can someone translate the last line

I own 4/5 of these lovely doujinshi, the piece with blue colored cover in the middle belongs to my kouhai. Of course she bought another copy of each pieces for herself too (gurl why you so rich?)


Title: LIVE
Circle/Doujinka: Tadano she’s someone with lovely artstyle you can not ignore.
Sample: here
Link to purchase: None, SOLD OUT already after just a few hours of open selling on Toranoana_(┐「ε:)_ 

* Note: I will spoil only the last short-story
All Images taken by my kouhai, she also did the JPnese to VNmese translation. Here I just translated a few lines to English so you guys could understand. *

Summary: Victor and Yuuri went out to celebrate their first day living together, however Victor was too excited with the thought of making love to Yuuri for the first time and got drunk so Yuuri had to take him home. And then…

Victor: Starting today we’ll be living together for a year so,
I definitely must have sex with you tonight.

Victor: But I went overexcited (about it) and got so tipsy.
Aah~  What should I do now Yuuri?
I smelt your scent clearly. Despite this, I still didn’t get hard.
Yuuri: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *Laughing his ass off* 

Yuuri: I will do, okay? (he means riding him ò w ó)
Victor: No.. I…

Victor: I want to make love to you, Yuuri.
Aah~ I want it so badly.
Yuuri: W-wait…
Water! I..I will bring you some water so, get sober soon please…

*LOL* Victor you drunkass :)))))))))))))))))))

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Hey dear! Here's a fanfic prompt if you wanna do it :3 "MC with a abusive (physical... mental, you choose) dad and lord's way to help MC." You can choose whichever lord of your choice for this prompt, Hope you can write this good luck!

Sonyaaa. Thank you for sending a prompt~ (´。• ω •。`) ♡ I’m sorry for taking so long! I also apologize if this wasn’t what you expected. I didn’t name the lord, but I wonder if you could guess who I had in mind while writing this :3

Word count: 957
Warning: Hints of alcohol addiction and physical abuse
A/N: The last line kinda makes no sense, but I didn’t know how else to ~translate~ it. X’D

“He’s here again,” the restaurant owner says, entering the kitchen.

“Ah… I’m still in the middle of cooking something,” you reply, busying yourself with the pot in front of you. The owner puts a hand on her waist and raises an eyebrow. “You know he’s going to ask for you. Besides, I can have someone else finish that.”

“Right,” you sigh, resigning yourself to your fate.

“He ordered the usual. Bring them out when they’re ready.”


“Here is your order, sir. Please enjoy the food,” you smile and bow politely.

“Thank you,” he says, smiling back. “Care to join me?”

“Oh, I…” you mumble awkwardly.

“I already asked permission from the owner. She said you could use a short break.”

“She did?” You turn your head towards the counter. Sure enough, the owner was looking at you with a mischievous expression on her face.

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The nuance in the third panel of Sarada asking Sasuke why his response is a simple “yeah” would be - 

“Papa, how can you say that so surely/confidently?”

The word 言い切る (iikiru) is usually used to describe someone saying something with confidence, force and conviction. 

Given in this context all Sasuke says is “aah” , which translates to “yeah.” in English, Sarada wants to know what it is that makes Sasuke feel like a simple “yeah” is totally sufficient. 

The answer to that is, “Because we have you, Sarada.”

The literal translation to that line would be, because you are here/you exist. 


And then would you look at Sarada’s smile at the end, I’m not sure when the last time I saw an Uchiha grin like that was. Hehe Sunshine Uchiha. <3 

Edit: Note to those of my sasusaku family who are in to studying Japanese, I wrote up a guide on how to self study - [LINK] Go for it and I hope it helps. :3

Music Will Save Your SOUL (and your pronunciation)

Other blogs and articles and even books can tell you why you should listen to music while learning a foreign language, but they don’t really tell you how. So here are a few personal tips of mine for how to get the most out of music in your target language.

