can they just give him the w he deserves it

Friends to lovers w/ Haechan
  • hey so how are you, lmao so awkward
  • andd i just want to say two things
  • first, this friends to lover series r  a bit stupid in my opinion?? because, everyone bf being lovers have been friend first right, so maybe i’m just going to 

  • idk what to write here but did y’all now i love lee donghyuck w my whole life
  • he’s so beautiful and ethereal and you know when you love someone so much but your feelings are so strong and you just can’t even explain them
  • wELL
  • okay lmao, let’s just start this <3
  • sooo
  • let’s say that you were a really close to mark
  • from time to time donghyuck would see you with him in the breaks or sitting by his side on class
  • so he would always bother him with you??
  • “oh, mark there comes your gf”
  • “mark and y/n and jeno and jaemin and me?? sINGLE”
  • “i’m going to start dating renjun, bye”
  • “no wait, that would ruin jaemin, jeno and renjun’s love triangle.. fvck”
  • lmao dis boii
  • and you knew him bc heeelloo he’s mark bffa
  • also he’s famous, lmao
  • and you always though that he was rlly handsome bc, uhmm he is?? duh
  • but either of you were really interested in each other until donghyuck one day started to talk with you
  • okay let mE TELL YOU
  • so, there was one time when donghyuck had classes til late
  • he was getting late to a class bUUTUUTUTBUTBT
  • he passed by the music room and heard like really beautiful music playing??
  • like on the piano, and from tiem to time it was accompanied by a rlly beautiful voice
  • side note: i was inspired by ailee to write this so, yeah
  • and when he spied trough the windows and saw you his jaw dropped
  • you were like a complete different person
  • you were so focused in the tiles but at the same time you would sing a little and your voice sounded so sweet
  • he even felt like if his wasn’t good enough for a few seconds
  • he slowly made his way to the door of the room and stayed in there, looking at you
  • he let you finish the song and smiled at you sweetly when you looked at him
  • “i didn’t know you could play the piano”
  • “uh.. i’m not that good at it yet”
  • “stop joking, you sounded amazing”
  • he would sit by your side in front of the piano and start playing some songs that he know
  • and you spended like an hour there¿??
  • both of you got scolded ofc
  • but that got both of you together so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • he walked you home that day and in the way both of you get to know each other a bit better
  • but still wasn’t enough
  • “would you like to go with me to a cafe after school tomorrow? we can invite mark if you want to”
  • and you were like what¿¿? okay sure but ¡¡?¡¿¿
  • y’all exchanged phone numbers and from that day you bacame i n s e p a r a b l e
  • now was mark the one bothering hyuck w you
  • and he didn’t really care if he was bothering him?? he could just sassily answer him and done
  • but if mark said anything that had a 1% of possibility to offend you, he was dead
  • “wow y/n is so short compared to me”
  • “shut up mark, you look like one of the teletubbies and no one says anything about it”
  • “¿¿¿?? i’m ?? sorry ??¿”
  • but he would tease from time to time
  • but they would always end up with him getting all clingy with you
  • like hugging you or grabbing your hands
  • he would do the impossible to have any kind of skinship w you
  • and he realized about his feelings while you were in the same music room were you meet, playing in the same piano
  • he looked at you and his heart melted
  • you had the sun light beside you and your profile was so perfect
  • when you finished the song and looked at him both of you stayed in silence
  • and before y’al’ could even realize your faces were just a few centimeters appart
  • ofc y’all kissed each other <33
  • and after that he confessed
  • “y/n can i.. call you mine?”
  • “sure you can”
  • this is so romantic?¿?? ohmy god¡¡?
  • and from that day on you would be the cutest couple, i swear
  • he’s a really clingy baby and he’s a l w a y s in need for your attention
  • like, he’s a bit jealous and protective sometimes but not only because there’s other people loooking or talking to you
  • but because your’e actually giving that people the attention they don’t deserve??
  • like he’s right there, your boyfie, give him that attention
  • but he would love you so deeply and mostly, he would expressed it with his actions
  • but he’s not scared at all of telling you and eveyone he knows about how easily you can make his heart race
  • so u better appreciate boyfie!hyuck because it would be pure perfectio, i swear
  • and the end <3
  • this was so romantic, i was so inspired lmao

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Linger Touches PART 3!!! Please DONT LEAVE ME HANGING

Coming right up! (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 4) Continue? Let me know if I should!

