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the ultimate heathers lyric starter meme ( act 2 )


  • ❛  You wait just a minute, (name)!  ❜
  • ❛  It’s ignorant, hateful talk like yours that makes this world a place that they could not live in.  ❜
  • ❛  They were not dirty!  ❜
  • ❛  They were not wrong!  ❜
  • ❛  They were two lonely verses in the Lord’s great song.  ❜
  • ❛  Our boys were pansies, (name)!  ❜
  • ❛  Yes! My boys a homosexual, and that don’t scare me none.  ❜
  • ❛  I want the world to know, I love my dead, gay son.  ❜
  • ❛  I’ve been thinking. Praying. Reading some magazines.  ❜
  • ❛  It’s time we opened our eyes.  ❜
  • ❛  Well, the good Lord created the universe.  ❜
  • ❛  The Lord created man.  ❜
  • ❛  I believe it’s all a part of His gigantic plan.  ❜
  • ❛  I know God has a reason for each mountain and each flower, and why he chose to let our boys get busy in the shower!  ❜
  • ❛  I never cared for homos much until I reared me one.  ❜
  • ❛  He loves his son.  ❜
  • ❛  Jesus says it’s cool!  ❜
  • ❛  They just had flair!  ❜
  • ❛  They were desperate to be free!  ❜
  • ❛  They took a rebel stance, stripped to their underpants.  ❜
  • ❛  I can’t believe that you still refuse to get a clue after all that we’ve been through.  ❜
  • ❛  I’m talking you and me, in the summer of ‘83.  ❜
  • ❛  That was one hell of a fishing trip.  ❜
  • ❛  Our jobs are now continuing the work that they begun.  ❜
  • ❛  They were good men!  ❜
  • ❛  We’ll teach the world to love.  ❜


  • ❛  Fine, we’re damaged. Really damaged, but that does not make us wise.  ❜
  • ❛  We’re not special. We’re not different.  ❜
  • ❛  We don’t choose who lives and dies.  ❜
  • ❛  Let’s be normal. Watch bad movies, sneak a beer and watch TV.  ❜
  • ❛  Don’t you want a life with me?  ❜
  • ❛  Can’t we be seventeen? That’s all I want to do.  ❜
  • ❛  If you could let me in, I could be good with you.  ❜
  • ❛  People hurt us, or they vanish, and you’re right, it really blows.  ❜
  • ❛  We let go, take a deep breath.  ❜
  • ❛  Don’t stop looking in my eyes.  ❜
  • ❛  Is that so hard to do?  ❜
  • ❛  Let us be seventeen, if we’ve still got the right.  ❜
  • ❛  So what’s it gonna be?  ❜
  • ❛  I want to be with you.  ❜
  • ❛  Yeah, we’re damaged. Badly damaged.  ❜
  • ❛  Your love’s too good to lose.  ❜
  • ❛  Hold me tighter. Even closer.  ❜
  • ❛  I’ll stay if I am what you choose.  ❜
  • ❛  You’re the one I choose.  ❜


  • ❛  Deep inside of everyone there’s a hot ball of shame.  ❜
  • ❛  If we show the ugly parts that we hide away, they turn out to be beautiful by the light of day.  ❜
  • ❛  Every day’s a battlefield when pride’s on the line.  ❜
  • ❛  I attack your weakness and pray you don’t see mine.  ❜
  • ❛  If I share my ugly parts and you show me yours, our love can knock our walls down and unlock all our doors.  ❜
  • ❛  Who wants to share what’s in their heart?  ❜
  • ❛  No volunteers? Fine, I’ll start.  ❜
  • ❛  I live alone. My husband left. My kids are grown.  ❜
  • ❛  In the 60s love was free, that did not work out well for me.  ❜
  • ❛  The revolution came and went – tried to change the world, barely made a dent.  ❜
  • ❛  I’ve struggled with despair.  ❜
  • ❛  I’ve joined a cult.  ❜
  • ❛  I chant, I prayed but God’s not there.  ❜
  • ❛  (name) I’m ending our affair!  ❜
  • ❛  I faked it every time.  ❜


  • ❛  I float in a boat in a raging black ocean, low in the water with no where to go.  ❜
  • ❛  The people smell desperate.  ❜
  • ❛  We’ll sink any minute so someone must go.  ❜
  • ❛  Everyone’s pushing! Everyone’s fighting!  ❜
  • ❛  There’s no where to hide.  ❜
  • ❛  The captain is pointing. well who made her captain?  ❜
  • ❛  Still, the weakest must go.  ❜


  • ❛  Aw look, (name) is gonna cry.  ❜
  • ❛  Stupid childproof caps!  ❜
  • ❛  Aw look, (name) is gonna whine all night.  ❜
  • ❛  You don’t deserve to live.  ❜
  • ❛  Why not kill yourself?  ❜
  • ❛  Here, have a sedative.  ❜
  • ❛  Whine, whine, whine like there’s no Santa Clause.  ❜
  • ❛  You’re pathetic because you whine!  ❜
  • ❛  You whine all night!  ❜
  • ❛  Your ass is off the team!  ❜
  • ❛  Go on and bitch and moan.  ❜
  • ❛  You don’t deserve the dream!  ❜
  • ❛  You’re gonna die alone.  ❜


  • ❛  He was sweet, he said that I was smart.  ❜
  • ❛  He was good at sports and people liked him.  ❜
  • ❛  At nap time, once, we shared a mat.  ❜
  • ❛  I didn’t sleep, I sat and watched him breathing.  ❜
  • ❛  I watched him dream for almost half an hour. Then he woke up.  ❜
  • ❛  He pulled a scab off one time playing kickball, kissed me quick and pressed it in my hand.  ❜
  • ❛  I took that scab and put it in a locket, all year long I wore it near my heart.  ❜
  • ❛  He didn’t care if I was thin or pretty.  ❜
  • ❛  He was mine until we hit first grade.  ❜
  • ❛  Last night I dreamed a horse with wings flew down into my home room.  ❜
  • ❛  Now we’re all grown up and we know better.  ❜
  • ❛  Now we recognize the way things are.  ❜
  • ❛  Certain boys are just for kindergarten.  ❜
  • ❛  Certain girls are meant to be alone.  ❜
  • ❛  I believe that any dream worth having, is a dream that should not have to end.  ❜
  • ❛  I’ll build a dream that I can live in, and this time I’m never waking up.  ❜


  • ❛  Oh my god, is she dead?  ❜
  • ❛  Just another geek trying to imitate the popular people and failing miserably.  ❜
  • ❛  keep it together.  ❜
  • ❛  I knew you would come far.  ❜
  • ❛  Smell how gangsta you are.  ❜
  • ❛  I’m so sorry.  ❜
  • ❛  Feel a bit punchy?  ❜
  • ❛  She’s not looking so well.  ❜
  • ❛  You’ve earned that red scrunchie.  ❜
  • ❛  Come join (name) in hell.  ❜
  • ❛  Where have you been?  ❜
  • ❛  We’ve been worried sick!  ❜
  • ❛  Your friend, (name), stopped by.  ❜
  • ❛  He told us everything.  ❜
  • ❛  He’s got your hand writing down cold.  ❜
  • ❛  Please, honey, talk to us.  ❜
  • ❛  No, you wouldn’t understand.  ❜
  • ❛  Guess who’s right down the block?  ❜
  • ❛  I’ve experienced everything you’re going through.  ❜
  • ❛  Guess who’s climbing the stairs?  ❜
  • ❛  Your problems seem like life and death, I promise they’re not.  ❜
  • ❛  Guess who’s picking your lock.  ❜
  • ❛  You don’t know what my world looks like!  ❜
  • ❛  Times up! Go say your prayers.  ❜
  • ❛  (name)’s running on fumes now.  ❜
  • ❛  (name)’s totally fried.  ❜
  • ❛  (name)’s gotta be tripping on shrooms now.  ❜
  • ❛  (name)’s done for, there’s no doubt now.  ❜
  • ❛  Notify next of kin.  ❜
  • ❛  Too late, he got in.  ❜
  • ❛  Sorry for coming in through the window, dreadful etiquette I know.  ❜
  • ❛  Get out of my house!  ❜


  • ❛  All is forgiven baby!  ❜
  • ❛  Come on, get dressed! You’re my date to the pep rally tonight!  ❜
  • ❛  You chucked me out like I was trash.  ❜
  • ❛  For that, you should be dead.  ❜
  • ❛  Then it hit me like a flash: what if high school went away instead?  ❜
  • ❛  Those assholes are the key.  ❜
  • ❛  They’re keeping you away from me.  ❜
  • ❛  They made you bling, messed up your mind.  ❜
  • ❛  I can set you free!  ❜
  • ❛  You left me and I fell apart.  ❜
  • ❛  I punched the wall and cried.  ❜
  • ❛  I found you changed my heart and set loose all that truthful shit inside.  ❜
  • ❛  So, I built a bomb!  ❜
  • ❛  Tonight our school is Vietnam.  ❜
  • ❛  Let’s guarantee they never see their senior prom!  ❜
  • ❛  I was meant to be yours.  ❜
  • ❛  We were meant to be one.  ❜
  • ❛  Don’t give up on me now.  ❜
  • ❛  Finish what we’ve begun.  ❜
  • ❛  In the rubble of their tomb, we’ll plant this not explaining why they died.  ❜
  • ❛  Our burned bodies may finally get through to you.  ❜
  • ❛  Your society churns out slaves and blanks, no thanks.  ❜
  • ❛  We’ll watch the smoke pour out the doors.  ❜
  • ❛  Bring marshmallows, we’ll make s’mores.  ❜
  • ❛  We can smile and cuddle while the fire roars.  ❜
  • ❛  I can’t make it alone.  ❜
  • ❛  You were meant to be mine.  ❜
  • ❛  I am all that you need.  ❜
  • ❛  You carved open my heart, can’t just leave me to bleed.  ❜
  • ❛  Open the door please.  ❜
  • ❛  Can we not fight anymore?  ❜
  • ❛  (Name), sure, you’re scared, I’ve been there.  ❜
  • ❛  (Name), don’t make me come in there.  ❜
  • ❛  I’m gonna count to three. 1, 2, fuck it–  ❜
  • ❛  Oh my god.  ❜
  • ❛  Please don’t leave me alone.  ❜
  • ❛  You were all I could trust.  ❜
  • ❛  I can’t do this alone, still, I will if I must.  ❜


