can someone make this for me

i know there’s nothing wrong with being almost 20 and never been kissed or on a date, i know that, but god it feels awful.

even an awkward kiss or date in high school would make me feel better. hell even just having someone tell me they like me in that way. because no matter how much i tell myself it isn’t true, at the end of the day when I haven’t had ANYONE even show romantic interest in me, all i can feel is ugly and unwanted.

a guide to exploring abandoned farms
  • essential supplies include: plenty of food and water, a change of socks, a hat, rope, bandaids, a knife, gloves, an acorn in your pocket, and an offering
  • there are always odd noises on the farm. half of them come from the animals
  • try to forget what the lake looks like between the hours of three and four AM
  • never ever find yourself alone in the milking shed in the south end of the farm. time passes differently there
  • if you happen to hurt yourself in your exploration, make sure you do not bleed onto the dirt
  • bring plenty of water, you do not want to drink from there
  • the cows will watch you, this is normal
  • close every gate you open, even if the fields are empty. don’t ever leave one open behind you, just trust me
  • beware unstable rocks, the cracks tend to be filled with insect nests
  • bring a weapon with you, but no guns
  • if you see someone else while exploring, never tell them your name. you can never be sure if they are real or not, and further out you go, the less real they will seem. the patupaiarehe have evolved in cruel and unusual ways
  • do not go inside the empty share-milkers cottages, whatever you do, do not go inside. something else lives there now
  • a tree with the undersides of its leaves showing mean that a storm is coming. a tree with no leaves means the storm has already come
  • sometimes the hills look like they’re moving. be aware of this, because some things don’t like to be disturbed
  • do not sleep under the full moon, in fact, just don’t sleep on the farm
  • finding skulls is normal, only become worried when you start finding ribs
  • if you find yourself lost in a forest, continue walking in a straight line until you are free again. the trees may make it look as though you are going in circles, but i promise you’re not. ignore the soft music you can hear
  • your phone won’t work out here
  • the ghosts from the land wars won’t harm you, but be sure to show them respect
  • don’t take anything from the farm with you when you leave. just be grateful you have made it out alive

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Idk if i should message this or if you even answer but I really need to rant. Why do people force us to be social, or tell us to smile or they think we are afraid of them just because we keep our distance ? Im not comfortable around new people and i take my time to get used to them. Tday I had someone telling me to smile and to come closer and he was pushing so hard. I get why but if people see u r uncomfortable then why would they keep pushing?? I just dont understand. .. and I hate it...

@jessicakimba, thanks for ranting to us. It really makes our day. It can be increasingly annoying to have people push you. Especially if you just told them that you don’t want anything to do with them. To be told to “be more social” is one of the worst things to be told by someone on the outside refusing to look in. I hope you feel better and I hope you remain adamant in the face of extroverted society. Always here to lend and ear if you want to talk again! :-)

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(this is adexual) U HC KENT PARSON AS ACE??? pls tell me yr ace!kent headcannons if u havent already??? i thought i was the only one :')


kent really does make the whole “captain of the aces” joke every chance he gets. (his team used to punch him for it, but their arms started getting tired.) it’s a huge part of the reason he’s so confused/stuck on the whole situation with jack, because he doesn’t understand how people can just…have sex and not mean anything more by it?? he isn’t sex repulsed, he’ll do it with someone he really cares about, but miss me with this “kenny p hooks up every chance he gets” nonsense. he may put on a show for the media, but he doesn’t get sexually attracted to literally anyone and he’ll only have sex with somebody he loves. that being said, he really loves lingerie because it boosts his self esteem a lot. if anybody says lingerie is only a lead into sex they’re an idiot and kent will be the first to tell them so.

a list of excuses he’s used to get out of an unwanted one night stand:

- “sorry i have to wash my hair”
- “my cat gets really pissy when i don’t cuddle her after a game”
- “i’m on my period”
- “my mom said no”
- “i just got my dick pierced, ask me again in a month”
- “i can’t afford condoms”
- “car sex makes me carsick”
- “i’m allergic to latex”
- “mean girls is on tv tonight”
- “i just had dental work done, i can’t suck your dick” (that one was actually not a lie)

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Please more punk!phil and religious!dan in a museum and dan is so excited bc art but Phil is excited bc dan looks so beautiful in the low light

okay but like, fuck me up

✨ Dan getting so excited when they’re not even there yet, tugging at Phil’s hand and making high pitches little squeals.

✨ Phil making fun of him for it, teasing him that he doesn’t understand how someone can be so excited for any kind of museum, but kissing him on the cheeks anyways.

