can someone please sing this to me

Flower Adventures AU where he drops into pretty much the Beauty and the Beast version of sidgeno:

Flower: “Oh my God! Sidney! You can speak French!–oh–oh, you’re singing now. You can sing? And everyone is singing with you…” 

Flower follows Sidney through the entire first sequence through the town like, “Who the hell are you singing to, Sidney????”

Flower brings footage back to his Sidney, and Sidney is so embarrassed.

Is that Giroux trying to marry me?” Sidney yelps.

“Please send me all videos,” Geno says. 


@bananahut Happy birthday you smexy beast! Not only am I glad that stars were finally perfectly aligned and we started talking about most bizarre, amazing and even mundane things, but now I also have this opportunity to spam someone with my amazing cat gif birthday cards! I can die in peace and be reincarnated as one of your sims, sensei! 

Seriously, I love you and everything you do, please, keep blessing me with your memes and one-of-the-kind humor sense <3

Signing off with them Lotumn cats (I know they are not Siamese, but it’s the punch that counts - Autumn: 1 / Lovio: 0)

i think tf not, yall trick ass bitches !! hold on a mf second cause im ??? are you telling me that every 15 year old has to be stick thin ?? like its not normal for teenagers to be chubby ?? someone please give me a LOGICAL explanation as to how weight has anything to do with talent ? how does kyla being chubby have ANYTHING to do with the fact that she can still dance and perform and sing. yall some narrowminded walnuts..

characters from the oa as described by me
  • buck: he heart to big for he gotdamn chest
  • french: someone PLEASE HELP THIS BOY PLEASE
  • jesse: are you alright??? because you seem Very Not Alright and i am concerned and i love you
  • steve: i believe in ur ability to change my violent bean, go forth and become a slightly less violent butterfly
  • bba: my??? mom???? my mom.
  • hap: pls just die so we can either shut u up or get u to sTOP HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION YOU FUCKIN ASS
  • homer: he's.... so soft.... he's so soft you guys he's so SOFT
  • rachel: sing me to sleep
  • renatta: *aggressively downs 3 cups of cafecito* I LOVE BEIN CUBAN YALL VIVA CUBA
  • scott: never trust a white guy with dreads
  • the oa: hahahhaha what the fuck
That One Dreadful Call

Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 974

Warnings: ANGST (which isn’t a shocker with me anymore) 

A/N: Here’s your Daddy!Jensen angst!!! I hope you all enjoy it…there may be a part two or I may just be a bitch and leave it like this lol anyways thanks to @mamapeterson for the beta and feedback is gratefully appreciated!!!

Jensen couldn’t stop smiling. While waiting for the set to be prepared again he started thinking about you and your four year old daughter who looked exactly like you, but had his eyes. He had everything he could have ever wanted and more. Ever since marrying you, you had truly made him a better man and he could never stop showing you how much he appreciates and loves you. Last night was one of those nights, after Olivia fell asleep, you were all his and everything was completely perfect. Jensen actually felt himself starting to blush as he started thinking about last night in such a public place. He was brought out of his thoughts by the directors booming voice, rubbed the back of his neck, and made his way back to his marker.

Many takes later it was finally lunch time and also around the same time you would pick Olivia up from pre-K. Which would result in him getting a FaceTime call of the two of you as you drove back home. All throughout lunch Jensen was constantly checking his phone, so much that Jared noticed, “Hey man, she probably just forgot or got busy with the teacher or something. Don’t sweat it.”

“Do you think I should call just to be sure?”

Jared shook his head, “Nah, I’m telling you everything is fine.

“But she always calls, this isn’t just something she would all of a sudden forget to do.”

“I know, which is why I’m saying something else must have come up to where she couldn’t FaceTime you.” Jared’s head lifted when he heard the director’s voice once again. Slapping the side of Jensen’s arm he gave him a reassuring smile, “Come on, back to work we go.”

Jensen gave a nod of his head as he stuffed his cell phone back into his pocket, he’d find out why he didn’t get his call when he got home tonight. Jared was probably right, it was most likely nothing and Jensen was just overreacting. But then again if you did have something else to do…why didn’t you just send him a quick text? He shook his head and brushed it off as he walked back onto set, immediately transforming into Dean Winchester.

