can this be consider as my first graphic


And there he stood, Harry the Heir himself; tall, handsome, scowling. “Lady Alayne. May I partner you in this dance?” She considered for a moment. “No. I don’t think so.” Color rose to his cheeks. “I was unforgiveably rude to you in the yard. You must forgive me.” “Must?” She tossed her hair, took a sip of wine, made him wait. “How can you forgive someone who is unforgiveably rude? Will you explain that to me, ser?” Ser Harrold looked confused. “Please. One dance.”.

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oh my god i just read two rotten apples and holy fuck their relationship is so terrible i feel so bad for her goddamn idk why i feel so hurt but pls make jungkook suffer

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yo… ik everyone will disagree wit me but the relationship in tra is just way too toxic like why do i feel like shit when even if im just the reader. im so fucking mad why is jungkook such an asshole n why is the oc so easy UDHDHJD

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it fucks with my mind how horrible jk is to the oc in tra i didnt do anything productive today bc i felt like shit LMAO

drabble #3

COUNT → 3.519

GENRE → smut | crack

PAIRING → jungkook | reader

WARNINGS → dom and sub tones | penis in mouth | explicit language | penetration | graphic dirty talk | dick riding | the occasional sarcastic quip

LINKS → 1 | 2 | 3 | 3.5COMING SOON

note → i didn’t have this in mind with the current story line of two rotten apples, which you can read the first part here. so kinda consider this drabble just like. i dont even know. i have no idea. i think as the story goes on. ill link the drabbles for where i think they are in the story. the other two happen later on so they wont be linked yet until more parts are released!!!!!!! anyway i wrote this in a state of anger and perspiration!!!!!!!!!!! if u dont like my characters. or dont like the story. u could just. consider this: close out of my blog and never come back. no one was forcing u to read this. so i didnt appreciate these msgs. i understand u were venting but u didnt even say anything positive about the story so how could u expect me to respond positively??? anyways g’nite

The skin of Elise’s knuckles lightened as her fists clenched on the kitchen counter. She’d been dicing onions for a breakfast omelette but Kale’s noises from upstairs were distracting her as they drifted to her ears from the vent above her head. The kitchen was directly below their shared bedroom, so she could hear every single sound he made, even the bed creaking under his weight.

Washing her hands quickly, she grabbed a nearby towel to dry them off before heading towards the long, twisting marble staircase leading to the upstairs hallway, following the grunts and groans of her beloved husband.

As she peered into the bedroom, she gasped at the sight before her. Kale was lounging on the mattress, a rose placed between his succulent lips and a single cut from one of the thorns garnishing his lower lip. He probably should’ve cut all the thorns off before placing it in his mouth but he was never the smart one. His chest glistened under the light of the full moon, even though just a few seconds ago, Elise was making a breakfast omelette and typically those are made in the morning. She just didn’t have a good concept of time and made breakfast omelettes at night and steaks at eight o’clock in the morning.

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Will you be selling graphic novels online at any point? I'm gutted that I don't have a chance to get one at the convention.

TL;DR: I hope so.

Here’s the graphic novel situation:

  • I want to have my own little store, with better, more custom merch.
  • I have no time. I’m doing an entry every three days for book two.
  • I also have no space with which to store merch.
  • And little to no money with which to make merch.
  • Most of these problems are alleviated come September, when I turn in book two and move to a larger place in LA (I’m in NYC for the summer, working on a business plan and collaborating with Harper-Collins on book two).

Additionally, complicating the graphic novel matter:

  • Harpers does not (at least this division, so far) want to do graphic novels. They consider it low return on investment.
  • I am doing this in part to see if I can change their mind with data.
  • Any comic entries I print can’t go into future books. Harper-Collins wants to be the first and only print publisher for the contents of their books. So I’m having to be very careful about what I do and do not print.
  • It takes a surprising amount of time for me to retrofit the web entries to fit print specifications.

All that said, this is my game plan:

  • See how well things sell at HeroesCon.
  • Try to sell leftovers at another con or speaking gig or somesuch.
  • Sell the rest online.
  • Gauge interest on graphic novels. If graphic novel interest is high, use that as leverage with publishers.
  • Failing that, look at selling my own stuff online. Maybe take on a part-time employee to help with shipping. Maybe partnering with someone like TopatoCo makes more sense. That’s a lot of research that I do not have time to engage in right now.

