can she stay the whole season

Why no Interviews

This album is Taylor’s anger, power, and chance to speak up about her reputation, obviously. And she’s stayed really quiet for so long, and it’s almost as if she’s so done with the media she’s taking on that personality they label her with (with this album).

But the kicker is that she’s doing it while showing her side of things, while speaking up, while being a strong person.

That being said, this album is a whole other side to her. And as far as we’ve seen, this new side doesn’t have much of a correlation to the side of Taylor we see during press season. And if she can avoid trying to combine the two (because she’s not required to do so) I’m sure she will. I think it’s smart.

She’s working hard to create this persona with colors, sounds, looks, and her silence speaks for itself I think. So I totally understand her approach so far.

All of this being said, Taylor coming onto Tumblr shows us that the side WE know and love, the side we’ve been sticking up for and enjoying all these years, she’s showing us it still exists. It’s just muted right now.

so imagine this:

  • Link is a woodsman living in a little cabin all by himself
  • He is a crabby boy with a man bun and a couple of chickens
  • maybe a cat idk
  • but anyway one day when he’s out doing the woodsman thing he sees A GIRL 
  • she is all dirty and gross but she’s 100% passed out and she’s wearing nice clothes so maybe she’s worth something
  • so he takes her back to his little hut and starts making food 
  • this is zelda ofc but neither of them know that because when she wakes up she has zero clue who she is, where she came from, or why she was in the woods. complete amnesia
  • They figure out later that she was promised to be married to the really evil Duke that owns the land Link lives on; he’s super cruel and awful and Zelda ran away from home instead of marrying him
  • I don’t think she’s a princess in this one, probably a lower lady or the daughter a duke or something
  • But anyway neither of them know this, Link just picks up a poor girl in the woods
  • He starts calling her Goldilocks because he’s a smug bastard like that
  • She starts crying because she’s freaking out? She doesn’t know who she is? and he comes over all awkwardly and is like “hey you can stay and take care of my chickens ok” 
  • But basically the whole story is her figuring out who she is, getting to know Link and his humble way of life, and then later figuring out how to outrun this scary Duke guy
  • He literally has control over link’s life. Like he could murder him and kick him off the land and everything
  • But he protects her anyway once he finds out bc THEY FALL IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anyway things hit the fan when Tax Season comes around and they are not only looking for money, they’re looking for the Duke’s bride, too…

anyway if enough are you are interested in this one i might actually write it >.>

How the Rogues could save The Flash Season 4

This is for you @coldtomyflash, including absolutely NO actual spoilers for the real season, just an idea my husband and I had.

We don’t want another speedster villain any time soon, so what would be the best main villain for season 4? Why the Rogues of course, in their actual glory.

Imagine in the first half of the season, we get a focus on each of them separate - Shawna, Mark, Roy, Axel, Sam, Rosa, and Lisa. Add others as you like (I actually think Hartley MIGHT be back to being a villain because of Flashpoint, because Cisco made a comment about him being a dick, when in the previous iteration they seemed friendly).

Regardless of the members, Lisa is the one who tries to pull these Flash villains together, because obviously they suck at taking him down on their own. Why does she want to take down The Flash? Because she blames him for her brother’s death. 

But it’s a disaster when they try to team up. They are all even worse at working together, won’t listen to Lisa, no one can agree on who should actually lead, and whenever things are going well because Lisa is just as good of a planner as Len, one of them goes off script and ruins everything.

We’re hitting the mid-season finale when everything is just dissolving, the Rogues trying to oust or stage a coup over Lisa’s leadership, and she is holding her own despite being ganged up on, but well, guess she’s gonna have to kill someone (probably Mark) to get these idiots to listen, but before she can pull the trigger…there’s a blast of ice.

“Cool it, Lise. I’m sure we can come to an understanding.”


Hiatus for the winter break hits just as Len steps into view, and we get the last half of the season with the Rogues kicking Barry’s ass because Lisa and Len running things together is far more efficient since they balance out each other’s weaknesses.

This is the REAL Len, somehow, I don’t care how, and he builds his Rogues to be the way they SHOULD be, getting the job done, but no innocents killed, and no killing The Flash.

Lisa would have this whole side story of hating Barry, not understanding why Len has a soft spot for him after what happened. It would be really angsty between her and Cisco at the start of the season too because they’d have to fight, and Cisco just wants her to understand that Barry meant well and never wanted Cold to get hurt.

“He died a hero!”

“He was only a hero because of you!”

But once Len is back, Lisa isn’t sure how she should feel.

Len wouldn’t try to change the other Rogues, just manage them to keep his city safe, but Lisa…Lisa he hopes he can help find what he found - balance, meaning, and who says they can’t have fun along the way and still be criminals?