  • ❛  I wanted someone strong who could protect me.  ❜
  • ❛  I let his anger fester and infect me.  ❜
  • ❛  His solution is a lie.  ❜
  • ❛  No one here deserves to die, except for me and the monster I created.  ❜
  • ❛  Heads up (name).  ❜
  • ❛  I’m a dead girl walking.  ❜
  • ❛  Can’t hide from me.  ❜
  • ❛  There’s your final bell.  ❜
  • ❛  It’s one more dance and then farewell.  ❜
  • ❛  (name) told me you just committed suicide?  ❜
  • ❛  Yeah, well, he’s wrong about a lot of things.  ❜
  • ❛  I through together a lovely tribute, especially considering the short notice.  ❜
  • ❛  What’s under the gym?  ❜
  • ❛  That’s it.  ❜
  • ❛  What’s that sound?  ❜
  • ❛  Give a great big yell!  ❜
  • ❛  Step away from the bomb.  ❜
  • ❛  This little thing? I’d hardly call it a bomb.  ❜
  • ❛  This is just to trigger the packs of thermals upstairs –those are bombs.  ❜
  • ❛  I wish your mom had been a little stronger.  ❜
  • ❛  I wish she’d stayed around a little longer.  ❜
  • ❛  I wish your dad were good.  ❜
  • ❛  I wish grownups understood.  ❜
  • ❛  I wish we’d met before they convinced you life is war.  ❜
  • ❛  I wish you’d come with me.  ❜
  • ❛  I wish I had more TNT!  ❜


  • ❛  I am damaged. Far too damaged.  ❜
  • ❛  You’re not beyond repair.  ❜
  • ❛  Stick around here, make things better.  ❜
  • ❛  You beat me fair and square.  ❜
  • ❛  Please stand back now.  ❜
  • ❛  Don’t know what this thing will do.  ❜
  • ❛  Hope you miss me.  ❜
  • ❛  Wish you’d kiss me.  ❜
  • ❛  I’ll trade my life for yours.  ❜
  • ❛  Wait, hold on!  ❜
  • ❛  Once I disappear, clean up the mess down here.  ❜
  • ❛  Not this way!  ❜
  • ❛  Say hi to God.  ❜


  • ❛  Listen up kids, war is over.  ❜
  • ❛  Brand new sheriff’s come to town.  ❜
  • ❛  We are done with acting evil.  ❜
  • ❛  We will lay our weapons down.  ❜
  • ❛  We’re all damaged, we’re all frightened, we’re all freaks but that’s alright.  ❜
  • ❛  We’ll endure it. We’ll survive it.  ❜
  • ❛  (name) are you free tonight?  ❜
  • ❛  High school may not ever end.  ❜
  • ❛  Still, I miss you.  ❜
  • ❛  I’d be honored, if you’d let me be your friend.  ❜
  • ❛  We can be seventeen.  ❜
  • ❛  If nobody loves me now, someday somebody will.  ❜
  • ❛  There’s still time to make things.  ❜
  • ❛  One day we’ll change the world, but let’s kick back tonight.  ❜
  • ❛  Let’s go be seventeen, take off our clothes and dance.  ❜
  • ❛  This could be our final chance.  ❜
  • ❛  We’ll make it beautiful.  ❜
A Cold Hearted Monster

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: can you do a Bucky x reader based off of the song daddy lessons by Beyoncé? like the reader is an assassin and is always quietly singing the song (it’s quite haunting maybe?) and Bucky’s new to the team so he always wonders why but it’s because her dad is the one that taught her to be a killer. Requested by Anonymous.

Word Count: 1,277

Warnings: Violence, Mention of Death, Fluff

A/N: Hope you’ll like it Anon :) Here’s the song

Originally posted by ninja-spacenerd

Came into this world
Daddy’s little girl
And daddy made a soldier out of me

Steve was giving Bucky a tour of the headquarters when a soft voice that seemed to come from the walls stopped Bucky dead in his tracks. He looked around him, his body tense and alert.

“It’s alright.” Steve assured him, one hand rising to rest on Bucky’s shoulder.

“The hell is that?” Bucky gasped as the soft music filled the corridor.

“It’s just Y/n.”

“Where is she?”

Steve looked up at the ceiling and sighed. “I’d say she’s in the air ducts.” He scoffed when Bucky looked at him in disbelief. “She likes to be alone. I don’t think you’ll see her a lot outside of missions. Everyone here has their quirks. Clint sleeps on the roof and Vision can pass through walls. You’ll get used to it.”

“I miss Budapest.” Bucky exhaled forcefully, following Steve.

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Color You Mine- Jimin(m)

Originally posted by sugaglos

Living next door to your teacher has its perks…

(m)- mature | word count: 3679 | Teacher!Jimin | much love~

Req: @coffeecupsandjiminsmuts said: Can I request an orange haired Jimin smut where he’s a teacher, you stay behind for supported study and you end up doing stuff together. Can you please include a “daddy & little girl” kink 😅❤️

tagging my mains<3: @baehyungtaehyung, @icedxtae, @junghoshigi@cuzimsickwithhope, @imagineurl, @yoonginhales, @boyfriendjimin + @jiminniejuseyo + @tramngo99

Lust. (noun): very strong sexual desire.

You read through the list of vocabulary words swiftly, already knowing most of them enough to not feel the need to study. But this one, this one word, makes you stop in the monotonous drone of your bedroom to flip it over, reading the information on the back.

One of the oldest, most used words in the English language.

Licking your dry lips and spreading your damp thighs you blow air through your nose, arching your back until it cracks and sighing in relief at the tension released. Your mind has been wandering since you got home, always back to the man that occupies the house next door.

None other than your English teacher.

He’s young, attractive, funny, and every time he leant down to help you with something his hand would splay across the hard surface of your desk… so big… fingers so long… At first you were sure he was aware of how all the girls whispered about him while he was lecturing, but you’ve been starting to think he really is oblivious. The line between kindness and flirting must be nonexistent for Mr. Park Jimin, one and the same.

It was just last week he moved in next door. Just last week your surface curiosity had deepened, hollowed a hole in your chest and had your eyes wandering to his lawn every few moments. How sometimes he’d be on the phone, walking back and forth with his long legs, a smile on his face, lips so thick, forming words you wished sounded like your name…

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part i | part ii | part iii


sakura and sarada make their way to the dock, but five minutes into their walk, sarada gets fussy and demands sakura carry her. after alternating between nuzzling sakura’s neck and thrashing around, sakura hears the girl’s stomach grumble and can’t help but snort.

“don’t laugh at me!” sarada yells. “it’s not nice!”

“sorry, sorry!” sakura quickly soothes. she kisses sarada’s forehead without really thinking about. “you’re just super cute. and hilarious,”

“you’re still laughing, mama!”

sakura clenches her jaw as she works on smothering the rest of her amusement. when she’s quiet, sarada peers up at her shyly. “when i’m hungry,” sakura tells her, “naruto isn’t allowed to talk to me. usually he says something dumb and i snap at him in my hanger.”

“what’s hanger?”

“when you’re hungry and angry.”


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Some people made their list, so me too!

Things I’d want to see in a third season:

- For the antagonists to focus their frustration on the second years this time.

- That the others join in the fight more often. Because it’s awesome when the Battle Lovers work and fight together.

- Don’t make ioryuu fight/argue in the sixth ep again. Season 2′s ep 6 was a blessing, but by now we also saw them arguing for real in the manga. Those arguements lead to wonderful moments, but it would be interesting to see a different kind of conflict for them.

- Like thinking of their plans for after high school.

- More of the boys interacting outside of their usual pairs.

- Yumoto and the twins having fun together.

- For the love of god please let one of the boys be turned into a monster. Preferably not Kinshirou or Yumoto tho, since we’ve already seen them go dark.

- This one probably won’t happen but a girl can hope: One of the boys getting seriously hurt and the others’ shocked reactions.

- A genderbend episode.

- More shipping than season 2 had. 

- A nightmare monster.

- A monster putting the town in danger

- More backstory for the boys! Why does Io live alone?! Why does Ryuu live with his grandma?! What’s En’s family like?!

- Another sick episode

- Gora joking that if they befriend this enemy as well, they won’t fit in the bath

- this time the anime is one person. So the number of enemies was a count down, going from 3(caeruala adamas) 2(vepper) 1(newbie)

- A hospital visit… (EVIL LAUGHTER)

- More shipping!

- Our dorks being cute as ever

Am I Enough?

IMAGINE: She was the bad guy, he was the good guy. Opposites don’t attract sometimes. Sometimes, it leaves you sitting in a bar alone, drinking. Or maybe, just maybe, things work out. 

[gif is not mine. bolded words are from this prompt (x). super duper liked this. a bit wordy, but eh.] 

warnings: swearing, drinking.

words: 1191

The ice clinked inside the glass, the sound echoing in the silent room. She clenched her hand tighter around the glass, closed her eyes and gulped it down. She reached over and refilled it, continuing the cycle until the second bottle was empty and she had to get up and get another bottle.

It was ridiculous -the situation that she was in. Of course it was. It was a fool’s dream, but it was a good dream nonetheless. For once, she allowed herself to feel how nice it was to be loved, to be like other people, anyone other than herself. It was safe. She tipped her head back and allowed another shot dribble slowly into her veins, she was probably made out of alcohol more than human now.

“Fuck,” she muttered. That one burnt more than the other ones.

(Y/N) shook her head slowly thinking how silly it was for her to be in this situation. She was usually the person breaking hearts, laughing at the situation she was in now. But fuck, with him? She allowed her walls to be broken down, to let him in, to either love her or completely destroy her.

Suddenly she threw her fist against the table. That was a stupid dream. Dreams were for people who are good and pure inside and out, like him, not her. She was the bad guy in this story, and probably everyone else’s. The one who broke people and laughed, destroyed kingdoms and threw herself onto the throne, the one who killed, didn’t care about anyone else but herself. Every person was a pawn in her life, people were expendables, they were just there for her to advance.

