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Hollywood: A Story

Being the wandering magician of an era means many things. Most people know few of them, for which I’ve had many occasions to be grateful. It does mean that no door is closed to my wandering, but the door I reach for practically flings itself open in an embrace. I pull wards about myself. This is not a city with strong wards, but I find a few in people waiting for their big breaks, in the manic energy driving creators onward, and some from the frantic desperation that fills the area like seeds gone to rot.

The reception area is small. It would be bland except every painting bought from a catalogue has broken and struck the floor. The computer screens are cracked, the receptionist a quivering heap under his desk. I reach out, but he mewls and flinches back from a touch. I reach out with the magic, but find no way past or around fear. I stand, spread my senses outward. Fear. Terror. Confusion. No one dead, but some terrible trauma has imprinted itself in this place and I have no idea what the source is yet.

I have allies. But I have no wish to call Jay or Charlie in, not and risk them being hurt as well. Charlie can eat gods, and Jay is eleven and from far Outside the universe. I can do things they cannot. They can be things I cannot. But part of that is knowing what not to risk.

The hallway contains shadows too scared to not be normal. I walk down it. Offices. Meeting rooms. Everyone hiding, cowering, a few shaken sobs emerging like fractured applause. Something about a TV show; I get that much, but it’s not exactly a surprise in Hollywood. There are broken doors, shattered trinkets, damaged posters. It is nothing I can’t repair, but for some reason that worries me more. I walk faster, down one hallway, another, to large double doors that shape the viewing habits of generations.

“Don’t – please. We didn’t know,” a man’s voice begs from the other side of the door.

“You cancelled a TV show that Charlie liked!”

“We don’t know what Charlie is. Please. What are you?!”

I close my eyes. I think several words in the silence of my head. The doors open when I push them, even if they’re only meant to be pulled. I think they’re wise to my mood.

Jay is standing in the middle of what used to be an office. He is eleven. And glaring at a man cowering in the wreckage of a chair at the far end of the room. Jay looks entirely human. Even to magicians, he passes as human. The remains of the office prove otherwise: every binding in here is broken, and the laptop is making noises technology isn’t meant to make.

I walk inside. Jay turns, sees me and offers up the kind of friendship only innocence can put into a huge grin.

Get out.” I thrust power into my voice, and the bindings between us.

Jay freezes a moment, eyes wide, and he vanishes a moment later.

I relax minutely as the bindings between us remain active, focus back on the present. “Who are you?”

The man babbles his name, asks about me, what the monster was, fumbling over words.

“Nothing you need to concern yourself with.”

“But there is a story here. Supernatural, but with –.”


He stands. There is a magic to this place that isn’t of magicians. Driving him. Infecting him. “Demons as boys who look normal, girls as the angels to capture the 18 to 39 demographics –.”

I hold his gaze, draw the magic up about me. A word. A wound. A promise. Being a magician is always more than magic, and I let him see something of that. “If you try this, the boy will find out. You really, really don’t want to have him thinking you thought he was a demon.”

“But –. I –.That –.”

“You cancelled a TV show.” A nod. “That hurt the feelings of a friend of his. Imagine if you hurt his feelings.”

The man sits back down. The magic of the place flees, shattered entirely.

I walk back outside. Take a deep breath. Walk a good block before making a call on my phone.

Jay appears beside me, flings himself in for a hug. “That was really good, Honcho!”


“You scared the really mean unfriend of Charlie’s a lot and almost made me think you were mean to a Jay!”

“You scared a lot of people in there, Jay.”

“Charlie was pretty mad, and I thought I’d do a helping but maybe I kinda did an oops,” he says, almost making it a question

“And it’s one you need to fix. I didn’t fix it.” Jay pulls back in surprise. “You have to do in, fix all t he bindings and apologize. TV shows are cancelled for many reasons, Jay. And Charlie should have known better.”

“Oh!” Jay vanishes. A few people in the street stare, convince themselves they didn’t see anything at all.  

