can somebody explain what this is

keith’s vlog

keith really sadly: it might explain why i was never really good at…connecting with people

-shows lance-

keith angrily: i still don’t understand why i wouldn’t just say voltron

keith: i’m so sorry, i guess i have a bit of a temper so…

-shows lance calming him down-

keith starting to cry: instead of accepting people into my life, i push them away before they reject me. i guess i have some walls up

Kara Danvers vs. Kara Zor-El and the importance of Lena Luthor

I don’t know if anyone has written anything about this yet, but I have a theory about why Lena was the only person Kara was soft with on episode 3x01.

It’s nothing mind-blowing, to be honest, and I’d just like to say that while I totally believe Kara needs time to heal, she should not be snapping at those who love her.

but anyway…

Everyone else in Kara’s life besides Lena knows she is Supergirl; when they look at her, they see the hero they’ve put on a pedestal, and they expect more, they expect better of her – even though they’d probably never admit to doing so. 

The Super-friends need her to be Kara Danvers AND Supergirl, regardless of how hard being Supergirl actually is on her.

I believe deep down, Kara is saying “Kara Danvers” was a mistake not because it was (and is) what allows her to have real connections in life (after all, it wasn’t Kara Danvers who Mon-El fell in love with, it was Kara Zor-El; between the two of them, there was never the pretense of secret identities), I believe she’s saying that, because when she is Kara Danvers, it allows her to see she isn’t enough anymore: the world needs Supergirl, and her friends and family need her to be both.

And while it’s always Kara Zor-El who always has to sacrifice part of herself, who has to make tough decisions, it’s Kara Danvers who feels the weight of those choices; it’s Kara Danvers who feels the burden of being Supergirl (and it would explain this line since, once again, it wasn’t Kara Danvers who dated Mon-El, but Kara Zor-El).

So why would Kara renounce “being human” to be the very thing that weighs her down? The way I see it, and what the show constantly tells us, is that Kara and those around her truly believe Kara Danvers and Kara Zor-El are two separate entities, so if Kara stops being a Danvers (if she stops being human), she won’t have to feel the pain that being Supergirl brings her.

But ultimately Kara knows she can’t let that happen, because then we’d get Red!K Kara – and this episode is the closest thing we’ve seen of Kara behaving like Red!K without being infected by it.

And here lies the importance of Lena Luthor (and the importance of Kara keeping her secret identity from her).

I was going to ramble on, but Katie McGrath herself can explain my thoughts on this:

“It’s a relationship of equals. As far as Lena is concerned, Kara is Kara. Kara is not Supergirl. For Lena, she has a friend on the same level as her, who is fantastic at their job, is intelligent, smart, capable and strong. What’s lovely is it’s two normal women figuring out life together as friends. I think that’s what is important to Lena, that she has somebody where she doesn’t have to be the head of the company. She doesn’t have to be somebody’s daughter. She can just be herself. And, Kara can be that. She doesn’t have to be Supergirl or a reporter. She can just be the flawed human being that we are.”

When Kara is with Lena, she is reminded of the good aspects of being human; she is able to relax, take a step back and tell herself that it’s okay to feel, it’s okay to doubt oneself, it’s okay to make mistakes, because she sees all those things reflected back to her on Lena.

When Kara is with Lena, she’s allowed to simply be. And for someone who carries the weight of the world on her shoulders, I can’t imagine how important that must be.

And I think that’s why Kara couldn’t bring herself to snap at Lena, because somewhere in the back of her mind she knows fracturing or potentially ending her friendship with Lena would ultimately shatter her last real connection to Kara Danvers (and her humanity).

Kara can’t break Lena’s heart, because she would be breaking her own.


  • Justin: "I was getting my Munch Squad on at McDonald's. When I sat down for my feast, a guy walked in the door, looked at me, and said, "Idiot can't even make his own pancakes, how pathetic."
  • *Justin begins laughing mid-sentence*
  • Griffin: Don't laugh at that! I mean it's, it's a power play.
  • Justin: This person was just eating breakfast at McDonald's, and when they sat down to eat a guy walked in the door, looked at them and said, "Idiot can't make his own pancakes, how pathetic." - And then walked back out! What is this fuckin' mysterious assassin? "I tried to enjoy my meal but all I could taste were dejection and tears. How can I track this guy down, explain how restaurants work and then project the image of a man who definitely understands the process of making pancakes to every stranger I encounter." And that's from Hobbes.
  • ...
  • Justin: Here's the nicer, amazing way of doing this. Walk into McDonald's, see somebody eating a stack of pancakes, hand them a recipe for pancakes, and then walk out the door.
  • ...
  • Travis: I wanna be in the head of the person who's walking by McDonald's, sees someone eatin' a stack of flapjacks and is like, I GOTTA go in there and say somethin'.
  • Justin: I gotta get'em.
  • Griffin: Fucking double parks...
  • Travis: Just pulls up on the lawn of McDonald's, rolls out.
  • Justin in a deeper voice: Victoria just go around the block, I'm just...I'm just gonna be a sec.
  • ...
  • Justin: Listen, I know we try to keep it nice on this show, we try not to be mean... This is maybe the funniest thing I've ever heard. I'm really trying so hard not to be entertained by this.
  • Griffin: It's not funny that you got bullied and it's not funny that this person's an ass. What's funny is the idea of walking into a restaurant, just already - just pre-angry that people here are eating things that they could just as easily make at home.

If somebody asks me what executive dysfunction is, I’m gonna point them to a web article or suchlike that explains it better than I can. 

If somebody asks me what executive dysfunctions feels like, though, I’d say that it’s like waiting for a video stream to buffer or for a web page to load. You could do so many other things, except you’ve only got a few minutes at most to wait, so most of them aren’t worth starting. So instead you read a few lines of an article or check out your tumblr dash or go get a glass of water. You fill time, because most people don’t like to stare at a loading bar for several minutes if they have other options. Sure, you’re doing things, but if anyone asked what you were up to you’d probably just say “waiting,” because you’re really just doing whatever you can to make the time go faster. 

Now just imagine that instead of doing this for a couple minutes, you’re stuck in this state for hours on end. You’re waiting for the thing to finish, but every time you check it’s still not done so you just keep waiting, breaking your day down into chunks too small to do anything with. You think about playing a game, but you don’t actually start it up. You get a drink, but you don’t make lunch. You open your word processor, but you don’t actually start writing. You’re stuck in a holding pattern, killing time minute by minute, and by the time you realize you don’t actually know what you’re waiting for, the day is already gone. 

It isn’t a matter of being lazy or undisciplined, or a case of making bad decisions. Executive dysfunction is a problem with the organ responsible for making decisions in the first place. When it stops working properly, stops being able to decide between doing this or doing that or doing nothing at all, you end up just going with what comes naturally. You fidget. You kill time. You wait, in expectation of a decision to wait no longer. It may be a long time coming. 

He Can’t Hurt You.

Summary- Reader is starting to hallucinate Lucifer, (basically like Sam) she keeps it a secret but her brothers find out.

Warnings- Swearing(I think idk).

