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because someone already did the war of hearts version - here is everyone’s new favourite malec scene with “storm” by ruelle


Parrot Keeping

I don’t get it.

People want to get a single parrot because if they get two then the parrot won’t like them as much.

But then they don’t want the parrot to view them as a mate.

What did you expect? You got a pet in which most species mate for life. Their lives revolve around their mate, preening their mate, feeding their mate, having sex with their mate, raising babies with their mate, driving away competitors from their mate, and yes, spending their entire life with their mate.

You prime them for this situation by you or a housemate being the only ones available, and then freak out when they want to do this to you. It’s natural. It’s not bad. Your parrot isn’t misbehaving, it isn’t a bad bird just because you are keeping a wild animal in a captive situation where it just wants to do what every feather on its body is telling it to do. Stop treating it like such, stop punishing them for displaying mating behaviors.

Do what you signed up for by getting a single bird or work to get your bird a feathered mate. That doesn’t mean buying the first bird at the pet store you see and throwing them in a cage together and wondering why they don’t like each other. That means becoming a match maker and setting up play dates, or even consider rehoming your bird to someone who can.

Stop buying parrots and expecting these wild animals to be pets. They’re not. We’re on the way to domesticating birds like budgies, cockatiels, love birds, Indian ring necks…but we’re still so far from being able to keep them happy and healthily easily like we are with chickens and pigeons who thrive with us. Hell, starlings make better pets than parrots since at least they often choose to be with us.

And please, when you’re researching any animal don’t do a quick google search. Talk to as many people as possible, both new owners and experienced owners.

She’s called Cobweb Jenny; like her namesake she tends to be found in old, quiet, out-of-the-way nooks and crannies. You might catch a glimpse of her down a dark corridor as you’re hurrying to the laundry room in the dorm basement, or when you’re on a coffee run at 3am while trying to pull an all-nighter. She’s actually fairly harmless, although seeing that face suddenly appearing in a shadowy corner when a person thought they were alone does tend to cause a bit of a heart attack.

She doesn’t speak, or make any sound, though if someone were to lean in close enough they could maybe hear the faintest of rustling noises. Pretty much she just sits and minds her own business, whatever that is. If you want to you can even offer her a gift and if she likes it, she might take it and give you something in return. She seems to like receiving fingernail clippings the most for some reason, she’ll almost always trade for those.

There’s no knowing what she’ll give you in return: it might be a pebble, or a bent feather with a satiny sheen, or a handful of wet moss, or a ring that only has one edge to it. Very occasionally it might be something peculiar and beautiful, like a black crystal that chimes in the sunlight, or a pen that writes and writes and never runs dry until the day you graduate. To be honest though: about 30% of the time all you’ll get back is just someone else’s fingernail clippings.

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the next time someone asks me what my deal with hanzo is im gonna send them this three minute video

Plotting by Characters

Anonymous asked: “So when I come up with a story, I usually come up with the characters first and it’s really hard to plot with those characters in mind, because that’s usually the reverse of what people do. Do you have any tips?”

Yes. Two words of advice - maybe one will stick - 1. You have to let bad things happen to good people. 2. Remind yourself that you don’t know what these characters are capable of. 

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rebelcaptain || arranged royal marriage AU: the ball part 1

Baze brings her the final list of candidates, his face grumpier than usual, which Jyn appreciates as it matches her mood. She’s in her library, which will eventually be converted into her future husband’s quarters, and she stares out the window with the view of the pond and wonders what he will be like, whoever he will be, and whether or not he will appreciate the view that she’s loved most of her life or if he’ll simply keep the curtains drawn.

“I do not understand the need to rush this step,” he grunts, placing the leather-bound folio into her hands.

“I suppose everyone would prefer to make this match before I actually have a chance to fall in love with someone myself,” she says, thinking of the first boy who had dared to find the courage to kiss her, and then to the young man at university she’d fallen in with, who had given her an inkling of what love might have felt like, even if it was only a poor approximation of it. But she still opens the folio, pulling out each clipped-together profile.

“I am sorry, but if they think they can reign you in, highness, then they are foolish.” 