Another shot down the gullet, she reached for the bottle and looked at it. There was at least three more shots then she had to get up and reach for another bottle across the counter.

“You’re going to kill yourself if you keep drinking like that.”

She closed her eyes. That voice. That goddamn voice. She knew who it was, how could she ever forget? His entire existence was embedded in her mind, forever etched there. So whenever she lay down at night, thinking of her failures he would always stand out.

(Y/N) heard footsteps coming nearer, he finally reached her and sat down next to her.

“Does the owner know you’re here?”

She licked her lips, “Owner’s a friend.”

“You’re in a shady part of Brooklyn,” he piped up. “You hate Brooklyn.”

She shrugged half heartedly, “I like everything when there’s booze around.”

He reached over and slowly pried her fingers off the whiskey glass. He held it, twirling it around and watching the ice touch each other. They were silent for a while, she began to fiddle with her fingers desperately wanting to know why he was there.

“Why did you leave?” He finally broke the silence, she knew it was coming.

She pursed her lips, sat up straighter in her chair and fixated her eyes on the wall of alcohol. “Being there, it just reminded me that I don’t belong Steve. I was brought into that dysfunctional group because you needed someone from the other side.” (Y/N) swallowed the lump in her throat. “You needed to know how people with my mind worked, and me being an idiot who wanted money and was bored decided that it would be a good idea to help you.”

She didn’t look at him, but through her peripheral vision she could see that he was looking at her.

“You’re not a bad person (Y/N).” She scoffed, knowing well enough that she was. She heard him sigh, “Look. I don’t know how to do this.”

“Then don’t do this,” she interrupted. She was tired, tired of trying to think that they could ever work out. Her heart and mind hurt, the first organ she hardly used so it was getting quite a workout right now.

“I want to though.” She could hear the sincerity in his tone and closed her eyes. “You’re this entire different person that I always thought I despised, that I fought against for. When I first met you I paid no attention to you because they painted you as this person who killed with her looks if she wanted too. Then you started coming around more often to the compound, I saw how you were with Peter when he found out that he couldn’t save everyone.” Steve shifted in his seat, licking his dry lips, he continued. “You don’t put this persona up, you are this person and you never tried to hide it. You show yourself to the world because you know who you are, but the thing is you don’t fully show yourself. (Y/N), you don’t show the other side of you because you know that if you did, people would take advantage of that, so you only show it to the few people, and I was one of them.”

She opened her mouth, moving her bottom jaw around, a nervous habit that she picked up ever since she was small. It allowed her to focus on that so the tears wouldn’t fall down her face.

“I want to continue being one of them. No matter what you think, I want to be with you. I’ll let you drag me to hell if it means you’ll hold my hand.’ Steve slowly cradled (Y/N)’s jaw in his hand and turned her face so she could look at him. “You are enough for me. More than enough.”

(Y/N) swallowed the lump in her throat again, this time a burning sensation followed it. Usually it wouldn’t bother her, but this time, it somehow did. “You drink too much, you cuss too much and you have questionable morals. You’re everything I ever wanted.’ He wiped the few tears that she allowed to fall. “You’re the realest thing I have in my life.”

She opened her mouth, finding that it hurt to try and speak, still she persevered, “I heard that hell is nice this time of year.” She gave him a small smile, similar to the first genuine one he saw, the one that made his heart beat faster. “I can’t change Steve, change who I am. This is me. If you want to be with me, this is who you’re going to love. The monster and the girl.”

Steve gave her a soft smile, “I think I can live with that. I mean, you’re pretty feisty to have around. If I ever have any trouble I can count on you to kick their arse.”

(Y/N) chuckled, then cleared her throat. “Thank you.” So maybe she didn’t say those three words that would usually indicate a happy ending in a story, but she did say the words that meant more to her than anything at that moment. Maybe they wouldn’t end up together, maybe they wouldn’t live the happy ever after, but right at this moment. In this dingy, shady bar in Brooklyn, her face being cradled by Steve, seeing the love in his face, this was all she needed.

I Guess It’s Time - (Sis!fic oneshot)

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Tag List: @winchester-writes@winchesters-favorite-girl​ Anyone can be tagged. Just ask!

A/N: Enjoy it! It’s my first oneshot on this account, and my first reader-insert at all so I hope it’s okay! My askbox is open for Sister!Winchester requests! :)

Word Count: 1537

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If you have time can you do #378 using jamilton???

here you go :D (in this one, Alexander has asthma… just saying)

Word Count: 475

Warnings: swearing

Thomas and Alex held hands as they approached the counter. The girl behind it gave them a warm smile.

“Hi there!” Thomas grinned at her. She blushed. “Can we have a large chocolate sundae with two spoons please?”

“Of course!” she smiled. “Would you like sprinkles on that?”

“What kind of monster wouldn’t?” Thomas laughed and she giggled, turning pink again.

“That’ll be $5.49, please,” she smiled, holding her hand out.

Thomas passed her the exact change. She served it up in no time and Thomas gave her a wink as he took it. Alex had remained uncharacteristically quiet throughout the whole exchange.

When they took a seat, Thomas noticed his boyfriend’s stony expression. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Are you seriously asking that?”

Thomas was dumbfounded. “What are you talking about?”

“You were flirting with that girl!” Alex cried.

“That wasn’t flirting…”

“You winked at her Thomas, come on. She was blushing like crazy.”

“She saw us holding hands!” Thomas interjected, but Alex took no notice.

“Not flirting? Jesus, Thomas! What is your definition of flirting, then?”

Thomas noticed people in the ice cream shop starting to look their way. “I don’t know, Alex… can’t we just have a nice date?”

“I guess I should have seen this coming. You’d fuck anything that moves,” Alex said angrily, and Thomas stood up in a huff, turning toward the door.

“You’re not just walking away?!” Alex cried.

Thomas turned back. “You say the nastiest things when you’re angry, so yes, I’m walking away from you now.

The bell hanging from the ceiling dinged loudly as Thomas slammed the door behind him. Alex sighed, putting his face in his hands. He was well aware of the fact that everyone in the ice cream parlour was staring at him. He groaned into his hands and stood up, abandoning their untouched sundae to chase after Thomas.

He had to run to catch up to the taller man. When he finally caught Thomas’ arm, Alex was completely out of breath.

“Thomas –” he wheezed. “I’m sorry…” he started gasping and clutching at his chest. Fuck. He was having an asthma attack.

Immediately, Thomas wrapped an arm around his boyfriend, leading him to a nearby bench. “Where’s your puffer?” he asked, his anger forgotten.

Alexander patted his coat pocket, trying not to panic as he struggled to breathe. Thomas pulled it out and helped Alexander to use it, all the while rubbing his back.

As Alexander’s breathing returned to normal, Thomas wrapped him in a hug.

“Are you okay, baby?” he asked, kissing him.

“I’m fine,” Alex said, trying to sound nonchalant. “Thank you.”

“I’m sorry I flirted with that girl,” Thomas said, pulling Alex into his side. The shorter man nestled his head onto his boyfriend’s broad shoulder.

“Sorry I yelled at you,” Alex mumbled, snuggling in closer. Thomas kissed his hair.

“I love you,” Thomas said.

“Love you too,” Alex replied. “Now can we go eat our fucking ice cream?”

Heathers: The Musical → Starters (pt 2)

❛ Fine, we’re damaged, but that does not make us wise ❜
❛ Sneak a beer and watch tv, we’ll bake brownies or go bowling. Don’t you want a life with me? ❜
❛ Don’t stop looking in my eyes  ❜
❛ The revolution came and went, tried to change the world, barely made a dent. ❜
❛ If I say the wrong thing or I wear the wrong outfit they’ll throw me right over the side ❜
❛ Your ass is off the team. Go on and bitch and moan. ❜
❛ Now we’re all grown up and we know better ❜
❛ So I’ll build a dream that I can live in and this time I’m never waking up ❜
❛ You don’t know what my world looks like! ❜
❛ Knock! Knock! Sorry to come through the window. Dreadful etiquette, I know! ❜
❛ Then I found you changed my heart and set loose all that truthful shit inside! ❜
❛ We were meant to be one! ❜
❛ Your society churns out slaves and blanks. No thanks. ❜
❛ Bring marshmallows, we’ll make s’mores! We can smile and cuddle while the fire roars! ❜
❛ I’m gonna count to three! One! Two! Fuck it ❜
❛ No one here deserves to die except for me and the monster I created. ❜
❛ Got no time to talk I’m a dead girl walking! ❜
❛ There’s a school that self-destructed not because society didn’t care, but because that school was society. ❜
❛ The only place Heathers and Marthas can truly get along is in Heaven! ❜
❛ I wish we met before they convinced you life is war! ❜
❛ I am damaged, far too damaged, but you’re not beyond repair.  ❜
❛ Hope you’ll miss me. Wish you’d kiss me. Then you’d know I worship you. ❜
❛ You look like hell. ❜
❛ I just got back. ❜
❛ I’d be honored, if you’d let me be your friend ❜
❛ If no one loves me now, some day somebody will ❜

Marauders + What Comes to Mind When They Conjure a Patronus

Remus “Moony” Lupin

  • The day an eccentric old wizard going by the name Dumbledore showed up at his front step, carrying with him a Hogwarts acceptance letter Remus never expected to get.
  • September 1st of his eleventh year, sitting in a dormitory with three other boys, feeling out of place and insecure, until the boy with shaggy hair dragged him off the bed, saying, “What, are you just going to go to sleep on your first night here? Come on, come play a few rounds of Exploding Snap with us!” It was the first time he ever felt he had friends.
  • One night in second year, after being cornered by his friends about his monthly disappearances and having to finally come clean, and remembering the funny look James gave him as he said, “Werewolf or not, Remus, you’re no monster to us.”
  • Sitting under a shade tree in his backyard with a letter he read over and over a thousand times, congratulating him on becoming a prefect. Sure, James, Sirius, and Peter laughed themselves to death over it, but they didn’t understand what Albus Dumbledore’s trust meant to someone like him–someone who people are wont to be suspicious of. He wore his badge in quiet pride.
  • Three days before the full moon in the fall of his fifth year, learning the lengths his friends had taken to make it so he wouldn’t have to spend his transformations alone anymore. 
  • The middle of final exam week during his sixth year, studying in the deserted back corner of the library, when a stressed out Sirius Black threw down his quill and said, “I can’t think about Transfiguration, and worry about how you feel about me at the same time,” right before he kissed Remus right on the lips and pulled away with an expectant look. “So?” he had demanded. “Do you fancy me or not?”
  • James Potter’s stag party. Technically, he doesn’t actually remember anything that happened that night–he’s pretty sure he blacked out before it was even midnight–but the feeling? That thick, nostalgic feeling–one last, gigantic hurrah before everything changed–that’s something no amount of firewhiskey could wash away.
  • Holding Harry for the first time, and thinking that maybe there was hope in a world where nothing seemed to go right.