A/N- It’s just something I thought of when I was watching reruns of SPN, I’m honestly really chuffed with it:)

Slowly opening your eyes you tensed up, somebody was in your room, you slowly reached your hand under your pillow and grasped the gun you had lying under it.

“I know you’re awake, Y/N” the voice spoke, “and a gun? Really? You think a gun would work on little old me? How adorable” he mocked. Rolling your eyes, you sat up and faced him with furrowed eyebrows, “who are you?” You asked quietly, he looked at you with fake hurt as he placed his hand over his heart, “you mean, Sammy hasn’t told you about me? I’m hurt” he spoke, then his eyes turned red causing you to shuffle back slightly.

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*rises from a deep endless sleep wide eyed*

What if Bitty and Jack met when he came to do a tour of Samwell campus? Just like the frogs?

Maybe Coach’s team had a game not too far from there and he dropped Bitty at Samwell with intentions to pick him up later.

17 year old Bitty nervously and wide eyed walking around, already imagining himself in Samwell, when he turns around and realises he can’t see the group.

After some panicking he decided to head to the ice rink because he knows that will be part of the tour, and he can wait there till the other guys show up.

Practice is over at this point, but there’s somebody still taking shots at the net so Bitty sits out of the way and tries not to look too amazed by the skills the guy is showing.

Jack, eventually notices him and approaches to get him to leave, Bitty explains he is there waiting for the group and Jack tells him the group already passed through the building.

“Wait,” Jack says when he realises what this means, “are you applying to Samwell? To play… hockey?”

Bitty awkwardly shrugs, “I already got in with a scholarship I just wanted to see the campus.”

Jack is horrified and demands that Bitty puts some skates and joins him on the ice. Thankfully Bitty had his skates with him and they play and Jack is a little annoyed because Bitty managed to score on him once, Jack scored 3 times which is actually not bad on the rookie.

He asks for Bitty’s email address.

“I’m sending you a workout program and a diet plan, you need to bulk up before the season, I want you to keep me updated on your progress and send me your stats, actually send them to Ransom he keeps track of that…”

Bitty wide eyed just nods along, trying not to cough a lung out.

“The checking is going to be an issue, we’ll think of something…”

Jack here sees Bitty and sees potential, he has a few months before Bitty will join them so he is determined to get him up to his standards by then.

And that’s how Bitty ends up becoming long distance friends with the Samwell group. Ransom and Holster keep track of his stats and give him tips on all the stuff he should do before coming to college, Shitty writes a long essay about how he hopes Bitty isn’t some dickhead from the south and then goes into weird tangents about feminism and social justice.

Jack messages him all the time asking if he’s eating enough protein, if he did the latest workout he sent and if he studied for his math exam.

Bitty replies to all the emails a little weirded out but happy he sort of will know people when he arrives, and also he sends pies, a lot of pies.

Ransom and Holster send a lot of emojis in gratitude, Shitty somehow finds his phone number and calls him to tell him what a magnificent person he is, and Jack calls to remind him to eat more protein.

And I don’t know where this is going besides this, I was just intrigued by the idea they could have met Bitty before he joined Samwell, feel free to take it from here :)

More things you shouldn’t say to your little!

Inspired by this post.

🐦 “I don’t have time to deal with this.” There is always a better way to put that.

Try: “Little one, daddy/mommy is really busy right now but I pinky promise later we can (play, color, watch ____, make _____)”

🐦 “You’re talking too much.” Don’t say this to anyone. Period. At all. But especially NOT your little. They are comfortable enough to open up so please listen. If they get a bit too much, try “honey, inside voices,” but don’t tell them not to talk.

🐦 “I can’t do everything for you.” We dont ask for everything. We just need help with some stuff. If you literally cannot take two seconds out of your day for something that may seem silly, like holding a stuffie while we try to dress it or maybe getting something from a high shelf; Find a better way to tell us. Try “Okay, sweetheart, give me a minute to finish _____ and I will do my best to help.”

🐦 “Could you just act like an adult for ten minutes?!” No. Uh, we can but not because you’re yelling at us to. We get upset too. We get stressed too. We cope differently which may cause us to regress in stressful situations but TRUST ME that is so much better than us not being able to regress for a long while because we failed to when we needed to. We get a lot worse than you think. Be patient. Be calm. Whatever is going on will pass but yelling at somebody who isn’t equipped to handle it isn’t going to help. Yelling at somebody who loves you dearly isn’t going to help.

🐦 “You’re a bad (girl/boy/little).” Unless in playful context, which should be made obvious, this phrase can be horribly damaging. Tears will happen. Esteem will drop. Blaming ourselves will be a big thing and the situation will overall get worse. If we act up or do something you don’t like, be patient; explain to us what we did, and if we repeat it again, act as necessary.


We aren’t flawless, but neither are you. Please be patient and understand that you get more bees with honey than with vinegar.

The birds & the bees

A/N: Someone requested this from somebody else who didn’t wanna write it & I couldn’t help myself. Reader walks in on Dean with a lady friend & the boys have to explain what was happening.

Dean’s age-22   Sam’s age-18   Reader’s age-8

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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“Why can’t we go to the library?” You asked as you hurried to keep up with your older brother walking down the sidewalk.

“I already told you Y/N,” Sam replied, looking behind him he noticed you were struggling at the rate he was walking and slowed down, “Gimme your backpack.” He told you as he reached for it.

You quickly took off your old green hand-me-down backpack and gave it to Sam, “Thanks Sammy. That was heavy.”

“No problem.” Sam replied as he shrugged it onto his shoulder, “Let’s go, I wanna get back to the motel so I can start my project.”

“Okay, but why can’t we go to the library. I wanted to get more books on animals, if I’m gonna be a vetra-vetrana-what’s the word again?” You questioned.

“Veterinarian.” Sam answered, “And we aren’t going to the library because they’re closed today; they’re renovating the ceilings.”

“Ohhhhh.” You exaggerated, “Will you help me with my math homework when we get home?”

“Course, we gotta get you through third grade math before you can be a vet.” Sam told you with a smile.

“Thanks Sammy.” You said, returning the smile he gave you which showed off the gap in your front teeth.

“No problem bug, now…race you to the motel room!” Sam shouted as you rounded the corner into the motel parking lot.

You took off as fast as you could; Sam was close behind you, however you had the advantage since he was being weighed down by two backpacks. As you approached the motel door you looked behind, “Too slow to keep up Sammy!” You shouted as him before turning back towards the door and quickly swinging it open so that you could gloat about beating your brother to Dean.

Stepping inside you started to talk to your oldest brother, “Dean! You won’t bel-what are you doing to that lady?” You questioned with a confused face when you realized Dean head was between her legs.

