can someone bring me some cake

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  1. oh boy, coming up with the first batch was hard enough
  2. i haven’t drawn anything in about a month
  3. i miss drawing but i also feel like i’ll only get frustrated if i tried now so i’m just *vague hand movements*
  4. spotify is the best worst drug i just discovered
  5. shit julia seriously i have to do 10??
  6. i made brownies last week, and then i mixed blueberries into the batter just because i can.
  7. i never know what the past tense of the german word for baking is. it’s just one of those words.
  8. the brownies turned out really tasty btw, i took some with me to share at work
  9. it resulted in someone asking if it’s my last day (as custom dictates, interns bring cake/sweets as a goodbye-and-thanks-for-having-been-nice-to-me on their last days)
  10. i honestly doubt anyone is even interested in this

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I never expected to receive this many messages yesterday. The amount of love you guys have showed me over the years and that you showed each other yesterday still blows me away. Thank you, to everyone, thank you. I wish I could share some birthday cake with everyone that’s touched my heart. I love you all so very much and I hope today is treating you well. If I could make a birthday wish come true, it would be to wish away the sorrow that came from yesterday’s news. I know only time can take away that pain. For today, I hope you can find someone or something to bring a little bit of joy to your day. Tell those you love that you care and don’t be afraid to show yourself some love to. Treat yourself to something you like and bring that lovely smile to your face. I love you all, stay strong. <3

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