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Royalty AU - Prince Kim of Lê Chiến Kingdom

Read the fic here (Kim is the main character so it was about time I drew him! :P)

(Marinette, Adrien, Alya, Nino, Chloé, Sabrina, Juleka, Rose, Nathaniel, Alix) (more classmates coming soon)

Saphael Headcanons

• Simon learns Spanish without telling Raphael
• Raphael starts wearing shitty jackets around Simon out of fear he’ll ruin his nice ones
• When cuddling with Raphael there is no escaping his grip
• Simon makes Raphael watch nerdy movies with him (Raphael secretly loves them)
• Raphael has seen every Twilight movie and read all the books, says it was “ironically” but he totally loves them
• Compliments in Spanish are a thing that happen a lot
• Simon talks in his sleep and Raphael loves it
• Raphael likes to record Simon talking in his sleep, Simon hates it
• Simon practices saying ‘God’ a lot
• Raphael is really affectionate when no one’s around
• Double dates become a thing, so does couple’s night with Alec & Magnus, Clary & Izzy, and Jace & Maia
• Couples nights get competitive, one time Raphael and Maia had to be forced out because vampire/werewolf couple drama
• Simon tried to cook for couple’s night once but it ended up horribly
• Raphael teaches Simon how to cook
• Sometimes they stay up all day just laying next to/on each other comfortably or talking
• (it’s mostly Simon talking)
• Simon writes songs for Raphael and sings them for him, which Raphael loves
• Raphael buys Simon cute nerdy clothes but never suits because he likes it when he borrows his
• On Valentine’s day Simon handed Raphael a fake heart and told Raphael that he stole his heart, Raphael tried really hard not to smile and failed
• Raphael compliments Simon even when he’s mad or annoyed (especially when he’s annoyed)
• “Well this is what happens when you’re such an idiot, cute, but an idiot”
• “How can such a great thing not know how to close it’s mouth?”
• “Simon, mi amor, you’re lucky I love you because if I didn’t your pretty face wouldn’t live another day”
• Raphael wears Simon’s clothes but only when no one’s around
• Simon’s sweaters are so comfy, they’re Raphael’s favourite
• Constant jokes from Clary when Raphael is caught being affectionate and cute
• Simon buys Raphael flowers randomly and puts them all over the DuMort without telling him but everyone knows why they’re there
• Simon leans his head on Raphael’s shoulder when Raphael is reading
• Simon loves to try and get Raphael’s attention even though he already almost always has it

(13) Gladio’s pick up lines.

Gladio: Hey, Iggy? Why do you insist on using the stove?
Ignis: Because that’s where I cook stuff?
Gladio: But we don’t need it. You could do it on your own body cause you’re so HOT, geez. Just try to not let things burn, sweet ass.
Ignis: *throws empty bowl at him*
Gladio: Oh. Grr. ;)

“Swear It” reincarnation AU Patrochillles

Long fingers skim down my torso. The muscles jump, leaving the hairs standing on end. I blink at Achilles irritably. It is dark, but I can still see the lovely gleam of his eyes and golden hair turned silver in the light of the moon. His face is one of concentration. “What is it now?” I yawn, trying not to bury my face into my pillow. Achilles does not look at me. In fact, his eyes have not left the spot where his fingers faltered moments before. My eyebrows furrow in concern. “Achilles?”

“I’ve been thinking,” Achilles murmurs softly, something beyond my reach flashing in his eyes. I groan and flop on my back, staring at the ceiling. His hand still lingers upon my upper torso, possessive.

“That can’t be good, then,” I joke lamely, turning to look at him. He cracks a smile, the one that burns through me like the sun. I roll over again, my hand keeping his upon me. “Well, you’ve woken me up now. Please tell me what is going on in that golden head of yours.”

“It’s something Dr. Bailey said in class today. What he said about birthmarks.” Achilles tells me, his eyes staring deeply into mine. I gulp, confused by the sudden flash of…something that shoots through my body. The weight of his hand feels heavier somehow and I drop the grip I have on it. Achilles simply blinks at me.

