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Help Please (Not​ About Money)

Assalaamu ala al-Muslimin
Hello y'all

I’ll try to make this as short as possible. Here’s a quick summary to why I need help. This is kind of unnecessary so you can scroll down if you don’t want to read.

In 2014 I took the university exam and got into a university, studying the subject I admired for long years (psychology), and I was really happy because it was a little too hard for me to achieve this goal for some reasons. Anyway, at the end of the second year/grade I was on the verge of depression™ mainly because of:

•Islamophobic and irresponsible teachers (almost all of them)
•Unrespectful and irresponsible classmates
•Unrespectful dorm mates

So, I decided that I can’t go on anymore and I should quit. This year was gonna be my 3rd year in university but I suspended it (not really sure if that’s what you call it in English. I’m still a student of that university but I didn’t attend classes for one year). Now I’m about to take another exam for university which, by Allah the Greatest’s help, will help me with these things:

•Studying in a better university
•Not having to struggle with money because I will get a good scholarship
Living away from my abusers
•Getting closer to my future dreams (which is being a neuroscientist and helping+educating people not only about neuroscience but also about life in general)
•Getting a job (well this part is not really clear, but which one of them is 100% sure to happen right?)

Now, what I need help for is, maths.
Yes maths. Due to some reasons (one of which is economical reasons) I couldn’t acquire any maths classes. It has been some years since I last studied math, plus now I need to study it in English. My English is not bad, and I’m not that bad in maths either. I just need someone who can help me out. I only got like 7 subjects to study, not so advanced mathematics.

So if you think you can write some notes down about mathematics for me, in a clear and easy way, and help me with the problems I can’t solve, please send me an ask or a message. I’m not asking for anything big, you obviously don’t need to be a teacher. Meanwhile I will try to find online sources and study myself too but I need someone who I can ask questions. Also I couldn’t find any sources which are easy to understand. So it would be nice if you sent me some.

I’m not asking for Skype lessons or something like that, and I obviously can’t give you any money but once in a while I can doodle a flower or a piece of cake for you if you want.

About two months are left before the exam, and I couldn’t study any mathematics so far. So if you signal boosted this even if you can’t help yourself I’d be thankful.

I’ll write the subjects here. I have more details I can send you if you are interested:
1. Numbers and expressions
2. Quadratic functions
3. Figures and measurements
4. The number of possible outcomes and probability
5. Properties of integers
6. Properties of figures

Even if you can't​ help me with all of them, some is also fine. I don’t know if I’ll be able to learn all of these in such a short time to be honest… But there’s always hope.

Lastly, please make dua/pray for me. May Allah the Greatest makes our struggles easy for us.

Thank you.

☠ Beta Mikan Tsumiki Phone Wallpaper

☠ Like/Reblog if using

☠ Credit for the zombie banner goes to @lazyandcozy

✉ Requests are currently open ✉

I found the sprite on a google plus rp account and I can’t remember their name but I don’t think they made it anyway. Basically, I don’t have a source for the sprite but if someone knows of the one that made the sprite, please send me a link and I’ll add the credit.

It is said that if you fold 1,000 paper cranes, you can make a wish which will be granted. Seeing this was both cheerful, because someone wanted to commit to a great task to show their love, and yet also saddening, because I think I know what their wish is, and there are some things that wishes just can’t bring back… EDIT: source I found is lacee-girl, burnxgold , queenvalkyrie , and j-jocosplay please go send them your messages of love, this is truly amazing and I think they deserve it.

Looking for 3D artist to commission

Hey, 3D art pals! I have a few things for The List (a pepperbox gun from Critical Role) that I’m game to commission:

3D modeling for flintlock (can be non-functional), ring trigger, and repeater mechanisms. Suitable for printing at Shapeways, probably in metal.

Reference for flintlock and repeater is here:

and here for the trigger:

I can send you a raster mockup that shows the size for the final gun. Ideally, I will print in metal and screw + glue to the final gun.

If this is something you can turnaround by mid-July, please:

1) Check this original post to see if I haven’t already commissioned someone

2) If I still need an artist, send me a message with your portfolio and estimate for the models. You can do all 3, or pick and choose.

Thanks for looking!