(After the first wizarding war, Remus couldn’t make corporeal patronuses anymore–just little bits of white mist. It seems there are some things so bad, too devastating, that they tend to outshine the good.)

Peter “Wormtail” Pettigrew

  • The middle of his first year, after James and Sirius dubbed their friend group “The Marauders,” and realizing that they accepted him as one of their own. James Potter and Sirius Black, the coolest kids in school–can you imagine?
  • One afternoon in third year Defense Against the Dark Arts, when he scored higher on an essay than Remus. (It did happen to be a full moon week, but Peter still counts it, goddamnit.)
  • Getting asked out on a date to Hogsmeade at age 15 by a fourth year Hufflepuff girl, who was scared of the Shrieking Shack, and was riveted by Peter’s insistence that he’d been in there before and seen the sort of monster that lived there. (She didn’t know he was talking about Remus Lupin, of course.) He snogged her out back behind Zonkos. The praise and high fives he got from James and Sirius later that night might have been even better than the kiss itself.
  • The very first time he transformed into Wormtail, because he knew, he knew, James and Sirius were starting to doubt that he could do it. But he did do it! And after he did it once, transforming became his most favorite thing in the world to do.
  • Asking his friends over during Easter holidays during sixth year, and them accepting. He loved being able to show off all his things to the people he loved and respected most in the world. 
  • The night before the last day of term during their last year at Hogwarts, when the four of them snuck out of the castle into the Shrieking Shack and gorged themselves on Honeyduke’s sweets and pastries from the kitchens, and vowed–absolutely, cross-the-heart-and-hope-to-die, swore–that no matter what happened in the coming war, they would still be together. They would all still be friends.

(Peter only managed a corporeal patronus once, after a lot of coaxing and patience from his friends. It was hard for him to focus on a memory and focus on the magic at the same time.)

Sirius “Padfoot” Black

  • Being four years old and hearing Regulus’ first word. It wasn’t Mama, or Dada. It was “Sirius.” (Of course, it sounded more like “See-russ,” but who’s asking?)
  • His first time in the Great Hall, the Sorting Hat over his eyes, it belting out the word “Gryffindor!” when he had been so certain it was going to say Slytherin.
  • One of the last days of First Year, after being on edge, knowing he was going to have to go back home to his mother (who still was sending him letters about how displeased she was in his house and choice of friends), and James pulling him aside, saying, “I’ll write you every day. I’ll write you so much your mum will go nutty and will be too fussed with all the owls to give you any grief.” When Sirius asked why he’d do something like that for him, James said, “’Cuz you’re my best friend, of course!” like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
  • Two weeks after The Prank, after thinking his relationship with Remus was irreparably damaged, sitting up in his four poster bed, and Remus coming in and sitting beside him, meeting his eyes, and saying the words, “I forgive you.”
  • A night in the middle of summer when he was sixteen, sitting on the Potter’s couch, drenched from the rain, tear tracts on his face, being enveloped in Mrs. Potter’s arms, and her telling him, “This place will always be open to be your home.”
  • The first morning he woke up with Remus beside him, his face peaceful like it never was when awake, and realizing how lucky he was.
  • Watching James exchange vows with Lily and experiencing his happiness vicariously as though they were linked like brothers. Accepting, for the first time really, that maybe they were brothers, blood or not.
  • Meeting Harry Potter and seeing his best friend in his Godson, and seeing a future for the first time in a long time–one that might actually be good.

(Sirius could make corporeal patronuses up until the day he got sent to Azkaban. He never had an opportunity to see if he could make them again, but he was the first person ever to escape Azkaban, so what did it matter if he could do a patronus or not? He was already one up on the dementors anyway.)

James “Prongs” Potter

  • Two weeks into his first year, with the help of Sirius Black, successfully setting off two dungbombs at the Slytherin’s table during breakfast, and thinking that this was the start to a truly beautiful friendship.
  • Hearing from the Team Captain in his second year that he had been accepted to the Gryffindor Quidditch team, which was amazing, because next to pulling pranks with the Marauders, and looking at that Lily Evans girl who made him feel sort of funny inside, flying was his favorite thing to do.
  • The first night the four of them all transformed into Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs, because he had been the mastermind behind the whole Animagus business, and there had been more than a few moments where he thought that there was no way they were going to pull it off. It turns out, he loved proving himself wrong.
  • Asking Lily Evans out after Head Boy and Girl duties one day, and her saying yes! She said yes! Sirius, did you hear that?! She said yes!
  • The middle of Seventh year, looking down at the finished version of the Maruader’s Map, and knowing that a piece of him would always exist at Hogwarts. 
  • Asking Lily Evans to marry him after getting home from an Order mission that shook him down to his very core, and her saying yes. Again, she said yes! Who cared about evil wizards and wars when Lily Evans kept saying yes to things?!
  • That stag party. He remembers exactly none of it, (well, except for maybe one part where Sirius was singing something off-tune, Remus kept trying to harmonize with him, and Peter was throwing up in an umbrella stand), but damn, it makes him happy to think about.
  • The birth of his son, all 7 pounds of him, fat cheeks with a mop of messy black hair on his head like his Dad’s. James held him right after Lily had a turn, and saw that his eyes looked just like hers. Up until that point he had kept it together, but having seen something so perfect brought a flood of tears to his eyes. Nothing, James Potter believed until the moment he took his last breath, was better than being a dad.

(James could make corporeal patronuses in his sleep. He was married to Lily Evans! That’s enough happiness to make any dementor run its ass back to where it came from, wouldn’t you say?)

#5 - Morgan Rielly - #44

Requested by anon: Ho can you do a really cute Morgan rielly one maybe like babysitting kids with him or something

* I actually think this is super cute. It’s a little longer (I’m still working on the whole writing longer thing) but I really like this one. *

Word count: 428

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

“Auntie! Auntie!” the small girl tugged on your arm. You bent down to be eye level with her.

“What’s wrong hun?” she peeked behind you and took off in the opposite direction.

“It’s the tickle monster!” Morgan had the other kid in his arms and he was jogging into the room.

Morgan set the boy down and plopped down onto the couch. You grabbed the remote before sitting next to your boyfriend. Both of the kids sat on the floor and began to play with their various toys. You turned on the tv and changed it to something kid related before getting more comfortable.

“Auntie can you play dollies with me?” She turned around and held one of her dolls out to you.

“Sure sweetie,” you sat next to her on the floor. You two played for a little while before your nephew started to complain about being hungry.

“Don’t worry kids Uncle Morgan is going to make pizza,” he said getting up from his position on the couch.

“Make?” you questioned him.

“Well I am going to make the phone call to have it delivered,” Morgan laughed grabbing his phone and walking into the kitchen and the little boy followed him.

You looked at your niece who by now had dropped her doll and had gotten half way. She joined the boys in the kitchen. You got up from the floor and heard giggling coming from the kitchen. You stood at the door frame and saw Morgan messing with the kids. Your niece motioned for Morgan to bend down so she could whisper in his ear. She said something you of course could not hear. Morgan’s face got super red as he returned upright. He stumbled a bit on his words looking horribly flustered by what she said before finally spitting out.

“No we are not married yet, I haven’t asked her”

“When are you going to ask her?” she questioned. You were kind of glad she asked you wanted to know the answer more than she did.

“Soon, very very soon,” he smiled at her hoping she would take the answer. She held her pinky out to him.


“I promise,” he wrapped his pinky around hers. She smiled at him before running past you her brother following.

“How long were you standing there?” he asked you making his way over to where you stood.

“Long enough,” you smiled and kissed him. There was a collective ‘ew’ from the two kids. You and Morgan laughed and kissed again before making your way over to the couch.

What Your First Kiss With BTS Would Be Like

A/N: This is a re-upload from the old “thestorytellerofkpop” account! The gifs don’t belong to me and all credit goes to the original owners :3 -Admin Germane

Jin: Your first kiss with Jin wouldn’t be something that you wouldn’t be forgetting about for a long time. Jin would take his time with you as the two of you kissed, rubbing his thumbs across the blush on your cheeks and gently caressing your hair. Jin would treat you like a princess, being gentle and caring with his kisses but romantic at the same time, making your first kiss with Jin something magical and memorable.

Suga: Suga wouldn’t worry about having the perfect setting for your first kiss. He’d make it something casual, randomly pulling you close to him so he could brush his soft lips with yours. Although your first kiss may not have been planned out, there was still something special there in the sudden randomness of sharing your first kiss with Suga.

J-Hope: Hobi would be messing around with you, puckering his lips and asking you to kiss him. He’d make silly faces as he asked you to kiss him, following you around like a puppy as he kept asking for a kiss. You would roll your eyes and giggle at his silly antics before turning around to face him. He would stop and close his eyes, puckering his lips again in that playful manner of his. His eyes would shoot open in surprise when you actually did kiss him, he didn’t expect you to actually do it. He would instantly respond to your kiss, placing his hands on your hips as his silly joke turned into the sweet memory of your first kiss with J-Hope.

Rap Monster: I can see two possible outcomes with your first kiss with Rap Mon. First, he would be really, really sweet and cheesily romantic with your first kiss. Or he would be really clumsy and awkward with your first kiss. Knowing Rap Monster it would most likely be the former rather than the latter, but you can never count out the possibility of having a clumsy first kiss from the God of Destruction. Either way Rap Monster would be really sweet about your first kiss, making you feel like one of those girls in those romantic movies as he took your breath away.