I find the closest coffee shop, get a coffee. Twenty minutes after that, I get a hot chocolate. Jay enters at closer to the thirty minute mark, looking dazed.

“It was really hard to fix all those bindings, Honcho!”

“I know. But sometimes fixing your own oopses is important so you never do them again.”

Jay drinks his hot chocolate back in a gulp and nods firmly. “I’ll make sure Charlie knows that!”

He vanishes again.

I pay for the drinks and walk out with a sigh.

Changing Seasons At The Army Base

Character: Sooyoung (SNSD)
Word count: 2023
Summary: While volunteering for the army, Sooyoung finds herself drawn to a lonely soldier | #fluff

a/n: I hope this is what you were looking for! And I chose Sooyoung since there’s not enough Sooyoung around :/

Originally posted by girl-groups

Though the winter had been long, the first signs of the season changing began to bloom, the days getting longer, air less bitter, flowers beginning to sprout. Spring was coming. And this was a Spring unlike any other that Sooyoung had experienced, as it was the season when Sooyoung met you.

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OK I hope this isn’t too cheesy but I had to get something off my chest…

Can I just say that I love @swazzswhore 

She’s the kind of person to make time to just randomly message you, reminding you that you’re loved and spreading nothing but kind words. 

I’m terrible at maintaining contact, yet she still hits me up now and then just to put a smile on my face. 

Babe, a round of applause and appreciation for your personality 💜

If you’re not following her already, check her out & Send her some Love :) 

5 years later im still mad that “Judas” didn’t get the iconic award show performance that singles like “Paparazzi” “Applause” “Bad Romance” “Born This Way” and “Yoü And I” received. that song should have been a massive hit for its batshit insanity alone. like can some one pls tell me more original/ridiculous/brilliant lyrics that have been in pop radio in the last five years than in that songs breakdown alone?

French Mistake (Marvel)

There was a flash of light. 

“Y/N. Y/N wake up.” You heard Tony say. “What happened?” You groaned. “I have no clue. Get up, I don’t have a good feeling about this.” Tony said to you and you chuckled. “Tony Stark, feeling unsure about something, if the world could see.” You said sarcastically as you looked around your surroundings. 

“Where are we?” You asked. “Some room. Come on.” Tony shrugged as you both walked out the room. A man then walked up to you guys, “Mister Downey, you have a meeting in five minutes about the new Avengers’ movie.”

“Please, call me Tony. Where will the meeting be?” Tony asked, acting as if nothing was different. “Mrs. Evans, Mr.Evans said to meet him in his dressing room.” A women told you.

“Just a minute.” You smiled and she walked away. “Where the hell are we?” You whispered into Tony’s ear. “No idea, but I am loving it.” Tony smiled as you two began to walk. “Mr. Downey, so nice of you to meet us. Mrs.Evans, will you be joining us on the interview?” A women asked you.


“No, she is actually meeting up with Mr. Evans.” Tony smiled at the women. “Yup, I, I’ll see you later.” You told them then walked around the place. 

There was lots of camera and people. You then saw Steve talking to Clint. “Y/N, hey.” Steve smiled as he waved to you. You sighed happily and walked over to them. “Oh thank god. I thought I was losing my mind.” You told them. 

“I’ll leave you two alone, Joss wants me to redo a scene, so…” Then he walked off. “Who’s Joss?” You asked Steve and he laughed, “You are so adorable.” He laughed. “Where are we?” You asked him. 

“On set.” He told you and you looked at him confused, “For the movie.” He continued, “For Age of Ultron.” He said. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You told him. 

“How many times did they make you jump out that window?” He asked concerned. “Let me get this straight, I’m an actress?” You asked him. “The best.” He smiled. 

“And we’re filming a movie about the Avengers?” 

“Yeah, but we better hurry or else you’re going to be late.” He said as he looked at his watch. “Late for what?” You asked as you began to walk side by side. “Well, we don’t want to be late for the award show, do we?” He asked sarcastically. 


This is your house?” You asked as you two walked in, it wasn’t as big as the Avengers’ Tower, but it wasn’t small either. “Our house.” He smirked as he gave you a kiss on your cheek, and your eyes widened. 

