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tell me about leverage. make me want to, please

alright buckle up motherfuckers, i’m about to school y’all about this wonderful show called Leverage.

let’s start with the premise: they’re a bunch of criminals who come together to work as a team and to “pick up where the law leaves off.” aka: they do illegal shit to legally take out the bad guys, i.e. framing/ruining the reputation of/revealing actual law-breaking by embezzling rich politicians, dirty cops, corporations doing secret shit on the down-low, etc.

each episode is a different bad guy they need to take down for doing something terrible, and each episode they come up with a different scheme to take them out. the team consists of: the hacker, the hitter, the grifter, the thief, and the mastermind behind all their plots. they’re all thieves at one point or another, they all grift, and they all contribute to the plan, but these are their Roles. i’ll go more in-depth on the characters in a sec.

now, i know what you’re thinking already: “wow bruh this show must be edgy af, being about actual criminals doing super illegal shit???” bUT NO. THIS SHOW COULD HAVE BEEN SO DARK BASED ON THE CONCEPT, BUT IT’S LITERALLY THE NICEST, MOST ENJOYABLE SHOW EVER.

it’s also SERIOUSLY unproblematic????? like to unrealistic levels. like Nate’s alcoholism is treated with respect and not just something he “gets over,” but despite his issues, he’s held accountable for when he’s a dick, Parker is pretty clearly neurodivergent and she’s never!! forced to be anything else!!!! anyway i could go on and on.

so let’s meet the gang.

this is Nate Ford:

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he’s the mastermind, he’s brilliant and the genius behind each of their convoluted plans. he’s a jerk sometimes, and grouchy, but he’s got good reason, and he NEVER crosses over into “angsty white man justifies his assholery because of his Issues.” he used to work for an insurance company tracking down criminals and thieves before A Thing happened and he became the Dad of a group of them. he makes bad life choices, so i relate. also his son died and he has a rad ex-wife and he struggles with alcoholism. we love him.

this is Sophie Devereaux:

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she’s the grifter. she’s a great actress but only when she’s breaking the law it’s a running gag. she’s terrible on an actual stage l m a o. she’s the Mom of the group, and she and Nate are lowkey flirting the entire show. she tells it like it is, but is v compassionate. sassy af. british af. would probably console you about your husband leaving you before stealing your rare artifacts. high-class which shows in the fact that she was primarily an art thief before joining the team. i wouldn’t trust her with my jewelry, but i’d tell her all my secrets, and tbh that’s the best summary of her character that you’ll get.

this is Eliot Spencer:

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hooooooooooo boy. where do i begin to describe Eliot Spencer? wel, for starters, he’s the “hitter” of the group aka he beats people up when they can’t sneak their way in or out of a place. or when things go wrong. he’s super fucking badass oh my god??? like i’m pretty sure there’s maybe only one or two times in the ENTIRE. SHOW. that he can’t win a fight?? he also has a Super Secret Dark Past bc he used to be a hitman for hire, which he regrets deeply and is happy to have changed bUT AGAIN!! IT’S NOT A WHITE MALE ANGST THING. he isn’t obsessed with attoning for his actions and his scenes aren’t eaten up with Angst and Melodrama. he also has anger issues, but again, it’s not the same stereotype that you’re used to. he controls it, and he never takes it on on anybody who doesn’t deserve it (aka the bad guys). he gets around with women but he’s not sexist?? he cares about his partners.

also he’s a hardcore chef and will Fite You about food. anyway Eliot is basically the Broody White Man With Dark Past trope turned on it’s head. he’s lovable and sarcastic and could kill a man but would prefer to make you an Omelette Du Fromage or some shit.

this is Alec Hardison, aka My Son:

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this is my baby. he’s a nerd and a geek and I Would Die For Him. he’s basically everything that’s good and pure in the world. the epitome of a cinnamon roll. he’s sweet and gentle and wouldn’t hurt a fly–unless that fly is a corrupt ceo personally doing dirty business, in which case that motherfucker is going down with the help of his epic hacking skills. btw did i mention he’s the hacker? yeah. he’s super fucking smart and his sense of humor could rival the sahara desert in dryness. he always makes star trek references and he has a gr8 fashion style and he irritates Eliot to no end, lmao. #platoniclifepartners, tbh. did i mention he’s the sweetest person ever? no? he is.

this is Parker:

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she’s the thief, and predictably, she loves money and expensive things. tbh she’d probably stab you faster than anybody else on the team would (and has) but also she is smol and needs to be protected. she’s a killer rabbit. she’s an oddball and in the beginning, most of the others don’t know what to make of her, but they grow used to her. she’s nd af, probably autistic, and Does Not Understand Socialization. same, Parker, same. guess what? she’s never forced into acting like somebody she’s not!! when she has to be the grifter for the con job and interact with people, she’s patiently coached by Sophie, who never belittles or mocks her, and explains it in ways she can understand. she’s weird and i love her.

did i mention how unproblematic this show is? i did? well too fucking bad because i’m gonna say it again: this show is so unproblematic. like what i already said with Nate’s addiction and Parker’s neurodivergence, but wAIT! THERE’S MORE

Eliot hates guns–detests them–and won’t use them, he’s like constantly grabbing the mooks’ guns and unloading them and tossing them somewhere and it’s basically a huge trigger for him. and it’s always respected. also there’s scenes where like in the middle of a job Parker has to change into a costume and neither of men who are attracted to her–Eliot and Hardison–sneak a peak at her. they both look away during that shit and there is like, never any gross sexist jokes about it. or other things. i love it. also any romantic relationship that develops takes season of growth and shit. there’s nothing particularly Gay, but while heterosexual, it’s not Het.

the recurring antagonist is played by Mark Sheppard, a character called Sterling, who is basically a lawful good Crowley.

also one time they stole an entire country. 

Leverage is fucking rad, and the concept is amazing and it coulda been so edgy and shit, but it’s literally so pure and sweet and friggin hilarious and about a bunch of people becoming a family and you need to watch it, my friend. now.

like immediately go google a page to watch it i’m not fucking kidding do it.

He Can’t Hurt You.

