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BTS Reactions to Kissing Around the Other Members

Request: Can I request a reaction where the other members are in the room and one member of bts and their s/o kiss each other? Thanks :) loved your ‘Bts reacting yo a clingy s/o’ reaction♥

Note: Ahh thank you for enjoying my work! I try my best to make it satisfactory. Thank you for requesting and I hope I do this justice! Also, for the general audience, don’t forget to request! my ask box is completely empty and though i have some ideas, they’re mostly scenarios that’ll take while to write. Bless me with your creativity!

Kim Seokjin

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Honestly, giving a Jin a kiss is probably the only way to get him to quiet down from one of his tangents, so whenever the members are gathered in the dorm to relax and the eldest begins to talk about cooking cleaning, or (god forbid) himself: the others practically ask his s/o to take care of him. Though it was very cringey to watch at first, they would get used to seeing the act of Jin getting a light kiss to the lips and a few words whispered to him that often had him smiling like a maniac. As long as he would just stop talking, they would endure anything.

“Honey, do you know how many times I’ve been called here just to shut you up?”

“Do you know how many of those times I just wanted a kiss without having to put in much effort?”

Kim Namjoon

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Namjoon would probably kiss his s/o in front of the others just to get the reaction. It would be out of nowhere, too. The group would be messing around in the practice room while the guest sat to the side of their phone, and this large dork would take time before a run-through of their choreography just to waltz over and tilt their chin up for a light kiss, claiming it was for “good luck.” This would probably earn a laugh from Hobi, a semi-disgusted grimace from Yoongi, and exaggerated “awe’s” from the others, to which the couple would become a red-faced mess over.

“Hyung I know you were trying to be smooth, but that was just cheesy and cringey.”

“Jungkook-ah, watch your words before I tell Jin-hyung to limit your food supply.”

Min Yoongi

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It’s a well known fact among the members: soft kisses make Min Yoongi soft-hearted. They found this out after witnessing his s/o draped over the back of his shoulders and forcefully pressing soft kisses to his cheeks. The true smile on his face fueled a ton of teasing from the older and younger members alike. Whenever he had a foul mood or threw around a bit more salt than usual, once of the others (usually Hobi) would offer kisses in their best aegyo voice just so he could cheer up. From the disgusted responses they got, it also became a well known fact that only soft kisses from Min Yoongi’s s/o made him soft-hearted. Did it stop them? Of course not.

“Hoseok if you take one more step near me with those kissy lips I will stuff these chopsticks so far up your a-”

Jeon Hoseok

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Kisses from Hoseok are completely spur of the moment. There’s no telling when they’ll be placed, or where, so it’s a complete surprise to everyone when in the middle of a match of rock, paper, scissors (completely fueled by boredom) in the corner of the practice room that Hobi takes his s/o’s cheeks in his hands and presses a ton of scattered kisses around their forehead, nose and mouth. The couple that are full of giggles and cheesy love gain attention from the others and ultimately get kicked out for being a distraction (aka being disgusting).

“This is why I told you to stop, you dork!”

“But why would I want to stop showing you my love? It makes no sense, my love.”

Park Jimin

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Jimin kissing his s/o weirded out the other members (”He’s just…my child”) and that’s exactly exactly why he did it so often. As the happy couple practically sat on top of each other on the couch, Jimin would often amuse himself by creating an awkward atmosphere. Wrapping an arm around their waist, playing with their hair lovingly, pressing soft kisses to their jawline. One by one, each member just ended up taking their leave. It’s comparable t making ot in a room of family, and Jimin loves to laugh at the thought.

“Jiminie, the others are going to run away again, stop.”

“I’d rather be alone with you anyway*

Cue Min Yoongi’s exit.

Kim Taehyung

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Taehyung probably wouldn’t even realize his actions until hearing a chorus of groans and “get a room’s” in the general area around him. Kissing his s/o will probably become habit in the midst of them messing around with one another like toddlers. With the other members always having to watch over them like parents, there is imminent disgust in watching Tae pick up his s/o and spin them too harshly before setting them down and kissing the dizziness away from their features. It becomes either a “hit him whenever he’s too cute” or “suck it up and let them be in love” situation amidst the six witnesses, and of course the former is a more enjoyable response.

“Tae-ah I literally cannot stad straight anymore what have yoU DONE.”

“Awe, my poor baby I’m so- oW WHAT THE HELL, JIMIN-HYUNG?”