✨ “It’s art, Phil… you just wouldn’t understand.”

✨"I think I understand art, I’m dating some.“

✨ Dan not understanding for a second before blushing darkly, avoiding Phil’s eyes. “Oh,” he breathes, and then pouts. “Hey, that’s not fair! I wasn’t prepared!”

✨ Dan being so immersed in the art there, standing at a single piece for about ten minutes to just admire it, making quiet comments.

✨ Phil’s hardly looking at the art, no matter how hard Dan tries to get him too, instead staring at Dan because he looks so beautiful in the low lights of the museum, his eyes lighting up with a sort of wonder and his cheeks flushed pink.

✨ Finally Phil pulls Dan away from a painting, despite his protests, to kiss all over his face; dotting his skin in soft brushes of his lips and making Dan giggle and blush even harder.

✨ “Phil…” Dan whines, scrunching his nose and letting Phil take both of his hands and intertwine their fingers. “We’re in public, you doofus.”

✨ Phil just smiles and kisses him on the mouth, feeling Dan grin into the kiss and giggle against his lips as he dips his hands into Dan’s back pockets and pulls him closer.

✨ And they say their first I love you’s, right there, in the dimly lit art museum where anyone could overhear. Phil says it first, resting his forehead against Dan’s, with a soft; “I’m insanely in love with you, Dan Howell.”

✨ And Dan’s face burns, and his eyes widen, and he whispers - “I’m in love with you too,” slightly choking on his words because this has never happened to him before.

✨ And everything is perfect.

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Eliza had to made a shower scene after she clearly said she DIDN'T want to take her clothes off. Is like Jrot does it on purpose. She's been topless twice. And I don't Eliza has a problem with nudity, she wanted to make a photo shoot naked, probably she was having a laugh, but to see how your boss clearly allowed a shower scene after you specifically said "NO"? What a piece of shit.

Eliza literally said “Don’t make me take my clothes off.” She was in underwear and bare back last week and she was in the shower this week. I was telling someone last night that I think he gets off on this kind of shit. It’s like a power thing for him. Weak white men need to feel powerful whenever they can get it so this is how he’s asserting his dominance. He makes them do shit he knows they hate just because he can. It makes him feel important.  

There’s a million ways to write, but the way I always used to write was with John and it would be across from each other, either in a hotel bedroom on the twin beds, with an acoustic guitar and we’re just looking at each other. He’d make up something, I’d make up something and we’d just spin off each other. The nice thing for me is seeing John there, him being right-handed, me being left-handed, it felt to me like I was looking in a mirror.Obviously, it was very successful. I know I can never have a better collaborator than John. That is just a fact. So I don’t try and escape it. I just know there’s no way I can find someone now who’s going to write better stuff with me than I wrote with John.
—  Bbc interview with Paul McCartney, March 23, 2017.
Send me art requests!

(in no particular order) @silverfangs @punkbone @godmutt @axeolotls @demoralizedlycanthrope @hollow-s @soberdog @jagged  @deadmutt @god-fucking-like

I love you all so much and I just!!!! wanted to give something for y’all - and the only thing I can give is art so not much to choose from lmao

anywho, either send me an ask here or at my art blog @lumilimu and I will start working on it! one per person pls

i just fkin love you guys so much,,,

if i didnt mention you im sorry i still love you but i can only take so many requests at a time

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I like to bake when I'm stressed, and I have a few levels in Alchemist so I can make some pretty good cakes. The problem is that Taako walked into the kitchen one time and I think? He took it as a challenge? So every time I go to bake he's there also baking and sometimes he transmutes my ingredients into stuff that's harder to use and calling me a chump nerd. I didn't ask for this war, I just wanted to make cupcakes, someone please help


got7 reactions: married life.



JB: married life with Jaebum in my opinion would be very domestic. Dinner together every night, or as many nights as he can. Breakfast together at the dining table, date nights on the weekends, buying furniture and going grocery shopping together JB strikes me as someone who would kill for all those marriage life he sees on TV. He strikes me as someone who wants the normal stuff and enjoys it. Cooking together and sleeping in each other’s arms every night, he would want it all.

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Mark: married life with mark, my lord I can picture it already (*cough* not my bias or anything *cough *) married life with mark would be serene and peaceful. He would want to pamper and take care of his lovely wife, little surprises here and there, cooking for her, drawing her a bath. But also it would be water gun fights in the house and pushing her in the pool. Dragging her out to a different adventure every time. Raising coco together and maybe get another dog.