Many of you asked me to show them the “tips” or “steps” to create a comic. I decided to let you see how a page birth. Don’t consider this post as a tutorial, because I’ve never been good at explaining and I’m not even sure that my method is correct. I hope it can help you anyway give you good advices. (this method is valid for comics on paper too) :)

Step 1: Create a Story-Board:

write the plot somewhere and create a simple story-board. It is an essential process that allows you to establish the dynamism of history and every single page. (The characters of my story-boards usually are adorable little monsters, as you can see x) ).

Step 2: To draw panels.

When I'm good with the storyboard, I create a new "layer" and I impost the panels.

Step 3: to draw

 following the way of the storyboard I start to draw. As you can see Nick is blue and Judy is red. That's because I create a layer for every single character so that, if I have to make some changes to a particular character I will not have problems.

Here you can pick whichever you prefer. The most important thing is that you follow the story line.

when I finished drawing, I change the color of the levels and take them to the gray, just as if I had drawn with a pencil. Because for me it is easier to ink on gray.

Step 4: To Ink

I create another layer and I ink. the worst step for me. I hate it! you need to arm yourself with patience because inking with a tablet is not simple….

Step 5: To  draw backgrounds

I do it after the ink, only because I’m lazy and I can do it because I use a graphic program. if you draw on paper you have to do it when you’re drawing, first of to draw the characters.

Step 6: To color.

I create a new layer. This is one of my fav steps. I personally love the comics that present clear dark shades made with pen, like the drawings were sketches.

These are the “basic steps”, good for who doesn’t use graphic programs and only paper, pencil and pen.

then I add tones and Baloons:

If you’re drawing on paper you have to consider baloons as characters and you have to draw them since the beginning.

That’s all.dears! ^^ I hope this could help you! Thank as Always and byeee!!!!

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If its going to take that long, can we get another comic or picture thing? Preferable with Set and Anubis. I wanna see then interact! ((and will Deities of Duat be a comic or a book))

^^^ Have a couple cuz I couldn’t decide which would be best ^ Q ^ )/ Granted that this is… barely… a glimpse at how they are in the actual story, but I intend to share more about their dynamic later for sure o)9

As for a comic, if you hadn’t seen them already, I did a few test pages for my coursework several months ago as a “first try” for the overall look. Hopefully I can do more practice pages or mini comics on the blog sometime, in b/w the other vis dev I plan to get thru o)7

And lastly, DEITIES is primarily planned to be published online, as a free-to-access webcomic. However, I would consider the opportunity to eventually have it in print, as a graphic novel, should the project gather enough interest! This would be the more ambitious goal of the project, but sharing the comic online will be my first priority when the story is ready to launch.


Oh my goodness… It’s already been the first Milestone? Even though all I do is post crack and never do replies… Yikes y’all are too darn kind. 

Well I’m not really one that’s good with graphic designs and the like (i dont even own photoshop, I CRY) so I guess this is the best this darned noob can do, but consider this my biased list thing for the Follow Forever! A big thanks to everyone, even if you aren’t down here! I’l put the Follow Forever under a read more cuz it’s long, but here’s some honorable mentions to start off with.

@acidicpinky​: You’re hella funny! I can’t wait to interact more with you!

@nejireh​: Couldn’t interact much cuz you’re going in vacation but I love to see you in my inbox/activity. Have fun!

@sctwinkly​: I love the french son.

@delawaresmash​: *heavy breathing for Deku*

@hissuccessor​: *heavy breathing for Izuku*

@nxumu​: No. Not you. Put that murder bird away. (I’m joshing! I love all the crack and your blog, hope we interact for reals soon!)

@endeavcr​: Love me some hot dads. Wait. That came out… bad.

@cynthias-heart-and-mind: Gurl ya know I love you! And yo art too, but please. Stop making your child suffer OTL

@makenstore: Good Oc. Good Mun. Go follow (or at least check out)

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Hi, would you tell me how one would go about starting an RP blog? They look really fun and I've been thinking about starting one :)

Having an RP blog is definitely very fun! I would recommend starting with a canon character if it is your first blog so it’s easier to make connections. If you end up making a Tolkien blog feel free to hmu anytime! :) Here’s a little guide, and I’ve divided it into sections for easier reading. I’m not sure how much you know about roleplaying, so I will give you a run down on everything I can think of! Feel free to send another ask if you have any specific questions about anything, whether or not it is listed here.

