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I just found out one of the people I’m dating is cheating on me and I know that sounds so stupid even to me but the three of us had one simple rule you can date anyone you just have to let the rest of us know and he broke it I just I don’t know if I can leave I found out he was cheating because the other person broke up with him and called me to get me to check on him to make sure he wasn’t going to kill himself … just don’t know what to do.

Suicide threats are very serious. You are not his doctor, therapist, or emergency responders, and it is not your responsibility to keep someone from killing themselves. When things are at that point, you need to get professionals involved. If he, or anyone else, does that again, let him know what you can and cannot provide, and encourage him to call a suicide hotline or a healthcare professional. If he refuses, it is always okay to call for professional help yourself.

Someone threatening suicide is in crisis and it is not a crisis you can or should handle yourself. It feels shitty and miserable and dramatic to call 911 on someone you care about, but it is not overreacting, it is the right thing to do. Either he means it, and he is really at risk, which means he needs professional help; or he does not have a strong intention to kill himself, in which case you are the person at risk, and you need to redirect him to professionals who can help him handle whatever feelings are causing him to try and get his needs met by manipulating you. 

What you should do is take some time and get safety for yourself. This person violated a boundary in your relationship, which is not okay. He then reached out to you for help with suicidal thoughts - which was okay on his part, but your role then becomes to connect him with the right services, not to take on his crisis as your own. Just because he is having an emotional breakdown does not change the fact that he violated a boundary, lied to you, and hurt you.

It is okay to set boundaries for yourself. If he calls to get you to check on him again, you can tell him that you cannot do that, but you can help him get the help he needs by providing information about hotlines, connecting him to another friend he can talk to, or calling professionals. You can tell him now that you are not able to be his mental health crisis responder, and make recommendations to help him find a support system that can function for him. His emotions are not your fault. His behavior is not your responsibility. 

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Wait what happened to Jayne and ruby in season 2 compared to season 1?????

Jaune became a fuckboy, and I’m more angry about how Ruby got in like… Season 4

But they did almost a complete 180 on Jaune’s most defining character moment in V1- he CHEATED his way into the most prestigious combat school on Remnant bc he wanted to follow a family legacy of being a hero, but in V2 his main concern is whether or not he can get a date to prom???????? ok…

ALSO, Jaune’s forged transcripts never came back to bite him in the ass bc Beacon was overrun/destroyed before it could be an issue, even though it could’ve been a great issue to revisit for creating more tension and uneasiness and show that he as a character actually deserved to stay at Beacon BECAUSE he had actually been working harder with Pyrrha, and making progress. But whatevs bc the writers hate writing personal relationships and growth I guess :/

And let’s not forget how at the end of V2, PYRRHA was the one who led the charge for Team JNPR to enter the fray when the breach happened, even though we KNOW in Volume 1 Jaune was capable of quick thinking, taking initiative, and coordination with his teammates. But he winds up taking a backseat even though we’ve seen him do better.

but basically Ruby became less of a protagonist and Jaune became more of one and that’s not what’s supposed to happen.

I guess I’m just mainly salty about Jaune’s character development (or rather lackthereof) because they completely ruined his character.

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I agree mostly with what anon says. However, Karlie can get rid of the Josh/Trump/Kushner association by ending it. She can date any guy. She doesn't need him. Go to lunch with a different guy now and then and let people speculate. A 4 plus year fauxmance break up gives her room to be 'single' for a while before she can beard with someone else or just tease with lunch dates. This association is not positive for Karlie at all. But agree Josh looks desperate to hang on.

Remember, the bearding was initially for his benefit. He was the one to approach her, or her people, about the relationship. I believe it will also have to end on his terms.

It would be better for her to get out, in my opinion, but I’m not her, and not privy to any details about their arrangement.

She makes him look good. His family ties are in direct opposition to his business persona. She helps him straddle that line, while also helping him look straight. So while I am always rooting for a nice quiet confirmation they’ve split, I’m not holding my breath.

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So chanyeol is literally my fav member of exo. And there are rumors of people saying that he is dating a non celeb. But like is that actually true?or is that all made up?

With a group as big and popular as EXO there’s always people who make fake rumours about them in an attempt to upset their fans, hurt their popularity etc. These rumours can be about a member dating another member, another idol, a non celeb, a fan, an allien and whatever else they might think of.
My advice is to ignore rumours like this, especially rumours about dating since that’s part of their private lives.
And when it comes to Chanyeol’s private life we should respect his privacy and only believe him when it comes to who he’s dating or not.


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“ultimatitania replied to your post “Apparently in the fandom’s eyes,…”

here you go my dude

That. Is incredible.

Even more incredibly, that’s not actually the one I was thinking of ( but the fact that there are two is amazing ngl

Remember kids, if you’ve been friends with a guy for a year or two, you can’t date him. Because that’s incest, and that’s morally wrong.

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oooh! andromeda is an rpg-style game! you can customize your character and their training, which not only adds to their backstory but gives you different kinds of perks! it's also a spin-off of the other mass effects, so they'r'll be no confusion if you play that one solely.

i’ll look into it i heard u can date ppl???

Dolphins, Penguins, and Fishes Oh My! (Yoojung Scenario)

↳ characters:  yoojung x femme reader

↳ genre: fluffy

↳ word count: 976

↳ summary: [requested] oOoh i saw you write for ioi !! can i request an aquarium date or smth with yoojung😅❤ thank yoouuuu

↳ author’s note: im so so sorry this is long overdue and absolute trash, i was really off my game when i wrote this but i hope you enjoy it somewhat!

Originally posted by dodaeng

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Your stories are just so good!! 👌🏻👌🏻 Transference has me checking your blog every day for an update. Keep up the amazing work!! Lots of love xx❤️❤️

You are in luck, anon. I finished the draft for Chapter 4 yesterday and I’m now in my editing phase, so I am planning on the next chapter coming out soon. I can’t give an exact date yet because editing can drastically change parts (or make them longer) and right now Chapter 4 is 10k words…

Thank you for your feedback and your message!

anonymous asked: do realize that sara and michele are 22 and mila and emil are 18, right. all this preaching about ota/yuri and shaladins being disgusting seems a little hypocritical...

18yo= adult, can date older adults
15/16/14yo= NOT adult, shouldnt date an adult

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ok but here's the thing.. shawn is an actual human. Like he's real. Honestly I can't believe it because that means that boys can be that perfect?? Like that's humanly possible?? And if so, why are they not in my life?? Like, dating Shawn himself isn't realistic but where are the boys who are exactly like him that I can date?? What the fuck?? I want one.

I really feel Shawn is a special human. Some people are just better than others right, and I feel Shawn is one of the better ones. I also sooo agree where the fuck are the boys like him I need one asap.
Red and the Braid
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45 because I need suggestions oop

OKAY this isn’t like, my all time favorite cos I can’t really pick one, but this is one I really enjoy and keep coming back to! 

Subtlety, Thy Name Is Sirius Black

After Remus pokes fun at Sirius for his lack of subtlety, a bet is made. Can Remus get a date without resorting to obvious methods?

(If you ever need more suggestions, because I have a bizarre amount of fic saved and I love sharing)