can they just stop being adorable


From the very beginning I thought that Victor was being a jerk here. And now. Now I can’t stop laughing. Because I see that smile and it’s the fakest smile ever. He’s so mad. Like. SO MAD. He’s just thinking “You stupid sexy Japanese drunkard. I’ve been waiting to see you in every fucking single competition after the Grand Prix Final. And YOU. You’re just here so happy about your fucking delicious katsudon. You better get ready for my coaching, you traitor.”

And I just think this is adorable.



I can not stress enough how disrespectful this is.

I didn’t even write it and I’m embarrassed that someone in our fandom did this.

I get it, Yuzuru is an adorable cinnamon roll and to the yoi fans, like a real life yuuri. But he’s NOT Yuuri. The similarities stop at being a japanese skater and having a plush tissue box (seriously that’s it).

Yuzuru is a FOUR TIME GOLD MEDALIST, and just won gold again. He’s a clean, professional skater, and while i love Yuuri, comparing Yuzuru to Yuuri who, while being a great skater, placed last at the last gpf, and may possibly not win this one, is wrong and disrespectful. You might as well be comparing Yuuri to Victor when it comes to skating talent, and we all know Victor is ten times better.

Fans of Yuzuru are lashing out at the yoi fanbase because of this, and i cant apologize enough to them because someone in our fandom thought this was a good idea.

Thanks to the idiot who did this, because now the real skating fan community hates us. 😰😤😠😡.

Please, go watch Yuzuru skate, and you will understand why it is important that you dont compare the two. As a hardcore yoi fan myself, i found that disturbing.

I hope our fandom doesn’t start doing that to other skaters. 😓i get how fans like yuzuru bc of yoi, hell i found an interest in iceskating period bc of the show, and the show did draw my eye to him, but they’re not the same.

God why cant ppl just like both without having to do this?

-Rant over

Edit: i see that the page is back to normal thank goodness. As for ppl saying that I’m overreacting, am i really? I follow many of Yuzuru’s pages and all of them expressed nothing but hate not only towards the person responsible, but the yoi fanbase as a whole, and even the show itself. “Yoi is disgusting leave yuzuru alone” “i hate that show for doing this to Yuzuru” “anime fans have gone too far” “i knew that these two communities could not mix”….i have a screencap of someone saying that last one and it hurts my heart so badly because yuri on ice is such a flawless piece of work and so far we’ve done nothing but love eachothers communities. But they feel like yoi fans are being rude, disrespectful, and going too far because of this and that upsets me because the community we should be respecting the most is the real life community, the one with real ppl, not the one with imaginary ppl, no matter if we love one more than the other. I’d like the yoi community to keep good face as a welcoming community that’s respectful. If you dont see whats wrong here, you’re part of the problem.

mass effect is an interesting game because in the first one you don’t really think too much about the geth, it’s just shoot them cause they’re the bad guys and snicker at them being called flashlight heads

in the second game it becomes maybe they aren’t so bad and legion is adorable and look he does the robot and how can something that pretty much had a flashlight for a head look so sad at times

and then by the time you reach the third game it’s protect the geth because they just want to live and you’re crying on the floor over losing your favourite geth and wondering how the game could do this to you

Entering into a relationship with Jim does not change the fact the Spock was raised in the Vulcan way. He knows with certainty that there is no logic in repeated declarations of affection. He is aware that Jim loves him, just as he knew as a child that his mother loved him, though culture and custom rarely allowed her to say so. So, of course, it would be irrational to expect or wish for frequent reminders of that fact.

That does not stop Spock from being absolutely, without a doubt, 100% Shook™ every time Jim says “I love you.”

And Jim loves to say it. It’s human nature to say it regularly, and Jim is just an affectionate man who is constantly overflowing with love for Spock. (Plus, James T. Kirk is no dummy. He knows that Spock adores hearing it, despite his logical protests.)