“Something about birthmarks being related to how someone died?” I ask and my eyes land on the mottled shape right above his heart. I reach out and touch it. Achilles’ eyes close almost immediately. Fear spikes in my heart as I try and think of what Achilles’ birthmark could mean if it were true. A gunshot? A knife to the chest? Spear? Arrow? Stop. My hands reach up to cup his face, my eyes wide with useless worry. My heart only stops roaring when he opens his eyes again, green and gold. Alive.

“You worry over the silliest things,” Achilles tells me with a small smile. He wraps his bronzed arms around my neck and kisses me. I hold onto him tightly, afraid that he might disappear if I were to let go. You make me like this, I think to myself. My heart is still in my throat. I cannot bear the thought of something happening to him. I do not think I would survive it. No, I know I would not live if he were to di—

“It frightened me,” Achilles murmurs against my neck. The hair there stands on end with the sweetness of him. “Patroclus,” he says, “Patroclus.” Yes, yes, my soul sings. His fingers find my birthmark again, his fingers spread wide and trembling. “Who would do this to you?” His voice changes into something dark. It is deep and ancient, terrible. “Who would dare?”

“Stop it,” I say sternly, knocking my nose into his. “All of this is bull, and you know it. How the hell would anyone know anyways? They made it up. You shouldn’t worry about it.” It should make sense, but there is still something wedged in my throat. Achilles had that look in his eyes. He was so far away from me, somewhere lost. Even now he looks at me like he sees right through me. He probably does. He always has.

“I cannot help it,” Achilles tells me, his voice honest. He props himself up on one elbow, silvery hair skirting across my face like silken kisses. His eyes stare down at me, fierce and soft all at once. “When I think about it I feel nothing but woe in my soul. It tells me I am forgetting something important. It tells me to keep you always within my sight.”

“I’m okay with that,” I try and joke but I can feel my eyes start to sting. Achilles rolls his eyes.

“I’m trying to tell you something, you idiot.” I choke a laugh, reaching up for him. I pull him down to me, tucking him close to my side. I press a kiss to his temple, Achilles still huffing.

“I am not going anywhere, love.” I murmur and I feel him cling tighter to me. “Neither are you.” Achilles turns to look me in the eyes, his green eyes wet.

“Swear it.” His lips slowly quirk up.

“Swear it? Why?” I ask as I usually do in this game of ours, feigning confusion.

“Because you’re a jackass,” Achilles says and I laugh out loud, my head thumping back against my pillow. He kisses my throat.

“Oh, I swear it,” I say as his face comes to hover over mine. His smile is bright and he kisses me again.

Death trap

Elijah x reader. This is kinda short but hey I wrote it on my phone and it took 15 minutes so here I guess

Originally posted by klopehybridss

The original vampires. Yeah, you would never expect a human high schooler like myself to know them as well as I do. When they moved here Kol Mikaelson started flirting with me a lot but I wasn’t interested. I was never the type of person that acted like a highschooler. I never went out or partied or drank or smoked well you get the idea. I was always more mature than the other kids which made me kind of a loner.

“KOL COME IN HERE NOW” I heard Elijah scream from upstairs. I had gotten really close with Kol since he tried to hit on me but I turned him down. We became best friends quickly. He helped me with school assignments and against my will made me go to a few parties. Although since I became friends with him I started spending a lot of time at the Mikaelson house which ended with me developing a crush on his brother Elijah.

“What now” Kol calmly said. I turned my head in the direction the voice was coming from. The room Elijah was in is pretty far away from where we were.

“I don’t think he can hear you K,” I said calling him by his infamous nickname. Kol looked at me with a blank expression until I got it. Vampires DUHHHH. “Right” I laughed. We both got up to see what had Elijah screaming. We walked up the stairs and opened the door to the room he was in.

“You have to answer me when I say “What”” Kol said before looking up from his phone. I looked at the room and let out a loud scream while covering my eyes. There were 4 dead girls covered in dried blood spread out on the floor.