Summary- Reader is starting to hallucinate Lucifer, (basically like Sam) she keeps it a secret but her brothers find out.

Warnings- Swearing(I think idk).

A/N- It’s just something I thought of when I was watching reruns of SPN, I’m honestly really chuffed with it:)

Slowly opening your eyes you tensed up, somebody was in your room, you slowly reached your hand under your pillow and grasped the gun you had lying under it.

“I know you’re awake, Y/N” the voice spoke, “and a gun? Really? You think a gun would work on little old me? How adorable” he mocked. Rolling your eyes, you sat up and faced him with furrowed eyebrows, “who are you?” You asked quietly, he looked at you with fake hurt as he placed his hand over his heart, “you mean, Sammy hasn’t told you about me? I’m hurt” he spoke, then his eyes turned red causing you to shuffle back slightly.

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The other way around: do you think Bum loves Sangwoo ( even after finding out that he's a serial killer) or is it just that "at least it's better than with my uncle" kinda fucked up thing?

I’m tempted to just link to @getmetherapyplease‘s posts on this topic, because he explains it far better than I could, but I will answer as best I can. 

The simple answer is the same. Bum definitely loves Sangwoo in the sense that Bum experiences love, which is very different from the way most people experience it. 

Once Bum gets attached to somebody, being without that person feels like dying. Look what he says about being seperated from that girl in high school.

Bum apparently stalked this girl, to the point where she went to the police. He attempted suicide over her. And Bum felt almost this strongly about Sangwoo even before “moving in” with him. Imagine how he feels now that his life has revolved around Sangwoo for several months (I think he was taken prisoner sometime in spring, and it’s currently sometime in fall.)  

Bum, like Sangwoo, was probably born mentally ill. And he has never, in his whole life, had anyone who genuinely loved him and valued him. It’s possible his grandmother did (the English translation says “grandparents,” but the original just says “grandmother.”) It’s difficult to say. He was only with her briefly, and he never talks like he misses her. She may not have been good to him, or he may not have been with her long enough to form a strong bond. After that he lived with an uncle who sexually abused him and doesn’t seem to care if he lives or dies. Certainly he never came looking for him. 

Now, objectively speaking, Sangwoo is worse than Bum’s uncle. He has tortured Bum, mutilated him, nearly killed him, continues to physically, sexually, and psychologically abuse him, and always will. And, oh yeah, he’s a serial killer, who has forced Bum to commit murder (Bum had no meaningful choice in that situation, do not argue with me about this.) 

But he also loves Bum. He values him. Bum is special to him. He wants to be with Bum forever. Bum has never had that. He has never believed he could have that. That kind of love is worth taking an occasional beating for. Or committing the occasional murder for. To make an overly simplistic estimation, his life used to be 100% shit. Now it’s 50% shit and 50% love, care and validation.

WAKE UP EVERYONE: Wings is actually about periods.
  • boy girl meets evil - when you get your period for the first time (“it’s too evil”)
  • blood sweat & tears - no explanation needed
  • begin - how your period starts (also it made you begin because it made you become a woman so it’s basically how shit real life began)
  • lie - when you’re in denial about it because you don’t want to suffer (”get away from me”, “it keeps happening even though I run away”)
  • first love - your bed, who knew you and accepted you as you are and comforted you before anyone else did and where you can lie peacefully while you’re bleeding out dying
  • reflection - the thing you don’t wanna look at in the mirror because you just know you’re looking like shit
  • mama - she’s the woman who told you about this shit and probably helped you through it the first time by explaining stuff etc BLESS
  • awake - when you can’t sleep because of cramps (”wide awake wide awake wide awake don’t cry cause it freaking hurts still)
  • lost - what you feel like after a nap that lasted way too long because you’re tired and weak af
  • cypher 4 - well you know you have mood swings so at some point you feel like a damn boss (also you could still cut a bitch if somebody dares bothering you)
  • am I wrong - really am I wrong cause this theory looks pretty on point doesn’t it
  • 21st century girls - well brace your fucking selves cause y’all gon suffer too
  • two! three! (hoping for more good days) - when your period’s over and so is the suffering.. hopefully
  • interlude: wings - WELL PADS HAVE WINGS DON’T THEY
Not Possible | Jimin, You

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‘Cause I’ll love you over and over again

He had seen you around campus a lot before, and you would be lying if you said you hadn’t noticed him too. With his luscious brown hair, always styled into a middle parting, and his gorgeous eyes which seemed to always sparkle despite where he was. Not to mention his smile, one that could light up the whole world. When he smiled, his mouth would open wide to reveal his perfect teeth, his face would lift so much that his eyes would turn into bows, creasing like paper at the sides. It was a sight that made you believe in angels. No one was to blame if they did a double take on him.

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When Ryan Murphy explains what he does as a TV showrunner, he admits it can sound kind of lofty. “The greatest thing that you have when you’re a showrunner is this opportunity to create worlds,” he says, laughing a bit. “And it always sounds so insane when somebody says, ‘Well, what do you do?’ And you say, 'I create worlds.’”

Murphy serves as the top creative voice on the TV shows he executive produces. His latest, Feud: Bette and Joan (debuting Sunday on FX), focuses on the friction between film legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. He says, “What I do is I come up with an idea like Feud, and then I … cast it — I go out to Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon. … And then I gather a writing staff and we wrote eight episodes, and then I directed three of them. … But also, like, I’m interested in everything else … the art department, the costumer, the director of photography.”

Murphy, 51, has compared the process of developing a show to having a dream — and his dreams have quite a track record. A short list includes the sexed-up, superconfident Miami plastic surgeons of Nip/Tuck; the crooning, occasionally dysfunctional high school students in Glee; the cavalcade of terrors in his American Horror Story anthology series; and the treatise on race, celebrity and policing offered by The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

'I Create Worlds’: 'Feud’ Showrunner Ryan Murphy On Making TV

Photo: Suzanne Tenner/Courtesy of FX

How Could You? // Zach Dempsey.

Hey guys! I have so many imagines coming your guys way you just don’t understand. Also, i’m finally writing an imagine on my computer so this will come out in way better quality AND I can write faster yay! I hope you guys enjoy this one it was requested by @chloesalva! Happy reading.

