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Why are each individual members of the group so much more likeable after condom left?! I'm really starting to like Dinah barr her ignorance. I love her energy and enthusiasm towards the group it's adorable. Ally, girl is starting to catch onto the dancing, Normani is perfection and Lauren can get me fired from my job any day. I have so much love for these girls right now.

completely agree but i still can’t ignore dinah’s behaviour, but we’ll see how it goes


Phichit Appreciaton Post

The title says it all, Phichit has got to be one of the most jolliest character i have ever met in any series. 

Just look at this cutie from Bangkok, his adorable smile and that cute fringe

I have to say I love his complexion 



Or his worried faceeeee

And how he loves to take selfie and that phone caseeee




LOOK AT CUTE TINY PHICHIT when he first got discovered 

When he really wanted to skate “Shall we Dance” 


Just look at how precious he is I can’t even 

His world is just fluff and filled with cuteness 


One day we will all make his dream come true 

and he did one again captured our hearts 


bless when he finished his skate 

Can you not see his joy and happiness 

You did it! Really! Well done! 

Thank you lord for blessing us this child 

We must protect him 

The Avengers Preference - His Reaction to You Getting Hurt

Bruce Banner:

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Bruce would be unnaturally calm. Everyone was fully aware that the only reason Bruce had agreed to stay with the Avengers in the first place was because of you – he loved and adored you more than words can describe – and so you getting hurt would crush him. But when you did get hurt during a mission, the team was surprised when they didn’t get any incoming calls saying that ‘the big guy’ had been unleashed at the Avengers facility. Instead, when they arrived back, he wouldn’t come rushing to the quinjet to see you but instead he’d be in the operating room. He’d have set up everything himself for you when you arrived and have gotten all the best and most trusted doctors and surgeons to be there to examine and operate on you. He knew what would be best for you and that was for him to step back and let a team of professionals work on you – no matter how much he wanted to cry and get angry at the team, he couldn’t. He had to stay calm for you – he had to be there when you woke up, smiling comfortingly and ready to look after you.  

Bucky Barnes:

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Bucky would panic. He’s never had a girl that he’s cared so deeply for so when he’d hear that you were hurt, he wouldn’t know what to do except begin saying “oh my god” over and over again. Eventually, it’d take the entire team to get him to calm down and reassure him that they’ve gotten medics to you – but as soon as he sees you he’d sprint to your side and start rambling and trying to ask you what he can do for you to help you. You’d have to be the calm one in these situations and tell him to just be there for your injuries are taken care of and he’d do just that – being at your side day and night, carrying you from place to place, running baths for you and doing all your errands. He’d treat you like the most fragile object but it’d be because he cares about you.

Clint Barton:

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Clint would be very assertive and agent-like about the situation. He’s been an agent of a long time so he knows the risks of dating someone who has the same career as him – that’s why he’d act more like an agent than a boyfriend when you get hurt. But it wouldn’t take an expert to see the fear in his eyes and the casual crack in his voice; he’d want to cry or even go out of his way to avenge you but he knew what his job was. But as soon as the two of you were left alone and there were no more doctors or other agents coming in to check on you, Clint would lose it and tear up while telling you over and over again how much he loves you and doesn’t want you to ever scare him like that again. 

Pietro Maximoff:

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You getting hurt would stress out Pietro. He’d be constantly running a hand through his hair and he’d pace ever so slowly around the room, waiting until there was news about your condition. He’d blame himself for not being there to look out for you and then he’d begin blaming other team members for not protecting you better. Wanda would do her best to calm her brother down but she knew he wouldn’t be fully okay until he saw that you were safe himself. When he did finally see you, he’d smile and tell you that he knew all along that you were going to be fine and that he wasn’t at all stress – but you knew he was lying.  

Sam Wilson:

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Sam would act as if he was totally cool about the situation but his voice squeaked for an update on your condition. Everyone knew though that under his tough exterior, Sam was terrified – you were the first girl he ever got nervous around and he did just about anything you asked him to. He cared about you more than he showed and when Tony thought it’d be funny to test this theory, he told Sam he was worried that your condition may worsen and Sam broke the glass he was holding. When he finally did see you, Sam would crumble at your bed side and tell you how happy he was he you were doing okay and that he so scared that the worst had happened to you. He made you promise not to tell anyone about what his reaction to finally seeing you was though.

Steve Rogers:

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Steve wasn’t exactly calm when the news was broken to him that you’d been hurt during a mission. He’d go rushing through the Avengers facility, breaking down doors along his way, until he finally reached the landing space where you’d be arriving. He’d get a full mission report from the agents that arrived with you, wanting to know what had gone wrong and who there was to blame for this because there had to be someone to blame for this. He’d try not to get annoyed with you when, even in your state, you jokingly tease him and tell him to calm down because you’re fine. Steve would insist on staying by your bed side and doing whatever he could to make you as comfortable as possible – he’d even use his Captain tone of voice on you from time to time so you got that he was being very serious about the situation.


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T’Challa may overreact and have one too many surgeons and doctors on standby when you arrive back at the Avengers facility. He’d pace outside your door, not wanting to disturb the doctors as they examine you, mumbling to himself and ignoring anyone that wasn’t one of the doctors who tried to calm him down. He’s handled a lot in his life time but nothing has frightened him as much as finding out that you’ve been hurt – he’d even begun to come up with all the people he’ll ring in any case that it could turn out to be that could look after you. When T’Challa is told that he can see you and that you’ll be alright and just need a bit of bed rest, he’d begin to tell you a list of reasons as to why you should never go out on a mission again and that he can safely support you in whatever you do for the rest of your life.


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The team would approach Thor carefully when it’s discovered that you’re hurt – they wouldn’t be too sure as to how he would react but like they originally thought, he does flip out. Thor would break many things on his way to get to you, demanding to know who hurt you and becoming determined to (no pun intended) avenge you. He also welcomes you to join him, if you like, to destroy whoever it was that hurt you but you’d assure him that there was no need to do that. He’d say ‘okay, fine’ and then he’d start telling you that you should come live in Asgard where you won’t ever be hurt again. He’d then tell you after this that he’ll still try to avenge you.