Mick teams up with them when he finds out Len’s alive, but eventually goes back to the Waverider, while Len chooses to stay, so Mick bounces back and forth as needed. Maybe even Caitlin joins the Rogues, because she can let out her aggression while still following rules that keep her from being a killer.

As GoldenVibe trash, I would want there to be a sense of hope at the end for those two crazy kids to work things out once Lisa isn’t gunning for Barry anymore and forgives him.

But the important thing is that the Rogues aren’t really the main villain of the season. In the background the whole time would be Grodd, planning his vengeance on The Flash and Central City, and HE is the final boss, his appearance meaning that the Rogues would have to help The Flash or watch the city get destroyed.

When all is said and done, even if some Rogues are in jail, some splitting off because they don’t like the way Len and Lisa do things, Team Flash and the Rogues that remain have a rapport now, an understanding.

“Don’t think this means we’re friends, Flash,” Len says.

Barry shares a smile with Cisco, who shares a smile with Lisa, before he says, “Never.”




Allura tries to make Keith stay.She said that the BoM can go on without him but Voltron can’t.They can’t.

By “Voltron can’t” she meant the team.She meant the Paladins, the whole meaning of Voltron.

But when she said “We cannot” she referred to him as a person.That they, his family, his friends need him.That they can’t go on without him.

And Keith?Keith doesn’t say anything.He doesn’t look at her but after she walks past him, he looks so hurt.You can totally see that he’s hurt even tho he rejected her.You can see that he didn’t want to reject Allura.But he did.And why?Because he thinks they’re better off without him.Because even tho Allura says that they need him, he doesn’t believe her.He doesn’t think that Allura knows that, that he can be replaceable.He thinks he doesn’t deserve to be the leader,to be a part of voltron, to even be a part of that family.He thinks he doesn’t deserve Allura and that his absence won’t affect them.

But leaving her, leaving the team, you can totally see how much that hurts him.He went to that “paladin helping the people” thingy, and he watched allura from the distance.He was already looking at her when Allura saw him.

He’s broken.He’s so broken by life, by people, by everything.And the fact that his fear of rejection makes him leave everyone that he loves is completely unbearable.

But imagine

Who will be the one who would break Keith’s walls?

Who is the single person that thinks Keith doesn’t know how important he is?

Who is the single person that was comforted by Keith bc Keith didn’t want to see her hurt and alone?


If anyone can break his walls, that’s Allura.As we saw, since season 2 she never gave up on him and he didn’t gave up on her.We saw how much it hurt him in season 4 when he rifted himself apart from the people that he loves and we can clearly tell that from all of the paladins (except shiro) Allura is definitely the one who Keith connected the most.

And I can’t wait till that episode

That one hell of an episode

When Keith will finally let Allura in.


When he will tell her about his fear of rejection.

When he will understand that she’s not going to hurt him.

When Keith and Allura will find one in each other.

*if u don’t ship them please don’t leave hate, this fandom has enough of hate already*

Swan Queen. Okay, listen. Idgaf how season six ended. Idgaf about how season seven began. I will not watch either of them because I have dedicated my time to this headcanon that I know in my heart to be true:

So, the Savior saves the Evil Queen with the power of True Love? Amazing. Beautiful. Astonishing. Showstopping.

But listen, folks. Listen. Hear me out.


Captain Guyliner is not Emma’s TL. We know this. Robin Hood? He was Regina’s soulmate, which one could argue means he is her TL too, but he was obliterated and they were never confirmed as true loves. Also, removing her agency by forcing Mr. Blandsome on her because of some pixie dust? Pass.

Because Jmo is only staying around for one or two episodes in season 7, that’s fine. I can work with that. I’ve decided Emma was put under a curse and incapacitated for the whole season for…reasons.

Captain Guyliner tried to wake her up, but, again, he is NOT her TL. They’re freaking out. They don’t know what to do. Guyliner, Rumple, and Regina go off on some nonsense adventures to find another way to bring Emma back.

On the way, they meet many friends and foes alike, but all the while, Regina has this sinking doubt in the pit of her stomach. This is her best friend. Her person. Her favourite, brash annoyance. What will she do if she can’t bring her back? She has to. She has to. This whole arc very intentionally mirrors Ruby’s True Love episode because it is the queer love story we deserved.

They meet Mulan along the way toward the end of their journey to find that she has found a home with Philip and Aurora (because they are my OUAT OT3), and Mulan spits some truth that Regina was not ready to hear.

After all the shenanigans, Regina, in a moment of frustration, just kisses Emma. It’s a last ditch effort. She doesn’t even think it’ll work (’though deep down, she desperately wishes it will because part of her knows the truth), but it does work. Emma wakes up. Regina apologizes for kissing Emma without her consent, but Emma silences it with a kiss of her own because, like Regina, part of her knew the truth too.