Jensen went about the rest of his day without a single call or message from you still. Now he was really starting to get worried. He moved you here to Vancouver with him so he could always be with you and never miss a moment of Olivia growing up. Even though he was about an hour away you still talked to him like you still lived in Austin, he was your best friend and you were his. So to go all day without hearing anything from you…really made him nervous.

It was at the beginning of the final scene, one more hour till he got to go home, when his phone finally rang. The director wasn’t all that happ,y but Jensen answered it anyways, waving off the director, “Y/N, babe, why haven’t you called me all day? Is something wrong?”

Jensen heard sniffling along with little whimpers and his brow scrunched together, that wasn’t you, “Olivia? Baby girl, where’s mommy?”

She whimpered one last time before Jensen heard someone else whispering to her, “Olivia, is that mommy? Can you hand her the phone?” This was when Jensen really started to panic and he wasn’t sure what was going on. He felt Jared’s hand on his shoulder with a questioning look but he just gave him the ‘hold on’ finger.

“D-Daddy…t-the mean man t-told me dat m-mommy can’t t-talk right now…dat y-you gotta find us. C-Come find us daddy…I-I scared….” He heard her starting to cry again as she pleaded for him to help her. His heart dropped, his stomach twisted into a knot, and he could feel his throat starting to close up. His little girl was calling out to him to help her and save her and he had no idea where you or her even were.

“Liv…tell me who has you and daddy will be right there!” He waited barely a second and he didn’t hear her voice or her whimpers anymore. “Liv! Olivia!” Jensen shut his eyes and some tears escaped just as another voice spoke through the phone.

“Jensen! Hey buddy, how’s it hanging?!”

“J-James?” That’s all Jared needed to hear and he pulled away from Jensen and started to call the police on his cell phone.

Jensen heard this blood curdling laugh on the other end, “You sound so surprised! I told you that you’d be seeing me again! Looks like someone didn’t believe me!” James said in a sing song taunting tone that made Jensen shudder..  

“You tell me where you have them and we can settle this right now. James, you give me back my family!” Jensen’s voice broke as his knees gave out. “Please. I’ll give you anything you want, just give me my family back.”

“Ya know…as tempting as that is…and let me tell ya, having you offer up anything that I want is really really tempting…I’m gonna have to pass. We haven’t had our fun just yet! Toodles Jay!” James started laughing again and Jensen couldn’t stop the furious tears as he heard those last two words and then there was nothing at all except for the cruel dial tone heckling him. Jensen screamed and then threw his fist into the ground not caring about the pain that just erupted throughout his arm. Jared rushed over and slung an arm around Jensen’s shoulders, pulling his friend into his body as Jensen gave in and cried.

“We’ll get ‘em back Jay…we’ll get ‘em back,” Jared promised, waving away several people that had come over, asking what was happening.

Part 2

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Dream Boyfriend

Originally posted by tripleamericano

Pairing: Tony Padilla x Reader

Request: “Hi, do you thing you could do ‘dating tony would include’ please”

Words: 486

A/N: Hello guys! This is my first Tony head canon and I hope that you like it. Tony is such a bae and he needs more imagines, seriously!
I am not that good at making these canons, but I still hope that you enjoy it. Thank you so much for requesting Tony imagines, I will post more soon, but please specify the gender you prefer if ever. I AM BEGGING YOU PLEASE, BECAUSE I CAN ALREADY HEAR PEOPLE SAYING THAT I AM HOMOPHOBIC FOR WRITING A STRAIGHT TONY HEAD CANON. Thank you.

EDITED: I’ve been called homophobic by some people for making straight Tony head canon and it surely made me sick and anxious. I care for what people think of me and I seriously hate it, I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE JUDGE ME AS IF THEY KNOW ME PERSONALLY, so to avoid furthermore prejudices, I decided to make this gender neutral.

If you ever request Tony imagines specify the gender you want, if not your request will be deleted. Thank you. Someone might attack me again, because I still considerate Straight!Tony imagine request, but please be kind on saying stuffs because I can get easily hurt too. Thank you.

“I think sometimes you judge people. We all but I think sometimes you live to regret it.” - Alex Standall, 13 reasons why.