Jimin: Jimin would be surprisingly smooth when it comes to first kisses. He would be very cool about the whole ordeal, cupping your cheek in his hand as he brought your lips to his. His kiss would be smooth and precise, somehow magically knowing how to give you the most perfect kiss in the world. However once he broke the kiss to look into your eyes, he would burst into a fit of embarrassed giggles, a bright blush adorning his cheeks, turning back into the sweet and dorky Jimin you knew and loved.

V: V honestly wouldn’t have a clue on how to initiate a first kiss. You’d have to be the one to kiss him first, but once he felt your lips on his he’d kick himself into action. V would be the kind of person to have a really deep and passionate first kiss with his lover, not afraid to use that magical tongue of his if he found that you wanted more of him. Kissing V for the first time would be heart racing, but after a while you’d get used to his passionate kisses…right?

Jungkook: Your first kiss with the maknae would be awkward yet sweet. Since Jungkook is so young he wouldn’t really know what to do or know how far he could go with a first kiss. You’d have to help guide him, but after a few tries, Jungkook would become a sudden expert at kissing, knowing just the right technique to use when brushing his lips with yours and knowing when to add in the perfect amount of tongue. They don’t call him the Golden Maknae for nothing, Jungkook would be a fast learner after the first initial awkward kiss.

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PLEASE rant about hentai im so curious


So????? Like in hentai for some reason whenever the girl is panting hard her tongue is out??? I’m like listen I know opening your mouth to scream/moan is a thing but literally I cannot count how many times I’ve seen girls with their tongues out in hentai while screaming/babbling. ALSO??? FOG BREATH?? Like the girl will be panting and the air in front of her will fog up and I’m like??? Are you in the snow?? Or is your internal body temperature so high that the air around you is so cold in comparison that you can create fog??

Like honestly I have less of a problem with tentacle monsters than shit like that 😂 tentacle monsters? Cool beans. Girl creating fog with her breath? Hell nah.

Also like idk but when a girl is getting fucked in hentai but a big dick or whatever and you can see the dick bulge against her stomach bc of its size or whatever like j esus wouldn’t that fucking hurt??? No dick can do that omg

Idk man hentai is strange yet??? Somehow appealing so???


Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Word count:5371
Warnings:Violence, hints of assault 
Summary:  When you thought you’re having good company and finally making friends, you became a favorite target of trouble.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Though you can say that you’re comfortable around those two boys near you, you can’t look at any of them. So you stared at your mug. You closed your eyes and slowly breathed, trying to recall what happened from the first incident with those girls up until the most recent one.

“Remember whe have an assignment together? Jimin and I…” you started.

From your periphereal vision, both of them moved. Taehyung scooted closer to you while Jungkook leaned.

“Well, we walked to class together and I wasn’t walking beside him. But when I entered the classroom, he was immidately after me. So it looked like we walked side by side.” You continued in a normal tone, still starting at the mug.

“Then during class, of course that idiot is so annoying, I ignored him. But he always have this way of annoying me up to the point where I would talk to him. That’s where he invited me to lunch. I said no, so he made it to dinner and invited you.”

Both of them are still quiet so you take that silence to continue talking,

“When the class was dismissed I quickly walked away from him. Then I ate at the cafeteria where you guys plus a bunch of guys doing sports usually eat. A girl accidentally spilled soy sauce on my blouse so I quickly went to the ladies room to wash it.”

As you recall, the anger starts to rise from your core. You breathed slowly again, trying to be relaxed.

“As I’m washing my blouse, a group of girls entered, and they started saying nasty comments about me. I think it’s me because I’m the only one that’s not a part of their group. I tried to leave but the same girl that accidentally spilled soy sauce on my blouse blocked the door.”

This time, Taehyung moved and tried to sit as close as possible to you. Your knees are now touching.

“They asked me, how come I have the guts to freely talk to you guys, including Jimin. I kept quiet. Then they threw smelly liquids at me. They didin’t let my things pass. All of my things were wet. Including my phone.”

This time, Jungkook’s lips was curved into an ‘o’. While Taehyung didn’t speak.

“I quickly went back home. I even so Jimin on the corner, so I ran. I tried drying my things up, but my notebook is hopeless, including my class card. I blowdried my phone and it worked. That’s when I remembered that we have plans. You know what happened next.”

The room was quiet. The usual silent humming of the AC is now a noise to the room when Jungkook spoke.

“Where did you get that bruise then?” Jungkook asked.

Again, you did that breathing thing. And continued.

“The next Monday, after we ate dinner, I encountered Jimin earlier than usual. So I don’t have a choice but to go to class with him again. As the class roll that day, he annoys me. I asked him not to talk to me But he always do everything to get my attention untl the class ended.”

You now hugged your legs, you tried to rest your chin on your knees.

“I thought  I’ll be fine that day. No trouble. But as I entred that floor’s ladies room, I was greeted again by the same group of girls from the first incident. This time, they’ve doubled their number I think?”

“Some of them pinned me down, grabbed my hair so I can’t move. And and the girl who always confronted me asked a question to one of the girls. She was hiding on one of the closed cubicles. She was about to cry that time.”

You noticed that Jungkook was now beside you as well.

“She walked towards me and slapped me. She said that I made her a fool so I deserved that. Then I answered back, she slapped me a couple of times. That’s where I got this. This was a cut actually. I didn’t expect for it to bruise.”

“She threatened me, she told me she can erase me anywhere, even from this world. Then, I went to the pharmacy after class. My class ends late on Fridays so I decided to take a shortcut. A group of men tried to hit me. I saw Taehyung beating them up.”

You quickly glanced at Taehyung. You saw his angry expression soften when you looked at him.

“So to keep myself away from trouble, I avoided you guys. I’m sorry.” You said, now tears started falling. Suddenly, a warm set of arms enveloped you. It was Taehyung. He hugged you tighter when he heard you sniffle. You leaned your head on his chest while Jungkook rubbed your arm. When Taehyung let go of you, it was Jungkook who draped his arm on you shoulder. He even wiped a tear that stopped falling midway.

Jungkook offered you his water and you gladly accepted it. When the atmosphere felt like normal again, Jungkook spoke.

“Since then, You never answered our messages. You could’ve just replied excuses right?” he sighed.

You stood up and walked towards your bag. As you felt the cold metal, you quickly returned to your spot, placing your phone on the coffee table, screen down.

Jungkook grabbed the phone.

“Damn. They did this too don’t they?” he confirmed as he studies your phone.

“Yeah.” You replied quietly.

“Names. I want names.” Taehyung suddenly spoke, his anger is evident on his tone.

“I don’t know them Tae.” You lied.

“Are these girls your classmates?” he’s now starting to confront you.

“No. I don’t think so.” You replied.

“Ah, Y/N-ie. I will know.” He smiled.

“I’ll go now.” You simply said.

“Well, you can’t. It’s way past your dorm’s curfew already.” Jungkook said casually.

Your eyes now circling the room, trying to look for a clock. True enough, it’s thirty minutes past the curfew.

“I don’t have a choice anymore, do I?” you sighed.

“Nope you don’t. So make yourself comfy already. Think that this is your second home at this city.” Taehyung spoke from the kitchen.

“Y/N, eat. You haven’t touched your food.” Jungkook said wthout looking at you.  

You returned to your spot and started eating. Jungkook scooted closer to you and let you show random funny vines.

After eating a portion of your food, you thanked Taehyung and made your way to the wide glass window. You just stared down below, looking at several cars passing.

“Y/N, let’s go.” Taehyung called you.

“Where to?”

“Just come, it’s much better if you’ll just see it.”

You quickly followed.

Jungkook chose to sit beside Taehyung. You’re enjoying your alone time at the  back. When a sudden flashback of Jimin seating beside you run through your mind.

You frowned.

What was that about?

You entertained yourself with the scenery outside. You haven’t been in this part of the city. Then the buildings became lesser and lesser, you passed more houses, then trees and you thought you’re out of the city.

“Wait, are we out of the city now?” you questioned.

“Nope. We’re just in a preserved area. We’re almost there.” Taehyung answered.

You kept silent as you enjoy the view. It looks like your hometown but more modern. There were still trees around houses.

Then the engine of the car died.

“We’re here.” Taehyung announced.

You looked at your surroundings before you go out. There were trees for sure. The two boys were already outside so you followed.

The wind that greeted you was chilly so you rubbed your arms. You looked around properly and trees were everywhere.

“Wait, where are we?” you asked.

“At a park.” Jungkook replied.


Taehyung called your attention to follow him.

You hiked several sets of stairs. When you’re about to complain, Taehyung jogged back and guided you.

When you reached the top, there are several spots suitable for picnics. You looked at Jungkook who’s leaning on the railings of the overlooking deck.

You ran towards the deck and saw a beautiful sight.

The busier town of the city can be seen from there. it looked like a distant city of lights. The lights from the cars were like dancing bugs then disappearing from your sight. You watched that scenery for quite some time when Taehyung stood beside you.

“Do you like it?” Taehyung questioned you while smiling.

“Yeah, I do.” You smiled back.

“Because you like it, let’s take a picture.” Jungkook suggested.

You didn’t say no. Taehyung was behind you so you’re in the middle. You quickly posed using a peace sign, slightly smiling.

“TAG, YOU’RE IT!” Jungkook playfully said as he slightly touched your arm.

“What? Oh no, Jungkook!” you ran after him.

You played tag until you successfully tagged Jungkook back. You stayed there for a couple more minutes, and left.

The three of you were sharing stories while driving back. You can’t return to your dorm yet because of the implementation of the curfew which is from midnight until five in the morning. So Jungkook suggested a ‘very early breakfast.’.

The three of you found yourselves driving around looking for a restaurant but no avail. Until a blinking sign caught your eye. It was a usual eatery. And they are open 24/7. So you parked the car in front of it and entered.

An old man greeted you and helped you to be seated. You’re sitting beside Jungkook while Taehyung’s opposite of you two.

He served water, and soup and handed you the menu.

You were impressed because they serve a wide array of dishes. They also have ‘instants’. You ordered Omurice and instant noodles while the other two ordered ramen and jajangmyeon.

When your order arrived, the servings was big enough to share the food with each other even the side dishes. So you all had a taste of everything on the table.