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Jinyoung: married life with Jinyoung would be very romantic and domestic, kind of like JB. He seems very traditional and it feels like his married life would be the same. Date night, romantic dinner in candlelight, cheesy romantic gestures, rose petals on the bed with candles all around when he forgot an anniversary or a date. Drawing you a bubble bath and joining you to give you a massage when you tell him you had a long day. Overall romantic and traditional.

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Jackson: this man was made to be a husband (*cough * right Lisa @jisawang *cough *) he would be the protective kind. Always making sure his wife was okay and healthy and would pamper her every chance he got, which would end up being every other day. He would try to rope her into his workout sessions, which all depending on his S/O would be either very easy or very hard. He would want to have romantic nights making sure you know how much he loves you *wink wink * and other times he would come home frustrated and just pin you to the wall. Married life with Jackson will be praises and adoration from him and from you, reminding him of what a beautiful talented man he is whenever he starts doubting.

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Youngjae: oh my sweet sweet child, my little sunshine. Married life would be just that; sunshine. Everyday would be so bright and joyful he would make sure you are always happy and smiling. (Which would be hard not to cause that angels smile would be contagious.) He would be so caring and attentive to you. He would want to sing you to sleep to you every night or really every chance he got. Cooking in the kitchen; sing, cleaning the house; sing, taking a shower; sing. You would be blessed with that boys vocals everyday. He would probably get a dog in the first few months of your married life, if you didn’t have one already. He would be very playful, going out to the park, the beach, the pool, amusement park you name it, if you can play and have maximum fun, you bet your ass you are doing it. I just love that boy so much, CHERISH HIM!

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Bambam: okay dabdab. Dear lord I hope you like memes. That boy would want you guys to always be trendy. Follow every new Internet trend, fashion trend, food trend; you name it, if its top 10 you are making your life about it. He is a fashionista so life with him would always be fashionable. He will probably drag you shopping every week, so if you don’t like shopping like myself, brace yourselves, and learn to love it cause its gonna be a big part of your life. He would be very playful, cracking jokes, playing pranks, teasing. Your house life wouldn’t be domestic per say but it will never be boring.  You would be in bed getting ready to sleep and end up both laughing so hard you have tears running down your face. Bambam would always make sure you were happy, and would find a way to make it up to you if you had a fight or forgot a date. Married life with Bambam would be silly jokes and all the trends he can find and a lot of laughs, there will never be a dull moment.

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Yugyeom: okay this little bunny, this sinful bunny am I right ladies no? Okay lets just get right to it. Married life with this bun would be giggly, let me explain. This boy is pretty much shy no matter what he lets on, on stage. So even though you guys would be married it would be whole new experience for him. Even if you have been living together prior, for him it will feel like the first time all over again. He is gonna be excited for everything with you. Late nights of him showing you a new choreography, boasting to his hyungs when you make him lunch, eating breakfast together and supper would be the things he will be very serious about. Spending as much time as possible with each other and making sure you are eating. He would be a flirt, now when I say flirt I mean just with you. He would flirt just like the very first day he met you. He would feel excited about getting into the domestic life and would be extra on all those ordinary things married couples do. Married life with Yugyeom will be somewhat innocent and pure but also exciting and safe. You will never feel insecure or unstable cause he will make sure of it. *whispers * protect him*      

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That's what I've been saying all along. I don't follow you and have no desire to but your out of character Ketch shit clogs the tags up so I miss the good stuff like Tonis and Rowdys. Now will you fucking stop?

Alright. I’m fucking done with you. 
I’m done with you coming to my ask box giving me shit because you can’t be mature enough to just scroll along something if you don’t fucking like it.

I’m sick of you shitface trying to tell me what to do, trying to ruin something that gives me joy, trying to ruin something that makes me happy. 

I’m fucking sick of you.

If you don’t follow me why do you bother? Why did you see that post? My posts appear ONE FUCKING TIME if you haven’t gotten that memo and even then you can just fucking scroll past it like anyone else would if they didn’t want to see something.

But no. You’d rather come shitting into someone’s ask box trying to ruin something just because you are living a poor life. Just because you aren’t satisfied with your own life. GET SOME FUCKING HELP if you feel the need to bring down others for your own entertainment. 

You don’t want to miss someone’s stuff? Then go to their blog, turn on their fucking notifications or just search through their blog it ain’t that hard! Let me bet you’ve never even sent anything nice to either of those authors and just use this as a possible way to destroy me but guess what.


