can the voting just end already

The Anglican Diocese of Sydney (I’m an Anglican, but not in that diocese) donated ONE MILLION DOLLARS to the anti-marriage equality campaign. ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Of money people donate to the church for helping the poor, the sick, the displaced. ONE MILLION DOLLARS. 

I mean, I know the Anglican Church has issue, and I know the Sydney Diocese is the worst in Australia, but ONE MILLION DOLLARS to a campaign that THE MAJORITY OF CHRISTIANS IN AUSTRALIA DISAGREE WITH and that is ENDING IN LESS THAN A FUCKING MONTH!!! WHEN OVER 62 PERCENT OF PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY VOTED!!!

Not only is it morally repulsive, but it’s just fucking stupid!

If I were in the Sydney Diocese I’d fucking riot.

How can these evil, evil men call themselves Christian when they donate a million dollars to a campaign that, hey, guess what? Jesus would disagree with!


Take Back Your Fandom Experience

There is a lot of disappointment about the questionable choices Starz has made related to show PR and how they engage (or don’t engage, or manipulate, or disrespect) Outlander fans.  Some of us roll our eyes over the lame attempts to entice us with S3 “teasers” that are merely still photos from previously-released content.  We guffaw at the ham-fisted captions that aren’t even accurate to the story line.  We side-eye yet another push of the non-existent “love triangle."  Our blood pressure goes up when a "journalist” wastes our time by asking the same stupid questions – or by saying cringe-worthy things instead of asking questions – during interviews.  And nearly all of us have become jaded by the promotion of cast-adjacent people who have absolutely nothing to do with the show yet who creep onto the sidelines full of innuendo to distract and anger us. 

But I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t let this ruin your experience.  We do not need to accept what we are being given.

We. Do. Not. Need. Starz.

We only need each other.

Think back to what brought you here in the first place.  It was the story, right?  Perhaps, like me, you were excited to find a community of people who love the books as much as you do.  Maybe you were also thrilled to see the story brought to life by a stellar cast.  You tried to predict how the plot would be adapted for television and engaged in healthy debates about what would make it to the screen and what would not.  You participated in dream casting discussions for characters coming up in future plotlines.  You posted swoon-worthy scenes from the books and sighed over the truly excellent fan fiction and art that was shared here.  You bonded with other fans, finding common points of view.

Eventually many of us were drawn in by PR and got spun up about the back story.  You probably rolled your eyes at Starz’s lack of promotion of their lead actress, even misspelling her name when they did finally acknowledge an award nomination.  You became frustrated by the inconsistent messages that were being sent.  You might even have been taunted by non-fans and bedeviled by the adjacent players.  You likely know someone who was bullied.

Sadly, all of this now overshadows the reason we came together and the community we’ve found.  I have been privileged to meet many of you in person and I always came away amazed at how intelligent, perceptive, and kind you all are.  We likely would not have met except for this forum, but we realize that we have things in common besides Outlander.  We celebrate life events together, provide encouragement to one another, and have each other’s back.  That’s pretty cool.

It pains me that we have already lost several members who could not get past the side show.  But I truly believe that we can go back.  Let’s not let Starz ruin our community.  We don’t need them in order to talk about the story.  We can discuss how *we* would end the series and what we want to see in Book 9.  Let’s revisit favorite passages and characters.  Debate whether the author should continue writing all the damn side quest novellas or just focus on the main story.  (I think you can guess my vote…)  Keep letting your creativity flow through fan fiction, artwork, gifs, and videos.  Continue talking about the stellar production values on the show and how amazingly the actors inhabit their roles.  Squee over seeing favorite scenes brought to life.  Dream about travels in Scotland.  (But don’t touch any standing stones, just in case.)

We have the power to choose how we engage with each other and we don’t have to let what is presented to us dictate our experience.  This doesn’t mean that we have to love everything without critique or excuse rude behavior – and we can still snark – but we don’t have to let the bad overshadow the good.  How powerful would it be to ignore the ineptitude and the side show antics and instead focus on the books, the show, and each other… like we used to?

Let’s take back our fandom.

Poll got manipulated

I really do feel bad and disgusted by the people that did this,they were trying to mess up with the votes so i’m really not sure who did actually won.It really hurted me when i figured out you CAN cheat with on mobile.We did two polls already since people were confused and such and now this one got manipulated and i feel very sorry to the people that did vote honestly and just voted one time (what actually the meaning of this whole event was.).

I am truly disgusted towards the people that caused this i mean we created a second poll already and we wasted so much time on that,so now seeing that you can actually cheat on this website is really hurtfull to me,the voters that were honest,the people that just supported and watched the whole thing.We can’t figure out who did won and we all know that cheating is really unfair.

There will be no different ending,we are blowing the whole event off because of these fucking people that were salty,jealous,and clearly not accepting the choosen result.

We are sticking to the original story.

Thank you for voting and sticking by anyway.

could any of us have predicted the trump presidency in all its glory???? political satire: cancelled. Like idk what’s the point of Samantha bee and Trevoh Noah and John Oliver and Seth Meyers right now. not that I think they shouldn’t exist but they many of them exist in a vacuum in a liberal circle jerk. Even people like my dad who watches John Oliver regularly and likes Samantha bee he voted for trump so it’s like???! What’s the point. What effective role can comedic political satire have at this point I am genuinely wondering. It’s great to have fact-checkers at the end of the day but not if the only people watching already know that the people being fact checked are lying. But at the same time we have a president who gets so butthurt at comedic portrayals of him that these satiric portrayals need to exist. Idk I just hope this presidency has changed liberals who think that watching a John Oliver clip and sharing it on facebook is their most effective way of activism I (naively, maybe) think it has.

I have so many mixed feelings from episode 8’s ranking. As an Ongniel stan I’m upset that their ranks dropped again, for Daniel I know it’s probably cause of his SNS scandal but he already apologised the moment he got scolded online and guys lbr he’s centre material, Ong too so I’m quite pissed that they’re not in top 5 at least. Happy that our nation’s leader Jonghyun is first, but as much as I think Guanlin is adorable, his rank doesn’t match his skills cause he’s not as well trained yet so Knets please wake up and vote for the more skilled trainees to be on top please. And how is Kim Samuel out of top 11 idgi. I can go on and on but I’ll be writing a novel already so I’ll end here. This season is just a mess alright

wonhaozi  asked:

hello again its your fellow produce 101 trash... thoughts on ep 9??? the rankings of the teams?? some trAINEES ONLY GETTING LIKE 2 VOTES?? ik you already ranted about minhyun but what was that?? also ikyk team getting less then 100 votes akfkwkjd... predictions for elimination??? basically everything hahaha

oh my god since you asked for it i hope you’re prepared for me rambling

(maybe i should put it under the cut in case it becomes too long and starts clogging up people’s dashboards)

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My final top 11 Produce 101

Soo after a lot of consideration i personally really hope that these 11 or should i say 12 will be the final contestants to debut as the new i.o.i

1. Ong Seongwoo
From the first moment i saw him i think I’ve already fall for him. He’s just so handsome and really good at dancing! And after watched episode by episode it turns out that he’s a lot more than that. He also a really good singer that can reach high note (I was amazed when they say Seongwoo sang the chorus of get ugly), a huge dork that loves to entertain people and a person with infinite confidence that always brings out the positive aura into his surrounding. I’m so glad that he got more screentime lately!! Especially on ep 8 where they played the punch king game!! It was soo funny! Oh oh and not long ago revealed that he once had a part time job as a model in a wedding photoshoot. The outcome turns really good! The chemistry between he and his pair was 👌🏻👌🏻. In the end I really hope that a lot more people can recognize his all round talent and vote for him and keep him in a safe place in top11 because this kid truly deserve it!

