can they just not be that adorable can they stop

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here comes a thought,,, Dream,Seam Lance getting so comfortable around Hunk that he sometimes puts his head in his lap to relax. It makes him feel like they're really close even though he's not paying attention to whatever Hunk is tinkering with. Hunk adores this so much. Without thinking, one day he runs his fingers through Lance's hair, and Lance's reaction is so absolutely adorable that Hunk can't stop doing it. Lance is just one big smile, pushing his head into the touch like a happy kitten.

Ahhhh, my heart! Yes, all of this, absolutely. After his conversation with Shiro, in which Lance learns that it’s okay to actually seek out touch, not just wait in hopes that it will come to him, he’ll slowly get more and more comfortable with initiating contact with the others. Especially with Hunk, who is always so open and accepting and kind. I can see this scene happening a lot, actually. Eventually, he’ll do like he did with Thace back at the beginning, except a lot more confidently–just pick up Hunk’s big ol’ huge hand and put it on top of his head like a hat, and Hunk will immediately understand and start ruffling his hair, to which Lance will give a big, contented smile.

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Guess who, love~! I love your fluff and angst so much! (I'm not really a crier but I do get sad at your angsty moments! They're just that good!) Your fluff is just extremely adorable! (So is Nyra's but I'll be shooting her an ask later~) I'm just jumping with delight over your fluff! It's just so cute! My heart can't take it sometimes! Just! Ahh!! Cute overload!!! Anyways! Please keep doing what you love! Just don't forget to take care of you~! ~ Much love, Anonette <3 (stay bright, Hun~!)

Omg aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t

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love over load 

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I will never, ever, ever get tired of ONE turning shonen expectations on their heads. I love the way the two panels on the left set everything up for a giant go-all-out battle of psychic powers between Shimazaki and Mob… 

…and then the next few panels have Reigen just walking straight up to Shimazaki and punching him right in the fucking face. 

And the only way he could do it, was because he doesn’t have any psychic powers at all. 


Little chatterbox Seung Jae

jungkook does this thing i really love, and it makes me very soft, and is actually reason #1 why i adore this kid: he actively listens when people talk. like he turns as much of his body toward them as he can, and he makes eye contact, nods, tilts his head; you can see him considering what the other person is saying, and in that moment that person, whoever it is, is the most important person in the room to him. i just am so soft for the way he pays attention to the people around him.

Because I still haven’t got over how shitty Amanda’s “friends” were treating her so:

Emma R’s the one that’s been coercing everyone else to avoid and exclude Amanda because she knew that Noah actually used to have a crush on Amanda, and Emma R felt threatened, so she’d told Noah that Amanda thought he was a creep and instead convinced him to go out with her instead.

So after Amanda has that big argument with Emma R-

(”Well if you think I’m so terrible then just stop being my friend!”


-she just completely stops talking to them, and Emma R. starts feeling kinda guilty, because this is her best friend after all, and they’ve known each other since they were 7, and she kinda misses her.

So one day, she’s sitting at their usual lunch table with the rest of their friends, and she’s waiting for Amanda to come in so she can apologize.

But then.

The cafeteria door opens, and in walks the school badboy, Lucien Bloodmarch, and the rest of his clique.

And he’s got an arm around Amanda’s shoulder, and she’s laughing at something he must’ve said, and she’s joking around with the others in the group, and they’re all looking at her as if she were the sun, and she fits in so well with them, like a missing piece of their puzzle.

And Emma R feels an unexpected spike of jealousy. Because that’s her best friend.

She’s so caught up in her own thoughts that she almost doesn’t hear Noah’s snide comment to Amanda as she and Lucien walk by with the rest of her group.

“Never would’ve thought badboys were your type, Amanda.”

And the group of 5 just stops short.

Amanda is confused and has no idea what Noah is talking about.

Lucien understands, but doesn’t bother to correct the guy despite how horrendously wrong he is.

(Ever since their fathers had started dating, he and Amanda had started spending more time together, and they ended up bonding over their shared rebellious streaks, problems with authority, and utter adoration of their dads.

She’s like the cool older sister he’d never wanted. He couldn’t see her in a romantic light if he wanted to.

And not to mention he’s gay.)

Lucien just smirks down at Noah.

“What, like it’s any of your business who she dates?”

Noah bristles at that, and looks like he’s about to start a fight right then and there.

But Emma R stops the fight before it can happen by getting up and asking Amanda if they can talk.