“So now you just bring girls here sleep with them and leave it for us to clean up,” Elijah said. He looked so pissed off.

“I’m gonna throw up” I commented helping no one. Elijah pushed both Kol and I out of the room and closed the door.

“As much as I would love to take credit for this, it wasn’t me,” Kol said. Both Elijah and I looked at him skeptically. This did seem like a Kol move.

“Then who was it,” I said halfway down the stairs so I wouldn’t have to think about the fact that there were dead girls on the other side of the door.

“I don’t know,” He said.

“Wasn’t me,” Klaus said walking in through the front door. He took off his jacket and went into the kitchen.

“How do you even know what we are talking about,” I said following him and again I got the blank look Kol gave me before. “I’ll never get used to this,” I said as I sat down in a chair. “Would this have happened to me if I had slept with you,” I asked Kol as an idea entered my mind.

“I don’t know. Probably.” He said.

“Okay 1000 years old and yet you couldn’t see that was a trap. Go clean up the poor dead girls before I call the police” I said. He first rolled his eyes and then laughed a little but headed for the room anyways. Klaus left too, although I had no idea where he was going.

“Good trap” Elijah laughed a little and sat down which I’m guessing was the first time today since he looked like all his stress had left.

“Why do I sound like a mom around here,” I asked

“Why do I sound like a dad,” Elijah said but was interrupted by a body falling down the stairs.

“Sorry. Don’t let uh… god, I don’t even remember her name. Anyway, don’t let me or her or the other girls kill your flirty moment.” Kol said. My cheeks became bright red. Kol, of course, had guessed my crush a long time ago. He asked me once who the most attractive brother was and I blushed and lied saying Klaus but he heard my heartbeat. Since then he’s been teasing me about it.

“We weren’t flirting,” I said trying to hint him to stop talking but I knew it was no use since he and Elijah had already heard my heartbeat.

“Wait, you like me,” Elijah said from behind me. I shot Kol a cold look before turning to Elijah.

“Kinda,” I said still looking down at the ground. Before I knew it there were some soft lips on mine. When Elijah broke the kiss we were both smiling like idiots.

“Cute but can you stop being annoying and help me” Kol yelled.


chu learns how to gif: bo/dyson in 1x12 ‘dis members only’

naahhuong  asked:

Could I get a oneshot with Shouto & his crush going on their first date, but everything just starts going wrong right after he picks her up? First off, there's unexpected rain and neither of them have an umbrella. They run out to the train station, but see that there's a big delay b/c some villain destroyed a section of it. So they say "We could go to local areas" and head out, but the light rain from before is now a big storm. There can other unfortunate events too, but fluffy in the end??

Of course you can! This is such a cute request and I’m grinning like an idiot. You’ve used female pronouns so I’ll stick with that.

P.S: I’m so so sorry this took so long!

Not A Curse After All// Todoroki Shouto

Todoroki Shouto had always had the idea that he was cursed in some way. It was an odd idea that had plagued his thoughts since he was a young boy but, the way Shouto saw it, it wasn’t odd at all and in fact made perfect sense to him. He was cursed the very day he had been born into this world with a father as wicked and heartless as his. So much misery surrounded his life that it simply had to be a curse. That’s why, when he finally thinks he has a shot at happiness, Shouto isn’t overly surprised when things start to go wrong.

He’d only just picked up his crush for their date - a date he’d been planning and considering for quite some time - when everything started to crumble around him. What was supposed to be a sunny day, turned out to be a day of grey clouds and evetually rain that neither of them were prepared for. 

“Maybe if we hurry, we could catch the train and go somewhere indoors?” She had suggested, not losing her positive attitude. Perhaps that was one of the main things he loved about her.

So, off to the train station they went. The rain was starting to pick up as well as a fierce wind that nipped harshly at their skin. Shouto could only hope that they could make it in time. When they arrived early, he was beginning to think that finally their luck had turned for the better. That was until they saw the large notice boards reading: “ALL FURTHER TRAINS CANCELLED DUE TO REPAIRS, APOLOGIES FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.”