Since I’m still in need for money and dragons are really cool, I’m starting to do them as commissions as well.

- I do max 2 dragons/drawing
- I will be asking for visual reference, as in if you want specific type of horns or wings or pattern, send a pic, if it’s someone else’s, please give me the source. I will use it as reference and do something like it in my own style. Visual refs can be combined with a description.
- No NSFW or gore
- Flight Rising dragons are fine as well
- I will do both pretty dragons and more beast like creatures
- I will be providing WIPs whenever I move to the next step (sketch, lineart, flat colours, finished piece) and small changes are free. If I have to do the whole step/most of it again, I will be asking for a couple of euros extra.
- Payment happens via Paypal. I will begin drawing once the full payment has been made.
- Each drawing should take max. one week, if I’m not incredibly busy (means mostly exam weeks, since I’m still a student), but I’ll try to finish them as soon as possible, 
- If you buy more than one piece of art, the prices can be negotiable
- If you have any more questions, just send a message.
- If you’re interested send me an email at
- You can use the picture however you want after it’s finished, as long as you don’t remove my signature. And a link to my page would be really nice.


Lineart ~ 3€
Coloured ~ 5€
+ Character ~ 3€

Headshot + wings
Lineart ~ 5€
Coloured ~ 10€
+ Character ~ 5€

Full body: (the picture is coloured and drawn in a bit older style, for colouring and stuff, look at the other pics)
Lineart ~ 12€
Coloured ~ 18€
+ Character ~ 12€

All pictures will have a flat one colour background, if you want a space themed background, that’s an extra 2€

Sometimes You Need to Stop and Clear the Air. For Contemplating Outlander

For the past few weeks, I’ve been reading posts on your blog that allude to me and a few actions you feel I’m responsible for. In addition, you’ve widened the scope of your accusations to include those you believe to be my friends, assuming that their silence in these matters automatically proves my guilt. Why are they continuing to associate with me, then? How could they? I wanted to write this today to set the record straight, not only for you, but for any Outlander fan who is or has doubted my sincerity.This has gone on and on. At first, I ignored it. I tried to continue with my blog, conversing with my friends, and generally just being an Outlander fan and a fan of Sam and Cait. But it hasn’t stopped. You haven’t stopped. I realize now that I underestimated the problem. I’m truly sorry for that. I didn’t believe you. Dear CO, please know that I believe you.
You have said you’ve received threats and you are feeling unsafe and worried. You are sure those threats are coming from me. I’m writing today to tell you, honestly and sincerely, they are not from me, never have been, and never will be. That is not who I am as a person. That is not my mind or my heart.If someone is contacting you with information, it is not from me or about me. It doesn’t have anything to do with me. This person or these people are trying to make it look like me. Perhaps they are going so far as to create sock accounts to impersonate me, to try and hurt you.
Again, let me say, for the record, I have no interest in your personal life, your job, family, or anything personal about you. I have no interest in outing any information publicly about you. I feel no malice toward you. CO, you are an Outlander fan just as I am. We differ in our opinion on shipping, but that is it. At the basic level, we are here because of a TV show!
As long as I’m being transparent, let me clear up some rumors.
1.I have never contacted Abbie’s boss.
2.I have never contacted Abbie’s boyfriend, family member, or friends. I do not even know these people.
3.I have never called any gyms or hotels for information.
4.I have never created a sock account to harass you or threaten you in any way.
5.I have never sent you a blackmail threat of any kind.
6.I am not photo anon
So far, I’ve been candid and have published my full name and personal information online. Even this should make you suspicious of me being at the root of your current threats. Why would I take that risk? Beyond that, I’m a caring person with a sincere heart.
But, like I said, I believe you. Someone is hurting you and that is not okay with me. No one deserves to be threatened or blackmailed. I’m truly sorry for what you are going through. But, please, look deeper. Maybe look a little further? If not me, then who? Is there someone in the fandom who might be capable of this? Is there someone who might use my profile to get to you, to then discredit me in the process? There are a few names on my short list. What about yours? I don’t know for sure, but again, I ask you to put the past aside and consider another source. If you have seen documents or dms or anything that appears to have come from me, I assure you – they have been forged or faked. No matter what, they are not from me. I have sent nothing to you.
Going forward, here’s how I’d like things to go on regarding the two of us. We differ, and that’s fine. Sometimes, your blog is about pointing out pictures or things you see which prove Sam and Cait are not together. You believe they are not, but I believe they are most likely a couple.
If I see evidence on your blog that I can refute with other evidence or photos, I will use my blog to do that. It’s nothing personal against you at all. Analyzing and speculating about public info from twitter or Instagram and other PUBLIC sources is something I enjoy doing. If someone sends me anon information that also refutes your commentary, I might publish that too, and have already done so.
I will say that I made a statement the other day, insinuating that you cropped an Islay photograph to further your narrative. That was wrong of me and I shouldn’t have written that. I’m sorry, please accept my apology in that matter.
Here’s who I am: A shipper. An honest person. Someone who enjoys and defends her friends in the Outlander fandom. A blogger who values truth and transparency. Someone who would like to be left alone to fan as she wants to, within a community of like-minded people.
Here’s who I’m not: a criminal, liar, and blackmailer.For the past few weeks, you have treated me like one and I am imploring you to stop today. You have heard my statement. If you continue to publicly state lies about me to discredit me without any irrefutable proof, that is libel. I will be forced to take legal action.