And so Jim makes a point to say it all the time and in as many ways as he can think of. Accompanied by a quick peck just before they leave their quarters in the morning for the bridge, slow and slurred first thing in the morning, absentmindedly when Spock hands him a coffee while he works at his desk, gasped into Spock’s ear repeatedly while they make love. Spock may never admit it, but Jim knows he cherishes hearing it out loud.

And Spock says it too. He says it with a touch of fingertips in the hallway, even though there is an ensign walking by who might see. He says it by turning off the alarm before it goes off and waking Jim with soft kisses instead. By getting Jim a fresh coffee when he gets distracted by his work and lets it get cold, by wearing an extra layer to bed so that their quarters can be a more comfortable temperature for Jim. These nonverbal ways make it all the more precious to Jim

“Chat…? What…are you doing here so late?”

“Ummm…for you, Princess–”

Apparently I can’t stop drawing these two. Have a MariChat sketch inspired by @baneismydragon‘s ridiculously hilarious and adorable fic Cut From The Same Cloth (found here: wherein Adrien collects scraps of fabric from his father’s office to gift to Marinette for her project and shenanigans ensue. Go read it, it’s amazing. 

Also, since I didn’t bother to sketch a background, because backgrounds are my ultimate weakness, pretend they’re on Marinette’s rooftop balcony and Chat interrupted her as she was about to go to bed. (Yes, it was just an excuse to draw her in cute ladybug pj’s, and also maybe torture Adrien a little, okay. I have no regrets.)

Teenagers Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak  being so completely in love with each other. And walking down the hall holding hands, or even just linking pinkies. Cas always wearing Dean’s over sized letter man jacket, and kissing him before and after games. Always cute and chaste before, but then a running leap into Dean’s arms after, wrapping his legs around his sweaty boyfriend’s waist and kissing the daylights out of him for all of the stands and the team to see.

And Dean will always get called out in class for staring at Cas and not paying attention. But eventually Dean stops being embarrassed and just plainly states that he can’t help it- his boyfriend is too beautiful. Making Castiel blush, but then Dean just kisses him right there in class (not too much of course) and the teacher wants to be mad but she can’t because they are both so adorable.

Cas and Dean being all curled up together on the couch. Castiel falling asleep on Dean. Eventually Dean falling asleep too. When Mary and John find them they just smile and throw a blanket over their son(s).

Both of them having a picture of each other as their lock screen. Dean’s of Cas focusing intently on a drawing, his face is a little scrunched up, and his glasses are falling down his nose a bit. Castiel’s of Dean driving Baby while singing Taylor Swift very very enthusiastically. They both will stare at their screens when they miss each other.

Just Dean and Cas in high school being the cute in love dorks that they are.

shit i love

when lers verbally tease you like

“awww is someone ticklish?”

“coochie coochie coo!”

“was that a giggle i heard? hmm, i wonder if i can make you do it again..”

“i’m sorry but you’re just too adorable not to tickle!”

“if you don’t stop wiggling around i’m gonna make this a lot worse!”

“what a cute squishy tummy! i wonder what would happen if i gave it a tickle..”

also being called things like 




and just other stuff fucking kills me 

Merlin to different shippers

Merthur – “Heterosexual” glances, how much Kilgharrah basically ships them, Arthur constantly telling Merlin to shut up but then being worried when he’s actually quiet, the innuendo lines, each of them shielding the other without a second thought, “Just hold me”, the song A Thousand Years being perfect for them, the fact that Merlin is basically constantly around an Arthur wearing minimal clothing/nothing.

Arwen- Sunlight kisses, him picking her up, every time she sits at his bedside after he’s managed to injure himself (again), “With all my heart”, that adorable little comb scene in S5, her going up on her tiptoes to kiss him, Arthur being willing to give up his place on the throne to be with her, the way he says Guinevere, Merlin totally shipping it, Arthur normally being so confident and cocky but he just turns into a teenager with a crush around her and can’t stop smiling, him trying to cook dinner for her.