- G. x

Dating Tony Padilla would include:

  • Relationship goals, because Tony knows how to treat people right.
  • He really has a great taste in music and, usually, music is one of your daily topics
  • He sings you to sleep
  • Him giving you different tapes every week
  • Listening to his mixed tapes together
  • Mixed tapes full of love songs surely
  • He picks you up every morning with his beloved Mustang
  • He drives to let you see something new before driving you home after school
  • Him driving for hours just to show you the stars
  • You helping him fix or take care of his car
  • He explains you how to use the tools and, every day, you learn new tool names
  • Him talking to you in Spanish to annoy and to tease you
  • You threatening him that you would scratch his car with your keys if he doesn’t stop
  • “No, no, no perdón, perdón!” He panics as you laugh loudly for his facial expression
  • You miffing him with your bland jokes
  • But then he would laugh, because he couldn’t resist your contagious laughter
  • Him giving you cute nicknames in Spanish: amor, coràzon, tesoro, etc.
  • You love teasing him with provocative nicknames
  • “Te amo, Papi Chulo”
  • “Te amo también, mi amor.”
  • Then you both laugh like there’s no tomorrow
  • Him helping you with your Spanish homework
  • Sometimes you fight because you can’t pronounce a word
  • But you always make up quickly
  • And he is proud of you whenever you get a high grade
  • But you know that he’s always proud of you, because he never forgets to remember you about it
  • Him telling you about the tapes when he couldn’t handle them anymore
  • You being by his side when he discovered the tapes
  • You cheering him up every time the tapes would come into his mind
  • And you will always hold his hand whenever he would listen to them, which is a thing that you never understood because he suffers, but he keeps on doing it
  • Rock climbing together
  • Or maybe sight-seeing
  • Sometimes he brings you on a hill to watch the sunset
  • And you always fall asleep as you rest your head on his chest
  • Meeting Clay because of Tony
  • You and Clay being friends and you have to cheer him and Tony for the tapes
  • Playfully shipping him with Clay
  • Clay sometimes being the third wheel during your dates at Monet’s
  • “Amor, your boyfriend is waiting for you.”
  • “Idiot.”
  • You both help Clay with the tapes
  • “Clay, listen to the tapes.” You mock Tony whenever Clay would ask a clue
  • His hugs and cuddles are your favourite things
  • Forehead kisses
  • His parents approving you and you receive compliments in Spanish
  • Tony translates everything for you word for word
  • Him playfully teasing you that you should get serious Spanish lessons
  • But he ends up teaching you everything
  • Because he loves you so much
  • And he will never get tired assuring you

100 quote prompts

Feel free to use these quotes directly, or just use them as inspiration!

