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Boku No Hero Academia + Midoriya & Uraraka

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I didn't know what ship meant back in the day but I shipped them hard while my brother and his friends only recognized the case files and scully's hotness... what was the moment you figured they were the ultimate one and only true pairing!??


The Various Ways To Answer The Age-Old Question

Person: Hey, how are you?

Option 1: Currently dying
Option 2: Pining to the nth degree
Option 3: Binge-watching like there’s no tomorrow
Option 4: Dying and resurrecting
Option 5: Shipping people
Option 6: Getting no sleep because fictional characters have taken over my life
Option 7: Sinning like it’s going out of style
Option 8: So very tired

Me: I’m fine

So, since i’m in a Kidge, Shallura and Allurance hell-hole, i was thinking about this Allurance idea for a while, it’s about Lance and Allura friendship/romantic development i dunno what to call it, AU? Headcanon or both? 
Basically the idea is :

  •  Lotor showes up. At first he is offering peace if paladins and Allura surrender to the Galra empire. As a pact of “trust” he wants to marry Allura to show his power and dominance as a son of Zarcon. It’s marriage for political reasons, so he obviously have no interest in her at all. If she refuses, Lotor will not hesitate to attack them and take Voltron by force.
  • Since Shiro is still missing, (propably at this point he is with Matt) Team is all like “No way dude”, Everybody is angry and ready to protect Allura.
  • Keith and Lance gets super pissed at Lotor, Lance gives some comic relief “I don’t care if you are prince or king, the only person who is going to marry Allura, or at least go on a date, is me!” or something like that.

  • Everybody is staring at him but he don’t care. His serious side takes the wheel. (That’s actually what i want to se, more serious Lance and Hunk)

  • So, Allura don’t think twice and says no to Lotors offer, and then everything goes bad. Really, really bad. Everyone is arguing about who is gonna pilot black.

  • Lotor is attacking with full force. This guy is worse than his father. Team tries to form Voltron, but without Shiro, it’s really hard for them to cooperate together, so they end up fighting separately.
  • In the middle of this madness, Allura is fighting one on one with Lotor, but he is stronger fighter than her. Even Keith can’t fight with him.

  • Unfortunately, not only he beats up Allura, he kidnaps her too.

  • After some time, team comes up with a risky plan to save her.

  • Keith and Lance are fighting about who is gonna be teams leader.They both want to save princess but don’t know how to get an agreement.

  • Thanks to Coran and Hunk they did not kill each other.

  • Meanwhile, Lotor treats Allura like a prisoner, without respect.
    She tries her best to not care about what he is saying, but it’s hard.
    She is afraid what he can do to her paladins.

  • Voltron is ready to take back Allura. Still, they are not fighting as one.

  •  This time, Lotor is fighting with Lance. It’s not easy, but it’s about Allura. He is super serious and finally, he shoots Lotor in the face.
  • That gives him some time to take Allura nad run from Lotors ship.

  • She is impressed, she never saw his serious side before and hell yes, she likes it. A lot. That leads to another goofy comic relief, but since that, something about him, makes her feel more comfortable with his character.

    This is how i imagine their relationship development. I’ll be happy with just platonic friendship tbh.

    Sorry for grammar mistakes!

I hate all kind of fandom drama and I feel truly sorry for the people whose ships didn’t become canon, but I will also defend Thomas Hamilton with my life and will literally punch the next person that says something bad about him.

ok but

how much u wanna bet that megatron gets a serious hard on hearing OPTIMUS PRIME aka orion pax saying “ as you wish my lord” likeE =WHO WOULDA FREAKIN THOUGHT LMAO

i m just

wow optimus would NEVER EVER call megatron anythink like that which goes to show just how much a hold megatron has on him as orion, and how much orian like…trusts him? its so weird.


Thank you all for so much support and dealing with my shit! You peeps are the best and i am really grateful for how patient all of you are! I know how horrible it is to wait and it amazes me how you guys stay patient with me even though my art is a lot worse than a lot of the other people on Tumblr. Just… Thank you!

Time for Mod R! You guys are the best, being on here with Jen and you guys has helped me feel better day to day, just knowing y'all enjoy what I help with. You guys are most definitely patient as hell, and I thank you for that because anything else would probably pressure Jen and I like her too much for that! I never thought I’d be able to be a part of something like this, which makes all this very special to me. All this because I was brave enough to give writing tips to Jen! I love you guys, and I love you Jen (you know how to take that) I enjoy helping you and just texting about random shit, I really don’t know where I’d be without you so thank you for letting me be your friend and helping you with all this! Please don’t put your art down, it’s amazing and people are here and willing to wait because of it! I’m gunna stop before I make this way too long. Thank you guys so much, and remember to have a nice rest of the night!