Mergana- THE S3 UST THOUGH, darkness to your light metaphor, them being the same and Merlin not telling her about his bloody magic, the fact that during their first meeting she just starts taking her clothes off (I know she doesn’t know he’s there but work with me), “Why are you looking at me like that?” her constantly turning to him for help, 6 second long looks, him holding her when he poisons her and as she dies, they are the most aesthetically pleasing couple ever, Mordred looks like their son.

Morgwen– Gwen always being the first person to comfort Morgana, being there in the middle of the night when she has bad dreams despite the fact that she has her own home and must be tired, when Morgana grabs her arm in that S1 tournament scene, how furious she is when Uther doesn’t want to rescue her, the fact that she doesn’t just enchant Gwen in S5 she makes her remember their friendship, at some point they each wear the other’s clothes.

Freylin- Holding hands, “You really don’t know how special you are, do you?”, “You made me feel loved”, the fact that he remembered the lake, the strawberry/flower thing, him being willing to run away with her so whole-heartedly, how short-lived but sweet they are, that he never really feels the same about anyone afterwards, “I’ve missed you”, keeping herself away from Merlin because she doesn’t want to hurt him.

Armor- How protective she is over him in S1/2, Uther not actually doing anything to stop their obvious attraction in S1 despite knowing the truth (don’t know what was going on there), “I could have saved her”, her concern for him in every tournament, love turned to hate, and who doesn’t love incest?

Merwen- Wanting to hit Merlin over the head when he keeps chasing Morgana and Gwen couldn’t be more obvious, the S1ep4 kiss, “Sorry…I thought you were dead”, “No, it’s fine! It’s more than fine”, Merlin using magic to heal her father, how adorably awkward Gwen is, “I’d do anything for you…I mean…not anything anything”, when she gives him the flower and “purple suits you”, when she teaches him about armour.

Merwaine- “I wasn’t talking about Arthur”, how happy they always are to see each other, Gwaine going with Merlin to the Crystal Cave to protect him in S5, the fact that they each believe in the other so much.

Gwenelot- Fuck you all we are the OTP in the actual legend.

I could go on, and I’m sure I’ve left things out, but this is long enough. Add your own!

paigeshipsrarl  asked:

Can you possible do some cute fluffy otp kindergarten AU's? Like them back in the day?? I can't find any anywhere :( thanks!

Okay, this is too adorable. :)

1. “We got married on the playground with toy rings, and I kissed you on the cheek while you complained about cooties.”

2. “I didn’t know you, but you were crying, so I gave you my favorite teddy bear. You immediately decided we were best friends.”

3. “Another kid was being mean to me, and you called them a meanie-head, before telling me we were going to go play on the swings.”

4. “I lost my favorite toy, and you stopped playing tag just to help me look for it.”

5. “A bunch of us were playing Duck, Duck, Goose, and I picked you for the goose. You tripped while chasing me, and I stopped running until you got up.”

6. “You gave me a pretty seashell, and now I have to find something pretty to give you.”

7. “Our parents joke that we’re going to get married one day, and we both say that’s icky, and promise to never marry each other.”

I enjoyed these so much! The innocence of children… Always a nice change of pace.

i can’t get over the (third) kitchen scene because it’s not like isak and even stopped being so fucking adorable the second the camera went to vilde and magnus. there’s no time reference. so remember:

the whole setting is soft and dreamy and a little bit nostalgic, christmas music playing in the background, and even and isak keep kissing in the kitchen, hands stroking cheeks and running through hair, and it’s not a serious make-out because when it’s just getting there, even suddenly asks isak if he can please have some of that money because isak wouldn’t even have 500kr if not for even, and isak buries his face in even’s shoulder as he laughs because that doesn’t make any sense, even? and then they start kissing again, and isak makes a humming noise, tilting his head back and opening his mouth wider, and even drops little pecks on his lips and whispers, please? i could buy a new hoodie and isak tugs on even’s hair and rolls his eyes, baby, you can use all of mine anytime you want. now can you please kiss me? and even pretends to think about it, lips pursed, then he says, nei. you can’t always have what you want, isak and isak puppy-scowls at him and goes, me? you’re going to say no to me? until even laughs and relents, okay, okay, i lied! you can have everything you want and they go on kissing for long, long, long minutes until eskild barges in on them begging even to put up the mistletoe because he’s a giant