Amanda looks skeptical for a moment, before telling he others to go ahead.

Lucien, who’s having so much fun riling up Noah, smirks and says, “Sure thing, Panda,” before ruffling her hair and walking off with the others.

“Hey! You know dad’s the only one who can call me that!” she yells good-naturedly.

“You keep telling yourself that, Panda,” Ernest chimes in with a snicker as they walk away.

Amanda rolls her eyes and turns back to Emma R, her smile immediately slipping off her face to be replaced with an aloof expression.

“Well?” she asks, arms crossed, eyebrow raised.

Emma R is a little stunned, a little out of her depth. She’s not used to Amanda having inside jokes without her.

Emma R swallows her pride, apologizes to Amanda, asks if they can be friends again.

Amanda thinks it over for a long moment. She’s so tempted to say yes, to leave it all in the past and have her best friend back again.

But her father’s words echo in her mind, and she steels her heart.

“No,” she says.

Emma R looks taken aback.

“I don’t want to surround myself with people who would alienate me for absolutely no reason at all, people who would avoid me and talk behind my back. Real friends don’t do that. I deserve better.”

And with that, she turns around and stomps off after the rest of her new friends.

Emma R watches in astonishment.

Ernest gives Amanda a quick, one-armed hug as she rejoins the group.

Lucien says something too quiet for them to hear from so far away, before slinging an arm around Amanda’s neck and turning to smirk smugly at Emma R.

BTS reaction to: You being too short to kiss them

i like cute reactions 


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He would find this adorable  *cue windshield wiper laugh*  “Ahh jagi you’re so cute!” he would watch you blush but still continue on your tiptoes trying to reach his lips. He would let you struggle for a few more seconds before bending down and giving your lips a peck. 


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Not Amused  as he watched you struggle to reach his lips. But as you continued to struggle his unamused face was replaced with a cute gummy smile, giggling as you struggled “ahh Jagi, i’m not even that tall” you would pout at him before he leaned down and kissed you.


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Laughing hysterically. To the point where you got too embarrassed and stop trying. He didn’t realized until you were walking away with your head hanging. To which he freaked out and ran after you “Jagi i was only joking! I’m sorry!”  to which you turned around pouting. He pouted back at you before stealing a kiss.


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He would smirk as you stood there on your tip toes with your lips puckered. “Ahh baby girl you want my kiss that bad?”  you nodded and continued your attempt to reach his lips. He chuckled before lifting you up off the ground and wrapping your legs around his waist. You smiled as he planted a kiss on your lips.


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He would find this adorable. He- the shortest member of Bangtan- had a partner that was too short to kiss him. He wouldn’t teaser you too much though, he always the one to get teased about his height and didn’t want you to feel insecure. So after your first two attempts he swooped down and placed a sweet kiss on your lips. “I love you Y/N”


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He would giggle at your struggle. Finding It impossibly cute to watch. “Ahh Y/N you can just ask for a kiss you know..”  you stopped your struggle and pouted “Taehyung… can i have a kiss please?”  he thought about teasing you about it some more. But the way you asked him was so cute he couldn’t resist. So he leaned down and gave you what you wanted


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He watched you struggle and would blush brightly. How were you so damn cute? You pouted when he didn’t try to kiss you back and began to sulk away. But you were surprised when you felt him grab your arm and spin you around. You only smiled as he leaned down and kissed you. He pulled away and smiled before saying “you’re so cute Y/N”

Hope you enjoyed!


Radar’s turtle impresssion ♥

Best scenes of Ch.126

1. Can Kaminari never stop playing with Ojiro’s tail ‘cas its friggggggin’ adorable. And Ojiro doesn’t object so win win??!!!?!

2. I can’t even imagine Ectoplasm singing…like think about how after work the heroes just go to the nearest Karaoke bar and sing along to ‘My Heart Will Go On’

3. I swear Momo, you are the best. Momo-sensei. Please let this be a weekly thing so everyone can gather around the lobby and just listen to her ramble on and on about literature and calculus. I want Todoroki to be there just staring at her in awe


5. Can’t forget the PLUS ULTRA face of UA

concept: otabek and yuri are dating and one day otabek admits to him that he’s polyamorous and yuris cool with it bc as long as bekas happy, he’s happy

“so who else do you like besides me??”
“dont get mad.”
“.,,, its jj.”