This is season seven. No one can convince me otherwise.

So it’s been a while... it’s taken a while...

As I begin to write this, I wonder if there’s anyone there to hear it.

Those who watched and loved Homeland as I did will know that there are a substantial number of people who have a) left the fandom b) chosen to bask in the glory of Season Four or c) are still in mourning over the loss of Peter Quinn and don’t quite know where that leaves them when it comes to Homeland.

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People are saying that Sana needs an “original” storyline and that Yousana is too much like Evak but they don’t seem to fully understand how important this relationship between two muslims is going to be. How many muslim fictional couples do you know? How many shows do you know that deal with the issue of halal relationships (which I’m sure they’re gonna deal with since Yousana is endgame)? None. I can’t think of any. That’s why this is important. So how about non-muslims just stay silent about this season and stop giving their opinion on what is original about muslims and what isn’t? Can we all just appreciate they fact that the life of a teenage muslim girl is finally being portrayed in a series? And that she is the main character? Like, a whole season dedicated to a muslim girl. Do you realize how rare that is?

anonymous asked:

can you write a gabe/nolan smut wheres the reader is scott younger sister and she don't know about the whole supernatural sytuation and she had a huge crush on gabe/nolan and one day she and gabe/nolan have to stay after classes (like alisaac in season 3) and i think you know how it ends - thank you bb x

Okay, so just to clarify, is this a threesome request or nah? (It’s fine whether it is or not, I just don’t want to write this the wrong way.)

okay but zarkon isn’t a bad guy. in fact, it’s so so so sad to see him become the bad guy when in actual truth it’s his wife that is the bad guy. his wife is the one that started all this war and shit and it’s because she was greedy and she was stubborn and she wanted to push boundaries because she was so damn <i>greedy</i> for power. Ultimately, I figured zarkon got influenced by her too which made alfor question his decision for power over anything else (i’m on mobile shit me)

It’s zarkon’s wife’s fault not zarkon!!! it’s just because zarkon loved his wife sooo much to the point he followed her thinking.

Look, his wife grew ugly as hell after being exposed to her work for so long but zarkon still stayed by her side. he even risked his friendship with others and voltron JUST SO THAT HE CAN MAKE HIS WIFE FEEL BETTER AGAIN!!

He loves his wife so much, even when she is sick, ugly and muttering stupid stuff looking hella creepy that he sacrificed his friendship with his friends to save her.

tldr; Haggar started this whole shit because she was stubborn and greedy. zarkon was just being a loyal and (too) loving husband to his wife. it is only because of the misfortune of the monster overtaking them that they become evil.


Aria has always shown random burst of anger.
And the clues shown against her are too big to not be explained so this is basically my idea of how i think things should have went.

Aria found out Mona was texting Alison the threatening texts (in a rage about Alison not being caring about her dad cheating and the Jenna Thing after the way she yelled at Hanna) Aria thought Alison needed to be stopped…she instead agrees to help Mona with these messages getting easy access to dolls to be in Alison’s room. Then the night Ali disappeared happened and things got too dangerous for Aria and she decided to go to Dr. Sullivan that didnt help so she was sent to Radley (instead of her being in Iceland) explaining why Eddie Lamb knew her and Dr. Sullivan. She comes out of Radley as a shiny new penny and the new year starts. She met Charlotte/CeCe Drake and came to an understanding of her story except Aria only knows CeCe is related to Ali not about her being transgender or Mary Drake.

She returns and is hoping to keep everything from now on simply until she gets an A text she knows its Mona but she cant reveal it or do much about it because Mona would out her for helping (and we all know Aria would save herself only) this explains the weird relationship between Aria and Mona. Mona is revealed as A and Aria is relived as she doesnt have to worry much anymore. Then the new A CeCe Drake is A and Aria is almost positive it is her but once again she cant say anything because if she does her helping Mona would be revealed and now on top of that her knowing Mona was A all of season 1-2 this explains Aria’s breakdown in the bathroom in 3x01 because she is terrible guilty all she wanted was her friend/bully Alison gone.

-SEASON 3-4-
Basically Aria is in denial of everything about Alison being alive because she does not want her back. Except on the Halloween Train Mona anonymously offers Mona to Darren Wilden to trap and kill Aria and he threatens Melissa which causes his death by CeCe Drake(This is similar to Mona hiring Logan Reed).

Aria kills Shana because is it fairly certain Shana is not A so she would actually shoot them all.

As seen throughout the season Aria is the least happy of Ali returning as shown she barely shows her any sympathy when they visit Alison in jail and she is barely affected by A to begin with. And seeing how easily the girls are forgiven of Alison she certainly doesnt mind them being targeted by A.