“Ahh, the food is nice.” Taehyung commented.

You noded.

“Let’s go.”

you wanted to share for the payment but those  boys insisted in treating you. And you feel like it’s too much. Until Jungkook let the cashier catch his credit card to pay.

He gave you that cute bunny smile with a gesture of fists in the air as if he won on something.

You just smiled back.

You were about to go to the car when Jungkook draped his arms on your shoulders then he headlocked you quickly

“Jungkook! Stop it we just ate oh my god stop messing my hair!” you shouted as you struggle to free yourself from his grip and the ruffling of your hair.

“Let’s go get some ice cream for dessert.” He said to gritted teeth.

“Fine, fine. Just let me go.” You said in defeat so he slowly released you.

There’s an ice cream freezer near the entrance of the store so you peered.

“Strawberry.” Taehyung picked.

“Melon.” Jungkook.

“Banana.” You replied.

So he gave you and Taehyung the flavors that you want. You were about to eat your ice cream when Junkook offered his ice cream.

“What?” you looked at him.

“Can I have some of yours?” he innocently asked.

You handed him your ice cream. He took a bite then Taehyung followed.

You actually exchanged ice creams. The melon one tastes so real you’ll definitely look for it next time.

Then it was time to go back.

You’re seated alone at the back alone again. You let your head drown in the scene outside. As you pass trees and houses, your mind suddenly wanders towards someone.

Where is he now?

What is he doing at this hour?

Then again you realized what are you thinking about and you brushed it off.

You were woken up by a series of slight nudges

“Y/N-ie we’re here.” Jungkook whispered as he wakes you up.

You didn’t know you fell asleep. Probably because you’re tired.

You nod so he knows you’re already awake. You adjusted your vision and saw Taehyung smiling at you.

You peeked at the window and saw that you’re outside of the dorms.

“Thank you. I really enjoyed this.”  You smiled awkwardly.

The boys in front of you gave you a warm smile.

“But you know… we can’t do this anymore, right?” you glanced at them and looked at your hands.

“Why? I thought we’re okay.” Jungkook started.

“We are okay. Yeah. But we can’t hang out. And you know why.”

“Are you saying you’re acknowledging those girls’ words than us? Than our friendship?” Jungkook continued.

“No. I don’t care about them. This is for myself. I don’t want to get in trouble for the rest of my stay here.” You responded, your temper is starting to flip.

“Whatever.” Jungkook said completely dismissing the discussion.

It’s your cue to leave. You looked at Taehyung  and thank him. Then he spoke.

“What if… we can hang out but nobody other than us has to know?” his tone  is serious.

“That’s a great idea. What can you say?” Jungkook agreed.

“How?” you eased yourself again.

“We can meet up somewhere safe, then go out. We can text each other.” Taehyung said enthusiastically.

“I don’t have a phone, remember?”  you sighed.

“Not a problem. We all have lockers. I’ll just drop a letter there as to where we’ll gonna meet up.” Jungkook said.

“Sounds like a plan. So are you in?” Taehyung said, his tone’s very hopeful.

You held your chin as if you’re thinking really hard. You noticed Jungkook is now facing you, also waiting for your response.

You were just playing with them. Despite the fact that what you’re going to do is risky, you actually like to be around these boys.

“Of course I am! Let’s do it.” you said.

You giggled when they both gave a sigh of relief. You said your goodbyes now and entered the dorms.

As you lie in bed, you just stared at the ceiling, you can’t hide that you’re excited with the set up that the three of you made.

Your weekend was spent on your usual routine. Cleaning, reviewing of the past week’s lessons, advanced reading, and of course lazing around. You missed your parents but you can’t do anything about it just yet so you plan on creating your resume at the library and try to look for a job.

You went IT section of the library and started searching for resume templates. You found a simple one so you followed it. In no time, you made a resume. The only thing that’s left is to attach your picture so you saved it and set it to your email.

You made your way to the pink Magnolia tree. You sat on the bench near it and started admiring it’s beauty from there while drinking banana milk. You just watch other students pass by as well so you can leave immidately if Jimin was around.

But alas, to your surprise. Somebody grabbed your hand and kissed it, You threw your banana milk that’s still half full.

“Oh no. I’m sorry I thought you’re someone I kno—“ you stopped before you finish your sentence.

Of course you know him.

He’s grinning from ear to ear, wearing a black long sleeved sweater. Your face give no emotion.

“Good morning my princess.” He scooted closer. He tries to hand you a sandwich.

“Don’t talk to me, please.” You whispered.

“Why not? Here. Proper breakfast.” He offered.

“No thank you.” Then you left and walked away as quickly as you can.

You sat near the door again. Not long has it been since you sat there the professor entered.

You’re more focused since you chose that seat. But you always have an internal battle to control your head in looking back where he is.

Because you know, there are also others who’s watching you.

Now, your professor announced that you’ll be doing another project with your partner. You looked around and everybody’s already doing something. You quickly scanned where you were seated before and he was there, already looking at you. You averted his gaze and just sat down.

But the professor instructed to sit with your partner and discuss since you’ll going to present that project in class. So you don’t have a choice and went to your previous seat.

“Ah, at last.” He said.

You Ignored him and started talking about the topics and you let him choose.

“Okay. We don’t need to go to the library.  I’ll just send my part through email.” You said flatly.

“Why? I’m looking forward to our study dates princess.” His pouted.

And you frowned.

“Do we have something else to talk about regarding this project? If not then I’ll be going back to my seat.” you’re trying to dismiss him as quickly as you could.

“I’ll just text or call you if I have concerns about these.” He said, his tone a bit disappointed.

“You don’t have to do it either. You can just tell me during our classes.” You stood up and returned to your seat, ignoring him while he calls your name.

You’re conscious enough to feel that those girls at the back are closely watching every move you make while you’re talking to Jimin.

As soon as the professor dismissed your classes, you dashed to your next class. It’s getting boring so you stared outside the window.

You saw Taehyung and Jungkook sitting at one of the benches. Taehyung simply waved as if he’s just playing around and Jungkook threw a salute. You get it. They’re greeting you.

You smiled.

When your classes ended, you went straight to the library and started researching. You collected books that you think are relevant and started photocopying them.

You’re in the middle of paraphrasing a paragraph and trying to combine it with another resource when someone sat beside you.

You don’t need to look because that peachy scent overpowers your senses.

“I was hoping you’d be here. What’s up?” he started, his voice low.

You ignored him. As if he’s not there.

You were highlighting and scribbling on one of the pages when he took your pen.

You didn’t look at him. Instead, you pulled another pen from your bag and continued writing.

The next thing that he pulled was the paper you’re writing on. Still, you didn’t mind him. You just

Continued writing on another sheet.

When he doesn’t earn anything from you, he sighed. Kept quiet.

You searched for more books and when you think it’s enough, you packed away.

He was just there the entire time watching you.

Then you left without saying anything to him. When you’re out of the library, he caught up on you and stopped you from walking.

“Is there something wrong?” he asked.

You looked straight into his eyes. There’s a hint of confusion in his gaze.

“Excuse me.” As you try to pass.

He did but he quickly grabs your arm.

“Let go. I don’t want to talk to you.” You said flatly, not looking at his direction.

“Why? Did I do something wrong?” he questioned, his tone a bit annoyed.

“Please let me go and don’t talk to me. Not unless it’s pure business.” You tried to let yourself go. But his hold is firm. So you held into his hand trying to detach it from your arm.

“Please, Jimin let me go.” You sighed, you were about to cry.

He automatically let go when he heard your tone.

You walked away.

This week passed like a day. And you’re staring at your locker on a Friday night. Slowly, you opened it and true enough, a folded paper fell.

You quickly grabbed it and put it in the pocket of your jeans.

You grabbed your books and left.

While walking you read the paper and it says to meet up at the convenience store.

So you waited there. You were a bit surprised when a parked black car honked at you. Jungkook peeked from the passenger’s seat.

You quickly hopped in and as soon as you closed the door, Taehyung drove away.

“What happened to your car?” you asked.

“We’ll be too obvious if I used V for our secret meetings. This was our friend’s car.” Taehyung answered.

“Where are we going?” You questioned.

“You’ll see.” Jungkook replied.

You were on the side of the city where the clubs are. After you parked, you asked them.

“Hey, where are we going?” you asked Taehyung.

“Just follow.” He replied.

So you followed.

You went to one of the establishments.

Taehyung talked to the receptionist and rented a room.

“Can’t you just tell me already?” you’re now getting impatient.

“If we tell you, you might not come.” Jungkook said.

“Grab her, Kook.” Taehyung ordered.

Jungkook grabbed you by the shoulder, his grip’s the usual ‘tight enough for you to not run’.

You don’t have any plans on running away though.

You rode the elevator and Taehyung pressed the button for the third floor.

When the elevator opens, it greeted you with a hallway and a bunch of doors.

You’re starting to panic.

“Are these rooms?” you asked, still being held by Jungkook.

“Yeps.” Taehyung replied cheerfully.

“You know what Kookie, let’s just hold hands so you won’t drag me.” You suggested.

“We’re here.” Taehyung opened the door to one of the rooms. It’s not locked.

You were pushed lightly by Jungkook and they quickly closed the door.

The room was dim lighted so you didn’t even realize where you were.

“What’s going on you two..” Panic is evident.

Then Taehyung started pressing buttons. A strobe light now gives enough light to the room.

“Karaoke. We’re going to sing.” Taehyung grinned.

“We thought you’re gonna run away if we said it so we kept it a secret.”

You collapsed on the cushioned sofa when relief washed away the bad thoughts in your head.

Then Taehyung started singing while Jungkook served as second voice and dancer. You’re so entertained you laughed the entire night. Of course you sang too.

These secret meetings went on for the next two weeks and you always look forward to this every weekend.

You woke up feeling excited on a Monday morning so you decided to go to school earlier than before to finish your part in your project with Jimin. You were busy typing everything you’ve collected  so you finished it fast and you even have an extra time for breakfast.

You were enthusiastically walking when somebody wrapped their arm around your shoulder.

You don’t have to second guess who. You hold his wrist and removed it from your shoulder and walked faster.

“Aww princess” he teased.