Some RP terms you should know:

  • RP/rp: roleplay
  • muse: the character that is being roleplayed
  • mun: the person behind the screen, who “writes” the muse
  • ooc: “out of character”. aka, the mun is talking, not the muse.
  • ic: “in character”. the muse is talking.
  • smut: a roleplay that includes muses in a situation. Please note that if you are under 18 it is illegal to write smut. You could get both yourself and your rp partner in very big trouble if you lie about your age to smut. Wait until you are 18!
  • thread: a roleplay in which two people reblog a post from one another, adding their muse’s responses, actions, and dialogue each time in order to further the story. When you add something to a thread, it is called a reply.
  • Non-selective, semi-selective, selective: these words tell you how picky people are with their RP partners. Non-selective people will RP with anyone that comes to them. Semi-selective people are a little more choosey, and will look over your blog to see if they think your character would interact well with theirs. Most of the time, semi-selective RPers will say yes to RPing with you. Selective RPers are more picky and say yes about 60% of the time or less. I categorize my blog as selective, and I say yes about 50% of the time.
  • mutuals only: this means that the person will not rp with people who are not both following them and being followed by them. Another word for this is “private”.
  • meme/ask meme/rp meme: a post that includes possible situations or dialogue pieces to start an rp. I have a blog over at @rpermemes​ which is solely rp meme posts, if you want to get a better idea of what they are, or you can check out the rp meme tag. if someone reblogs a meme, you can send a symbol or the dialogue from the meme and they answer the ask as if your muse had said that to them or if both muses were in that situation.
  • plotting: when two muns talk ooc about what they want to thread. for example, I could go to an RPer and suggest an idea I have for a thread. They add on with their ideas until we come to a thread idea that both of us are happy with. That’s plotting. Most threads start either from rp memes or from plotting.
  • Chat, para, multi-para, and novella: these are all different lengths for your thread replies to be. Chat threads generally only have dialogue with no description, and thus depend on icons to show how a character is feeling. Para threads are one paragraph. Multi para are more than one paragraph. Novella does not have a specific word count assigned to it, but I usually define threads with replies that are each over 600 words to be novella.
  • Indie: short for “independent”. This just means that they aren’t part of a specific RP group.
  • Verses: short for “universes”. It means that you can change your muse’s history or situation. Most roleplayers have a modern verse at least, which is where you put your character in the modern world. Most people use the terms AU and verses interchangeably.

There is a post here with more rp terms that you should reference if you don’t understand something! Never be afraid to ask if you don’t know what someone means and can’t find out.

Rules pages and about pages:

  • Most people have rules pages that outline what they will and will not rp. Most rpers have their rules pages at (url) or (url), in case you need to look from mobile. If you can’t find the rules at either of these links, wait until you’re on a computer and then go to their blog, and there should be a link somewhere on their theme! Don’t send anything to them unless you have read their rules page. If you can’t find a rules page, send an ask that says something along the lines of “Hi, I was wondering if you have a rules page? I can’t seem to find the link if you do have one, so if you could link me to it that would be great!” By reading someone’s rules you show that you respect their wants, wishes, and boundaries, and that’s very important!
  • Also read about pages. Many people have divergences from canon that they would like their partners to be aware of, and these are often included on their about pages.
  • Make sure you have an about page and a rules page. Even if they are very basic at first, they assure people that you’re devoted to your character, and a rules page will give a great glimpse of your personality that makes most muns more comfortable talking to you. Some things you can include on a rules page are:
    • Whether you are under or over 18, and, if you are over 18, whether you are willing to RP smut and under what circumstances. For example, do you write smut with anyone that is overage? (Don’t write smut with people under 18, and don’t write it if you are under 18. It’s illegal.) Or do you prefer to only write smut once you’ve established a ship? What is your tag for nsfw content, so people can backlist it if they don’t want it on their dash?
    • Which of your pages are required reading? For example, I require for people to read my rules and about, and other things are optional.
    • What fandoms do you RP with?
    • What things trigger you? What things do you not want to RP?
    • Are you only willing to RP with mutuals?
    • How long do you prefer to your thread replies to be? Chat, para, multi-para, novella?
    • Though I would recommend categorizing your blog as nonselective to start out, you should also put on your rules page whether you’re nonselective, semi-selective, or selective!
  • Here are some things you can include on your about page:
    • Your character’s age, date of birth, and where they are from
    • What your character looks like. Make sure to note if there are any differences between your interpretation’s appearance and their canon appearance!
    • Their history. What were their parents like? Are their parents still alive? What was their childhood like? Is there anything that has had a lasting effect on them? Have they moved house before? (This is especially important if your character does not live in the place where they were born.)
    • What is your character’s occupation?
    • What special skills does your character have?
    • What are their good qualities? What are their faults?
    • What do they love? What do they like? What do they fear?
    • What relation do they have to other canon characters?
    • Anything else that is important about your character!

