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hi!! Sorry if it seems like I'm trying to get attention but I'm really scared rn and I need to vent :((( there's a fire in Napa and it's still spreading and I live next to Napa and the air quality is super bad. Over 17 people have died and 200 status's of lives are unknown if they're dead or alive. I'm scared bc people aren't even allowed outside that often anymore and there's a possibility the fire can spread into my area. My throats already sore from the air :,((((

It’s okay you can always vent to me! And oh god that’s horrible. I hope the fires won’t get to you and overall be out soon. Please stay safe!

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Can you please explain to me why you are against socialism? And please don't bring Stalin into it. Invoking Stalin in reponse to socialism is like claiming conservatism isn't going to work because Hitler. State terror can be aligned with any sort of ideology. Give me economic reasons. Cause looking at standards of living, the Gini coeffiecient and GDP per capita, European style democratic socialism seems to win out as far as I can see.

In Socialism you don’t have private property, so there’s a difference between Europe and actual socialism. Their social medicine and somewhat social aspects aren’t everything. Furthermore a lot of European economies, actually all of them are run on a Capitalist platform.

Conservative is about the farthest thing from Hitler, who was a fascist and a member of a socialist party. ooops. Conservative values are literally the exact opposite of Hitler. At least in America.

 And speaking of Socialism, if I’, not allowed to mention Stalin (even though my entire family hails from the good ol’ USSR and post USSR Russia), how about Mao, oh wait that was communism, right….but what about the pure socialist North Korea? 

Socialism doesn’t work full scale and as someone who lived in post USSR Russia, which was and still is a socialist nation in many respects. You can take your European concoctions and you can keep them. I want that kind of life far away from my much more prosperous life in America. 

Socialized medicine, hate it because the “free’ quality of care is horrible, and getting treatments for serious diseases, well forget it. Also how about the old and the young? The old are actually told they’re too old for treatment. 

And of course, I don’t like government taking anymore money than it needs to. I don’t like the big hand of government reaching into my wallet and spending money to make something shitty.