You ignored him and instead you opened your bag and pulled your favorite milk drink. This time, it’s in strawberry. You were enjoying your drink when he swiftly tapped your hand, losing your grip on the drink.

He caught it and now he was drinking it.

You just walked away.

Your professor asked you to be seated with your partner and that’ll be your fixed seat. You’re so dismayed and defeated at the same time, you’re considering to drop this subject but of course it’s not possible anymore. Today was scheduled to be a partial presentation of what you’ve done so far.

Good thing about Jimin is that he’s responsible in bringing things. He brought out his laptop with him so you don’t have to ask him. You checked his presentation if he included yours. When it’s finished, you returned his laptop.

Then your professor called your attention for several pointers and reminders. Your entire attention was on her.

There he goes again, playing with your hair, twirling it or combing it using his fingers. To your annoyance you put it in a bun holding it in place using a pen.

Now he’s playing with your left hand.

At first it was just your pinky until he slowly placed your hands on his desk. He’s now trying to put his rings on your fingers.

You glanced at him while he’s doing it. And you saw him seriously thinking which of his rings would fit you. Though you really wanted him to stop, you find his expression cute.

You tried to return your focus on the professor in front that’s why you didn’t notice that he was already holding your hand.

Then the professor asked if there’s a group that’s  finished, they can start presenting.

He raised his hand.

The two of you were in front. He started and he always gives you a chance to share your part of the research which of course earned frowns and ugly reactons from  Nayeon’s group.

When you ended the presentation, the professor gave you good comments and the class applauded. But the reaction from Nayeon’s cronies made you panic.

You just felt warm air brushed your hand.

He kissed your hand. In class.

In front of the people whom you wish you don’t see any connection between you and him.

You’re trying to get your hand back but he didin’t let go. So you went back to your seat holding hands.

You don’t need to look back to confirm that there’s trouble coming at you again. Because of what Jimin did.

You pulled your hand with force but he won’t let go.

“Please, let go.” You said softly.

Jimin tilted his head

“By the way you say it, you’re actually enjoying it, right?”

You didn’t reply. Instead you pulled your hand back harder.

He was giggling the entire time you try to pull your hand back until he saw your face.

You cannot help but to feel frustrated. You felt like the more he tease you, more punishment will be given to you by Nayeon and co.

He immediately loosen his grip and you successfully pulled your hand back.

The both of you were silent until the end of class.

You grabbed your things as fast as you could. You didn’t know that your phone slipped and it fell. Jimin quickly got your phone. His surprise was quickly turned into annoyance and frustration when he saw your phone.

He knew there’s something wrong.

Whenever your class ends, you pray that you will not bump into them on the ladies room. You even considered taking your business into the men’s room or even the PWD’s toilet. You tried your best to leave first so you could at least be at ease when peeing or combing your hair.

You felt relieved when it was the end of your last class for the day and you haven’t encountered those girls. And you remembered that you’ll be meeting Taehyung and Jungkook soon. As you make your way to your locker, somebody covered your eyes and mouth. You’re sure it’s neither Taehyung or Jungkook. You tried to  fight back but he’s too strong. Somebody tied a cloth over your eye so you cannot see anything. You tried shouting help but nobody really passes that part of the building anymore. You felt him carry you like Jungkook did.

You felt a gentle breeze and the sound of grass as your abductor walks. You try to recall where you could be. Probably at the football field?  

Then a large metal door opened and you were thrown on a soft mat. Another pair of hands tied your hands and feet. Then  guided you so you can sit properly.

“That bitch really is tough. She never learn.” You heard a female voice near.

“She’s not even threatened at us? She’s really something.” Another female voice.

“I’ve tried doing background check but there’s limited information about her. Nothing to use against her.” Another one.

“Do you wanna see her? So you might feel better?” the same person questioned somebody.”

If your suspicions were right, this is what you’ve been expecting. If you’re right, this is Nayeon and her gang.

You assume that the one’s talking is Nayeon. And the one she’s talking to is Sana.

She finally spoke. “No. I don’t want to see her. That stupid bimbo will never learn. Do your thing. Scare her do whatever you want to her.”

You heard movements. They’re leaving.

Then silence. You tried to stay alert. Then voices.

You froze.

These are male voices.

“What does she want us to do with this girl anyway?” one said.

“Dunno. Whatver, I guess.” Another one with a low tone voice said.

Panic starts to rise in your system. You tried to wiggle yourself out of the ropes in your limbs but it’s no use.

“Let’s just do what she wants.” Another said.

Then you heard footsteps approaching you tried to move aiming to reach either a wall or a shelf. When your back hit the cold wall, you stopped.

“Not bad.” One of them spoke.

“She’s actually cute.”

“She is.”

Then you assume that it was the one who’s approaching you.

He untied your blindfolds.

You opened your eyes. You recognized these men.

They were the thugs that almost hurt you if it wasn’t for Taehyung and another man.

“Sup honey, remember me?” he said as he sniffed your hair.

You felt a tingling sensation which made the hairs on your back raise.

“Apples, so, so, sweet.”

You tried to keep your composure, as if you’re brave but as the other men come near you, you felt your entire body shaking.

Another man touch your face. Which made the pools in your eyes fall.

“Aww don’t cry, we won’t hurt you.” Then he leaned closer as if he was going to kiss you.

You’re now screaming on top of your lungs despite of your the cloth on your mouth.

Then he removed it. So you screamed as loud as you could.

“Scream all you want deary, nobody will hear you. This gymnasium is soundproof.” The one who sniffed your hair said. You assume that this is their leader.

You immediately folded your legs in a defensive position when one of them touched it. despite wearing jeans, you felt disgusted.

“Aw, the princess is shy. Scream some more, cry some more your prince will never save—“ he fell down unconscious.

It’s Taehyung.

Not just the usual Taehyung with a boxy grin. This one’s an angry Taehyung.

He grabbed the one who touched your face by the back of his collar and threw him away from you.

“Whatever, I’ll do what I can do to you.” The leader said and he locked the door. It’s just you three including the unconscious man crammed inside storage room of the gym.

“DON’T COME ANY CLOSER!” you screamed.

But he continued crawling towards you and you cried.

Jungkook managed to kick the door and he stopped this man from touching you. Taehyung approached him with a baseball bat and it landed on his back.

Jungkook straddled him and gave him punches more than you can count.

Taehyung came running towards you with a knife, cutting the ropes. The then removed his jacket and put it on you. He even closed the zipper. You sobbed into his chest when he hugged you.

“What did I do so wrong to deserve this Tae?” you asked.

“Shh, you did nothing wrong Y/N. I’m sorry.” He said as he rubbed your back.

“It just happened that you became my friends. Am I not allowed to have friends my entire life?” you continued.

“No, no, it’s not like that. Y/N.” Taehyung released you.

When you stopped crying and you’ve calmed down, he guided you towards Taehyung’s car. You were seated at the back asking to be alone. You were still sniffling inside the car. Your head rested on the window, trying not to think of what happened.

Taehyung decided to take you to his house.

You sat down on the fluffy sofa, Jungkook assisted you and gave you water.

When you’ved finally calmed down, you faced them.

“Now, can you tell me who are these people who wants to hurt?”

“Some of  those people told me thay you were theirs. More emphasis on Jimin.” You stared from Jungkook then to Taehyung.

“That’s all I can say.” You stood up and headed towards the door but Taehyung convinced you to stay. He offered you the guest room. So you stayed there.

I’m Fine (Part 2)

A/N: Part 2 of the 2nd Installment of the ‘I’m Real Series!’ Love you guys and thanks for the support! I’m Real Parts : 1 2 3 can be found in my masterlist and Part 1 of I’m Fine is here 

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1062

Warnings: Mentions of hurt self? like blood and stuff??

Tags: @today-only-happens-once @assbuttwritings @wonderless-screwup @hippydippygashtray @dean-the-smol-bean @growningupgeek @deansbaekaz2y5 @bitch-i-am-a-dean-girl @hunting-for-idgits @gallifreyanwerewolf @merrahonthawall @sexyvixen7 @jxackles @lean-mean-deanwinchester @cainsteaparty @darkx143 @jjsoccer11

You gasped for air as you woke up on the cold ground next to a lonely highway, your body ached in protest as you sat up and looked around, trying to figure out where you were. Your senses were on high alert, waiting for another monster, or worse, a leviathan, to pop up out of thin air. But it was quite, the first time in over two years – and the silence did not bring you any sort of comfort.

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Dean Winchester-Unexpected surprises

Title: Unexpected surprises

Pairings: Team free will x reader, Dean Winchester x daughter reader, Crowley x reader

Word count:1599

Request:Can you do a one shot where a young girl (in between ages 6-13) call Dean because that’s the number her mother told her to call in an emergency and tells him that he’s her dad. (or she can call him daddy if she’s younger.) She then tells him that her mom has been killed a monster and that she needs help. Can end with her showing the boys she has a photographic memory and easily shows them where the monster is and they find that the girls mother signed custody over to Dean.

Dean grumbled rolling his green orbs when the small object buzzed rapidly, almost whining for the older Winchester to pick up. Sam glanced up from the map he held in his hands that he had titled at an angle as he leaned his head forward, raising a slender brow as he asked the silent question.

When Dean made no sign of moving, Sam groaned rolling his eyes as he reached over for Dean’s phone. He pressed his thumb over the dial button hearing the small beep as he pressed it to his ear.

‘’Hello?’’Sam answered, hesitant since the words ‘Unknown number’ flashed brightly on the light screen. Sam frowned, brow creasing together when he heard small whimpers.

‘’I-Is t-this. D-Dean?’’You choked, brushing away the tiny tear droplets with your small hand. Sam looked over at Dean in confusion seeing his brother look at him with a ‘well?’ face. Sam ignored his brothers face and answered what he assumed was a child.

‘’No this is his brother. Who is this?’’Sam asked, careful not to give away to much information.

‘’M-my names, (y-y/n)’’You sniffled, peering over your shoulder and glancing at the trashed room.. It was hard to see since your eyes kept filling with tears and you had buried yourself in a small wardrobe.

You hated small spaces but you would rather be in there than out there with the monsters.

