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Okay but just imagine

Betty and Jughead working super late at the Blue & Gold one night and Jughead falls asleep so Betty sneaks onto his laptop to read his novel (like she always does, having read a few pages at a time slowly over the months) and she stumbles across a folder labeled “Juliet” and it’s all sorts of poems and letters and writings about Betty and she realizes just how long Jughead has spent adoring her and loving her from a distance and how much he loves her even more now that they are together just imagine how perfect that would be

Title: Nice Gestures and Cute Smiles
Fandom: Marvel
Word Count: 1,487
Characters: John Allerdyce x Reader, Bobby Drake
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Swearing, self-deprecation (John)
Notes: Based on this headcanon by @willsomeoneholdmyhand on @kurtwxgners’s blog.

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       The eyes of John Allerdyce were beginning to flutter closed as he sat at his desk. His arms were folded on his desk, and his head rested there. His lips were parted slightly as sleep threatened to envelop him. Seconds before that happened, a loud thump on his desk – just a few inches from his head – snapped him back to reality. He bolted upright, instinctively clutching his Zippo. Upon the realization that the noise had been you setting a coffee cup on his desk, he immediately relaxed.
       “Damn, didn’t mean to scare you,” you stated with a chuckle. “I figured you could use a pick-me-up. Judging by the fact that you were about to pass out, I think I was right.”
       John muttered a “thanks,” still clearly a bit grouchy from being startled, and from being tired. You smiled at his sour attitude, finding it cute, then took your seat next to him. The class went by horrendously slow, as usual. When the glorious sound of the bell rang out, you and John made your way to the exit, but Professor Xavier called out to John.
       “Please stay after class, Mr. Allerdyce. I’d like to discuss your recent report.”
       The annoyance on John’s face was plain as could be as he shot you an eyeroll, before turning around and walking back into the room. You decided to wait outside the classroom, knowing he’d probably want to rant about the meeting once it was over. It took about five minutes, then John exited the classroom quickly, clearly irked about whatever Professor Xavier had said. He left so fast that he didn’t even notice you, leaned against the wall just outside the room. You took that as an opportunity to come up behind him and grab his sides, causing him to flinch and spin around.
       “You should quit that shit, Y/N. I’m gonna accidentally burn you or something one of these days,” John said. His tone was irritated, but you knew he wasn’t truly upset with you. You bumped him with your shoulder, and he gave you a small smile before doing the same. You fell into step beside him, and the two of you made your way to your next class.
       The lunch bell eventually sounded, signaling an end to Professor Grey’s class, and John got asked to stay after yet again. He told you to go ahead and go, so you did.
       “Where’s John?” Bobby asked as you sat down across from him at the lunch table.
       “Professor Grey wanted to talk to him about something,” you explained, then set your backpack on the seat next to you, reserving it for John. Bobby simply nodded, then began eating his lunch.
       John made his way over to the table a short while later, looking just as annoyed as he did when he had finished speaking with Professor Xavier. However, in truth, he usually looked at least a little annoyed. You moved your backpack to the floor as he reached you and Bobby, and he hesitated for a moment, before taking a seat next to you.
       “Why’d you save me a seat?”
       “Lunchroom looked busy today; didn’t want you to get stuck sitting somewhere else. I didn’t think that would be necessarily enjoyable for you. You’re not exactly a social butterfly, sweetheart,” you said teasingly. John just shot you a playful glare.
       That evening, after you retreated to the room you shared with Rogue, you grew bored. You decided on an impulse to make cookies. Once they were finished, you put a few on a plate, made a couple glasses of milk, and headed to John’s room. You knocked on the door with your foot, and after a few moments of some rustling sounds, he opened the door. His hair was messy, and you could tell that he’d been repeatedly running his hands through it. The grey sweatpants he wore were slung low on his hips, and his black T-shirt was wrinkled.
       “What’s up?”
       “I made some cookies, figured I’d see if you wanted to share,” you replied. A small smile found its way to his lips, and he stepped away from the doorway to allow you to enter.
       The room was fitting for two teenage boys: fairly plain walls, save for a few posters of cars and bands, and clothing littering the floor. Various books and papers were strewn across John’s bed, which he lazily pushed to the floor to make room for the two of you to sit. You rested the glasses of milk on his nightstand, then the plate of still-warm cookies on the bed. John sat criss-crossed, and you followed suit. You busied yourself with looking around the room, then when your gaze returned to John, he was already staring at you.
       “Do I have chocolate on my face or something?”
       “No, no, I just…” John began, then ran a hand through his hair, messing it up even more. “Why do you do this shit for me?”
       “What shit?”
       “This shit,” he said, gesturing towards the plate of cookies between you two. “You bring me coffee, you save me seats at lunch, you fucking bake me cookies – you’re so nice to me. Why?”
       “It’s called flirting, hotshot.”
       You momentarily thought John was going to choke on the cookie in his mouth at your response. He looked up at you with furrowed brows.
       “Why? Why do you flirt with me?”
       “You’re like a two year old, asking ‘why’ about everything,” you quipped, chuckling as you leaned back on the bed. “I flirt with you because I like you. You’re such a ladies’ man, I would have thought you’d have figured that out by now.”
       “I’m not…. Girls don’t like me. They fuck me. It’s much less complicated than this,” John said in an exasperated tone, gesturing between the two of you. He ran a hand through his hair yet again, sighing. “We flirt a little, we fuck, and we go our separate ways. There’s no… nice gestures and cute smiles – like that one you’re giving me right now. Why are you smiling at me like that? I basically just admitted to being a slut, why are you smiling at me?”
       “Do you really think I wasn’t previously aware that you’re a man-whore?” you inquired, laughing. “I’m smiling at you because I’ve never seen you flustered like this. It’s cute.”
       “I’m not ‘cute.’ I’m dangerous, Y/N, don’t you see that? My mutation – it’s dangerous. Hell, not even just that – I’m dangerous. I’m gonna end up hurting you, and I don’t want that. I don’t want to hurt you, I wouldn’t be able to stand myself if I did. I like you too much.”
       “So…” you began, leaning forward with a bright smile on your face. “You do like me, huh?”
       “Did you hear a fucking thing I just said?!” John asked, abruptly standing and glowering down at you.
       “I heard you give a little spiel about you thinking that you’re dangerous, even though I know you’re not. John, just last week, I saw you give a little girl your ice cream because she dropped hers! Dangerous people don’t do that kind of shit. You’re scared to have feelings for me, but please – don’t be. I’m not going to hurt you, and I know that’s why you’re scared. And I trust you to not hurt me,” you asserted, standing as well. You saw how John’s shoulders relaxed, and the anger faded from his features.
       “But I don’t,” he said softly. “I don’t trust me to not hurt you.”
       “Stop doubting yourself, John,” you said, gently cupping his cheek with your hand. He slowly closed his eyes and leaned into your touch, earning a small smile from you. After a few moments of standing like that, John’s eyes opened, and he looked very serious. He began leaning down, and it seemed like it took years for his lips to touch yours. The hand that had been on his cheek moved to the back of his neck, and the other rested on his chest. John’s arms wrapped tightly around your waist, pulling you as close together as possible.
       It wasn’t long before he began to back you up, until the backs of your legs hit the bed, and you both fell onto the mattress together. The touches became increasingly more eager – on both sides. His hands were like fire on your skin, and not just because of his mutation. They had just begun to snake their way underneath your shirt, when you heard the door open.
       “Hey, do you know where my – dammit, man, I’ve told you to start putting a sock on the doorknob or something!”
       Before John’s lips reconnected with yours, you briefly wondered if Bobby was able to dodge the fireball John hurled at him. But once his lips and hands were on you again, your thoughts had no room for anything other than John.