Pairing: Zach x Reader

Request: Can you do one where Zach cheats on the reader and the reader finds out about the tapes? Thanks :)

Warnings: Cheating and swearing, if you’re looking for something with a happy ending this is NOT it.


Saturday night..

Readers POV~

“Hey Jess have you seen Zach?” I questioned. Zach convinced me to come to this dumb party. I’m not a party person at all, if anything i’m the exact opposite. Something about warm bodies all around me and red solo cups everywhere just aggravates me. Unfortunately, Zach’s convincing game is strong. So here I am, surrounded by drunk teens and searching for Zach. But that didn’t stop me from having a couple drinks.

“I haven’t seen him since when you guys walked in…want some?” Jessica slurred offering me a swig from her lipstick stained cup. I took four big gulps and returned the cup before I walked away. 

I needed some place away from all the sweaty figures, so I made my way to the bathroom for a breather. I opened the door to and saw two people. A girl on the sink and a guy standing between her legs, showering her neck in lustful kisses.I was about to close the door but the boy looked familiar to me. 

“Z..Zach?” I slurred, the liquor from before finally kicking in. He pulled away from the girls neck and snapped his head in my direction. His eyes were full of regret and sorrow.

I pushed past all the sweaty bodies in the house and made my way outside. My eyes were starting to form tears as I made my way down the sidewalk to my house which wasn’t too far from Jess’s place. It didn’t really help that Zach was my ride and I was anything but sober.

I heard quick heavy footsteps trailing behind me and I started to walk faster. I knew exactly who was following me. The boy that made all my troubles go away. The boy that made me forget all my problems. The boy I gave my heart to, and he destroyed it in return. 

“Y/N please stop I can explain!” He grabbed at my wrist.

Don’t fucking touch me!” I yanked away from his grip. He was shocked. He had never seen me angry like this and he didn’t know what to do.

“How could you..?” I questioned with a look of disgust on my face. He was about to talk but I cut him off.

“I’m an idiot for thinking that somebody like you could be in love with a girl like me.” Nothing I was saying was making sense, but that didn’t stop me from coming clean about everything. I told him about how I thought I was never good enough for him and how I would never be. I told him I never loved even though it was a lie. Soon my voice got louder to the point where people were pulled me away from him. 

Sherri  pulled me into her car and she took me home. The whole car ride was filled with awkward silence and a sniffle from me every now and then.

We finally got to my house and I put my hand on the car door handle but Sherri placed her hand on top mine.

“Y/N hold on just one second okay, sweetheart.” She spoke softly as she reached into the backseat and grabbed a shoe box.

She handed me the shoe box and rubbed the back of my hand with her thumb.

“Don’t open it now, open it when you get inside and don’t ask questions. Just listen.”

I nodded and thanked her then went inside my house.

I flipped the lid of the shoe box and looked at the cassette tapes inside. “Why would Sherri give me this?” I thought to myself.

I grabbed my moms old tape player and put in the first tape.

“Hey it’s Hannah. Hannah Baker.”

Monday morning..

Zach texted me about a million times this whole weekend. I didn’t bother to open any of the messages. Between him and the tapes I didn’t know how to feel anymore. My perspective changed on everybody and I even questioned myself. How could I be one of the reasons why Hannah killed herself? How could Zach be one of the reasons she killed herself?

I went to my locker to get my English book when I felt a large figure next to me.

“I don’t think you understand how sorry I am about everything, you’re the one person that made me feel better in life after everything that’s happened, and it kills me inside knowing that I messed up what we had. It kills me knowing that you don’t love me anymore.” Zach stated. I looked up at him and he looked horrible. There were dark circles under his eyes and his hair was all messy and untamed. His lips were dry and his face was pale. He really let go of himself.

“When I said I never loved you.. I lied. And ever since Saturday I’ve constantly told myself to forget about you just like you forgot about me that night. And then I heard your tape. And I really realized how pathetic you are. And I keep trying to convince myself to remove you from my life. But no matter what I do, I can’t stop myself from loving you. And that’s the part that kills me.” I shut my locker and walked away, leaving Zach standing there defeated and sobbing.

A/N: I’m not even gonna lie I cried while writing this. I really liked writing this. It was a challenge for me because i’m not used to writing things without a happy ending. But anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this! My requests are currently closed i’m really sorry but I have a lot of imagines to write and I don’t want to keep people waiting. I have a couple more imagines coming out this weekend so I hope this makes up for the little dry period I had. I love you guys! Thanks so much for reading. :)  ps. (the gif isn’t mine)

A guy in my choir asked me to come talk to him in private. He told me his 3 year old nephew just got diagnosed with autism and he wanted to know what to avoid.

Pause. Breathe. This is advocacy done right. I warned my choir about Autism Speaks in April. This gentleman was really excited about #REDinstead. He’s kind of an awkward fellow, very quiet and soft spoken, so it was surprising to see him approach me with questions. I was happy to answer, though!

I said avoid any kinds of behavior therapy that tries to suppress stimming and explained why stimming is important for autistic people. I added to this by saying he should be taught smaller, quieter stims to do in places where big or noisy ones might cause distractions– but I said do not ever insist he completely stop stimming.

I mentioned he should sure his nephew understands why something is wrong if he does something naughty and don’t just punish him, because if he doesn’t know why it’s wrong he may keep doing the naughty thing over and over. So if he hits somebody or takes a toy away from them, tell him it hurts them and their feelings just like it would hurt his feelings if somebody hit him or took the toy he was playing with.

I explained what meltdowns, self-injurious behavior and overstimulation were and how they may feel and what one can do to help.

I explained aggressive behaviors and ways to help deal with it safely.

I told him all about why functioning labels are really harmful and I talked about presuming competence in nonverbal autistic people who use AAC or whose communications aren’t understandable.

I talked about echolalia, how it is valid communication by demonstrating some of mine (he was surprised by how much of my speech is actually echolalia) and said he could use that to teach his nephew some phrases that may help him socially later. Things like “Hi, how are you?” or “Please / thank you.”

I finished off by saying autism isn’t tragic or horrible, it gets made horrible for autistic people when we’re forced to behave in ways unnatural to us for everyone else’s comfort.