Tony Stark:

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Tony isn’t the best at expressing his emotions but it’s clearly written on his face how worried he is. It’s not a secret that he loves you more than anything in the world so he decides he’ll do everything for you to help you get better – he’ll even create your own Iron Man suit that’ll get you to and from the bathroom. Rhodey buys him a pink apron after you get better because Tony legitimately becomes your personal assistant; always making you coffee and tea himself, trying to make cakes for you (and then buying one after he fails but pretends he made it) and changing your bandages for you. He’s completely smitten with you and you having a near-depth experience has just made him adore you more.

I am not adorable.
Must I be forever treated like a child,
who yearns to be taken seriously,
to be respected and not laughed at?
Why can’t I be treated for what I am -
both needy and independent,
both soft and unbending,
sweet and bitter,
reserved and passionate?
I am made of contradictions and variety, like life itself.

Do not diminish me,
do not belittle me,
do not make me small when I’m more than you can put into words.
I am not “lovely”, “nice”, or any other superficial and meaningless word.
I am the feeling that you get when you look up to the stars,
hear the roar of the sea,
or see a winter landscape touched by a soft sunset.
I am a beech wood filled with sacred quiet,
I am a wind-tossed grass plain in a storm,
I am the storm too.
I am solid rock, rising to breathless peaks,
I am ice on the river and pink clouds in the sky,
I am rose petals and tidal waves,
I am consuming fire and cherry blossoms.
I am moss, stone, and soil,
I am leaves and roots,
I am primal cries and soft whispers.
I’m all of nature and all is in me.

I recognise the relation of the flower to the galaxy,
and the thunder being the sibling of the falling snow.
But most people can handle neither gentleness nor passion.
It is something too real for those, who have adapted to a life of falsity and artificialness.

I am a human being.
Which is not something you can put a label on.
I deserve protection, not patronising.
It means that you have to know the preciousness of my heart,
and do not assume me to be without will.
My will makes me endure degradation, neglect, and mistreatment,
because I know that nothing anyone does to me
can ever change the nature of my self.
So keep smiling at my solemn words,
dismiss my appeal for consideration,
chuckle at my insecurity -
you are wounding yourself, keeping yourself blind and safe
from being truly alive and human.
You deserve better, but you don’t know that.
I know I do.

—  Indomitable (or Fullness of Life)

RFA + V and Saeran with an MC who enjoys stuffed animals.

I’m working on making a masterpost which is absolute hell to do on mobile, a new header and profile picture, and my wifi is being as shitty as ever so that’s not helping with any of those :’)
hopefully I get everything done within at least a few days and my wifi situation figured out so I can focus on requests more, i’m sorry I’m not posting as much as I usually do!

Zen thinks it’s adorable honestly, he’ll even add to your collection by buying you little stuffed teddy bears with hearts on the tummies, they usually come with gifts like chocolate or roses.
He tries to win you a little plush puppy out of a claw machine in some arcade but he’s awful at those games, so ended up wasting all his quarters on some slot machines or pinball instead since he’s a lot better at those.
He earns tickets to get an even bigger stuffed puppy for you from the prize counter.

Jumin thinks it’s childish, but honestly he really doesn’t mind it all that much since they’re something you truly enjoying having. Even considers getting himself a couple of plush Elizabeth the 3rds.
However draws the line at sleeping with a teddy bear, makes him feel like he’s being replaced :’)
Goes all out, gets you a big glass case for you to store everyone of them in so they won’t get damaged or Elizabeth the 3rd won’t mistake any of them for a new toy. He’ll even buy collectors items for you instead of just normal plushies.

Yoosung thinks it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen. It makes him feel like less of a kid honestly, but not in a bad way. He likes to baby you with stuffies galore, his favorites are the fluffy stuffed animals with the ball shape and the big pretty eyes. Totally unashamed to sleep with them too.
After awhile he even develops a slight passion for them, buying a pink turtle keychain-style plushie for you, and a green one for him. You both keep the opposite stuffies on each other’s keychains, he has the pink and you have the green to remind you both of each other when you’re away.

Seven makes a few jokes about how some of those things creep him out just sitting on the bed like that, but he’s fine with your goofy little plushie obsession. Says if you don’t slow down on buying them he might even have to call the TV show ’ My strange addiction, ’ but of course he’s joking. Maybe.
When you two are hanging around Target
( seven basically lives in target honestly )
he’ll buy you the cutest little stuffed kitten that poops out jelly beans. How romantic!

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As much as I love angsty and sad headcanons for Jason that involve him smoking and drinking, how about more interesting headcanons such as:

  • Jason constantly spending any money he has left on Neapolitan ice cream. He gets at least 4 pints of it and both Roy and Kori are constantly angry at him because he eats all of it AND makes himself sick.
  • Jason taking online classes for college. He ends up becoming an English major with a minor in journalism. He likes Shakespeare. Not even ironically, he adores Shakespeare. He can quote any book off the top of his head. While he’s not a Romeo And Juliet fan, he’s a huge fan of The Tempest, Hamlet, The Taming of the Shrew, and Much Ado About Nothing. 

  • As a follow up to that, when Riddler decides to do a Shakespeare themed Riddle, Jason solves it within the first 10 minutes. Bruce isn’t exactly shocked he always knew Jason was a smart kid, but really? 10 minutes?

  • Whenever Jason is at his absolute lowest point and can’t sleep, he always pulls out one of the many books he has tucked away and reads them until dawn. His favorite book will always and forever be Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. 

  • Even though Jason never really celebrates his birthday, the second Kori and Roy attempt to make a cake for him he jumps up to help them make a Tres Leches Cake. Surprise! He’s actually a phenomenal baker. That’s the moment Roy Harper and Koriand’r fell in love.

  • Damian and Jason aren’t super close close. He’s not close with Steph either. However, Jason wakes up to both Damian and Steph punching the shit out of him on the day of his birthday in order to celebrate. He was too delirious to fight back and ended up hitting Damian with his lamp. They spent the better half of the morning in the hospital with Bruce scolding them. All in all, it’s the best wake-up call Jason has had in a very long time. It made him feel like he was part of the family again.