Jeon Jungkook

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Honestly, who wouldn’t want to kiss this child every time he acted an ounce of cute? After his s/o explained to the other members that his soft cheeks and puppy-eyed glance were always too cute to avoid kissing, he became the main focus of teasing. Jungkook would probably hear the exaggerated noise of “cute~” more often than ever before just because of his s/o admiring everything he does and rewarding it all with a kiss. He wouldn’t understand, but he definitely wouldn’t complain either.

“Why do you always kiss me when I’m in the middle of spacing out?”

“First of all, you look like a really lost puppy whenever you do. Second of all, it’s so goddamn adorable that I can’t resist the urge.”

dumb tododeku ideas ive thought about

  • todoroki enjoys hanging out in midoriya’s dorm, and prefers to spend most of his time in there
  • and he’s like “hey izuku, can we study in your room?” and midoriya is so enthusiastic and hes like “yeah! we can study!” 
  • but instead of studying like he asked to, todoroki decides to fuckn take a nap on midoriya’s bed
  • then usually midoriya doesnt even end up studying himself, so he’ll take a nap with todoroki too, or he’ll just browse through his phone
  • todoroki is a total blanket hogger, and midoriya doesnt understand why. “shouto.. u can regulate ur own body temperature.. why must u steal my blankets. im cold”
  • though 100% of the time, midoriya squeezes his way into todoroki’s blanket burrito. its super Cozy.
  • todoroki is actually really ticklish. and midoriya accidentally finds this out when he pokes his side to get his attention and is met with a loud squawk 
  • midoriya likes to poke his sides at random times because he finds the noise hilarious. (todoroki doesnt enjoy it, but he bears with it since he enjoys midoriya’s laugh)
  • though in return, when todoroki wants midoriya’s attention, he just sticks his cold hand under his shirt. (it causes midoriya to yelp each and everytime he does this)
  • in the common room, todoroki and midoriya Will take up the entire couch just to cuddle and wont let anyone else sit there with them. (midoriya feels a bit guilty doing this, but todoroki is just like ‘‘no. go sit on the floor’’)
  • before they started dating, they were pining after each other for a whole year. and also, were both totally clueless. 
  • and their classmates thought they were dating before they even officially started dating.
  • like, ‘’’””what do u mean theyre not dating yet? todoroki was totally sleeping on midoriya. they were practically holding hands. they keep hugging each other?? and hanging out in each others rooms?? they go out to lunch together every weekend? and theyre not boyfriends? bullshit’’’”

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My father documented my entire childhood. And we have these christmas videos from when I was little. After my mom died i'd put on the christmas video and turn the volume up high and go in the next room.. just so I could hear her yelling at me to clean my wall to wall toy covered room. Idk, made me feel like she was still around. Im okay now though.

my heart. fuck. i am so sorry. this physically hurts to read. i’m so so sorry. you are a brave beautiful human being and i’m glad he did that and you can do that if it makes you feel she is still around, cause she is. maybe not physically but she is still around and her love for you is infinite 

“I have to clarify though,” Dream started as they both stood up. “When you said I can sleep over, this isn’t like the last time you said I could stay the night and your mum started yelling because she never gave you permission and you never even asked?”

“She’s not my mum, but yeah, I asked her this time. I promise,” Frog answered with a sigh.

Dream paused for a minute before he asked hesitantly, “Aren’t you grounded?”

“Yep,” Frog responded, popping the ‘p’. He glanced around the room and frowned. “Hm. The sleeping bag must be in the laundry, I’ll be right b-”

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12) things you said when you thought I was asleep & Hoopkins (you're my hoopkins hero, these ficlets are making my day, thank you very much <3)

(Awww bless thank you!! and you’re welcome, I love getting your prompts haha <3)

Molly can hear her even though her bedroom door’s shut. Stella’s voice always travels when she’s on the phone- it’s endearing.

“Shh, Mum, I shouldn’t talk right now. I think she’s sleeping.”

Molly glances down at her laptop, blog post half written. They’d gone on a walk around London and taken daft touristy pictures, and she wanted it recorded. Certainly too exciting to sleep. Incorrect conclusion, Detective Inspector.

From the living room, Stella’s voice carries on:

“Yeah, well, we met at work, didn’t I say? I did! …Well, wasn’t my fault you weren’t paying attention.”

Molly rolls her eyes. Stella and her mother are far too similar for their own good.

“Yeah, loads of time- oh, did Dad lose his keys again? …Anyway. She’s- you’ll really like her. She’s- she’s just so lovely. Mum…actually.”

Stella’s voice drops to an almost whisper and Molly near flies to the door, straining to hear the rest:

“I really… I really think she could be the one.”