1-“These are my absolute favorite pajamas!”
2-“How could you say that to their face?”
3-“Woah, nice catch!”
4-“You’re lucky to be alive right now.”
5-“This is the last chance we’re ever going to get.”
6-“When was the last time you flossed?”
7-Wait, wait, how many did you say there were?“
8-"I’m horrified, yet impressed.”
9-“Give it to me straight,  Doc!”
10-“I miss someone i never knew.”
11-“I didn’t know you could sing!”
12-“This is all the money I have.”
13-“Oh please, please pick up the phone!”
14-“Do you think you could teach me?”
15-“Just answer this one question and i won’t ever bother you again.”
16-“I don’t actually like sushi, I lied to impress you.”
17-“uhhh…anyone know what poison ivy looks like?”
18-“What do you mean you never learned how to tie your shoes?”
19-“Name one thing I’m bad at. Ha, you can’t,  can you?”
20-“I just don’t think we’re compatable.”
21-“I bet you 50 bucks you can’t drink this entire thing of hot sauce.”
22-I really don’t want to hear about medical problems"
23-“Stop saying your worthless, because you’re not.”
24-“Wow, that’s a really wierd looking bug.”
25-“Just because you saved my life dosent mean I owe you anything!”
26-“I will never die!”
27-“Today would’ve been a disaster without you.”
28-“I’m begging you,  go change your clothes. ”
29-“You still haven’t found them?”
30-“I’m not sure how you did it,  but I’m glad you did.”
31-“Not around the baby!”
32-“Hey, do you think horses know they’re horses?”
33-“How much of my life has been a lie?”
34-“If you don’t tell them you like them,  I’m going to do it for you.”
35-“Wow, that’s almost as old as you are!”
36-“Its because of you my arm hurts so much.”
37-“I told you never to open that!”
38-“Everything has to be a goddam ordeal with you,  dosent it?”
39-“Sorry, but that’s just not your color.”
40-“How do you live like this?”
41-“You’ll always be my best friend,  but…”
42-“Is that really the best insult you could come up with?
43-"There’s a reason I never go outside.”
44-“You should really get that checked out.”
45-“Why are you ignoring me?”
46-“Can you believe it’s been so long?”
47-“I just want one nice picture of us!”
48-“Really? You’re going to judge me for this?”
49-“It’s ok, just ask first next time.”
50-“What could go wrong?”
51-“We’ve both changed”
52-“I was a fool to trust you.”
53-“I’m mad at myself.”
54-“You promised you wouldn’t laugh!”
55-“I know it'stechnically not a big deal but i will totally fight you over this.”
56-“Would whoever left their dirty sock on the living room floor please come pick it up.”
57-“I didn’t push you,  the wind pushed you. ”
58-“Hey, thanks for making an effort.”
59-“I totally called it, but no one listened!”
60-“How can you stand this mess?”
61-“But you have to remember!”
62-“You’re not the person I thought you were.”
63-“That was incredibly stupid and dangerous. Nice job. ”
64-“It’s your birthday!?”
65-“Can I tell you about a dream I had?”
66-“How was i supposed to know that’s a a rude gesture here?”
67-“I wasn’t certain that really happened.”
68-“Why do you smell so wierd?”
69-“That was awful! Let’s do it again!”
70-“It’s time to face the consequences.”
71-“That is the most elaborate prank I’ve ever seen.”
72-“You know I love you, but that was the worst.”
73-“I’m trying my best,  but it’s just not good enough!”
74-“Now who’s ready to probably die!”
75-“Well,  it turns out I’m allergic.”
76-“Why do all of your socks have holes in them?”
77-“Please stop crying on my papers”
78-“Well, if that’s really what you want.”
79-“I’ve never felt like that before.”
80-“This changes everything!”
81-“Are you sure you triple checked?”
82-“Don’t tell me to calm down! You calm down!”
83-“I’m going to give you the best night of your life.”
84-“So I bet you’re all wondering how I’m still alive.”
85-“Not them.  Anyone but them. ”
86-“Why won’t you say I love you back?”
87-“That was the grossest thing ever.”
88-“I don’t think that qualifies as a sport.”
89-“If I do this,  will you leave me alone?”
90-“You’re an idiot. I like that about you.”
91-“No, you know what? Don’t answer that.”
92-“I know you said I don’t want to know,  but i really want to know.”
93-“I followed you into hell!”
94-“Oooh, this is great blackmail!”
95-“I won’t tell anyone you were crying.”
96-“No way,  that’s also my favorite!”
97-“Don’t you dare ruin this for them.”
98-“That’s just sick. I can’t believe you.”
99-“Ok fine. Maybe we are friends. 
100-"No matter what, I want you to know that I’m proud of you.”

Ink/ @comyet: Heyya everybody! *is oblivious to the drunks and is clearly being ignored*

OT!Sans/ @2mi127: uuuuh… *hiccups, drooling as vision starts to fade out*

Geno/ @loverofpiggies: heh… oh my lord… dude you okay? *feeling a bit awkward and uncomfortable because of the intoxicated OTsans*

GasterSans/ @borurou: *calling GasterPap* uh yah bro… get me out of here…

Dust!Sans/ @ask-dusttale: *singing happily without a care in the world*

Fell Sans/ @tehrogue: *glares  at Blue* oh no… please let go of me… someone save me plz…

Blueberry/ @popcornpr1nce: *giggles while hugging Fell, waiting for the next part to sing*

Fresh/ @loverofpiggies: *bein all fresh on le tv*

Error/ @loverofpiggies: *sees Fell and Blue together* Eh?… *mumbles* i will moidah u fell… >~>

UTsans/ Toby Fox: *Zzzzz*

Horror Sans/ @sour-apple-studios: *not paying attention to the rest of the group, eyes transfixed on his hotdog* Mmm yummy… I wonder If I can make a better head-dog though… Heheheh…

Little Dyspraxic Things

- Walking into walls

- Stuttering


- Left???? Right?????

- Short term memory
    - Ex: “Where did we park the car 30 seconds ago?”
    - “I don’t remember.”
    - “Where did we park the car 10 years ago?”
    - “If by ten years ago you mean June sixth 2007, 10:48am then we parked it in Raleigh, North Carolina at Addison’s parking garage. Floor five row eight spot 2E. Right next to Macy’s Hospital and a five minute walk to H&M. We were going to see Bee Movie at the cinema with my aunt, mother, and brother. We ate milk duds and popcorn and went out for Five Guys afterwards.”

