eyes land on the photo of Scott, Stiles, and I from the time we went to the beach when were seven. We all had missing teeth, matching shirts, scraped knees and baby faces. My hair was in braided pig tails. I had one arm thrown around my brother and the other was wrapped around Stiles. We were sitting on a park bench that still had room left on it because we were so small. We were so young, making it hard to believe that we weren’t so young and innocent anymore. A smile breaks across my face at the sight of the photo. I’ve been so lucky to grow up with the two of them.

I’m  still in pain over Allison’s death, but it’s the little things—like this photo—that remind me that things can get better. I have the greatest friends a girl can ask for, and I’m not so sure what I’d ever do without them. In many ways, not much has changed since Allison died; the supernatural hasn’t bothered us (yet). Even though it’s different without Allison, Lydia and I still have our monthly girl nights. Kira and Malia join us on these nights too. Although Malia can be very blunt, we’ve gotten along very well since she joined the pack. Perhaps that’s because I’m a werewolf, and Scott paired me up with her from the get-go in order to teach her the ways of the supernatural.

When she first moved to Beacon Hills, Kira and I became fast friends. We happened to have all of our classes together this past school year. Our lockers were next to one another too. I was actually the one who introduced her to the pack her first week here. Liam joined our pack next after Scott gave him the bite. While the others, especially Stiles, were (and still are at times) very weary of Liam because of his anger issues, I didn’t hesitate to make him feel welcome in the pack. I know what it’s like to fight my own inner demons so I wasn’t going to let his anger issues get in the way of our friendship and him joining the pack. The pack has always joked that I’m like Liam’s long lost older sister because I’m so protective of him.

Without all of them, I’m sure that the past few months would have been even darker and more difficult for me. I didn’t just lose Allison that night. Danny and Ethan were my best friends so when they both left at the end of the school year, I was completely broken. They might not have been a part of our pack, but they were brothers to me nonetheless. I’ve clung to the pack in order to move on, and Isaac is probably the one that I’ve depended on the most. 

Before Allison’s death, Isaac and I were close, but not as close as we are now. When he first joined the pack, I looked out for him a lot because I knew about his past. He’s credited me for not going insane, especially since Allison died. I owe it to him for not letting my own demons get the best of me too. Isaac and I have been inseparable since that terrible night.

From going to the movie theater to bowling to taking road trips for no reason at all, Isaac has become an extremely important person in my life over the last six months. I’m not sure when exactly, but I started seeing him as more than a friend and I developed feelings for him. I haven’t dated anyone since I broke up with a soccer player a month or so before Allison’s death. As for Isaac, he hasn’t show any interest in dating since Allison died—or at least he hasn’t discussed it with me. In all honesty, I’m not sure if I’ll ever tell him about how I feel because I’m so terrified the feelings won’t be mutual.

There’s a soft tap on my open door. I sit up on my bed and notice that Isaac is standing in the doorway. He smiles at me softly. A few seconds have passed, and that’s when I realize we’re all supposed to be at the high school soon for senior activities.

“Fuck!” I gasp, looking at the clock on my bedside table that reads seven o’clock.

“It’s okay, Y/N,” Isaac says. “We’re not late. I just wanted to see if you wanted to go soon.”

“Sure,” I say. “Just let me change real fast.”

I get off my bed and glance back towards my door. Isaac is still standing in the doorway, watching me. With a wave of my hand, I gesture for him to come in.

“You don’t have to stay there, ya know,” I say giggling. “Come in and sit down.”

Isaac chuckles and takes a seat on the foot of my bed. I go to my closet in order to pick out a different outfit. I showered earlier after I got off work from Deaton’s, but I put comfy clothes to lounge around in. Tonight’s events aren’t fancy, but I want to look decent. I pull out a loose black v-neck t-shirt and a pair of dark, holey jeans. As I move to my dresser, I sit the outfit next to Isaac on my bed. Next, I take out a royal blue skirt (that hits just above me knee) from my dresser and sit that next to Isaac too. I approach my closet again and remove a red and blue plaid flannel.

I stop in front of Isaac who’s staring up at me. Placing my hands on my hips, I gaze at the two outfits I’ve chosen.