Memes and first interactions:

  • When looking for your first partners, I would recommend going to blogs labelled nonselective or semi-selective. You need to get some experience writing your character and establishing connections before you attempt to start a thread with a selective or private blog.
  • If the person reblogs memes, send one in! Do not send a romantic or sexual meme for a first interaction. See if you can find a meme that is neutral in terms of emotions (for example, don’t send a meme such as “do you like me?” from your muse to theirs–how are they supposed to know if their muse likes yours yet if you haven’t written together?). Urgent starters work great for this. For example, many starter lists have things like “Run!” or “Get out of the way!” that you can send in for interesting first interactions.
  • If they don’t reblog memes, send them an ask or an IM (as long as IMs are welcomed in their rules, of course) and ask to plot. Do not come into someone’s IMs to plot without an idea of what to write. You want to make it as little work as possible for them! For example, I would be thrilled if a potential new partner sent me a message that said “Hello, I play ______ and I really enjoy your portrayal of ______. I have an idea for a plot where _______ could {do x, find x, etc.} with _______. {Here are some specifics about the thread}. Let me know if you are interested, and thanks for considering this!”
  • Reblog memes! If you reblog a headcanon meme from someone, remember to send one in to them, too–courtesy counts!
  • Make yourself a promo or two and put it in the tags to attract new partners! For Tolkien RP, I would recommend tagging it with “tolkien rp”, “lotr rp”, “hobbit rp”, “{character name} rp” and “indie rp”.

In regards to themes, graphics, and pages:

The best piece of advice I can give you is to be accommodating. People will not want to thread with you if you make them do all the work. If you go to plot, bring ideas for what to write. Offer to write the starter. Cater to the other RPers preferences–do they prefer long threads or short ones? Write your starter in the appropriate length for them. The best way to get threads across fandoms or with characters that you can’t imagine interacting is to have different verses, so that it becomes reasonable for them to interact. Be kind and open and honest. Keep yourself out of any drama. Be a nice person and do your best, and no one will be able to find fault with you. You can do it; I believe in you!! :)

First of all, I want to thank some folks who have been talking to me behind the scenes, redressalert, twentythreetimes and especially atranspaige, who encouraged this specific post.

I’m demographically old for Tumblr, so my outlook on gender issues is somewhat different. But I want to make a few things clear: I have experienced fairly severe dysphoria - to the point where I asked to have “everything cut off” when I was 17 and discovered breast reduction surgery was even a thing. That’s coming up.

I was raised in an intensely Christian community. I knew the word, “Faggot” well before I knew what it meant - and had heard it linked with atheism. I frequently wished I could somehow trade lives with my brother - and frequently took things he was given to indoctrinate him into masculinity. His barbells? Mine now. I whined and fussed to go on Boy Scout hikes and turned my nose up at FHA and Girl Scouts alike.

And around about 5th grade, my world came crashing down. Suddenly, I had hips, breasts, stretch marks, cellulite, a rounded tummy (but still a slim waist - I was shaped like Mae West when I was barely recovered from my obsession with dinosaurs.) I BLED. It felt like I was living in somebody else’s body -and I hated that body and hated myself.

Any woman can tell you what came next -public harassment - even rape threats. From grown men. Strangers, even. At 10 years old. And school went from a struggle - most of my teachers already considered me too “forward” for a girl, especially an Appalachian girl - to a nightmare. I still remember the rape threat from a classmate who included graphic detail of what tortures he wanted to inflict. I remember the names they called me for daring to be the first girl to hit puberty. And worse, for developing into such an exaggerated shape.

Reporting was useless. Teachers told me to ignore it, to be more modest, to be quieter, more proper. By seventh grade, my anxiety was so bad that my parents took me from doctor to doctor looking for a cure. But nobody asked me about the hatred that curled within for my body. By 8th grade, I convinced my school to require very few classes of me -I spent most of my time, including recess and often half of lunch in the library where I felt safe.

In high school, despite my dearest hopes, it didn’t get better. I was frequently suicidal, and when I tried talking to a preacher about it, he blew me off. Then - remember how I felt “safe” in libraries? Yeah, right up until a classmate sexually assaulted me in the stacks. I had been taught well - I knew exactly what to blame - that horrible body. It had to go. Boys pinched, shoved, grabbed, ignored every boundary but one. The girls restroom was safe. Until a pedophillic coach invaded while we were changing. And every indignity only further encouraged my body hatred.

