can someone pls hold me omfg

look at me [jungkook&you]

Summary: You’re as nervous as Jungkook is about his cornea transplant.

sequel to colors in which everyone had asked for.

a/n: omfg, someone pls hold me back from writing. idk if i can go on any longer, because this got so cheesy towards the end that i cant handle anymore fluffy cheesecakeness. anyway, thank you so much for supporting me on colors! i hope you’ll all enjoy this one as much! i did my best! ^_^

You were playing with Jungkook’s hair, combing through his hair with your slender fingers which he loves to hold. Suddenly, Jungkook stops you when grabbing your hand. You then glance down from the television and faces your boyfriend.

“What’s wrong?” You ask when feeling the light squeezing pressure coming from your boyfriend’s hand.

“I’m scared,” Jungkook murmurs for the umpteenth time today, even though you thought you’d been able to keep his thoughts aside from it.

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