“Isaac,” I ask, “would you wear the t-shirt and jeans or would you wear the skirt with the t-shirt?”

Isaac smirks, “Well, I probably wouldn’t wear either, but I think that skirt looks nice on you. If I were you, I’d go with the skirt and t-shirt.”

I roll my eyes at him and pick up the skirt. My gaze rests on him again.

“Can you look the other way?” I ask him softly.

Isaac covers his eyes as he stands up and walks toward my desk on the opposite side of the room. I’ve known Isaac for a year, and I’m so comfortable around him that I don’t mind if stays in the room (as long as he doesn’t look). As I change, I watch him closely, hoping he doesn’t notice. He’s so tall yet lean and fit at the same time. I notice that he picks up a picture frame to get a better look; his hands are so much larger than mine. I wonder how it’d feel to hold his hand, I think, and intertwine our fingers. I switch t-shirts and tuck my shirt into my skirt.

“You can look now,” I inform him.

When he turns around, he’s holding a different picture frame in his hand. I tie the flannel around my waist and watch Isaac as he approaches me. Isaac turns it around to show me once he’s standing about a foot or so away. A soft giggle escapes my lips when I see the photo. The picture is of Isaac and I two months ago. We were at the lacrosse field with Stiles and Scott. Isaac was wearing his home jersey while I was wearing a Beacon Hills t-shirt of his. It was so long on me that it nearly covered my shorts entirely. I had found it on the hallway floor outside our rooms that morning; he had dropped it when he took his clean laundry to his room. I picked it up and decided to wear it because the boys were in such a rush to leave to go to the field.

In the photo, Isaac has one arm around my shoulder and the other around my lower back, tugging me close to him. We’re facing each other with our arms wrapped tightly around one another. I’ve always loved his hugs; his hugs make me feel safe. I’m so short standing next to him. My head is just below his shoulders and my arms are hugging him just above his hips. I can’t remember why we had taken the picture, but I’m glad we did because I have so few of us together. Since I was a kid, I’ve been crazy about taking photos and printing them out so that I can have them scattered around my room.

“I never knew you got this one printed,” Isaac says after a moment.

I smile and say, “It’s the only one I have printed of the two of us. I wanted to have one of us to put with all the other pictures I have in here.”

Isaac goes to say something, but he’s interrupted before he can even get a word out.

“C’mon, let’s go!” Scott cheers. “I want to get there before Kira.”

I look towards the door and see a smiling Scott standing in the doorway. We tell him we’re coming. Isaac sets the photo back, and we follow Scott downstairs. The three of us pile into my car and head towards the high school. Joking and laughing, the three of us enjoy the short car ride together. When we get to the school, we find Stiles and Malia immediately. Malia and I start chatting like it’s been weeks since we last saw each other, even though it’s only been a day. Isaac stands quietly by my side as Scott takes off to go after Kira.

More and more people arrive each minute. After a few minutes, I realize that Isaac hasn’t spoken that much. I sneak a glance at him to find him already staring at me. Isaac smiles at me, making me blush slightly. I look back towards Malia, hoping that Isaac doesn’t notice my rapidly beating heart. Malia grins at me because she notices it. I shove her playfully in the arm. Finally, Scott and Kira return so the six of us head towards the school’s entrance. I’m excited for tonight, but it just doesn’t feel right without Allison.

The two couples enter the building hand-in-hand. I wish Isaac and I could do that too. I shake the sad thought away and gaze up at Isaac. There’s a huge smile on his face, and it’s obvious that he’s ecstatic about tonight too. We find Lydia and start to wander through the school’s halls. I’m silent, trying to take in everything. I don’t want to miss anything; I want to remember every moment because there’s only so many of these moments left with my friends.

We take a turn and walk down a familiar hallway. I always try to avoid this hall as much as possible. During sophomore and junior year, Allison and I had lockers next to each other on this hall. Isaac and the other boys had lockers directly across the hall from us. I try not to let my eyes fall on her locker that’s near the end of the hall. To my left, I hear Isaac inhale sharply. I look up at him to make sure he’s okay. There’s fear in his eyes. His breathing is jagged and his hands are shaking.