List of Amazing New Things in Breath of the Wild:

- Link’s alternate hairstyle options
- Way more clothing and weapon options
- Snowboarding on any shield
- Snowboarding while SHOOTING ARROWS
- Can explore the game in any direction, and get previously ‘locked’ weapons from the start (bow, leaf, raft, etc)
- Fast travel confirmed!
- Biggest Zelda by leaps and bounds
- Adorable Link animations (stubbing his toe, shivering, successful cooking)
- Taming horses
- Cooking and clothes can add a whole ton of special effects to Link
- 100 optional shrines, some of which have really cool rune powers that Link can get then use in the overworld
- More combat animations
- More weapon choices (spear, torch, etc)
- Cold affects Link and hurts him
- World is totally dynamic with weather happening at random
- Link can be struck by lightning, especially when holding a sword up
- You can scan enemies for more info
- You can place customizable markers on your map, including beacons to help explore
- You can get frozen solid
- You can play the game almost naked
- You can go right for the final boss if you want
- There’s no default companion
- But you can play with wolf Link with the wolf Link amiibo!
- Posable amiibo confirmed
- You can ride the updraft of a fire to raise yourself up with the glider and take off
- There’s a whole host of different environment types (blizzard/snowy, magma/volcanic, desert, lush and dense forests, lakes)
- The random weather affects your movement and ranged attacks, and the attacks and AI of enemies
- You can jump at will!
- You can throw weapons!
- You can set fire to everything, and fire is dynamically affected by the weather!
- Link can have magneto powers, time freeze, and create ice/water blocks to name a few!
- Possibly no magic meter, possibly replaced by cooldown on rune abilities
- Eating food can also make Link warm, and it’s the way to recover hearts. It can also add extra temporary hearts, defense, etc
- Link’s toes turn red if he doesn’t wear shoes in the cold
- Cold water kills Link really quick
- You can chop down trees, climb trees, break them apart
- You can sneak into enemy camps, take their stuff, and sneak back out instead of fighting
- There’s a fully movable camera angle that is super smooth
- Animals and AI in the game wander and do things dynamically
- Weapons and shields break
- Your stamina bar can be increased
- You can hunt animals for food but you can also play the game fine without killing any animals
- There’s at least some degree of voice acting!
- You can upgrade your weapons
- You can increase your item inventory limit
- You can sell your items to make Rupees
- There’s almost no hand holding, and you can choose to try to find all the secrets in Hyrule and learn the story, or not
- There are no gameplay differences between Wii-U and NX versions
- There’s a mini map


BTS Reacts to You Being Too Short to Kiss Them

relax-okay: Can you do a BTS reacts to you bring to short to kiss them please? I love the Seventeen and Got7 ones

GOT7 Version

Seventeen Version (Vocal Unit)


V:“Awww! Let’s be cute together!” He finds your struggle adorable and when you playfully hit him because of it, he just laughs even more.

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Jungkook: When you accidentally kiss his chin, he starts to giggle like a school boy. He didn’t think you could get any cuter but you proved him wrong.

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J-Hope: He’ll try to cheer you up by doing silly things when you’re pouting cutely. He convinces you not to pout and he makes you feel better by randomly kissing you throughout the day.

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Jin: “I’m tall enough for the both of us.” He doesn’t mind your height and it’s not a problem for him to bend down to kiss you, he LOVES kissing you.

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Jimin:  He starts to laugh when you miss his lips and he starts to run after you chase him for laughing. “Jagiya! You know I love your height, don’t kill me!”

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Rap Monster:  “Since you’re too short to kiss me, why don’t I just pick you up!? I hate it when you’re sad you can’t kiss me.” The idea pops into his head before you can protest and he’s already got you in his arms, kissing you sweetly.

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Suga: He’ll do anything to make you feel better, so he dances. It’s not the best but it certainly makes you feel better about your height.

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How Long Has It Been?

Characters: Spencer x Reader
Words: 1802
Requested by Anonymous: Hey could you do a spencer one shot where he and the reader are in a relationship and they both work for the BAU and they can’t seem to find any alone time to have sex (NOT for the first time please) 

Originally posted by gublrnation

        You watched him walk across the room to get more coffee. Your stomach clenched at just the sight of him in his dark jeans that hugged his butt just right, his white dress shirt rolled up to his elbows, making him even more desirable. His tie was loosened and damn it was sending thoughts through your mind.

           He turned around and saw you watching him. He gave you a small, sad smile. You both knew you’d be here for a while. And then quite possible end up on the jet if things went south before you figured out the case. How long had it been since you had spent time alone with your boyfriend?

           Spencer walked to your desk, “I promise, we’ll have some time for us after this case,” he said, knowing what was going through your head.

           You nodded, “How long has it been?”

           “A few days,” he said.

           “Feels like longer.”

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Summary: In which Steve loves art and you’re the muse that inspires him to draw something beautiful again.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1,328

@avengerstories - you’re the best editor ever and I adore you.

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Everyone has their hobbies.

For Bruce and Tony, it’s spending time in the lab and running as many experiments as possible.

For Natasha, it’s training in the well-stocked gym and sparring with anyone confident enough to go up against her (there are rarely ever any volunteers).

For Clint, Sam, and Scott when he comes by, it’s competing to see who can pull the most pranks in a day without getting caught.

For Wanda, it’s helping Vision grow more accustomed to the world he was unwittingly brought into.

And, for Steve, it’s drawing.

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Promises *smut*

A/n; okay so this one is so gosh dang cute I can’t get over it, and I’d like to imagine this as Vices Era Brendon because that era of him just ruins me okay

Requested// Nope (requests are open!)

Words// 4,600 exactly!(my OCD loves this one)

Warnings// smut and extremely adorable moments ugh I’m dying

I checked my outfit one last time in the mirror before heading down the steps and into my living room. Brendon would be here any minute to pick me up for our date tonight, and I couldn’t be more nervous. I had decided that tonight would be the night I’d tell him I loved him and oh man, was I hoping he’d say it back. We’d been dating for just a few months, but when you’re in highschool, a relationship that lasted longer than a week was something to be cherished. At first I was really suspicious of him, we’d been moderately good friends and I’d seen him with his fair share of girlfriends. He was very experienced in almost every department in regards to relationships, whereas I’d only ever kissed one boy on the playground in third grade.