Doing johnlock (& now hoopkins too <3) prompts from this lovely list even though I’ve got loads of other prompts to fill lmao sorry but these are so lovely for more inspiration <3

Numbers filled (johnlock): 6; 31; 12; 11; 60; 8; 51; 34; 54; 60x2; 3; 14; 42; 60x3; 22; 10; 16

Numbers filled (hoopkins): 14; 25; 41; 9; 8; 12

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My family is completely sexist when it comes to chores. As the oldest & female I had to clean the upstairs bathroom entirely starting at age 13, vacuum the top & bottom floor of the house, unload the dishwasher, clean my room, & start doing my own laundry by age 17. My two younger brothers not so much. One is 17 now & my mom still cleans his room & does his laundry for him. All my younger brothers do is take out the trash. At 21, I have less chores now, but I'm still stuck doing more than them.

Oh my goodness, I get you on being the oldest girl. I don’t have any brothers though, so I can’t imagine what that’s like. I feel like parents doing the boys’ share of the chores just teaches them to be lazy and irresponsible…? idk, that might just be me ;)

Did you know there’s a gender gap in chores? Girls spend 40% more time doing chores than guys!

Send us your stories of sexism in your household

Mod Marie-Rose

I don’t know what it’s called but sometimes I get these feelings where like I can literally <i>feel</i> a scenario. Like right now out of nowhere I randomly felt myself and like physically saw myself, with some man, in a loft, and I felt so content and comfortable. And like I can induce these kind of feelings? like I need the setting to be a certain way but I can still do it. It’s gonna sound a weird and sexual but it’s not: I can like rub my nipples when im lying in the near dark at night with my window open so the street light is dimming the room and cars are penetrating the silence, and with a cool breeze on me, I can feel that I’m somewhere in LA and see everything even though I’ve never been there. It’s like I teleport or something but I can like put myself in a convertible and drive down the road at night with the wind in my hair as I look up at the city lights or I can feel that I’m in a house on the hills with a view overlooking downtown LA like I don’t know how I do that but when I do it I can literally feel it and see it.

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Hi, can I ask you something honestly? Like how do you do it? Support yourself and stuff I mean? That must be tough and I'm not trying to offer pity or anything, it's actually admiring! And your a strong person for doing so. 💜

honestly, i save my money and try to do well in school. i’d like to get out of the ghetto one day and (maybe?) make something of myself. so, i put time and effort into school and work with a smile plastered on my face while hoping for something better

i don’t complain, though. i have a room of my own, food to eat, and a pillow to rest my head on every night, and that’s enough for me

to keep myself sane, i play sports, game, and write/make music 🤷‍♀️

She smirked, a chuckle escaping ruby lips as she turned to face the other, adjusting his hair nonchalantly. It was as if she were immune to the many people calling her name and trying to talk to her. Some in adoration, others in fear or disgust.

She had long since stopped caring about a ‘secret identity’, so the notorious Catwoman was out and about regardless of the opinions of the people. Though, she hadn’t been doing all that much thieving lately, under close watch of the Bat and his several little bat-lings.

“Joking or not, I can hear you and I have no qualms in embarassing you in front of a large crowd of rich snobs.” She teased, crossing her arms.

“I could find it, sure, but Gotham doesn’t exactly trust my payments. With my hobbies and everything,” she waved dismissively and glanced around the room, “You can get as many shots as you want, just mind the smartass chatter. Now c'mon, let’s see if we can find Mr Wayne. He’s a sweet guy; not really my type, but he’s a decent friend.”

Bruce Wayne? You think he’s gonna show?” Peter shifted to tuck the polaroid print into the inner pocket of his suit vest, his eyes scanning the crowd as the two of them walked the length of the room. Outside the skyline was clear. No sirens, yet, no bright yellow spotlight beaconing the man in black to their not-so-humble gathering.

His print was traded for a notepad as he shifted his arms, trying to straighten his cuffs in the process. The least he could do was try to look like he belonged. The poor kid was wide eyed and lanky limbed, but somebody cleaned him up nice enough to get him in. He wasn’t going to blow the favor with his grotesque lack of a filter around the kind of assholes they rubbed elbows with on evenings like this. He could hold his tongue long enough. Besides, at a place like this? Ears were far more valuable.

“I wasn’t aware Mr. Corporate Billionaire was so passionate about snow leopards. Something tells me if he shows— which I still doubt by the way, it won’t be for charity.” Peter made eye contact with her this time as they moved towards the golden arched gateway to the balcony. “You said he wasn’t your type.” Reaching out with ease, he opened the door for her, taking two glasses of champagne from the waiter as they passed.