“Isaac,” I say and reach out to touch his arm.

“I can’t—my lungs—I can’t breathe,” Isaac pants. His hands are gripping his chest.

I stop him and put my hands on his shoulders. Isaac looks everywhere but in my direction.

“Look at me,” I say calmly. Isaac eyes dart around nervously. “Isaac, look at me.”

He keeps looking around so I cup his face between my hands. Isaac’s eyes finally rest on mine. His breathing is very irregular. He’s wheezing loudly, trying to gasp for air. I keep my expression and body language calm in hopes that it will calm him down. I’m aware of how the pack has stopped too, but I don’t dare take my focus off Isaac.

I push down softly on his shoulders. “Sit down, Isaac.”

Isaac sits down with his back against the lockers. I kneel in front of him. I rub circles with my thumb on the back of one his hands. Isaac is still looking me in the eye, and his eyes are wide with terror.

“Take a deep breath in,” I say, not peeling my eyes away from his.

Isaac tries too, but it’s not enough. I tell him to breathe out, continuing with this process a few times. With each breathe, Isaac starts to appear better, but he’s still not breathing well. I take his other hand and place it over my heart. His hand is trembling on my chest so I place mine over it to keep it from shaking so much. Surprisingly, my heart is calm. Thank God, I think.

“You feel that?” I ask him evenly. Isaac nods frantically. “Can you match your breathing to my heart rate? You’ve just got to take long, deep breaths. Let’s count again.”

I start counting, and Isaac starts breathing in and out again. A couple minutes later his breathing has returned to normal. Neither of us speaks at first; the pack is silent too. Other seniors keep walking around us, not realizing what’s happened. I let go of Isaac’s hand (the hand that’s not covering my heart) and ruffle his hair. Isaac grins widely. My heart skips a beat when I see his beautiful smile.

“Thank you,” Isaac whispers.

“Any time, Lahey,” I smirk.

A faint blush rises on his cheeks when I call him by his last name.

“I might not be a werewolf,” Stiles says, “but it doesn’t take much to notice that both of your hearts are probably fluttering a mile a minute.”

I don’t turn around to face Stiles as I roll my eyes. Instead, I simply flip him off, making everyone, including Isaac, laugh loudly. Isaac is staring at me. He’s searching my eyes to see what I actually think of Stiles’ comment. I don’t break eye contact with him and I hope that he realizes how I feel about him.

“I really like you, you know,” Isaac says. “I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while, and I was hoping to tell you in a very different setting. You might think I’m crazy. Well, I know you think I’m kind of strange. It’s just that I’m crazy about you. It’s kind of terrifying because I like you so much, and I’ve never felt this head over heels before. I love spending time with you, Y/N. I don’t want to lose you. And I hope you feel the same.”

Isaac takes a deep breath and continues, “I guess I’ll never know if I don’t shut up.”

“Isaac, believe it or not,” I begin, “I really, really like you too. You’re weird, but so am I. We’re kind of the same weird if you haven’t noticed it over the last year or so. But as long as you’re willing to put up with me, I’ll always be yours.”

Isaac smiles happily. He removes his hand from my chest and places it on my cheek. He closes the short distance between us and kisses me gently on the lips. Lydia squeals with excitement and Stiles pretends to choke. I pull away after a moment. When I open my eyes, Isaac is already looking at me with a big grin on his face. I glance at the others in time to see my brother fist bump the air enthusiastically. Kira claps and smiles at me. Malia winks at me, knowing that this would happen eventually.

Isaac tugs at my hands and asks if I’m ready to stand. He wraps an arm around my shoulder once we’re standing up; his hand is dangling over my right shoulder in front of me so I hold it with my right hand. For a little bit, we all chat. Not a single one of us wants to rush because then that means another moment is over.

“We better go if we want to sign the bookshelf,” I say to the others.

They all agree so we head towards the library. We get in line to sign the bookshelf when we arrive in the library. I look up and down the line, trying to remember all of the faces of my classmates as they are now. This is one of our last moments together as a class. When did we grow up so quickly? My heart sinks when I think about those of us who didn’t make it this far. Some kids moved and some fell victim to the supernatural. Either way it’s still sad to think about. My mind trails to thoughts of Danny and Ethan. They would’ve been standing right next to me, I’m certain of it. I desperately wish they were here.