“Now get ready.” He told you as he wondered off. You walked around until you found were you might be sleeping and kept your clothes. When you found the bedroom, you saw that were was a beautiful black gown set on the bed.


“So your married, Cap?” Tony teased as you opened the front door. “How did you find the house?” You asked him as you let him in. “Please, I’m Tony Stark.” He scoffed. “Well, in this Universe I’m Robert.” He shrugged. 

“How did we get here?” You asked him. “Some really, really powerful magic.” He said. “Do you think it was the twin?” You asked him. “Maybe.” He sighed. “How are going to get back?” You asked him. 

“I don’t think we can.” He told you. “I can’t live here, like this.” You said as you pointed at the dress. “I think you look wonderful.” Tony smirked. “Shut up.” You groaned. 

“Robert, hey!” You heard Evans say. “Dorito!” Tony responded, and you gave him an odd look then they hugged. Evans laughed, “So, you coming to the show with us?” He asked. 

“Wouldn’t miss it.” Tony smiled. “Well, we better go.” Evans said as he gave you a soft kiss on your lips. Tony smiled, “Let’s go.” 


“Dorito?” You whispered. “I did some research and apparently Robert is very much like myself. Your husbands name is Chris Evans and you two are such an adorable couple.” He told you. 

“What else?” You asked. “Well, We’re actors for a company that makes movies about comic books.” He added. “And?” You asked him, trying to get as much information as possible. 

“I went to prison for three years. You and Chris have been dating for a couple years, and got married a year ago.” 

“Come on, we first walk the red carpet then enter the stadium.” Chris smiled and you returned it. Someone from the outside opened the door and Chris took your hand as you two walked out. 

“Mrs. Evans, over here!” 

“Mr. Evans, do you think that you’ll be having kids soon?” A man shouted. “I hope so!” Chris laughed and you chuckled. 


You took a couple pictures and answered a few questions to the best of your ability. During the award show, Chris held onto your hand and you always got some snarky comment from Tony. 

“Now, for the nominees for best action movie actor!” A women shouted. 

“Liam Hemsworth.” Then a small clip of a movie showed. 

“Chris Pratt.” There was a loud applause for him. 

“Chris Evans” There was an even louder applause and he placed his head on your shoulder, “You smell amazing.” He whispered. “Well, I try.” You told him and he laughed. 

“Andrew Garfield.” A clip showed, “Is that-” 

“Peter.” Tony whispered back. “And the winner is….Chris Evans!” The woman shouted and the stadium filled with applause. He kissed your lips and you clapped for him. 

He walked up the stairs and began to speak. “Thank you.” He began to say and people continued to cheer. “Uh…I don’t win stuff, so this is kinda cool. Thank you, thank you! The people, the people that voted. I’ll say, that 30, 40% of the votes were my mom.” 

“I also want to thank my beautiful wife, she is so supportive and working with her, it just makes the long days so much better.” He smiled. Tony then nudged, “He’s so in love with you.” 

“He’s in love with the woman that plays me.” You told him, Chris’ speech must have ended because a loud applause followed. 


“Your staying over?” Chris asked Tony as we got to the house. “Yeah…thought me and Y/N could run through some lines before we shoot tomorrow.” Tony responded. “Okay, don’t take so long.” Chris smiled as he kissed your cheek and walked off. 

“Is there anyway we can leave here?” You asked him. “What? Not enjoying being kissed by Cap?” He teased. “Tony, I’m being serious! Thor, Bruce, Nat, Clint, Steve, they could all be dead.” You told him. 

“I was going through somethings, and I think I found a way to get out of here.” He told you. “When did you find out?” You asked him. “A few hours ago.” He told you. “And you didn’t tell me?” You asked him. 

“I wanted to go to the award show.” He shrugged. “You’re Tony-freaking-Stark, you can go to award shows whenever you want.” You told him. “Just let me enjoy this before we go back to out universe.” He said. 

“Okay.” You calmed down. 