The major kicker? This is an older gentleman. He leaned back and said “You know what? I probably would’ve got diagnosed as autistic if I was a kid today. I didn’t get along with other kids too much because they were too noisy and kept changing all the game rules. I liked to play quietly by myself. Crowds hurt my ears. I have to wear earplugs at work every day. But when I was a kid you never saw autistic or mentally challenged people*, they were locked up.”

This guy is probably an undiagnosed autistic himself. I kinda suspected it, but I didn’t say anything out of nowhere to him because that’s awkward. But when he brought it up, I giggled and said “Maybe you are!”

But it was so neat to have someone come up to me and ask me questions because they want to really work with an autistic person in their life rather than shove help at them. The fact that he’s probably an undiagnosed autistic person himself means it’ll be an interesting journey for him.

Today reminded me of why advocacy in the autistic community is important. There’s a lot of people who need more education, but we are changing the world one person at a time. In my mind, I picture individual blue light bulbs turning red as people are led away from the awfulness that is Autism Speaks and towards autistic advocates. :)

*I informed him that ‘intellectual disability’ is the proper term now and he thanked me for that info too.

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Hiii! I'm the Anon who wrote that long message with the prompt request. Can I get 77 w/ Jungkook? Thx -Anon Gears (can I become a regular Anon??)

No Refunds (JungshOOK x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “Um…somebody broke that.”

Summary: The first time you meet Jungkook, he ruins a display you spent hours making. But he’s cute and adorably embarrassed, so you make the most out of the situation.

Word count: 1.3k words

Originally posted by a8ustd

You stared at the messy, unorganized space around you, wishing your shift would just end faster. The quaint art supply shop you worked in was rarely busy, let alone on a Wednesday afternoon. You took the job because you needed to fund your university career, plus you supported small businesses.

But your boss was scatterbrained and failed to inventory the store properly, leaving most of the mess to you. Plus, he always insisted on having beautiful window displays, so for the majority of your shift today, you slaved over creating a hanging paper sculpture.

A wave of origami pieces were suspended midair using fishing wire. The colours were pastel to match the spring weather outside. The whole thing was beautiful and terribly decorated, so you shouldn’t have been surprised when the display was immediately destroyed.

Two boys around your age burst into the store, barely sparing you a glance from where you stood behind the cash register, as they chattered excitedly. You observed them openly, since you had nothing better to do. The one standing nearest to you was tall and well built, but had a babyish face–dramatically round eyes and pouty lips. His friend was even taller, and had surprisingly similar facial features.

“Dude, why are we even here? Can you even do art?” the taller one asked as he followed his friend through the tiny, messy aisles.

“The fuck, Yugyeom?” the other boy replied indignantly. “Haven’t you seen me draw before? I am the Art God.”

“Ok, buddy,” Yugyeom scoffed. “If you’re gonna buy something, hurry up. I have class in like, fifteen minutes.”

The two boys rounded the store, approaching the front once again. You held your breath as they neared the window display. The artist friend browsed through a marker display, testing a few on the sample pad below.

“Bro, these Copic markers cost more than me,” the boy sighed.

“There’s a pack here on sale,” his tall friend pointed out from a few feet away.

“No way!” he replied, spinning around excitedly.

Time seemed to pass in slow motion as you watched the disaster unfold.

The boy whipped around, searching for the discounted pack of markers a few feet away from him. As he turned, he stepped back to get a better view of the aisle, completely disregarding the delicate display inches away from where he stood. His backpack got caught on several of the strings and origami sculptures. And as he turned quickly, he ripped them away, sending some of the paper sculptures flying across the store.

The pressure from the boy’s spin also caused the mount every single origami sculpture to collapse. You stared, oddly detached, as you watched your labour tumble to the ground with a loud crash.

The two boys froze, and the store was silent, save for the radio playing softly in the background.

Eventually, you stepped away from the cash register and approached the two boys, who both were staring wide-eyed at the broken display.

“Jungkook, you idiot,” Yugyeom hissed, his eyes darting in between you and the broken window display. “You fucker.”

“So, what happened here?” you asked pleasantly, trying to dispel the burning rage inside you.

“Um…somebody broke that,” Jungkook replied in a tight voice, a fiery blush blooming over his cheeks as he turned to look at you.

“I can see that,” you smiled.

“I’m so, so sorry,” Jungkook blurted out, his eyes still comically wide. “Like I’m so sorry. I’ll pay–no I don’t have any money. I’ll help you fix it!”

You raised an eyebrow at this suggestion. “It took me five and a half hours to make that.”

“You made that!? Holy shit!” Jungkook explained, his expression worsening. “Fuck, I’m so sorry! I’ll do anything. I’m not–I don’t–fuck! Just tell me what I can do.”

“It’s okay, I guess,” you shrugged. “I still have a few hours left of my shift. I’ll just try to…repair what’s left.”

“I swear I can help!” Jungkook cried–although it sounded more like a wail. “I feel so bad about this!”

Normally, you wouldn’t really consider making a customer stay back and help clean up the mess they made. But this customer–Jungkook, apparently–seemed legitimately apologetic and inappropriately guilty. Plus, you just realized he was incredibly good looking and didn’t want to turn down the company.

“Well, if you insist,” you replied. “Let me grab the origami paper. Better prepare for an incredibly boring next two hours.”

“You two have fun,” Yugyeom said, slowly backing away from the mess. “I have class. Jungkook, don’t fuck up more than you already have.”

“Amen,” you muttered, as you walked down a few aisles to locate the cheapest origami paper pack you had.

“How many times can I say I’m sorry!” Jungkook cried, watching his friend who slipped out of the store as quickly as he could. Soon, the store was quiet again, the atmosphere tense. When you returned with your hands full, Jungkook was staring at the ground, his cheeks still flushed.

You tossed him a pack of origami paper, which he fumbled to catch. His eyes darted back up.

“Look,” he began, pausing to peer at your name tag. “Y/N. I’m really, really sorry. I feel really bad about destroying your art.”

“Honestly, I don’t really have any emotional attachment to a window display I made in two minutes’ notice,” you laughed. “Just help me make a few origami sculptures, and we’ll be even.”