Jyn reaches out and takes Baze’s hand, squeezing it. “You don’t need to say you are sorry, Baze,” she smiles. “In part because I know you’re not.”

“What are the chances that you won’t have to do this, princess?” Baze asks, straightening himself up, checking his emotions.

Jyn fans out the stack of profiles, photographs of each candidate clipped to the edge of each packet. It’s a wealth of handsome faces and titles and names of repute. She pulls out the photo of the first face in the stack and glances at it–Cassian Andor of the House of Fest–then throws it back down on the table.

“The question is,” she tells Baze, “what choice do I have?

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If you're sick of the drama and thinking about leaving the fandom...


Here’s what you can do when drama goes down:

-watch edits on YouTube/Instagram

-see what the cast is up to

-watch some interviews that you haven’t seen

-or just rewatch some favorite interviews or panels

-read or write some fanfiction

-maybe draw some fan art

-rewatch favorite episodes

-make a music playlist for ships or the show

-make some edits of your own

-watch a bunch of SH Crack vids (those things are hilarious)

-watch some SH YouTubers
(I recommend Trin Lovell, abnormallyadam, and kalebreak )

-read the books (if you want to, that’s up to you)

-make a playlist with all your favorite clips from the show

-watch some behind the scenes stuff

Yeah drama sucks, but there’s so much you can do to show your support instead of getting into all the drama. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t defend the show or your ship. If someone comes after them in an off putting way then by all means you have the right to express your opinion as well. It’s when people take things to far and start to attack one another is where I draw the line. You don’t have to verbally abuse someone to get your point across. The cast and crew work so hard on the show and when people threaten to leave the fandom it’s really upsetting. I think doing everything listed above can help you realize why you love the show and why you joined the fandom in the first place.


GRIMTALK is a weekly snapshot of my personal Grimoire as it progresses each week and this week on GRIMTALK is Healing Poppets.

A poppet is a physical representation of a person and is used in both baneful and beneficial witchcraft. Historically, poppets have been made out of roots carved into the shape of a human, grain or corn shafts, paper, wax, potatoes, clay, branches, and cloth figures stuffed with herbs.

Poppets also usually contain a taglock from the person they are to represent such as hair, finger/toenail clippings, blood, spit, tears, sweat, mucus, semen or urine. This taglock ensures that the poppet will only work on the person they represent.

Healing poppets are especially useful because you can target them towards a person’s specific needs. Cloth poppets are perfect for assisting with healing because they can easily be placed under the pillow or mattress of someone who is sick or injured.

Cloth poppets are quite easy to make. Simply, draw a humanoid figure on a piece of paper. Cut out the figure and transfer the outline to a folded-over piece of cloth. Cut the cloth around the paper outline so that you have two humanoid cloth shapes.

Now you can sew, draw or paint sigils, words or symbols onto the poppet to assist with healing. You can also sew on a little heart, yarn hair and button eyes if you wish.

Pin the two sides together and begin to stitch them around the edges. When three quarters of the poppet is stitched, fill it with the appropriate herbs and a taglock. Then finish sewing up the poppet and place it under the pillow or mattress of your target.

*(Note: Around the world, serpents have been to symbolise life, death and rebirth for thousands of years. Because snakes can heal as well as hurt – add shed snake skin to the poppet to speed the healing process.)

To see any of the previous weekly photos, check out the GRIMTALK page!

Forest Fire Curse

There’s a stunning lack of curses around here that make use of houseplants so I’m gonna do you all a favour and fix that shit up right now.

Forest Fire Curse

No, we’re not starting an actual forest fire. That is dangerous and illegal and also what the fuck. This curse is an emotional curse designed to inflict long-term suffering on someone who wronged you. This is at least the second pettiest curse that you’ve seen in a long while, probably. 

You will need:

  • A houseplant that you can take leaves or clippings from. Something like aloe vera, a spider plant, a Christmas cactus, etc. 
  • Clay (or something similar) that can dissolve with water. Most clay can if you don’t fire it, but if you’re not sure, do a little bit of research.
  • A black marker
  • A pencil or sharp object
  • A candle or open source of flame. It doesn’t have to be a specific candle, but go ahead and use a black one if you like, since every other curse does. (The leaves are the important part here, not the fire source.)