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Is this blog "safe" for all ships? Sorry if that's a stupid question...

I’m not really sure how to answer this because I’m not sure what you mean by “is this blog safe” so I’m just going to outline my general blogging policy:

  • this is my personal blog, i will post whatever i feel like posting
  • you are free to unfollow me at any time if i start posting things you don’t like
  • i have a pretty comprehensive tagging system, so it should be easy for anyone to filter out posts they don’t want to see
    • for example, if you don’t want to see Brooklyn 99, that’s tagged ‘b99′
    • if you don’t like shallura, that’s tagged ‘shallura’ etc etc
  • you can always ask me to tag something if it bothers you
  • i am occasionally highkey salty and annoyed about things, usually related to how this fandom treats Shiro, but i try to keep the salt to a minimum (i say, as salt pours out of my pockets)
  • my tag for anything salty, discourse-y, or mean, is ‘salt to taste
  • if you filter that, you won’t see:
    • my rants about whatever’s annoying me
    • any ship hate or character hate i might VERY RARELY post
    • politics, issues, discussions about representation etc
  • i don’t consider all those things to be “salt” necessarily but ‘salt to taste’ is a handy catch-all tag to cover anything and everything that might be considered negative
  • if you turn on the xkit blacklist function that lets you see tags on blocked posts, you can always see what the post was about because again - i usually tag everything pretty clearly
  • my only real heartfelt ship on Voltron is shallura
  • i occasionally reblog things for other paladin ships like klance, heith, hance etc if i think they’re funny or cute, but i tend not to reblog out-and-out romantic stuff for those ships because i don’t really “ship” them like… hardcore
  • everything shippy is tagged as such with the usual ship tags
  • i don’t really like shaladin ships, i’ve made my feelings on that clear in the past, so you won’t see any shaladin ships on this blog at all
  • i don’t engage in ship wars and i generally don’t bash ships
    • my policy for ships i don’t like is to ignore them, filter out the tags, and not follow anyone who posts them a lot
  • i don’t really care if you ship shaladin on your own blog, you can still follow me, that’s entirely up to you - but understand that:
    • i probably won’t follow you back 
    • i post a lot of shallura and that ain’t changing
    • see above, re: occasionally very salty and annoyed
  • if i post anything anti- some ship, i will tag it as such and also tag it ‘salt to taste’
  • i tend not to post anti-ship stuff because i’m not here for the ship wars and i don’t want to have a massive argument about why i don’t ship xyz
    • my opinion on certain ships is what it is
    • it is not going to change
    • no amount of discussion about the perceived benefits of [ship] will convince me to abandon shallura and give [ship] a chance
    • i’ll stay in my lane and you can stay in yours and we’ll all be happy
  • there are a few ships on Voltron that i absolutely despise with every fibre of my being. i’ll let people guess what those are.
  • i don’t hate any characters on the show, but i do have Feelings about how the fandom treats certain characters, and i will occasionally vent those feelings under the tag ‘salt to taste’

tl;dr: my blog is my own personal space and the only person i can 100% guarantee it’s “safe” for is me. i try to be accommodating and i tag everything, and if there’s something you want me to tag you can ask and i’ll try to remember to tag it. however, the option to unfollow is always available to you and i will not be annoyed or upset if you decide to unfollow me because of something i post.

the tag to block if you don’t want to see any negativity, discourse, or salty ranting is ‘salt to taste’

hope that helps!


I have a Headcanon that when the other paladins can’t sleep, they’ll always end up in Lances bed or Lance in theirs.
Since he grew up with a lot of siblings, his younger ones would probably climb in with him sometimes so he’d know how to help people sleep and he’d probably learn specific things to help each paladin.

Hunk: probably has a song his mamma used to sing him, so Lance goes out of his way to learn it and sings it to Hunk when he can’t sleep, playing with his hands to help him relax.
~ship addition~
He’d kiss his knuckles and the pads of his fingers gently while he fell asleep.

Pidge: she’d probably curl up on his lap, right beside him while he recited pi or.some other calming sequence while playing with her hair.
~ship addition~
He’d probably run his hand down her side gently to, pausing after so many numbers to place a kiss on her temple or elsewhere.

Keith: he’d lie beside him and play with his hair, either singing/humming or just talking about random things in Spanish.
~ship addition~
He’d pause every few seconds to just place a small kiss some where, he’ll make sure Keith is covered in kisses before he falls asleep.

And for Shiro, I don’t think he’d go to the others for being unable to sleep.

Can someone PLEASE explain these ships?

Like, I don’t get the chemistry at all. I’m not bashing here, i just genuinely don’t get it.

-WidowXTracer: aren’t they from organizations that hate each other? Doesn’t Widow not have feelings from what Talon did to her? Wasn’t she married? Also, Traced has a GF.

