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The 1.8 script

So if the 1.8 script that was leaked last week was actually filmed & then edited to not be so romantic.(And they always are ahead in their writing of the next episodes before they film) in theory ep 1.11 could’ve been written which gives me all kinds of feelings. in 1.11 Raven leads Bellamy to believe that Clarke & Finn ran off together :

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 two episodes before in the cut scene he asked her to runaway with him & she said no & talked him out of it. IT EXPLAINS HIS ANGER when he delivers the line “ You’re mistaking me for somebody who cares” for that brief amount of time he believes that Clarke Griffin decided he wasn’t worth running away with but Finn was. 

it explains why he looks so relieved to see her in 1.12 & in 1.13 when she yells at Finn for suggesting Bellamy can stay if he wants. & she says “no he Can’t” to which Bellamy replies “what do you want me to say Clarke?” “I want you to say you’re with us”

 and that is all Bellamy needs to hear. just being co-leaders with her is like the most important thing to him. he thought she had left him to fight for the kids alone. which just makes the end of 2.16 even more tragic, when she did leave him alone & ran away after he begged her with the same lines she used under the tree (add in the cut lines about running away together and it’s doubly tragic) I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THE LEAKED SCRIPT & HOW THAT CONVO WOULD’VE MADE EVERYTHING SO MUCH MORE TRAGIC ABOUT CLARKE LEAVING BELLAMY.

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Mixed Polynesian/Cherokee

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I’m working on a story where the main character is half-Polynesian, half-Cherokee. I want to show respect for her culture and was wondering if there are any sites you can recommend for me to look up to do research that aren’t biased?

So here’s a few facts about being mixed for you. This isn’t to discourage you from writing a mixed Native— we exist, in fairly large numbers— but to explain just what you are taking on when you write one.

This is from the perspective of somebody who is, blood-wise, extraordinarily mixed thanks to generations old assimilation. I am not status and have no hope of being status because of just how mixed I am.

Tribe Reception

First off, some tribes aren’t terribly fond of mixed individuals. It happens. As a result, you’ll have to take it band by band, reserve by reserve— see whether or not they’ll accept somebody mixed whole-heartedly, conditionally, or not at all.

You’re dealing with, potentially, two tribes— depending on who the Polynesian person is from. There are, after all, multiple Polynesian tribes, each with a different culture. So narrowing down in this regard is also important.

Legal implications

Native Americans have a registry. This registry determines who is “allowed” to be Native and not. Thankfully the laws have slacked up a lot since their initial implementation, but fact remains: if a person is “too mixed” (like I am!) then they can’t be put on the registry.

Historically, as well, sometimes people would lose their status on the registry if they married outside of the tribe (Canada made any woman who married outside of the tribe “non Native”, but any woman who married in gained status. This robbed children of their language, because, as an elder put it, “mother tongue” means the language of the mother).

I’m 95% sure this isn’t the case anymore. But! Who knows. I am very unfamiliar with Polynesian peoples, so I have nothing to say on that.

Cultural Implications

You’ll be dealing with two very strong cultures, here, with their own really strong identities. That isn’t to say they can’t exist in harmony— The Rock is a prime example, being Black and Samoan— but you’re going to have to really characterize the individual as being mixed. You’ll have to see what parts of culture they take, and it could genuinely be “all of both”… unless some parts directly contradict each other, then you’ll have to figure out where the compromises are.

I’d look up “third culture kids” as some base literature on the topic. These are kids who grew up in multiple cultures and as a result have made their own, that’s basically unique to them. It’s likely not going to be identical to what you’re dealing with, but it’s something to start thinking of.

History of Assimilation

Aka, “people could get touchy”.

I’m really trying to not paint any Indigenous group as closed off or hostile towards outsiders. What I am saying is some people hold the scars of assimilation and can be very wary of their culture dying off. So there’s a certain responsibility for kids to carry on the culture, and that might be a weight. It might not be a weight at all, and both families are super accepting and they take an “all” approach to culture.

But it’s something to keep in mind, depending on the reception of whatever peoples you choose.


This is going to be tricky! I’m not sure of any one place I can point you other than The Rock’s relationship with his identities and how he talks about his daughters, because he’s the only mixed Polynesian person I know in mainstream. If followers have any comments, we’d be happy to hear them!

