can she stay the whole season

so imagine this:

  • Link is a woodsman living in a little cabin all by himself
  • He is a crabby boy with a man bun and a couple of chickens
  • maybe a cat idk
  • but anyway one day when he’s out doing the woodsman thing he sees A GIRL 
  • she is all dirty and gross but she’s 100% passed out and she’s wearing nice clothes so maybe she’s worth something
  • so he takes her back to his little hut and starts making food 
  • this is zelda ofc but neither of them know that because when she wakes up she has zero clue who she is, where she came from, or why she was in the woods. complete amnesia
  • They figure out later that she was promised to be married to the really evil Duke that owns the land Link lives on; he’s super cruel and awful and Zelda ran away from home instead of marrying him
  • I don’t think she’s a princess in this one, probably a lower lady or the daughter a duke or something
  • But anyway neither of them know this, Link just picks up a poor girl in the woods
  • He starts calling her Goldilocks because he’s a smug bastard like that
  • She starts crying because she’s freaking out? She doesn’t know who she is? and he comes over all awkwardly and is like “hey you can stay and take care of my chickens ok” 
  • But basically the whole story is her figuring out who she is, getting to know Link and his humble way of life, and then later figuring out how to outrun this scary Duke guy
  • He literally has control over link’s life. Like he could murder him and kick him off the land and everything
  • But he protects her anyway once he finds out bc THEY FALL IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anyway things hit the fan when Tax Season comes around and they are not only looking for money, they’re looking for the Duke’s bride, too…

anyway if enough are you are interested in this one i might actually write it >.>

I think I’m going to be upset about yousana for a long time… because like… gay baiting isn’t the only sort of baiting there is. just look at supergirl and the mess they’ve made with kara and james. love stories that include a brown or black lead or both are always taken from us. now, there’s still five episodes and maybe she’ll fix it, I don’t know. but it seems kinda impossible to me. luring brown people into a false sense of security to just pull out the rug from under our feet unannounced and violently, like she did, isn’t necessarily good writing. it’s lazy, it’s sacrificing something that matters to a lot of muslim brown girls for shock value. it’s baiting. especially since he left her to fend for herself on her own and stayed behind to kiss a white girl, her friend, after a whole season of sana feeling like she can never have the sort of love her friends experienced. the underlying message is absolutely horrendous. their relationship was good, it was respectful, it had so much potential. it was something that was ours. and it’s funny how white fans were so quick to turn on it. the same thing happened with evak, literally same scene and he had a lot of support. a lot of hate too but none of that indifference I’m seeing. and look, I don’t support yousef, I’m furious at julie because I really think there’s no salvaging it. sana deserves so much better than to be half loved and I won’t settle for some half assed apology. but the double standards are definitely at play here, which is really… unsurprising coming from this hell fandom. it’s so easy for y'all to turn on love stories that don’t include white people. so easy. brown girls deserve better than to be played like that. muslim brown girls who looked at them and felt like maybe, they could have something like that deserve better. we deserve better. and if indeed, yousana joins the toxic wasteland of skam’s butchered storylines, then, I’ll call this mess by its proper name, which is pure and honest baiting. and I’ll be very, very, very angry.


My thoughts on the final episode of Season 4 of The 100. 

Praimfaya: So obviously the name means the fire that’s been coming for the whole season. The enemy that they have been waiting for.

Okay Clarke staying behind to help her friends was so totally Clarke, the whole season, we’ve seen Clarke in a more political place, but this episode brought back the old Clarke the one that would do anything to save her friends, and it was great. And when we see her after the time jump I just- like wow she looks badass she survived years on her own in the forest, and I just can’t wait for season 5. We’re going to see a different side of Clarke, and I think it might be a better side. But we’re also going to see Clarke struggle with getting to know her friends again, and with this new enemy. It’s going to be intense and I can’t wait. I have always liked Clarke but this episode is definitely one of my favourite Clarke moments.  

Bellamy in this episode just wow, okay he had to let Clarke go and they have always been together. Helping each other as friends and now he spent 6 years thinking she was dead, but also him saving echo, when she has hurt him and his friends but him saying no your coming with us is just- Bellamy has been trying to find who he is without Octavia, and I think he found himself. He cares for everyone. And this episode definitely showed us that, I’m hoping in season 5 he won’t be like in a prison because the new enemy has kidnapped them or something. But it’s the 100 so we won’t know until we watch.  