So, for the rest of your shift, you and Jungkook hunched over the cash, deftly folding origami paper into pretty little shapes. Surprisingly, Jungkook was quite skilled and didn’t need any instructions. While you worked, you exchanged little tidbits of information about each other.

Turns out, you both attended the same university. Jungkook was a year under you–studying business–and roomed with a few friends nearby.

He sang along quietly to the radio while you worked (“You have a beautiful voice,” you had said to him. After spluttering and blushing terribly, he replied, “Thank you. I’m minoring in music, actually.”).

When the next employee came to take over, they eyed the impromptu workstation you had set up suspiciously.

“This kid destroyed the display, so he’s helping rebuild it,” you explained. “But I’m done here, and so is he. So I’ll leave the rest to you.”

And so you shed your smock and your name tag and promptly scurried out of the store with Jungkook on your heels.

“Is it okay to leave the display like that?” he asked, concern lacing his voice.

“It’s fine. Plus that guy was late to his shift last week, and I had to stay behind for an extra hour,” you said, feeling a little petty. “Thanks for your help, Jungkook. I’ll see you around, I guess.”

“Yeah, see you,” he said, sending you an adorable smile that revealed his bunny teeth. And so you parted ways.

You were working the following Wednesday. And like every other Wednesday afternoon, the store was empty. But a few hours before your shift ended, the door chimed as a customer walked in. Your head shot up–you definitely weren’t dozing off–and your eyes widened at the sight of Jungkook waltzing into the store.

“Hi,” he said with a small smile. Jungkook walked right up the cash and leaned against the edge of the counter. The muscles of his arms bulged as he did so, and you were fairly certain that it was on purpose. “I was wondering if you could help me with something.”

“Yeah, sure,” you replied, your curiosity piquing.

“I was looking for something, and I think you have it. I want a date,” Jungkook said, blushing faintly, “with you. You and me–a date. Yeah?”

“Yeah, I think I can do that,” you smiled. “No refunds or exchanges. This is final sale.”

“I’ll take it,” Jungkook laughed, his face illuminated with a wide smile.

These days, Jungkook helped you make the window displays for fun. Turned out, he actually did have a knack for art. Your boss was seriously considering hiring Jungkook, but you dissuaded him from doing it. After all, you’d rather have Jungkook all to yourself.

- Girl in Luv

That’s it! Thanks for requesting!!!! And yes, be our regular anon, that’s so cute (and sorry this took us like 5 years to get to omg). If you’re wondering why my characters are always cashiers, it’s because I work part-time as one lmao. I was feeling some awkwardly cute JK. Hope you guys enjoyed. Thanks for reading 🤓

She's Like The Wind - Part One

Summary: You have been blind for over 10 years. During the apocalypse, you use your utmost strength in order to survive while also fending off your mixed feelings for the big bad leader of your community, the Sanctuary.

Pairings: Negan x Blind Reader

Warnings: language. mentions of cancer. mentions of death.

“Psst.” A soft but pushy voice filled your ears. You groaned and snuggled deeper into your soft and comforting blankets. “Wake up sleeping beauty!”

“Go away Jesse!” You screeched, grabbing a pillow from behind you and heaving it in his direction. A giggle escaped your lips when you distinctly heard the pillow slam against Jesse’s face. You felt your bed shift slightly as he fell backwards from the blunt force of your throw.

“God damn it!” Jesse groaned, laughing slightly at the end of the sentence. You felt him toss the pillow back to its original position next to you.

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signs as catcher in the rye quotes
  • Aries: “All morons hate it when you call them a moron.”
  • Taurus: “Certain things, they should stay the way they are. You ought to be able to stick them in one of those big glass cases and just leave them alone.”
  • Gemini: “Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody."
  • Cancer: "Mothers are all slightly insane."
  • Leo: "I like it when somebody gets excited about something. It's nice."
  • Virgo: "People never notice anything."
  • Libra: “I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it."
  • Scorpio: "I can be quite sarcastic when I'm in the mood."
  • Sagittarius: "People always clap for the wrong reasons."
  • Capricorn: "What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it."
  • Aquarius: "I can't explain what I mean. And even if I could, I'm not sure I'd feel like it."
  • Pisces: “I don't even know what I was running for - I guess I just felt like it."
Some pain remains unseen

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I’m back at it again with Negan! I feel like I’ve done something different than I usually write by making him a little vulnerable. I hope you like it and nobody is mad at me for doing this ._. 

Warnings: pain (emotional & physical), strong language

This is my entry for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash ‘s writing challenge and I know that migraine may seem odd as a disability, but please remember that it is the most common disease that restricts a lot of people on a daily basis. 
I’ve left it rather open, so people who rarely have an attack can relate as much as people like me, who suffer from chronic migraine. 
Thank you Ash for doing this. I love you and your work and please never stop being so awesome!

You took one step at a time. One foot at a time shuffled over the hot, softened asphalt. The sun was burning in your neck and on your sore shoulders, where your backpack was trying to pull you down. Your mouth was as dry as the leaves beside the street but the worst thing was the pounding pain in your temples. Every pulsing nearly sent you over the edge of unconsciousness.
A bitter laugh escaped your throat. Yeah, you really had the worst migraine in the middle of the fucking apocalypse. You had them for years but it was much worse without medication or nutrition, so it certainly reached a new height.
You always thought you would be the first to die and you’ve been really close to becoming walker food several times, but somehow you always got away. Anyway, the biggest problem for you was to take care of yourself. The basics like food, water and a place to sleep seemed nearly impossible for you to get, as you were constantly being chased by the pain and all its side effects. But somehow you’ve made it until now.
You risked to look up and a sharp pain made you take a quick step back. Photosensitivity was a pain in the ass. But you saw it, right in front of you, as if your feet have been magically drawn towards it. A Pharmacy. Soon you didn’t know, whether the tears rolling down your cheeks came from the pain or from your impossible luck.
You silently walked towards it and peeked inside. One lonely walker was standing right in the middle of the small building. You couldn’t take it down in your state, so you just prayed there wasn’t a second one behind the counter and sneaked past it. It snarled but didn’t move.
The sudden darkness and the cool air made you feel like in heaven. You felt so tired and rested your head on the cold floor.

