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Malec Appreciation Fortnight:
Day 11: Happiest Moment.

i have a huge need to see alec happy. he has so much on his shoulders, and more often that not nobody cares. they’re too busy with their own drama or just don’t know that alec is taking all of this on, is letting it weight on him so that it doesn’t have to trouble anybody else. then you get magnus, someone who actually pays him attention, who cares what alec wants and feels. who cares about alec period. you can see as the show (and as the episode (malec)) progresses how hard it is for alec to fight against what he wants vs what he feels he has to do. and then they kiss and it’s like the dam breaks, like he can finally be himself (everything’s just out in the open) and look how HAPPY he is. even after speaking to his parents, he doesn’t stop smiling. it’s so perfect

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Hello!!! Do you know where I can read Yama kamisama to hanamuko-dono ?? ;n;

Ohh I’m sorry but I have no idea about where you can read novels. Maybe somene else knows? Guys, can you help out? <3


I knew RH shippers would pull this out so i’m just gonna say this.

How can you compare Makoto cornering Haru to Rin doing it when in Makoto’s case,they’re having a water gun fight and playing around,to Rin’s case of physically pushing Haru against a fence and demand he swim for him.If you really want to make that comparison,compare it to when Sousuke cornered Haru against a vending machine and told him to stay away from Rin.I cannot believe you can’t see the diffrence and why we MakoHaru shippers are gushing over this moment.

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Hello there. I wanted to know how you got people to talk to you about your OC's ? I've been trying but I don't think that I should talk about mine because my OC's are not good enough. Can you give me any advice, please?


really tho, it takes awhile for people to be interested in ocs! they dont know them or their world….so you gotta talk about that stuff, draw that stuff! the more people can learn about your worlds and the things in em, the more likely they are to be interested! get INVESTED even

I just lured ppl in with SU art and then suddenly started drawing/talking about my characters a lot here n there,,,,like haha, gotcha…..I only have two gears and they are SU and OCS, lock n load

So Billboard has this article about Simon Cowell and his acts where he says Harry is going solo and he doesn’t know if 1D are on hiatus or broke up, plus there is an article about Louis Tomlinson SAYING that Simon was the first one he told about his son. 

Tomlinson, who became a father in January when his ex-girlfriend Briana Jungwirth gave birth, adds, “Simon is one of the first people I told about my son, Freddie. You can trust him.”

Can somene remind me when Louis said these words that are quoted in this article? Because I don’t remember. And since he uses the name, I assume this quote comes from an interview he did AFTER the baby was born. When did he exactly do that?