Shouto sighed. “Looks like that option is out too then.” He glanced over towards his crush. Seeing her with her brow furrowed and a look of defeat adorning her features didn’t sit well with him. He had to think of something and fast. “My house isn’t too far from here. We could go there and have something to eat or watch a movie, whatever you prefer,” he suggested, searching her face carefully for any trace of doubt or concerns. Instead, an ecstatic grin greeted him.

“That’s a wonderful idea, Todoroki!” She exclaimed, reproachfully taking hold of his hand and lacing her delicate fingers through his. It felt so foreign to recieve such a kind gesture that Shouto was stunned momentarily before snapping out of it.

“Then let’s go,” he smiled.

And so they ran all the way back to his house, fingers still entwined and breathless by the time they arrived. They were both soaked to the bone but at least they were at last sheltered from the rain which had now turned into a full storm.

“Woah, we made it,” she panted, her hair plastered to her head and shivering from the cold. It made Shouto frown.

“If you want you can borrow some of my clothes, you must be freezing in all of that.” He didn’t miss the blush that spread across her cheeks.

“That would be great, thank you.”

“No need to thank me, it’s not a problem.”

And so, with an overly large shirt and old shorts, she was now curled up to Shouto, his left side effectively being used as a hot-water bottle. They talked together, ate and, ocassionally, Shouto would even smile or let out a small chuckle. It wasn’t the dream date he’d planned on but, to his surprise, he had enjoyed it more than anything he could’ve imagined.

“This was amazing, Todoroki, I loved spending today with you,” she smiled, warming his very soul with just that one small detail.

He returned the smile, using his hand to brush away some damp hair from her face. “Please, call me Shouto,” he insisted. “Lovers don’t call each other by their last names.”

Maybe, Shouto thought as he closed the gap between them, maybe he wasn’t cursed after all. 

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HOLA!! this one is a short one, I thought of it and couldn't stop giggling, Saeran reacting to being called an edgelord™.

HOLA! COMO ESTAS??? ^^ One of my common nicknames according to my friends is literally Edgelord McGee and I can definitely see him being called the same thing not to mention i usually call him this too lmao, guilty ~Admin 404

“What the fuck is an Edgelord? Why are you saying ‘TM’? What the hell is even happening?”

The more questions he asks, the more you giggle uncontrollably. He loves the giggles but? He can’t understand WHY you’re giggling. Is it a reference to something? Were you making fun of him?

Oh, you BETTER not be making fun of him.

He gets SO ANNOYED. Not to mention flustered, confused, and embarrassed that he had no idea what was happening. He usually just gets quiet and takes it from you, but lately, Saeyoung has been calling him the same thing which INFURIATED him!!!!!

You’re cute, he can handle the confusion, but his idiot brother? No. Outright refuses to let him call him by that name.

A few of the others in the group chat have started to call him this name as well. Only now, since he’s seen it in writing, he realized the ‘TM’ you’ve been saying is the trademark symbol. But just what the fuck was an edgelord!?

You notice how much it started to bother him, so you apologize. He demands you sit down and explain to him just what that name means. You have to explain to him that, yes, it’s a nickname, and it’s technically…. making fun of him?

He listens while you try to convey the message that ‘edgelord’ was a way of describing his style and personality. The clothes he wears tends to be more on the dark side with spikes, his dyed hair, and the eyeliner all pertains to a certain style- it’s thought to be ‘edgy’. He could understand that part, though he didn’t enjoy the label. But he didn’t understand the personality aspect of it?

“Saeran, your personality is more… well, dark like your clothes. You’re very apathetic, moody, very tense and irritable… the whole thing about it is sort of… emo. That’s what it is. So, the term comes from the internet- 'Edgelord’”.

He’s no longer confused, he’s IRRITATED. Why do all of you have to call him this? Like his mood wasn’t bad enough?

Though he gets over it fairly quickly. He just accepts that you guys won’t let it slide, and comes to terms with it.

He secretly really likes it, makes him feel even more edgy.