When did you start lying to Midoriya? When did you start sneaking away to be with Bakugou? When did you lose control, letting yourself be pulled between two worlds?

You wrinkle your face in annoyance as you try to cover a hickey with concealer. Dabbing the make up against your skin, you catch Bakugou leaning against the door frame, just watching you. You frown at him. 

“I thought I told you no hickies.”

“Why the fuck are you covering it up?”

“Why do you think? Because Izuk

Bakugou growls at the mention of his name. His lips are on your neck again. Biting mercilessly, he pins your body against the sink. You squirm as Bakugou nips at the spot that makes your knees go weak. He smirks against your skin. Only he can undo you like this. Only he can have you trembling against him. Not that fucking, shitty-ass Deku. Bakugou glances at the mirror as he presses kisses to the angry, red love marks on your neck. The two of you just look so good together. His lips find yours, capturing you in one of his rough, heated kiss. You whimper against his smirking mouth. Only he can kiss you like this. 

And both of you know it. 

He rests his chin on the crown of your head as you reapply the makeup. 

“You should just be mine, ya know,” Bakugou says, “You know I can take better care of you than Deku. You know I fucking care about you, (Name). And I won’t fuck up again.”

You don’t say anything and continue your silence as you gather your things, preparing to leave. He tries to kiss you when you step out onto his porch, but you lean away from him. Bakugou scowls at your dismissal. I fucking care about you, (Name). His words echo around in your head. It isn’t an “I love you,” but, when it comes from Bakugou, it means just as much. He shouldn’t have said that to you.

“I’ll call you later.”


You rub the hickey on your neck. You can still feel the heat from his lips and his hand as they touched you. Bakugou lit a fire in you. He made a mess of you. No one’s hands felt as good as his. No one’s kiss made you drunk like he did. He sent electricity up your spine and left trails of fire against your skin when he kissed down your chest. Wild. Unruly. Untamable. Bakugou. His essence threatens to consume you, pulling you down into him. There is something clawing inside of your gut that wants to let him. Something in the back of your mind that is willing to submit to him and let his firy passion engulf you. 

You jump when you hear Midoriya’s ringtone. 

Fumbling with the device, you answer, “Ah, Izuku-san, what’s up?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to hangout?”


“O-Oh, it doesn’t have to be right now. Are you busy?”

“No,” you answer faster than you want to, “Let’s meet at the park. I’m not to far away.”

You should shower. You still smell like him … Midoriya’s face flashes through your mind, and you suddenly want to see him. You really do love him. You aren’t just saying that. You love the way he looks at you like you are his everything and the way his eyes close when he smiles and the way his scarred hand wraps around yours. You see him sitting on a swing, looking at his phone. Midoriya grins; your heart skips a beat as you run up to him. 

He stands and places a small kiss on your lips. He is gentle as usual. If Bakugou is fire, then Midoriya has to be water. Cool and refreshing against your lips. His touches are soothing as his hands find yours. Midoriya’s thumbs rub circles on the back of your hands. Calming. Tranquil. Caring. Midoriya. He pulls away, blushing and looking at you lovingly. You need him, and you both know it. But, still, you wish he wouldn’t look at you with those shimmering emeralds … not when Bakugou’s hickey is still burning against your skin. 


You look up at him. Midoriya looks to the side and shakes his head. His eyes are back on you, and you wish you could disappear. You don’t deserve anything he gives you. You don’t deserve anything he is going to say. How can you say that you love him when you fall back into Bakugou’s arms every night?

“I … I …. (Name), you make me really happy, and I think that I lo—”


“W-What do you mean, (Name)? I lov—”

Don’t,” you whisper, “Just please .. don’t say it … I won’t be able to take it if you do.” 