Alfred the Kitten

Tumblr Prompt: @phiwatcher : lena has a kitten (like she found it on the street and could not leave it there but then she got attached, but she still can’t find a name for it though…) and she has to go to metropolis for a weekend. Kara obviously promises she will take care of the kitten While lena is away, but then on the last day she’s coming to lena’s apartment in supergirl clothes after a mission and plays with the kitten (this is adorable of course) and lena comes in early and just watches supergirl playing with the kitten

So … .  this ended up being way longer than I intended, but no regrets because it was a blast to write! I hope you enjoy!

Lena isn’t sure why she stops.

She’s halfway from apartment to her town car, head buried in her tablet when she hears a soft meow coming from the bushes by the street. There’s something about the barely audible cry that draws her attention from the morning reports and sends her eyes flittering along the ground.

The sky is gray and there’s a light drizzle falling, so maybe she just feels bad about some poor creature left out in this mess. Whatever the reason, she takes a tentative step into the manicured grass, careful not to get her heels stuck in the quickly forming muck. She’s just going to find the cat, call the number on it’s collar and drop it of with the door man - a ten minute delay at most.

But nothing is ever that easy, and she bites back a curse as she teeters a few more steps, grateful that she chose a pant suit instead of a skirt today as she crouches down to take a peek in the rose bushes hedging the apartment complex.

“Here, kitty, kitty.” She tucks her tablet in the pocket of her trench coat and extends a hand towards the pitiful sound. It takes a few moments, but eventually a tiny black ball of fluff staggers from behind the base of on of the bushes.

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Dancing To Their Song (BTS)

(my name is jeena if you wanna use but I don’t mind if you don’t and I love your blog❤) can I get a reaction of bts when they find you dancing to their songs? Thank you so much!” 

(gif credits to the original owners)

Rap Monster:
He would stop in his tracks, being careful to not knock anything over, and stare at you in complete adoration. He’d be a lil’ embarrassed that it was his song which you dancing around to like no tomorrow - but happy to see you happy. He’d apologise profusely when he made you jump (from not noticing him there before). He’d just be a stunned cutie.

This is why I love you.”

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(i want a sign that says “fite me if u think kim namjoon is ugly”)

It would take no time for a massive grin to form on his face. He’d have to hold back a chuckle as he watched you jive around like a fool to your favourite songs of his. Then, he’d swoop in and surprise you. His arms would pull you in so tight, iterating how adorable you actually are and that you are his favourite human in the planet. He’d sway you from side to side from behind and would nuzzle his face in your neck.

You never fail to make me smile jagi!”

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(do u ever cri bc ur sharing the same oxygen as a literal flawless person: bc that’s me @ jin)

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I just watched Riddler’s Reform and I have too many feelings. Eddie knowing that he can’t stop, flipping out when his henchmen called him “crazy”. Eddie calling himself adorable…after trying to maintain his composure during a flirty exchange (because why the hell would women hit on HIM??), getting praise from multiple people and not being bullied for the way his mind works. Eddie trying to get it “out of his system” for lack of a better way of saying it, and burning his stuff, convinced that maybe…maybe he COULD stop. Eddie dejected. Eddie experiencing severe anxiety because he doesn’t know, no one will tell him, it’s eating away at him because he can’t just STOP thinking about it, and people are literally laughing at his condition. Eddie having no one to rely on but Eddie because people either think he’s a joke or they want something from him.

That was the episode. A freak, something to profit on, or both.