Okay raven was so cool, she thought that she wasn’t good enough to save them, that she wasn’t smart enough. Obviously that’s wrong, and Bellamy and everyone standing there saying yes you can do it was so cool to see, Raven has saved them so many times and she did it again. She has always been a favourite character of mine, we always see Raven strong. But in this episode we saw the vulnerable side of her. The side that needs reassuring. And her finally doing another spacewalk. Her being so happy that she could was nice to see. I can’t wait to see her in season 5, it’s going to be a blast.

Monty: Monty taking his gloves off to save the day basically was so unlike him, we saw a badass side of him. And Murphy and Bellamy going back to save him was like yess, also they hugged and it was cute. Monty really loves Harper, and his friends. We always see Monty saving them. And we saw it again, this season Monty has gone through alot, we see him in his ups and downs. But I hope in those 6 years him and Harper were happy, I can’t wait to see Monty kicking ass in season 5.

Although we didn’t see much of her, she was aweosme in this episode, we saw her worrying about monty which was cute. And i’m glad her survived, we also saw alot of different sides to Harper this season. And I want to see were season 5 takes her. She might be a minor character but she really is cool. Through all the seasons she’s been a strong character. 

Octavia: Octavia we also didn’t see much of her. But she’s stepping up and she is becoming or has become a leader, and from season 1 to now it was awesome to watch unfold. Her story isn’t done though, hopefully we’ll be seeing alot more of her in season 5. We saw alot of sides to Octavia this season too, not all good sides, but now she’s grown up. And season 5 Octavia is going to be a badass.

Emori: Okay from season 3 when we first meet her, to now. Wow, she’s awesome and honestly one of my favourite characters, her being worried about Murphy was cute, and did you see her face when she saw raven floating in the spaceship? She was so happy to be in space, and her giving up her oxygen to Raven was so nice to see. She has a family now, a home. And I can’t wait to see her in season 5, she’s come a long way, and I’m glad she survived to see the stars.

Murphy: Him actually not just leaving behind Monty, he actually went back for him was nice to see, him being worried for Emori always cute, he has become one of my favourites and I really can’t wait to see him in season 5. His character development has been so pleasing to watch unfold, he went from being a jerk to being in love. How cute, it’s going to be interesting to see him in season 5. Can’t wait. 

Indra: She’s Octavia’s earth mom, and second in command now I guess, I would were she’ll be in season 5. I always liked her character so I can’t wait to see more, she’s always been a mentor to Octavia, and her character this season has been interesting.

Echo: Okay her wanting to kill herself because she thinks she doesn’t fit in, but then Bellamy telling her she does and okay so cool. Her going to space yes, she hasn’t been my favourite but I’m interested to see where they take her character. She is a interesting character, and her helping Bellamy to the vent, like yes.

My thoughts on this episode: one of my favourite episodes, the way they filmed it. The scenes are so intense and emotional. The feels it gives you, your heart is racing your nervous. Your sitting on the edge of your seat. You feel like your there with them. It was one of the best final episodes yet, they leave you wanting more. And it was interesting and it was just so good, we saw characters that don’t normally get scenes together have scenes together. And I can’t wait for season 5.

My thoughts on season 4: Season 4 was a good season maybe not as good as season 1 or 2, but it had so many different sides to the characters, it was interesting we saw the grounders fighting with other grounders. The scenes were great, the character development. The different locations. The plot was a little slow maybe, but towords end it got good. Really good, it had so many good scenes and conversations. And I really liked it, definitely one of my top seasons.

 My thoughts on season 5: it’s going to be intense, there’s a new enemy. The character development is going to be big, some of them haven’t seen each other for 6 years. There all different now, they have all faced different challenges, and they are going to face alot more, it’s going to be a edge of your seat kind f season. Your going to want more, new challenges new characters. It’s going to be a wild ride, and I can’t wait.

That episode gave me the feels, it was just so good. What did you guy’s think of it? Do tell me your thoughts. And correct me if I’m wrong. Sorry for any spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes. Also I hope you guy’s survive this hiatus. But like they say:

We will rise from this hiatus.

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People are saying that Sana needs an “original” storyline and that Yousana is too much like Evak but they don’t seem to fully understand how important this relationship between two muslims is going to be. How many muslim fictional couples do you know? How many shows do you know that deal with the issue of halal relationships (which I’m sure they’re gonna deal with since Yousana is endgame)? None. I can’t think of any. That’s why this is important. So how about non-muslims just stay silent about this season and stop giving their opinion on what is original about muslims and what isn’t? Can we all just appreciate they fact that the life of a teenage muslim girl is finally being portrayed in a series? And that she is the main character? Like, a whole season dedicated to a muslim girl. Do you realize how rare that is?

sawyer/juliet time!