Aria is confused as to why she and the girls everyone except Alison is kidnapped and CeCe has obviously gotten out of hand with being A. When escaping the dollhouse Aria is convinced A may actually be Charles and is willing to send anyone who seems guilty (Andrew Campbell) to jail to stop from torturing her and telling the girls about her helping Mona if A is aware.

Aria is happy and relived yet again that A is revealed and excited that she’ll be living for college and putting all of this behind her.

As the liars return to Alison’s aid for Charlotte Aria is fairly worried as she gives in court and feels betrayed that the girls would back up Ali considering what Charlotte did to them. She is enraged that Charlotte is set free from Welby. Aria receiving the text from A.D. is not as it seems it rather is her sending it to herself and the other girls. From there on Aria does not know who killed Charlotte but is convinced it is one of her friends trying to yet again drag her into another one of their problems. Aria recruited Noel to kidnap Hanna considering how Hanna was the most bullied by Alison and by A and she is still willing to forgive her. It was pretty easy to convince Noel considering he was in a former relationship and had feelings for Aria.

Aria knew Mr. Rollins well and was satisfied with the fact he was torturing Alison until he finds out about Aria’s past and she is yet again relived that Rollins is dead but frustrated that Hanna was the one to kill him dragging her yet again into their mess.

Noel reveals Aria’s secrets to Jenna then comes up with a plan to basically kill two birds with one stone by killing all of the girls at once which as is shown completely fails.

Aria is A.D. this time around again and using Mona as her helper as Mona (after finding out Mona killed Charlotte and blaming her along with the liars for her being involved in another murder mystery also torturing the girls for the reason she has lived her life in fear and constant guilt and of course Alison. Aria reveals herself as the helper so the girls dont think she’s actually A.D. as Mona was trying to give her version of a cry for help when giving them evidence of Aria helping A.D. or being but Aria is one step ahead and makes it seem like she’s the helper as shown when they catch her with the hoodie.

Aria kidnaps Mona and sets it up as to where Mona seems like she kidnapped Aria and Mona is A.D. by the time the girls show up they hear a couple of screams storm in and see Aria has killed Mona by what it seems like self-defense. As in the theme song two can truly keep a secret if one of them is dead as that is what Aria’s “shh” is referring to.

-In Season 1-2 Mona hung out with Aria( secretly visiting he in Radley of course) as much as with Hanna during the summer Ali disappeared Mona grew a friendship with Aria as to Aria its just a bonus to not getting targeted by A this explains the whole toffee tongo thing as Mona got the idea to buy the lipstick from Aria as Aria loves the ice cream

- Aria always felt bad for Jenna explaining their awkward scenes together.

-Spencer was the most targeted by Mona in Season 1-2 and some of three due to how jealous Mona was of Aria and Spencer’s friendship.

-Aria is very incapable of taking responsibility for things she has done or has participated in.

-The ending of the girls leaving stays the same Aria can live happily away from her and past and the girls forever.
Rules Are Meant to be Broken - Chapter 4 (Dean Ambrose)

Summary: The one rule your family had, no dating wrestlers. But when you’re the child of the most powerful couple who had the exact same rule put on them, are you really going to follow it. Follows the story of the daughter of Triple H and Stephanie. over 9K reads on

Chapter 1  Chapter 2 Chapter 3

You skipped out on Smackdown this week and hung out with Carmella before she headed back to the NXT. You also didn’t want to go because you didn’t want to see your parents. You stayed off social media all week and didn’t answer any questions about Roman, Dean or family whether it was from fans, photographers or other superstars – you didn’t need anything getting out to the public.

“I can’t believe we’re spending Carmella’s last night with us sitting in here in a hotel room” Paige huffed when she got back from Smackdown with Sasha.

“Well considering I don’t remember how I got home Sunday night, we can stay in for a while” you said making Paige groan

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sawyer/juliet time!