Despite the theories my mind was creating, Brendon was so much more than the ladykiller I’d chalked him up to be. At least with me, he was. He knew what my limits were, and never attempted to push me too far. I’d always pictured that I’d lose my virginity sometime far into college, but Brendon made me reconsider that possibility. He’s always so gentle with me now, why would that change if I was losing it to him? I know him, he wouldn’t get too rough with me during my first time.

When I heard a light knock on my door I sprang off the couch, but my dad reached the door first. My parents didn’t know of our relationship yet, they just knew that we were pretty good friends and our families went to the same church. One of the things Brendon and I had in common was our feelings about religion, or lack thereof. Our families knowing each other had its perks, they didn’t care if I’d hang out with Brendon alone or come home late, because they trusted both of us.

“Hey, is Y/n ready? She said she’d help me with my math homework tonight,” he says sheepishly. My father liked Brendon, but he didn’t like to show it. He almost enjoyed the way Brendon would tense up when he’d plaster that same stern look on his face and give him glaring eyes. Brendon looked over my father’s shoulder and a light blush hit his cheeks when he saw me.

“Dad, you can stop terrorising him now,” I placed a hand on my dad’s shoulder and pulled him away slightly. His poker face fell away and he smiled, before placing a hand on Brendon’s shoulder. Brendon swallowed hard and stared up at my dad before he finally spoke.

“Make sure your mom gets us that pie recipe, we’d love to make it again sometime.” My dad shook his shoulder lightly and laughed. Brendon let out a breath of relief and motioned for me to move past him and out towards his van. Sure, I thought it was a little weird at first that he drove around a big purple van, but then he told me about how it made everything easier when his band had to drive somewhere for a show. They could just throw everything in the back and not have to worry about it getting there on time. I loved Brendon’s band, but due to prior commitments I hadn’t actually gotten a chance to see them perform for a crowd, just me and a few people in his basement. “Don’t stay out too late, kiddos!” My dad called just before closing the front door. I sat myself in the passenger seat of the van and waited for Brendon to get in on the other side. I noticed some pillows and blankets in the back, but I didn’t bother asking about them yet.

“Now, you still haven’t told me where you’re taking me tonight,” I said, feeling a bit anxious. All Brendon had told me about this date was that it was going to be a surprise. I didn’t normally like surprises, but for Brendon I’d like anything.

“I think I may have told you that it was a surprise, and I’ve got that first part right here,” he took his eyes off the road for a second and digging through a small bag that he had on the floor. There were other things in there, wrapped up gifts presumably for me. My heart raced, he was so adorable. He handed me what he pulled out, a silk pink blindfold. “Put that on, beautiful. It’s gonna be a surprise until right I pull that off of you.” I slip the fabric over my eyes and feel around for his hand. I find it a give it a tight squeeze, barely containing my excitement.

“Brendon Urie, you amaze me.” I feel the car come to a halt and his lips meet the side of my cheek. He pulls back and continues driving with one hand, his other still in mine.

“I’m no where near as amazing as you are, baby.” The way he said ‘baby’ drove me crazy. I loved hearing him say it, or really any cute pet names he’d given me. I’d seen him with his past girlfriends, he was never like this. It’s not even just when we’re alone, it’s in front of his bandmates and at school and he even accidentally called me ‘babe’ in front of an older woman at church. He doesn’t try to hide our relationship in front of anyone- except our parents. We’d briefly talked about announcing it, but both realized that it wasn’t the right time. Plus, with his band getting more popular, I was afraid that I’d get my head around this idea of us always being together, only for him to dump me when he got famous. I tried to forget about it, that thought was the only thing keeping me from proclaiming my love for him right now. I was snapped from my thoughts when the van slowed to a stop and Brendon shut off the engine. My clothed eyes looked over to where he should be sitting, and I felt his warm hand on my knee.

“Almost there, we gotta walk the rest of the way,” he said in a comforting tone. I nodded, feeling my heart rate pick up. I could hear him pick up the bag and close his door. He moved over to my side and helped me out of the vehicle. My steps were shaky, I had no idea where I was or where he was leading me to. “It’s alright, Y/n, I’ve got you.” He wrapped an arm around me, guiding me farther from his car. We walked for less than five minutes before he stopped me and kissed my cheek again. I felt his warmth leave my side as he stepped away. “Okay, you can take that blindfold off in three… two… one!” I ripped the covering off of my eyes and my eyes widened. I couldn’t help but let a tear escape my eye and my mouth hung open.

He stood in front of a small table, decorated with all picnic-type foods. String lights brightly contrasted the sunset and hung from the archway above the table. Soft music played from a radio on the edge of the table and the lake behind Brendon made my dream of a fairytale come true.

“Do you like it? I hope it’s not too much…” He said nervously. I shake my head and rush into his arms, giving him the tightest hug I’d ever dished out. He copied my affection and stroked my hair softly. I pulled away and gave him a kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck to deepen it. He rests his forehead against mine once we break apart from each other.

“This is perfect, B. But I don’t deserve all of this, it’s so out of the blue.” I feel a pinch in my heart, I didn’t do anything special to receive all of this, I wouldn’t even sleep with the guy.

“You deserve the world, darling. Don’t for a second think that you don’t. Now, let’s eat.” He pulls out my chair behind me and pushes it in once I’m seated. He dishes me out some of the food and I thank him again. My hand goes to his while we eat. Our conversations don’t have much sense to them, but that’s how I liked it. I didn’t feel like I had to always have an intellectual reply to whatever he said, I could just say the first thing that came to mind.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what was up with the makeshift bed in the back of the van?” I wipe my mouth with my napkin and take another drink of my lemonade. The sun had completely gone down by now, and the only thing illuminating us was the twinkle lights. He squeezed my hand before answering and I realized that may have not been a very great question.

