can someone please stop me from editing


L: Well I am currently sleeping with someone I shouldn’t be. A Hill staffer from the other side of the aisle.
G: Yeah that’s not good
L: We should probably break it off, right?
G: Yeah. Maybe not yet. I want you right now.
L: Where?
G: Anywhere 


Um, excuse me mister. You can’t just say things like that. Nope. Stop. Please.

“This is your badness level. It’s unusually high for someone your size. We have to fix that.”

Please note, I edited/coloured this from this drawing; I didn’t draw the original lineart (can’t find a proper source for it though, let me know if anyone knows who owns it!).

For context (because this makes little sense for someone who isn’t familiar with my Evil Yoglabs Xephos headcanon), I like to believe that Lalnable is actually the original Lalna and was initially close friends with Xephos. But as Xephos turned more evil (in the Yoglabs timeline), Lalnable tried to stop him; so, Xephos spread rumours that Lalnable was evil & took measures to discredit Lalnable - namely, cloning him repeatedly using a method that caused him to experience psychosis.

So, Lalnable is actually a fluffy, cuddly, adorable cinnamon roll who is trying to teach Xephos to be good again because he wants his friend back.

Need to vent

I don’t understand why people are editing and photoshopping all the pics from Wizard World. People paid a lot of money to get these pictures and they have their memories immortalized in those photos. So why are you taking them? Why do you photoshop them the way you want to and then slap your name on it when it doesn’t belong to you? Use their public appearances, awkward real life candids, and use their movies, but please stop altering the photos from Wizard World.

If someone, whose photo was edited, is okay with it, let me know and I’ll concede the issue. I just can’t help feeling that you all might not be okay with it.