Midoriya’s eyes widen as tears slip down your cheeks. He is frantically asking you questions, trying to see what’s wrong, while his hands flutter around nervously. Midoriya can’t say it to you. Anything but that word. If he did then … I fucking care about you, (Name)(Name), I think that I lo—

Their voices are chasing each other around in your head. Wrapping your arms around Midoriya’s torso, you bawl into his chest. It is eating you alive. Guilt. Regret. Desire. Longing. They grab at you, pulling you down into a dark abyss. You can’t live like this. But you also know that you can’t live without both of them in your life. 

Please … please … don’t make me choose.

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don't read this if you haven't seen ep 8 yet. what are your thoughts on nick & june in the ep? i'm unsure. it's not as bad as it could've been, & i'm still convinced that there's more of nick's story to be revealed or that he'll develop in some way. i don't think offred and nick are over by any means. i understand nick's inner conflict entirely - does he risk himself & offred, or does he say fuck it because at least it gives them hope & something to live for? i really think he can't decide. +

+ however his lack of communication w/ offred and almost messing her about isn’t fair and i’m starting to get angry at him for it. she doesn’t deserve that treatment, and it sucks when it’s coming from the only positive thing in her life rn. he needs to get his shit together and make a decision or at least voice his thoughts to her so she can understand. i’d love to know your thoughts :)

alright. i literally just finished watching the episode (i kept pausing it far too many times because it was just so disturbing) and i still have to gather my thoughts about it but i’ll share what i have now

ep 8 spoilers ahead!

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87.  “Stay awake.”

It was hard to stay awake when he had little motivation. Blearily Arthur opened his eyes. “’m awake, ‘m awake…” he mumbled, but didn’t meet Lewis’ eyes. In turn, he didn’t see Lewis frown in worry.

“Are…you okay, Arthur?” He hadn’t seen Arthur in at least a few weeks and he was shocked by the changes. Arthur was thinner, the bags under his eyes were huge, and his movements were so sluggish. To say Lewis was worried would be an understatement. “You look like you haven’t slept in weeks.”

He was probably right. It felt like forever since Arthur had gotten at least a decent night’s rest. But between everything that was going on and his unending and restless thoughts, sleep was basically a foreign concept to him nowadays. Arthur didn’t answer Lewis, only increasing the worry. “Arthur?”

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this is prob gna sound wrong but how do you get over nobody giving you attention + getting ghosted by a guy you rly liked??

give urself attention my dude! love urself and treat urself whenever u can! and take the initiative to ask ur friends to hang out with u whenever ur feeling lonely. or even spend some quality time with ur family :-) as for the boy, if he can’t see how great u are then ur just wasting ur time on him! u deserve someone who will love u inside and out and will give u all the attention in the world when it comes down to it. forget about this boy like do things to take ur mind off him and make new memories with new people and i swear one day u will find that he’s irrelevant, it just takes some time to get to that point so be patient w urself and do ur best to move on

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Hi from Malaysia!! Just wanna say thanks for all your beautiful MMDs and arts, especially the 'we are RFA' series since it has brought me so much joy from watching it <333 I'm so happy Jumin is getting the love he needs and deserves in your vids :')))

Hi, neighbor~! ^^ Aaa thank you very much! I’m happy my art and mmd can make you happy! >w< Yes he is, Jumin deserves more love! :”3 You’ll be seeing him a lot on my channel haha XD

I’m still working on We are RFA #6 so I can’t give sneak peak yet ;; have some close up from We are RFA #5 thumbnail ;v;

give blair a big beef who can lift him up and carry him around like its nothing. give blair a small geef who he can lift up and kiss on the top of her head!! give blair a smol beef where they can do romantic cute things w/o him having to fucking pull a calf muscle tryina kiss their lips… give blair a BIG GEEF WHO CAN GIVE HIM PIGGYBACK RIDES AND SWEEP HIM OFF HIS FEET???