“My parents and I got into another fight last night, and I just grabbed stuff and slept in the back last night.” I rubbed his knuckles with my thumb when I noticed his face tighten up.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring it up,” I try to apologize, but he stops me. He didn’t really tell me much about the stuff that went on with his parents, and I didn’t really ask that often. I knew that things got bad sometimes, and I didn’t like making him relive it.

“No, it’s fine. It was about my music again, they want me to quit the band and go to college. But that’s just not my thing, you know? They just piss me off sometimes. It’s fine that you asked, I wanted you to know. I like being honest with you, it’s so easy. I couldn’t even try to lie to you.” A smile finds its way to my face and I bite my lip slightly. “That’s why I got you these, as a thank you.” He grabs the bag and begins to hand me the gifts, four in total.

I eye him briefly, he leans over the table with a huge grin on his face. The previous conversation is completely forgotten, now all he cares about it me opening the next part of my surprise.

The first is a small rectangular box and I open it slowly. My heart melts when I discover the silver necklace inside. It’s got both of our initials as charms. I feel an urge to cry again, I love this man so much. He stands up and brings his chair closer to mine, and I give him another hug. He pulls my hair out of the way and clasps the chain around my neck, it falls just above my collarbones.

The second gift was a gorgeous blue dress, one that I’d eyed last week when we were at the mall together. I didn’t buy it for one sole reason: it was way more money than I’d like to spend on any article of clothing. That’s why I was wondering why Brendon had bought it, this and the necklace could not have been cheap. “How did you afford all of this? This dress was so expensive,” he cuts me off by placing his lips against mine.

“I worked a few extra shifts at the smoothie shop. I knew you wanted it, so I got it. I’d pay any price to see your face light up like it just did. Anything for my girl.” He nudges the third gift closer to me, and I can tell by the shape what it is. I rip off the paper and again I’m surprised. I’d expected it to be the Fall Out Boy album I mentioned trying to get, and yes that’s what this was, but the one I wanted wasn’t signed by all of the members. My fingers touched the sharpie lines, and this time I didn’t hold back my tears. Brendon placed a hand on the side of my cheek and brushed them away, kissing my forehead. My body melted under his touch, I was not prepared for what I’d unwrap in this final gift. Surely I’d burst into uncontrollable tears, that’s the path I’m headed down. It was a larger box, and my mind raced with the different possibilities of what it could be. I was very confused when there was nothing in the box, except writing at the other end. I strained my eyes to see it, and I was that focused that I didn’t notice Brendon kneeling down in front of me.

“It says, ‘look up.’” I gasp when I hear his voice, and my hand flies to my mouth when I see him. I’m left speechless as he pulls out a smaller box. He’s not going to propose, is he? We’re so young! I haven’t even told him I love him yet! “Now, Y/n I know you’re internally freaking out, but this isn’t the type of ring you think it is.” He pops open the box to reveal a silver band and pulls it out. “This is a promise ring, because I want to make it clear right now that I’m so in love with you,” there go the waterworks. Tears fall from my eyes in big droplets and I’m smiling like a fool.

“I know we’re young and frankly I have no clue what I’m going to do with my life if this band doesn’t work out, but I want you to be by my side through all of it. I want to marry you one day, Y/n. That’s my promise.”

“Brendon…” I’m still at a loss of words. My heart is ready to explode out of my chest, and I can’t seem to find air to breath. “I love you too.” I choke out in between sobs. A tear falls down his face as he slips the ring onto my finger. I lay my head against his chest and he rubs my back. I love him, he loves me. The universe finally worked itself together and made this happen, and I couldn’t be more happy. “I’ll marry you, as long as I get to be the wife.” I laugh as I begin to calm down, throwing a random Drake & Josh joke in. He deeply laughs along with me, and an idea fills my thoughts. I look up at him in the faint light, he looks like an angel. I bring us both to a standing position for just a second, before shoving him into the chair and straddling his waist.

His eyes shoot open at my sudden movement, but I roughly kiss him before he can do anything. His hands land on my lower back as I begin to grind on him. I pull away from the kiss and bring my lips to his neck, sucking lightly. He groans in my ear and digs his fingernails into my hips, trying to slow my movements. I pull away from him, but keep my arms loosely over his shoulders.

“Brendon, don’t you want to?” I press our bodies together, making sure to put my most innocent voice on. I’m not exactly sure what came over me, but I really enjoyed seeing him squirm underneath me.

“Yes, fuck… I want to,” His voice is low and raspy, so needy. I lean down to continue at his neck but he stops me again. “I don’t want you to think that you have to because I just did that. I don’t want you to regret doing this with me,” I sighed and shook my head.

“I wouldn’t have been doing this if I thought I had to. I love you, Brendon. I’ve never wanted to lose it to anyone else but you. I don’t regret anything I’ve done with you.” I kiss him passionately and he begins to loosen up. One of his hands moves to the nape of my neck, and the other wraps around my back, pulling us closer together. I let out a whimper when his mouth moves to the base of my jaw, I never knew how good a simple hickey could feel. My hands tangle in his hair, something I’d realised from our makeout sessions that he really enjoyed. I feel a wave of nervousness hit when I reach for his belt buckle, am I really going to do this out in the open? I hesitate for a second, and put a hand on his chest. “C-can we go back to the van or something? I don’t want to do this right here.”

“Yes, of course. Don’t be afraid to tell me to stop, I want you to feel safe with me.” I get off of his lap and he begins to pick the stuff up off of the table. I grab the gifts he got me, still slightly in shock at the extent of his love. His love, he loved me. I waited for him to organize the rest of the decorations, and he paused briefly to stare at me. “You’re so beautiful.” I blush at his sudden compliment and we begin to walk back to where he parked. It was a pretty shaded area, we don’t have to worry about someone coming by and catching us. I lay my presents on the passenger seat, and pause before heading to the back. I sit down awkwardly, not sure what to do in this situation. Brendon follows me back a few seconds later and smiles eagerly. He waits for me to make the first move, but I have no idea what I’m doing.

“You’re going to have to take the lead here, you have much more experience in this than I do.” I instantly regret my choice of words when I hear him sigh. He gets closer to me and lays me down on one of the soft blankets on the floor.