But who’s to say you’re not h i s. Huh?
The twenty-something reporter smiled quite
knowingly as he passed her a glass and gestured
his own for a quick

ft. @ms-feline-fatale

I was thinking about the single father kurofai thing again and I just have this imagine in my head now of Kuro napping on the couch with Syaoran snuggled up to him and Sakura on his chest, all having fallen asleep while watching some show on tv and Fai was in the kitchen and he peeks his head into the living room and sees them and his heart is just filled with so much love and he realizes just how in love he is with Kurogane and he’s so happy that they met. (Mokona is also Fai’s cat who takes a liking to Kuro from the first moment he steps in the door)

How to know you are INFP

-You often feel like an alien on earth.

(INFPs are one of the rarest types. Even though we can find a lot of us chatting on the internet, it can be hard to find other INFPs in “real life”, because we tend to avoid unnecessary attention. Therefore, we can sometimes feel very alone and different.)

-You feel sorry for the last cookie in the jar.

(A lot of INFPs have a great sense of empathy. We understand other people and their feelings. In some cases, this sense of empathy can even lead us to project feelings onto inanimate objects. I once apologized to a chair for knocking my foot on it.)

-Your room or apartment is full of random, more or less useful stuff.

(Our Intuitive side mixed with our perceiving side makes us idea machines. We are interested by everything. We start tons of projects we won’t finish right now, but maybe later. We keep stuff just in case. We also keep stuff because of sentimental values. Our mind is always rolling and exploring and creating. Our space is representative of our mind.)

-You can’t put your music library on random.

(INFPs are very curious and open-minded. We understand and love many different things. If you are INFP, chances are you like a lot of different kinds of music too. So you need to make playlists unless you want to hear a piano jazz instrumental song right after some gangster rap, followed by an obscure indie band from the 80s.)

Mom Friend

Ok but imagine how the aliens would react to the idea of the “mom friend”. Like the crew is losing their mind over the fact their human is reckless, doing so many dangerous things that would have killed any other race but of course it’s fine because it’s a human and those things are so hard to kill anyway.

The only planet that is a danger to a human is the one it came from.

So when the human-Kat comes into the control room with that adorable hopeful face a lot of the crew members are instantly on guard. The last time Human-Kat had that expression they almost lost Xe'rex to the waves of that one planet that Human-Kat just had to “Surf”.

“Can my friend Lola come meet us for the 34-OJ mission? She’s right in our pathway to that new planet? Please?” Huamn-Kat says and though they want nothing more then to say no, the crew of 626- Launch can’t say anything else other then yes.  They know how humans react when left alone for too long. Humans claim that their greatest criminals are placed in “solitary confinement” as punishment which goes very far to show how much bonds affect their life spans.

Human-Kat needs human interaction to stay alive and sane (or as sane as humans can be)

So the crew  agrees to have Friend-Lola on the voyage, slightly terrified of having two humans. But when the new human arrives it is not what they expected.

“Kat, have you finished your paperwork? Come on man, you know it’s due in like a day. Get on it.”

“Whoa dude, I love you ok. But no. You are not going to go surfing down there. It’s for your own good.”

“Girl you got the promotion?! Yes! Ok Ok! We need to celebrate with girls night in!”

“Hey I have some tissues in my bag somewhere hold on. There ya go.”

“Look at this game I picked up on RE-vr’. It’s just like Cards against Humanity but space!”

“Go. To. Sleep. Kat.”

“Remember that pact we made in high school? The one where I would stop you from doing something that will get you arrested or killed? Yeah well I’m calling it into action and saying that you do not lick anything on a unknown planet!“ 

This Human…holds common sense? That is possible for that race?!

After Friend-Lola leaves they ask Human-Kat about this and she merely laughs while swiping through photographs she had taken with the other human.

"Well Lola is the mom friend.”

And the crew of 626-Luanch are so confused because they have already seen photos of Human-Kat’s birth givers and they look nothing alike not to mention Human-Kat already has a Mom. Do humans have more then one “Mom”?

“Oh you know a mom friend is the one friend in a group that keeps everyone else from dying.” Human-Kat jokes.

But the crew is amazed. They have learn the reason humanity haven’t killed itself off. They send a message to every out post in the area.

If xe have a human on-board make sure that they are accompanied by a Mom Friend. These are the humans in charge of keeping other humans alive and well-behaved. 