First, you’ll want to make sure your plant is watered, well-taken care of, and healthy, otherwise this isn’t going to work and you’ll just make a mess. 

Get out your clay and make a little disc or idol; this will represent the person you’re cursing. Draw a sigil or symbol, or even a picture of their face, in the clay with your sharp thing, and leave it to dry. This will take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days depending on what kind of clay you’re using, but as long as you keep it small, it shouldn’t take too long. 

Then, when it’s dry, take a leaf or clipping off of your plant, and with the marker, draw a symbol on it that matches the one on your clay idol. Next, take your clay piece and put it in the soil of the plant. (If you like talking to plants, now is a good time to let it know you’re going to be using it to curse someone.) Get your flame ready, and light your leaf on fire. If it’s a waxy plant, it’ll be more of a slow melt, whereas if it’s a more dry/papery specimen, it’ll probably go up immediately, so be careful. While that fucker burns, say anything along the lines of “I cast a lingering burn upon he who has hurt me”, but like, the phrasing doesn’t matter that much. If you want to get deep and specify what kind of pain you’re inflicting, go for it, otherwise it’s basically up to nature. When you’re done, sprinkle some water on the clay in the soil, and put the plant up into a window.

Now, here’s the fun part: that little clay idol will slowly degrade as long as you keep it in the pot, because every time you pour water on it, it softens a bit. Your curse is going to last as long as that piece stays there, slowly integrating itself into the soil. I’ve personally never kept track of people I’ve done this to - they tend to disappear out of my life after a little while - so the curse may or may not slowly degrade over time too. Even if it does, though, it’s pretty strong anyway, and since it lasts so long, you probably won’t need to throw another curse on top of it by the time you’re down to the end.

There, now the rest of you angry gardeners out there have something too! Hope this helps someone out there. (:

look, if you’re going to run a website dedicated to civil rights and liberties (and especially if your website deals with disability issues) …

… then you have to make sure your website is accessible for people who use devices like screen readers, adapted keyboards, speech-to-text, etc..

the big one I’m thinking of here is image captions.

If you’re going to put an image in a post, caption it in plain, screen-reader accessible text.

If there’s a link to a reader-accessible version or transcript, put it in the body of the post near the image.

but this is also for things like closed captioning.

Of the many YouTube channels I watch, I can think of only two that have regular, high-quality closed captioning (Tom Scott* and @annieelainey**, if anyone is wondering).

The rest are a sort of piecemeal, hit-and-miss fashion.

Including channels like John Oliver and Samantha Bee – these channels feature clips from network comedy news shows! They have network backing; surely they can assign someone to make sure the YouTube videos have closed captions.

Gah, and understanding that not everyone is able to use a mouse and hardware keyboard at all times.

Some people use tablets (think iPad) because of a disability. Some use a drawing tablet and pen (think what Wacom makes) because those are easier. Some people use voice-controlled mouse and speech-to-text software.

(Kristen Cashore, author of the Graceling trilogy, has written before about how she writes all her novels with pen and paper and then uses speech-to-text software to transcribe them into a computer.)

Some people can only use a keyboard, no mouse or tablet or pen at all.

my point is here that if you want to strive for progress and make that clear in your website, you must make it accessible to disabled people who use adaptive computers.

Do not leave us out of your activism because we can’t access your sites. Many of us already can’t be involved in activism offline because of our disabilities.

Don’t make the internet even more hostile to us. Please.

(I realize that I am leaving a lot of adaptive systems out of this post. If you have more examples of ways people can make websites accessible, please add them.)

*Tom Scott makes videos about science, interesting “Things You Might Not Know,” travelogues, and general British buffoonery.

**Annie Elainey is a disability activist who makes videos about her experiences with disability, race, gender, sexuality, and a number of other issues.

I feel like @annieelainey (obviously), @becauseoftheshame, @thequantumqueer, @wetwareproblem, @petitetimidgay and anyone else who wants to add something might have good points to add to this post. Go ahead!

Edited to add: @spooniestrong has brought to my attention that expecting individual disabled people to keep their blogs completely accessible is ableist because not everyone has the capability/energy to do so. I apologize for sounding like I expected everyone who runs an activism site to make their sites completely accessible, because that simply isn’t capable for many people running blogs on their own. 

