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im cracking up over here because I just noticed facebook added a feature in its chat system where you can either give or request money from someone.  i quickly found that the most you can request is $10,000 so I asked my friend who moved to wisconsin for $9000

18. “Here, drink this. You’ll feel better.”

You x Optional Bias

Word count: 718

Genre: what even is this??

Warnings: none really, unless you think the overall theme (excessive use of alcohol) and literally one swear word as too bad of a thing

(A/N): There’s something that’s bugging me with this but I can’t seem to find out what that thing is, but please do enjoy (: My request/ask box is currently OPEN so please leave an idea or a prompt there! You can also request if you’d want to see someone specific for any number I haven’t done yet on this ‘One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ challenge/drabble thingie! And remember to drink responsibly!

One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

18. “Here, drink this. You’ll feel better.”

‘Just one more and then I’m done’, you thought as you downed another shot of vodka. Feeling the familiar burn in your throat, you felt happy. You had never before in your life drank anything which had alcohol in it, so you had no clue on what your limits were when it came to drinking. But considering you had already forgotten how many shots you had taken, those limits were crossed a few shots ago.

Normally, you weren’t this kind of a person. No, you had always been the one to “miss out on all the fun” as your friends had so kindly put it, nose buried in the books. But it being your beloved friend’s birthday, you had given in, and here you were. In a bar. Downing shots.

Somewhere in the middle of the alcohol consuming and dancing like no one’s watching, you had entirely missed out your friends leaving the bar until you felt your bag vibrating, informing the intoxicated you that you had recieved a message.

“I’m sop sorrey, haq to gwet outta ther, i’ll explauin in teh moarning”, the text read and anxiety started growing in you. It was your first time getting wasted in an unknown bar with who know’s how many horny beasts surrounding you. You had to get out.

Making your way out of the bar, you bumped into a handsome stranger, with you almost falling down as the aftermath of the clash. The next thing you knew, someone’s hands were holding you steady from your waist, your face pressed against the stranger’s chest. You tried to apologize, but it fell on deaf ears.

“Let’s get you something which helps you to clear up a bit”, he said while guiding you swiftly through the dancefloor, towards the counter. With the amount of alcohol in your system, your concentration had hit the rock bottom.

“Here, drink this. You’ll feel better.”

There was the same stranger again, this time offering you something that looked a lot like water. Or vodka. You couldn’t really tell.

“How can I know you’re not trying to drug me and have your way with me?” you asked with suspicion framing your voice. To your statement the stranger only chuckled.

“I may not be the best looking person here, but I still feel like I could get laid without drugging another person and then having my way with them.” The stranger concluded and you simply had to agree. He was handsome.

“Well that’s true. You being handsome I mean. Oh god did I say that out loud? Oh lord, please tell me that’s water, I need to sober the fuck up”, you rambled, embarrased of what you had just said.

“It indeed is water, I think you’ve had enough vodka for one night”, he smiled kindly and handed you the water. You took it, offered him a quick 'thank you’ and just like the shots you had before, you downed the water.

“Thanks for that, really. It probably won’t do much considering how much I’ve drunk altogerher, but it’s the thought that counts, I guess”, you admitted to the handsome stranger. At that you finally realized you still didn’t know his name, and decided to ask.

“This is really rude of me to ask at this point, but what is your name, or do you prefer that I keep calling you 'handsome stranger’?” After the sentence had left your mouth, you couldn’t believe that the last part left your mouth. But judging by the way his smile widened it looked like he didn’t mind at all.

“The name’s (B/N), and I’m not surprised you don’t know it, no one really does.” After saying that, he started to leave.

“It was nice talking to you (Y/N), I really hope we can do this again”, he said and left, leaving you to wonder how he knew who you were, since you didn’t recall ever telling him your name.

If only you had raised your head from your notes on your lectures in college, you would’ve seen him staring right at you, but being too shy to actually approach you. All you two needed was a little - or too much - alcohol to actually meet up.

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad decision to break free from your comfort zone.

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Im sorry if i asked the wrong person maybe u don't draw at all. Im still new 2 tumblr so i get kinda confused maybe u just reblogged someones art and i mistook it as urs. If u dont draw can u please tell me someone wgo does so i can make a request?😊

Ah yeah unfortunately those are not my arts, I just reblog them. If you’re looking for an artist to draw some stuff @plastic-pipes is taking commissions and she’s outstanding ;)

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Can someone please write this and make it x reader please: Imagine that Loki, Thor, Steve and Tony are all in love with you. You’re particularly not interested in any of them. They all try to win your heart. All except Loki. When you ask him about it, just out of curiosity, he says that you’re not a prize to be won and you fall in love with him immediately.

