can they release the tlt one already

Reminder about tagging The Last Tycoon spoilers:

So as we all know, The Last Tycoon will be premiering on July 28. Being as it’s on Amazon, the whole season (9 episodes, including the already released pilot) will be released in one big shebang. 

So, 2 things:

1) If you post/reblog gifs, etc from the episodes, I gently suggest that you tag them “TLT spoilers”.

2) If you aren’t able to sit down and watch all 9 hours immediately after their release, I suggest that you blacklist the tag “TLT spoilers”. [you can use New Xkit or Tumblr Savior] Whenever you’ve finished watching the series, then you can remove the term from your blacklist and yay! Freely enjoy gifs and edits without fear! (unless you don’t gaf about spoilers,, in which case…good for you! lol)

I’ll be out of town the first 2 weeks of its release, so I won’t be making any gifs or anything until after that, but depending on whether or not I manage to watch the episodes, I might reblog things. I promise I’ll tag my posts/reblogs!!! Also, I’ve warned you…so if I tag them and you still get spoiled bc you didn’t blacklist…don’t come crying to me about it! ;)

In summation, if you post or reblog TLT gifs/edits/whatnot within the first few weeks of its release, many people will thank you kindly if you take the 2 seconds to tag them “TLT spoilers”. I mean, you can do what you want, but it’s not fun to be spoiled if you don’t want to be, right? ;)