I would wake up at night, unable to understand why these slabs of meat were attached to my chest. I fantasized about stealing my father’s chainsaw to cut them off. I wished I could get rid of my hips as well, remold my body into a different silhouette. As I was considering college (and being told by the same preacher who blew off my suicidal ideation that I should avoid secular colleges as they would make me an atheist) my parents told me about a surgeon they had heard about who could make breasts smaller.

I was so incredibly excited. I wanted them gone and this surgeon would do it in a way that my religious community wouldn’t object to - from the moment I entered the surgical area, there would be no men. (When you think about preserving safe spaces for women, remember that many women are religiously required to be modestly separated from men, and when you allow male bodied persons into those spaces, you exclude many, many women.) I would be allowed to do this! And then I could be modest and men would stop wanting to rape me! Hallelujah!! Even if I still had hips and stretch marks and small hands and feet, at least one of the things I hated would go away!

I went to talk to the surgeon (with my mother in the room, of course.) And I got up my courage. I asked her (even with my mother in the room!) to cut everything off. All of it. Gone. Please. She acted like she hadn’t heard anything, but told me that some people had unrealistic expectations of surgery and were a bad risk. She went on to tell me that her method, which was brand new would mean I could probably breast feed my babies and my husband would still be happy with my breasts, though part and possibly all of them would be numb.

After my first request, I didn’t have the courage to tell her I wanted neither husband nor babies.

I went through surgery, and she removed over 2 liters of tissue, but had to stop when my body betrayed me once more by going into shock on the surgical table. I was still a D cup. I recovered from the surgery and went to a secular college, where I discovered that men still wanted to rape me. I attempted suicide a couple times, rescued only by my own ineptitude. I went to make another attempt, this time by a more definitive method, only to have what I can only describe as a moment of spiritual epiphany at the last minute. I turned myself in to the student health center and informed them I was suicidal.

I wound up going back home and spending a couple years working and getting mental health care. During that time, I “discovered” feminism was more than a curse word in the mouths of the preachers. I went to community college. I realized I was bi, and my first friends in the community were lesbians. I left the church and left off calling myself a Christian. I eventually tried college again. I shaved my head. I gave up on female expectations for clothing and behavior. I learned martial arts: karate, judo, fencing. I learned to ground myself during depressive and dysphoric episodes. I accepted that no matter what I did to my body, none of it was changing the problem of males feeling entitled to my body. So I decided to fight the problem instead of my body.

I learned that I could be a woman who likes math and science. I could be a woman who is not submissive. I could be a woman who is strong, with broad shoulders and muscular arms from weightlifting and martial arts. And that womanhood was going to have to accommodate me. Because people will never stop assigning me to that category.

Which is why I find the concept of calling myself ‘cis’ ridiculous. Of course I don’t identify with the idea of womanhood as presented by our culture. It is absolutely toxic. But neither am I 'trans’. I have not transitioned. Could not when I wanted to. Feel that it only encourages my body hatred to dwell on it. I am me.

GAINING PERSPECTIVE ON GRAPHIC NARRATIVE: essential/ worthwhile/ personal favorite books regarding comics as an art, technique, style, or serve other significance

in short, i work at a book store and take great advantage of the ability to order whatever i want for the store without bearing the responsibility of paying for anything. i read a lot of books and texts about comics because i’m driven to make a graphic novel i’m proud of, these are just some of many i find noteworthy- b/c no one actually needs a bunch of courses or an art degree to obtain a broader upstanding of the illustrated narrative and subsequently grow as a comic artist.