  • first meeting was electric! she tasered him i mean
  • second meeting she offers him water! but she’s also his captor
  • “why’d she call you james” !!!!!!!
  • (and he never calls her anything other than juliet. 100% sure sawyer’s read shakespeare and the irony is not lost on him either)
  • she kills danny, who has been beating up sawyer for six straight episodes
  • and right after, right after that scene, kate is having her teary “don’t stay” walkie talk with jack. AND SAWYER AND JULIET ARE RIGHT THERE watching. awkward fucking quad
  • sawyer and juliet on a suicide mission TO EARN COOL POINTS
  • “karma”
  • they are literally in better places in the next life. it worked
  • (IT WORKED uggggggh)
  • they spend a whole season on opposite sides, doing the same thing: helping who they can, and end up on the same beach.
  • with rum
  • look at that scene right before the light comes - the bottle is halfway done
  • yea they’re drunk in the beginning of season 5
  • they’re also never apart in season 5. like ever.
  • and juliet does this thing where she touches him to calm him down. she does it once every episode
  • best part though is: FLAMING ARROWS. the way it’s staged! so a lot o people are dying. very dangerous. daniel who loves charlotte goes back for her when she falls to reemphasize that he goes back bc he cares. a flaming arrow lands on the tree INCHES from sawyer’s face
  • he sees juliet, WHO FUCKING STOPS to help people of course never mind there are FLAMING ARROWS EVERYWHERE
  • and he has this bit right before he goes back for her where he’s frustrated. like, he GETS IT. but he doesn’t want her to die
  • plus he has to REASSURE her that this is the right choice bc she almost goes back
  • this is the guy who almost tortured her with sayid, who was her prisoner. they’ve literally seen each other kill people point blank no remorse. 
  • then when he steps on a branch and they’re just about to be killed again
  • this is very important people. SAWYER. sarcastic ass extraordinaire! thinks juliet burke is a wiseass.
  • “james. juliet. nice to see you”
  • he also beats up the guy that was going to holding juliet down. three hard as shit punches.
  • “let her go”
  • sawyer and juliet are literally not friends. have never been friends
  • LET HER GO. in the action genre this is called i love you
  • when they’re in richard’s camp in 5X03 in the last flash, Sawyer reassures her AGAIN
  • they WORK together just BECAUSE.
  • sawyer sees kate. it’s sad and heartbreaking and romantic. locke, who has been with him from the crash and on, who has witnessed the real sawyer die, who is a close enough friend to sawyer, asks him about it
  • sawyer’s like nope i ain’t tellin
  • BUT HE TELLS JULIET while they’re rowing that canoe just randomly because SHE NOTICES HE’S OFF SOMEHOW
  • “I saw kate. she was delivering claire’s baby’
  • “that was too months ago”
  • SHOTS FIRED bc time travel and lost. they survive 
  • (sawyer takes HER paddle and SHE takes the rifle to shoot, it could have easily been the other way around but nOPE)
  • they land and SHE CONTINUES THE CONVERSATION bc sawyer is just sad and more than wanting to know, this is just what juliet does. she listens. sawyer talks to her. tells her the truth about this women he loved and had to leave. and she understands!
  • “juliet” ( i am obsessed with lost’s refusal to have sawyer call her anything other than her name. like do you think sawyer wondered if she had a romeo? more sobbing)
  • There’s this another little moment when charlotte falls and they’re huddling around her. sawyer just gives her the gun and she takes it and sets it down. it’s two seconds. they don’t even look at each other. and he just passes it to her and she takes it and IT’S WONDERFUL
  • then HER nose starts bleeding again. but she’s not worried about that because HIS nose starts bleeding
  • “you just had to say something” 
  • is the present time line. it’s sawyer being the leader. it’s sawyer making choices for the group. it’s his plan that gets them all to safety
  • except
  • not really?
  • right after “absolutely” sawyer hears a gun shot and looks down to see if he’s been shot
  • And the next shot is a soft focus shot that goes into focus. juliet’s face is obscured and then clear. SHE SAVED HIM.
  • this whole plan works because juliet backs sawyer up. 
  • miles complains first. SAWYER’S RIGHT! aka JULIET NEVER USES THE NAME SAWYER. she understands that they see him as Sawyer and they respond to Sawyer, 
  • next is daniel to raise opposition, when they hear amy
  • juliet doesn’t just back him up she REASSURES HIM that she will
  • And RIGHT THERE, right after she does
  • HE NODS AT HER. like, thanks for backing me up. go and look at his face. it’s such a great nod. it’s almost questioning like, wow did you really back me up? 
  • this! this is the moment they became friends
  • sawyer ACKNOWLEDGES that she’s a big part of why all this shit is working. he does it by masking that he needs her with flirting
  • i don’t even think he realized he was flirting. i think he just realized he liked her. AND HE NEEDS HER. he needs her for peace of mind, he needs her as his right hand. he needs her because he’d rather talk to her than to miles and jin! he wants her around to talk!
  • AND JULIET’S IS INTO THIS DORK. this is a woman who’s seen herself as “the other woman” and as the second choice and second best, who doesn’t believe in being happy in love, who’s every relationship has ended horribly. AND SHE PUTS HER FAITH IN SAWYER
  • just because
  • and then other stuff happened right?