 This post was aimed much more towards big sites (e.g.: micdotcom and its splinter sites) that sometimes feature pieces on disabled people without making their content accessible to those people. (A piece on blind activists that has no image captioned, for instance.) I will absolutely hold those and all other large sites accountable – they have the people power to make sure their articles are accessible. 

 Again, I apologize for making it sound like I expected every single person ever who runs an activism site to make their site accessible. Not everyone can and individual people running small blogs for them and their peers should get more slack than big sites who have the resources to do so.

Hoseok’s Affection

And now it is time for our hope, our angel (I really adore that introduction) a total sweetheart who is actually just a puppy in human form like how is someone so sweet and cuddly and pure but then he can get on stage and fucking own it every second he’s on there teach me your ways sir bc that’s impressive as fuck, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • Just a quick explanation of this since it’s pretty self explanatory, this is just gonna be a post about I think the boys would cuddle/hug, their PDA levels, etc.
  • V v playful v v loving v v sweet and caring and always wants you to feel loved every single second of the day
  • The type of boyfriend to send you flowers but then also the type of boyfriend to walk in with that flower hat from House of Army and just be like I AM the flower
  • He doesn’t care who initiates the affection, he’d be more than happy to hug you first and he’d be equally as happy if you hug him first
  • We’ve seen plenty of both cases, there are a lot of clips of the boys being really affectionate with him, I think it’s bc hobi’s someone you can be comfortable around and just make yourself at home with him and you very quickly realize you don‘t have to be shy or hold anything back like if you wanna give him a hug go give him that hug he will love and adore every second of it
  • He’s a really affectionate person as is and he’s got a lot of really playful affection
  • Will absolutely try to get you to do the Lady and the Tramp food kiss (this literally isn’t even a head canon this is actual canon I fucking love him so much how is he real)
  • No available seats??? No proBleM boYfRiend!HoBi to The RescUe
  • He’ll be more than happy to either get up and give you his seat or let you sit in his lap or he can sit in yours maybe you don’t even gotta worry
  • Hobi is the type of boyfriend that isn’t just a boyfriend but also a best friend, someone you can talk to about anything and everything, someone you can go out with and be really fancy in a restaurant but also someone you can chill out with and be in sweats around and just watch some shows maybe a movie
  • Will 100% call you cute about 185 times a day
  • “Look at my love, my cutie”
  • “Did you see my cutie’s newest selfie did you see it”
  • “Are you witnessing the cuteness I am rn my bby’s so cute”
  • We’ve seen how cute and giggly he gets and he gets all squirmy and just he’s so cute how is someone so cute ?!?!?!?! plz explain it to me bc I don’t get it he’s so lovable and smol and cute and I wanna hug him
  • He’s such a hugger oh my lord
  • I’m just gonna leave this video here or this one or this one bc if that isn’t the cutest fucking thing what is
  • Hugs are some of his favorites tbh he would be so so happy to just sit and hug you for like an hour, talk about your day and his and be able to make each other feel all the love
  • He has a few different hugging styles as well
  • He’s got his super happy hug for when he or you gets home and it’s not super quick but it’s also not a very long hug it’s a few seconds of him squeezing you super tight to make you laugh and most likely kissing your cheek a few times
  • He’s got his I really really missed you hugs where you’re both whispering how much you love each other and hugging each other really tightly and his arms are around your waist and he’s so warm and it’s a v v necessary hug to have in that moment
  • Loves loves loves back hugs, he’d be so happy to have your arms around his waist or his around yours and his head on your shoulder or leaned against yours
  • Surprises you by back hugging you a lot, he’ll come into the room, realize you hadn’t heard him and sneak up really quietly to hug you and scare you a bit before you get all happy again