  • first meeting was electric! she tasered him i mean
  • second meeting she offers him water! but she’s also his captor
  • “why’d she call you james” !!!!!!!
  • (and he never calls her anything other than juliet. 100% sure sawyer’s read shakespeare and the irony is not lost on him either)
  • she kills danny, who has been beating up sawyer for six straight episodes
  • and right after, right after that scene, kate is having her teary “don’t stay” walkie talk with jack. AND SAWYER AND JULIET ARE RIGHT THERE watching. awkward fucking quad
  • sawyer and juliet on a suicide mission TO EARN COOL POINTS
  • “karma”
  • they are literally in better places in the next life. it worked
  • (IT WORKED uggggggh)
  • they spend a whole season on opposite sides, doing the same thing: helping who they can, and end up on the same beach.
  • with rum
  • look at that scene right before the light comes - the bottle is halfway done
  • yea they’re drunk in the beginning of season 5
  • they’re also never apart in season 5. like ever.
  • and juliet does this thing where she touches him to calm him down. she does it once every episode
  • best part though is: FLAMING ARROWS. the way it’s staged! so a lot o people are dying. very dangerous. daniel who loves charlotte goes back for her when she falls to reemphasize that he goes back bc he cares. a flaming arrow lands on the tree INCHES from sawyer’s face
  • he sees juliet, WHO FUCKING STOPS to help people of course never mind there are FLAMING ARROWS EVERYWHERE
  • and he has this bit right before he goes back for her where he’s frustrated. like, he GETS IT. but he doesn’t want her to die
  • plus he has to REASSURE her that this is the right choice bc she almost goes back
  • this is the guy who almost tortured her with sayid, who was her prisoner. they’ve literally seen each other kill people point blank no remorse. 
  • then when he steps on a branch and they’re just about to be killed again
  • this is very important people. SAWYER. sarcastic ass extraordinaire! thinks juliet burke is a wiseass.
  • “james. juliet. nice to see you”
  • he also beats up the guy that was going to holding juliet down. three hard as shit punches.
  • “let her go”
  • sawyer and juliet are literally not friends. have never been friends
  • LET HER GO. in the action genre this is called i love you
  • when they’re in richard’s camp in 5X03 in the last flash, Sawyer reassures her AGAIN
  • they WORK together just BECAUSE.
  • sawyer sees kate. it’s sad and heartbreaking and romantic. locke, who has been with him from the crash and on, who has witnessed the real sawyer die, who is a close enough friend to sawyer, asks him about it
  • sawyer’s like nope i ain’t tellin
  • BUT HE TELLS JULIET while they’re rowing that canoe just randomly because SHE NOTICES HE’S OFF SOMEHOW
  • “I saw kate. she was delivering claire’s baby’
  • “that was too months ago”
  • SHOTS FIRED bc time travel and lost. they survive 
  • (sawyer takes HER paddle and SHE takes the rifle to shoot, it could have easily been the other way around but nOPE)
  • they land and SHE CONTINUES THE CONVERSATION bc sawyer is just sad and more than wanting to know, this is just what juliet does. she listens. sawyer talks to her. tells her the truth about this women he loved and had to leave. and she understands!
  • “juliet” ( i am obsessed with lost’s refusal to have sawyer call her anything other than her name. like do you think sawyer wondered if she had a romeo? more sobbing)
  • There’s this another little moment when charlotte falls and they’re huddling around her. sawyer just gives her the gun and she takes it and sets it down. it’s two seconds. they don’t even look at each other. and he just passes it to her and she takes it and IT’S WONDERFUL
  • then HER nose starts bleeding again. but she’s not worried about that because HIS nose starts bleeding
  • “you just had to say something” 
  • is the present time line. it’s sawyer being the leader. it’s sawyer making choices for the group. it’s his plan that gets them all to safety
  • except
  • not really?
  • right after “absolutely” sawyer hears a gun shot and looks down to see if he’s been shot
  • And the next shot is a soft focus shot that goes into focus. juliet’s face is obscured and then clear. SHE SAVED HIM.
  • this whole plan works because juliet backs sawyer up. 
  • miles complains first. SAWYER’S RIGHT! aka JULIET NEVER USES THE NAME SAWYER. she understands that they see him as Sawyer and they respond to Sawyer, 
  • next is daniel to raise opposition, when they hear amy
  • juliet doesn’t just back him up she REASSURES HIM that she will
  • And RIGHT THERE, right after she does
  • HE NODS AT HER. like, thanks for backing me up. go and look at his face. it’s such a great nod. it’s almost questioning like, wow did you really back me up? 
  • this! this is the moment they became friends
  • sawyer ACKNOWLEDGES that she’s a big part of why all this shit is working. he does it by masking that he needs her with flirting
  • i don’t even think he realized he was flirting. i think he just realized he liked her. AND HE NEEDS HER. he needs her for peace of mind, he needs her as his right hand. he needs her because he’d rather talk to her than to miles and jin! he wants her around to talk!
  • AND JULIET’S IS INTO THIS DORK. this is a woman who’s seen herself as “the other woman” and as the second choice and second best, who doesn’t believe in being happy in love, who’s every relationship has ended horribly. AND SHE PUTS HER FAITH IN SAWYER
  • just because
  • and then other stuff happened right?