No one deserves what you are going through.
And no one deserves to be wrongly accused, either.

Hey Homestuck fandom, I need your help for a secret project!

I need a picture of your best or favorite cosplay; it can be a picture you took yourself, or a picture someone took of you, or a picture someone else took of another cosplayer, doesn’t matter! The only requirements are as follows;

  • Landscape orientation (wider than it is tall) You may crop an image to be landscape if you really want.
  • Preferably a picture of a group, but it’s not necessary. Group shots just show more cosplayers per picture is all.
  • Send me a link to the picture in my submit box. Please try not to submit the actual image to me; I need to have a link that I can source back to for this project.

Please spread this post around for the next few weeks (say, at least until around January 20th?). I need as many pictures as I can get!

Can someone link me to sources about druidry? How does one become druid? I’ve felt recently like this might be something I’m being called to do, but everywhere I look you need to pay to learn, or information is conflicting with other sources. I also have not been able to head to a library quite yet. Any and all advice or links and book titles are helpful. Send me urls or like this post if you are or know of anyone who follows this path. Please and thank you!

Valentine’s Day Ball!

Alrighty, so I, @ask-ex-medic, have usurped @the-ong-femscout’s title as official organizer of the Valentines’s day ball decided to help out @the-ong-femscout with the Valentine’s day ball preparations. :D

Here’s how it’s going to go down.

  • The event itself will happen from Friday the 12th to Sunday the 14th.
  • On the 12th, a number of chatrooms will be released so that people can roleplay in small groups through the weekend. Guest will be randomly paired up with their dates + a few more couples.
  • Those that don’t want to roleplay in chatrooms are free to roleplay through regular Tumblr threads.
  • There will also be a big chatroom where anyone can join in on the chaotic roleplay shenanigans that will surely transpire.
  • You are encouraged to draw your muse(s) and their dates in their fancy outfits!
  • Anything related to the ball (art, tumblr roleplay threads,etc) will be reblogged to a side blog as an archive of sorts. Tag @the-ong-femscout so she can see it and reblog it!

How to join if you’re not on the guest list already:
Reblog [THIS POST] and tag it as #attending and whether you’re #single or going with someone (#paired:tumblr url). Make sure your date is also going before tagging yourself as paired!

  • Single guests will be randomly paired with other singles on the 12th
  • You have until the 11th to find a date by yourself. If you do, please notify either me (@ask-ex-medic) or @the-ong-femscout through an ask so we can update the guest list and not pair you up with someone else.

Sign-ups are over! If you were coming but aren’t on the guest list ofr some reason, send an ask to @the-ong-femscout!!

If you have any questions about anything, please send an ask to @the-ong-femscout or contact me (@ask-ex-medic) through the tumblr messaging system. :D



[THE ARCHIVE BLOG] (not released yet)

(This post might get updated so please check the source to get the lastest info)

herpinknessreigns  asked:

Heyyy...I'm sure you don't know this because you work with chimps not otters, but i was always kinda curious after seeing that one famous gif float around: do otters REALLY hold hands while they're sleeping to avoid drifting apart or was that photo in a million? I know its not your area of expertise but you know all sorts of amazing things so I thought I'd ask just in case ^_^

While I do work primarily with nonhuman primates, my training (and prior experience) has been with all kinds of vertebrates, especially mammals and birds, so I actually know this one!