but he cant say anything bc again, as long as bekas happy then he’s happy, but,,,, what the fuck

so otabek and jj start dating, and the first time all three of them meet jjs like “hope u dont mind sharing your otabeef, princess 👉😎👉” and yuri is ready to kill him but otabek is smiling and hes weak for that so he holds back

but the more the three of them hang out together… the more tolerable jj becomes??? he isnt nearly as obnoxious as he is when theyre in competition and hes actually pretty funny and just as in love with otabek as he is (he knows bc of the way jj looks at him - it feels like looking into a mirror, because thats exactly how he stares at otabek himself)

and jj is actively trying to become better friends with him - he doesnt stop the teasing, but he starts knowing when to back down when he gets too much and yuri can feel the intense hatred he once felt for him die down into a begrudging respect

plus its really fun to talk to him about how adorable otabek is, so, really

a few months later and he can reluctantly say that jj’s become one of his closest friends, but tell anyone that and he’ll kick you with his knife shoes

(ps isabella and jj are still engaged/married and whenever otabek gets Tired of jjs shit she’s the person he’ll call

yuri enjoys watching them rant he thinks its the funniest shit ever)

#Look at how gentle this makeout sesh is#how cute is that??!!#i mean#dont get me wrong#i fully expect a heavy#lips on lips#lips on skin#hands on face#hands on neck#hands anywhere they can reach#maybe in fingers in the hair#-type makeout session in the future#please let it be this season#and soon#but i cant get over how adorable this is#because just look at how soft those kisses are#no one can tell me that these two arent already in love they just havent figured out thats what it is yet#matt and harry have such amazing chemistry with one another#when malec do get hot and heavy#its gunna end us all#cant stop lookin at magnus’ hands on his leg either#those first few seconds#just thinking how they are soo close to alec#just a few inches#why cudnt they just b a few inches over#touching alec’s thigh instead#????#*shudders*

Malfoy has a hickey

Harry shuffles some papers around the desk. He folds some parchment into neat squares. He lines his textbook up with the table edge. He checks the stash of ink bottles in his bag. He ruffles and then straightens the feather of his quill. He engraves circles into his textbook with his wand. He flicks his hair away from his eyes. He kicks the table leg. He pops his knuckles.

Ron finally raises his head, and a questioning eyebrow, annoyed, and fed up of his friend’s fussing. Harry just shakes his head. He can’t concentrate. He is sorry for being so twitchy. But he can’t help it. And it’s all Malfoy’s fault.

They must have gotten carried away last night. They met in the Astronomy Tower. Midnight, sharp. Just like they do most nights. They stayed there for some time. No insults were hurled, no wands were drawn, no skin was tarnished. Well…

Draco is sitting prettily at his desk, (he always looks pretty), in the middle of Transfigurations, with a rather large, rosy-red bruise on his neck. On the left, close to his ear. It’s right below that adorable mole. 

Harry can’t stop himself from looking. He doesn’t want to stop himself from looking. But every time he glances in that direction he has to grind his teeth and squeeze his eyes shut tightly. He can hardly believe it. He doesn’t believe it. Malfoy always spells away his hickeys.

Harry loves giving hickeys. (Hickey - what a hideous word). Almost as much as he loves receiving them. But Malfoy spells them away, always. Harry likes to make sure Draco hides one, lower down, on Harry’s collarbone. Just so that he can walk about, knowing it is there, a constant reminder that Draco is his, that he is Draco’s. That this is real. Draco doesn’t leave any hickeys on his own skin, no matter how much Harry would like him to. Maybe it’s because Harry wants him to. But Harry couldn’t ask him to leave one, to stop spelling them away. He couldn’t explain to Draco why he likes it so much, why he likes hickeys so damn much, (or why he likes Draco so much!) He can’t even explain it to himself. Nobody likes hickeys. Harry accepts that, he knows that he’s the weird one, it’s not unusual. Malfoy always spells them away.

But today, today he has left it there, on show, for the entire school to see. For Harry to see.

Harry looks up again, he can’t stop it. His boyfriend, (not yet), is staring at their professor. He’s tilting his head to the side, as if he’s interested in what McGonagall is saying. Harry knows him better. He knows Draco couldn’t give two shits about Transfiguration. And he knows Draco is trying to drive him crazy. And he knows that Draco knows he is succeeding.

The sunlight makes Draco’s pale skin seem almost translucent, and the mark contrasts harshly against the creamy surface. It’s so fucking obvious. If anyone were to just look at him now, just glance at him, just for a second, they would see it. Notice it. There’s basically a sign above Draco’s head - ‘I’m snogging Potter! Harry licks his lips and imagines it’s the smooth skin of Draco’s throat that he’s tasting. Why does he have to be such a git?