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WAKE UP EVERYONE: Wings is actually about periods.
  • boy girl meets evil - when you get your period for the first time (“it’s too evil”)
  • blood sweat & tears - no explanation needed
  • begin - how your period starts (also it made you begin because it made you become a woman so it’s basically how shit real life began)
  • lie - when you’re in denial about it because you don’t want to suffer (”get away from me”, “it keeps happening even though I run away”)
  • first love - your bed, who knew you and accepted you as you are and comforted you before anyone else did and where you can lie peacefully while you’re bleeding out dying
  • reflection - the thing you don’t wanna look at in the mirror because you just know you’re looking like shit
  • mama - she’s the woman who told you about this shit and probably helped you through it the first time by explaining stuff etc BLESS
  • awake - when you can’t sleep because of cramps (”wide awake wide awake wide awake don’t cry cause it freaking hurts still)
  • lost - what you feel like after a nap that lasted way too long because you’re tired and weak af
  • cypher 4 - well you know you have mood swings so at some point you feel like a damn boss (also you could still cut a bitch if somebody dares bothering you)
  • am I wrong - really am I wrong cause this theory looks pretty on point doesn’t it
  • 21st century girls - well brace your fucking selves cause y’all gon suffer too
  • two! three! (hoping for more good days) - when your period’s over and so is the suffering.. hopefully
  • interlude: wings - WELL PADS HAVE WINGS DON’T THEY

Ivar The Boneless x Reader

Request for: @kolvanismirk
Inspired on the tattoo video and her lovely request I made a little something. After Sigurd his dead Ivar never acted the same, power overgrow him and he forgot to love like he used to do. After a victory he had part to thank to you he places a tattoo in which you get an argument. You want to leave … and he tries on convincing you to stay.
Warnings: Angst
Words: 2760

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You always knew Ivar to be the greedy one, the shifty shade constant wanting more. After you married him he left you to join his father to England. It wasn’t a marriage out of love but you got there, just as you got him so far on respecting you. You were well known to be a good fighter, a shield maiden supporting Aslaug from the day she arrived in Kattegat. Your mother always had been her right hand, just as you prove your loyalty when you were of age, being as old as Hvitserk was. Despite you were young then, you were very promising and Aslaug set that marriage just before she died. But things changed, Ivar assembled a great heathen army and you fought for the dead of Ragnar just as anybody else did. That victory was the beginning of his wrath. You remembered him to love you on that day, being almost gentle when he made love to you, praising your skills as a warrior and a wife. And then he killed Sigurd and nothing was the same again. His mind wrapped up in the most bloodiest of thoughts, his anger and frustration even pushing his brothers away. You fell pregnant because of that one night and you never said a thing to him, just as he hardly treated you as a wife. The only point you came together was in bed and most of the time you fell asleep alone and woke up alone, so what was still left?

You were cleaning your sword, looking up to the defenses building their way around what Ivar conquered.
‘Y/n.’ You turned around and looked from Hvitserk to Ubbe. ‘Where is he?’ They both asked. You threw away the piece of fabric and stood up, shoving your sword into your belt.
‘Getting a tattoo.’ You answered. They changed looks with each other, the same way you did when you saw him sitting down aside a man who would kick the marks right into his back.
‘You should talk with him.’ Hvitserk pointed out. You signed, shrugging.
‘Why? He is surrounded by guards, no way I can reach through that, or his stubborn ass to begin with.’
‘He is your husband.’
‘Why does he has bodyguards?’ Ubbe interrupted Hvitserk almost right away. Things didn’t get well between the brothers after the dead of Sigurd. You didn’t wanted to pick sides between your love for Ivar and your friendship with those brothers but he almost didn’t leave you a choice. Ubbe slapped his brother on the chest before they started walking, you followed. When the three of you walked around the corner you saw him sitting. Even with everything going on you still admired those strong arms, the broad build of his shoulders. But that look, the way he rose his blue eyes up from the table towards his brothers … he said something but you didn’t caught it for you tried at holding on to this perfectly good imagine before he would destroy with his words. ‘Why do you need a personal bodyguard huh Ivar?’ Ubbe started, ignoring his words. You looked away from Ivar to the personal man standing there for his safety. That man looked at you for a moment, like you were a slave that needed to be ignored. You hated that feeling, knowing Ivar had a say in it. ‘Do you need protection against us, your brothers?’
‘Offcourse not.’ Ivar answered, the knocking of that hammer in his back shifted your attention back to the conversation.
‘Then why have them?’ Hvitserk asked.
‘I’m a cripple … I need a bodyguard.’ Like it was the most logic thing to say. His eyes shifted to you, holding on to it for a moment while he breathed through the pain.
‘Y/n could protect you better than any of those men.’ Hvitserk nodded with his cup to the guards.
‘Why?’ Ivar laughed.
‘Because I would die for you more than they would.’ You answered, leaning against the wall, arms crossed.
‘I don’t want you dead my love.’
‘Surly I seemed like that recently.’ You muttered, trying on walking away when your name hissed over his lips. You slowly turned around to him. He had stopped that man from working further on his back to point all his attention to you.
‘Do I don’t give you enough?’ He asks sharply. ‘Don’t you have the chance of fighting alongside of me, to conquer these lands, care after my wounds?’ He asked, pushing his muscular arms back against the table, nodding over his shoulder to the man to get going. His expressions squeezed a little when the man started again, but other than that he kept radiating that cold.
‘What do I get Ivar? Other than to tend those wounds and fight those battles.’
‘You get to be my wife.’ He stated. You slowly walked over to the table, placing your hands aside his while lowering your head to look him right in the eyes. He always said how much influence you could have with your eyes, you did it now.
‘I don’t want to be the wife of a man that doesn’t care. Who only puts his interests first. Get yourself another wife.’ You whispered slowly. How hard those words sounded, they were out. It broke your heart but you pushed away from the table, giving him one last look before turning around, knowing he couldn’t follow you, knowing he probably wouldn’t anyway.