can we take a sec to consider a version of canon where pike doesn’t exist tho

kane becomes chancellor, bellamy never destroys 2 seasons of character development overnight, and when lexa and clarke go to arkadia in 3.05 with nia’s body, kane offers lexa a place to stay for a couple days out of gratitude for offering clarke hospitality in polis and so that the people of arkadia can get to know their commander (since they would be the 13th clan for sure in this verse).

just. listen lexa would be SO out of her element in arkadia and it’d be hilarious. she spends her whole life around people who bow when she walks into a room and only refer to her as heda and watch everything they say around her to make sure they dont offend her and then there’s lexa in arkadia, wearing her full commander gear and shifting uncomfortably on her feet while raven looks her up and down, tosses back a drink and says “sup”

I watched the episode of Twilight Zone that Logan’s season 7 gift for Rory is from, and it’s just…depressing now that we know how their relationship turns out. It’s not about an astronaut and a young woman in love staying together despite all the obstacles, it’s about a man who spends 40 years alone in space waiting for the love of his life, only to come back and find that she’s still young and beautiful with her whole life ahead of her. It’s about a man who lets the love of his life go so that she can find happiness without him. 

It’s about Logan, basically.

anonymous asked:

'real CS' said she'd rather die than be KF. Sav is trying to make sure KF stays and 'real CS' stays gone forever. I don't know how that can be construed to 'No B would ever kill CS'. This is not good for CS. And no thank you to KF big bad. Can you imagine a whole season of the these types of episodes. nope. nope, nope

Katrina didn’t even get to decide to be KF. The latest D in her life made the decision for her. 

The writers seem to actually have shit to write for KF, they had no idea what to do with Katrina, so she SHOULD stay KF. 

But these writers don’t always do the logical thing, so Cisco and Julian will probably manage to *save* her.  

Father!Kylo x pregnancy

• Kylo getting really silent when you tell him you’re pregnant. He leaves the room for about an hour, but then comes back and kisses you on the forehead.

• He gets really protective of you and the baby, even force choking a trooper if they get too close.

• Makes arrangements for the delivery, making sure you have the best room and even sends in for a speciality doctor.

• Sends for your mother so she can stay with you throughout the whole pregnancy because he know he can’t completely help.

• Helps you handpick your mid-wife and nurses.

• When you bring up what you want to name the baby, he smiles softly (like his grandfather did!!!!) and pulls you against his chest.

• Holds back your hair when you throw up, but only if he’s not working on the floor.

• You wear maternity gowns that he had specially tailored for you. Lots of velvet in the winter, lots of silk in the summer, depending on the seasons and whatever planet you happen to stop at.

• When you go into labor he is out on the field, and he receives a message from a trooper during battle.

• “The Lady of Ren has gone into labor, commander. She requests your presence.”

• Kylo having to exit the battlefield and rush to the Finalizer.

• Kylo entering the delivery room, out of breath.

• He made sure the delivery room was carefully secured with particularly picked nurses, droids, and doctors so he can take off his helmet for the delivery.

• Uses the Force to help calm labor. It works a bit and helps numb your spine.

• Has a fear you will die in childbirth like his grandmother.

• Kylo gasping with relief when the baby begins to cry.

• Tightening his arm around your shoulder as you press your daughter/son against your chest.

• Tells everyone in the delivery room to leave the three of you.

• Kneels at your side and begins sobbing when you’re alone.


