can they recreate this in new york please

On the seventh day of #PAIN fic...

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are these getting gradually more #PAIN-ful as we go? was that intentional? there’s no way to know.

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At some point, your life seemed to have plateaued. You were almost twenty-six years old, almost at the age where you’d be closer to thirty than twenty. Nothing in your life had necessarily gotten worse in the four years since you graduated from UCLA, but there was also nothing pushing you to get out of bed every morning. Nothing about where you were or what you were doing was exciting to you.

After two full years working for the LA Times, you realized that they were never actually going to promote you. Two years of grunt work and entrance-level pay and writing about real estate rather any of the numerous fascinating story ideas you pitched each week and you could tell that none of your bosses had any intention of helping you move forward with your career.

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Okay imagine this.

York is like Agent New York right? Can you imagine if they had a York before our York? Like an Old York?

I don’t know if people have said this but like please imagine this concept -

Freelancers are actually sort of like genetically made.

So get this, the Old York and North dated right, and then the Old York died due to something happening, and so they had to genetically recreate York again, except minus the memories of his personal life, which gives us our New York.

And this also explains why North tends to glance longingly at York. All the time.

Happy Batman Day! And for those of you at San Diego Comic-Con… ugh. Lucky.

Some news from Marvel today:

And from DC Comics:

  • DC is celebrating Batman Day with a few fun exclusives, including masks and shirts. Please be safe when celebrating and do not attempt to recreate the Caped Crusader’s origins.
  • CBR posted an interview with some hints about the new season of Arrow.

If you have any newsworthy tips or news (especially from SDCC!), do the Internet a favor and drop us a note. Until next time, marlene out!