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The supercorp fandom is shook about the new promo since it includes a soft supercorp couch™ scene where Kara and Lena are cuddling and holding hands!! Today's ep on Sanvers was good too. Other than that it was meh. But the new promo tho. We're so shook

Ah yes. I’ve seen a ton of tweets with that scene. My friend mistook Kara for some guy in those stills x’D My gay heart is filled with hope to watch that ep. Also, someone should make a comic/fanfic of the couch being a conscious entity and watching Kara/Lena fall in love :D (I bet it’d be as big of a shipper as Jess)

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Saw a few gif sets of two Sanvers scenes too. Good to see that a healthy f/f ship is still alive.

Can someone write me a fanfic where:

Daesung becomes pocket sized. He just sits in the other BB members pockets all day reciting wise words, making ‘small’ puns, and generally just causing mischief?

Super cute and super fluffy?

I’m not saying that I want to write a smut fic with Rey and ‘Matt’ where Rey is undercover and Matt just so happens to be someone she ends up liking. I’m not saying I don’t want Rey to have a cam on her during her undercover mission so that Leia and others can get intel directly from the workers mouths. I’m not saying that I totes want them to bang and Rey forget the camera is there. I’m totally not saying that I want Rey to figure out that it’s Kylo during the sex and that that leads to a lot of awkwards conversations later with Leia..

But that’s exactly what I want.

It's Valentine's Day!

And you know what that means!

Yup! Reading everything from fluffy to smutty fanfics for the next 24 hours, like the loner you are.


Masquarade Ball AU

does anyone already come up with a miraculous ladybug headcanon where it’s masquarade ball au. just like the sailormoon one when she danced with mamoru ??  like they both coicindetally in the same ball and suddenly adrien ask marinette for a dance of course without both of them knowing about each other. but then while they dance. he said to Marinette that she looks like someone that is so familiar with him and it got him thinking for the rest of the day omg.  and he kind of have a hunch that she does remind him of ladybug but at the end of the day he thought it’s too good to be true and shrug it off the thought away bcs he couldnt handle the feels if it’s actually her. wOW CAN SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN VISUALLY IN FANFIC OR FANART OR COMICS OR ETC