Elena vs Katherine! Looking at this gif it had me thinking about what Elena said. And my response to this is that yes Elena not only are you that easy to impersonate (I mean look at her 😕 if Katherine can impersonate her dull, innocent facade and pull it off numerous times then I’m pretty sure that a witch can disguise themselves as Elena and pull it off) but you have become so unrecognizable that you have officially become like the one person you hate. Katherine. Now let me be clear and listen carefully Elena is LIKE Katherine but she can never BE Katherine. Elena has similarity’s to Katherine such as being manipulative, selfish, liar, playing with both Damon and Stefan’s feelings, a horrible"friend", is willing to commit genocide for her own cause (Katherine with the tomb vampires in 1864, and Elena with Kol), narsasistic, and a cold hearted bitch! But Elena can NEVER be on Katherine’s level! She will never be as badass, independent, survivor like the awesome Katherine Pierce. Katherine is a survivor and all though I do not support her actions she did what she had to do in order to survive from being killed by a psychopath like Klaus and chased by the man she thought loved her all because she took matters into her own hands since he gave her a reason not to trust him, and she was independent she did not always depend on her friends (well minions) and she did not need a man to define the woman she is and to depend on whenever something happens. She always counted on herself to get the job done and she always prepared herself for the worse. She also never played the damsel in distress even when she was human Katherine was still able to look out for herself(I’m talking about when she was human in 1492 and season 5) she proved that she didn’t need to be a vampire in order to protect herself! And most of all Katherine knew where her heart truly lied and she will always love Stefan. Yes she did love Elijah but I felt that the fact he said he felt betrayed when she took matters into her own hands with the whole thing in 1492 was a big strain on their relationship because he was basically throwing her to the wolves, his brother, and even though he found a solution to save her how was she suppose to know?! So yeah I feel like deep down she still feels hurt by Elijah choosing his psycho brother over her. Anyways I feel like she really loved Stefan because he loved her and didn’t see a monster he saw an angel and after centuries of running from Klaus she never got a chance to have a partner and have a romantic relationship and now she finally has one. She compelled Stefan to not be afraid of her and to not tell anyone that she was a vampire to be honest even after he became a vampire her still held some love for her. Otherwise he would not have been there for her when she was dying as a human during season 5 and would have never slept with her and eventually feel sorry for her because deep down she loves him and he still has some love for her. Damon was just a sex toy. Plain and simple he was there for physical pleasure and Katherine never saw any relationship with him whatsoever! Katherine was a woman who knew where her priorities lie and never lost her DIGNITY! *key word folks remember this cause this is really important for dull as a dishwasher Elena Gilbert* Elena is whiny, lying, selfish, unappreciate, damsel in distress Mary Sue that likes to victimize herself and pretend like she is innocent and she can do no wrong. Whenever someone calls Elena out on something wrong she does instead of admitting what she did (like Katherine who is not afraid to admit what she does) she plays the victim card and uses it to get herself out of trouble. And then the selfish part seriously Elena is so selfish that when Stefan told her to choose between him and Damon she said that she can’t choose who because if she does she loses either one of them and she doesn’t want to lose them both. Even though she claims to love Stefan. That means she wants to have both of them to herself and she hates it whenever they are with other women other than her. Like when Damon slept with Rebekah she got all butt hurt and made it all about her. And when Stefan slept with Rebekah also she got butt hurt and yet again made it all about her! Elena does not know where he priorities lie she is one minute saying that Stefan is the one and the love of her life but then all the sudden she is saying Damon is the love of her life. How?! And she also selfish whenever something happens she needs Bonnie’s help not once has she ever sacrificed herself for Bonnie it was always Bonnie doing things for her and never got anything in return for it. Caroline who has been there for is taken for granted when Elena is never truly her friend. She talks so much shit about Caroline behind her back and makes fun of her and mocks her because of her personality she even jokes about it with her rapist (Damon ) and she even had the audacity to brag about having sex with Damon and him being there for her when she needed him to be. It was so selfish and petty that she is bragging about this in front of Caroline as if she forgot that she saw all of the bruises on Caroline in season 1 and told Damon to stay away from her, but now she wants Caroline to tolerate Damon because she loves him. Screw Damon abusing Caroline because all that matters is how I feel for him. How selfish is she?! And even as a vampire Elena was still damsel in distress always needing to be saved. What was the whole point of making her a vampire just so she can still be weak and always needing to be saved left and right?! If Katherine was able to protect herself even as a human why the hell can’t Elena do that why can’t she do that as a vampire when she has all of this super speed and strength but still needs to be saved?! 