-PharahXMercy: i LOVE this ship, but i don’t understand it at all. In-game they work well because flying, but i thought Genji and Mercy were /kind of/ a thing? Super cute together, but I don’t get it.

-SombraXSymetra: is it because they’re both into technology? Is it because they’re the only girls left that the fandom doesn’t already have paired up?

-GenjiXHanzo: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! WHY!?

The Safe One

Simon Lewis/Raphael Santiago, Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood (mentioned), Meliorn/Raphael Santiago (mentioned), Simon Lewis/Clary Fray (mentioned)
summary: Simon thinks that Raphael is dating Meliorn and Meliorn figures it ut and starts being a little shit and Simon’s a little bit jealous.
notes: co-wrote with the amazing and co-captain of the saphael ship, @soft-saphael

Simon can’t ask Raph this so he asks Meliorn even if they’re not that close, they’re  not even close  at all and Simon feels a little weird asking Meliorn about this but he needs to know. So when he sees him, he grabs him by an arm and takes him away from the others. Meliorn frowns in confusion. Raphael’s fledgling had only ever spoken to him a few times.
“I know this may sounds weird and creepy but i really need to know… are you and Raph… mh.. a thing?” Simon knows Meliorn is enjoying this conversation way too much.
“Define a thing” The seelie smirked.
Simon regrets speaking to Meliorn, but there’s no turning back now.
“Are you and Raphael dating?” Simon asks, nervously.
He fidgeted with the zipper on his jacket, a habit Raphael had scolded him for time and time again.
Meliorn smiles. “I don’t know if he’d like me telling you.. but we spend a lot of time together, yes. But what do you care? Aren’t you dating valentine’s daughter?” Meliorn says and then he leaves Simon alone with his thougths. For the first time, Simon doesn’t correct that nickname with “Clary” and he wish it was the first time he drops a tear for Raphael Santiago, but it’s not. Too many tears had been shed over their ‘maybe’ and ‘what if’s’.

Meliorn walks into the downworlder meeting and smirking at Raphael.
“I think your  baby has a crush on you” Raphael stares at him with wide eyes and Luke and Magnus nods in unison.
“It’s true” Luke says and Raphael turns to stare at the warewolf.
“but he’s dating Clary” Raphael states and Magnus slaps him in the head.
“he’s only with Clary because for years that’s all he’s wanted but he’s not in love with her nor is she in love with him” Luke points out.
“Was the slap really necessary?” Raphael asked and rubbed his head, double checking his hair in the process.
“Yes, it was.” Magnus says. “Because you two are so stupid and blind and need to talk.” He adds and summons four glasses.
“He’s in the boat house, go Raphael” Luke urges him.
“What about the meeting?” Raphael inquiries, or rather stall.
“Valentine is a bad guy, his son is an evil asshole, shadowhunters still don’t know what they’re doing” Meliorn summaries.
“Except for Alexander. He always knows what he’s doing.” Magnus says with a fond smile and Raphael rolls eyes and hopes he doesn’t sound like this when he talks about Simon. 