Isaac squeezes my hand, letting me know it’s okay. He must have noticed a change in my heartbeat, I conclude. Chatting and joking with the pack makes the time fly by fast. Before I know it, we’re all signing the bookshelf. Scott and I are the last two of the pack to sign it. I already know that my initials aren’t the only ones I’ll be writing. I’m behind Scott so I see him sign Allison’s initials. Scott turns to hand me the pen with a bittersweet expression. I see that Isaac signed Erica and Boyd’s initials as well as his own. I sign Danny, Ethan, and even Aiden’s initials by mine. Then, I hand the pen to the person behind me.

I take my place back next to Isaac. Isaac kisses my temple, making me blush.

“It was nice of you to sign Aiden’s initials,” Isaac mumbles. “Ethan and Danny would have been right behind you in line, you know. You guys were like the Three Musketeers.”

“I miss them,” I reply. I rest my head on his chest. “I miss them—and her—a whole fucking lot.”

Isaac nods to let him me know he understands.

“They would’ve been here,” Scott says, hugging Kira.

We all share looks and try not to fill the gaps between us with their faces.

“They still are,” Lydia corrects him.

With that, we all agree to go to the lacrosse field. You’d think we’d grow tired of the lacrosse field, but it’s always been our place. Since freshman year, Scott, Stiles, and I have always hung out there. Whenever we’re lost, confused, upset, angry, or whatever, we come here. If anything good ever happens, we celebrate on the field. Because of this, it only makes sense to go out there now. I tug Isaac towards the field when we exit the building. Isaac laughs at me excitement.

We all race towards the field. We push and shove each other to be the first ones there. As we step on the field, I hop on my brother’s back. Scott spins in circles with me laughing loudly on his back. He sets me back down after a bit and he chases Kira around the field.

“We’re probably going to get rained on,” Isaac says casually.

The others cheer at the thought. We’re all like children, excited to have the chance to play in the rain.

“What?” I ask. “Are you afraid of a little rain, Lahey?”

Isaac smirks and puts his hands on either side of my waist. He pulls me closer to him. Isaac puts a loose strand of hair behind my hair. My braid is slowly falling out. I wrap my arms around his neck and smile widely up at him.

“I’m not afraid of anything as long as I have you by my side,” Isaac responds seriously.

I stand on my tiptoes, but I’m still not able to reach his lips on my own. Isaac leans forward so I can kiss him on the lips. This kiss is much more passionate than our first, but not too much since we’re in public. Right here, right now I forget about my demons and my heartache. Isaac rests his forehead against mine when we pull apart. A simple look from him is enough to knock the wind out of me. At the moment, nothing else matters. Despite my demons and insecurities, I’ve never been this happy in months. I don’t want to lose Isaac either so I hold him tighter.

Isaac picks me up and lifts me over his shoulder. I squeal and laugh as he runs around the field with the rest of the pack. Right here, right now this moment is all that matters. Laughing with my best friends and boyfriend is all that will ever truly matter.

Whatever you do, don’t imagine Gabriel Agreste arranging for his son to be married to Chloe Bourgeois for business benefits, then Adrien protesting because he doesn’t want to get married for any reason other than love, and Gabriel scoffs because he doesn’t believe in love ever since his wife left (I have no clue if she canonically left or died???), so he says to Adrien that if he can get somebody to fall in love with him and agree to marry him in a week he won’t make Adrien marry Chloe, but if he can’t he has to marry her and start learning about the business so that he can be Gabriel’s successor (and let’s just assume Adrien doesn’t want that). So Adrien, being a hopeless romantic dork, accepts the challenge.

But Gabriel decides he’s going to make things difficult and announces to the public that Adrien Agreste is going to marry Chloe Bourgeois, so everyone knows he’s engaged and “off the market”.

Which breaks the heart of one Marinette Dupain-Cheng, who had decided that after years of crushing on her friend, Adrien, she was going to finally confess her feelings to him on that very day. With her shattered heart, Marinette decides that love can’t possibly be worth this pain, and decides that she will never fall in love again (in the face of crippling heartbreak and disappointment, her dramatics can be understood).