Anime Filler Episodes
  • Literally every anime: -has a filler episode-
  • me: that was cute, I can't wait to get back to the main story though
  • yuri on ice: -has episode 10-
Things Overheard in Dorms
  • “That’s the fourth time this week you’ve brought up cannibalizing me. Should I be worried?”
  • “So needless to say, she peed on me.”
  • “Wow, this Heineken has such a smooth finish!”
  • “Do you think I can fit an entire orange in my mouth?”
  • “If I hear someone sing Hamilton in the shower again I’m joining them in their shower so I can drown them.”
  • “Someone just gave me a free cake. Should I be worried?”
  • “How did they manage to get that in BOTH shower stalls!?”
  • “How much caffeine is poisonous? Asking for myself, I’m actually worried.”
  • faintly, as though yelled from in a room down the hall “Can you come hand me my Swiss rolls? My head spins if I sit up.”
  • “Well you see, Marxism is actually” *anguished yelling from multiple people*
  • “Why is Ross sitting in a box in the hallway with a sweatervest draped over his head?” “Stress.”
  • “What’s the difference between an undergraduate research assistant and a random nosy 19 year old? Less than you’d think!”
  • “Let Bob Ross caress your happy little struggles away.”
  • “He talks like he thinks the world is waiting with bated breath to hear what he thinks about Fight Club.”
  • *screaming in harmony with a vacuum*
Humans Are Weird

Oh gosh, guys, what if humans are the only known species to have brain farts!!

It was the second time in two minutes. Human Sergei came onto the third floor’s common, only to stand in the doorway with a blank look on his visage before turning around and walking back out.

“Do you think he’s ill?” I said to Crewmate Thrifsk Sark.

She shrugged, the translucent ribbons of skin protruding from her shoulders rippling. “Crewmate Human Sergei is a strange one,” she replied. “I’ve learned to ignore his behaviour during leisure hour.”

The muscles in my lower visage clenched and I turned back in time to see Human Sergei arrive a third time. Far from a blank expression, though, he wore one of irritation.

“That’s it!” he shouted. “Can someone please tell me what I came in here for?”

His demand was met with shock, and all six of the crew present in the room immediately surrounded the human.

“Are you injured?”

“Are you sick?”

“Why can’t you remember?”

“Someone fetch Medical!”

“I AM FINE!” Human Sergei bellowed. “I just can’t remember what I came in…! OH! Wait!” His exclamation startled me and I fell back a step. He beamed at me. “Medical! Chief wants you in the sick bay, Dorg. There was a malfunction with one of the stasis pods.”

“Swirling gasses, is anyone hurt?” I squealed, grabbing my crewmate by his arm and dragging him out of the common. “Is it occupied?”

“No, no. Nothing like that. It’s just smoking a little.”

A stasis pod was smoking?!?

“How did you forget that a stasis pod was smoking?” I demanded.

Human Sergei lifted a shoulder in a half-shrug as we ran. “Blame it on the brain fart, man.”

I posted earlier that I’d be at Further Confusion in San Jose this weekend.  As it turns out, I lied.  We’re in the midst of a multi-day ice storm in St. Louis and I can’t get out.

My apologies to anyone who was planning to pick up a sketch or signature. (My publisher will still be at Booth 2 in Dealers Room West with lots of books and big, new giclée prints, though.)

Anyway, if you too are dealing with wintry garbage, here’s a baby Maya for thinking warm thoughts.  May the trees stay standing and the electricity stay on.


not really doll-related but hey i just made felt cacti !!! still considered miniatures, right? heh. they are easy and adorable and they help me to unwind my head a bit. i would say it’s meditative, even. there are so many felt cacti home decor ideas online, it’s crazy what people can transform felt into. i’m giving these two away to good friends though, but i’d definitely love to make some more and put it around the room…

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You know dinosaurs ain't real right?

I turn dramatically to the entirety of birds present on this planet. They all stare at me, expectantly, their little birdie faces looking at me in various expressions and emotions. After all, birds are not one unified group. 

“I’m sorry guys,” I whisper, my voice hoarse and pained. 

One African Grey caws out, “Why are you sorry, Meig?”

I take a long, slow breath, “Tumblr Anon says you’re not real.” 

Thousands of voices caw out in unison. The horror in the air is palpable. A Harpy Eagle screeches in fury, while a Little Blue Penguin waddles up to me at the front of the room. 

“What do we do?” the penguin asks, even though penguins can’t talk, because I mean, does it matter, since penguins apparently don’t exist? 

“We move on, my friend,” I say, patting the penguin on the head, “We move on.” 

Slowly but steadily, the birds fly or walk away, all moving out in unison. Some go to universes where they do exist. Others stay here, as ghosts - remnants of an idea that once was. 

I change the title of ADAD to A Pseudosuchian A Day. I begin talking about scutes instead of feathers. 

But finally, the lies we have all been living under have been exposed.