can they be together forever because they are too perfect together

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Thing is when DE was planning their human future in S6, I had and still have a serious question mark about whether they would work as a human couple because their relationship is kinda unstable most of the time. If Enzo was to become human, I actually believe him and Bonnie would be able to be together forever and have a perfect life as humans (Xen)

Well in reality BE have lived together as flatmates for almost 2 years, as a couple for almost another 2 years. That’s literally longer than any relationship I’ve ever been in lmao. I maxed out at 3 years and at 3 years you know where you guys are going. You know if you’re compatible and if that person will make your life better or worse. I can definitley see them making it to the end, too. Not to mention that they’ve both had major scares where they thought the other was going to die. They appreciate every moment they have with one another. They won’t waste their time together.

I mean, look at today’s ep. Bonnie thought Enzo was being borderline controlling after misinterpreting his actions and she put him in his place. They have the communication thing down. 

“I love you.. there I said it. Not just on some chalk board. I would never let anybody or anything hurt you. I’ve never felt that way about anyone.”

i mean???? how can you not love gadreel??? he just has the ultimate bitchface

#done with your shit tbh

he’s so precious and done with everyone i just can’t with him and when he takes over sam i just

it’s really hot seeing how sam’s demeanor changes the second gadreel takes over i mean the worry in sam’s brow disappears and a bitchface to rival sam’s takes it place like what my baby

i mean hello???????? such a gorgeous bamf i just

but then we have my beautiful angel’s broken wings and i fucking cry about it

sweetheart, beautiful broken angel pls let me just put your wings back together and fix them with my love ;___;

but then he’s so pretty when he’s sam too because like sam is pretty and gadreel is pretty and then together they’re like this interstallar perfect being?????? like come on really my body was nOT READY FOR THIS

not even real tbh

even with needles in his head and threatening cas and dean and sam’s lives i just rEALLY???? stop being so hot like i actually can’t stand it???

and then his vessel oh my gosh i cry about it sometimes



he’s so beautiful this has been an i am in love with gadreel psa thank you i love gadreel as much as i love sam ok because they’re both misled and both misunderstood and i just want the best for them both and they fucking kILLED GADREEL i will be crying in my grave


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