“I don’t want you thinking like that, baby. I didn’t care about them as much as I care about you. I wish I would have waited to share this with you, but I thought with my dick instead of my heart. Don’t think about them, just think about you and I, right here, right now.” I nod, feeling butterflies flap around in my gut. Brendon returns his lips to mine for a brief moment, before placing tender kisses down my neck. My breath hitches in my throat as he slides my dress up my legs a bit farther. “I’ll be gentle, I promise. Just relax, baby.” I swallow the lump and allow him to peel the dress from my body, and he stares down at me lovingly. I feel the sudden urge to cover myself, but Brendon begins to strip.

His toned chest makes me feel slightly self-conscious, he was definitely in much better shape than I was. He pulls off his belt and undoes his black pants, pushing them down his legs and tossing them aside. This is the most naked I’ve ever been in front of anyone, and believe me, I was more than fearful that he’d see me uncovered and shield his eyes. Instead, he did almost the exact opposite.

“You’re so beautiful, baby. So beautiful,” he leaves small kisses down my torso, sucking every so often. He supports his body above mine with his strong forearm, and the other hand begins to play with the edge of my panties. He looks down and then back up to me, “Are you still okay with this?” I nod slowly, feeling slightly less nervous. He was right, I felt safe around him. He slowly pulled the material down my legs, and my breathing picked up again. His long fingers worked their way back up and he rubbed his thumb against my clit, causing me to involuntarily arc my back upwards. It was a strange, new feeling that I simply could not get enough of.

“You’re so wet for me, I love you,” he brought his lips to mine again and continued working his fingers over the sensitive area. I gasped when his middle finger entered me, and my right hand searched for his free one by my head. He laced our fingers together and began pumping the digit at an agonizingly slow pace. When the uncomfortable, foreign feeling slowly drifted away, he began pick up the pace. My quiet whimpers filled the van and I could feel a small bundle of heat build in my stomach. He brought his head to my chest again, sucking on my smooth skin. I cried out when he added another finger inside of me, but I soon found myself moaning his name. He curled his fingers, stretching me out and sending waves of pleasure all through my body. The feeling in my stomach tightened up, and I could feel myself clench around his fingers.

“Let go, you’re okay,” he whispers softly, and I do as I’m told. I release around his fingers and he continues his movements, letting me ride out my high. His action slows as my breathing becomes uneven, and he lifts his head from my chest. He removes his hand from me and puts one of his fingers to his lips, sucking slightly. “You did so well, baby. Are you still okay with all of this?” I nod my head, but his eyes harden on me. Much like I can feel something else harden against me. “I need to hear you say it,”

“Brendon, I want you to take me,” this time I said it without any hesitation. I wanted this, I needed him. He crashed our lips together one last time before tugging down his boxers. My eyes widen at his size, he’s so much bigger than I’d expected. Brendon was full of surprises tonight. I touch his shoulder and he stares up at me, he’s such a beautiful man. “Don’t we need… a condom?” The words felt strange coming from my mouth, but I chose not to dwell on it. His eyebrows knit together, he wasn’t planning on have sex tonight, and I don’t blame him, I wasn’t either until half an hour ago.

“I think Spence might have left one in the glove box, let me go check.” I feel cold when he leaves me, I’m still here in just my thin bra. I hear a triumphant ‘aha!’ from the front of the vehicle, and Brendon is back in his spot before I can think about what’s about to happen. I want this, I want this so damn bad. He rips open the foil and slides the rubber around his member, and I still am shocked by his size. He looks at me again, and lifts my back up slightly, just enough to unhook my final piece of clothing. Well, besides the necklace that lay against my now bare chest. He cups my breast with his hand, playing with my nipple lightly. “You’re like a goddess, and I’m the lucky fool who managed to catch you.” I blush at his comment, he’s so sweet.

His hand falls to his manhood, and he presses the tip against me. I grab ahold of his free hand again as he pushes himself in slowly, and I squeeze it tightly. His eyes are focused on where we connect, and he continues pushing inside of me. It doesn’t hurt, per say, but his size doesn’t feel the best either. A tear falls from my eye and I use my remaining hand to touch the size of his face. His eyes meet mine and he loses concentration, accidentally shoving himself the rest of the way in. I cry out and he tries his best to reassure me. He stays stationary for a moment, helping me to adjust to him.

“You’re so big, B. Holy fuck,” he smiles at my vulgarity, I wasn’t normally the type to use that type of language. Sure, I was known to drop a few swear words every now and then, but I’m not sure if Brendon had ever heard me drop an F-bomb.

“It’s okay, we can stop if you want. I know it’s a lot for you right now.” He begins to remove himself from me, but my hand shooting to his waist causes him to gasp.

“Just… go slow, I can do this.” He gingerly smiles down at me and pushes back in slowly, like he had with his fingers. I roll my head to the side and squeeze my eyes shut, trying to adjust to his length. I can tell he’s holding back, he’s probably never gone this slow before. He pushes in at a slightly different angle this time and he hits somewhere that leaves me seeing stars. My eyes shoot open and I grab his arm, “Right there,” I moan and I see a smirk creep onto his face. He goes at the same angle, causing my body to shake. “Faster.” I command, and he eagerly complies.

His head falls into the crook of my neck, and his thrusts grow faster. “You’re so fucking tight,” he lowly whispers in my ear. I can’t seem to make any other noises except his name, which I can tell he’s loving. I remove my hand from his and clutch his hair, pulling it roughly. He groans and bites at my shoulder, picking up his pace even more. Another wave of pleasure fills my stomach, and I grip onto him like he’ll float away.

His movements grow sloppy as he continues to rock into me, I can tell by the change in his moans that he’s reaching his limit. Hearing him breathlessly say “I’m so close, babygirl,” confirms my speculation, and his hand reaches down to my clit again, pressing on it gently. I clench around him as I come undone again, and a bright white light floods over my eyes. Me shouting his name sends him over the edge and he fills the condom, but continues his actions, desperate for the contact to continue.