Yes, they actually do this!
The hand holding behavior has been referred to as “bunching,” “podding,” or (the current favorite) “rafting”.  

Sea otters (Enhydra lutris) hunt and forage independently, but they tend to rest together in the same-sex groups we like to call rafts. Male rafts are generally much larger than female (+ offspring) rafts. They hold hands and will even wrap themselves - and young - in kelp while eating or resting to keep from drifting out of their territory and off to sea. 

While the two otters in the above gif are adorable, rafts in the wild can be anywhere from 10 to +100 individuals! Rafts of several hundreds of otters have been observed, but regional populations can be drastically different. Otters are still recovering from over hunting / poaching of the fur trade and environmental disasters like the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

(Sea otter population in Glacier Bay, Matthias Breiter)

I hope this helped and please feel free to send me questions / tag me in posts you’d like me to look into. If I don’t know the answers (complete with sources!) I’ll be sure to direct you to someone who does. 

Additional References:

  • Dean, Thomas A., et al. “Food limitation and the recovery of sea otters following the'Exxon Valdez'oil spill." Marine Ecology Progress Series 241 (2002): 255-270. (PDF)

  • Garshelis, David L., Ancel M. Johnson, and Judith A. Garshelis. ”Social organization of sea otters in Prince William Sound, Alaska.“ Canadian Journal of Zoology 62.12 (1984): 2648-2658. (PDF)

  • Tinker, M. Tim, Gena Bentall, and James A. Estes. ”Food limitation leads to behavioral diversification and dietary specialization in sea otters.“ Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105.2 (2008): 560-565. (PDF)

  • Wild, Paul W., and Jack A. Ames. ”A report on the sea otter, Enhydra lutris L., in California.“ (1974). (PDF)

Fitzsimmons +the talk

Ok I’ve seen a lot  of people commenting on my “Fitz at the end of s03e03” meta, asking and wondering about the off screen talk I’ve mentioned. I tried to find the interview but I have like 10 minutes for this and I don’t remember the name of the guy. 

It was either a writer or a producer, talking about finale of season 2, sometime after the episode was aired (I guess week or two most). Now, I’m really sorry I can’t find it right now, but here are the things I remember: the author said that Fitzsimmons did had a long talk about their issues, that happened after he came back. It was really a one or two sentences and I can’t quote from memory, but I remember that it was definitely “long” “off screen” and after he come back. 

I wish I could give you source, but I really can’t spend a whole day digging through Internet today (if someone has a link to this interview, please send it to me). So you can either believe me or ignore it ;) I will continue to treat it as canon, because I know what I saw and I’m not a type of person who can’t tell wishes and reality apart ;)

Few things I might add is this interview with Elizabeth (x) where we have this: “Henstridge, however, at least appreciated that Fitz and Simmons got to have a long overdue discussion about their feelings for each other before her disappearing act. “Having had that conversation, in her mind, whatever happens to her, she’s thinking, ‘Well, I know Fitz is going to come and get me because he’s my boyfriend now,’” she says with a laugh.” The question is whether she meant the discussion we’ve seen or the offscreen one. Also, I think that talk we’ve seen is not enough for calling Fitz “her boyfriend” so again, they had to have a longer discussion at some point.

Here’s a post (x) I’ve written before seeing this forgotten interview, where I was wondering about the possibility of off screen talk, which would explain why Simmons was so neutral to Fitz’s “dinner talk”. So all in all, I think it really fits in - I really don’t think that after this intense scene we’ve seen, Fitz would go back from Iliad and be all “Hi, we won, I’ve killed Gordon, Coulson lost his hand, and let’s not go back to that talk we had, I don’t want to know what you’ve meant” and Simmons being like “Yes, you know what, after I went so far in expressing it, I don’t want us to finally just talk about it as I asked you to.” Do you really think they would just ignore this thing for a few days and then Fitz would start rambling about dinner and Simmons would assume he just means break? Well, I don’t. Simmons said “maybe when you get back we could finally just talk about it.” and I think they did just that. It also explains why Fitz is so bold with her now - taking her hand, going on a date when she’s still struggling with PTSD and so on. 