  • Cuddler for su r e
  • He loves spooning, he loves being the big spoon the most
  • He doesn’t mind being the lil spoon but he doesn’t really like not being able to hold you too but there are some days where maybe he’s had a longer day or a rough day and he needs to be held for a while, being the lil spoon is v v comforting for him
  • But more often than not, he’s gonna go for the big spoon
  • He loves being able to nuzzle your neck or your hair and being able to have his arms around you and hold you close and know you’re right there next to him he doesn’t care if his arm falls asleep he loves being the big spoon so much
  • He would be s o so so so so so so happy whenever you gave him any affection at all but especially when you stroke his hair or rub his arm bc he has that sleeping habit where he strokes his arms or his chest and we’ve also seen him literally whine and get kook to stroke his hair so he could go to sleep
  • If you let him rest his head on your chest or your shoulder and just play with his hair or rub his back or even just toy with his fingers, he’ll be so happy and probably fall asleep on the spot after some pillow talk
  • His kisses are always really sweet and are normally meant to get you laughing or smiling at least
  • The sweeter softer kisses are saved for when it’s just you two, they last longer than the others but they’re just as love filled and he’s got his hands cupping your face and he’ll really gently move your hair out of your face and sometimes he’ll end it by giving your forehead a kiss and he always always always whispers “I love you”
  • But his other kisses are v v playful and normally are done in rapid fire to get you smiley and happy and they still have a lot of love in them of course bc this is hobi, when he’s in a relationship, I have zero doubt he’d be his all into it
  • Will buy a new chapstick/lip balm and make you kiss him a bunch to see if you’re okay with the flavor
  • He doesn’t go for hand holding as often, it’s more of a you’re sitting next to me and my hand was next to yours so I’m just gonna hold it for a bit or like when he’s leading you somewhere (or vice versa)
  • It happens the most when you two are sitting next to each other, he just can’t resist it your hand’s right there his is right next to it how does he not just close that teeny tiny gap and be able to give your hand squeezes
  • He definitely prefers the whole interlocked fingers hand holding but he’s not gonna complain if you just hold onto his hand bc then he can also rubs lil circles into the back of your hand
  • Lets you play with his hands all you want bc have you ever seen his hands that is an example of beauty my friends
  • It happens a lot in the early morning/late night when you two are barely awake and he’s giving you a really soft sleepy smile while you toy with his fingers and trace shapes into his palms and it’s one of those moments where he isn’t jumping off of the walls and he’s so happy and relaxed and he could honestly fall asleep bc he’s so content and warm
  • Onto PDA levels
  • He will a l w a y s have his arm around your shoulders or yours around his
  • He doesn’t mind holding your hand as you guys walk around but there’s just something about being to have you right next to him and being able to lean in whisper things to you and he just really likes the closeness of it
  • He would give you so many hugs, regardless of the location you guys are at (unless it’s something series like work or school or something like that)
  • Like that’s how you two make waiting in lines more interesting, you hold each other really tight and occasionally mumble something to the other
  • He’s A okay with kisses in public but just not the serious kisses, it has to be something playful or just a quick lil peck bc there are some things he wants to keep private
  • May try to get you to wear couple shirts or some couple bracelets and will probably succeed in getting you to wear it bc how do you say no to that sweet face
  • Would a d o r e it if you wore his clothes, whether it’s in public or at home like this one time, he’s on tour and you send him a picture and you happen to be wearing one of his hoodies and he almost screams bc he thinks that’s so sweet and cute
  • “My closet is yours that hoodie is yours take it wear it forever”
  • Affection with hobi is playful and loving so much love he’s so head over heels he’s so cute and sweet
Guide To Loving Her