He pulls out after a few seconds and collapses next to me. He props himself back on his elbows, and sits up fully. He removes the rubber from himself and ties it off, before chucking it into the small trash bin that he keeps in the corner. I still lay on the blanket trying to catch my breath, completely nude. He offers me his shirt and slips back into his boxers. Once I get the cotton fabric over my body he wraps another one of the blankets over us, and snuggles up next to me.

“You did so well, I’m so proud of you, baby.” I curl my head into his bare chest, taking in his compliment. I don’t say anything at first, because another thought had crept into my head.

“I think we should tell our parents about us,” I say carefully, not sure how he’ll react to it. He presses his lips to the top of my head, and rubs my arm with his hand.

“Yeah, we probably should, alright. But right now I just want to lay here with you until the sun comes up. We can tell them in the morning.” My heart does flips when he agrees, I’m so glad that I won’t have to keep us a secret anymore. “I love you, Y/n.” He traces random shapes on my arm delicately.  

“And I love you, Brendon.” My hand lands on his hip and I feel my eyes droop, suddenly very worn out from our activities. He hums quietly, lulling me to sleep, and I let it take over me. I dream of our lives just starting together, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

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!! can you do headcanons of how the rfa would react to MC being a professional baker and owning her own shop?

first request whayy– i’m sorry i take so long with these & hope i did it justice;;;


  • admires and respects that his MC is a professional business owner but his outward reaction is nothing short of gushing over you because oh my god how fitting and… adorable??? could you get any more cute, MC, what godsend are you 
  • visits your shop frequently but in disguise 
  • however, one day slips up and fans recognise him, leading to a boom in business 
  • you’re not complaining, though 
  • does NOT realise the calorie intake of your products isn’t exactly suited to his profession or intended for frequent consumption until it’s too late 
  • screeches a little
  • sabotage 
  • he just doesn’t have the heart to deny you when you ask him to taste test possible products & ends up having either longer or harder workouts to burn off the sins of the day 
  • “Are you trying to fatten me up, MC? I wouldn’t mind if it weren’t for my job… As long as you still love me~… ahah”


  • the awe this boy has for you is unfathomable 
  • you’d mentioned cooking from previous talks, but he had no idea
  • instant bombardment of questions is assured, laced with adorable bright-eyed enthusiasm 
  • he wants to know it all: wants to watch you work; wants to taste your pastries; wants your feedback on his monstrosities feats; and on, and on, and on
  • this, inevitably, leads to baking together ((begs “[MC], please!!”))
  • from then on, looks to your approval whenever he makes anything - emphasis on anything
  • “Please, please, I know you’re busy but–” “Yoosung, none of my recipes even use that ingredient- I– ??” “oh;;” 
  • desperately wants to help you out at the shop but has become rather intimidated by how professional it is
  • “[MC], I’m not ready for the adul–” “You’re 20″ “oh;;”


  • both of you tend to relate in your busy schedules, but she never knows how until you invite her to your shop
  • she loves it
  • honestly, the warm embrace of sweet smells and soft lighting are so soothing that she feels at ease as soon as she steps in
  • she tries to make it a frequent stop on her way home, often missing it, but always fails to realise that there’s an obvious thing here: is she coming over because of her love for your shop and all it provides, or her love for the sight of you after a long day at work?? u know the answer
  • it’s both
  • gets a little suspicious when the freshest bakes are out just as she comes in
  • she expresses feeling a little guilty on not being involved, and you have to make her realise that “hello?? it’s not like i’m able to help you on your work either, it’s okay”
  • what she really loves is when you bring it home - not when you’re so busy that you have to, but when you just decide to
  • why? because she loves watching you work: your precision, how refined everything ends up looking even if the recipe just calls for cute little decorations, and how you somehow get her to tag along, sleeves rolled up, and glasses ready to get flour on them like they always do, ready for some carefree downtime that she suspects relaxes you as much as it does her


  • somewhat stunned when you start rambling about it out of nowhere, half-venting about a catering service you’d signed onto & that now entailed a lot more than what had been mutually agreed to
  • you’ve got it under control, obviously, and, while he listens, it’s not as if he’s going to pay much mind to it when you’ve revealed such foreign information
  • watches in silence as you speak, and finds himself thinking it over carefully
  • endearing
  • he finds it endearing and cute, but he’s also proud
  • i mean, srsly ur managing ur own business and the rfa party n he’s fuckin picking cherries for his cat wtf get ur priorities straight jumin 
  • he often asks you questions about it, spaced out in time, and you never think much of it - oh he just wants to know about possible expansion plans, marketing plans, and suppliers that’s fine honey no
  • tries to get some goods delivered to his office but you tell him you don’t have a delivery service???
  • before you know it, he’s offering you resources
  • you’re only willing to take them provided he gets something in return
  • the single most gap moe you’ve ever seen him act when a) finally gets a delivery to his office & b) it’s cat themed


  • like zen, finds it so amazingly adorable
  • waltzes right in
  • what’s the issue in that?? well, you hadn’t ever uttered a single word about it
  • you’d never even mentioned baking
  • but oh boy is he there and ready to feast
  • while he loves everything you have to offer, sweet and savoury, it wounds him to say - crocodile tear in his eye, you are so sure - that his budget only allows him to feed off his precious honey buddha chips and ph d pepper
  • liar you know it, he knows it
  • you get the most suspicious ass monthly orders in bulk, more than the quantity someone would consume even if they visited your shop daily, and you know. he knows too
  • grants himself vip access to your kitchen and misplaces things so he can be of use to you but has no time for it a lot of the time and gets 15 missed calls because you have customers and you dont know where the hell anything is
  • pls forgive

Can we just talk about how all of the B1A4 members watched the KBS Drama Awards to support Jinyoung? And any time Jinyoung appeared on screen, they were such fanboys. They let out the biggest scream when Jinyoung won the rookie award, and then they posted all of it on their individual Instagram accounts for the world to see how much they fucking love Jinyoung. I mean, how much more adorable could their friendship get?


My current bedspread. I have had it for years so I don’t think you can get it any more… But I just adore the Mermaid and merman, hand in hand with their hair twisted into Celtic knots. Eat, sleep and breathe mermaid.