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Netherlands/Belgium aesthetic? (Platonic sibling if you aren't comfortable with a ship one is fine, although I'd love it if you would)

i’m very sorry, but as a rule I won’t do ships that I consider incest, and a sibling aesthetic would be hard to do without people misinterpreting it as a ship aesthetic (i know that in hetalia the lines are blurred about what really is incest, so im very sorry if you don’t agree with my judgement!) 

I would be more than happy to make a belgium aesthetic however! ◕〰◕

(you can also see my netherlands aesthetic here!)

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Can I request Kuroo, Akaashi, and Suga rejecting someone, and then like maybe a year later they see them again and that person is like super sad or something? (^ν^)Very sorry if this isn't specific enough!! I hope you have a beautiful day !! Your writing is amazing btw !

Thank you very much! Hm.. I don’t really understand what happens after the boys reject the person so I’m sorry to say that I’ll be shortening the request to the boys simply rejecting someone. If you could send in another ask further explaining the request, I’ll write for you again, anon.

Sugawara shuffled his feet albeit uncomfortably, gripping onto his schoolbag. “_____, I’m flattered but I can’t say I feel the same way..” He tried for a smile, looking them in the eye. “We can still be friends, right?” His question remained unanswered as he watched a hint of tears spring up in their eyes. A sound between a laugh and a sob choked out from their lips as they reached to wipe at their eyes. “Y-Yeah, Sugawara-kun, I-I just..” The tears were beginning to flow more steadily and pawing helplessly at their eyes wasn’t going to stop it. “Excuse me!” They whimpered as they turned on their heel and dashed away, leaving a shocked and slightly guilty Sugawara behind.

Kuroo scratched at the nape of his neck, exhaling out of his nose. “_____, you’re nice and all but.. I don’t know, it’s not you. It’s me.” The Nekoma captain gazed into their eyes, waiting for some sort of outburst. However, nothing came as a shaky smile made its way onto their face. “I-It’s okay, Kuroo-san.. I understand.” Their eyes betrayed them, however, displaying their sadness. Kuroo sighed, feeling a bit bad. “Are you going to be okay?” Their false smile persisted, attempting to disguise their true emotions. “Y-Yeah! I’m okay.. I’m okay.” They repeated the phrase, most likely to affirm themselves. Before Kuroo could open his mouth, they bowed slightly and excused themselves, scurrying away. 

Akaashi fiddled with his fingers, staring at the floor. “I appreciate that you were brave enough to tell me this, _____ but I can’t accept..” He met their stare, calm and quietly. “I’m sorry but I don’t like you in that way.” No tears sprang in their eyes but their bottom lip trembled. “Ah.. I should have known.. I’m sorry for wasting your time, Akaashi-kun..” Before they could flee, Akaashi opened his arms slightly, wordlessly. His admirer peered uncertainly at him before cautiously going to embrace him. Akaashi could feel them shaking slightly and he mentally apologized again. They pulled away, a small smile on their face. “Thank you for listening to me,” They piped before leaving.



A friend just called me and said they were very similar and I really need to see if that’s true because it’s apparently been ages since I saw that episode. Was it really that similar?

Prompt Answer (part 2)

((((MOD NOTE: This story was started by our wonderful Admin Mod MZH. With permission I was able to write another part because someone requested it. You can read the first part that Admin Mod MZH’s wrote here. ENJOY!))))

((By Mod 101❤️🐾))

Walking to Carlos’ hospital room Jay could see that the door wasn’t closed. He quickened his step, leaving Evie and Mal behind. When in the doorway he saw that the doctor was flashing a light in Carlos’ eyes. He was sitting slightly upright, due to the bruised ribs, and swatting the doctor’s hand away with his uninjured arm.

“Would ya quit, I told you I was fine.” It sounded like Carlos’ voice but at the same time it didn’t because the tone almost sounded rude and it wasn’t something he would say. Especially to someone that was trying to help him.

Mal and Evie finally joined Jay in the doorway.

“What’s going on?” Evie asked.

Jay shrugged his shoulders in response to her question. He stepped into the room as quietly as he could. He made it close enough to where Carlos could see him. When he did a confused look crossed his face.

“Who the hell are you?” The question come out of his mouth harsh and sharp.

The doctor examining Carlos turned to look at the person Carlos was addressing. When the doctor saw how it was he returned to facing Carlos. “You don’t know who that is?” The doctor asked, confused because he had seen Jay and the others visit Carlos several times.

“I’ve never seen that person in my life,” he replied, an annoyed smirk on his face. “Should I?” He winced a little, probably due to a pain he caused himself by moving to see who was entering his room.

Jay took a step closer to the bed where there was more light, hoping that it was the lack of light that made Carlos not know who he was.

“C,” he began, gesturing to Mal and Evie to come beside him, “it’s me, Jay, your…” he glanced over to the doctor, deciding how to describe their relationship, “best friend.” He decided that would be the best way to put it. It wasn’t a lie, Carlos was his best friend and so much more.