😒 There is nothing badass about being a freaking damsel 24 /7it’s annoying! And Elena is no mastermind like Katherine. She will never be as smart as Katherine when it comes to say taking out her enemies. For example, when Katherine was stuck in the tomb and Damon told her he was gonna kill Elijah with the dagger she knew that if she begged him not to kill Elijah he would do it and she knew the outcome of the whole situation. How? Because Katherine knows her enemies she knows their moves and their tatics and how they think and she always has a plan b. With Elena with the whole Esther plan when she used her blood to link the originals together so that if one dies they all die, she did not think about the outcome of her plan. She did not think of how her enemies were gonna find out about her plan and what she was gonna do if the plan was foiled! She did not think of the people that would get hurt in the process and whether or not did she have a plan b just in case something goes wrong. All she does is going in thinking she knows that her plan is gonna work and is honestly never fully confident with her plans. She hopes that it will work but doesn’t know if it will for a fact. And on top of that she is not a very good liar, Katherine can lie her ass off and she can do it damn well while Elena makes obvious that she is lying because she is not confident. And the self dignity part oh my god, Elena has become a sex slave, puppy dog, puppet for Damon Salvatore! She has lost all self respect for herself and has done nothing through season 5-6 but have sex, break up, argue, and have even more sex with Damon. They were not a couple they never had a real conversation and never talked about their future (as if they had one) and never could have a civil conversation without sex being involved. Elena became a completely different person when she got with Damon because she figured if I can’t change Damon in order for him to live by my morals and standards then I’ll have to change myself. She lost her self identify and began shutting out everyone around her cause the only thing that mattered to her was Damon! He defied the person she was and he controlled everything she did! And instead of admitting that she has desires both brothers like Katherine did she played them both and eventually made the wrong desicion when she choose to be with Damon because just like Katherine she has lust for Damon not love! She loves Stefan like Katherine does but the only reason she choose Damon because of the sire bond, it has made her Damon’s puppet bending to his will and she allows it because she lusts for Damon and is confusing it for love. Katherine did not let a relationship defy her and she certainly did not change who she was in order to be with a man that did not fit her morals! Elena has completely allowed herself to become a completely different person and has changed her morals all for a man that could give a damn for her thinking for herself. He makes the rules he decides them and she has no say in that matter. Elena has no self dignity anymore like she did with Stefan where he respected her choices and loved that she wanted to be independent and didn’t always make desicions for her. He loved and respected her. Damon lusts for her and has no true respect for her he sees her for sexual pleasure and desire not love. Katherine is a woman with true self dignity and is no ones slave or someone just used for pleasure in a false relationship like Damon and Elena and she never allows her herself to be controlled by anyone even men like Damon and she respects her independence. Overall the whole point is to show that yes Elena is very much like Katherine (traits and looks) but Elena can and never will be Katherine! In season 4 when she tried to impersonate her she failed miserably because she can never be on Katherine’s level. She can never be as smart, as clever, as strong, and as brave and as independent as 👸Queen Katherine Pierce. She is not as strong as people think she is and she is very manipulative and is fake and will use an angelic facade as a way of making it seem like she’s a victim and she can do no wrong. She has not suffered more than everyone else people have suffered more than her and it all had to do with keeping her safe and alive even if it meant that they suffer also, but in the end she is unappreciative of the people that are around her and that sacrifice so much for her and yet cries about it but doesn’t do anything to stop it because in all honestly she could give a damn what happens to them! Katherine has suffered more than she has and lived in a time period where if you gave birth out of wedlock you were shamed for it and sometimes in her case disowned! When she finally reunited with her daughter she was nothing but a stranger to her she really didn’t know her even though she longed to be reunited with her baby she didn’t know the type of woman Nadia was over the past few centuries and still doesn’t cause she wasn’t around to be there to see her grow up. But in the end she regretted not being there for her and not having the chance to see her grow up even though it wasn’t her fault. In the end she showed how much she wanted to have the family she wanted to be with again her daughter, and how much she wanted to value the time with her daughter that she had missed dearly. Elena has shown that she does not truly appreciate the family that she has because she is ungrateful and only gives a damn about herself! So in the end Elena is like Katherine but can never be Katherine!