I won’t let some shithead, hiding behind anon tell me what and what not do.

I will NOT stop writing or posting Ketch. I will NEVER stop. 

And just a side note. I can tell you for sure neither @wayward-mirage nor @rowdyhooliganism want you to send hate to someone in their name. 

I know for a fact, they’d just want you to get away from their own blogs either.

But I’m fucking done with you anon. 

This is the last time I will give you any kind of attention and I hope you’re happy now.

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Are there online groups for getting feedback on reels & portfolios? I've gotten vague feedback on my reel & portfolio that I need to narrow it down & 'only show my best', it totally stumps me! I feel I'm making it worse by wild guessing. Then I feel guilty removing something & think, "It isn't as technically good but it shows my variety or creativity better." & visa versa. Or I'll remember in the past when someone liked it. How can I ask for a more specific critique without being annoying?

Hi there kidd-penn! Sorry for the wait to answer your question.

We had a similar question before of where you could ask others about looking at animation reels/demos. 11 Second Club’s forums do have animators of different levels where you can request a critique. 

How you can ask a critique, and I am being honest, is just simply ask for a critique on your animation demo reel, and see if they can provide suggestions in improving your reel and skills. Some may not answer back (and please do not take it personal) due to overload of work themselves (animation is a very busy profession). Another thing is to continue to reach out to other animators/studios, and see who will respond back. After one does, thank them for their time, and apply their knowledge to your works.

Animation Director Ron Doucet provided great insight for creating animation demo reels, as well as what to say when emailing someone about an animation position. It’s a pdf, so you can download it and read to your liking too. 

On this blog, we do have a demo reel tag that you can look at for reference. Now, don’t copy exactly what’s on others’ reels, study them. See why they have them there, and then try to aim that kind of level of quality for your reel. Another big tip about reels/portfolios: Make sure it is your own work. I have heard too many stories of those who use other people’s works for their reels, and they get blacklisted afterwards (you do not want that as an artist). 

I do hope this all helps, and again, ask nicely for a critique for your animation reel, and then continue to seek out and ask other animators. If you sit and wait after asking 1-3 contacts, it may not happen. Aim to at least ask 10 different people each day, and something will definitely come back sooner.  

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Soo much luw herw after all ive seen (^~^) But Can someone explain me how these work ? Excuze my stupidness ╥﹏╥

((Thank you <3 And of course I can, you’re not stupid at all! The blog works by having people submit messages - for people they like, admire, or just plain think need cheering up - and putting those messages to an image to post anonymously. 

To submit a message, all you have to do is write it out in the ask or submit boxes, and I do the rest! They should post within the next day, as long as everything runs smoothly. There are no real restrictions to size or content other than no negativity, and trying to keep it to 5 people per message, so if you want to submit something, go wild!

Hope that helps <3))

  • Someone: But how can you ship Oliver Wood with MARCUS FLINT
  • Me internally: Well, at surface it's the rivals to lovers trope. They are both the captain of their respective sports team. But not only that, they are the captain of the Slytherin and Gryffindor. Now, obviously Gryffindors and Slytherins already have that rivalry. But it feels like they feel they're meant to hate each other. In Half Blood Prince Harry said in his internal monologue when seeing Blaise that, to paraphrase, Slytherins and Gryffindors hate each other by default. Now lets look at Marcus and Oliver. You can make the claim they hate each other sure, but I question if they really do or if they feel they hate to, especially with spark of their rivalry. Oliver doesn't have this type of relationship with Cedric Digory of Roger Davis, only with Marcus. It's hard to make real judgements about their relationship since they're such minor characters. They already have a love for Quidditch in common, so that's a good basis for their relationship. It's also no secret that Slytherins are very flat characters, written as antagonistic. But I do have questions about Marcus. Since the Flint family is part of the sacred twenty-eight, he is possibly from a prestigious family, since many Slytherins do come from those sort of families. In a way we can assume that Marcus may have cold, elusive parents. While there's no way to prove that is canon, it does make you think. He does have quite a fiery personality, and that brings in the question of whether it is just how he is or he is devoid of affection. Oliver is obviously a very passionate person but not totally driven. So they could bring each other up. Since Marcus is a Slytherin he's ambitious and likely has a lot of drive. Therefore, Marcus can help Oliver focus his drive on things that aren't Quidditch and Oliver can provide the love he didn't get as a child. There's nothing that can be proved or disproven as they are so minor and everything can be up for interpretation. Now, Marcus is accused of being a short tempered person but Oliver can be quick to anger. Marcus does get joy out of stirring Oliver up. There's clearly a lot more to their relationship than is shown on the page. But also, when Draco's arm was still injured and Gryffindor was meant to play Slytherin, Marcus HIMSELF went up to Oliver to say they weren't playing. That doesn't make sense, right? Surely Marcus would tell Madam Hooch and she'd tell Oliver. So there's subtext to their relationship. There's A LOT more to their relationship than is shown on the page. There was clearly basis, especially since we don't see Angelina and Montague having any sort of a relationship. Especially not one that involved a spat over who got to practice. And their names even have meaning. A flint is a rock that sets wood on fire. So basically, their names involve a 'spark'. While this was probably used to signify their rivalry, like a spark causing conflict, sparks also refer to chemistry in romance. So their names could've also worked as being a symbol of their romantic relationship. There's also when they shake hands. They shake really tight. Why? Surely if you didn't like someone you wouldn't want to hold their hand too tight. While yes, it's described as trying to break each other's fingers, it's a bit extra. There's kist so clearly something to their relationship that really falls down onto how you feel about certain tropes but in a way, it could've worked in canon if done right. We don't know what Marcus did during the war either, he could've been at the Battle of Hogwarts. We don't know anything about him after Hogwarts really. He could've went to join his own Quidditch team so he and Oliver would've had run ins. Maybe without the expected rivalry they got along better. There's so much subtext, so much we can theorise or assume. There's just so many reasons.
  • Me externally: Rivals to lovers trope, duh