- fidgetfidgetfidgefidgetfidgetfidgetfidgetfidgetfidgetfidgetfidgetfidgetfidget

- Walking in a straight line???? How????? 


- “Oh honey I think you mean dyslexia!”

- rub face all time


- metallic taste??? yes thank???

- scratchscratchscratchscratchscratchscratch


- Standing still??? That’s a thing??? I always sway??? 

- Eye contact aka satan

- “Can you hand me that?”
- “No.”
- “Please?!”
- “No you cracked walnut I cannot physically do that.”

- R E P E A T R E P E A T R E P E A T R E P E A T R E P E A T R E P E A T 

- Weirdest fidget toys ever

- Straps ar e  n    o

- studying other people. like sherlock holmes level

- Typing g g ggg g

- u know those songs where someone sing something and you sing the same thing a beat later? yah i dont cant do that

- Oversharing


- Tendency to switch conversation back to themselves as a form of bonding


- Cannot physically do the simplest things like why not??? I can even lift a finger (it took me years to learn how to life a finger individually dont ask)

- this list was created for a friend who asked me to describe my dyspraxia. I don’t know if everyone who has it feels the same away but if you’re a mutual and looking to understand me more then this is the ticket. -

I need more half Filipino yams and I haven’t seen a lot of it then someone mentioned it on @tsukkiyamaheadcanons and I just needed to do this

- Yams’ mom is Filipino and his dad is Japanese

- When Yama speaks Filipino he sounds really different from when he speaks Japanese. He’s more expressive, and to some extent, kind of agressive? He’s more comfortable cursing but the cursing is so abundant (I’m very much like this. You know that thing in stories and bilingual characters suddenly switch languages in a conversation like its something they can’t control? Total bullshit. I forget that I’m bilingual, too, because I’m around people who also speak both English and Filipino but yeah. That doesn’t happen)

- Sometimes it’s just easier to speak in Filipino to express how pissed off he is

- “Putangina — wag ka nga, nakakaasar…ay, gago, ano bang klaseng buhay to, umayos ka nga, punyeta…” He learned those from his mom who thought he couldn’t hear her with the door closed

- Tsukki can’t understand what he’s saying but from the way Yama spits out the words he’s definitely cursing

- Yama does the thing when you hold the back of your parents’ hand and touch it to your forehead when they come home; you also do it with your grandparents or aunts and uncles, or friends of your parents. It’s called mano, and sometimes you say “mano po” or “bless” when you do it

- I’m just wondering if Yams was baptized Catholic and raised Catholic or?? Maybe Muslim. The possible religions his mother could be,

- Super biased but his mom is from Mindoro

- (It’s where I’m from)

- He’s never really visited his relatives from his mother’s side, but they’ve spoken over the phone and he’s seen pictures and heard stories from his mom

- I hc that Tsukki is one of those ppl that very casually joke about wanting to die and I imagine yams is the same its just that he says them in Tagalog under his breath: “Lord kunin niyo na po ako,” “Ayaw ko nang mabuhay,” “Patulugin niyo na ako habang buhay please,” he learned those from nihilistic Internet friends from the Philippines

- (Do some of you who understand relate or are laughing rn??)

- He’s probs hummin or singing some angsty love songs (he be singin some Ang Huling El Bimbo by Eraserheads and I’m weeping don’t look at me)

- He sings Ang Huling El Bimbo while he’s walking home with Tsukki who doesn’t understand but likes to listen because Yams has a nice voice and Yams just starts crying and he’s like “What’s wrong??” And Yams just wipes his tears and reaches out for Tsukki’s hand and he’s like, “Nothing, I just want to hold your hand,”

- (If you know the song this is AAAAAAAAAAAH)

- Please also consider: Tadhana by Up Dharma Down, Kailan by Yeng Constantino, and Migraine by Moonstar88

- He sings a lot at home with his mom, and sometimes his dad; someone just breaks into song and the other starts joining in and they belt out the end even if they can’t reach the high notes (I’m just speaking from experience; there is even a karaoke machine at my grandma’s house

- He loves?? Talking shit when no one can understand him?? It’s Marvelous,

- It’s funny when no one can understand him but it’s also very lonely

- Saying “I don’t care” sounds better for me when I say it in Tagalog; “wala akong pakialam.”