You laid on your back that night, fingers softly stroking over your nightdress, whispering to a child that probably wouldn’t hear you. You didn’t wanted a child to grew up in this, with a father that wouldn’t care, a father that was as ruthless as Ivar was. You couldn’t let it happen. You turned on your side, gazing into the darkness trying to prepare yourself from doing the hardest thing ever … leaving. The village Aslaug and your mother came from would welcome a shield maiden like you, you could build up your life there. But just as soon as that imagine set in your thoughts the dragging of his body interrupted those thoughts. With both your hands under your head you tried not to care about it, you tried not to move while you heard him unbuckle the belt that kept his legs together. You closed your eyes, begging that he would only sleep, like he did for quite some time. He hissed, probably against the pain shifting through his back from the tattoo. And then you felt his weight aside you. You felt his fingers sneak under your arm, crossing over your chest before they wrapped themselves in your hand. You squeezed your eyes together, feeling how much he broke already you were on the verge of crying. You felt his chest contacting with your back before his lips contacted with your color bone. You squeezed his hand and his lips lifted themselves from your skin.
‘Y/n.’ His voice sounded soft, calm almost.
‘I’m leaving tomorrow.’ You announced, not giving him the chance to say anything else. ‘I’m going to sail back and then go home, were I belong.’ You followed. It was quiet for a very long time, you could feel his breath hitching against your neck as he seemed to need some time to progress that. His hand sneaked away from between yours and he pushed your shoulder down so you laid with your back in the bed. His blue eyes radiate nothing else but his anger.
‘Why?’ He asked, neutral voiced, teeth clenched together of he held his emotions in.
‘You even have to ask? I’m pregnant Ivar, since you killed Sigurd.’ You announced, looking up in the dark to his features. His jaw dropped open, while the anger in his eyes made place for shock. ‘I’m leaving, I don’t want a child to grow up with a father like you. There is nothing for me to stay anyway.’
‘You’re my wife!’
‘Yes and do you treat me like one?’ You asked back. He looked away from you and after all that time you finally saw it, him cracking under all of it. His eyes got weaker, his fingers shook a little when he laid his fingers softly against your jaw. You closed your eyes, feeling a single tear leaving the corner of your eyes. ‘I never felt as lonely as I did now, lost in a world I thought to know.’ You whispered, turning your head away from his fingers that traveled away, lost themselves.
‘Ivar please, I let you go so you can be the king you want be without you having to look over your shoulder to me. All I am is a distraction of your mind, an object between you and your victories. Let us go.’ You weren’t begging him but your shaky voice almost let it sound like that. He squeezed your throat lightly, placing his forehead against your cheek, his breath scouring your neck as you tried on ignoring the silent tears running down your cheeks.
‘Don’t leave.’ He whispered.
‘Why? So you can treat me like you did past weeks? So you have somebody to bark to?’
‘I thought you hated me!’ He hissed, pulling his head away to look at you. His eyes were blurry red, his white teeth clenched together. ‘Like everybody else, for what I did to my brother.’ He explained. He breathed shaky out, like he just relieved himself from the worst secret ever. Ivar never talked much, not about himself at least, that was something you learn to respect and for that he always had thanked you. This had to be one of those rare times. ‘You didn’t talked to me, you left me alone.’
‘Because I thought that you needed the space.’
‘I needed you!’ He said between clenched teeth. You closed your eyes, bringing your fingers up to touch his face.
‘And I need you now.’ You whispered. He pushed his head into your fingers before he dropped it back down against your cheek, kissing away your tears. Your fingers grabbed into his hair, smelling his sweat, the blood probably still covering his back from the tattoo. It felt good, having him this close, having him surrender to his own emotions.
‘Don’t go.’ He never had begged before but he did it you. You released his hair and he lifted his head again, looking from your lips up to your eyes. ‘I can change, for you, for,’ his voice hitched and his eyes looked down towards your stomach, knowing there was a child growing there.
‘Please Y/n, I need you. I may not show it but you are constantly on my mind.’ He said, stroking his two fingers slowly over your face, resting against your lips.
‘The next time I will leave you won’t be able to stop me.’ You gave in to it, giving him that one last chance to set things right.
‘I need you, I’m sorry.’ He said before placing his lips against yours. Not in the way like he handled you after a victorious battle, but just the soft hesitating pressure of them. You hesitated of your own before returning that kiss in what supposed to be you and him. His fingers scour your cheek as he kissed you so slowly, so intense. It didn’t restored your confident but at least you felt loved again. He pulled back out of that kiss, pressing his lips against your cheek. ‘You’re pregnant?’ It wasn’t an ask coming over his lips, more still him not believing it.
‘Yes, I am.’ You pushed your nose into his hair as he kissed you neck. He shifted his hand, resting it down on your belly, wanting to feel the life that still needed growing before it could be felt. There weren’t any words, his head laid in the crook of your neck while his fingers rested on your belly and your fingers held on in his hair. Until both your breaths became steady and you fell asleep in the thoughts of loving each other.

You woke up under the noise going through the room. You slowly opened your eyes and looked over to his back. He sat up on the edge of the bed, his tattoo glorious but still covered under blood while he buckled his legs together.
‘Does that needs tending.’ Your voice was still raspy a little and he froze. He slowly turned around, looking to your face before he looked down over your body. When his gaze return he looked unsteady so you pushed a morning smile on your lips and he relaxed a little.
‘Everything on me needs tending.’ He said with a weak voice. You knew that once you would step out of that door he would change into that ruthless leader again so you enjoyed it for as long as it last. He looked back before him and your rose your hand up, fingers touching the tattoo on his back. He took in a sharp breath before he looked to his one shoulder, over to you while you scouted his tattoo.
‘I like it.’
‘You do?’ He asked. You pushed up and sat a little behind him, looking to the black dots marking his skin. It was still sour, and blood laid dry on it but it was typical a sight of Ivar … covered in blood. You placed your lips against his shoulder blade and he signed.
‘Every battle won should have a mark on your body.’ You muttered against his skin.
‘I woke thinking you would be away.’ He changed the subject to your surprise. You frowned your eyebrows and rested your chin on his shoulder, studying his eyes.
‘I told you I wouldn’t.’ You whispered.
‘Maybe I didn’t believe you.’ He murmured, looking in front of him. You kissed his shoulder before getting up and dressed, in all that time he followed your movements around until you were fully dressed and ready.
‘Let’s go remove that blood so everybody sees how great a warrior you are.’ You nodded to his back.
‘You gonna let me crawl around bare chested all day?’ You were just planning on stepping outside but the slight playfulness in his voice stopped you. You turned around, smiling before shaking your head and returning to him. He grabbed you behind your knees and forced you down in his lap. You chuckled, wrapping a hand around his neck before kissing him passionate. He groaned and you knew on that exact moment he was back to his old self.
‘Only I get to see you naked.’ You muttered.
‘I agree.’ He smiled devilish against your lips. You kissed him one last time before going outside to clean his back. Ivar host himself onto a stool while you dragged a bucket over and pushed a cloth under the cold water. Ivar hissed when it contacted with his skin and you looked up to Hvitserk and Ubbe walking over. Hvitserk gave you a thorough look before his eyes shifted towards Ivar.
‘We have a problem.’
‘Does it involve fighting?’ Ivar asked rather short.
‘Probably.’ Hvitserk shrugged. You looked away from Ivar his back to his both brothers.
‘Ready my chariot.’ Ivar commanded the one slave that stood around. The girl ran of and you threw the cloth away when he reached for his tunic. ‘What are you both still standing around?’ He asked his brothers patience. Hvitserk hide the blunt smile and started walking away.
‘You joining us Y/n?’ Ubbe asked.
‘No she isn’t.’ Ivar answered before you had a change. You slowly turned around to face him, already doubting every word you said yesterday to him. ‘She is pregnant, she isn’t going anywhere near battles from now on.’ He followed smoothly, raising his eyes browns like he wanted you to protest to it. But you could only smile a little.
‘Where do I stay then?’ You asked calmly.
‘At my side.’
‘As your bodyguard?’ You asked directly, handing him his armor.
‘As my wife.’ He replied, squeezing your hip as you helped him in his armor. You looked down to him and he looked up to you. The devotion was all there and you smiled, biting your lip while looking down to his armor. This was a happy feeling, a feeling you didn’t felt in a very long time. You hold on to it, knowing Ivar his mood shifted easily. But for now, it was the best feeling there was, him kissing your belly before you rode your own horse aside his chariot, powerful … together … as one.

