can someone id this

Me: I should watch other anime, you know, broaden my horizons

Me to me: Rewatch Yuri!!! On Ice. Nothing else deserves to be watched.

Guys. Peeps. Friendos.

You know how @deadcatwithaflamethrower wrote a book, right?

I have an idea.

WE SHOULD WRITE FANFIC FOR IT AND MAKE IT A NICE BIG JUICY TAG ON AO3. It actually has two works already, we should have more. We should have, like, a Jer Keene Week.

*gasp* People could make GIF SETS AND EDITS. C’mon peeps, DC has been working her ass off for this, the least we can do is turn into the raving fans that we are!

(Jer Keene Week has to happen now. Who’s with me, huh? Let’s encourage a fellow fan creator taking the scary step into original work territory!)

(If you have ideas for what the week should consist of, let me know? I love planning stuff like this.)


joshua birthday gfx countdown, D-7 (shh i know its supposed to be 6) ♡ black sugar 



HOLD UP. It’s been a YEAR and they haven’t done it!?

…all I’m saying is if I were dating Zyg, I’d have tried to get in his pants in a - lot - sooner than a year… ;;ㅋㅅㅋ

How to write D/deaf/HoH characters

this has probably already been done, but i am so sick of reading fanfiction that has totally inaccurate portrayals of deaf/HoH characters, so I’m making a guide

This turned out really long, so you can read the whole thing under the cut

ATTENTION: If someone wants me to do another one of these resource posts for a more specific D/deaf/HoH issue, such as how to write deaf children, different types of hearing aids, deaf accomodations, etc just shoot me an ask and i’ll make one!

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god ok im sorry if its not my place to like, say anything as a white and able bodied person, but when u kin outside ur ability and race those are two totally different ball parks like, ok

example, kaneki ken lives in japan so it doesnt affect him that he’s japanese unless he were to go some other place then he’ll experience racism, however

iding as someone like suzuya juuzou who is missing a leg, that affects him because hes an amputee that compromises his daily functioning and if you’re able bodied, you can in no way, shape or form reclaim that. its the same basis as wehn someone who can see IDs as someone who is blind (aka sollux, terezi, and latula kins) its icky and i prefer u not following me if u ID outside ur ability because like,

ok if someone whos allistic followed me and IDs as jake english or caliborn or nepeta ill be uncomfortable or someone who doesnt have some sort of mood disorder follows and IDs as sollux captor or someone who is cis and IDs as a trans character thast. gross. like.