Comfort from a nightmare
( darkiplier )
Comfort from a nightmare

@bee-wrecker: Would it be possible to hear(or read if it’s easier) what Darkiplier would do if someone they’re fond of(tolerate) has a nightmare or is having an anxiety attack?

Anonymous: Do you think we could get dark coaxing the listener back to sleep after a nightmare please? ^^

Warning: Audio includes bad singing! But we hope you still enjoy this, anyway. Click/tap “Keep reading” to read the script.

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“There are accepted insurrections that are called revolutions; there are rejected revolutions that are called uprisings.”

“An insurrection is an enthusiasm. Enthusiasm may work itself into anger - hence the resort to arms. But every insurrection that takes aim at a government or a régime aims still higher. Thus, for instance, let us repeat that what the leaders of the insurrection of 1832, and particularly the young enthusiasts of the Rue de la Chanvrerie, fought against, was not exactly Louis-Philippe. Frankly, most of them honored the qualities of this king, midway between monarchy and revolution; none hated him. But they were attacking the younger branch of divine right in Louis-Philippe as they attacked the elder branch in Charles X; and what they desired to stamp out in overthrowing royalty in France, as we have explained, was the usurpation of man over man, and of the privilege over right, in the whole world.
Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Happy(?) Barricade Day to all of you! I hope you will hear the people sing.

Side note: I am quite sure that it was not my brain that came up with the barricade cookies. But I am not able to find the source. So if someone knows the genius creating them first - please let me know so I can credit this person!

important music PSA

DEAR TUMBLR: we are currently living in a world where there is no mash-up of the songs “you only live once” from yuri!!! on ice and “sexy drag queen” by rupaul, which is an actual tragedy, because since i first fell into YOI, I could not get through the ending without singing SEXY, SEXY DRAG QUEEN over the chorus, which @rcmclachlan and @winchilsea can now verify. please someone teach me to mix music so i can make this mash-up a reality, or do all the hard work for me, i don’t care, i just know it needs to be done

Harry Styles Imagine

Originally posted by thestylespromenade

“You weren’t joking!” You ask him, eyes wide and mouth slightly turned upwards. 

He looks up from his bowl of cereal and narrows his eyes. His dark hair edging around his neck and his famous curls beginning to come back. 

“Joking on what exactly?” 

You show him your phone and the playlist for his album is displayed on the screen. “You named a song kiwi?!”

“Why would I joke about something like that?” 

You shake your head and walk over to him. He wraps his arms around your waist as you it on his lap. Laughter fills the air and he looks slightly offended. He had told you a few months ago that there would be a song named kiwi but you laughed it off thinking he was only kidding, however, you’re realizing now that you should have known better. Of course he of all people would name a song after a fruit. 

“Why are you laughing? I think it’s a great name!” 

“You really love kiwi that much?” 

He rolls his eyes, “You haven’t even it heard it yet, you know.” 

“Well, that’s because someone won’t let me listen to all the songs.” 

He rolls his eyes again, “I want it to be a surprise.” 

You lean in and kiss him and when you pull back you give him a bright smile, “Can you please just sing a little of it? I want to know what it sounds like!” 

He heaves a sigh before singing some random tune and starts belting out, “I LOVE KIWI, KIWI IS FOR ME! I LOVE KIWI AND NOTHING ELSE MATTERS TO ME!” 

Your eyes narrow and you glare at him, “Really?” 

“Just wait. Be patient for once, yeah?” 

“You really won’t let me hear it?” 

“Not until May twelfth at midnight.” 

“You’re mean.” 

“No, I just like to build the suspense,” he says, a small smirk forming his face. He leans in for a kiss but you push him away and stand up. 

“Kiwi’s are no longer allowed in this house until May twelfth,” you demand. 

His mouth drops open, “That isn’t fair!”

“I’m just building suspense, Styles!” 

He smiles, “That’s my girl.” 

A/N: I haven’t written one in awhile and I saw that he named a song kiwi and I love it and this idea popped into my head oh well hope you enjoyed it :) xx

I am in shock. I don’t even know where to start like holy shit. How much can happen in 10 minutes???? 