“Now look at that“, a deep voice nearly woke you up. “What a shame. Such a pretty thing and you were so close to some relief.“
You opened your eyes and saw a tall, handsome man tower over you. A wired baseball bat was lying on his shoulder and he slowly reached back. “What a shame“, he said and you narrowed your eyes.
“What?“, was the only thing that came out of your mouth. You didn’t get what he was saying, but were also confused because he was so good looking. You thought all handsome men were dead by now.
The bat swung down next to his feet and he leaned back. “What the fuck, I nearly killed your pretty ass.“
You raised up on your arms and grabbed the knife on your belt.
He laughed. “No need to show your claws, wildcat. What’s you name?“ You dropped it, as you realized he didn’t want to kill you anymore.
You took the hand he offered and he helped you up on your feet. Suddenly the pain came creeping back, making you flinch. He held you up and cupped your face.
“Y/N“, you pressed out between gritted teeth. Normally you didn’t like people getting so close to you, but he didn’t make any attempt in taking advantage of it. He didn’t touch you inappropriately, he looked concerned.
“Well, Y/N, I’m Negan. Let me get what you need and we’ll talk about paying the doctor later.“ He smirked but the wrinkles on his forehead stayed.
“Triptans, doesn’t matter which, I’d take any. Antiemetics and painkillers“, you said still leaned into his arms. It was very comfortable and you kind of didn’t like to send him away to gather your stuff.
“Wow, you really know a lot about drugs“, he exclaimed and loosened his grip. He quickly went towards the shelves you pointed at.
Painkillers were running short, but the stuff you really needed was nearly untouched. They were useless to other people.
You took your regular dose and sat back on the floor leaning against the counter. Negan seated himself next to you and brought you a second bottle of water, after you chugged the first one.
“Thank you“, you said and were honestly touched that somebody would take the time to care for you.
“No fucking Problem, Y/N.“ A small silence occurred, you just sat there in mute contentedness while the pills could do their magic.
“Damn, my wife used to have a migraine from time to time, like, when the stress became too much.“ You looked at him again. He pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes for a second. You guessed, he only admitted this because you were still in a state where you weren’t really able to focus on anything.
“I’m sorry for your loss“, you apologized.
His chest raised from laughter. “Now what the fuck are we doing? Do you have a place to stay, a group?“ He quickly changed the subject and you could tell he wasn’t used to being vulnerable like that.
You shook your head and felt in bliss when you didn’t feel any sharp pain coming from the movement. “What do I owe you?“
He turned to face you and the easy smirk was back on his features. “Hell, someone’s asking the right questions. What comes to your mind?“ Negan revealed his perfect white teeth and looked you directly into the eyes.
You didn’t expect him to be so fast forward, so you felt a little flustered. His grin only got wider and you were certainly blushing. He grabbed onto your chin and slightly turned your head. “You feeling a little hot or…?“ He didn’t need to finish his question. You already understood how your body betrayed you by showing off what you felt. Damn, he definitely knew what he was doing.
“It’s the blood pressure“, you countered and internally face palmed but you had to keep going now. “The migraine is inflammably effecting the veins which can raise the blood pressure in that region.“
He furrowed his brows and looked at you for a moment until he burst out laughing. You looked down at the floor as soon as he let go of you. What actually were you thinking of explaining your illness to every fucking person without asking.
He slowly straightened himself out again. “Damn, you’re so fucking cute.“
He sounded like joking, but his voice was soft. He seemed to realize it himself and quickly got on his feed. “I do have a place and we could use somebody with your knowledge.“
You got up on your own and looked him straight in the eyes. “Okay, we’ll see“, you countered still a little self conscious.
“Oh, I have a feeling you’re going to get along pretty well.“

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Princess - Chapter 2


Group/member: BTS // Yoongi

Genre: Supernatural, romance ? (vampire!au)

Word count: 1284

Summary: You find out why Yoongi is at the castle and can you really trust some vampires? Or any vampire? Things are going to change from now on, and especially you and Yoongi.

Originally posted by yoongichii

“Y/N”, you heard your mother call from outside your bedroom door. “Come down, we’re having a meeting”, you walked down to the meeting room your parents liked to use for “family” talks. Two maids opened the big door in front of you as you walked in you saw some familiar faces but mostly new ones. Who are all these people? You stood there looking around the room as your gaze fell on one man sitting at the end of the table. Yoongi. He saw you looking at him, giving you a small wink. You turned around walking towards your brother, leaning down to whisper him in the ear. “What is this?” You asked him.  “Apparently something to do with the war peace thing father was talking about” He told you as you sat down besides him. You sat there throughout the whole meeting, not being able to take your eyes off the mysterious vampire, you had met some times now. As the meeting was over you didn’t catch one bit of what they were talking about and to be honest you didn’t understand why you had to be there. Was it really safe to trust these creatures? What was your father planning? “Y/N, wait” You heard your father behind you. As you turned to ask what it was, you saw Yoongi standing on his side. You gave him a questioning stare. “This is Min Yoongi, he has promised to take good care of us and make sure no trouble with the other vampires happen”, your father looked between you two, Yoongi gave you a smile. “And you trust him?” You huffed, giving them a fake smile and walking away.

 “What are you thinking cooperating with these idiots”, you heard from the room you just walked past. You slowed down taking some careful steps back. “Just wait, they’re weak. They will all fall soon and we will take over” You held your breath peeking through the small space between the wall and the door to see whom it was. Just as you saw the pale figure his head turned around and you ran off. You ran your way to the top of the castle, it being your favorite place to relax. As you looked down on your feet you pumped into somebody. You felt hands on your sides steadying you. “Careful there, princess”, you looked up at the smirking man in front of you, feeling the wind in your hair. His eyes darkened while his smirk was faded away. He let you go and turned around walking towards his tower. You reached your hand out after him “Wait!” You yelled out after him, not sure why. He stopped, taking a moment before he turned around with an expressionless look on his face. You were annoyed for actually speaking to him, but you needed to know. “Can you please explain to me what is going on?” Your hands were shaking, while you rolled your eyes annoyed by your own behavior since what you actually wanted was to ignore him. He just looked at you, that stupid smirk plastering his face again. “Make sure to be awake at midnight, princess” He told you and walked away again.

