can there ever be enough versions of this kiss

#005: eyes

01. seokjin

They tell stories stolen from a million scenes from places you’ve never been, and when he smiles, they speak to you in words that trace along your dreams and the first time you see them, the first time your eyes meet, they tell you that it’s meant to be. And you’ve never really believed in fate or fortune or that kind of thing but with him, looking into his eyes, you can’t help letting your walls fall down far enough for him to reach in, cup your heart between his hands, and kiss it like your heart was meant to be kissed. Meant to be kiss by him and no one else. He tells you that if he could pick one thing to look at for the rest of his life it would be your eyes, because through them, he sees a world more beautiful than anything he’s ever seen; he calls your eyes the looking glass to his dreams.

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