  1. binky brown meets the holy virgin mary - justin green (duh. essential for contextualizing early crumb/ spiegelman/ a lot of work in the comix scene & era as well as serving as the ultimate ideal model for the autobiographical comic narrative.)
  2. graphic women: life narrative and contemporary comics - hilary l. chute (adore this one- its subjects and contents are the bible for women producing autobiographic comic content)
  3. panel discussions: design in sequential art storytelling - durwin s. talon (an essential and personal favorite and all around perfect book)
  4. comics versus art: comics in the art world - bart beaty
  5. the power of comics: history, form and culture - randy duncan
  6. cartooning: philosophy and practice - ivan brunetti
  7. german expressionist woodcuts - shane weller
  8. the art of the woodcut: masterworks from the 1920s - malcolm c. salaman
  9. wordless books: the original graphic novels - david a. berona
  10. graphic witness: four wordless graphic novels - masereel, ward, patri, and hyde (this and the former three are the best introduction to textless graphic novels/ expressionist woodcuts that i’ve come across. woodcut narratives have been so huge for me.)
  11. critical approaches to comics: theories and methods - randy duncan 
  12. underground classics: the transformation of comics into comix - james philip danky
  13. from staple guns to thumb tacks: flyer art from the 1982-1995 new orleans hardcore scene / punk is dead punk is everything (not a universal necessity but punk flyer art has always been a big inspiration and love of mine. it had visual command that lends well to comic structure)
  14. the visual language of comics: introduction to the structure and cognition of sequential images - neil cohn
  15. the art of possible! comics mainly without pictures - kenneth koch
  16. a hummet: a treated victorian novel - tom phillips 
  17. une semaine de bonte: a surrealistic novel in collage - max ernst (this and the former are some personal favorites and incredibly useful/ inspiring for incorporating collage elements into comic narrative)
  18. comics and sequential art: principles and practices - will eisner (any of eisner’s books are applicable here)
  19. the system of comics / comics and narration - thierry groensteen (all groensteen’s pieces on comics are so great.)
  20. how to draw noir comics: the art and technique of visual storytelling - shawn martinbrough
  21. comics and language: reimagining critical discourse on the form - hannah miodrag (a touch bloated and precociously academic but an insightful read nonetheless)
  22. best of comix book: when marvel comics went underground - stan lee
  23. panel one: comic book scripts by top writers - dwayne mcduffie
  24. AX volume 1: a collection of alternative manga - various authors (another personal favorite. but i think any comic artist can benefit from AX- it’s an amazing and diverse collection of highly stylized shorts that take really interesting and surreal narrative directions)
  25. vanishing point: perspective for comics from the ground up - jason cheeseman
  26. rebel visions: underground comix - patrick rosenkranz
  27. drawing words and writing pictures/ mastering comics - jessica abel & matt madden (yeah anything jessica abel touches is perfect)
  28. the graphic canon vol 1-3 - russ kick
  29. graphic subjects: critical essays on autobiography and graphic novels - michael a. chaney
  30. projections: comics and the history of twenty-first century storytelling - jared gardener
  31. lynd ward: six novels in woodcuts - lynd ward (..,,there’s nothing i can say about ward that would do him justice really. he was the master of the craft and i just consider his work so intrinsically important.)
  32. the language of comics: word and image - n.c. christopher couch
  33. the daniel clowes reader: a critical edition of ghost world and other stories, with essays, interviews, and annotations - daniel clowes 
  34. comics, comix, & graphic novels: a history of comic art -roger sabin (one of my favorites)
  35. a comics studies reader - jeet heer (an on point essay collective, way really impressed with the diversity of topics addressed)
  36. making comics: storytelling secrets of comics, manga, and graphic novels - scott mccloud
  37. love and rockets: the covers - los bros hernandez (the entire series is more ideal of course but l&r’s covers are engaging even in a secular context from their narrative)
  38. writing and illustrating the graphic novel: everything you need to know to create great work and get it published - daniel cooney
  39. 99 ways to tell a story: exercises in style - matt madden
  40. framed ink: drawing and composition for visual storytellers - marco mateu-mestre
  41. perspective! for comic book artists - david chelsea
  42. TO END ON A FUN NOTE ::: wampus, vol. 1 - franco frescura & luciano bernasconi ((the stupidly fun dated as hell french comic book that’s supposedly a cult classic but i’ve never encountered anyone else who’s actually read it so like, help me out here)


Diplomatic Relations and Intelligence Failures, Pt. 12

((AKA The Lady Sif asks Maria Hill on a date.  The first parts of this can be found on AO3, or here on my tumblr.  Sorry it’s taking so long to finish, but I’m getting close, I promise!  Slight warnings here for severe beatdowns on the bad things that are coming for them.  Nothing bloody or overly graphic, but bad things are happening.))

“SHIELD has an insurance policy for these sorts of situations,” Maria said, doing her best to hold onto her temper. Considering her life experience and her current job description, it was harder than it should’ve been. Of course, she was juggling a confused and traumatized mob of civilians, around three dozen biological specimens that violated almost as many laws, two squads of SHIELD strike teams and three more sweeper teams. She also had no idea where her date had gone.

Considering all of that, she wasn’t sure how her most pressing concern was horticultural.