“Let’s just go to sleep.” He shrugged. “You, on the couch.” You told him. “What? You’ve got like four rooms in this place.” He said. “Couch.” 

“Okay, fine.” Tony gave him. 


“Tony. Y/N, wake up.” You heard Chris say. “Go to sleep, Chris. I don’t wanna go shoot.” You groaned, but then smelt blood. “Chris?” You opened your eyes. “Who’s Chris?” You heard Steve say. 

“Steve?” You asked. “Yeah, you okay?” He asked, holding his arm. “What happened?” You asked him. “Wanda, she brought you back.” He told you. “Where’s Tony?” You asked looking around the rubble. 

“He’s in the hospital, Nat and Clint took him.” Steve said as you gave him a hug. He groaned a little because of his arm, but hugged back. “Are you okay?” He asked. 

“Yeah, just really glad to see you.” You told him. 

So that’s what happens when I’m rushed by my sister. Sorry for any mistakes!

itsvananas  asked:

can you kill a devil, pls share me your lore logic.

If devils can be killed, then it certainly isn’t easy! They’re tougher, stronger and faster than any Londoner, and probably more technologically advanced to boot. There’s already been one attempted invasion of Hell, so surely someone out there knows something about their mortality.

Let’s ask the Regretful Soldier!

“No! You weren’t there! You don’t know! They took us! They took our souls! I’m as brave as any man alive, and I’m not going back there. You can’t kill a devil. You can’t kill a devil. You can’t kill a devil.’”


Maybe we should get a second opinion?

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Can you share some of your headcanons for Tony please? Or some fluffy fics. Having a bit of a bad night..

Hi anon! I’m sorry, I must have gone to bed right as you sent this, but here’s some fluffy stuff I haven’t posted before:

If you want to send me a prompt for something specific you’d like, I can write it when I get home from work later!

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Update of the day!

As of today, L has finished her exams (round of applause!) and without giving her proper time to rest, I made her translate HnR 70 with me (I’m evil like that). I’ll give a proper recap and commentary soon enough but I’ll just say some things about this chapter.


  • So for the first time in HnR, Mamura got a POV in the form of a narration,but it was mainly about Shishio and his fickleness so that was a bummer
  • On the bright side, since Yamamori has started giving Mamura his own narration, it can be said that this is something that will continue…so get prepared to see Mamura in a new light
  • Mamura wins. (I mean c'mon, he’s a horse - he won’t be beaten by a smoker lol :3)
  • Suzume and Shishio have more interactions in this chapter and they do a bit of reminiscing
  • Suzume gets confused about her feelings (again, not anything new)
  • My boy Mamura though… I don’t know what’s going to happen next chapter but that scene was so CLICHE! I mean him walking into them two? Been there, done that.
  • I don’t want to see him heartbroken though. Sad Mamura is something I want to avoid at all costs :’(

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"I audition to model in your music video and we end up hitting it off" AU with Klaine

*blink blink*

Klaine Bingo : Video

All it took was one video for Blaine to fall in love with One Three Hill, a coverband from Bushwick that is as stunning as the trio is fashionable.

There is Dani, bright blue hair tied in a perfect hairdo and smart suits worn with high heels.

Then there is Elliott, with his strong shoulders and the sparkles on his lapel that catch the light just as surely as his piercings.

God he looks confident in his own body and boy, why wouldn’t he?

But that’s nothing compared to the group’s official leader.

Blaine doesn’t even try to keep his deep sigh to himself as he thinks the name: Kurt.

Ah, Kurt.

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How Deep Breath went:
  • Doctor: SHUT UP!
  • Clara: Doctor, you're not the same man anymore!
  • Doctor: How long can you hold your breath?
  • Madame Vastra & Jenny: *Kiss*
  • Matt Smith: I miss you. Clara, I'm right in front of you, you just can't see me.
  • Doctor: Do you want to get some coffee... or chips... or something?
  • Clara: Coffee. Coffee would be great.
  • A big round of applause for Moffat and Peter Capaldi. Thank you for brightening me up and then miserably destroying me.