 This was a bad idea you thought, meeting a vampire alone in the middle of the night. What if he were going to kill you, bite you, and drink your red blood watching your colorful skin turn more and more pale by the second. You shuddered at the thought brushing it away. You looked at the clock. It was twelve and now what? You heard a thud outside on your balcony and you walked slowly over, opening the long curtains. The door suddenly opened and in came Yoongi. His eyes looked towards you as he closed the door. “You ready?” His low voice asked. You felt your heart beat go faster. “What?” you asked confused, leaving your lips a little parted. “Really?” He laughed sitting down on your couch making himself comfortable. You slowly came back to your senses finally realizing what he was talking about, mentally slapping yourself. “Oh, yeah right” You awkwardly chuckled sitting down on a chair in front of him. “Where do you want me to start and what do I get in return?” He asked you, crossing his legs. “First of all, you can call me Y/N, and maybe why you’re here?” You told him, trying to stay cool. “Ok Y/N, but I must confess calling you princess has come to my liking these past days” You rolled your eyes, giving him a hint to start. “Well I’m here because of what your father said, the whole humans and vampires going together thing is because they have made a deal to protect each other from the other city who has the werewolves on their team. Now I’m not a big fan of you little humans so to be honest I don’t really like this plan, but since I’m under my master’s orders I don’t have a choice”, he told you. “It’s all a long story, you will understand after a while, princess” You stood up, his eyes following your body, the tension around you changing for some reason as his eyes darkened to this deep red almost black color. You walked over to your window. You heard his footsteps getting closer as you now heard his voice by your ear. “Now what do I get in return?” he asked his eyes falling on your neck. You stiffened, holding your breath as you felt your hands get clammy. “No need to worry, princess. Relax” His voice was a soft. You felt his hands on your shoulders turning you around. You breathed out, too scared to look him in the eyes feeling awful over the fact that you actually liked the feeling of his cold hands on your skin. His finger touched your chin making you look him in the eyes. “I thought you didn’t like humans” You told him, trying to ignore his stare. He chuckled. “You’re more than human, babe”, you literally choked air right there hearing his last word making him chuckle more. You were frozen, paralyzed. Your body doing the exact opposite of what you kept telling yourself. Did you have a death wish? Right then you felt the place his cold hands were placed burn. It hurt so much you jumped back. You touched your shoulder looking at for marks. “Are you okay?” Yoongi asked. Was that worry in his voice? “Why do you care?” You mumbled, seeing the place his hands had been now with a red moon, it looked like someone had carved it on your skin. You looked at him. “What’s this?” You asked your tone getting louder. He looked worried but there was also something else you couldn’t understand what was, do vampires have emotions? Before you could call his name he ran off. You groaned walked to the mirror, checking your shoulder. Every time you touched it you felt something on your fingertips. You walked back to your bed, picking up a note on your nightstand. “You better be more careful from now on”, it said. Trying to understand what it meant you lay down, trying to get some sleep. It was hard, as your thoughts wouldn’t shut up.

 You woke up, it still being dark outside. It must still be night you thought. You looked around the room seeing a shadow move outside your window. Your heart went faster while your breathing got heavier. You pulled your blanket closer up your face as the shadow disappeared. It was cold and the only light in your bedroom was the moon. It was quiet, too quiet you thought.

Note: I have no idea where this story is going, literally just writing anything that pops into my mind. If you have any ideas to the story, tell me ;) Next chapter is going to be fluff I think. Thanks for reading<3


Omg I’m sorry for taking so long to update. Classes started, it’s dificult to focus and I srsly didnt think this chapter was goign to end up being so long. But alas. I hope you all enjoy it!

a little warning: I wrote a little detailed description of food being eaten so if you are uncomfortable with it, you can skip it, it was mostly for laughs than anything.

Thanks to @lunalocura for being an amazing beta!

Summary: Chaos, besides its own natures, has a little order on it. Chaos, without order, leads to destruction itself. When the object holding the chaos of the world is damaged, maybe a little more than order is going to be needed to fix it. Abomination! AU


Chapter 4

When Ladybug dropped her transformation inside her room, it felt like as if another weight had been added to her shoulders. Eyes closed and fist clenched, she could feel the worried looks Tikki sent her, waiting patiently for her to speak, which didn’t help to diminish the bitter sensation in the pit of her stomach.  

Too many questions were forming inside her head, bubbling, boiling, twisting her thoughts and making her imagination run wild, with so many different scenarios and so many ‘hows’ and ‘whys’.

Questions that didn’t stop when she comforted Maya after cleaning the akuma and made her brother apologize to her, who hugged the little girl with tears in his eyes, promise after promise leaving the mouth of the teenage boy.

Questions that continued forming when she, as Marinette, forced a smile to the kids and the clearly angry-and apologetic- Ms. Chamack when they said goodbye to her and her mother, who noticed Marinette’s strange behavior and asked if everything was alright.

Questions that only increased when she left her house once again as her alter ego and searched and searched, cold air hitting her face, the smell of winter starting to cover the streets of Paris, the sound of people going on with their lives like they had learned to do after the first akuma attacks.

Questions that came along with a pair of green eyes that belonged to the person she was looking for.

A pair of green eyes that were sad, confused and scared.

A pair of green eyes that were hurting.

And it was all her fault.

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Seeing is not believing

When Hobbs asked Will to “see, see” he was asking Will to “see” that Abigail was a killer. That she was his partner and helped him kill all the girls. That’s the context of “seeing” in Hannibal. Certain people can see who is a killer, even if they try to hide it. As Bedelia says to Hannibal, “I see enough of you to see the truth of you.” And as Will says to Hannibal at the end of Season 1, “I can see you now.” Will refuses to believe that Abigail helped her Dad until it’s too late though. I believe he did “see” it right away though.