2. Kang Daniel
So like some other people i also kinda ship daniel and seongwoo. They seems to get along really well and like to encourage each other. Maybe it was because their only one year gap age and have been in the same group twice in a row. So i can really imagine how cute it will be if they debut together!! Just like Seongwoo, Daniel is also a hard working person that seems want to excell in everything. He even try to be a leader after inspired by Jonghyun. Although at first he seems clueless and didn’t know how to lead his member, in the end he unite his member and brings out a really good performance with a really good chemistry between them. About his mistake for giving hints what concept does he like so the korean will vote for that concept for him, i think he already got the best punishment. It was a really good lesson for him to be more cautious and fair in the future. So please forgive and give him a second chance! P.s. he has a broad shoulder (60cm) and cute eye whiskers when he laugh that is something you can’t get enough of.

3. Kim Jonghyun
The new i.o.i really need a national leader like him, seriously!! He seems so nice and patience and fair but also firm. The way he always encourage hyunbin and told him that he can do it if he work hard really melt my heart. Besides he is a good rapper. His rap in the last evaluation was lit! His deep voice really suited the deep meaning of rap that he was tryin to share. He is also very humble! He said that being first was too high for him and it was a burdensome, but he was really thankful and said that he will work even harder so the people that vote for him will not be disappointed. And last but not least he’s sooooo charming and has a really good smile that will soothe your day.

4. Noh Taehyun
Oh boi i just adore him so much, especially after his performance in Shape Of You. Being a leader, center, and choreographer at the same time truly wasn’t an easy thing to do. But he can pull it off!! He and his member gave us a really great performance with great coordination that made the audience go crazy and begged for an encore. He also seems to be a fun guy to hang around with. Even though he already debuted as kid monster in hotshot i think he deserves to be in top 11 with those huge talent that he has.

5. Ha Sungwoon
At first i thought he was specialized in dancing, just like his fellow hotshot member, Noh Taehyun, because of their audition. But then he chose vocal in the position evaluation (downpour by i.o.i). He seriously made a really great choice because his voice was sooo good!! It was soft and shooting and really suited the song and really matched jaehwan’s voice when they harmonized. From that on he kinda caught my attention. He also seems to be a very hard working person that brave enough to show his ‘never’ dance alone when no one else did.

6. Kim Samuel
I’m still bitter about his huge drop rank in the latest elimination. He’s not even in the top 11. Why people why?! He is a really whole package to be an idol. He has a stable voice, great dancing skill, good facial expression, handsome, a cute dongsaeng, and he even rap well despite his young age. So for all of the korean out there please stop sleeping on him because he truly deserve to be in top 11.

7. Kim Jaehwan
Woah from sorry sorry to downpour he never fail to amaze me. His voice was just too good to be true! He can hit all of the high note effortlessly! He is seriously an ideal main vocal. He also seems humble and far from controversy. Although his dancing skill wasn’t too good, i believe that he can work hard on that and be better in the future.

8. Jung Sewoon
He has a good voice, good at playing guitar and has an ability to compose his own song! The moment i really fall for him was when he played guitar while performing ‘playing with fire’ song. It was so lit! The arrangement of that song was also really good!!

9. Lee Daehwi
He has a really good face expression, good voice, a good dancer, loves to compose song, and willing to go all the way back to korea left his parents who are stay permanently in us to chase his dream to be a singer when he was only 16. He is also a really cute kid who brings positive energy and seems to be close with everyone in produce 101. And of course a really great center in nayana.

10. Park Woojin
I also really like this guy! He is truly a dark horse. At first he seems to not stand out between the other trainee, but his amazing dancing skill finally showed in the dance battle and the evaluation. He even choreographed get ugly dance along with Daniel and Samuel. Besides, he can rap well too. So i think he deserves to be in top 11.

11. Lai Guanlin or Park Jihoon?
I still debate myself between these two because i like them both equally.
-Lai Guanlin
When i first saw his audition along with his fellow trainee from cube he seems to be lacking a lot. But when the show goes by he really improved a lot! He even became a great center in the position evaluation and turned to be number 2 in the latest elimination. There are a lot of potential in this kid that haven’t shown yet. So have a faith in him because i’m sure that he will be a big hit in the future.
-Park Jihoon
Until know i still think that he’s slightly overrated. But he suits enough to fill the remain spot in the new i.o.i. He is afterall a good dancer, has a really good facial expressions, and is a great visual. I kinda glad that his ranking drop to 3 because it shows that he’s not always safe in the first rank, so he really need to work hard if he want to maintain that position.

myrtenraphster  asked:

76 main here who usually does the Medic 76, I wanna ask what That™ is because I don't know if I'm like That™.... Lex pls don't let me be That™ and if I am pls stop me .,.

DPS mains that are Like That™ in Overwatch: a brief guide, from your friendly neighborhood Support/Flex player:

  • goes 1v6 without help or alerting the team, especially when they are not supposed to be a skirmisher (bad Soldier: 76 mains are especially guilty IMO)
  • Spams “I need healing” 10 times in a row while also not disengaging from the fight so that the healers can heal them without also getting killed (Shout out to asshole Genji players! :D)
  • Conversely: Never asking for healing, then proceeding to complain about how the healer never heals them (Shout out to that one McCree on my team in QP who was never in my line of sight and never pressed “X!” :D)
  • Actually getting pissy at Mercy players (like me) in general just bc we don’t pocket them and follow them into dangerous situations guns ablazin (asshole Pharah players that literally EXPECT me to pocket them because it’s “just what a Mercy does”)
  • Doesn’t do shit to keep enemy skirmishers (Genji, Tracer, WInston, Sombra, etc.) off the healers, then complain and wonder why Supports didn’t use their ults or heal them once we get team wiped to oblivion
  • Complaining about how bad the healing is when there is only ONE HEALER, and instead of picking a 2nd healer to help, chooses to keep complaining and never protect said solo-healer
  • Also complains about tanks being shitty when the tanks actually are trying to protect the supports and/or teammates who are actually contributing to the match (how many DPS have complained about the lack of Barriers from me as Zarya when I am literally just trying to protect our Mercy so she can keep them alive)
  • DPS who are trying to play other roles, but are actually shit at it bc their bad habits as bad DPS carry over into the other roles they try to play (SHOUT OUT TO THAT REINHARDT ON KING’S ROW IN QP THAT ONE TIME)
  • Blaming the healers for losing
  • Literally never tells their teammates their ult status so that we can work together to protect/heal them while they ult, resulting in them wasting their ult from dying way too soon after pressing “Q”
  • Entering a QP match in progress and seeing that we already have 3 DPS, and choosing to PICK A FOURTH (WHY?!)
  • actually teabagging players’ corpses instead of just putting down a spray and aggressively crouching and/or emoting like a proper cheeky OW player
  • “GG EZ”
  • Complaining about not getting any votes on their card at the end of a game despite being a dickhead to the friendly and/or enemy team
  • Brings up a person’s Competitive Tier in Quick Play for literally no reason (ie: “This is why you’re silver)
  • Yikes™ style banter in voice chat without ever having the maturity to STOP BEING CRINGEY AT ANY POINT DURING THE MATCH
  • Cluttering the voice chat in general, talking about shit that doesn’t matter to the team, making it hard for actual relevant callouts to be said (BY SUPPORTS LIKE ME! ESPECIALLY IN COMP!)
  • Literally forgetting that the whole point of Overwatch’s concept is teamwork
Bernie Sanders Defends Campaigning For Anti-Abortion Rights Democrat
Sanders endorses Heath Mello for mayor of Omaha, Neb., and tells NPR, "In some conservative states there will be candidates that are popular candidates who may not agree with me on every issue."