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Clan Leader Simon, Fledgling Raphael

Okay, okay, but LISTEN. Clan Leader Simon and fledgling Raphael, like basically their roles switch but their personalities are mostly the same. Just imagine:

  • Simon trying not to crush on the new fledgling he’s training because god dammit undead libido needs to stop and he’s just barely keeping his fangs in
  • Simon being a goofy ball of sunshine but as soon as shit gets serious he’s Serious Vamp #1™ and handles it like he was born to be a diplomat
  • And he’s friends with everyone so he’s got a shit ton of connections and now that Camille’s locked in the basement, vamps and werewolves are getting along so much better
  • Raphael being Clary’s friend and she can tell he’s got a soft spot for Simon, and he’s basically the really salty best friend and she adores him for it and she cries and tells him he’s still the “same Raphael that shit talks random people on the street and always has a comeback and loves looking at expensive suits you can’t afford and always protecting everyone you care about” when he crawls out of his grave
  • Climon being The BrOTP™ with Clary being all, “you’d better look after my saltmate or I’ll have to stake you” and Simon taking it all in stride and being all cool (until he trips over himself) and reassuring her that Raphael is fine and offers to let her have visiting hours as long as she leaves her weapons at the door
  • Simon going with Raphael to tell his family after the war because he partially blames himself for letting Camille get to him and feels he deserves to get yelled at
  • But instead Raph’s mom, while not happy about it, she can tell Simon cares and asks for Simon to look after her mijo, Simon does not cry, he doesn’t (yeah he does, but not until they’ve left)
  • Simon teaching Raphael to have faith again, teaching him to hold his cross and rosary and to walk on holy ground and say G-d and Jesus Christ and pray (and I’m not crying, you’re crying)
  • And when the malec wedding crash happens, he goes and recounts it to Simon in calm detail and comments, “It was sort of like The Graduate” and Simon flips his shit because he loves The Graduate and he’s happy that his friend Magnus finally got his guy and Simon wonders if he’ll get his
  • Simon insists that Raphael teach him about pop culture and they spend hours watching movies together (and maybe making out during them, which makes Simon insist that they rewatch them because “we didn’t actually watch it, Raph! My eyes were on you!” “As they should be.”)
  • And when the betrayal happens, because Raphael has to choose between the Clan and what’s left of his mundane life, he still chooses Clary and Jocelyn because he loves them and he’s as loyal as they come and he’s only known the clan for a little while, even if they gave him a home and a new family and he’s falling for Simon (he’s swears to himself that he won’t let Camille harm him if it costs Raphael his life, well his unlife)
  • And Raphael just watches as the light dies in Simon’s eyes and it hurts more than the “I’m sorry we weren’t enough for you” and even the “I’m disappointed”
  • “I thought you were my sunshine, and I suppose this is when I turn to dust, because I just wasn’t enough. We’d barely begun before the end, and maybe you were heavensent, but so were fallen angels in descent, and now I just feel cursed and blessed.” Simon writes a bunch of tragic love songs and cries and pretends to be okay when doing business because he’s clan leader and he can’t lose it over an almost love (though he thinks maybe on his end it was all love and that’s what hurts the most, that it must’ve only been on his end).
  • But Raphael is feeling the pain too and distracts himself by hunting down Camille so he can kill her and Clary tries to stop him but realizes she can’t and instead insists on going with him since she couldn’t get any leads on Jace and they take Camille down together, but Raphael gets badly injured and Camille says a lot of emotionally scarring and nasty things, and he needs more blood to recover than the ridiculously small amount that he’s been drinking lately
  • So Clary calls Simon and tells him they’ve killed Camille even though Raphael tells her not to and Simon rushes over with blood bags and even though he hasn’t quite forgiven Raphael, he doesn’t want him to die and just says fondly, “For a such a smart guy, you think you wouldn’t almost die so much. How long am I gonna have to come to your rescue?”
  • And Raph is pretty out of it by now so he’s not even sure if he’s hallucinating Simon or not, so he replies, “For the rest of my life, I hope.”

One of my 2k17 wishes is a morning after scene with Alex just glowing and being the cutest baby gay because she finally realized what sex and intimacy was all about, and Maggie flashing her adorable smile except this time it’s even brighter than usual and she just can’t stop smiling because she made Alex this happy, and hey, she’s so ridiculously happy too