1. Listen, don’t read: A lot of people will say “go find foreign songs and look up the lyrics!” and I say hold up on the lyrics. When listening to music just listen. Don’t worry about meaning and words just let all of that go and focus on the music and the sounds. (Though if you like, you are allowed to look up a lyrics translation once just to get a basic meaning of the song but don’t get stuck on meaning quite yet.) This is important for learners of all levels. If you’re a beginner it can help you start off good pronunciation wise and for an advanced learner it can help you in places where your pronunciation could still use a little improvement. Imitate the sounds as best as you can, advanced learners this is important: forget how you “know” it to sound (i.e. how you’ve always been pronouncing it) and just listen and repeat exactly what you’re hearing. Because sometimes what you “know” it to sound might not be accurate. I still remember in my Chinese class some people pronounced words wrong to the bitter end because in the beginning they’d started off incorrectly, the teacher eventually gave up correcting them so they assumed that meant they had it right, and it never quite left. (Know I have nothing against accents in foreign languages the goal is to do the best you can and just ‘cause it’s your best doesn’t mean you can’t set a new best :) Let these songs get mixed into your regular playlists and let them just become a part of life.

2. Reference lyrics: Don’t sit there with your eyes buried in the lyrics, but keep them handy. Long after you’ve gotten a good gist of the song without ever reading anything you can finally look at the lyrics. But use them to check out the parts you’re not quite sure on. Some sounds in foreign languages can be difficult to distinguish, perhaps the distinction doesn’t exist in your native language. Here’s your chance to kind of start to know what you’re pronouncing. You might find a few sounds you missed (or were omitted intentionally) in the song. There’s also sounds that you’ve been hearing the same but seeing them spelled you realize they’re different. You’ve been listening to this song for so long it won’t take you long to start hearing and imitating that distinction. You might also notice some sounds that are different from written and that’s just an aspect of the language (like Russian o going to a when it’s unstressed) but now you’ve got it down the right way long before you even looked at the spelling which often confuses pronunciation more than it helps. You can learn where the word breaks are and sentence breaks because they’re not always clear in music. If you can add the lyrics to your song (you can do this easily with iTunes/apple devices I don’t know about other devices) so you can have them for reference every time the song comes up on a playlist. Continue this step until you can basically recite the song and have a native speaker understand you. For languages with different alphabets or tones, here’s how you should approach it: alphabets/abjads/syllabaries should be left in the original writing system, it’s good practice for you to learn to read especially in places where letter and sound don’t match/can change. This would include Cyrillic, as well as the Arabic writing system and the many writing systems used to write the many languages in south and south east Asia. Add accents if accents are a thing you need (even if they’re not normally written in casual writing). If you’re learning Japanese it’s okay write out the pronunciation for Kanji, but it’s best if you do it in one of the Japanese syllabaries (Hirgana/Katakana) and keep the original Kanji just put the hirgana next to it in parentheses or something to help you get used to the kanji. Delete it when you’re ready. If you’re learning Chinese do put pinyin with proper tones underneath each line of characters. Tonal languages: it is very important that you make sure your tones now come into play, like I said before, by the end of this step you’re going to want to be able to basically “speak” the lyrics, and often tones can get lost in music but can be key in speech.

Photo: Example of some lyrics on my iPod

3. Learn meaning: Last but certainly not least, now it’s time to learn the meaning of this song you’ve known for like ever now. But don’t just look up someone else’s translation and roll with it. You don’t know who made that translation or if it’s even good. Now if you started this journey with a song at the same time you started your journey with a language you should have quite a bit of vocab and grammar under your belt. Go over the lyrics in the target language and try and figure out what you can figure out without ANY dictionaries or translators getting involved. Sometimes you’ll be surprised, even as a beginner, how much of it you can actually understand. If you need a dictionary or translator for a word here and there, use it. If there are whole paragraphs you don’t understand, leave them. No one said you have to know it all know. Who knows, maybe later you’ll come across this song again and suddenly have the vocabulary/grammar to understand more of it. Keep working on it until you’ve got it all.

It’s important to remember this is just my own personal way of doing it. I’m sharing it because who knows, someone else out there might find it useful too. Often I feel like with music, particularly foreign music, it’s good to split it into pieces of sounds/words/meanings in that order. And when it is you work on the next part is up to you. Some of you might complete all these steps for one song in like a week. Others might keep at it for months. Work at your own pace. But if you’re going to spend extra time on any step, pick the one that matches your goal. If your goal is to help pronunciation, focus on the sounds step the most, words the second most, and meanings the least. If your goal is vocabulary/grammar then obviously you would prioritize them differently.