And while Marinette’s heart gets stamped on, Adrien realises that he’s not going to be able to get anyone to fall in love with him as Adrien, not after the announcement of his engagement… So he’s going to have to woo a very special somebody as Chat Noir, and reveal his identity to her later (only if she falls in love with him though, he firmly acknowledges that there is a very real possibility she may not end up loving him before he week is up).

And who else would he possibly woo other than the Luckiest Ladybug in all of Paris?



If you imagine this you will have many, many feelings. But if you imagine this and then listen to the Elephant Love Medley and imagine Ladybug and Chat Noir singing this on the rooftops of Paris with lovers below their feet, you will have A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT MORE FEELINGS AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP FEELING THESE THINGS.

AND DO NOT THEN IMAGINE THE REVEAL SCENE IN WHICH LADYBUG TELLS CHAT THAT SHE LOVES HIM AND CHAT, WITH HIS HEART BURSTING OUT OF HIS CHEST, GRABS HER FACE AND KISSES HER TENDERLY AND EXCITEDLY AND THANKS EVERY DEITY THERE IS IN THE WORLD THAT SHE EXISTS AND THAT SHE LOVES HIM BACK. AND THEN HE TELLS HER TO CLOSE HER EYES AND SHE DOES AND SHE’S LIKE “What are you doing you silly cat?” AND WHEN SHE OPENS HER EYES HE’S ON ONE KNEE AS ADRIEN WITH HIS OWN FUCKING RING IN HIS HAND LIKE “Ladybug, will you make me the luckiest Chat in the known universe?” AND THEN LADYBUG STARES AT HIM AND SHE’S SPEECHLESS AND CONFUSED AND BEWILDERED AND SHE WANTS TO SAY SO MUCH LIKE HOW HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HER IDENTITY, SHE WANTS TO ASK HIM HOW SHE COULD HAVE POSSIBLY MISSED THAT HER PARTNER AND HER BEST FRIEND WAS HER CRUSH FOR YEARS AND HOW HE COULD POSSIBLY ASK HER TO MARRY HIM WHEN HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW HER IDENTITY BUT ALL THAT COMES OUT IS “You’re engaged.” And Adrien’s face falls a bit and he shakes his head and starts to tell her that he didn’t arrange that engagement, it was all his dad and he wants to marry for love so he wants to marry her. And Ladybug is so shocked, she doesn’t know what to do. Her heart and her mind are screaming at her to do something but they’re not offering up any ideas on what exactly she should do. So she starts to back up, stuttering halfway through the questions she wants to ask but never finishing them. And Adrien’s face is falling and his heart is breaking because she’s pulling away. AND THEN BOOM!!! Ladybug’s last spot vanishes, she hadn’t even noticed that her transformation was running out because she was so caught up in Chat, except he’s actually Adrien and she’s so confused and in a flash of light she’s Marinette and still confused. And Adrien is looking at her and she can see him putting all the pieces of the puzzle together, all her poorly excused disappearances whenever an Akuma appeared, the familiarity of her eyes, her laugh, her movements, her smile and he’s astounded because the beautiful, smart, talented girl who has been his friend for years, the girl who he always thought “if I wasn’t already in love I would be in love with her”, turned out to be the beautiful, smart, talented masked girl he’s been in love with for years. And he’s happy because Marinette has always been there for Adrien ever since she built up the courage to get out full sentences to him, is the same girl as Ladybug, who’s always been there for Chat Noir. But Marinette is still dreadfully confused and upset because she was just getting over Adrien, only to fall for him again, and he was engaged!! And now she’s starting to freak out because he knows that she’s Marinette now, what if he doesn’t love her anymore because she’s Marinette? And Adrien, distressed at the confusion and fear of rejection and heartbreak that’s plain on her face, does the only thing he can think of and kisses her softly, then rests his forehead against hers and whispers “You can’t possibly understand just how lucky I am to be in love with you, Marinette.” And Marinette looks into his eyes and starts to smile, and THEY GET MARRIED AND ARE IN LOVE AND THEN WHEN THEY’RE OLD AND WRINKLED THEY WALK DOWN THE STREETS OF PARIS WITH THEIR HANDS CLASPED TOGETHER AND JOYOUS LAUGHS ON THEIR LIPS AND THEIR WEDDING RINGS REFLECTING THE CITY OF LIGHTS.