Something I wrote mixed in with something I read.

I am writing this for the person that is currently fighting to be in her life, for the woman who has been to hell and back is not easy to love.

Many have tried. Most, if not all, have failed.

The weak have no chance, for it takes more strength than you even know you possess; more patience, more resilience, more resolve. It requires an unconditional love, one that is not easily defeated.

For she will push you away. She’ll test you to see what you’re made of, whether you have the raincoat to weather her storm, because she is unpredictable. At times, a hurricane, a force of nature that rides on the flourishment of her suffering; other times, a gentle pitter patter, calm, still and quiet. When she is the gentle rain that falls in time to her silent tears, love her. When she is the thunderstorm with volatile winds that wreak havoc, love her harder.

She is a pendulum that will forever swing between fear of suffocation and fear of abandonment and she will never be able to find balance between the two. Although she will never let you know, she will feel insecure. She will want you to stay close, to kiss her on her forehead and wrap your arms around her while you tell her how safe she is with you. But tomorrow, she will crave her space, her solitude, her freedom.

While you sleep, she lays awake, unable to slow her thoughts as she tries to make the broken pieces fit, to make sense of where and how she fits, if she fits. She fights her demons and is afraid that falling asleep will allow them to gain the upper hand and take away what little control she has left. Tomorrow, she will be tired, and your presence will smother her. That is when you should leave her alone. When she reaches out to you, love her. When she pushes you away, love her harder.

New situations, people, places, will make her anxious. She will be fiercely independent and long to overcome her fears, all the while as terrified as a small child alone in a big world. Sometimes she will need to be courageous, other times she will need you to take her hand and hold it firmly in yours. Most of the time, she will not know what she needs, and you will need to read her like a book with worn pages and a tattered spine. You will need to be what she needs when she doesn’t know herself.

She will live in fear of not being enough and yet always being too much – an endless battle to find the middle ground. Ashamed if the pendulum swings one way or the other, ashamed to be herself because no one has ever loved her when the pendulum swings left and she is small, or when the pendulums wings right and she is tremendous. When she feels too much, love her. When she feels too little, love her harder.

Sometimes she won’t hurt and the light will shine from her blue eyes and her laughter will light up your soul as her precious melody heals you yourself. But sometimes, she will hurt so much from the trauma still in her body; she will ache and feel pain and anguish. The light will grow dim and the music will fade. When she is the light, love her. When she is the void of gloomy darkness, love her harder.

She will always love you with caution, with one foot out the door, so don’t feel offended; she doesn’t understand a love with no conditions, one that is powerful enough to withstand hard times; she’s never experienced one. She will not fully trust in your love and she will keep parts of her heart hidden – the parts that have been hurt the most, the parts she can’t risk being hurt again when she has worked so hard to stitch them together with staples and scotch tape.

She will always expect you to leave first. And when you don’t, she’s still convinced that you will leave – it’s only a matter of time. For everyone who loves her leaves her. She will seek to sabotage the relationship, to destroy it, to leave first, to hurt you before you can hurt her. This is how she stays in control, how she survives, how she ensures she will not get hurt again. When she wants to love you, love her. When she wants to hurt you, love her harder.

Being out of control terrifies her. Don’t ever make her feel powerless, trapped or without her freedom. She needs to feel the sand between her toes, to be the bridge between someone living and someone dying of a tumour, to run with the wolves that she calls her sisters as the wind weaves magic through her hair, for here is where her healing is found. Never clip her wings, for if she has the freedom to fly, she will always come back to you.

Love her when it’s easy, and love her harder when it’s not. Love her in a way that will defy all she has ever known love to be. Love her because you understand with every fibre of your being the gift of her love, what it has cost her to offer you her fragile heart. She does not need you, she has chosen you.

You have what it takes to survive the storm. You know how to love her harder when she doesn’t know how to love. You know my baby sister better than all the other men have known her, so do not give up. She deserves a love like yours, for once.

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if requests are open, but if they are: How would the Paladins react to their s/o falling asleep often, or needing to take multiple naps throughout the day?

Hey, it’s mod Enki! Thanks for sending in your ask! 

Alskdj honestly I’m exactly like this and I can’t figure out why I’m always super fatigued?? Coffee barely helps tbh and even makes me feel even sleepier. It’s the worst lmao



  • He’s really concerned at first because he thinks there’s something seriously wrong, like they’re super ill or something. He tries to get them to rest as much as they can until he figures out that they are, in fact, not deathly ill and dont need to rest to recover. When he finds out that hi s/o is not sick he’s super confused because what could cause them to need to sleep so much? It doesn’t make too much sense to him but he lets them take naps when they need to.
  • If they fall asleep randomly somewhere like at the table, or on the couch, or at training then he’ll take them back to their room until they can wake up. Gives them kisses on their forehead before he leaves to do leader stuffs. After a while it becomes kind of routine and he can time when they’re going to fall asleep. Usually it’s after training, or meals but there are time where he’s kind of caught off guard. He doesn’t really mind it unless it becomes an issue for missions and what not. 