Grey's Anatomy and my Mom

So, a couple of months ago it seemed like I was done watching all of the new seasons of every show I watch (believe me, they are many!) and because of this, I decided it was time to revisit an old favourite of mine, Grey’s Anatomy.

Now a ton of people love Grey’s Anatomy, but my mom wasn’t one of them. Me and my sister keep waiting anxiously for the new episodes to come out on Netflix so we can binge, and my mom never cared for it too much… Until she had surgery (minor, no worries!) and had to stay in bed for a while.

We began watching the whole show from the very first episode, and guess what? She’s not quite done with the last season yet, but it’s been a month and we have watched the show religiously, together every night before bed.

And the thing is, my mom said something that made me so happy last night. We were warching a scene with Callie and Arizona, and they kissed, and she said:

“You know, at first this stuff sort of shocked me, but now it just seems so natural! They love each other, why wouldn’t they kiss?”

This coming from a conservative, deeply catholic woman who has never judged or hated on anyone because of their sexual orientation, but that given her background never felt quite comfortable with people being gay.

Shonda is a goddess and I will vow to her amazing character representation forever. Thank you so much for making this sort of change possible, as small as it may seem.

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I always thnk that at the end of season 2 Hardy has pretty much fallen for Ellie, just the look in the last scene when she leaves and only offers him a handshake (and the way he says that) makes me believe that is in love with her even there. But at Graham Norton both Tennant and Colman denied any tendencies toward a relationship or sexual tension which made me a little unsure. Am I right with my feeling here? Sorry if this sounds stupid.

Hardy and Miller are BOTH in love at the end of S2, they’re just not in a place - emotionally, socially, psychologically - where they feel free and safe enough to act on those feelings.

Let’s break it down, because I’m in the mood and feeling passionate.

Throughout the season, Hardy has occupied the empty spaces in Ellie’s life where her husband used to be, including Joe’s side of the bed and Joe’s place in family photos. Ellie reclaimed her house from Joe and got her son back. She repainted her bedroom, which symbolises the reclamation of her sexuality. We watch as Ellie slams the car door shut on Joe and sends him packing from Broadchurch. She has banished Joe from her life, hopefully (but probably not) for good. Her goodbye to Hardy is next, but it doesn’t cut straight to him. The two scenes are interrupted by a shot of the cliffs.

The music swells and we hear the ocean. The transition shot is a pan across the outside of Hardy’s blue house; the colour blue wipes across the screen, with Ellie in her orange jacket as the bright point, the symbol of hope and happiness.

Ocean, cliffs and the colour blue are all intimately associated with sadness, the murders and with Hardy’s personal demons. Orange is hope and happiness and love, and is associated with Ellie. The orange/blue contrast is a common one, best epitomised by sunset shots and ocean/sun.

And of course we may compare scenes where the colourist has exaggerated warm, orange colours and scenes with where they have exaggerated cool, blue colours:

In the first, Ellie is in control and finding new purpose and strength; in the second, we see Maggie and Jocelyn, who represent pure, beautiful love.

Here, Hardy and Ellie interviewing a murderer; and a post-coital scene with Lee and Claire, who represent the antithesis of healthy love.

The establishing shot is wiped on with blue and it’s framed with blue. Hardy is dressed in blue, his house is blue, his whole life is blue, but Ellie is orange. She is our bright spot. This is also voyeur shot. It makes us feel like intruders witnessing something private. It lends an intimacy to the entire exchange. Note also that Hardy drops his height so he doesn’t appear bigger than her, but instead her equal. They stand divided on opposing sides with a negative space between them.

Here, Ellie asks, “what time’s your taxi coming?” He replies, “about half an hour. You don’t have to wait.” She says, “right” and shuffles her feet. But she doesn’t leave.

Cut to mid-shot on Ellie. She shifts, looks miserable, keeps glancing at him and looking away, can’t make eye contact. She’s just been told she’s welcome to leave, but she lingers. She’s framed by blue and by blocks, lines and tackle that evoke thoughts of the ocean, and also remind us that she is a Broadchurch native. The ocean is a part of Broadchurch, and it’s a part of her.

Mid-shot on Hardy. Empty space around him. Shuffling and tapping his hand, leaning awkwardly on the table, glancing at Ellie and glancing away. There’s a pause, then he says, “Miller, I couldn’t have done this without you.” This is a HUGE thing for Hardy to say. He’s saying thank you, I needed you, and I respect you as a detective.

Mid close-up on Ellie, drawing us further in. Now the blue is obscured and a warm light surrounds Ellie like a halo. “No, you couldn’t. And you didn’t.” She tries to make light of it, tries to joke about the situation, but the smile drops away almost immediately.