Harry tries to catch Draco’s eye. Tries to glare into those misty pools of silver. Tries to communicate his discomfort, his concern. But the teasing Slytherin purposely avoids his gaze, pretending to be engrossed with Parkinson’s split ends. Harry huffs frustratedly, and he thinks he can see Draco’s mouth twitching. Draco’s mouth is moving. His lips are turning up at the corner. He’s smirking, the bastard.

But then Harry is distracted by Draco’s mouth. As if the movement was intended to distract him in that way. From over here, at his desk, at a distance, those thin lips don’t look like they’re good for much, except maybe sneering. Or maybe that stomach-melting smirk. But once you get close enough, so close that you can see the swirls of blue in Draco’s eyes. So close that you can see the tiny, nearly-transparent birthmark on Draco’s cheek, right below his left eye - that little smudge. When you’re that close, you quickly realise that they are actually perfectly good lips. Pouty, and soft, and addictive, and tasty. Delicious.

Draco ruffles his white hair with an equally fair, bony hand, acting as though it’s a casual gesture. But Draco never ruffles his hair. At least not in public. Actually, he always smooths it back, away from his forehead. He hasn’t done that today. Harry loves it when Draco’s hair is fluffy, fluttering over those high cheekbones of his. Draco knows that. Every move is calculated, measured.

Harry growls. Ron turns back to stare at him again, with wide eyes, he’s alarmed. Harry grits his teeth again and turns his attention back to McGonagall. His nails dig into his palm.

When the bell rings, Harry sweeps the entire contents of the desk into his bag, including Ron’s slimy chunk of wood. They were supposed to be turning a fish into a pencil. Harry’s fish was laying, sweating, on his tile. And his pencil is somewhere on the floor. He throws the grubby bag aggressively over his shoulder, then rushes away from the desk, shadowing Draco as he exits the room. He hastily shouts a last-minute “goodbye!” to Ron without turning back, and dashes out of the room, having to force himself not to run. A gang of Hufflepuffs have overtaken him.

Harry quickly spots Draco’s distinctive platinum hair amongst the crowd. He also notices the tapestry he knows leads to a secret, quiet, desolated corridor. Hurrying forward, he grabs Malfoy’s pointy elbow and drags him away from the crowd. Merlin, everything about that boy is pointy.

Ducking past the flimsy material, Harry dumps his bag and slams Draco against the wall. He swallows the Slytherin’s protests with a heated kiss, and Draco gasps in happy surprise. After a minute, Harry pulls back to nudge Draco’s chin upwards with his nose and stare at the bruise there, tarring that perfect skin. Marking him. Showing Harry that Draco is his. It’s bigger that he first thought, and positioned directly beside his vein, which is throbbing with Draco’s accelerated pulse. Harry smirks and allows his gaze to slide to a spot under Draco’s jaw, finding the other cute mole, biting his lip. Then he reaches down to bite another hickey in beside it, and another. And another.

“Merlin, if I knew hickeys made you act like- mm- this, I’d have stopped spelling them aw- uh- away ages ago!” Draco gasps out, pulling Harry up by his unruly hair.

“Fuck you,” Harry whispers before kissing him again.

Do you ever just stop and imagine Burt coming home from the shop, and going upstairs to find Kurt’s bedroom door closed and he’s told him a hundred times the door stays open–and not a crack, Kurt, enough that I can poke my head in without a concussion–and he can hear Kurt and Blaine whispering. 

So he’s all protective father rage, but also you’re breaking our house rules rage, and he goes to bust in on them (since doing the same to Finn means a solid two weeks of embarrassment and no recurrences) but then he hears those adorable little rule breakers begin to sing to each other and he stops.

Never knew I could feel like this…”

And he cracks the door open and they’re sitting up against the headboard, Kurt’s laptop resting on their thighs, sharing a pair of earbuds. Kurt’s head’s on Blaine’s shoulder and they’re just sitting there, singing to each other. His whole chest just swells with gratitude for what they have–what Kurt’s found in high school. Then Carole shows up and shuts the door quietly.

“They do that every day,” she tells him. “It’s sweet how in love they are.”

And Burt can only nod. It is sweet. They’re both entirely too sweet and so very lucky to have such a chance so young.

Like, do you ever think that and just, rip your own soul out with tweezers? Cause I do.