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seeing jjong like iu's pic reminded me to ask you if you could do a friendship post between them when you have the time ^^

just in time for her comeback! jonghyun and iu…, another underappreciated friendship of his (and probably one of his closest in the ~celebrity world).

shinee and iu both debuted in 2008: shinee in may and iu in september. they knew of each other before they “officially” became friends (i’ll share some indirect interactions below) but didn’t start to become close until they were both casted in the first line of up of singers for “immortal song 2” in 2011. when iu guested on blue night radio early last year, they revealed how their friendship begun exactly, with jonghyun mentioning that he was able to share “worries” with iu during the recordings of the show and it was through that and the discovery that they had mutual interests in music, ect. that they started to become close. (a full translation of this conversation with english subtitles can be found here.) during this same interview, iu, who admitted that she isn’t someone who has many people that she’s “close” to, said that she considered jonghyun as someone “really close” to her. jonghyun “suggested” after this that they “change” the status of their friendship to “best friends”. so, that’s a little bit of cute to start off with.

* as mentioned above: before they actually became friends, both iu and jonghyun were known to acknowledge each other at random times during their respective promotions. iu imitated jonghyun’s singing back in 2009, and jonghyun was once caught lipsynching along to one of her performances in late 2010. there’s also a well known fancam of him watching her pretty adoringly as she did an acoustic cover of “juliette” in 2009. this is the actual performance that she did! there were a few other moments when they were caught listening to each other sing: like this time with jonghyun, ect.

* a video is kind of hard to find back, when they were doing a press conference for “immortal song 2”, the both of them praised each other. when iu was asked if she had any other idol singers in mind to join the program with her, she replied with: “i actually recommended shinee’s jonghyun, and i didn’t think he’d be joining us here like this today. i’m personally a fan of his voice.” he responded back to this by saying: “i actually didn’t want iu to come on the program…, because she’s such a great singer. she’s a vocalist whom i personally really like. i thought that maybe if one less person came out there’d be a greater chance for me to win.” (source) during the actual show, jonghyun was caught fawning over her performances a handful of times.

* jonghyun has promoted her a loooooooot on his twitter. the first time was with the release of her song “here (peach)” in 2012. iu replied that she saw it on her me2day soon after. (he later talked about the song again earlier this year on blue night.) he also tweeted about the release of “here (the red shoes)” in 2013 in which he called her “jjang jjang girl”, and he’s made other random recommendations to his followers of her songs.

* in 2013, with the release of her album modern times, iu collaborated with jonghyun on the song “우울시계 (a gloomy clock)”, which he composed and wrote the lyrics to. in the few months that followed the release the song was talked about many, many times by the both of them. iu admitted during a guesting spot on “weekly idol” that jonghyun originally wrote the song for himself. he showed her the demo version and she was so taken by it that she asked if he’d sell it to her. jonghyun initially told her that he’d give it to her for free, but she insisted that she’d pay him and they ended up going the whole nine yards with him featuring as vocals on the song as well. she called him a “really cool” for both doing this / in general. she also mentioned the collaboration on ask in a box where she talked a bit about their friendship and mentioned that it felt really good working with a close friend on a song like they did / being able to show “things” to fans that she hadn’t to before and the process meant a lot to her. during jonghyun’s solo promotions, he mentioned the above story on “sketchbook”, calling her an amazing vocalist and saying that she expressed the song “well”. (another article where jonghyun discussed the song back when it was released can be found here.) since the release of the song they’ve sang it three times live: the first time as a small snippet during an interview on “music bank”, the second on blue night (technically, they sang it twice there, but…) and the last time when jonghyun appeared as a guest at one of the solo concerts she held last may. they also performed iu’s “havana” at the same concert. jonghyun himself has performed a few different versions of the song this year: here and here being two of them. he also mentioned earlier this year on hashtag that he’d like to collaborate with her again sometime.

* as mentioned above: iu appeared as a guest on blue night not long after he begun working on the show last year. along with the above shared video, there’s two other translated snippets: one where they talk about sulli, and another that’s just an almost twenty minute chunk of conversation. more translations from her guesting can be found here.