EXO Mafia Reaction: When you get kidnapped

||| Anon asked:  Exo mafia reaction when you were kidnapped |||

Park Chanyeol

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When He heard the news, he stood up and went to the window.

“Gather everyone, we’re going on a hunt,” he said, clenching his fists.

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

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He was already out the door, going to his car.

“I swear if you guys don’t get ready in two minutes, I will get her back myself.”

Chen/Kim Jongdae

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He had trouble understanding how can someone even come up with such stupid ideas.

“If they as much as touch her…”

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

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He would try to stay calm and control his anger, coming up with a plan first.

“We take her back tonight. Leave no survivors.”

Kris/Wu Yifan

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Tables were flipped and things got broken before he finally calmed down.

“Those assholes will pay.”

Tao/Huang Zitao

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He armed himself up.

“I guess I have some lessons to teach today…”

Kai/Kim Jongin

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He was already imagining how he was going to torture your kidnappers.

“I will make sure they die a slow and painful death.”

Byun Baekhyun

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A satisfied smirk would appear on his face.

“It’s been a while since I got a chance to murder someone…”


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He just shook his head and sighed.

“I thought we got rid of all the idiots who would try anything like this.”

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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He wasted no time and was soon on his way to get you back.

“I will show them what a real killer looks like.”

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

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He was so pissed, he would have killed the first person that walked in to the room.

“How do they even dare do something like this?”

Oh Sehun

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He was practically speechless when he heard the news.

“Can somebody explain to me how the fuck did you let this happen in the first place?”


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Among all things Y/N and Harry had in common, both of them shared a rather busy life, which could get in the way of their relationship sometimes.

This week, particularly, was literally hell for Y/N. The company she works for had just started a new project, leading her boss to request all employees to stay after working-hours to get it done with quicker. So to say she was tired didn’t even begin to describe the feeling of exhaustion she felt throughout her whole body. Her sleeping schedule got messed up and her body literally ached to rest.

So when her feverish and stressful week finally came to an end, sleeping was all Y/N could think about. And due to the very busy week she just had, resting was the only thing she could think of with the little energy she had left.

As soon as she got home, she took off her shoes and carelessly tossed them to the side and sped up to the stairs. Going to bed was literally the only thing she had in mind.

“Love?”, she heard Harry softly call out to her. She hadn’t even acknowledged his presence yet.

Going back a few steps, just enough to see him sitting on the couch, she let out a huge smile.

“Hi, H”, she greeted, heading to his direction and lazily placing a kiss to his lips.

Harry could see how tired she was — and he really couldn’t tell if he was being selfish or not —, but he missed her. Unfortunately, being home wasn’t something as regular as he’d like it to be, so whenever he was, Harry always cherished every second spent next to her.

“How was your day, angel?”, Harry asked, running his hands up and down her arms in attempts to bring her some comfort. After all, he knew how much this week had taken a toll on her. Y/N contently sighed at the warmth his hands were radiating on her skin and closed her eyes at the feeling of him. She can’t remember the last time she’d felt this relaxed — even with such a simple gesture.

“Just like any other day of this week, honestly. I’m tired, Haz. Think I’m gonna head out to bed now”, she let out a yawn and leaned down to press one last kiss to his temples.

“Don’t go to bed yet, love. I think it’s too early, no?”, Harry said with a small smile tugging at the end of his lips. He slowly reached out for her and held a tight — yet very comforting — grip on her, pulling her down to lay on top of him.

“But I’m tired, Harry. You know how shitty this week was for me”, she said pouting and letting a frown plaster upon her face.

“I know, love. But I miss you. Haven’t been able to be with you like this in almost a whole week. It was killin’ me”.

When she looked up at him, Harry was already looking down at her with the sweetest smile she’s ever seen. He looked at her with such tenderness she couldn’t say ‘no’ at his plead. And even though she spent the whole week wondering when she’d be able to sleep a good and full 10 hours, she missed him too. And now that she’s here, limply laying on top of him, she can’t complain about not sleeping right now. Harry has always brought her such comfort that not even the comfiest and fluffiest bed could level up to him.

“Yeah… okay”, she gave in. A genuine smile on her face as she wrapped her arms around his torso. As soon as Harry placed one of his arms around her waist and the other on her upper back, so he could play with her hair, she sighed in content again, bringing one of her own to play with his hair as well.

Y/N has never felt this tired and happy at the same time and she wondered how that was even possible. Usually, whenever she’s tired — or any other person, for that matter — it’s a bad mood that accompanies the exhaustion. But Harry — well, he’s Harry. He manages to bring such strange, yet beautiful emotions to the surface of her heart. Harry brings out the best of her as well. He’s always so gentle, so kind, so loving towards her that she often finds herself wondering how other people manage to go through a lifetime without the tenderness and companionship of somebody like him. He causes her the best indescribable feelings she’s ever felt and she is absolutely smitten with him. He’s the cause to all of what she’s feeling right at this moment, as well. He makes her feel such things that not even Y/N herself can explain. They’re just so beautiful that no words can level up to it — they go way beyond it.

Adjusting her on top of him, so he could be comfortable as well, he breathed in her scent, letting the wondrous feeling of her fill him in every pore on his skin and every entry way to the inside of his body. Being drowned in her was probably his favorite thing to do. The closeness and intimacy meant everything to him.

And although his previous plans didn’t involve sleeping just yet, the proximity and tranquility she brought him were enough to make him comply with that. After all, she was more than just tired and he had her right where he needed her to be.

“Goodnight, my love”, Harry softly whispered in her ear.

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An actually constructive opinion on the Edward Avila - kyla situation.

Would ya look at that somebody actually listening to what hes saying and watching his other video before…. 

Right off the bat, Hes not saying shes fat. Hes saying shes fatter than the average idol and in so people will treat her badly for it. Its a fact. Not an opinion. 

I feel like so many people will just not accept the facts and see that Korean beauty standards are different from western. Does that make it right to shame a young girl? No. Was he saying its right? No

What he was saying was that Its expected. The reason why pledis is at fault is because they didn’t keep her to the idol standards which will lead to her getting hate = bullying. 

Ill be honest. I read the comments and I was readying up my pitchfork to go hunting for peoples head but this is just bullshit. 

Y’all gotta stop. Yes It doesn’t make it right but does that mean that you’re going to bash a person for telling you what their views on the situation is?? 

To those of you saying “OH BUT ANYONE ASK ??” … umm yes. Alot of people

One of the most liked comments on the video where HE ASKS IF PEOPLE WANTED IT.

This is how the industry works and you might deny it saying shit like oh no Kpop is pro-fat acceptance! But that’s real actual bullshit.

 Fat people aren’t disgusting. He legit repeats it so many times that you can be at any weight and as long as you are proud of yourself that’s all that matters and anyone else shouldn’t. 

Another very important thing to note is that he says Pledis is at fault for not giving her time to prepare. They’re throwing her into a world where skinny is the norm and if you’re above a certain weight, you will be bashed. Its a fact. Its not an opinion. Stop romanticizing the industry as if It doesn’t have glaring flaws. Specifically in Kylas situation, they’re very obvious. 

