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making a living solely by making and selling art is unrealistic. struggling to survive because you romanticize the idea of being a starving artist is doing yourself a disservice. sorry to burst your bubble. maybe spending less time on tumblr would afford you time to get a job and make art? food for thought.

Unrealistic for you maybe! My income is none of your business but I can assure you I am not “struggling to survive”. Like at all. And I am living solely by making art, the thing that makes me happy the most. Stop trying to get people down, LIVING BY SELLING ART IS POSSIBLE. Difficult maybe, but not impossible. And about Tumblr, (which I use for like two hours a day since a lot of posts are queued) couting on almost 200,000 dear followers I got the perfect spot for sharing my pictures and make money from people that buy my art (which I will never be grateful enough, thank you for supporting me!!). Social networks can be powerful if used in the correct ways.. However sending people ugly anonymous messages is definitely not one of them, so maybe you should be the one spending less time on Tumblr and get a job  :)