can there ever be too much whipped cream

Ninjago Food Headcanons


-he melts cold food like ice cream really quickly, sometimes before it reaches his tongue

-pretends to like spicy foods to impress people but when faced with something mildly hot he freaks out

-loves hot chocolate. give him a cup and he can drain it in a second

-once entered a food eating competition aboard the Bounty. Lost in minutes to Cole

-is the type to set food down wherever without any sort of napkin or plate, then pick it back up, brush it off, and eat it

    -Zane once told him off about this, but he didn’t pay any attention. Because     of this Zane now tells him approximately how many different diseases he can catch while doing that.

        -After Zane’s death, he stopped doing it so often.

-will eat mystery meat as long as it’s confirmed not to be human flesh or cat/dog meat by Zane

    -this disgusts all the ninja, and Lloyd especially

-his favorite chocolate is sea-salt chocolate


-piles whipped cream on top of almost any dessert

    -once used up two cans when Zane gave Jay his ice cream as a kind gesture, and he went at it with all the whipped cream they had

        -he regretted it later, though, when Zane made pie and they didn’t have any whipped cream to put on it

-never gets a stomachache from eating too much. Ever.

-has a stomach the size of a pinhead when it comes to vegetables, but can chomp down dessert like nobodys business

-will not eat spicy food, no matter what he’s promised

-can eat any amount of milk chocolate

-is banned from any form of soda unless under the strict supervision of Misako, Garmadon, or Zane

    -Wu was removed from the list because he forgot that Diet Soda still had caffeine. He’s getting old

-will not drink lukewarm water

    -nobody knows why, not even him. They just roll with it

-takes excessive amounts of small condiments from restaurants, like ketchup packets


-can eat anything, anytime, anyplace

-sometimes gets up in the middle of the night and usually the first thing he does is head to the kitchen

-Jay is the only one who can face him in a food eating competition 

    -their matches usually go in favor of Cole, though

        -the score is 33 for Cole, 28 for Jay by season 5

-after eating a lot, someone usually has to carry him or help him because he gets some of the worst stomachaches

    -but he will be the first to tell you that he has no regrets over it

-can be bribed to do any amount of chores with dessert

-if nobody is watching, will use two spoons to shovel ice cream into his mouth

    -Zane once caught him doing it at 4am, and just sat on the other side of the counter with a ‘why is my life like this’ look on his face

        -he didn’t tell anyone, though, and took the spoons away when Cole was done. Afterwards, Cole collapsed into laughter at the look on his face

-loves dark chocolate

-can handle spicy food the best


-his ice will be a lot weaker after he eats spicy food

    -give him too much spicy food and it will practically melt into a puddle when he forms it

-makes Jay give back small restaurant condiments if he takes more than ten of one thing

    -like, if he takes 17 mustard packets from Ninjago’s version of the Costco food court, Zane will make him put them all back

-isn’t affected by alcohol, which makes the other ninja sad

    -they found this out when the ninja took him out for drinks after the whole ‘Great Devourer’ thing, because he didn’t know what it was.

        -for this reason, the other ninja use Zane as sort of their secret weapon in drinking competitions. He hates it, though.

-cannot eat caramel, it’ll break his mouth badly

    -his mouth was once sealed shut after a fan gave him some sweets. Jay had to repair him as the other ninja looked on in fascination at the gooey mess

-will put 50 ice cubes in a cup of water

-will eat ice cream right out of the box without waiting for it to soften

    -he doesn’t really know any better.

        -he also doesn’t care.

-really loves peppermint-dark chocolate bark

    -anything peppermint, really

-chews through lollipops and candy canes

    -also makes Jay scream when he does it.


-loves any sort of candy you can suck

    -except for candy canes, which he seems to have a grudge on.

-like Jay, is no longer allowed to be around caffeine without adult/Zane supervision

-likes chocolate milk, but not hot chocolate. Kai is both confused and annoyed at this

-is a terrible liar when it comes to food (and pretty much anything else)

    -’uh i don’t know why the gingerbread house went missing in the middle of the night at 3:21am nuh-uh’ *smiles through gingerbread crumbs in his teeth*

-gets hyper super easily

-can and will eat anything for breakfast

    -’ok, a bagel smeared with whipped cream and gum drops, i can work with that’ *grabs it and shoves it in his mouth*

-makes the worst food puns

-will take like 60 napkins from restaurants they go to

    -but only like 1 small condiment like a salt packet or an artificial sweetener for coffee

-lives and breathes sugar

Paperhat is like a rich, delicious treat, like moist cake topped with whipped cream.  It’s the best thing ever and I want it all the time but if I have too much I feel sick.

my reply: you can never have too much paperhat

For I Have Sinned

give all your love and praise and thanks to @karlabaza for the GORGEOUS graphics she’s made for us for Smut-A-Palooza. 


Title: For I Have Sinned
Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The confessional booth just got a lot more interesting
Imagine confessing to Demon!Dean pretending to be a priest.

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Whipped Cream and Ice Cubes - Michael Imagine

This is smut again :D (This was requested by blacklightluke go follow her!)