1. Heath Mello is running for mayor, so his excuse of supporting Mello coz we need more democrats in Congress doesn’t hold up

2. We do need more democrats in Congress - yet Bernie and his supporters like to subject democrats in and for congress to their ideological purity test (which whoever Bernie says is a progressive ) - and yet he can support Mello (who can and should be held to basic progressive standards) but not the same for ossoff (who is pro-choice, pro-lgbt rights and doing really well in a deep red district).

3. Glad to know Perez won’t be in Omaha with Sanders and will be holding a fundraiser in Georgia for Ossoff instead, but either he needs to drop Bernie from this tour or just end it all together, and just focus on getting democrats like Ossoff, Quist, & Frank elected (and we have Virginia and New Jersey coming up too) and fight for our voting rights (Republicans are already making it hard for GA6 to vote for Ossoff in June) - which him and Ellison promised to do, not give Bernie Sanders a promotional tour for his books and podcast on Democrats’ dime.



(I repeat, MY―in case someone sees this, misses those capitalized letters, gets triggered and demands why he and he aren’t on the list ^^;)

In no particular order:

Kim Jonghyun < Pledis >

Okay okay I am biased, but I’m proud to say that at least I chose the right bias. Hehe. He’s definitely quality leader material, I love his rapping and aura when he dances, and all in all I so regret just passing by NU’EST after their debut years ago… from now on I’ll be watching closely and lovingly lol ;; Ah and to their agency, you better treat the boys properly like you do with SVT and Pristin after this.

Park Jihoon < Maroo >

This boy reminded me so much of Jeon Jungkook since the very first time he appeared on screen on episode 1 haha I dunno if I’m the only one who notes the resemblance… well, besides his wink attack, I think he’s talented all-around. I can predict he’s going to be the visual of the future boy group if he doesn’t become the center. I love the dissing on his fashion hahaha, is he a fashion terrorist for real or it’s just for his character?

Ong Seungwoo < Fantagio >

Do I even have to explain why?! This guy has it all as well, total triple threat! Wait, I’m not so sure about rapping, but well, let’s just consider handsome looks part of the triple threat formula xD Not to mention his sense of humor is charming too, and in any case he ventures into acting after his idol activities in the future, I’ll be there stanning hard! If his acting is good, that is.

Kang Daniel < MMO >

Undeniably, he caught my eye in the level auditions (not because of his pink hair and adorable eye-smile. No no no. LOL) His dancing absolutely has force and charisma in it. Plus the way he always looks at Woojin like a proud, real hyung hihi (although yeah we all know how Mnet purposely edits everything according to how they want =_=)

Kim Samuel < Brave >

URGENT!!!1!!! SOMEONE FREAKING SAVE SAMUEL, EVERYONE!!!!!!! aLRIGHT IT’S ALRIGHT THAT HE’S DROPPING IN THE RANKS AS OF NOW, BUT PLEASE PLEASE KEEP HIM IN THE FINAL 11!!!! I read a comment that “he’s born for this” FCK YEAH HE WAS. Seriously, I’m gonna be so upset if he doesn’t make it… I’ll go as far as say I won’t support the future boy group at all. Huhu. Drama aside, he’s another triple threat, right? Just how many triple threats will be in the group *-*

Hwang Minhyun < Pledis >

Hm hm, we have many visuals already- *whispers* the more the merrier lmao. Why add another one? Well… it’s not like international fans can control the K-fangirls voting for him. I don’t think he’ll be booted from the top 11 until the end. Now hey, I’m not against the boy at all, I love him and his deadpan, uninterested expressions lolol. And his laughter ♥♥ You’ve heard his sweet, gentle vocals in the Downpour stage? Check out “Daybreak” too then ♥

Lee Daehwi < Brand New Music >

I hate how Mnet ruined his image by their evil editing… sure, he was kind of ‘greedy’ when he was chosen as center for It’s Me, summoned all the issuemaker trainees to his team during the group battles, wanted to be center again in Boy in Luv (though Jihoon was picked at the end…) But my question is, who isn’t greedy on the show? Samuel showed his ambitious and serious side too when they were fighting for It’s Me center, no? He’s just a year younger than Daehwi. At the end of the day, Daehwi’s only a 17-year-old, he’s still a child. People should chill. Anyways, I was impressed by him from the very start when it was revealed that he was the one who produced the My Hollywood song the BNM trainees auditioned with, and it was quite an awesome song. He’ll do wonders for the future group!

Yoon Jisung < MMO >

Awww, I just love him!!! His expressions and reactions are life from the beginning. And yeah, that probably came huge into play and made people vote for him, so can bashers stop throwing shit on him? Rumors such as he reached #3 in the first ranking evalution thanks to his agency’s connections with Mnet… wtf? It’s not like he did bad in his team’s 10 out of 10 stage either? And he’s not ugly at all, to those who refuse to stop hating on him. He’s adorable, and actually handsome to me. Just because someone doesn’t fit your beauty standards doesn’t mean you can shit on them all you want.

Lai Guanlin < Cube >

I… was… hesitating putting him here…. at first, I couldn’t really understand why lots of people were voting for him and he was so high up in the ranks. Simply due to his good looks? His baby chick character? (FINE I SURRENDER) Okay, maybe I understand better. Indeed, I’ve noticed that he’s a stan attractor… that would be an advantage for the future group. My initial impression of him during the auditions wasn’t appealing, but I guess he’ll improve with hard work. I like how the older trainees are taking care of him, it’s so cute- *coughDONGHOcough*

Book 7: The Stranger, Chapters 13-15

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Chapter 13

Apparently among his other talents, the Ellimist can channel National Geographic.  Because he tells the Animorphs that his people occasionally step in when a species is on the verge of extinction to rescue a few specimens, and they’ve been impressed by how beautiful the Earth is, and then he takes the kids on a little psychic travel expedition.  They get to experience, vividly as if they were actually there, coral reefs and savannahs and jungles and cities while the Ellimist tells them how beautiful their world is.

After their whirlwind tour of Earth’s Greatest Hits, the kids slam back into their bodies, overwhelmed and stunned, as the Ellimist monologues on about how humans are a primitive but interesting species, and how it’s a shame that they’re endangered and will soon be gone.

