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Top Ten Songs Week 1

So these are my Top 10 Favourite Songs from May 3rd to May 10th 2015. This is my first shot at something like this and I am really proud of it so spread it like wildfire yea?  
Love you guys,

1O. A Small List of Things That I Normally Would Hide//flatsound
So this is a song by a guy named Mitch Welling that goes by flatsound . I have a playlist on my iPod called “Spoken Word Tuneage"and 65% of it is his music. Some of it can be triggering so be aware of that but everything he does is fucking beautiful, so in my opinion it is worth it.
Video: A Small List of Things That I Normally Would Hide
9.  Short Skirt Long Jacket//Cake
So this is a throwback! This was released back in 2001! My brother used to play this on the daily and I oddly still love it.The opening note will forever be iconic to me.
Video: Short Skirt Long Jacket
8.  Boulevard of Broken Dreams//Green Day
Green Day released this bad boy back in 2004 and I listened to it on repeat for approximately two years. Then I sort of forgot about it until a while back when it came on the car radio. Guess what dudes, I still knew every word! To say GD holds a special place in my heart would be understating it.
Video: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
7.  Hallucinations//Angels & Airwaves
This song was put out by A&A in 2009, and I was hardcore obsessed with it. I played it so much that my family visibly cringes whenever I play it nowadays. This song is so god damn good that I get a something different every time I listen to it. It is hard to explain how intensely awesome this song is so give it a lesson and see hear it for yourself.
Video: Hallucinations
6.  Tidal Waves ft. Mark Hoppus//All Time Low
So this next song is off of ATL’s newest album (that I have a serious obsession with). Mark Hoppus from Blink-182 joins the ATL guys on this one and it is fucking fabulous. I think their new album (and discography) was needing a new rock ballad and they achieved that with Tidal Waves.
Video: Tidal Waves
5.  Wrapped Around Your Finger//5 Seconds of Summer
So if you haven’t heard this song it might be because it was released on the UK version of 2014s Don’t Stop EP. That being said it is on the setlist for ROWYSO so it might be on the next album. Or the boys finally realized how much we love it. But yea this song will fuck you up, be prepared for it.
Video: Wrapped Around Your Finger
4.  Guts//All Time Low
This song was on ATL’s 2011 Dirty Work album. The lyrics are powerful and make me want to actually do something with my life. Instead of, you know, blogging all the time.
Video: Guts
3.  Stressed Out//Twenty One Pilots
So Twenty One Pilots have hit it out of the park again. This song is about getting older and having no idea what the fuck you are doing. It basically relates to everyone ever (especially my followers in Uni). The cherry on top of this awesome song is that the music video is fab as fuck.
Video: Stressed Out
2.  Anthem Part 2//Blink-182
Anthem is off of Blink’s "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” album form 2001. To be completely honest even if the rest of the song was shit I would still listen to it just for the first 46 seconds. The intro is that strong. Thankfully the whole song is as awesome as the first 46 seconds so we don’t have to worry about that. This is an amazing song off of a bad ass album and I fully recommend both of them.
Video: Anthem Part 2
1.  Castle//Halsey
All I can say about this song is Hell Yes. This is my favourite Halsey song for a couple of reasons. Castle is basically a song about being a bad ass and not letting societies perceived notions of what a women should act like stop you. Another reason that I love Castle is that when she plays it live they bathe her (Halsey) in white light. So if you watch a video of her performing it live on YouTube you can hear people yelling “IT’S AN ANGEL” and “OMG IT IS JESUS” . And personally I find that fucking hilarious.
Video: Castle (live)