can someone look at me like this now pls


i cant stop thinking about andrew with pastel hair now pls,,, 

he takes inspiration from renee and she helps him do it the first few times bc andrew refuses to look like an idiot and neil loves the colours and running his hands through it and seeing the purples and pinks and blues moves and mix together wow can u believe these losers 

someone talk to me about this huge edgelord please

what’s a studyblr?

  • study + tumblr = studyblr! it’s for anyone wanting to do better, looking for motivation, studying and learning. 
  • we’re like the ravenclaw common room huhu
  • some variants are appblrs (blogs focusing on college applications), medblrs (medical studyblrs), etc etc.


  • you could try making a post saying that you’re new! it’s a good way of introducing yourself
  • don’t be afraid of sending messages to other studyblrs and just starting up a conversation (pls we all love getting messages).
  • be nice to your followers and to other bloggers! (no hate/rudeness ;;)
  • tag your posts with #studyblr or #studyspo !! 
  • you can also look through those tags and reblog some stuff

making friends

  • send nice messages! with the new im system, it’s a lot easier to have conversations with people now! (don’t worry we won’t bite pls pls we love getting messages talk to me if u want to)
  • if someone that you’re following reblogs an ask game or something like that, send them a message! you could find out a mutual interest or something!
  • join a community page! you can meet lots of other people and find blogs that are studying the same classes as you :)
  • join a study group. there are many study groups set up by studyblrs. for example, you could join one focusing on biology if you’re taking that class this year. you could meet lots of new people that way!

helpful things

  • having a blog theme that’s clean and easy to navigate is really nice. 
  • you can make a tag list for people who want to look through your blog for resources!
  • making an about is helpful bc people can get to know you!!
  • natural lighting usually makes pictures 100x nicer
  • many people use vscocam to edit things like brightness
  • some studyblrs track tags. for example, i track the tag #tbhstudying and reblog stuff that people have tagged it with
  • don’t worry; you don’t have to be perfect :’)


  • pls pls pls don’t feel like you have to have all of the expensive stationery that you see in posts with a lot notes.
  • don’t let age restrict you!! i started my studyblr when i was a smol 8th grader ; u ;
  • don’t force yourself to do all of the mind maps and illustrated notes that you see a lot in the studyblr community. if you find out that it doesn’t work for you. use the method that fits you.
  • don’t focus on followers. it’s about the wish to get better through your own efforts; not the amount of followers you have
  • don’t repost pictures. always try to reblog from the original. this goes for the pictures that you find on places like weheartit or stealing credit for other people’s posts and articles and masterposts. nobody likes it ;;

welcome to the community !!
hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)


Cisco Ramon and Ray Palmer being absolute nerds (.❂‿❂.)

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i can just IMAGINE the petty bickering between you and luke but infront of your friends and y'all would be in the bathroom whispering like you'd cross your arms and look away from him saying 'i'm not talking to you for 10 seconds' and he's all like 'wow britt wow so mature of you!!!!!' and you'd be like 'now its 30 seconds, SEE SEE WHAT YOU JUST DID' and he's like whispering yelling back 'WILL YOU JUST-'

honestly us kdjnskgr


Hanbin is worrying about you.

“Have you eat? Don’t skip meal just because I can’t feed you. I know that you miss me a loooooottt, i miss you too. But now pl–”

You smiled, “I’ve ate. It’s okay, missing you is just a small part of loving you.”

Looking at your smile, Hanbin bite his lower lip. “You know sometimes I wonder, what did I do to deserve someone like you. Someone who’s very pretty in the inside. I might sound crazy right now but I think I can’t live without you y/n…”

“It’s alright Hanbin-ah. Don’t concern yourself with something that isn’t worth it to be concerned about. Just go back to work, I’m okay.”

“YOU WORTH MY CONCERN AND YOU EVEN WORTH MY LIFE. What do you want me to bring for home tonight?”

“Are you going to my house?”

“I could run and escape from here just to meet you and feel you inside my hug. You know I love you that much.”

You giggled, he loves it so much. “Don’t do that. I might go insane.”

“Let’s watch some dramas while cuddling. Just buy your favourite ice cream, I’ll be okay.”

“See you tonight baby girl. Stay safe, call me if you miss me.” He smiled while looking at your eyes.

“I love you too Hanbinnie, keep working hard. I love you. I love you.”

Astroblog struggles

Someone: This guy I know has a Scorpio sun and I like him. What’s he thinking about right now? Also, what is he gonna wear tomorrow and if I say something to him how is he gonna react???? Do you think you can tell me if he has depression? Also, guess my whole life story pls, I’m a Sag.

Me: *Looks into the camera like I’m on the Office*

“I- What- Can you just-” Reese groaned in annoyance, continuing to be cut off in the conversation. After listening for a few moments, he replied as quickly as he could, “Look, I’m sorry I left so abruptly, but I needed to get out of there. Besides, it’s not like we were da-” He was cut off again, but this time, by a much more disturbing interruption. “What the bloody hell, Claire? Are you shagging someone right now?! Have you gone mad? I’m hanging up, Jesus Christ.” Hitting the end button, he put the phone in his pocket, his expression one of pure disgust.