  • Probably thinks it’s a little weird but honestly he uses it as an excuse to take naps with them. How could he leave them when they’re all curled up and asleep on the couch?? It would be a crime in his book so he’s more than happy to take naps with his s/o so they don’t feel bad about falling asleep all the time. Also probably allows him to be more cutesy with his s/o like smothering them with kisses when they wake up. 
  • He wishes his s/o could be a little more active without having their energy sapped all the time but he tries to understand the best he can. It is, after all, his s/o and he would do anything for them. If he can he’ll chose to do activities that don’t require too much strain so they can stay awake longer without draining their energy. He’ll constantly try to think of better things for him and his s/o to do.


  • Absolutely does not understand for a good while. He thinks his s/o is lying when they tall him they fall asleep and need to nap all the time. He honestly gets super frustrated with his s/o for a bit before he can figure out they can’t help it. When he realizes this he tries his hardest to understand why it happens. Get ready for a lot of lost looking stares and questions. This poor child doesn’t really understand the whole, “being in another person’s shoes,” thing. 
  • He does get a little flustered if his s/o falls asleep on him while they’re out in the den area with the others. Doesn’t dare to move while his s/o is asleep and tries to stick it out for as long as he can. If he can he’ll try to catch his s/o when they’re about to fall asleep and carry them to his room so they wont be disturbed. Secretly takes naps with them every so often if he can sneak off.


  • REALLY thinks your dying for a bit or thinks your really ill or smth. He doesn’t understand at first until his s/o reassures him that they’re not sick or dying. He understands a little bit after but it takes him a while to get used to his s/o just being passed out somewhere. He tries to keep an eye on them at all times to make sure they don’t fall asleep in some really bad place that could hurt them if they slept there. Constantly on the lookout for when his s/o could fall asleep.
  • He really tries to experiment with his cooking on the castle ship to try and make something that’s going to give his s/o more energy so they have at least a bit more freedom to do more things. When all else fails at least Hunk will be there to take a few naps with his s/o. His s/o can rest assured that he’ll always try to be there for them.


  • Since she’s kind of like, the exact opposite she’s not really too sure how to handle the whole thing. If her s/o falls asleep randomly somewhere the most she’ll be able to do is get them a pillow and a few blankets because there’s no way she’s going to carry her s/o. She might get someone else to carry her s/o of she can find someone but most of the time she’s limited to what she can do. 
  • If she’s worried enough about it she’ll try to make a watch or clip or something to attach to her s/o so whenever they fall asleep she’ll be alerted and can go get someone to put her s/o in her room. Spends a good amount of time trying to research cures or treatments of some sort to try and help her s/o with their energy. Her s/o better be prepared to be a little bit of a guinea pig because Pidge is definitely going to want to try whatever remedy she can find.

Okay, but this really made me pause for a second.

This entire video was just really interesting to me because we got to see what exactly goes through Jack’s mind in different scenarios and cases. This particular clip however really hit close to home. As someone with anxiety and depression, I can say that it makes it extremely hard to do things that most people would have no problem doing. And what a lot of people fail to understand is that we do have dreams and goals but it is sometimes extremely hard to reach them because of these very real things holding us back.

Thank you @therealjacksepticeye for acknowledging this and for addressing the fact that just because we’d like to think we can do anything, doesn’t mean we can.

Maybe we can’t do absolutely anything, but we are certainly capable of achieving many incredible things. It may just take us a little longer to achieve them.

Every Soul a Twin

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Requested by @yourtropegirl – Bones soulmate AU where you can feel each other’s emotions.
Word Count: 
mild electric shock, maelstrom of emotions, fluff.
Rating: Teen+
Author’s Note: I LOVE THIS TROPE.  I want to marry this trope.  I hope you guys like what I’ve done with it!

Every Soul a Twin

You’ve been on the USS Enterprise for nearly 3 years.  After the devastating wreck in the wake of Admiral Marcus’ betrayal, the call had gone out for new personnel to fill the ranks left behind by those lost and you had answered it.  You had boarded the new Enterprise with great aspirations and a very specialized skill set in cold fusion and gravity systems.  You’d been assigned to work under Montgomery Scott, and you had learned an incredible amount from him and the other engineers.

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