The Animorphs don’t know what to to do with any of this, so the Ellimist just keeps. On. Talking. The Yeerks have advanced technology, the Andalites won’t be able to stop them, humans will be wiped out except those enslaved by the Yeerks, blah blah.

Rachel’s stomach drops at the absolute certainty in the Ellimist’s voice - he doesn’t sound like he’s guessing, he sounds like he knows that there’s no hope for the human race.

Chapter 14

Oh, thank god - the kids have gotten their heads together enough to ask some questions now, so the Ellimist has to stop monologuing.

Rachel wants to know why the Ellimist bothered to save them from the Taxxon’s tongue just to rub their faces in their planet’s impending doom.  Apparently, the Ellimist and his Ellimist friends have set aside an Earth-like planet that they’re planning to populate with the Animorphs and parts of their families (PARTS? WHICH PARTS?) and some other humans worth saving for genetic diversity, and some interesting animal species.

Marco cracks a Noah’s ark joke, but Cassie and Tobias have the correct idea: they’re basically being invited to be exhibits in the Ellimist’s personal zoo.

The Ellimist has apparently decided that the decision to be made for the whole species about joining the Ellimist Zoo or not has to be made by these children, and has to be made right now.  Which all seems sketchy as hell to me.  But he’s adamant: they can choose to stay and fight the Yeerks, or to green-light the Ellimist’s zoo plan and be whisked away immediately to their new planet.

If they say no, everything goes back to the way it was, including bird-Tobias and everyone-else-being-eaten, because the Ellimists don’t believe in interference.  I… really?  Really, dude?  It seems like you believe in interference when it’s convenient for you, my guy.

The Animorphs are pissed off at being cornered into this snap decision and manipulated by the impossible choice that the Ellimist has set up for them. Tobias is immediately on the “hell no” train, but Cassie thinks they ought to seriously consider the officer to save at least some of humanity.  Marco assumes Rachel is going to vote with Tobias, and she doesn’t correct the assumption because she knows right away that he’s right - she can’t vote to leave if Tobias is going to stay and fight.  Because these kids are apparently just going to drive each other onward and upward into increasingly more dangerous situations out of loyalty to each other and this was not what I wanted when I said I liked friendship, KAA and Co.

While the kids continue to discuss, Rachel, Jake, and Marco spot one of those dropshaft elevators from the last Marco book, which seems to go back up to the surface and might serve as an escape route. There’s a lot of silent and significant eyebrow-raising about it.

Marco votes for staying and fighting, while Cassie makes another plea to save what can be saved.  They could go around and around all day, but Jake puts an end to the whole thing by pointing out that if the Ellimist really could tell exactly how the future would go, he wouldn’t need to be going through this whole voting charade because he’d already know the answer, so Jake doesn’t believe humanity is doomed, and wants to take his chances.

Cassie reluctantly switches her vote for the sake of team unity, everyone rejects the Ellimist’s zoo plan, and just like that everything unfreezes. So I guess we’re back to the Taxxon’s sticky gross tongue for the next chapter. Thanks for nothing, children.

Chapter 15

Yup, here we go, back in roach bodies and stuck to the Taxxon’s tongue.  But the Ellimist does have to get one final word in, his disembodied voice telling the kids that if they survive he’ll give them one more chance to sign on to the Ellimist Zoo Plan.

No one pays him any mind; they’re busy being swallowed while Jake yells at everyone to morph, ASAP, and see if they can bust the Taxxon open from inside. Everything is sticky and digestive fluids and goo and yuck, and children rapidly expanding while the Taxxon’s digestive system tries to deal with that.

But finally Ax, my hero, saves the day by demorphing far enough to get use of his pointy tail back and slice the Taxxon wide open from inside.  Gross but also yay.

Children: *tumble out onto the floor, half-human and half-bug and covered in blue slimy Taxxon innards.*

Everyone else: *staring at them because what the shit, Animorphs?*

The element of surprise is basically all the kids have going for them, so they use it to start running as soon as they finish morphing legs, before anyone can get their act together to get in their way.  They race for the dropshaft, trying along the way to shift into their fighting morphs. Rachel reaches for the bear, even though she knows it’s a bad idea to do it without testing the morph first, because she’s terrified and wants the most powerful morph she can have.

Running, running, fighting as Hork-Bajir guards try to stop them.  Marco and Cassie make it up the dropshaft and away, but Ax and Rachel have fallen behind, and Jake’s not leaving without them.  

Ax: *drops some guards easy as taking candy from a baby, but more are coming and he can’t hold out indefinitely against them*

Rachel: *slips into bear form and loses her shit entirely with the instinctual bear knowledge that she’s been challenged and must attack, starts slicing her way through the oncoming hordes like some other metaphor for something really easy*

Jake: *goes into tiger form and joins in the fray*

Fortunately, the fact that I am no good at battle recaps doesn’t matter here, because Rachel goes into a Bear Fugue of some sort and doesn’t really register the battle anyway, she just fights and fights until finally when she regains control she finds herself in the dropshaft trying to fight Jake, while he yells at her to demorph because she’s out of control.

So that’s…not great.  On the other hand, good job getting away, kids.  Is Ax there too?  I hope?

We’ll have to wait another chapter to find out, because we end this one on Rachel letting the bear’s instinct bleeds out of her as she travels up the dropshaft, morphing back into her own form so that she will stop wanting to kill her friends. Seems like a solid move there, Rachel.

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So I felt I needed to do a post about how I write Chilton.  Yes, I write him as half Latino.  And if you don’t?  That’s okay.  I have never had anyone claim it’s “wrong” until today.  And this upsets me because I don’t exactly go out of my way to upset people.  This is hard for me even to put into words, but this character has helped me through a LOT and so being told my personal thoughts on the character is wrong hurts.  I’m not gonna lie.  This is one of the few things that gets me through my anxiety attacks-and I’m not sure its worth saying this as its already making me cry.  And its a big reason why some of my fanfic I don’t even publish anymore.  

If your reasoning for not making Chilton Latinx is “he doesn’t seem it,” how is that not also detrimental?  Raúl himself has said how frustrated he is that people don’t see him as Cuban, because he doesn’t fit the stereotype.  So someone can’t be a mix?   If you disagree fine, but to say because they don’t seem it seems to me to be part of the problem as a lot of minorities feel as if they don’t fit the mold.    And the beautiful thing at least about my country the US is that families are blended.  It is possible to have a Southern Latinx person.      My little brother is adopted and Filipino.  His last name is our family name, which isn’t.  Does that make him less Asian?  We seem to at least in this country have such limited views of race and ethnicity, one should never assume someone’s background.  And there is nothing wrong with wanting to learn about another culture or background.  It is what fights racism/bigotry.  If you don’t understand something you learn about it.  

Also to tell someone their personal head canon is wrong-why?  You can say you disagree, but I don’t get it.  I find some depictions of Chilton to go against my head canons, as long as they are tagged appropriately I see no problem.  Fanfic writing is in the end supposed to be fun.  And for me at least, adding in the Spanish for me has been the way I’ve picked up the most Spanish.  I think it’s totally possible considering the character’s background is gone into not at all in the show.  

I can understand being upset about stereotypes, but to just blanket get mad at people for not following one’s personal head canon is upsetting.  