I swear the In a heartbeat fandom is split into four sections

¼th: “Look at these homophobic comments on the video wow I can’t believe Christians what the-”
¼th: super cute fan art and redraws and I saw a few adorable comics in there that made my heart grow three sizes.
¼th: *giggles* “Dorian Gay”

Reaction #9: He catches his s/o staring at him with heart eyes

SeokJin (Genie):

Ah Jin, he would have the exact same reaction as in this gif whereas he would stare at you back for a long time and smile. He would think it’s one of the most adorable things you do and would adore how much you made him smile. He would also feel so much love in that stare of yours and he would love the charm you exude form just that one look of love. “Ahhh why are you so adorable??” he would say, taking you into a hug because he just couldn’t help it.

(This is so cuteeee)

Yoongi (Yeon Ki Min):

Ohh Yoongi, he would try to hold back how much he thinks it’s adorable but to be honest he thinks it’s adorable when you stare at him with heart eyes. He would make a comment like “Stop being so adorable, I hate it.” smiling that gummy smile of his but of course you both know he doesn’t actually hate it and just says it because you staring at him like that is his weakness.

(How cuteee)

Hoseok (J-Dope):

This sunshine Hoseok would LOVE when he caught you staring at him with heart eyes. Every time he caught you doing it he would look at you adoringly before commenting how cute he thought it was and starts to turn into his sunshine and aegyo self. He would do this little loud squeal of his that he always does before commenting on how cute you are to him.

“Ah! I have the cutest girlfriend/boyfriend in the world!”


Namjoon (Monie):

Our cute dimpled boy Namjoon’s face would light up so much as he would constantly look at you to see if you were still looking at him with those heart eyes of yours and constantly smiles his bright dimpled smile, persistently looking down and then back up at you again. He found it really adorable and charming and would continuously tell you how cute it is. “Why are you so cute babe?” he would say grinning and looking at you adoringly.

(This is so cute i’m-)

Jimin (Christian Chim Chim):

As we all know, this cutie Jimin never stops smiling. In fact, he would react the exact same way as this gif. He would smile so brightly and blush so much that he would have to look away. In fact, every thing you did, to him it was adorable and this just took the cake. He would not stop smiling and would say something like “Ah jagi stop! you know how adorable you are to me when you do that!” he would say looking away as you saw his cute cheeks turn a slight shade of pink from smiling so hard. Also, sometimes when you’re not looking you can feel his eyes on you as he does the same to you.

(I’m going to use this word again, but can you say CUTE!)

Taehyung (Jack):

Of course Taetae would find it sweet and charming and always loved to see it happen. He would stare back at you lovingly like you did to him and it would turn into you both just staring at each other with heart eyes until it gets awkward and you would have to break it off (lol). He would adore how charming you are when you look at him like that and would realize how much love he felt from the stare you would give him, so much he would smile his beautiful boxed smile before saying “AHHH I love you so much!” before kissing you on the forehead.


Jungkook (Justin Seagull):

Ah this boy Kookie, every time you stared with them heart eyes of yours, he would fall in love with you all over again. He would get lost in your eyes while forming a slight shy smile and once again like I said, get so lost in your eyes he just blanks out and stares. Sometimes you have to say “Uh, Jungkook? Are you okay babe?” because he just gazes at you nonstop and you want to make sure he’s alright (lol). But yes, he gets less and less shy the more you look at him that way whereas it becomes a habit between you two. Like Jimin and V, he sometimes does the same to you but would occasionally hold his gaze instead of looking away because he can’t take his eyes off of you. 

(I’m not crying you are, CUTE!)

A/N: Hope you enjoyed this preference and sorry for using cute so many times but I thought this request was really CUTE! BTW I do not own these gifs and credit to those who do!

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Hey! I adore you're little snippet ideas ahhh I love them so much. I was wondering if you could do RFA + MC cuddles and or a very physically affectionate MC. Thank you!!

k but SAAAAAAAAAME. I’m honestly so starved for affection so writing this was so indulgent and I loved it! also thank youuuuuuu, I hope you enjoy this ❤️
Also also I’m currently on Seven’s route and I’ve noticed that the days when he’s pushing you away happen to line up with days I feel shittiest and that’s definitely happening rn and it’s a wild ride lol