She took a deep breath, letting her fingers tighten on the SHIELD tablet in her hand, like it was a security blanket. Or a potential bludgeon. “We can cut it-”

“You can’t,” Callie said, her hands spread wide, standing between them and the building. “You CAN’T. You can’t kill it!”

“We can’t LEAVE it!” The bartender had been splitting her attention between them and her phone, where the club’s owner was apparently having a drunken meltdown. Even from here, Maria could hear her yelling. “Have you seen our goddamned building?”

She stabbed a finger at the club, and everyone looked.

The whole building was covered in heavy vines, the stems as thick around as Maria’s wrist, and studded with nasty looking thorns. Here and there, thick, glossy green leaves and thin tendrils flicked against the heavy brick facade. All in all, it looked like something out of a gardener’s nightmare.

“We can transplant-” Maria started.

“We can kill it with fire,” Angela said, and Callie let out a howl. The bartender flinched when her phone made a very similar sort of sound.

Maria shut her eyes, and gritted her teeth.

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so there’s this brilliant thing going around and it’s very simple: thanking your favorite artists/inspirations and letting them know how much you truly appreciate them. here’s the post and thank you to childrenofgiants for mentioning me. 

anyways, i wanted to say a little thank you to all of these people for either inspiring me to go into graphic making or inspiring me to improve my writing (which i know has been nonexistent for the past year but i am trying to get back to it. i apologize for the long hiatus.): 

stormyink, for keeping me sane while i was pulling my hair out trying to write. your writing is perfection.
childrenofgiants, for welcoming me into the rivamika fandom right away. your writing has driven me to improve my own.
suzuyajuzoo, for both giving me plot ideas for my rivamika story and inspiring me to get into gif making
mika (fuku-shuu), for keeping me in the rivamika fandom and being one of the intelligent writers i’ve come across. your writing is superb and you’re an all-around lovely person
k-lionheart, for continuing to have some of the most raw, heart-clenching writing. you’re still inspiring me to attempt to get back my angsty rhetoric.
senj0ugahara, for being one of the nicest graphic masters i’ve had the pleasure to talk to
mmatsuokah, for being both an amazing graphic maker and one of the sweetest people on tumblr. you’re one of my number one inspirations
vorick, for inspiring me to get better with each and every graphic you put out. you’ve improved so much and it’s mind-boggling, vic
altairis, for inspiring me to get creative with textures and coloring
howling-fox, for driving me to get better at clean editing and being a total sweetheart. your edits are sincerely some of my favorites
seiikas, for being a complete master of your coloring ability and inspiring me to try out manga coloring (turns out i was rubbish LMAO how do you do the thing)
elricity, for being the epitome of my aesthetic and making me love fma all over again
naterrivers, for wowing me with your fantastic coloring and blog altogether
ghibil, for inspiring me to fiddle with pastel colors and ghibli movie gifs
bertholdts, for driving me to make quality, clean gifs
akashis, for being one of the first ones that really made me want to get into graphic making (your theme was life-changing omg)
alexbenedetto, i discovered you through dramione but your anime edits were a complete aesthetic bombshell for me and that’s what i stayed for
spirition, for being the first one to introduce me to the pastel blog style and for your top-notch pic spams
mukoros, for inspiring me to go beyond regular gif/graphic making and make it my own
pentragons, for blowing me away with your edits every single time. they are some of the best i see on tumblr as a whole and you’re one of my biggest inspirations
tsukkih-s, for consistently making me swoon at your edits. they’re the loveliest to look at and they have heavily inspired me to find my own style
ashley–chan, for wowing me with your hnr colorings of suzume. they were the first colorings that made me consider going down that area of graphic making
aoimine, for blowing me away with your after effects skills and inspiring me to look into that
justnosense, for teaching me that keeping it simple can still have a big impact
kaeveeoh, for just being an amazing graphic maker and overall cool person (from what i’ve seen; i’ve only gotten to talk to you once but it was lovely) 
euclase, for your hyper realistic paintings that are absolutely stunning. i will follow you to the ends of the earth
yegas, for your amazing snk edits that inspired me to include moving parts in my gifs
dithe-r, for your awesome editing skills that i always enjoy
and last but not least, zeino, for being THE first person to motivate me to read up on graphic making and going for it. i’ll always consider you my first real inspiration.

so it seems like i got carried away with the thank-yous, but i really did want to thank all of you and i appreciate you for everything you did/do. you guys are the reason i’m (still) here in the first place and honestly the reason i have the followers i have now. did i forget people? most likely. but just know that if i follow you, you’ve inspired me one way or the other and i just wanted to say thank you to you as well. 