can we take a sec to consider a version of canon where pike doesn’t exist tho

kane becomes chancellor, bellamy never destroys 2 seasons of character development overnight, and when lexa and clarke go to arkadia in 3.05 with nia’s body, kane offers lexa a place to stay for a couple days out of gratitude for offering clarke hospitality in polis and so that the people of arkadia can get to know their commander (since they would be the 13th clan for sure in this verse).

just. listen lexa would be SO out of her element in arkadia and it’d be hilarious. she spends her whole life around people who bow when she walks into a room and only refer to her as heda and watch everything they say around her to make sure they dont offend her and then there’s lexa in arkadia, wearing her full commander gear and shifting uncomfortably on her feet while raven looks her up and down, tosses back a drink and says “sup”


Elena vs Katherine! Looking at this gif it had me thinking about what Elena said. And my response to this is that yes Elena not only are you that easy to impersonate (I mean look at her 😕 if Katherine can impersonate her dull, innocent facade and pull it off numerous times then I’m pretty sure that a witch can disguise themselves as Elena and pull it off) but you have become so unrecognizable that you have officially become like the one person you hate. Katherine. Now let me be clear and listen carefully Elena is LIKE Katherine but she can never BE Katherine. Elena has similarity’s to Katherine such as being manipulative, selfish, liar, playing with both Damon and Stefan’s feelings, a horrible"friend", is willing to commit genocide for her own cause (Katherine with the tomb vampires in 1864, and Elena with Kol), narsasistic, and a cold hearted bitch! But Elena can NEVER be on Katherine’s level! She will never be as badass, independent, survivor like the awesome Katherine Pierce. Katherine is a survivor and all though I do not support her actions she did what she had to do in order to survive from being killed by a psychopath like Klaus and chased by the man she thought loved her all because she took matters into her own hands since he gave her a reason not to trust him, and she was independent she did not always depend on her friends (well minions) and she did not need a man to define the woman she is and to depend on whenever something happens. She always counted on herself to get the job done and she always prepared herself for the worse. She also never played the damsel in distress even when she was human Katherine was still able to look out for herself(I’m talking about when she was human in 1492 and season 5) she proved that she didn’t need to be a vampire in order to protect herself! And most of all Katherine knew where her heart truly lied and she will always love Stefan. Yes she did love Elijah but I felt that the fact he said he felt betrayed when she took matters into her own hands with the whole thing in 1492 was a big strain on their relationship because he was basically throwing her to the wolves, his brother, and even though he found a solution to save her how was she suppose to know?! So yeah I feel like deep down she still feels hurt by Elijah choosing his psycho brother over her. Anyways I feel like she really loved Stefan because he loved her and didn’t see a monster he saw an angel and after centuries of running from Klaus she never got a chance to have a partner and have a romantic relationship and now she finally has one. She compelled Stefan to not be afraid of her and to not tell anyone that she was a vampire to be honest even after he became a vampire her still held some love for her. Otherwise he would not have been there for her when she was dying as a human during season 5 and would have never slept with her and eventually feel sorry for her because deep down she loves him and he still has some love for her. Damon was just a sex toy. Plain and simple he was there for physical pleasure and Katherine never saw any relationship with him whatsoever! Katherine was a woman who knew where her priorities lie and never lost her DIGNITY! *key word folks remember this cause this is really important for dull as a dishwasher Elena Gilbert* Elena is whiny, lying, selfish, unappreciate, damsel in distress Mary Sue that likes to victimize herself and pretend like she is innocent and she can do no wrong. Whenever someone calls Elena out on something wrong she does instead of admitting what she did (like Katherine who is not afraid to admit what she does) she plays the victim card and uses it to get herself out of trouble. And then the selfish part seriously Elena is so selfish that when Stefan told her to choose between him and Damon she said that she can’t choose who because if she does she loses either one of them and she doesn’t want to lose them both. Even though she claims to love Stefan. That means she wants to have both of them to herself and she hates it whenever they are with other women other than her. Like when Damon slept with Rebekah she got all butt hurt and made it all about her. And when Stefan slept with Rebekah also she got butt hurt and yet again made it all about her! Elena does not know where he priorities lie she is one minute saying that Stefan is the one and the love of her life but then all the sudden she is saying Damon is the love of her life. How?! And she also selfish whenever something happens she needs Bonnie’s help not once has she ever sacrificed herself for Bonnie it was always Bonnie doing things for her and never got anything in return for it. Caroline who has been there for is taken for granted when Elena is never truly her friend. She talks so much shit about Caroline behind her back and makes fun of her and mocks her because of her personality she even jokes about it with her rapist (Damon ) and she even had the audacity to brag about having sex with Damon and him being there for her when she needed him to be. It was so selfish and petty that she is bragging about this in front of Caroline as if she forgot that she saw all of the bruises on Caroline in season 1 and told Damon to stay away from her, but now she wants Caroline to tolerate Damon because she loves him. Screw Damon abusing Caroline because all that matters is how I feel for him. How selfish is she?! And even as a vampire Elena was still damsel in distress always needing to be saved. What was the whole point of making her a vampire just so she can still be weak and always needing to be saved left and right?! If Katherine was able to protect herself even as a human why the hell can’t Elena do that why can’t she do that as a vampire when she has all of this super speed and strength but still needs to be saved?! 