I always enjoyed sex with Michael but sometimes I would prefer something different, as if he read my mind he came into the bedroom holding a can of whipped cream. “Hey babe, want to try something different tonight?” He smirked at me, a grin spread across my face. “Always.” I replied, he sauntered over to me putting the whipped cream on the bed side table. My stomach fluttered as he stood close to me, I looked up at him. I moved off the bed to stand in front of him. His big hands gripped my hips. “I know that being intimate hasn’t been the best lately and I’m sorry, I want to make it up to you.” He said sweetly, I smiled. He ducked his head kissing me, before he pushed me back onto the bed. He rested between my thighs. It was weird how he could go from really sweet to dominant. He peppered kisses along my jaw, and down my neck. “Michael.” I whimpered as he gently sucked on my sweet spot. He continued to suck on my neck while his hands ran over my torso. “So sexy.” He mumbled, I smiled. His hands drifted up under my shirt, his hands cupped my breasts. I helped him get my shirt off, I tugged his shirt off next. His torso pressed down to mine. I ran my fingernails down his chest and stomach. He groaned at my touch, my fingers hooked into his jeans. I pulled his hips to mine, getting some relief from the heat between my thighs. “These need to go.” I mumbled popping the button and sliding down the zip on his jeans, purposely pressing my fingers onto his hardening length. “Stop teasing.” He muttered against my neck, I giggled as he kicked off his jeans. “Now you’re wearing too much.” He whispered, his fingers tugging my shorts down. I pulled his boxers off as he pulled of my panties. His hands went up my back unclasping my bra. “Hmm… perfect.” He hummed against my skin, igniting me with goosebumps.  

Michael rolled his hips against mine, my breath hitching in my throat. He leaned over grabbed the can of whipped cream, he shook it. I couldn’t believe he was actually doing something like this. “Did I ever tell you that I wanted lick whipped cream off your body?” He mumbled as he poured it on my breasts and on my stomach. I sucked in a sharp breath, “you okay?” He asked suddenly concerned, I smiled lazily. “Yeah it was cold.” He smirked up at me. “Don’t worry baby I’ll warm you up soon but I haven’t even started yet.” He warned, my heart picked up speed. His tongue darted out licking off the cream on my breast. He gently bit, and tugged on my hardened nipple. “Mike–” I whimpered, he smirked up at me. His kissed and sucked on the skin of my breasts before moving to my other breast. He began to bite and suck his way down my stomach, he cleaned off all of the cream with just his tongue. To say I was ready for him was an understatement. “Please just do something.” I cried out feeling his lips get close to my heat. “Hang on.” He said quickly getting off me and running out of the room. I frowned, that bastard. He came back with a glass in hand with what looked like ice in it. “Michael, what are you doing?” I asked scared, he grinned. “Don’t worry baby.” He muttered, his hand finding mine. He grabbed a piece of ice and put it between his teeth. Goosebumps formed on my skin just with anticipation. He gently touched the ice to my chest, my heart rate when through the roof. He trailed it down my cleavage and my stomach, he left it sitting on my belly button. His freezing cold tongue was suddenly pressed to my clit, the added coolness of his mouth made the stimulation so much better. “You like that?” He asked, I nodded. “I want that piece of ice to stay there.” He threatened, he licked his fingers before plunging them into me. My back arched, I felt the ice slide on my stomach. Michael’s mouth caught it, he winked putting it back in place. His tongue darted out against my heat, I gripped his hand tightly. “Michael please. Do something.” I whimpered, he smiled. “As you wish sweetheart.” He said taking the ice in his mouth again, he moved up my body. He kissed me passionately, his mouth pried mine open. We passed the melting ice between our mouths. Once it was melted, Michael leaned over and grabbed a condom. “God you’re so hot.” He groaned looking down at my torso. He rolled the condom on with steady hands. He slid into me making us both cry out in ecstasy, the room suddenly getting so much hotter. “I wish I had that ice now.” I chuckled, Michael smiled. “I like it when you’re hot and flustered, I like it when you’re writhing under me.” He said against my lips. He continued to pound into me, my breath catching in my throat every movement. “I love it when you get me hot.” I groaned back, he smirked. “Oh god!” He moaned out heavily, as I clenched around him. “Are you close?” I nodded, he continued to thrust into me while he grabbed the glass taking out a small ice cube. I watched him in awe as he gently put it on my clit, my back arched into him. He threw the ice back into the glass before he rubbed harsh circles on my clit with cold fingers. “Michael! Don’t stop!” I cried out, dragging my nails down his back. “Hold on baby, I’m almost there.” He replied, thrusting in even harder. “Okay now!” He grunted, my walls clenched around him as he spilled into the condom. A string of profanities and each other’s names came from our mouths. He rode out our highs before pulling out of me and tossing the condom away. He returned to the cuddle, my chest still sticky from the cream. “That was amazing!” Michael said breathlessly, I chuckled kissing his chest softly. “Round 2 in the shower?” He asked, I nodded. We both got up and ran into the bathroom.  

A/N: Hope you like it! (Sorry my writing hasn’t been as good lately, just been going through some stuff) 

~ Lucy xx

Winter (2/?)

Summary: Emma and Killian are together. And then they’re not. And then they’re snowed in.

a/n: break-up and make-up fic exploring the issues they might have after starting a relationship post-finale. :)

Part 1  AO3  FFN

(i can’t believe it isn’t gold)

Killian hates magic.

Has since the moment it ripped his brother away from him without warning. Since then he’d tried his best to avoid it – couldn’t entirely, of course, that sort of came with the Enchanted Forest territory – and even then it brought him nothing but trouble. Run-ins with mystical artefacts. Mermaids. Sirens.

And then Milah happened.

And then Neverland, and everything he lost there (his heart, his humanity, half of his crew in the Echo Cave) –

– and it’s what he sees in the eyes of magic-users that really makes him sick. The blank corruption in the Dark One’s eyes as he murdered his wife without even flinching. The way Cora and Regina can reach into someone’s chest with scarcely a second thought. Killian has committed his fair share of horrors but they have all been human, as far as possible. Blood and bone and dirt.

Emma is different.

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