Jay looked behind him and pointed to the girls, “And that’s Mal and Evie. We’re your friends.”

Carlos looked towards them expressionless and then look towards the doctor.

“Did they escape the psych ward?”

Jay could hear Evie let out a gasp and Mal scoff at his question.

The doctor flashed the small light he had in his hand once more in Carlos’ eyes before he was swatted away. Carlos giving the doctor a dirty look.

The way Carlos was acting was so not normal for him. Jay had an awful feeling in his gut, something was wrong.

The doctor took a step back and motioned for the VK’s to follow him. Before stepping out the door he told Carlos he would be back to check on him in a few hours.

He received a flat ‘whatever’ from the young boy in the hospital bed.

In the hall the doctor gathered the three together, Jay didn’t give the doctor a chance to explain. “What’s going on with our friend?” He questioned, probably louder than he should have.

The doctor motioned for him to keep his voice down before he began to explain. “It seems like your friend is experiencing memory loss also known as amnesia.”

Jay, Mal, and Evie looked at each other in confusion.

“It was probably caused when he hit his head on the ground. We thought he would only suffer from a slight concussion but I’m afraid we assumed wrong.”

“Is there anyway to fix this?” Mal questioned.

Shaking his head the doctor replied, “I’m afraid not. It’s something he’ll have to live through. His memory may return in a few day, weeks, or even months leading to a year. Every case is different.”

“What about his other injuries?” Jay asked, not sure if he really wanted to know.

“His arm and a few of his fingers are broken, which explains the cast. His ribs are bruised, not broken,” the doctor answers sound more like he was reading off a checklist, “and the wound on his leg has been stitched up. He’ll need them removed in a few weeks along with the cast. He was on oxygen but when he woke up he pulled the mask off. He doesn’t seem to need it but we will be checking how he’s doing without it for the next few days.”

Jay rubbed the back of his neck, feeling a pressure that was only getting worse. “What about the memory loss, how do we deal with that?” There was no emotion in his voice, he was emotionally spent. The boy he cared for most was in a hospital room, hurt, and didn’t know who he was.

“When he is released from here all you can do is be there for him. If he lets you.” The comment was result of how Carlos was acting back in his room. “Expose him to familiar things that might remind him of something,” he added. He offered no more advice.

Evie finally spoke up, “When will he be released?”

The nurse behind the desk answered her, “We called his mother,” she said ‘mother’ as if that really didn’t describe Cruella, it really didn’t. “She’s given us the authority to release him to whoever is willing to take him home.” She paused to look down at the papers in front of her, probably deciding how to say the next sentence, “She told us she didn’t have to the time to deal with any of this and hung up.”

That’s Cruella de’ Vil for you. None of them were surprised. She could careless about her son. The only time she ever looked his way was to give him orders or to yell at him.

“I’ll take him home,” she volunteered with no hesitation. Carlos had become like Evie’s younger brother, there was no way she would not help him in some way.

Jay looked towards her and thanked her with a smile. She nodded her head slightly and returned his smile with one of her own.

The nurse behind the desk nodded and began gathering papers from around her, “Okay then, you’ll just have to fill out a few forms.”

Evie nodded and walked over to the desk and began talking with the nurse and filling out what she had to.

The doctor excused himself and informed them he would return later that night to check on Carlos.

Mal and Jay thanked the doctor as he left to do the rest of his rounds.

Jay walked back towards Carlos’ room and stood in front of the door. Anger in him was starting to rise again. He clenched his fists at the thought of Carlos getting hit by that motorcycle. If only Evie had just been paying attention, he thought. He shook his head and mentally scolded himself, this isn’t Evie’s fault. He kept repeating those words in his head as he reached for the handle of the door and slowly opened it.

The room was dimly lit but he could see that Carlos has fallen back to sleep. When he saw that he was sleeping he almost turned back around to leave but his legs wouldn’t listen. Instead he walked into the room as quiet as he could. He sat in the chair near Carlos’ bed and listened.

He heard the beeping of the machines, the drip of the liquid in the IV bag, and the slight wheeze that Carlos had. He wanted to get up and place the oxygen mask that was hanging on the side rail of the bed but he didn’t want to disturb him. Instead he sat back in the chair and watched Carlos’ chest as it rose and fell as he would breath. It was like he was in a trance.

It wasn’t until Carlos started fidgeting that Jay snapped back and realize that things were going to be different, almost like starting over. The thought frightened Jay.

Carlos didn’t know who he was and what he meant to him. After months of hiding and then finally letting him know his true feelings, which was the scariest thing he had ever done, he’s back at square one. Except this situation was worse. What if Carlos completely forgot his feelings for him? What if there was no second chance?

He stood up to get a better look at Carlos. His hair was a mess, his pale skin looked almost blue-purplish from the bruises that were forming and still he looked beautiful.

Out loud in the softest voice Jay made a promise, “I’ll get you back.”

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