You might have grown up in western culture and you cant picture how this is possible but stop being a hypocritical twat and bashing him for shit you pull out your ass in order to make his opinion look like hes bashing her. 

Im done honestly. Peoples stupidity are over the top. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but majority of that video was how the industry works. You want to get ads and good deals? Be attractive by Korean standards. If you’re not - It doesn’t matter if the mind set is wrong or right, you’re going to get hate. Should we try our best to combat this? Yes. Are the standards unhealthy and unrealistic? YES. Are we hurting our cause by bashing somebody who’s explaining it? YES. 

Theres alot more that I can add to this but honestly I’m so sad. 

EDIT: Already answered some things in the ASK, However just putting forward a few things such as the “shes 15 what gives a grown man the ability to talk like that”. Well to this I can just repeat something he said in the video and that is “If you’re an idol you’re going to be judged like an idol.“ Doesn’t make it right but it makes the hate expected. The hate from knetz that is. 

I do think it was badly worded with people nitpicking on some words like “in that state” but in my opinion “In that state” is just a poor choice of words to explain her being above average on the idol weight scale. 

To me - It was poorly worded but I understood his point. However does that make it acceptable for everyone to go witch hunting like idiots and comment on bs like “HIS FOUNDATION!!” “HIS MUSIC!!”? No. If anyone does do that it just makes them ridiculous and on the same level of stupid as the knetz who comment about Kyla being fat on the scale of stupidity. Those comments are completely unrelated to the topic at hand. They make you look dumb and don’t help your argument. Stop it. 

I can include many passive aggressive comments in here about how stupid some people are with this but I rather stick to my opinion. This is MY OPINION ON THIS. I’m entitled to my opinion you’re entitled to yours. 

Hey Arnold: Analysis of Arnold’s perspective to Helga, and afterwards her confession in FTI

written by Nikki Pond

(This is honestly the third time I am writing this, because my computer shuts down and I lose whatever I typewritten earlier. I’m not going into details of Helga’s personality through Arnold’s eyes because I’m sure someone can explain. I’m analyzing mostly Arnold’s reaction to her. 

I know that I will never let this go, the temptation to analyze Arnold’s perspective of Helga and after her confession in FTI, how did he react and what goes through his mind. I want to do this for many reasons, mainly because I can see a lot of myself in Arnold (laid-back a bit, rational thinking, fairness and maturity) and I have personal experience being teased and constantly annoyed by a bully since Pre-K (and I’m in my senior  year and it honestly just occurred this year that there is something hidden there. Whoah, what a shock for me. I can’t help it. I honestly NEVER thought of my bully that way, and it only took 11 FREAKIN years for me to have that realization that there might be something with the way he’s acting). I may have shared Arnold’s dense, and trust me, I am very oblivious and dense when it comes to boys (no wonder the attention and teasing I get my whole 4 years of highschool and they are still doing it!!!). Anyway, so for me I can relate to Arnold, and put myself in his shoes. 

Before we go to Arnold’s reaction afterward FTI confession, I like to analyse what he thought of Helga before that. This is truly my interpretation and what I truly believe in the canon. 

We all know how those two meet since Pre-K. Arnold was 3 years old and showed kindness to Helga and complimenting her bow. I can imagine that he wanted to be friends with her, and subconsciously, he had been drawn to her and perhaps maybe a bit of a crush in just those moments before Helga had become a bully. No surprises if he had truly wanted to befriend Helga during those moments and show kindness (I honestly could see myself befriending someone who I could was practically drawn, though not necessarily attraction, and I still currently felt that to a new student who’s shy and I want to make him feel welcome and wouldn’t mind becoming friends. It’s more like you sense you could relate to them, like there is someone who might understand you). I think Arnold had been excited to go to Pre-K, and was little nervous about making friends. And he was also relieve to find someone who’s sort of the same boat as him, and he can’t help but help that person, and he knows instantly that he wants to be friends with her. That you sense she’s cool and someone you can enjoy hanging out.

Anyway, Arnold had been so confused when Helga became a bully, lost the shy little girl he first met. And it felt like that the whole time you thought of that person was wrong.That you don’t know that person anymore.

But somewhere between Pre-K and Fourth Grade, something made Arnold wholeheartedly believe that Helga had a good and caring side. I wouldn’t be surprised that there is a certain backstory that made Arnold determine now that he had evidence, even if that might be small and just brief moment that Helga is not truly mean, and she’s just hiding it behind the mask to hide her insecurities. It’s not just that his optimistic nature and that he believes that there is good in everyone. And it is in his being to show kindness and would help Helga, even if she constantly bullies him. It had might have occurred to Arnold that Helga’s bullying ways is little compare to the cruelty. He senses that she’s mean, but not evil and cruel.

But I do not doubt that that Arnold has never ever thought of Helga THAT way. I don’t think he’s ever in denial of feelings for her. He honestly didn’t feel for Helga at that point, but he is drawn and curious of her when Helga showed her moments and this complexity and issue, and if he had taken time to really think of Helga as a person. But he’s still annoyed at her, that he honestly just forgets of Helga’s good deeds. He doesn’t go around thinking of her all the time and questioning. Only when he encounters Helga, and sit down afterwards to think deeply. He had slowly figured out that Helga was wearing a mask and that she’s hiding her insecurities. But still, he’s frustrated when she’s being mean to him. Hahaha. 

Fourth Grade held a lot of moments that showed Helga’s kind and caring side. He had hugged her when she found his hat, that held special meaning to him. Helga had tried to comfort him when Lila told him she didn’t like-like him that way. When she warned Arnold about Summer. He might have given half-lidded gazes with a knowing look, almost satisfied that he is right on his beliefs and the warmth feeling that Helga’s kind side is showing, and that she did it in front of him. And that maybe, he’s a close step to knowing Helga and solve her. That he’s amused that he knows her a little better and that she’s all flustered and trying to hide that side of hers again. Hahaha.

And about the Thanksgiving episode, yeah they do bond and Arnold was relieved that he didn’t have to deal with Helga being a bully. She was much more…civil, and they bond together as they search for the meaning of Thanksgiving. Arnold is given another insight of Helga’s home life and her family, and Arnold had suspected it but not the full extent. I think in ways, after knowing Helga is tough girl, he believes wholeheartedly that her parents love her even if they are difficult. And that Helga could solve her issues with her family in time, that it would be solve, even when Arnold doesn’t know the real extent. It’s just in his eyes that he believes Helga can work it out with her family. He knows it’s complicated, and it probably serve as the huge factor and influence to the tough Helga G. Pataki she becomes. But at that point of the episode, Arnold was just looking to spend Christmas, together with Helga and learn the meaning.

And then in the episode, Save the Tree, about the treehouse, Mighty Pete. I imagine he looked at Helga eyed-wide and was glad that Helga had stood her ground and opinion, sided against her own dad to her friends. He was surprised and yet he his respect for her grew a bit at that moment. 