Also, lots of people are angry that “something so important happened offscreen”, but I’d like to point two things: 1) this would be a long talk. I mean, do you expect them to explain and understand everything that happened, every misunderstanding, everything they wanted to clear up, all their feelings and actions, in two minutes? No, I guess it would be at least half an hour of talk. The episode has a limited time and lots of other things to cover. They can’t give us a half an hour Fitzsimmons talking about their issues! So they’ve given us the starter. 2) leaving things to imagination is sometimes better than showing them bare. This is something my literature teacher told me, calling it “trusting the reader”. This talk would be emotional and difficult and there were so many expectations towards it. Sometimes authors chose to leave things unsaid, believing that the audience will go with it and figure their own explanation, the one that suits their experience and expectations, and fits with what they’ve seen. So while I, of course, would love to see this talk, I can understand why it was not given to us. For the same reason we haven’t seen Simmons telling Fitz that she was hunted - not enough screen time and we can imagine this scene since it was hinted at. 

So that’s me clarifying why I keep saying that they had this talk, again, sorry I lost the interview link.

Theory on why mitarai is (probably) the mastermind 

I have been suspecting this for a while but I made this post to explain why I think Mitarai Ryouta is the mastermind of the killings in DR3. (sorry if its long)

First let’s start with something obvious, the writers have been giving him way too much importance for a new character in both arcs of the series, this and the fact that he has been given character development without being killed makes him really suspicious. Junko´s “destined” encounter with him should ring everyone’s warning bells. 

Someone has already pointed out that we haven’t seen a real monokuma so far like the ones Monaca uses to escape from earth, there have been none robo-monokumas and we have only seen him in a screen. Mitarai is the shl animator so he could easily design a monokuma animation. (sorry I can’t find the post of whoever wrote this but if someone knows who is it from please send me the link so I can source this)  

Since the start Mitarai has been acting like a good guy and we now that he loves hope and wanted to fill everyone with hope with the anime he was making, but what if like komaeda he doesn’t just love hope but loves it “to a despairful degree” and could do anything to obtain it.

His attitude towards Naegi puzzles me and makes him suspicious,  on the early espisodes  he said  he admired Naegi  because he watched the broadcast of the mutual killing, he also said he wanted to  become someone like him so maybe he could have created a despair inducing situation just so he could have the chance to become someone like Naegi ( aka hope incarnated).

Later he keeps on comparing himself to Naegi way too much, for example during episode 4 he says that he can’t save anyone and ask himself why he can’t become someone like Naegi then he is comforted by Asahina and kyouko.

During the last episode this attitude towards Naegi changed drastically and when kyouko suggest they should find him he responds that probably Naegi wouldn’t be of much help, when kyouko retorts him and keeps on talking of how much she loves Naegi how much Naegis optimism brings everyone hope Ryouta clenches his fist obviously uncomfortable, maybe he’s upset he can’t compare to him yet.  

Talking about Kyouko he has been following her pretty close so I think he’s well aware of her detective abilities and wants to check on her personally. During episode 2 he asks her what she thinks of someone who would start a game like that and becomes nervous when Kyouko questions him on why he’s curious about her opinion.

Overall this is the less scientific reason to doubt him but he has been way too nice and became everyone cinnamon roll really fast so obviously I can’t trust him ( nor do I trust Chisa even if she’s “dead”)

anonymous asked:

hi i run a few blogs and recently all of them have been bombarded by hate mail because i support cishet aces and aros. it's been death threats recently and they sent me my location. i am getting scared. what do i do.

I’m so sorry that happened. Screencap, report and block ALL of it. Hide the caps in a folder you don’t need to then think about. Now this next part I don’t tell you to scare you more, I tell you because it’s true. It’s incredibly easy to send someone their own location. I tried to find the source of the hatemail once and I literally found their street address before their tumblr. Now if they gave you just a city and state, IP trackers can do that much. If it’s your street address they put more effort into it. If you’d like more help to feel safe, please contact me off anon and I pre-made a list to help someone else with this problem.