So for those who have been following me for a while and actually read me posts I make, you should know I was having a really hard time getting over my ex. Literally just sobbing every night, numerous “I’ll never be worth anything” thoughts, handfuls of pills being swallowed just to shake the feeling I felt. I am now dating someone else and I won’t lie, when I first started dating this person I wasn’t fully over my ex and I was scared it was going to ruin this relationship. Guys, I am finally over my ex. I’m currently making plans with current partner about moving in together, talking about getting married and having a child. It really does get better. I’m still recovering the mental abuse my ex gave me. But just knowing that somebody actually loves me and I can feel that love and see it makes everything feel like sunshine.
If you’re going through a hard breakup, hang in there sweetie. Things will get better eventually. There is no rush in recovering or getting over it, when it happens, it happens.

I wonder, do some people still make those ‘reblog this now else you will die by the hands of so-&-so’s ghost tonight!! *lists several obviously fake accounts of this happening*’

As someone who was quite gullible as a child/preteen, a post like this scared me to death. I didn’t repost (it was by email at the time), but that night I was so scared that something would come to kill me.

I guess what I’m saying is, if this is still being done, please don’t be a jerk and do this. This can really, genuinely scare some people. It really isn’t funny. Please don’t do it.

So I’ve been sick for a few days (rip me) and in that time this blog reached 1400 followers and now is almost at 1500 followers which is insane-o (don’t mind me, I’m on the cold drugs)

BUT SUPER THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!! I’m happy that my writing can make someone smile or make their day better. I have some pretty neat-o stuff in store for the future regarding my writing and this blog so I hope that can be an exciting thing for all of us to enjoy (although it probably won’t be ready for a few months but that’s okay).

And I feel really bad that it’s been taking so long for me to do requests but I’ve been sick and busy with uni and life drama and I really want requests to be done well, I don’t want to publish them just to publish them.

Anyway, thanks again!! Here’s to almost 1500! 

Girl crushes

I have a lot of girl crushes.

Someone just posted something to the effect of a girl crush and it got me thinking. I don’t know that I could ever “date” a girl though. I think it would just be a weird friendship that involved sex or something. Oh well, it doesn’t matter much anyway since I’m not making any changes. My life is my life, my love is my love, my fucked up brain is my fucked up brain and I’ll just ride that shit out till the bitter end.

I can’t find my digital copy of my book so I think I am just going to retype it. It’s been a year or two since I’ve written a page and there are a shit ton of edits so it’s probably the best way. I need to finish. I need to restart.

Hey everyone!

Sometimes I scroll through my activity to see what’s been going on and I see that someone new has joined the fam. A lot of the time, they end up going wayyyy back to some of my earliest posts! It just makes me really nostalgic sometimes. I’m so happy to see how much we have grown here. You are all so sweet and kind (for the most part lol). I appreciate all of you. Some of you have been here since the beginning and others just started today, but I still get excited to see another message, another ask, another snapchat. I know I can’t always reply, but I do really enjoy you all. Thank you for being here! 😘❤