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Joining the Dark Side Together

Prompt/Request: ‘’So I was watching the part 2 of deathly hallows and there’s this part when Voldmort thinks Harry’s dead and he starts to talk and he asks who will join his side. Then Draco goes because his mother calls for him. So I imagine if he has a girlfriend? And his girlfriend is friend of Harry, Hermione and Ron, but they don’t know about they. When Draco goes to the other side she goes too and Ron and Hermione gets angry with her… I’ll let you finish and add more things. If you can’t do, its ok!’’ - Anonymous.

Word Count: 828.
Pairing: Draco Malfoy + Reader / Y/N.
Warning(s): None.
Note: I liked to write this and I don’t think it should be any longer if you ask me. :) Always adored this scene in the film and it was a pleasure to give it my own twist. :D ALSO, this is my new ‘’’’lay-out’’’’ for my imagine posts, so you can read it normally on my blog instead of only seeing a gif (on the laptop/pc).

+     +     +     +     +     +

There was a menacing silence, no one dared to breathe. Harry Potter was dead, the Dark Lord won. The students of Hogwarts faced the Death Eaters of Voldemort, Hagrid on their side with the body of the poor Potter boy in his big arms.

‘Harry Potter is dead!’ Voldemort called out so everyone could hear. There were some laughter from the dark side, but not a single student made a noise. Not even Draco, who was standing beside you. Your hand was intertwined with his, secretly, so no one could see. Especially not your friends, Ron and Hermoine. Their and your best friend has been killed minutes ago. When they discovered you were in a relationship with Draco for all this time, they would be so disappointed. You could already imagine their faces, the guilt washing over you.

As you were drowned in your thoughts, you missed all the bullshit Voldemort said, but when Draco stiffened beside you, you knew something was going to go down terribly wrong.

‘Come forward and join us,’ the Dark Lord exclaimed, spreading his arms for the people who’d join him, but you stayed right there, not even a single thought crossed your mind to do such an idiotic thing. But then you remembered your boyfriend Draco, who was a Death Eater himself. He probably had no choice. He never had a choice.

‘Or die,’ Voldemort continues, you whimpering softly as Draco wrapped his arms around you visibly. People around you started to look at you two, some even gasped, but since the words of this cruel man really affected you, all you needed was a pair of strong arms embracing you.

No one stepped forward. No one wanted to join the dark side. Everyone wanted to fight for their freedom and for their school. Whoever did join, was a straight up dumba-

‘Draco,’ Lucius hissed, your eyes widening. How could his father set him under such pressure? Why would he? Draco slowly parted away from you, looking at you with so much sadness. The sorrow was written on his face as he cupped your face, closing the gap between you two. Lips connecting, feeling his chapped lips full of bitter sweetness. Another call for his name was heard from his mother, making you sob when Draco separated himself from you.

He slowly backed away, still holding your hand as he whispered: ‘I love you, and I’m so sorry.’

It was like a stab in your back. Something you never expected to do, did happen eventually. Panic was taking over you, your eyes flicking from your friends to your boyfriend.

‘I’ll join. I’ll join him,’ the words left your mouth and immediately people started to whisper, Ron and Hermoine gasping as Ron yelled: ‘Bloody hell Y/N, are you out of your mind?!’

Tears were streaming down you face as you reached out for Draco his hand again. A baffling expression was visible on his face, but he didn’t say anything about it. While you were walking over to the man you loathed so much, your friends were yelling terrible thigs at your head.

‘Y/N, bloody traitor!’ Ron yelled, face red as Hermoine tried to hold him back from fighting Draco and you.

‘Ron, calm down. I-It’s her own choice,’ she said, but the hate she felt was evident on her face. You bit down on your lower lip as the arms of Voldemort slowly closed around you, him doing the same to Draco.

‘Ah, well done Draco, Y/N, well done,’ Voldemort spoke, letting you go to walk over to all the other Death Eaters. Draco pulled you close, pressing a kiss on your forehead before his mother threw another arm around you. Draco’s father tried to give him a pet on the shoulder, but missed as you three were pushing through the rest of the Death Eaters, standing at the very end of the crowd.

‘Baby, it’s going to be okay,’ Draco whispered, cuddling you while you nuzzled your head in his chest. Narcissa her hand went up and down your back in an attempt to calm you down a bit, but the regret you’ve got from the decision was enormous.

Moments later, people yelled yelling and explosions were everywhere.

‘He lives! Harry Potter is alive!’ Lucius ran towards his family before pushing everyone to the bridge, ‘we have to get out of here.’

You were still in Draco’s arms, sobbing until you felt too tired to cry. So many screams and spells were heard as you just walked away from all those problems, still ashamed of your choice while Draco tried to make up for it.

‘Don’t worry babe, you’ll be fine, it’ll be fine,’ his words were laced with doubt, but you just believed him for that moment, hoping this nightmare would end soon so you could apologize to your friends.

And there you walked, with the Malfoys, walking away from Hogwarts in the distance, praying everything would turn out alright.


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thanks to Julie for:

- having a scene with all the girls together, laughing and being adorable

- having a parallel scene with all the boys together



- “you’re not getting any of it. It’s not good for you

- smiling soft boyfriends!!!!


- Magnus x Vilde aka “taking desperate to a new level”  can we talk about Magnus’ face when he looks at her???? He’s so gone

- …everything honestly??? this clip THIS SHOW is perfect???!!


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Germany, Russia, and BTT reaction to an S/O who likes stealing their hoody and wearing it because it big, warm, comfy, and remind the S/O of them?

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt

Ludwig might be a little flustered about it, but over all won’t really mind you wearing his things. He might get irritated if you take it without asking, but that’s nothing a few kisses can’t make up for.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky 

He is also one to get flustered when you wear his things. Unlike Ludwig though, he won’t get irritated by you taking them without asking. If anything, he’ll actually leave them out for you. 

France/Francis Bonnefoy-Spain/Antonio Fernandez Carriedo- Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt

They’ll find it absolutely adorable anytime you try on any of their clothing, and hoodies are no exception to that. Gilbert might tease you a bit about it though. More than likely they would also purposely leave their hoodies laying around, so that way you would have easy access to them. 

-Admin K.