onemuseleft  asked:

I spent eight hours at work doing key inventory and came home so exhausted I passed out fully dressed for four hours. I'd kill for fic. Maybe a fic where Steve realizes he and Tony have been together almost a year now and he suddenly realizes he has no idea when their anniversary is?

okay, i’m sorry but this is only part of a fic, but i hope it helps a little anyway because UGH, INVENTORY.

Steve is watching Tony give a press conference on the TV, admiring how put together he looks, particularly in the wool overcoat he’s wearing. His nose and cheeks are flushed and Steve’s pretty sure he could look and look and look all day and never get tired of the sight.

“That is the sappiest face I have ever seen a human person make,” Clint declares from the doorway.

Steve hardly ever flinches anymore when the others tease them. He loves Tony, he doesn’t care who knows it or what gave it away. “That’s just because you can’t see yourself looking at Lucky.”

“Ooh, you cut me deep, Cap,” he replies, but Steve can hear him grinning. He flops down on the couch and offers Steve the sleeve of Girl Scout cookies in his hand. Steve glances at them, realizes they’re Tony’s Samosas and takes two.

“Tony’s going to kill you when he finds out you ate these.”

Clint shrugs. “Month or so and he’ll be able to buy more.”

“A month is a long time to deprive Tony of Samosas.”

“I’ll be sure to tell him it was you then.”

Steve grins. “He’ll never believe you.”

Clint sighs. “That’s probably true. What day’s your anniversary, anyway? I need to make sure I’m anywhere but here that night.”

Steve opens his mouth to respond and nothing comes out. He draws a blank. He furrows his brow and thinks about it, hard, skims through his memories. Still nothing.

He doesn’t realize how long it’s been until Clint sits upright next to him and twists around, eyes wide. “You don’t know?”

“I know!” Steve protests automatically, but his heart is starting to beat a rapid tattoo against his breastbone, cold sweat breaking out under his arms. Doesn’t he? Oh, god.

“Okay, didn’t call that one,” Clint says. “I totally thought Tony would be the anniversary forgetter in that relationship. Wow.”

Steve wracks his brain, but he can’t come up with a date. He should have written it down. He should have, he should have—

It was—it can’t have been in December, he would have remembered if it happened around Christmas, right? So it must have been January, if they did something last year for Valentine’s Day, and Steve feels like that’s right, although right now he’s blanking on that, too.

Oh, god.

Tony had playfully mentioned it when they had their six month anniversary and they’d had really, fantastically good sex in celebration, what day had that been?

“Oh, fuck,” he groans, burying his head in his hands. “Clint, what am I going to do?”

“Well, I think that’s kind of obvious, Cap, you’re gonna play detective and figure out when the hell it is, hopefully before it happens.”

“You remember we went out on Valentine’s Day, but not our first date?” Steve snaps and Clint frowns at him.

“Hey, he’s not my boyfriend.”

Steve grimaces. “I know. You’re right, god, I’m sorry. I’m just—”

“Wigging out.”

“I have to go. I have to go—figure this out.”

“Yeah, Cap,” Clint says, watching over the back of the couch as he beats it, “you do that.”

For Sale: Healthy Five-Year-Old Girl - Free, To a Good Home

original / this text is the first in a loosely-connected Craiglist series! The rest of the rockin’ stories can be found on the author’s reddit here

I work as a paid administrator for Craigslist - a site that, I’ll admit, has had a pretty spotty reputation over the years. My job is largely to find and take down ads that breach Craigslist’s terms of service, so, naturally, I’ve seen some pretty strange and upsetting posts over my tenure. But this isn’t about me, it’s about the strangest ad I’ve ever had to remove.

I’ve omitted some of the personal details and the pictures that the seller had included, but aside from that, this is the full and unabridged transcript of a post entitled “For Sale: Healthy Five-Year-Old Girl – Free, To a Good Home.”

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