Hi there, friends. I’m writing because I’ve had some unexpected life changes come up and I need to find a new place to live by the first week of February. I would appreciate and prefer to hear from those who can offer to rent a room or space for long-term.

I currently live in North Quincy, and I work in Quincy and Dorchester. I am non-binary DFAB. I work 7 days per week, so I would not be around much to get in your way. I can cook (quite well, if I may flatter myself), and do household chores.

I can offer up to $350 per month for rent, plus a little more for bills/utilities. I have extensive student loans, which is why I am in this situation in the first place. I do not have the option to defer or forebear on them because the majority of them are private loans. These cost me $1200 per month and I have yet to find work in my field, which is marketing/graphic design/print design.

I am able-bodied but potentially neurodivergent (I have no diagnoses). I do not smoke and rarely drink, definitely a homebody rather than a party animal, and would prefer like company if possible. Pets are fine, and I do not have any of my own. I do not have any dietary restrictions, and will eat just about anything. I do not have any household allergies of which I am aware, though I can be sensitive to aerosol fragrances and recreational smoke (incense and air fresheners are not an issue). I have work at any time of day from 5 AM to 11 PM, so unfortunately my schedule is not 100% predictable, but most of my working hours are scheduled between 8 AM and 5 PM. I have all of my own furniture and would not require a furnished space.

I tend to stick to myself and be shy around new people, but I enjoy good conversation and the company of others once I’ve gotten to know someone. I would be able to provide much furniture and kitchenware if necessary, with the promise of proper care taken, but will also have storage options available to me. I try to keep tidy and pick up after myself in common areas, though I admit that my work space/personal space does tend to exhibit organized chaos. I work in a grocery store and a restaurant, and I don’t get discounts but I would happily pick up groceries for the household if that would make your life easier! I read and knit a lot in the little spare time I have, and I watch a lot of programs online. My jobs are both located on the red line, so red line access would be preferred. I do not have a car, so MBTA access is a necessity. South Shore residences would be preferable, but only because I am more familiar with the area than with other parts of Boston, and I am kind of overwhelmed with my predicament right now to be wandering around new places. I am absolutely not trying to be picky!!!

I do not know if I would be a good match for people looking to start renting a new space, because I do not think I can save to put towards first and last rent and a security deposit. However, if a portion of a deposit were required of me after the fact, that could be within the realm of possibility.

Please, even if you are not able to help with housing, if you know of anyone who is hiring graphic designers, marketing creatives, or people with experience in print design, please consider putting in a good word for me! I’m working on building my website over again, but I have been searching for a job in my field for three years (since I finished undergrad) with no luck. I am at the end of my rope emotionally, physically, and financially, and do not know where else to turn at this point.

My tumblr is petrichoriousparalian or you can email me at

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!

looking for blogs to follow :)

hey guys~

i’ve had my tumblr for well over a year and i’ve realized that my blog style has changed quite a bit since i first started blogging (tbh i think i created my blog bc of asianfanfics which i stopped using as of june 2013)

i’ve gone through various stages: stationary/fashion/really bright cute stuff » color-coding » photography » photography/color-coding » photography/k-fashion » now (idek what my blog can be considered as :c i still feel like i’m experimenting with my blog style and im actually thinking of maybe incorporating some k-pop graphics bc i really like those posts :D) 

so, more importantly i’m looking for new blogs to follow because i feel like my dashboard doesn’t exactly have the posts that i’m looking for (idk if this makes sense)…please reblog/like this post if you post/reblog any of the following: ^^ 

  • blue (lots xD)
  • color-coding
  • food (yummy ones ofc!)
  • k-fashion
  • k-pop (mostly graphics;; and lots of bts)
  • photography
  • stationary 
  • really pretty anime posts <3

i’m going to go through the notes and follow lots of amazing blogs :DDDD

thanks in advance for reading and reblogging/liking! i really appreciate it :)

Yeah it’s here. my first botm. and it’s gonna work like this:

  • reblog if you want to be considered
  • likes don’t count but you can like for reference
  • must be following me
  • at some point next week I’ll pick the nominees and set up a poll
  • the one who gets the most votes by the end of september will be my botm

What the botm will get:

  • a spot on my blog
  • endless selfie/post reblogs
  • promos / graphics / whatever you want
  • help with votes/stuff
  • my unconditional love (wow how original)

Uh well that’s it. Good luck!