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Slap me.
  • [all the guys in the same room during a school trip]
  • Amami: Oookay! Let's play a game! The one who loses will be slapped by somebody in this room. Is everybody fine with that?
  • Saihara: *raises hand*
  • Amami: Yes?
  • Saihara: I have a question, can the loser choose the one who's gonna slap him?
  • Amami: Uuh... well, to be completely honest with you i didn't really think about the rules that much yet but yeah, i guess.
  • Ouma: *raises hand*
  • Amami: Ah, you have a question too? That's rare.
  • Ouma: What's the quickest way to lose the game?
  • Amami: Uuuh,,hh but i didn't even explain what the game is about-
  • Ouma: I don't care, tell me.
  • Amami: Umm... you have to surrender.
  • Ouma: Oh, so i just have to give up?
  • Amami: Well... yeah?
  • Ouma: I give up.
  • Ouma: *walks towards Saihara*
  • Ouma: The game was so hard i didn't understand anything, too bad huh? I feel like i won't be too embarrassed if you're the one to slap me.
  • Saihara:
  • Saihara:
  • Saihara: *sweats*

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i know we're all talking about whether or not malec will do the deed but can i just say how excited i am for the alec giving magnus a gift scene? i can't wait to see magnus's reaction, judging by the stills we got he is not expecting it at all!

Yesssss, Anon! Finally somebody who also remembers that this will also happens in that episode—and for that I am actually way more excited than the “sex” or not scene tbh.

I mean seriously, the stills and Magnus’ facial expression on a simple picture pretty much ended me already. It looks so soft and precious and pure. Can you imagine how this will be when we all watch that scene? When Alec gives Magnus that present, his face full of surprise and awe like he cannot believe that Alec went and bought something for him? And when Alec explains to him what it means? That he wanted to get Magnus something that will protect him? (I am sure Magnus knows the meaning but ….)

Like here he is, Alec Lightwood, buying Magnus a gift. To protect him. The meaning, people. Magnus Bane, a century old warlock, getting surprised by his 23year old shadowhunter. He will fall even more in love with Alec than he already is.

Graves: Mr Scamander? Please, he’s a menace to New York. No, he’s a menace anywhere. What with that suitcase full of dangerous and obviously illegal creatures. I mean *trips, falls and drops folder, showing a million pictures of Newt* Th–This isn’t what you think. Listen to me. It’s … It’s for a, um–It’s for an investigation. Yes! An investigation! I mean, he’s breaking a few laws by existing

Picquery: Like being devastatingly handsome?

Graves: There’s that and–No! That is not what I meant. Picquery? Picquery, come back here. I can explain. LIsTeN! *sighs. notices somebody putting their grubby hands on his photograph* Reyes, get your hand off that photograph or, I swear to Merlin, I’m putting you on janitorial duty. 

Can someone explain to me what exactly is cultural appropriation?

I come from country that has no culture at all, so it always confuses me why people are so defensive about their culture, or feel so offended when somebody from different culture uses elements of their culture?

This feels almost like patriotism (thinking that you’re superior because you accidentally were born on that piece of land instead of 1000km to south or smth).

I always thought that culture was like a huge art piece, that got created collectively by local people, because all the lands were separated. There were no ways to travel that far and share their discoveries and ideas, so those settled down differently.

But now the whole world is connected via internet and transport. So why is it wrong that these ideas are leaking all over the place?

Little things that I love in Sense8

  • how Kala goes from “I don’t know how to kick people to mush like Sun” to “so I guess I’ll just make a FUCKING BOMB” in 0.2 seconds
  • How Lito appoaches Wolfgangs situation like a movie director or an actor by analysing the environment, the “scene”; He’s like: “Ah, so this is where you planned to fall, and there is the gun, very good…” I bet he had a billion conversations like this with directors, discussing fighting choreography to solve framing and pacing problems.
  • the fact that Aminata thinks the man who tried to lobotomise her girlfriend couldn’t be entirely evil because he had a copy of a Nancy Drew book in his bookshelf (Can somebody explain the phenomenon of Nancy Drew to me? Being german, this wasn’t part of my childhood. I looked it up on Wikipedia, but I still don’t quite get it)
  • while we’re at it: the fact that Dr Metzger (seriously that’s what you’re calling him? Dr Butcher? okay….) called Nomi by her name. It would have been easy to make him some transphobic arsehole, but the few bits that we saw of him made him look like he would be a neat dude if he wasn’t running around lobotomising people. And he seemed really scared of Mr Whispers, so I kinda feel sorry for him.
  • When Lito says “We had sex”, you can basically see Wills brain freeze like “..but…no…homo? yes homo? me homo? whaaaaaa” dude, your straight days are over, get over it, welcome to the pan
  • Silas’ daughter picking Wonder Woman’s civilian name as a decoy name.
  • How Wolfgang takes it as a personal insult when Will doesn’t recognise a line from Conan. And what this movie means to him and how it connects him to Felix and how Felix as a child descided to take on a grown man to protect him and basically I need to watch Conan again some time.
  • the entire scene between Lito and Nomi. I was in tears after that. 