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"I don't think Val is trying to make things work with Jenna at all. He needed a travel companion and she was available. " The thing its, He is not in love not matter how much excuse people can make for him, he is just not, even the wedding thing that we cant be totally sure that he was there, i think he is try to clean his concience, trying to give her the love she deserve but w/o expose himself too much bc he know it that he will cant keep it like that, he is not excited and never will.

this makes no sense to me, also how on earth you feel comfortable making all of these statements on his behalf is really something lol

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hey idk if you got my last asks bc i sent them on mobile but. this is anon who had a bunch of people after them. honestly im mostly mad at myself bc i should have done more protection things. we had to put my dog down today. he had a very bad seizure a couple of days ago that left him paralyzed. hes had seizures before, but theyve never been this bad, and he jad just seen the vet for a check up over the weekend and was doing great. i just want to know if you can give me as many nasty curses(1/2)

(2/2) as you possibly can bc i love my baby and he didnt deserve to die. yes, he was sickly before, but he was doing better, which is why im convinced thst it was these people. ive already gotten a poppet w one of their strands of hair in it and im using it as a pin cushion. this all just feels like an awful nightmare that i cant wake up from

Hello Darling. I’m very sorry for your loss, losing a pet is always difficult. However I would like to think that your dog’s passing wasn’t due to their curse. From experience (dad was a dog breeder), animals tend to get better right before their passing.

If you still want to get back at them though, here are a few of my favourite curses from here on

Before cursing:

A post on ways to protect yourself while cursing by @blacktieblackmagick

Avoiding curse misfiring, or monkey’s paw effect by @smithingwitch

Herbs and components for curses by @fuckyeahpaganism

Items and herbs for curses by a deactivated account

It’s super important to cleanse yourself before the act, but I’m sure you’re ok with cleansing already. I included some protection stuff as well as components, just in case you may wish to alter any of the curses I’ll give you.

Curses to make them taste their own poison:

A Bellyful of Stones by @breelandwalker

Bind and Break curse by @silver-grimoire

Mermaid’s Revenge curse by @oldmotherredcap

Curses to make their life pure hell:

Blackest Nightmare curse by @umbraluxuria

Blood Rain curse jar by @witchshallow

Bone’s Bubble Bursting curse by @lavenderspells

But Nobody Came curse by @alittlebook-o-spells

Curses for torment:

‘Cause of all the Witches here I’m the worst curse by a deactivated user

Financial Ruin curse by @oldmotherredcap

Web of Thorns curse by @oldmotherredcap

Got you Right where I Want You curse by @oldmotherredcap

All of these should be able to get you a pretty good revenge plan. Good luck to you Darling!

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Okay so here's the thing. I fucking hate Louis tomlonson. He is so fuckinbf gorgeous. And so fucking good at singing. And philanthropy. And kindness. nd love. And he met the fucking love of his life when he was a fucking teen. A nd they fuckig adore one another, and it's fucking obvious even when they're suppose to downplay ot. Meanwhile I am gay sexting w two ppl from Tinder at the same time. Fuckig why can't I be Louis. He is so wonderful and lovely. They can throw as much babygate (1)

(2$ bullshit at him as Simon likes, but he is still louis😇😇😇😇. He is still clever and quippy and warm. He still is utterly lovely to his family. He still is patient w gobs fans even when they aren’t respectful of healthy boundaries.He still is LOUs. the most deserving person in 1D to have a  solo record deal. Yknow what I would give for a Louis written Louis sung albun. A fuckin kidney. He just has SUCH a lovely voice! Why the fuck isn’t everyone beating down his fucking door for an album

(3) contract??? He is so fucking GIfted. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - he has the fuckin perfect voice for Broadway. And the way he composes - the way he turns his feelings into lyrics ??? He is a GIFT. He is a treasure. He should have a fucking knighthood. A. FUCKING. KIDNEY. That’s all I’m gonna say. Fucking exquisite Lomuids. I want a love like he has (and well deserved) That’s all I’m gonna say.

(4$ Okay THIS IS honestly the last thing I’ll say. When he has a kid. An ACTUAL kid. He’s gonna fucking love and shower their kid with so much adoration and support. He’s gonna bew every bit as loving and sensitive w their kid as he is with every other kid we’ve seen himwith. Because he is Louis. treats everyone wonderfully. Except instead of just a couple minutes, that luckyv child will gets wonderful ness for all its life. Along side Harry’s eonderfullness. What a #blessedlife (now I’m done)

i read the first two sentences and i literally had my finger hovering over the block button but this turned out much better than i expected <3 he’s the absolute best and i agree with everything you said.