can someone dub this

Yuuri's Victor collection

There was an announcement before that the yuri on museum would include Yuuri’s Victor collection. Can anyone confirm this?

Like, are we talking about any of these photos?


Because I really need high res photos of these… For science, of course.

If someone asks where to find the dub of some anime, and you reply “just watch the sub”, I hope someone screws up your next fast food order on purpose.

If your approach to consumption of food is anywhere near as impertinent as your approach to consumption of entertainment, you’ll eat that spit-laden burger, too. Dick.

Gems true Color Theory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the release of StevenBomb 4 of Steven universe, releases the episode “The Answer” where we see 3 Rubies fuse into a bigger Ruby…it…caught my attention and interest…so it go me thinking…

If 1 Sapphire + 1 Ruby = Garnet then, I’m 95% sure that also means 2 Rubies + 2 Sapphires = (Big) Garnet…BBUUTTT………

What if 2 Rubbies + 1 Sapphire does… that equal a similar Gem?!

For Example:

2 Rubies + 1 Sapphire = PURPLE GARNET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because there are Gems with different colors, and are refered to that name like how peridots, can be a dark green shade to bright yellow,.. or again purple Garnet.

If I started this theory I dub it:
Gems true Color Theory

can someone shine light on this

all rights of Steven Universe belong to her Majesty Rebecca Sugar.


Heyyy, Chisp here! I just wanted to put up a little test/preview of what I’ve been working on for the past little while. I’m no professional, I’m just a student with some free time, but I’m planning to animate the ENTIRE Sans fight, as accurate to the game as possible, and get someone to dub it, if I can. I’m super excited to make it and I hope lots of people will see it and like it. ^.^ This is a rough test, it’s really just me playing with keyframes and poses and stuff. It’s gonna be pretty awesome! I’ll keep updating on how it’s going c:


I heard there was a tennis game,

Boo laced his shoes and Bowser came,

But you don’t really care for tennis, do you?

It goes like this, a game set match,

And on his cap he wore a patch,

Inverted L, his name was Waluigi

Waluigi, Waluigi, Waluigi, Waluigi


I saw him karting that one time,

He leered at others on the line,

But they could not see him win 50cc

And sure enough, to their dismay,

He soon took Bowser and DK,

The first place, the champion, Waluigi

Waluigi, Waluigi, Waluigi, Waluigi


I saw him at a football game,

My ears pricked up, I heard that name,

And sure enough, he won all of the friendlies

But then he cried that awful taunt,

That filthy taunt he loved to flaunt,

He told them all to suck his Waluweewee

Waluigi, Waluigi, Waluigi, Waluigi


I once spoke to Miyamoto,

I said to him “Like Wario

Will Waluigi ever make main series?”

He sadly said, “he can’t exist,

Or he would be writ on my list.”

So how can I know of this Waluigi?

Waluigi, Waluigi, Waluigi, Waluigi


Well, is he real? I do not know,

Some say yes and some say no,

What do I have to do to make him see me?

I see him there, but then he’s gone,

Please, Nintendo, make him canon,

That man I love, that man named Waluigi!

Waluigi, Waluigi, Waluigi, Waluigi

To be sung to the tune of ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen.

First verse from this post. I’m sure someone with better audio recording equipment than me can dub it, but for now, enjoy this trashy anthem to the reflection of the reflections of everyone’s favourite Italian (or possibly British, if the movie is anything to go by) plumber.

anonymous asked:

Why does everyone refer to Sailor Moon as Usagi? Its not a bad thing but people who grew up with Sailor Moon English dub have all started calling her Usagi? And when I refer to the Sailor Scouts by their english name everyones like "thats not their name." etc. :s just a bit confused cuz we are both talking about the same characters but why do I HAVE to use the Japanese version of their names?

…..they call her Usagi because that’s her name LOL

Her birth name is not Sailor Moon, it’s Usagi :P
I can see how someone who grew up ONLY with the English Dub would find it hard to transition, and it’s not right for someone to get mad at you and tell you that “THAT’S NOT HER NAME!!!1!!!11!!” because in one version, it IS her name. You shouldn’t have to use the Japanese names if you don’t want to.

But you also do need to realize that Usagi, Makoto, Mamoru, etc. are their original names. So if someone is using that name, YOU have to also accept that and not be “offended” or whatever. If you use the dub names and someone tries to correct you, you can tell them that you’re a 90’s dub watcher and THAT’S OKAY!!!! but the original names are going to be more prevalent than the dub’s names, and unfortunately you’re going to have to get used to that :/

Especially with the NEW dub, because that will be using the original names.
I grew up with the 90’s dub and the original sub, and I often myself using the names interchangeably :P Sometimes even in the same sentence!!! I catch myself with “Usagi and Darien” a loooottttttt ahahahah  :P


can someone dub the “he dabbed” scream from the sportacus dabs vine after Mark dabs
you guys know what vine I’m talking about
ok thanks bye