‘’Erm, (Y/n). What did you need?’’Sam asked, trying not to sound rude but wanting to get to the point. Dean frowned, mouth miming the name as he scrambled through his cluttered mind to see if he knew that name.

‘’My mommy told me to call my Daddy. She said this was his number’’You whispered gripping the phone tighter with as much strength as your hands could hold.

Sam choked on air. He scrambled for the phone, bouncing off his large palms as he tried to retrieve it. ‘’Your Dean’s daughter!’’Sam yelped. Sam grunted when his head smacked of the wind shield.

Dean started to choke, breath stopping in the clammy walls of his throat as he stumbled out of baby and onto the pavement. He braced his palms flat against his knee caps.

‘’DEAN!’’Sam yelled rushing out, completely ignoring the phone as he spotted his brothers panic form, wheezing for breath. Sam patted his back awkwardly. ‘’Dude, calm down!’’

‘’Gee! Thanks! Now I feel so much better’’Dean snapped, shoving Sam’s arm from him. Sam’s eyes widened when he realized he dropped the phone. The larger Winchester rushed over, gripping the phone and bringing it back to his ear.

‘’Hello?’’ ‘’Hello are you sti-’’ Sam sighed when he heard the phone beep, following a voice. He groaned, shoulders slumping.


‘’Relax, Dean. It could be a demon, a shape shifter.. we’ll check out everything okay’’Sam reassured his brother. Dean gritted his teeth, jaw slacking.

‘’What if it’s not Sammy! I can’t be a dad. You realized how screwed up that Kid would be!’’Dean protested, hands lifting of the wheel before Sam rushed and gripped it.

‘’Relax, Dean. We’ll sort this’’


You weeped harder, hand pouring of blood as you bit down on it harder. It hurt like hell but you knew you had to be brave and do something to stop your from sobbing loudly.

You jumped, shuffling further into the shadows of the corner as you heard the door smash open. Chunks of wood fell one by one as heavy footsteps clambered about.

‘’You check this way’’A gruff voice said before their footsteps separated. You whimpered, freezing and biting down further on your hand. You felt the crimson pour on your mouth but ignored the foul taste.

You took a deep breath. You hate to fight for yourself. You couldn’t be a coward and hide away, not when they had your mother. You spotted a man’s boots shuffling around as he stopped right outside your hiding place.

You rushed out, latching your teeth on the man’s ankles. A loud cry was heard as the man looked at you before you let go and growled at him. You knew as soon as you saw his towering height that he could easily just stomp on you.

‘’Owh! Dammit’’He cursed holding his ankle.

‘’SAMMY!’’Dean yelled rushing with gun in a tight grip. He looked at the two of you, shock and confusion dotting his face. His heart almost stopped when he saw you, you looked so much like him and someone else he couldn’t think of.

‘’She bit me’’Sam grumbled, eyes rolling to the back of his head as he grunted under his breath.

‘’Come on Sammy, you getting beat by a little girl’’Dean snickered. Sam flashed Dean his bitch face before raising his palms up.

‘’Hey, it’s me Sam. We spoke on the phone. Are you (y/n)?’’He asked. You looked down guilty when you realised you had bit your saviour.

‘’Is my Daddy here?!’’You asked, bouncing slightly on your toes as you gripped the taller man’s leg to peer up at him. Sam looked over at Dean as you followed his gaze.

Dean was now clear of any expression of joking and was now looking at you seriously. ‘’Kid, We need to make sure you-re really who you say you are first’’Dean breathed out before frowning. ‘’What happened to your hand?’’He asked stepping forward.

Sam smirked slightly at Dean’s parental role. You looked down hiding your hand behind your back. Dean raised a brow and knelt down and held his hand out. You gingerly placed your smaller one in his. He squinted his eyes as he turned your hand about in his hold, as he observed the wound.

‘’Damn kid, That’s teeth marks. You got one hell of a bite’’Dean whistled.

‘’Tell me about it’’Sam whispered.

‘’C’mon, let’s get you out of here’’Dean mumbled. He held his arms out waiting for you to show some resistance but when you nodded he picked you up and placed you on his hip. ‘’What?’’he grumbled to Sam when he turned to see his brother giving him ‘that’ face.

You shoved your thumb in your mouth leaning your head on his broad shoulder as you hair sprawled across his shoulder. Sam chuckled softly at you, ruffling your hair.


‘’Not a shifter’’Sam added checking that off the list as he took the small butter knife from your grip.

‘’Sorry, (y/n). This is gonna hurt. Just don’t look okay’’Sam sighed as he held your small arm in his. It felt so fragile and small and he had to take a few breaths before guilty cutting your arm.

Nothing happened beside making you cry to which Dean got over his shock of being a dad and picked you up placing you against his chest as he rocked you and rubbed your back. He pulled up a blanket and wrapped it around you and he rubbed your back.

‘’I know, I know. Shh’’Dean soothed. He glanced at Sam sighing. He was a Dad.

‘’(y/n). Do you know anything about your mom?’’Sam asked. You sniffled, pulling slightly away from Dean so you could look at Sam. You nodded.

‘’I know where she is. And who took her’’You nodded. Sam and Dean’s eyes widened as they looked at you in shock.

‘’You remember?’’Dean gaped.

‘’Mommy said I have something called, Photographic memory’’You pointed out. Sam gave a hum of approval as Dean ruffled your hair.

You all made you way into the Impala. Dean was hovering over you pulling two seatbelts over you to make sure you were properly strapped in. You giggled when Dean groaned frustratedly, brows furrowing.

Dean stopped when he had heard the most cutest adorable thing in the world. He glanced up at you and it really set in. He had someone who looked up to him, someone who needed him. You looked back at him with the same facial structures and grinned a toothy smile.

Dean smiled softly his large hand smoothing down your hair. He finally got into the car seat. He looked down, hand stopping itself from turning the keys. Sam gave him that knowing look.

‘’Dean, she needs her mom’’Sam whispered, patting his brother back softly. Dean nodded.

‘’I know Sammy. I know’’Dean muttered before pulling out.

‘’Uncle Sammy?’’You called, feet bouncing happily. Sam could have sworn his heart stopped right then and there as he felt his heart warming up. He had never imagined himself as a uncle and now felt needed and happy that he had a family.

‘’Y-yeah, (y/n)?’’He answered hushly as he titled to look back at you.

‘’Will I still see you and Daddy?’’You asked innocently. Sam looked away, to hurt and didn’t have the guts to tell you the truth.

‘’Kiddo. Erm, Uncle Sammy and I- we have to go away so we can help other people like your mommy’’Dean explained softly. You frowned, still confused.

‘’But you’ll come back though?’’You asked. Sam and Dean shared a guilty look.

‘’Sure, Kiddo’’Dean smiled forcedly.


‘’Sam’’Dean whispered, rushing back over to Sam. Sam held you to his chest, purposely angling you away from a bloodied Dean so you would have to see. They would have left you in the car but it wasn’ safe.

Sam tensed gulping as he looked at Dean asking a silent question. Dean replied with a shake of the head. Your mother was dead.

‘’Dean, we can’t leave her’’Sam whispered, hand covering your ears.

‘’I’m not going to Sammy. She’s coming with us. No one and I mean no one, will lay a finger on her. If they do…’’

‘’They’ll have me to deal with’’

Toby’s drawing Emily looks at in season 1… top middle, looks almost exactly like the monster taking the boy from the house in Bethany’s drawing…middle left, obviously portrays a double face. Perhaps split personality? Or maybe a twin?… the picture circled almost looks like the girls burying something? There clearly is a tree, then, it’s hard to make out, but you can almost count 4 people… I may be looking too hard at this but is this foreshadowing? Or are Toby’s drawings bc he witnessed something that night? The big house in not sure if it perhaps isn’t a house at all but maybe Radley? And the bottom right is clearly a scull of some sort but you can still make out hair… so maybe a male scull? I just wonder if these were foreshadowing clues to what’s transpired or if they all relate to things Toby either knows about or witnessed himself? The top left also looks like theatre masks maybe but maybe portraying masks in general? I mean Allison did have masks of her made before she went missing. I found this on a YouTube video about a completely different theory but after really analyzing it I see so much more in these photos! Not to mention the style of drawing is remarkably similar to Bethany’s! What do you all think?

Dilraj Mann & Tessa Black Interview (Each Other)

Tessa Black: Who would you say are some artists that have influenced your work the most?

Dilraj Mann: I really love Katsuhiro Otomo and Taiyo Matsumoto. Their story telling and panel transitions are revelatory. Cleon Peterson, Keiichi Tanaami, Jaime Hernandez, Chris Ware, Lucian Freud,  Jose Munoz, Zaha Hadid, Ralph Bakshi. David Mazzuchelli’s work in Batman Year One is something I read annually to show me economy in art and panel layout. I tend to find that I fall in love with someone’s work early on and then fall in love with something else. So new inspiration is Marie Jacotey, Aisha Franz  and Hattie Stewart, Jillian Tamaki. I find music incredibly inspiring and something that influences my work, currently  stuff like Jlin, Philip Glass, Dirty Beaches, Clark and Jai Paul and I’m hoping to do a comic based on his lyrics soon. How about you?

TB: I’m pretty all over the place with artists, mainly as a function of how little time I give myself outside of work. I draw from a lot of artists such as Otto Von Todd, Gulliaume Singelin, Anna Cattish, and Asiey Barbie. I go through a lot of different artists but those are generally the folks I come back to I admire artists with a lot of versatility or at least a body of work that stretches far back. It’s interesting to see what they learned or tried with different approaches, and helps me get a better sense of what I like about their style.

I don’t think I can draw without music, and I usually look to artists such as Tettix, Goose or Lorn for focus. Something about their tone really tunes out my surroundings and helps get work done, though I look to Swans, Tycho, or Joanna Newsome for pure inspiration.

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I Can't Blame You Enough - freelancejouster - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - College/University, Protests, Motorcycles, side taejin, Hippie!Joon, Girl!Yoongi, Bad boy!jungkook, He looks like a bad boy anyway, Chased by the Cops

Word Count: 5.2k

Namjoon had been to protests before, plenty of them, but he’d definitely never had to jump on the back of a motorcycle to get away from the cops at the end of one before.

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