And, finally, if you want to make a difference in the world.  Get out and protest.  Vote.  Volunteer for a candidate that supports your values.  I have already spent more time than I should have on this, and I may even delete this post.  But perhaps we can be a little less quick to be so judgmental of others.  

Excited for Counselors’ night with @happycampcamping, @gwem, @long-term-memory-sauce (@voiidtastic) and Rae tonight! I’ll be sending out the notice later - maybe around 8.30 or 9 EST? Let me know if that’s good for you guys! 

OH MY GOD!!!!!

I’ve just been nominated for a 2017 Marauder Medal by the wonderful Shrieking Shack Society

- Best AU for “Late Lunch”

Holy macaronis, this is beyond amazing and I’m already so grateful for being nominated at all! Thank you!!

Voting starts October 1st and ends on October 25th, in case any kind souls are wondering when they can start voting for my story. Aaaahhh, I’m all excited and jumpy!! Thank youuuu!!!



Please spread the words. Thank you.

FIGHTER promotion is officially ended with yesterday stage. We are not going to fight over whether the stage got cut short or music shows mistreated them, just appreciate that there is a chance for them to do a good bye stage, eventhough it is not a best one to be given.

Since the start of this promotion, many things were unfair to Monsta X. MBC stole their choreography and now no apologize whatsoever. Music shows decided to cut them because of other line-ups that seem to be more important than Monsta X. Last minute notice that make it seems like it is their fault. Arguing over these now won’t make things any better, go and cut onions won’t solve this, cry and protest for Monsta X will not make them treat Monsta X any better.

There are times when we have taken granted for what Monsta X has been doing for us. To be honest, when they didn’t win Rookie, we apologized and that’s it. When we said we will give them No.1 and didn’t happened, we also apologized and that’s it. Even now, they did not get invited to any Year-End Awards. The truth it, it hurts when we actually realized these things that are happening to Monsta X because we have been blindly take everything for granted.

We promised to vote, we did. We promised to stream and we did. We promised to win No.1 and we also did. We did great in promising but in 100% of keeping the promise, how many percent in that 100% did we actually committed? 99.9%? Probably up to 50% at most. I am not saying, “drop everything and go fangirling Monsta X.” Of course not! I ain’t that crazy knowing all Monbebe has there own daily life to take care of. But, 1 hour, just one hour a day, you’ve committed at least 5%. 1 vote, just one vote, you can turn the table in voting for Monsta X. Your hardwork will never go to waste, your vote will always be counted!

It is really sad that Monsta X cannot freely say they want to win No.1 because they scare Monbebe would be disappoint in them if they do not get it. Recently, they have not been smile that much and I mean heart-content, even if they said they are happy, I cannot pretend and say “Oh they are really happy.” I just have a feeling they have been keeping sad things to themselves lately. They look so down somehow…

From now until the next comeback, we sure have a bit more time since they are starting their fanmeeting tour. This is a good time for us, Monbebe, to promote Monsta X. It is simple, increase the views of Monsta X MV, promote Monsta X by recommend it to your friends, always hashtag #MONSTA_X to any shows you want to see them in, even vote for them on small polls. This won’t ever be done and never done because it is an endless work. I cannot do it all by myself, a small group of Monbebe cannot do it all by themseleves, this is when we need everyone’s bit of commitment. Just an hour of your day, Monsta X will be well known and have more chance to win in the next comeback. Your gathering, staying together, committing to help Monsta X will mean so much to them and to every Monbebes out there. Monsta X always need us, and this is when they need us the most.

This is their 2nd year since debut and have not win No.1 yet means people have labelled them to be underrated. There are so many reason that they should win No.1. Shownu is not that young, and who knows when he will enlist? Their contracts with Starship, God knows when it ends? Being mistreat, when does it actually stop? Maximum lifespan of an idol group is 5 years, who knows if it will go down hill worse than now after their 3rd year? Winning number one on Music Shows set a standard for idol groups, I know it is suck that everything will be measure by the mere trophy but it is how to keep Monsta X alive among the sea of idols. Back in No.Mercy, Monbebe votes determine their career and until now our votes still account for their career. So, we, as Monbebe, as Monsta X fans, our action means everything that will happen to Monsta X! If anyone ever think less of their own action and position, think about this real quick see if it makes sense.

I will be so glad if anyone ever make it to the end of this long post. If you are willing to commit a little more then I will be the happiest Monbebe on the Earth. If you are unsure then I won’t force and continue to say anything. I just thought we’ve already paved their path since No.Mercy, if we are losing and separating from each other now, then it is the same as we don’t even want them to exist since the beginning of No.Mercy. All I can ask right now is for us to have a stable fanbase that will be in charge of all the voting. There should be one leading fanbase, and from there we will each take turn remind each other to vote and support Monsta X. You can say that I am asking way too much, but if someone is not willing to say all of this to all the fans, none will even bother to read and none will bother lift the fingers to click and support Monsta X, none will bother to follow a set steps.

Last but not least, I am always hoping 2017 will be Monsta X year to shine even even even brighter. Stay by Monsta X, they need you the most, the one who is reading this post.

Some delusional IH still insist to say that it’s not true that the japanese didn’t like the Bleach ending and that we ichiruki just like to talk for them and thus basically saying that we are lying. Now I don’t really care what the IH say or do and their delusions but it’s annoying when they try to call us liars when we are not. We have already showed evidence of the japanese fandom being disappointed many times like here and here  but since they still try to act like everyone loves the ending I guess I’ll make another post that clearly shows what the japanese fans have to say about the ending of Bleach.

Here you can see how japanese fans voted for this last volume and you can clearly see that the majority is not really pleased with it and thus gave it a low rating. They also left many reviews explaining what they thought of this ending and many other things in general, so I thought what’s better than to read what the japanese fans think about this Bleach ending?

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Fifty years ago in a Washington, DC nightclub, the Ramsey Lewis Trio recorded “The In Crowd,” a rare jazz single that landed on the pop charts. Critic Kevin Whitehead says the fans were half the show:

“I am not big on audience participation, but the house really makes this record. Sitting at home by the hi-fi, you felt like a member of the in crowd, just grooving along with that hip audience, of jazz fans who dug pop or vice versa. There’s more than a little gospel music in the interplay between preaching piano and the amen corner, and you can trace the blurring of roles between arts maker and consumer back to West African ring dances. Ramsey Lewis’s “The ‘In’ Crowd” was a potent cultural signifier in the summer of the Watts riots and the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Back at the Bohemian Caverns, the trio ended the tune like they already knew they had a hit.”

anonymous asked:

Excuse me, what's going on with DRV3? You're saying Kodaka hates the fans, etc... was there a problem with the game? could you elaborate?

Ahh well.;; I just mumbled on the tags about this but if you insist I’ll bring this up I guess. Please keep in mind that this is just my feelings firsthand, okay?

kodaka trolled on the fans on this one and really bad. In the final class trial there is a “理論武裝(?)” I’m not sure if I got the word right but it’s a section where you break the armor of those you are debating against one by one (the rhythm game section) and saihara’s opponents are the viewers of the game. Which is intended to be us.