Still, Arnold does NOT go thinking of her. He’s not in denial or even had a crush on her. He does consider her as his friend and old classmate, someone he knows since Pre-K. And that there is a curiosity in him, and still has it in him to offer Helga his help of her issues. He’s annoyed by her bullying everyday, and frustrated. I think his belief that Helga is a good person, is more of spur moments when reminded afterwards her bullying to him when he really sits down and think deeply. He would try to really ignore Helga. 

But it does mean that subconsciously, Arnold may have been aware of Helga’s feelings for him and the deeper aspects of her (love of poetry), as it is proven in the episodes, Married and Arnold Visits Arnie. I don’t think I need to go deeper that somewhere deep down in Arnold’s mind, he recognizes Helga’s feelings for him and that kind of person she is that he can fall in love wholeheartedly and deeply. And consciously, he accepts in the afterwards of those two episodes that he might get along with Helga and that she’s OK. But that’s all. He accepts it and is OK with it. It doesn’t necessarily mean he has hidden feelings for her, just maybe caring for that person and you can accept that if Helga showed her true colours, it’s the kind of person that Arnold falls for (and I think this had occurred to Arnold mostly in the afterwards of Arnold visits Arnie episode. That he can work it out with her, though I don’t think he really thought that he would fall in love with her. Just acceptance if it ever happened and knows that it would be OK and he can work it out).

Hahaha. He can’t help but give her a hug, so relieve. I’m not going to analyze that deeper, and I’m sure somebody explained this. Though I don’t necessarily think he went to Helga. She is the one who first approached him, and he just went with his instincts because she’s near. That ‘nightmare’ gave him a push, something in him, his subconscious just wants to hug her. He is so relieved that it’s just the way it is and knows. The Helga he knows. 

But he does not have crush on her. What he felt for her is platonic. I do believe he genuinely had crush with other girls like Ruth and Lila. Hahaha. Even after he had his first kiss, which is with Helga on the whole Romeo and Juliet, I think he was more focused of her skills and talents than as the fact of possibility Helga likes him. He learnt that Helga is a good actress, and wondered why she took long to kiss him. Hehehe. If it had been me, and my bully kissed me longer for a play, I would have wondered as well, but it hadn’t occurred there might be something. You’ll just brush it off and forget it. Nothing big, really. That’s what I and Arnold imagined going through our minds. No big deal, really. 

And there are moments when Arnold had been confused when Helga acted all flustered and strange (And I’m talking about when Helga is giving herslef monologue or giving him the dreamy looks). And in his subconcious, it figured out that Helga like him-like him. 

And finally, in Hey Arnold: The Movie, when Helga confessed. It had been very out of blue, and it totally shocked Arnold. You’d be staring at your bully eyed-wide, really like you don’t know what to think. So very unexpected, especially the kiss. Hahaha. And with all that’s happening in that, Arnold had to push it back on his mind and save the neighborhood. And when the time came, that it’s all over. Arnold had been awkward, very unsure and flustered at what happened earlier. 

He now had minutes to really think about what she said. He still wasn’t given enough time and very left confused at how to respond that. It hadn’t really sink in. He went a little blank, and he knew without a doubt if he had answered her confession or that he replied that he needed time, it would be very awkward and their relationship between them will change. Arnold needed an escape a bit, he just wanted to get rid of the awkwardness between them and the only way is to get everything back to the way it was. He went a bit on his instincts here, but he also was curious of what’s Helga’s reaction if he gave her a leeway. 

After Helga quickly took back what she said and they both agree it was the ‘heat of the moment’, like that they truly believe it. But Arnold knew better as he gave her a half-lidded knowing looks, as if once again, he knows better and is satisfied that he solves Helga’s complexity but also amused of Helga’s act as a bully. He’s a little relieve to see the familiarity and normality, like he just has everything the way it was. I do not doubt in my mind that it has never occurred to Helga that Arnold didn’t outright reject or accept. She believes he’s dense and a goody-two shoes. She’s too relieved that she escaped from that and that her football-headed love of her life doesn’t know.

But the two parties knew what Helga confessed is the truth. And Helga doesn’t know Arnold has thought of the FTI confession much more afterwards. 

With given time, Arnold had a lot to think now. He had quickly realized that he might have given both themselves an escape, and that he questioned himself why he didn’t really confront Helga about that. Something held him back. One of the main reasons why, and I think this is the very main point that held Arnold back, and this is something he consciously concluded, I think when Arnold learnt of Helga being Deep Voice, and what she had done was amazing and did it for him and most of all, she did it secretly. That’s what hit Arnold that Helga tried to hide her good deeds and wasn’t arrogant or gloated about it. It spoke volumes that Helga does not desire fame, money or everyone’s attention. What she did was selfless, and did it for him. And just in those moments, he had admired at her with awe. He felt she did something amazing, and it’s sort of the least he could do for her. But it was also more that her ultimate good and amazing deed is what held back from Arnold rejecting her completely.

But also, he had been shocked and frustrated. That knowledge had been very out of blue and left him very confused. He didn’t really solve her, and there are more questions about Helga more than ever. That Helga loved him yet she still bullies him and it left Arnold so annoyed. It probably drove him mad a bit even in his sleep, and he is force to put that memory in the back of his head and talk to his Grandpa maybe. I’m not really sure if that is something Arnold would share to someone or even his best friend Gerald. But he’s left very confused in his mind and in a inner battle of this mysterious Helga G. Pataki. 

And before Fifth Grade, assuming the movie was set during summer after fourth grade, Arnold decided to listen to this advice, and I think his Grandpa said it = Follow your instincts.

So by the time he encounters Helga again, it’s all normal between them. Arnold felt a little free, and in the back of his mind, he wants to let it all play out naturally and see where it goes between them. For now, Arnold just wants to be friends with Helga and still offer her his help. 

He’s following his instincts. 

He decided that he would approach Helga much more differently than his other crushes like Lila and Ruth. He had learnt from those experience and he has to play it out, that’s the advice he has to follow when it comes to love and relationships. He just wants a clear mind and see if he might reciprocate her feelings, and give himself and Helga time to think. He’s not really leading her on, his goal is the same as before, to try to be her friend and offer her his help.In a way, he has to pretend FTI didn’t happen. Also for the sake of his sanity. But he’s accepting that possibility if the two ever did become a couple, he just needs to get to know Helga and have her guard down. One step at the time. But I don’t believe that’s what he thinks all the time or goal to see if he has feelings for her. He’s following his instincts and just pretending FTI didn’t happen. He wants it naturally. He’s just accepting the possibility but he needed a reason. 

But it’s more after learning a lot from his old crushes (Ruth, Lila, and Summer), that he has to be now more sure and careful of his love and who he gives it to. He’s not exactly protected heart as Helga, but he’s getting much more cautious. He’s being cautious with Helga, but not overthinking about it with intentions. It’s more afterwards with Lila, Arnold has to identify between “falling in love with the idea of someone” and “really falling in love with someone”. So pretty much after he gave up on Lila, he’s careful but pretty much open-minded these days. 