* shinee and iu promoted together back in 2013 and there were many, many, many cute moments. this was also when their friendship was basically exposed as being as strong as it was, a few examples of this: jonghyun congratulating iu on one of her music show wins by showering her with confetti, iu promoting shinee’s album during an encore for another win, shinee doing some of iu’s choreography for one of their winning encores, the two of them giggling together during an encore stage, dancing together during another encore stage and this cute backstage moment.

“Slave! Heed me again!” (The Dialogue of Pessimism, BWL 139)

This dialogue between a flighty master and his longsuffering slave has been read by scholars as a nihilistic philosophical treatise, a comic skit, and a Saturnalia-like celebration of social subversion.  The first four interactions of this text are broken, but they follow a script similar to the rest.


“Slave!  Heed me again!”

“Yes, m’lord, yes!”

“I plan to commit a crime.”

“Then commit it, m’lord, commit it!  If you don’t commit a crime, what will you have to wear?  Who will give you anything to fill your belly?”

“No, slave, I shall not commit a crime.”

“The man who commits a crime gets either killed, or flayed, or blinded, or arrested, or tossed in prison.”

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Thought I would share this with everyone. I’ve been in a decent mood today, just to spite that anon. This song seems to fit my mood. 

Also, I know some people I’ve been following have been having a rough time since the election. Please take a minute and listen to this with me, okay?

How are you? Isn’t there anything new?
Not too bad myself, I’m trying my best.
Lately in our world, there’s been many depressing things
And here, everyday you keep your mouth shut.

The people who walk the streets, without change
With grim faces and a quick pace
Where are they walking off to?
What are they walking for?

Hey, please listen! Let’s stop and stand here just a bit longer.
Lalala lalala, we sing under totally different skies.
Everyday, [We’re] hurried on by life,
let’s take it slowly and not seriously.

Please don’t cry anymore!
Hey, don’t look so down.
Putting it to words, to voice, to song, there’s a world you’ll be able to see.

Is your heart broken? Are you crying? After all, people without love fall apart.
The great god from some other country, what was it that they said again?

Today and tomorrow are both busy days, so sing your little song.
Sad songs, happy songs, and songs for someone else clearly take form.
They change into “something”

Everyone has a singing voice
Here and now, let it resound
With singing, you’ll be able to become just a little bit stronger.
Let me hear it,
your unique song.

La la la la la la……

(Cutely, the last line of the song, the way he says “you” [君だけ - kimi dake] can also be translated as like “darling, sweety.”)

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I'm not 100% sure since it was quite a while ago, but when chapter 10 of Re came out I think someone mentioned that the last line Haise said ("I think that I had such a beautiful person in my life before") was a mistranslation? Can you clarify that? Thanks!

If it’s this panel, then the translation you mentioned is definitely a mistranslation. 








My own quick translation of the bolded part: I thought, there were such beautiful people in the world.

Nowhere does it imply he remembers Touka. Hope this clears things up!


I finally realized something:

What language did River use that no one in billions of years could translate it? It’s not any form of Gallifreyan because the Tardis wouldn’t translate it. It’s not from any planet in the universe because someone from those worlds would have translated it. Did River and the Tardis just make up a language only they knew? I wouldn’t put it past them. :-)

Why didn’t the Tardis translate the Ancient Greek in the last line? The only thing I can think of is she wanted to keep his Academy name private. If he wanted to tell it to Amy, that was up to him and not the Tardis. This way, River’s personal message showing she not only knows it but that it’s between them stays that way.

So I'm the girl Perfume (almost) picked to translate for them at last night’s concert.

As in, I had a ten second conversation with A~chan. A~chan said my name. At the Hammerstein Ballroom. In front of everybody. As in, holy mother of god, this cannot actually be happening to me. 

But even more incredible than that moment were the events that led up to it. This got REALLY long, so bear with me.

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[Cynwrig sat in the University furiously scribbling away at a piece of parchment. It was an ideal day to pay the library a visit, seeing as most Norns were too busy with their holidays to pay books much attention. But Cynwrig’s piece was not to last for long. As he was working to translate a line of text he noted someone peering over his shoulder. His quill stilled itself and he let out a long sigh.]

I cannot get a moment’s peace, can I?