These viewers constantly complain on stuff like “this isn’t the danganronpa I know” “I kept cheering for this game all along!” “I don’t want this kind of ending” “the plot is going overboard” “fiction can’t change the world” <- refuted by saihara saying “Fiction can change the world”

this has a couple of phases. the second phase goes like:

“so, is the assassin girl gonna die already” “I was actually rooting for the detective guy” “I hate characters that try to preach you things” ”kaede should have lived” “it’s danganronpa because the characters die” “Mutual killing games are our entertainment!” <- refuted by saihara saying “Mutual killing games are wrong!”

Phase three goes like: “hope” “despair” “you have to choose!” “it’s gonna be hope” “it’s gonna be despair” “I hate endings with bad tastes you know” “People dying in vain because of refusing to vote is the worst ending ever ”<- refuted by saihara saying “it’s not in vain, I’m using my life!”

phase 4 goes like: “is danganronpa really going to end for good?” “Don’t just end it like it’s nothing now!” “what’s so bad about fictional characters killing each other?” “All right already, just start killing each other” “it’s going to be hope!” “despair!” “come on, I want to see more death games” “I want to feel more catharsis” “we can still anticipate a sequel, right?” “Danganronpa is not over, right?” <- refuted by saihara saying: “We’re putting an end to danganronpa with everyone’s hands!”

While I was reading this through I felt like kodaka was making fun of the fans who enjoyed dangan ronpa as a game. I see how he wanted to make a clever game and make us come to a “realization” he intended for us to have, but if this is the way how he sees the fans I’m not very up for it.. he makes the viewers sound like whiny children who can’t accept the franchise will end. If he ever decides to make a sequel or sell more things related to the dr franchise (which I think they won’t after having read all this) this isn’t the best way to word it all out.. well, that’s just how I feel about it.

anonymous asked:

claire i'm so sad and scared. how do we go on after this election? why is there so much hate? :'(

Oh, my loves. 

My sweet, scared, sad, vulnerable, beautiful beloved angels.  Come here.  Snuggle up.  I’ve got you.  I’m right here.

The answer is … we go on by going on.

As we always have.  As we always will.  As we must.

Today, we do whatever we need to do to survive, to keep ourselves from crumbling, and we give ourselves what we need, whether that is staying home from work or eating chocolate cake for breakfast or calling a suicide prevention hotline (see resources below).  Today we let ourselves feel whatever we are feeling, without judging it or permitting it to be judged by others.  

No one gets to tell you, today, while you are aching, to get up off the mat to start mobilizing for the 2018 midterm elections. No one gets to tell you, today, that if you had voted differently in the primaries we would not be here and therefore you are not permitted to feel sad.  No one gets to tell you, today, that your grief and fear are not real.

Later, there will be things to do, and we can talk about what some of them may be.  But they will keep.  Barack Obama is still the President of the United States.  We are still safe for now, we are still okay for now, we woke up in the same country we have always lived in.  So take today.  Take this week.  Take the time you need to feel whatever you are feeling.  Hug your cat and your nephews.  Call your mother.  Say “I love you.”  Eat cake and watch sitcoms.  You are grieving.  The reason this feels like grieving a death is because it is grieving a death.  We were in the attic with the door closed so we did not know the house was on fire.

But we know the house is on fire now.  And that’s better than not knowing.

My friend Ijeoma Oluo is a brilliant feminist and anti-racism activist in Seattle, and she posted a video on Facebook last night that made me feel something like . . . not hope, exactly, but the germ of something that might sprout into hope at some time in the future.  She talked about the election like a cancer diagnosis. If you are sick, and you don’t know you’re sick, or you don’t know the name of what you have, you can’t treat it. You will just go on being sick until you die.  Those of us who have lived through the diagnosis of a terminal illness – for ourselves or for a loved one – know firsthand how terrifying and painful it is to hear those words.  But it’s also where hope resides.  Because once you can give the thing a name, treating it finally becomes possible.  

So we have been given a diagnosis.  We live in a white supremacist, sexist society.  And not just in the United States, but in countries all over the world.  Brexit and Trump are symptoms of the same illness – the white male patriarchy, who hates anything which is “other,” feeling oppressed and threatened and terrified by a rapidly-changing world which has unequivocally declared that it wishes to move forward and leave their antiquated ways behind.  The fear of women, of immigrants, of LGBTQ people, of nonwhite faces, of non-Christian religions, is driven by their certain knowledge that women and immigrants and LGBTQ people and people of color and non-Christians are rising and rising and rising, in their own country and all over the world, and clocks cannot be turned all the way back.  

So now we are freed from the burden of trying to figure out what is wrong with us and why we feel sick.  We know what it is.  We know that eight years of a black man as president and the rise of a movement designed to push police brutality against black Americans into the forefront of the national conversation awoke a strain of white nationalism so deep that a silent majority rose up from seemingly nowhere, millions of them, who were never counted in any poll, who we had no idea existed, and they voted into power the single least qualified candidate who has ever run for President of the United States.  Because that is how much they hate women and people of color.

There is a lot of blame being thrown around, already, for whose fault this is.  You could make a compelling case that this is the fault of James Comey, for example, with his letter to Congress implying that the discovery of new emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop somehow implied Hillary had covered up a crime, even though nine days later he was forced to acknowledge that the whole thing had been bullshit – but only after millions of people had already cast votes.  And certainly there is blame to be laid at the feet of the media, who spent more column inches and airtime on Hillary’s emails than on any of the categorically disastrous Trump/Pence policy positions, and who made the mistake of not treating him as a serious threat until it was too late.  I had to stay off Facebook today after I saw a friend who supported Bernie Sanders in the primary blaming Hillary voters for Trump’s win, and that if we had all simply voted for the Jewish socialist in the primaries, the horrifically anti-Semitic and bigoted Trump campaign would, I guess, not have gone after him as hard. But that’s a wildly inaccurate reading based on the fact that we never had to watch Bernie on the receiving end of a Trump smear campaign attacking him for his progressive socialist beliefs. We don’t have any idea what lies they would have come up with.  (And we would have lost Bernie Sanders in the Senate, where we desperately need him more now than ever.  His career would have been shattered by the Trump steamroller, just like hers; the only difference is that hers was already over.)  You can blame third-party voters in Pennsylvania and Florida, whose votes totaled higher than the gap between Clinton and Trump, meaning that if they had voted for her instead of Stein or Johnson, she would have won both those states and the presidency.  I will fully admit to having felt this anger, but I also know that this is only a tiny piece of the puzzle; the problem is not simply that third-party voters diverted enough votes to flip the election, the problem is that it should never have gotten close enough for third-party voters to matter.  

Progressive values did not lose this election.  White supremacist patriarchy won it.  That is our diagnosis.  We know what the sickness is now.  We’ve passed a point beyond which we can’t pretend that we aren’t sick. We’ve hit rock bottom.

So now what?

How do we go on?

I had an Election Night party last night.  I had a house full of people and 2 dozen homemade brownie cupcakes with different cut-out pictures of Hillary Clinton’s face on them, and a banner that says “SMASH THE PATRIARCHY” hanging over the buffet table. We started out the night so hopeful; friends came wearing pantsuits and Hillary t-shirts and we had ice cream and champagne to celebrate at the end of the night, when we predicted we’d be watching the Oregon returns roll in after tearfully hugging each other through a jubilant Hillary Clinton acceptance speech.