Raphael uses vampire speed to get at the boat house and once there, he doesn’t have the gut to knock. What if that’s not true? What if Simon doesn’t want him anymore? What if everyone is wrong? He can’t lose Simon again. When Simon betrayed him and left him he thought his heart was going to explode. He trusted him and Simon betrayed him. Raphael’s thoughts ran wild, the fear was crippling.
“HOLY SHIT RAPHAEL I WILL PERSONALLY DRAG YOU IN THERE” Maia yells from out nowhere and Simon hears and rushes to open the door. When they’re finally face to face and they don’t try kill each other, Raphael doesn’t know what to say and for the first time in his life, Simon is speechless. With the silence between them it physically hurts to think about the pain they caused each other. Simon can’t face Raphael without thinking about the betrayal. He knows they were so close to become.. something. And he knows Raphael felt it too. He’s been a stupid and a coward. He’s not in love with Clary because he never felt the feelings he’s feeling right now for Raphael for her. Raphael is the first to apologize, it’s a choked out “I’m sorry” only audible to Simon because of the enhanced hearing. It’s always a start, right?
“I’m sorry for the killing order on you. I’m sorry for all the pressure, i’m sorry for.. i shouldn’t have went to your mother. I’d have never take a hair from her head, i want you to know that.”
“I actually want to thank you for going to my mom, now she knows I’m safe” Simon looks at his shoes like it’s the most interesting thing in the world.
Raphael doesn’t know what to say because there is so much to say and they both don’t know where to start.
“Would you.. i mean, would you like to come in?” Simon asks and Raph nods.
“Listen um Simon about me and Meliorn” Raphael began but pause, he doesn’t know how to say what he wants to say but he thinks this might be the best way to get a reaction from Simon. Suddenly Simon turns to face Raphael. Raphael can see in his face that he’s worried about what he can say next but he’s also full of hope and a part of Raphael would like to tell him that yes, he and Meliorn have… something? That they’re a thing. A part of him wants Simon to suffer like he suffered when Simon chose Clary instead of him. But haven’t they suffered enough?
“We aren’t together, we’ve been friends a long time, he’s one of my best friends” Simon deserves to know the truth and that’s exactly what Raphael tells him.
“Oh” Raphael can see the relief on Simon’s face and he really hopes it means something. “Mh, that’s.. good. I mean, you and Meliorn being friends, that’s really cool. You should have a lot of friends and Meliorn seems nice. So yeah, it’s definitely really cool. Friends. Friendship.. isn’t a wonderful thing? I’m happy you and Meliorn are friends. Like super bros, you know.”
“Mh, what?” Simon asks, nervously. “You’re babbling.” Raphael says and tries to hide the smile on his face.
“Yeah, you’re right. Mh, sorry.”
“Don’t be, it’s” Raphael paused and vaguely waved his hand around “endearing.”
After that, the silence again. It never was like this with them and it’s kinda.. weird.
“Mh” Raph says and looks around embarassing. “Maybe i should go. Yeah.”
But when he turns around, Simon vampire speed in front of him and blocks his way.
“That’s why you came? To tell me you’re sorry and that you and Meliorn are besties?”
“I was hoping you’d have something to say” Raphael grunts and pushes him aside “have a nice life with your shadowhunter, I can’t believe I’m love with you” Raphael spits out angrily, he doesn’t realize what he had said until it’s too late. Raphael closes his eyes and curses himself mentally. Fuck, he whispers.
“You what?” Simon asks, shocked.
“I what what?” Raphael is nervous and he knows Simon can smell it.
“You’re in love with me?”
“No” Raphael shakes his head and crosses his arms around his chest. “That’s not what i said.”
“Yes" Simon says “That’s totally what you said” and he.. smiles. Wait, is Simon smiling? Why is he smiling?
“No. I said 'i can’t believe i’m still here with you’.” Raphael says in a grumpy tone.
“Well I guess I won’t tell you that I’m in love with you too” Simon smirks.
“You.. you what?” Raphael says and his voice is so low Simon couldn’t hear it if it wasn’t for his vampire hearing. Something grows in Simon’s chest.. Raphael asked it like he couldn’t believe it. Like.. he can’t believe someone loves him and Simon cannot not think it’s in part his fault too. Simon slowly backs Raphael up against the wall.
“I am in love you Raphael Santiago, I don’t know when but I know why, because you’ve been there for me, helped me even after I hurt you, helped me when you didn’t need to, gave me a home and a position by your side.”
Raphael looks at his shoes. “What about.. what about your redhead shadowhunter?” Raphael says and stifles his nose when he mentions Clary and Simon can’t hold back a smile.
“I broke up with her. We talked a lot and we decided it was for the best. Also, i knew she wasn’t in move with me and she just wanted someone to replace Jace. And of course, i was the easy and safe choice since i’ve always been there for her. Thay’s ok, by the way. I wasn’t in love with her either.”
“Then it makes no sense, why’d you choose her over me?”
“Because she was the easy and safe choice for me as well. I’ve known her since my whole life but i didn’t realize until now that she’s not who i want.”
“What if it’s too late? What if I can’t love you after everything you’ve done?” Simon is shocked. He didn’t expect this answer so he steps back.
“Y-you can’t?”
“Don’t ask stupid questions, kiss me” Raphael said and grabbed the front of Simon’s jacket. Simon smiles and kisses Raphael. He puts his hands on Raphael’s neck and feels Raphael’s hands on his waist. The kiss is so soft and they don’t know how much they’ve stayed like this.

So FYI, this is the scene that stopped me from shipping G*fou.

You can just see the anger in Gaston’s eyes, and the fear and betrayal in Lefou’s eyes. This implied that Gaston had a way of turning the village against Lefou. (And I think we all know what.)

If Gaston truly cared about or even loved Lefou, he never would’ve said this. He does not reciprocate his feelings, and this scene in particular gives me the feeling that he most likely never will. He just cares about himself, and doesn’t let himself be stopped by anything to get what he wants.

I know, there are different stories going on between them. “They were at war together, blablabla childhood friends, ‘my dearest friend’, 'Lefou, you’re the best’.” But that doesn’t change the fact that he literally threatened Lefou, let him get knocked around by a hat stand and left him basically for dead to get Belle.

I’m sorry. I am not joining this barge as long as Gaston is a huge dick, and Lefou deserves waaaaaaay better than him.