-he’s honestly probably just as affectionate, if not more
-but loves having you close to him all the time
-even when he’s playing LOLOL, he’ll let you just curl up next to him or even on his lap while he’s playing
-you two are just always cuddling 24/7
-always has at least have one hand on each other, even in public
-he doesn’t even see it as sexual, he just loves feeling you and having you under his touch
-as well as loves having you touch him all the time
-this boy just loves affection ok

-he reeeeeally tries to limit your affection towards him
-not because he doesn’t love it, but because he’s afraid The Beast™ will come out
-when you do actually get to hold him, he never lets go
-sometimes he’ll just let you cling on to him while he’s reading his script, cooking or just doing mundane things
-basically while he’s distracted so he can’t possibly ruin your innocent gestures
-he does have to limit it when you two go out anywhere cause of his contract
-but afterwards, he’ll let you cuddle up to him, but will get up every once in a while to take cold showers
-you once asked him to join with the purest intention of just being with him
-and he disappeared for over an hour

-she definitely appreciates how much you love being close to her
-will let you cuddle her all the time
-it’s also really relaxing for her to have you next to her, running your hand up and down her arm as she works
-she’s a lot more reserved in public about affection
-but doesn’t oppose holding hands
-sometimes you’ll sneak the occasional peck on the cheek and she’ll stop functioning for the rest of the day
-she’s just so shy about affection, but eventually warms up and even initiates cuddling from time to time

-he absolutely adores how affectionate you are
-he’s always so desperate for your touch so the fact that you are too melts his heart
-he just loves coming home after a long day only to be hugged as soon as he walks through the door
-and absolutely loves having you cuddle up to him right after
-like jaehee, finds it soothing when you’re next to him while he works
-also motivates him to finish his work faster so he can just hold you
-when you two are out in public, he’ll hold you close to him so you truly never have to worry about being starved for touch when you’re with him
-will just let you hold or cling on to him whenever, wherever

-he absolutely adores how affectionate you are
-it makes him feel so special and loved and he can never get enough
-it took him a bit to get used to, but at one point you went to hold him and he just didn’t let go
-he loves cuddling with you all the fucking time
-can do it for days
-he’s about as affectionate as you and will just stop whatever he’s doing at times to show that
-when he’s working, he’ll just have you sit in his lap and can have you there for hours
-you sometimes try to do the thing where he loops his arms through yours and acts as your arms when you two have to cook but don’t want to let go
-saeran was not pleased with the aftermath of that

BONUS (bc I love him and a lil sad he didn’t get a route, but nonetheless love cheritz for their hard work anyways)

-he acts so annoyed by it
-but really, he loves it
-he loves that you want to be close to him, and hold his hand and he loves catching your scent when you’re curled up next to him
-you’ll sleep next to him with your arms wrapped around him and wake up with him holding you back
-whenever you ask about it though, he denies that he likes it
-claims that it’s childish
-but any time you ever pull away from him, he’ll grab you and pull you back to him
-but deny that he ever did that
-just hold this boy and never let go

Picture Perfect - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester - Chapter 8

Title: Picture Perfect

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: Around 6k

Warnings: Angst

Prompt: I got it! Can you do a fic where Sam dies while (Y/N) is pregnant with his child and so Dean helps her raise the child and they live the apple pie life and right when Dean wants to propose to (Y/N), Sam returns to life & ANGST. Please and thank you

Special thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an awesome beta!

Read: Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4 l Part 5 l Part 6 l Part 7


“No more drinking.” Sam said softly and you sighed heavily “You’ve had enough.”

“Come on Sam.” you frowned, looking at him “I need that.”

“No you don’t.” he pursed his lips with the authoritative tone he had used a few but very special moments when you were together “What you need is a good night’s sleep, and probably a shower to help you relax too.”

“Hmh” you hummed, closing your eyes for a moment “I don’t know if you’ve forgotten Sammy but I’m not the shower girl. I’m the one for-”

“Baths, rose petals and a few candles for dim lighting because you deep down are a hopeless romantic with of course a hint of vanilla and orange in the air but it always varies according to your mood, meaning it can also be strawberries.” he cut you off, completing your sentence and smirking softly as he heard you let out a small chuckle “Yeah I know.”

“You know me so well.” you whispered, opening your eyes to look at him as you licked your lips “But you’re forgetting-”

“Always in someone’s arms and head massages? No, of course not. That’s hardly something I could ever forget.” he said with a small shrug, giving you a shy smile and you chuckled.

“Of course you wouldn’t.” you smiled at him, not even realizing how you snuggled with him. It seemed that your body just reached out to the warmth his provided.

Keep reading