And I will never forget for the rest of my life the way it felt to be sitting there on my couch, feeling physical nausea, as we watched the CNN electoral map change color in front of us. As the inevitable, terrible thing we had all dimly believed was an impossibility became reality right in front of our faces.

And I don’t want to forget it.  Because this is one of the most important things that has ever happened in my lifetime. I want to spend the rest of my life fueled by the horror of that moment, motivated by ensuring that something like this never happens again.  I live in a country that knowingly elected a fascist, and it was not even close, and we need to talk about how this happened and how we all get through it and come out the other side.

I felt sick to my stomach most of last night, and started crying as soon as my house emptied out.  I cried for my friend Sam, who is queer in a small Southern town and is surrounded by Trump supporters who make her feel afraid to come out, and I cried for the fact that our new Vice President is a man who diverted HIV/AIDS treatment funding in his state to go towards conversion therapy for LGBT youth, and for the four trans teens who took their own lives last night.  I cried for my friend Ike, a black man in a red state, who was in my DMs last night drunk and in tears and told me “I feel like I’m surrounded by enemies.”  I cried for my friends who have young children, and who are trying to figure out how to explain what happened.  Kids who don’t know how the Electoral College works, but who do understand what bullying is, and that it is never supposed to be rewarded with access to more power and more resources so that you can bully more people more effectively.

I cried last night, until I fell asleep.  I woke up this morning feeling numb.  Then I talked to my best friend on the phone, and then my stepmother came by to visit, and my phone was blowing up all day with friends texting me to say “I just want you to know that we will always be here and we will always be allies.”  The group text of my college roommates was full of “What can we do?”  Sarah is organizing a monthly series of networking and mentorship events for women executives in her very male-dominated field, because there is no system of support in place for them.  Beth is going to talk her theatre company into investing more in rural outreach, bringing arts programming and discussion into the kinds of communities where conservative echo chamber thinking allows bigotry to fester.   My family has a small private foundation – we invested my mother’s assets and life insurance after she died, which allows us to make gifts to charitable organizations with it – and the family group chat has been all about ways we can use those resources to figure out what vulnerable populations in our communities are about to become more vulnerable, and what we can do to help.

How do we go on?

We go on by going on.  As we always have.  As we always will.  As we must.

The white nationalist and anti-immigrant backlash which led to the rise of Trump is not a political problem.  It is not even exclusively an American problem, although America is in many ways the festering heart of it.  It is bigger than misogyny, bigger than Brexit, bigger than race.  

It is not a crisis of politics.  It is a crisis of empathy.

If you see immigrants as a force which has swept into your country and caused economic instability, making it harder for you to find a job, then you do not see those immigrants as human beings like yourself. You do not understand or care about their lives.  You do not see them as humans equal to yourself.  If you see black men as inherently dangerous, if you see women achieving positions of political and economic power as a threat, if you see marriage equality as a threat to the sanctity of the establishment of marriage, if you see Islam as a home for terrorists – what you have lost is empathy. What you have lost is the knowledge that every one of those people has a humanity which is equal to yours.  You are accustomed to having 100% of the privilege; now you only have 99%, which feels like oppression, and so it does not matter to you how many people out there have had zero all this time.  

How do we go on?


We have to find it again.  We have to get it back.

We have to stick together, now more than ever.  We have to find common ground instead of losing the next two years to liberal infighting and wasting our shot at taking back the Senate during the 2018 midterms, our best shot to limit the damage of a Trump presidency.  We have to find, and unite behind, a truly kickass Democratic presidential candidate, and we have to balance realistic expectations about electability with a sincere commitment to progressive values, and then we have to address the fact that forty-five percent of Americans did not even vote in this election.  About a quarter of the electorate went for Trump and another for Clinton; the difference was just a few percentage points (with Clinton ahead, though losing the Electoral College).  And then another few went to third-party candidates.  But that’s still barely half of the country.  Decisions are made by those who show up, and last night we saw what happens when the ones who show up are the white supremacists who hate women.

They hate us.

They have always hated us.

You were not imagining that.  It is real.  It is ugly and it is awful and it is real.  And when we avoid it – when we stay in New York for Thanksgiving because we can’t stomach flying home to Kansas and sitting across the table from our racist grandfather and feeling that discomfort; when we read only the news sources which validate our worldview; when we immerse ourselves in the liberal bubble and don’t ever set foot outside – then we miss the signs, and lose out on opportunities for the conversations that lead to real change.

Those of us at risk – with less privilege and more danger – need to take care of themselves.  Queer people, people of color, young progressives, flee their small towns and move to big cities to make better lives, to find safety and freedom. That is real.  That is valid.  That may be what you need to do.

But maybe those of us who are progressive and who have more privilege need to ask ourselves whether, by avoiding our racist grandfathers, by filtering our political posts on Facebook because we’re too tired to get into a whole big thing with that girl from high school, by making the red parts of the map redder by gathering up our Democrat friends and moving out of South Dakota to live in San Francisco instead, we are choosing things that make us feel comfortable at the expense of the hard, messy, uncomfortable activist work that our friends of less privilege really need us to do.

I do not want anyone putting themselves into a position of danger.  I do not want anyone risking their safety – physical, mental, or emotional.  But this is how we go on.  We look at ourselves, at where we fall on the ladder of privilege, and those of us who are higher – who are white, cis, straight, able-bodied, neurotypical, middle class or higher, educated, economically stable – step up as much as we can on behalf of the people around us who have less privilege and can’t.  If you’re playing a co-op video game and you have six lives left but your partner only has one, you take the bullet.  Not all of them – not enough to endanger yourself – no one is asking you to do that – but as many as you safely can.  Because maybe sitting down across the Thanksgiving table from your racist grandfather and explaining Black Lives Matter to him is the only possible venue where someone he cares about and will listen to could actually change his mind. And maybe the way you show your love for your friends of color is to take that one bullet for them.

How do we go on?  

We look around our communities and we see who needs help, and we ask what we can do.  

Do you pay to subscribe to a good, real newspaper?  We are going to need a well-funded free press over the next four years.  The Washington Post did vitally important journalism over the course of the Trump campaign, breaking a huge number of stories – like the Billy Bush tape and the fraudulent Trump Foundation – before anyone else did.  They have more than earned the couple bucks a month I pay for this online subscription. They fought hard for our democracy, and we are going to need them.

Can you afford to make a small recurring monthly donation to an organization that supports vulnerable populations in your community? Women’s reproductive rights and protections for LGBTQ people are about to be violently imperiled; Planned Parenthood, Lambda Legal, homeless shelters that support queer youth, and organizations that support women’s healthcare in the U.S. and around the world are going to need your money.  $5 a month over the course of a Trump presidency is $240.  What if we all did that?

If you can’t afford to donate, can you volunteer?  Do you live in a district with a Republican House or Senate member coming up for reelection in 2018?  Can you contact your Democratic precinct to get on their mailing list so the second they’ve nominated a Democrat to run against them, you can get on board to start knocking on doors?  Do you have a few hours a month to help stock the food pantry at your church or volunteer to help with childcare at a domestic violence shelter?