When Abigail asks Alana if you can “catch somebody’s crazy” and Alana explains “Folie a Deux, madness shared by two”, Will flashes to Hobbs telling him to “see”. He knows that Abigail and her Father were in a Folie a Deux together and that’s what he was trying to tell him.

Will gets shot and is in the same exact spot Hobbs was in the Season 1 finale, and he asks Jack to “see, see” what Hannibal really is. Of course, by parallel he’s also in a Folie a Deux with Hannibal. But Jack refuses to see/accept it just as Will had.

Hannibal and Jack accept that Abigail possibly helped her Dad kill the girls right away though:

Will: Jack thinks Abigail Hobbs helped her Dad kill those girls.

Hannibal: I find it vulgar and entirely possible.

Will: It’s not what happened.

Even after he knows that Abigail killed Nick Boyle, he still won’t allow himself to believe that Abigail helped her Dad kill the girls and decides to protect her and Hannibal and lie instead. He doesn’t accept it until literally the last minute, just before Hannibal “kills” her.

Will’s refusal to accept what Hobbs told him and what Hannibal and Jack easily believe, is a parallel I think to how he can’t accept his own darkness. He can “see” his darkness in the form of the Ravenstag from the very first episode, but he won’t accept it or believe it, at least not fully. 

This is illustrated for us when the same dialogue from Hobbs comes back in Mizumono. Will has a fantasy or a dream about going to his house and Hobbs is sitting on his porch. And Hobbs says it again to Will, “See, see.” This time Will is being directed to “see” the Ravenstag. He takes up his gun, sees it through the scope, and takes a shot at it, but doesn’t kill it. He doesn’t deny his darkness anymore. This is born out in the story as Will decides to be on Hannibal’s side and help him to escape. And we are shown that the Ravenstag is only dying at the very end of the episode, after Hannibal guts him since he did not shoot it.

In a certain way “seeing” in the show is a kind of sixth sense, almost supernatural. There are many instances when it seems as if Hannibal can sense who is a killer as soon as he meets them. I would argue he does this with Will, Abigail, Tobias, and Will also does it with Randall Tier, Clark Ingram

Will: His eyes are dead. He’s a predator.

Tobias seems to do this with Hannibal as well. He wants Franklyn to tell Hannibal about his kill and then he wants Hannibal to be his friend. There are alternative explanations to most all of the instances, there was other evidence that show them the person was really a killer.

Jack: You make jumps you can’t explain, Will.

Will: No, no. The evidence explains.

Just like Will is seen as almost “psychic” and his ability “unexplainable” by others there is evidence that explains it. But the subtext or symbolic level is that they can know it right away just by looking at the person or with even less information than that.

Will: This is how I caught Garrett Jacob Hobbs. It’s his resignation letter. Does anybody see the clue? There isn’t one. He wrote a letter, left a phone number, no address, that’s it.

Jack: Dumb luck and bad bookkeeping. That’s how Will said he caught Hobbs. Now how would you say he caught him?

Hannibal: We were looking through the files. And it was as if Will plucked his name out of a hat based on little more than an incomplete address.

This makes us wonder about Will. The implication in the story is that Will can see killers right away, just like Hannibal does, but in some instances he purposely refuses to believe it.

Hannibal to Abigail: He will keep our secret. He will keep it because otherwise the one good thing in his life is tainted. And he will lie to Jack Crawford about you. Just as he has lied to himself.

The other more subtle meaning is that in Aperitif, Hobbs is asking Will to “see” his own darkness too. Just as he does in Mizumono. Because the people who can “see” killers are killers themselves.

I am always terrified that nobody is feeling the way I am at any specific moment. There are weeks I am so exhausted to my core no matter how long I spend hiding inside of my bedroom; the weeks where I feel my body telling me to do something, anything, to stop feeling like this and I answer myself, “maybe tomorrow it will be better” and I can’t help but feel like I am pushing the truth. The problem with having an illness that nobody can see is that when somebody asked what hurts, you want to ask if they know how to bandage a beating heart. I used to be in love with somebody who would brush my hair for me when things got really bad, and he would come sit with me on the bathroom floor while “You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are” by Keaton Henson would be playing and for a few minutes I would be safe and there would be nothing in the world except the feeling that maybe this is what making progress feels like; that each knot pulled from my head means that finally I won’t be coming undone. But this isn’t the movies, this isn’t a book; you don’t magically get fixed because somebody is holding you together. Their arms will get tired. They won’t understand why it seems like nothing they do makes any difference. It is not their fault, and it is not your own either, but what is messy once will be messy again. I think about love so much I’m worried that one day it will consume me entirely, and that there is something so inherently unloveable about me that I can’t seem to scrub off no matter how many times I shower in a day. There are days where the dirt seems to live under your skin and you can stand under the hot water for hours but pieces of people that used to be a part of your life get stuck under your fingernails and you carry them with you wherever you go. Each time somebody gets close to me, I wonder what the tipping point for them will be. If they will be frustrated with me when I need the directions explained over and over again, because the thought of being lost is so much more than just not knowing with way to turn. If they will get angry when I can’t find it in me to take the few steps forward; because I have tried crossing oceans that look like puddles for some people and it seems that all they see is that both of our feet get wet. I wonder why people fall out of love, and if it’s always because there is that breaking point, that one extra knot you needed pulled from your hair that they just could not reach anymore. I see people kissing on the street corner and I wonder if she remembers what his favourite movie is, or who she aspired to be when she was young, or if he listens to each song that he gets sent, from beginning right until the very end. In the end, I think everything comes down to love. Because I see it in each businessman that empties his wallet into a barista’s tip jar, in each mother that’s ever sat through their daughters excruciatingly long ballet recitals, in each father that’s ever edited his sons essays and wrapped an arm around their shoulders as they sit beside each other, in each child that kisses each other messily on their cheeks, in the newly weds that just married their best friends and can’t stop feeling the weight on their ring finger, in the 90 year olds that still hold hands while they walk through the grocery stores, in the college girls who apply each other’s lipsticks in the bars and tell everybody in the washroom that they look beautiful, and in myself, when I brushed my own hair this morning, and told myself that maybe tomorrow will be easier than this.
—  NOVEMBER 13TH, 2016 (k.p.k)