😒 There is nothing badass about being a freaking damsel 24 /7it’s annoying! And Elena is no mastermind like Katherine. She will never be as smart as Katherine when it comes to say taking out her enemies. For example, when Katherine was stuck in the tomb and Damon told her he was gonna kill Elijah with the dagger she knew that if she begged him not to kill Elijah he would do it and she knew the outcome of the whole situation. How? Because Katherine knows her enemies she knows their moves and their tatics and how they think and she always has a plan b. With Elena with the whole Esther plan when she used her blood to link the originals together so that if one dies they all die, she did not think about the outcome of her plan. She did not think of how her enemies were gonna find out about her plan and what she was gonna do if the plan was foiled! She did not think of the people that would get hurt in the process and whether or not did she have a plan b just in case something goes wrong. All she does is going in thinking she knows that her plan is gonna work and is honestly never fully confident with her plans. She hopes that it will work but doesn’t know if it will for a fact. And on top of that she is not a very good liar, Katherine can lie her ass off and she can do it damn well while Elena makes obvious that she is lying because she is not confident. And the self dignity part oh my god, Elena has become a sex slave, puppy dog, puppet for Damon Salvatore! She has lost all self respect for herself and has done nothing through season 5-6 but have sex, break up, argue, and have even more sex with Damon. They were not a couple they never had a real conversation and never talked about their future (as if they had one) and never could have a civil conversation without sex being involved. Elena became a completely different person when she got with Damon because she figured if I can’t change Damon in order for him to live by my morals and standards then I’ll have to change myself. She lost her self identify and began shutting out everyone around her cause the only thing that mattered to her was Damon! He defied the person she was and he controlled everything she did! And instead of admitting that she has desires both brothers like Katherine did she played them both and eventually made the wrong desicion when she choose to be with Damon because just like Katherine she has lust for Damon not love! She loves Stefan like Katherine does but the only reason she choose Damon because of the sire bond, it has made her Damon’s puppet bending to his will and she allows it because she lusts for Damon and is confusing it for love. Katherine did not let a relationship defy her and she certainly did not change who she was in order to be with a man that did not fit her morals! Elena has completely allowed herself to become a completely different person and has changed her morals all for a man that could give a damn for her thinking for herself. He makes the rules he decides them and she has no say in that matter. Elena has no self dignity anymore like she did with Stefan where he respected her choices and loved that she wanted to be independent and didn’t always make desicions for her. He loved and respected her. Damon lusts for her and has no true respect for her he sees her for sexual pleasure and desire not love. Katherine is a woman with true self dignity and is no ones slave or someone just used for pleasure in a false relationship like Damon and Elena and she never allows her herself to be controlled by anyone even men like Damon and she respects her independence. Overall the whole point is to show that yes Elena is very much like Katherine (traits and looks) but Elena can and never will be Katherine! In season 4 when she tried to impersonate her she failed miserably because she can never be on Katherine’s level. She can never be as smart, as clever, as strong, and as brave and as independent as 👸Queen Katherine Pierce. She is not as strong as people think she is and she is very manipulative and is fake and will use an angelic facade as a way of making it seem like she’s a victim and she can do no wrong. She has not suffered more than everyone else people have suffered more than her and it all had to do with keeping her safe and alive even if it meant that they suffer also, but in the end she is unappreciative of the people that are around her and that sacrifice so much for her and yet cries about it but doesn’t do anything to stop it because in all honestly she could give a damn what happens to them! Katherine has suffered more than she has and lived in a time period where if you gave birth out of wedlock you were shamed for it and sometimes in her case disowned! When she finally reunited with her daughter she was nothing but a stranger to her she really didn’t know her even though she longed to be reunited with her baby she didn’t know the type of woman Nadia was over the past few centuries and still doesn’t cause she wasn’t around to be there to see her grow up. But in the end she regretted not being there for her and not having the chance to see her grow up even though it wasn’t her fault. In the end she showed how much she wanted to have the family she wanted to be with again her daughter, and how much she wanted to value the time with her daughter that she had missed dearly. Elena has shown that she does not truly appreciate the family that she has because she is ungrateful and only gives a damn about herself! So in the end Elena is like Katherine but can never be Katherine!