Okay look, I was absolutely trying to avoid all this drama, I tried to take it to PM. I did not ask for an apology. I explained the situation. Every time they said their piece they said “bye leave it alone” so that when I said mine it would seem like I was continuing. This person is mean and I cannot stand to have somebody lying on me because why? What did I do that warranted their behavior? It’s fine. I also screencapped the conversation so we can can let the witnesses be the judge and I can clear my name. I’m sorry if you don’t want to see this on your dash but I really don’t want them trying to make me seem like some kind of evil entity about this. If you’re interested to see that conversation that is so damming on my behalf then click this link.

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Can somebody explain what normalizing hate means? It looks like another buzzword thrown around to overblow the situation. Also it feels weird to be surrounded by people who get offended by every little thing on the english speaking youtube and then come back to youtubers in my mother tongue who make jokes about rape, peadophilia and fucking dead fetuses, which people (including me) find hiliarious. It's just standard humor here. Maybe it's because I believe everything can be joked about. Idk.

in this case “normalazing hate” is something people who can’t handle dark humor bitch about to people who actually enjoy it, nothing else…

I personally enjoy dark humor as well and I consider myself to be pacifist

Can somebody explain what’s with Jaebum and his obsession with Jackson’s neck? Cause I notice that when Jaebum wants Jackson’s attention, he grabs his neck sometimes.. Like I know its sexy but why? I read somewhere that when a person holds someone’s neck (be it your relative, partner etc.) like its a sign of possession and sometimes an action of subduing that person who’s neck is being held. Like when a mother cat drags her kittens by their scruffs? lmao am I making any sense here? okay but I really notice Jaebum does that to Jackson lately…

Their favorite Melanie Martinez song and lyrics from the Crybaby album.

(including Cherry Valance, and the Shepards. Credit to @timcurlyshepard for helping me with Curly and Tim’s!)

Ponyboy - Carousel (lowkey wanted to make this Soda’s but…)

“And it’s all fun and games, 'til somebody falls in love, but you’ve already bought a ticket, and there’s no turning back now.”  

Steve - Crybaby (he actually does have a hard time guys, like with his dad and etc. Idk, I just- ;-;)

“You try to explain, but before you can start those cry baby tears come out of the dark.”

Johnny - Pity Party (because you guys forgot about him. Most of you.)

“Tell me why the hell no one is here. Tell me what to do to make it all feel better.”

Sodapop -  Alphabet Boy (what a surprise)

“I know my ABCs, yet you keep teaching me. I say, fuck your degree, alphabet boy. You think you’re smarter than me with all your bad poetry. Fuck all your ABCs, alphabet boy.

Darry - Training Wheels

“Wanna ride my bike with you. Fully undressed, no training wheels left for you.”

Two-Bit - Mad Hatter

“The craziest friend that you’ve ever had.” or “All the best people are crazy.”

Dally - Milk And Cookies

“Do you like my cookies? They’re made just for you. A little bit of sugar, but lots of poison, too.”

Cherry - Dollhouse

“Everyone thinks that we’re perfect. Please don’t let them look through the curtains.”

Tim - Soap

“Should’ve never said the word “love”; threw a toaster in the bathtub.”

Curly - Sippy Cup

“Kids are still depressed when you dress them up.” or “If they give you a new pill then you will buy it. If they say to kill yourself, then you will try it.”

Angela - Mrs. Potato Head

“Don’t be dramatic it’s only some plastic. No one will love you if you’re unattractive.” or “Will a pretty face make it better?”


contrary to popular belief, rats can not eat anything! 

while it’s true that rats will chew on or try to eat almost anything, it is not true that they can eat anything. just because an animal tries to eat something doesn’t mean that it’s safe or healthy for it — look at all the things babies try to eat. if we just assume that anything an animal puts in its mouth must be healthy for it, we’d be feeding our children buttons and pennies for breakfast. 

that aside, there are many foods which humans can eat just fine but are dangerous or toxic to rats. for example, citrus and mangoes can promote cancer growth in male rats, and sticky foods like peanut butter can be dangerous because rats lack the ability to throw up – if it gets stuck in their throat, they could suffocate. 

please, stop spreading dangerous misinformation about our furry little friends, and don’t try to give advice about raising animals that you know nothing about!!