The main points that I want to scream with someone

  • Sana and Chris having a chat 
  • How damn good singing voice Henrik has 
  • The look on Even’s face when he sees balloon squad 
  • Isak coming to help Even to sign 
  • Elias punched Isak?!?! WHY? What the heck happened???
  • The broken face of Sana when he releases that
  • PEPSI MAX is going to steal the bus 
things I say at least 20 times per shift

(…or mutter under my breath, or whisper into the headset)

•can I have a name for the order?
•what size?
•we’re gonna need more ice soon
•*singing* I’m so stickyyyy
•I’m sorry, can you repeat that?
•ok we need more ice now
•how many pumps was that?
•______ do you have a headset on?
•what size?
•we have black, green or passion
•room for cream?
•can you repeat that one more time please
•hot or iced?
•someone just murder me pls
•ok, what size was that?
•can anyone get ice??? anyone…?
•do you have a recipe?
•fuck me
•what size?
•shit what’s the shelf life on this
•what size?
•what size?
•what size?
•what size?
•what size?
•what size?
•I’m quitting
•…what size?

Sing To Me - Tom Holland Imagine

Request: @fireismysaftey - Quick request, so I was listening to the song ‘When we were young’ by Adele and was wondering if you could write an imagine of Tom Holland and his girlfriend and she hasn’t seen him in two months or so bc of filming so she’s on the phone with him and she stared singing the song to him, remembering the times they had before when they were young(er) and he wasn’t super busy w/filming. Sorry if this didn’t make sense. Thank you 💕   (Gif not mine)

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 1,014

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

A/N: Shout-out to my great friend Monse for pitching in to help me finish it, hope you guys liked it. : )

Dating a celebrity was great and all, but it did come with it’s perks. Tom had to leave every once in a while for filming. You understood that completely, yet still every time he left you felt more alone. Tom has been away for two months now, and you missed him like crazy.

You missed those times when the two of you could be a regular couple, and to couple things. Unlike now when you can’t even go out without the paparazzi getting in the way. You just wished you could go back in time when things were normal. When things were better.

“Go get it Tessa!” Tom shouted as he threw his dog Tessa the dog at a long distance.

“Don’t throw it too far Tom she could get lost!” You scolded him as you lay upon the spread out blanket while brushed up against the giant tree.

“I didn’t” He came towards you, got down and rested his head on top of your legs. You couldn’t help but run your hand through those luscious curls of his that lay on his head.

He looked up at you and smiled.

“What?” You smiled down at him.

“Nothing I just love you” His gazed at you with so much love in his eyes.

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Dating Jin would include:

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  • eating all of his experimental dishes 
  • and ending up loving them 
  • but then he starts to give you more food than you can take 
  • I beg you, stop feeding me
  • You have to eat, jagi
  • Let me starve
  • Mario couple things
  • being the appa since he’s the eomma and Suga is the grandpa
  • he giving you the best kisses ever 
  • making love, not sex
  • Come to bed, I’ve been missing your smell
  • but actually being really sexy in bed
  • texting you just to ask if you ate
  • he singing in your ear while back hugging you
  • Kids, please stop bothering Y/N
  • Jagi, you look amazing
  • We’re such a pretty couple
  • flying kisses when you say goodbye at the airport
  • pink couple things
  • You guys makes me wanna puke” SUGA
  • you asking yourself “how can someone look this good in the morning?” while watching him sleeping
  • OMG you went blond without telling me” 
  • Have I said that we’re such a pretty couple?

Oh boy, why did I allow myself to do this?

I’d like to apologise for the horrible quality of this video. I do not have the right equipment for this (mostly because I never thought I would be doing this. Ever).

Okay! Well, a couple of days ago, @ask-sadisticdark posted a poem called Darkness Breathes. Since I’m a sucker for poems with a dark theme and the piano, I decided to put the two together and make a little song. I had originally planned for it to be a lot more eerie than this but for someone who has never done something like this before, I’m not going to complain.

I DID GET THEIR PERMISSION TO USE THE POEM. So, the lyrics I’m singing are essentially the poem - full credit to them for that. However, the piano and singing itself is me (obviously). I’m aware I’m not the best pianist or singer so please don’t criticise too harshly.

Also, I am insanely nervous to be posting this. It is a major step out of my comfort zone so I apologise if that can be heard in my voice (even if you can’t hear it that well - thanks video quality). I’m aware of the fact that I sound kinda breathy, that’s partially due to the poor quality of my phone and my nerves. Apologies.

Anyway, enjoy! (if you can)