I imagine afterwards the FTI confession, that Arnold does watch Helga a little more closely and tries to figure out when they passed or encounter. Helga would do something amazing and show once again her kind side, and she would quickly cover up as Arnold was left a little amaze to see that side of her. Arnold may be able to tolerate Helga a little a better, but there are a lot of moments when he forgets about that kind side of her and her confession and is just frustrated at her bullying him. I imagine Arnold starts to doubt what Helga said is true and wonders why she is still bullying him if she has feelings for him, so it became much a little easier to pretend FTI never happened. 

April Fool’s Day, is the only episode we get to see what’s Arnold’s perspective and reaction afterwards of the FTI confession (no, no, we are not including The Journal, since we didn’t see how Arnold reacts to Helga) He was annoyed and went to a breaking point, deciding to get back to her. He forgets in that episode what Helga felt till after he accidentally blinded her, that he had remembered of Helga’s good side. The good guy he is, he of course felt guilty and offers to help her. For once, he felt he was really taking care of the real Helga instead of a forgetful amnesia Helga. But it was a bit tiring for Arnold. He couldn’t believe he sunk that low in her level. 

And when he learnt that Helga was faking it, he decided to get back at her by pushing her to the pool. But he needed to really distract so he tango with her. I don’t think he truly thought of distracting with intention of knowing that he would use her feelings, at least consciously he didn’t. His ultimate goal was to get back at her and distraction. What better way than pull her much closer to him. He was smug with the whole dance, satisfied that he knows what’s coming and that HE has the control over her. He was enjoying the dance, no denying and was flirting with her. But he was not intentionally using her feelings, it is just happening and he’s following his instincts. He doesn’t know why he’s being much more…sexual and close and being a bit husky, but he feels like he’s playing the game and he’s in control. He’s releasing his frustration at her through tango dance. But this is also for the second time, probably, where Arnold stands up to Helga and be very firm. In ways, they became equal. Arnold had decided to be Helga in a way. And he learnt a new side of him (or as you guys prefer to call it, Dark Arnold, but Arnold is not really going to think about it that much except that he had a good time with Helga). Hehehe. I think he and Helga shared a good laugh and it felt like a truce in the end of the episode, at least, for the day. 

Afterwards that episode, I believe Arnold had been surprised at what he did, playing that memory of tango dance again and again, and he is analyzing why did he flirt and dance with her much sexually. He was reminded once again of Helga’s feelings for him, and he slept peacefully at night, accepting once again that he did enjoy dancing with Helga. And that just maybe, maybe, he does feel something for her. And that’s the moment where he finally admit to himself. 

He had flirted, and dance with a lot of tension, and filled with excitement and the mix of the good feeling of finally getting back with her. And yeah, a lot of tension and maybe sexual, simply releasing all the frustration between them.  

In all honesty, I don’t think he truly was worried about him and Helga being a couple or the remote possibility THAT much. He may be confused, frustrated and just wants damn answers from her. But I don’t think he’s really worried that one day, he would have to answer if Helga has confessed her feelings to him AGAIN or make the first move. He’s not expecting it, probably. He has plenty of time to think and wait for a serious relationship. At least, he’s not TOO worried about Helga demanding if he does return her feelings once she confessed. But I think he’s also expecting it. He expects in few months or years, Helga will come to him and confess when she’s ready. If she did a couple of weeks or months later after the film, by THEN Arnold will answer that he needed time. He’s not going to completely brush it off, accept nor reject her. I think it sort of depends how Helga acts around him. 

He’s being mature, a little cool and laid-back and letting it all play our and see what happens. Especially, he never knows if what Helga has for him was a phase or something. It’s like if the time comes, the right moment, it would happen. He’s not going the way he did with his old crushes, that his usual advice might be if you like-like someone, then tell them. He’s not traditionally doing that with Helga. I think at that point, he really just wants to be close and have friendship first before remote possibility to ask her out on a date. It’s still his goal and what comes first to his mind. To be her friend and understand her a little better. He’s a little platonic, but he’s open minded of the possibility of like her-like her. 

I don’t think he could outright confront her and demand that she just admit her feelings to him, at least during Middle School. It’s would be a little hard to predict if Helga would mature and let go of her tough bully thing. If she let her guard down, I do not doubt that Arnold would be drawn to her. 

(In theory if TJM didn’t happen, if there is a Season 7 and set either in fifth or sixth grade, I think Helga and Arnold might possibly hide their feelings. Arnold would reach the point that he has feelings for Helga and has admitted to himself, but he’s hiding it. That is, if Helga hasn’t make a move.)

So that’s my analysis of Arnold’s reaction and perspective of Helga and the post-FTI confession. One that will lead to TJM (coming 2017) where we’ll finally have Arnold reciprocate Helga’s feelings. That movie will be the final push, one that made Arnold felt he had a reason now, and will have the courage to make the first move and have his eyes open and see what an amazing person Helga is. I honestly hoped it wasn’t just Helga saving his life or doing some ultimate sacrifice thing. I hope it starts small. I mean, I honestly hope in that movie, Helga decided to have her guard down a little and that maybe when she and Arnold alone, she shows her true colors and Arnold felt that he’s finally getting to know her and some emotional connection between them. Next thing they know, they are running and hiding through the jungle. And blah, blah, probably Helga saving his life or something, and Arnold’s eyes open and will attempt to kiss her and be interrupted by Gerald maybe. 

His eyes will open and will finally see that Helga is the one for him, and the kind of person he would fall for. That what she did was truly amazing, and yet he will always be intrigue of her.  After that, I imagine they dated and get to know each other. Arnold admires her even more and learns the full extent of her family issues. And there would be bumpy rides between the two.

Conclusion: Somewhere deep down, Arnold did have repressed feelings for Helga. He hadn’t been aware and it hadn’t fully developed, but subconsciously recognizes a real connection to Helga. That there is part of him that is very drawn to her, and it was meant to head into that direction as long as he gets to know the real Helga. The more Helga has her guard down and the more she acted much more amazing deeds, one that is very UNFORGETTABLE than those small ones (like Helga thanking him sincerely, showing understanding after what he went through). Saving the neighborhood was one big step that even overcomes her tough bully act and make you see the person a whole new light. Arnold’s eyes opened as he starts to really pay close attention and really taking note of the person she is behind the mask and the good deeds that are purely selfless and compassion with generosity, the more he starts to fall in love with her. Or like her-like her. 

Hehehe. You might have to wonder who’s really mature about love here between the two?

P.S - You know, in the episode Married, right at the end of what Phoebe pictured. THAT is what I genuinely believe will happen and how Helga and Arnold turns out in the future (yeah, I do believe that’s how they look like and Arnold will always be a couple of inches shorter than Helga. Hahaha) I do truly believe they are meant for each other, just as Craig says so. And I do believe Craig put that one there as a hint and hope and a message to us all Helga/Arnold fans. They’ll be ups and downs, but they are meant in the end to get married and have children, no matter what. They’ll find their way to each other. 

That’s my analysis folks! :) See ya when TJM comes next year 2017.