Do you regularly watch or support any of the reality television shows produced by Mark Burnett, whose media empire singlehandedly turned Trump from the failed real estate mogul who was treated mostly as a joke in the 80’s and 90’s into a brand synonymous with business success which led voters to believe he was capable of fixing the economy?  Or any of the other shows, like Jimmy Fallon or SNL who helped Trump brand himself as a lovable straight-shooter, your quirky uncle with the weird hair instead of a genuine threat to the stability of the entire world? Turn them off.  All of them.  Right now. And tell them why.  There needs to be a reckoning.

Is your social media world an echo chamber, where you mostly hang out in communities where everyone mirrors your same beliefs, and spends most of their time talking about how everyone who has different sets of beliefs is wrong?  Can you expand that circle in a way that does not threaten your safety or emotional well-being in order to consume media from sources you disagree with, so that you are better armed and equipped for the real, difficult, substantive conversations we are all going to need to be having with that 25% of the American populace who knowingly voted for this man as President?  Can you have those conversations in a way that facilitates real change, through listening and educating and explaining, rather than attacking or dismissing in counterproductive ways?  

You do not have to do any of these things today.

You do not have to do them tomorrow, or the next day.

Today, we go on by letting ourselves grieve the promise of Obama’s America, of the country we thought we had become.  It feels like a funeral because it is.  You get to feel that.  No one gets to tell you that you don’t.

Today we go on by telling other hurting people we love that we love them.  By telling our scared friends that they have our support and that we will fight to keep them safe.  By checking in with the people of color, immigrants, Muslims, queer and trans people we know and love, who feel their safety directly threatened by the results of this election, and we do not “not all white people” them – we do not dismiss their anger and betrayal no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel – but instead we remind them that they are seen and they are valued and that we intend to show up.  

Today we go on by celebrating women.  

Women are amazing.  

Women watched a man rise to power and become the President-Elect of this country after harassing, abusing, belittling and insulting us over and over and over again.  By sexually assaulting us and then bragging about it.  By empowering an army of misogynists online and in person to dismiss the woman running against him not on the basis of her policies (of which many Trump voters could not name one if you asked them), but on the basis of her womanhood.  For daring to be a woman with an opinion who stood up to the absolute pinnacle of toxic masculinity and said, out loud, “You are a toxic man.”

Hillary motherfucking Clinton.

You don’t have to agree with her policies.  You can have real questions about what the potential challenges might have been had she become president, and still look at what she did and feel that, as a woman.  How fucking brave that was.  She stood there next to a man who was less qualified for her job than anyone who has ever run for that job in the history of the republic, and she smiled like we told her to because she would be called a bitch if she didn’t, and while he foamed at the mouth spouting lie after lie, she never once cracked.  And then after the first woman major-party presidential candidate was forced to concede to a rapist, she gave a concession speech that kept the dream alive for the next generations of women and girls coming after her.

Women are amazing.

Feminism is amazing.

We are going to need each other over these next four years. We are going to need to rally behind the women in our government (some good news last night, there are more women and especially women of color in Congress than there were before, and my home state of Oregon elected Kate Brown, a bisexual woman as the country’s first-ever openly LGBTQ governor) and our future women candidates.  We are going to need to speak up about the right to control our own bodies which may be back on the chopping block, again.  We are going to be up against a culture of toxic masculinity that has just received an unprecedented stamp of approval, as though Gamergate itself has been elected to the presidency.  

We need each other.

We need to stand by women – queer women and women of color and trans women and altered-ability women and low-income women and immigrant women and Muslim women.  55% of all white women voters picked Trump, and 45% of all Americans – including millions of women – didn’t vote at all.  

Let’s make that our work over the next four years.  

Today we grieve and we watch Parks & Rec or The West Wing and we eat brownies for dinner and we call our moms and we cry and we do what needs to be done.

Tomorrow – or whenever it is that tomorrow comes for you, however long you need to take to feel like you can pick yourself up off the mat and lace up your boots and get back in the game – we raise up a feminist army.

We go on because we always have.  Because the white male patriarchy has always been here, stomping us into the dirt, telling us that we deserve nothing and we are greedy bitches for asking for more.  Telling us to shut up, to stay in the kitchen where we belong.  Telling us that our most important job is motherhood and that the person best fit to decide what we do with our uterus is Mike Pence. Telling us that we are too fat or too black or too loud or too ugly or too poor or too gay or too weird or too shrill or too old or too young for our opinions to matter.  

You never, ever have to apologize for the fact that this hurts you.  You never, ever have to feel guilty for the fact that it feels terrible to know how many people in this country – in this world – insist that you do not have a place here.

But you do have a place.  This is your country too.  

How do we go on?  How do we survive this hate?

With love.

You don’t have to love the people actively trying to destroy you.  You don’t have to turn the other cheek when someone hurls racial slurs at you or jokes about grabbing you by the pussy or calls you “objectively disordered.”  But we have to love each other.  We have to model for all the kids and young people in our lives what real masculinity looks like – good men who aren’t afraid to show emotions or parent their kids or use their privilege to speak up for women – and that no one can go through life alone.  That being the king in your lonely golden tower is not a fate to aspire to, even if you can get elected president that way.  We have to remember that anytime we call a woman a bitch for speaking up too loudly, every time we roll our eyes at a celebrity on a magazine cover who gained 15 pounds after she had a baby and we call her gross, every time we use “kick the chair” or “kill yourself” as an insult, every time we believe lies about someone we don’t like without checking because it’s more satisfying to believe the shocking lie is true, we are complicit in the system that elected a vicious, superficial and cruel reality television star to the presidency.  And that was only possible because we made him a celebrity and gleefully enjoyed the train wreck because it made good television for YEARS before it finally became clear what its devastating consequences would be. How do we go on?  We never fucking call another woman “fat” or a “bitch” ever again.  We turn off the reality television shows that provide an enjoyable trainwreck, create abusive environments for our entertainment, and pour money into the pockets of genuinely terrible people.  We stop being the kind of people who find other people’s suffering funny or empowering, who let the bully say terrible shit to other people because then at least he isn’t saying it to us.  

We built the kind of culture where a Trump could thrive long, long before he declared he was running for President, and we cannot prevent another Trump until we have dismantled it from the penthouse down to the foundations.

Cry today.  Take care of yourself today.  Put on your own oxygen mask before you help the person next to you.

But tomorrow – when you’re ready – there are vulnerable people who need you.  

We go on by going on.  As we always have.  As we always will.  As we must. Because there is simply no other way.

Thanks to @reblogginhood for the tips and resources below, which I copied directly from her Facebook post; please share with anyone you think may need these.

-National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255, chat:
-for LGBTQ+ youth: 1-866-488-7386, text/chat
-Trans Lifeline: (877) 565-8860,
-Crisis Textline (any crisis):
-Substance abuse hotline:
-Alcohol abuse hotline: 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

-guided mindfulness meditation (also available as an app):
-more guided meditations:
-tips for managing anxiety symptoms and attacks:…
-take deep breaths in sync with this:
-If you can, talk to someone you love in person, or at least on the phone, rather than via text or chat. Physical contact is important to combat feelings of isolation and fear.
-When push comes to shove, better out than in. Cry if you’ve gotta cry. Scream if you’ve gotta scream. Write it out, in a public space or in a private journal.
-If you need to disconnect, disconnect. There is no shame in stepping back to take care of yourself right now.