Father!Kylo x pregnancy

• Kylo getting really silent when you tell him you’re pregnant. He leaves the room for about an hour, but then comes back and kisses you on the forehead.

• He gets really protective of you and the baby, even force choking a trooper if they get too close.

• Makes arrangements for the delivery, making sure you have the best room and even sends in for a speciality doctor.

• Sends for your mother so she can stay with you throughout the whole pregnancy because he know he can’t completely help.

• Helps you handpick your mid-wife and nurses.

• When you bring up what you want to name the baby, he smiles softly (like his grandfather did!!!!) and pulls you against his chest.

• Holds back your hair when you throw up, but only if he’s not working on the floor.

• You wear maternity gowns that he had specially tailored for you. Lots of velvet in the winter, lots of silk in the summer, depending on the seasons and whatever planet you happen to stop at.

• When you go into labor he is out on the field, and he receives a message from a trooper during battle.

• “The Lady of Ren has gone into labor, commander. She requests your presence.”

• Kylo having to exit the battlefield and rush to the Finalizer.

• Kylo entering the delivery room, out of breath.

• He made sure the delivery room was carefully secured with particularly picked nurses, droids, and doctors so he can take off his helmet for the delivery.

• Uses the Force to help calm labor. It works a bit and helps numb your spine.

• Has a fear you will die in childbirth like his grandmother.

• Kylo gasping with relief when the baby begins to cry.

• Tightening his arm around your shoulder as you press your daughter/son against your chest.

• Tells everyone in the delivery room to leave the three of you.

• Kneels at your side and begins sobbing when you’re alone.

One week till Grey’s!!

Here’s my wishlist for the upcoming season:

1. Teddy and Owen finally together. Meaning Teddy has to stay. (not gonna happen) Or Owen has to go. (not gonna happen either) (but still)

2. More love (or at least lust) for Arizona. I really don’t care is she’s gonna find The One (or whatever), although she deserves it, or just a whole bunch of ones (she’s an adult, she can do whatever the hell she wants), or if it’s gonna be someone fun or someone like… Penny (*makes face*), as long as she’s happy. Cause she looks so damn fine when she’s happy!

3. Sofia needs to come home. To Arizona.

4. A well deserved, big storyline for (sorry, one more time) Arizona, showing her kick-ass med skills once again. Like the Dr. Hermann story-arch. Boy, that one was good!

5. Same for April - she’s a good doctor, she rules The Pit. She deserved some credits for once. Or at least a decent story. (Wouldn’t mind seeing her in the field as well, maybe with Owen, Riggs, Teddy and Megan. Sounds actually like a better spin-off than the firemen thing, since we already have Chicago Fire…)

6. No Jackson and Maggie. Not because they are related (CAUSE THEY ARE NOT!!), but because I don’t feel it. Simple as that.

7. Meredith and Nathan making it through. Cause I prefer a happy Mer a zillion times better than a grumpy one. And Nathan is a good guy.

8. No more Alex and Jo dramas. Make it work. Or not. But if not, get over it.

9. No more Chief Bailey, the job doesn’t suit her. I understand we need a chief of surgery, but honestly, I don’t think it should be any of them. Get someone from out of town. Someone hot (m/f) preferably.

10. Happy and healthy Amelia. Without Owen (see: 1). But dating if she wants to, as long as it’s fun and problem-free. (Maybe Alex? see: 8) (Or Arizona? see: 2) (Or some outsider? see: 9)

11. Talking about gay (when?! always!), isn’t it time for some (male) gay doctor to join the team? It’s been 13 seasons, it’s not that much to ask for. We don’t even have to look far, as Shondaland is one big trading place anyway. Can’t that guy from HTGAWM have a nice, hot and (not to mention) also gay twin? (Quit watching that show, so sorry if he’s dead or anything…) Cause I can totally picture him with….. Jackson! (Well, with his yet-to-create twin of course) Okay, I can ramble on about this, but you get my point - hopefully.

12. Less Catherine. Can’t stand her. Although she was right about hiring Minnick.

13. More goosebump season 1 to 5(?) music.

14.They say this season will be mainly fun(ny), which is fine, but please never go without some good old tearjerking patient dramas and mindblowing disasters. Stay Grey’s - no matter what!!

(Agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree?! Whatever it is: happy season 14!!)

I watched the episode of Twilight Zone that Logan’s season 7 gift for Rory is from, and it’s just…depressing now that we know how their relationship turns out. It’s not about an astronaut and a young woman in love staying together despite all the obstacles, it’s about a man who spends 40 years alone in space waiting for the love of his life, only to come back and find that she’s still young and beautiful with her whole life ahead of her. It’s about a man who lets the love of his life go so that she can find happiness without him. 

It’s about Logan, basically.