Hardy, looking sincere and miserable, says, “seriously.” He won’t let her dismiss it or turn it into a joke. He’s really trying to let her know how much she means to him and what she did for him. But his gentle sincerity makes her balk.

“No, no, don’t be nice to me, that’s not how it works.” They’re not friends. They’re just work colleagues who bicker and shout. Ellie can deal with Hardy as her grumpy boss and co-detective, but his attempts at intimacy, his kindness and gentleness, heaven forbid his touch - is too much to bear. She can’t allow herself to entertain feelings for him. Remember that Ellie’s trauma is a particularly insidious one - her husband was nothing but gentle and loving with her, right up to the moment she found out he was Danny’s murderer. Of course she’s going to fear similar gentleness from Hardy. Of course she’s going to deny her feelings for him. Of course she feels safer if Hardy is just her rude asshole boss who isn’t nice to her.

Hardy grunts an ‘alright’ and looks away. Now that Ellie’s explicitly shut him down, he stops trying. He’s always mindful and respectful of the boundaries she puts up.

Ellie, still with shifty eyes, and perhaps sensing that he won’t speak anymore unless prompted, quickly asks, “so where - where are you going to go?”

It’s a shifty, faltering, slightly hopeful question. Implicit within it is, ‘will you stay here?’

Hardy replies, ‘Erm. I dunno. Um. Close to Daisy, I need to be near my daughter.”

The subtext being that Hardy has no home and nowhere to go and no family but Daisy.

Ellie replies, ‘yeah. Quite right, too.’ Yes, of course he should go and be with his daughter. It’s only appropriate. You can see her mentally kicking herself for thinking - hoping - that he might stay in Broadchurch. Knowing that he has to be with Daisy also prevents Ellie from asking him to stay, or offering him a home here, or saying anything about her own feelings. He has to leave. He hates this place and he needs to be close to Daisy. Plus the case is over. Why would he stay? What reason could there be? How could she even think that he might choose to stay for her alone?

When she says “Quite right” she looks away, and that’s when Hardy steals this glance (and fuck David Tennant’s face for being so expressive, you can just SEE the heartbreak and the longing and all the thousand things he wants to say to her) and there’s a sense that he’s thinking “oh, she must want me to leave.”

Ellie’s basically been hanging around the whole scene on the off chance he might decide to stay, but she has her answer: he’s definitely leaving, he has to be with Daisy. As is right and proper. She says “Well. Okay, thanks for everything.”

Ellie stands up and crosses into Hardy’s half of the frame. Remember, Hardy has always been the one trying to touch her, and she has rejected him all season. Now she physically crosses that empty space and for the first time invites him to touch her. She says “thanks for everything,” which tells us - and Hardy - how much she needed him. He was there for her when no-one else was, and by getting her to work on Sandbrook he gave her purpose and drive and energy. There’s so much hanging behind those words - so much energy and gratitude and love.

Hardy asks, “Handshake?” in disappointed tones. After all this and all we’ve been through, will we really leave on a handshake?

“Yeah. Not hugging you,’ Ellie says, unable to look at him. And why would she hug him? Friends hug. Lovers hug. But she and Hardy just work together, right? Nothing more. She’s aware that Hardy wants more, aware of how willing he is to touch her and hold her, but she keeps that distance between them. He’s about to leave. She’s trying to make the separation less painful, but she can’t leave without touching him. It’s just a handshake, just something that work colleagues do, but she still has to touch him.

Hardy stands up straight, draws himself up to his full height, treats this gesture with respect, and is determined to make the most of it.

Close-up on the hands, just to get the sheer impact of this gesture across. The shot is perfectly balanced, perfectly symmetrical. Hardy is blue and Ellie is orange. Their two halves make a perfect whole in the centre.

Hardy says, “look after yourself, Miller.” Ellie can’t look at him. She starts crying, though she tries to hold it back. Touching him makes her cry. Hearing him say goodbye like this, so sweetly and so gently, makes her cry.

Hardy forces a smile; he can’t keep it up and as it fades he dips his head so she won’t see. Both of them are holding back their emotions and doing a terrible job. Note that touching Ellie has pulled Hardy into a much warmer, cosier world.

Ellie nods. She glances at him, her eyes really starting to shine with tears, and moves towards the door. Hardy suddenly remembers - “what about Joe?”

Ellie looks at him, a forced smile on her face and replies, choked up, barely able to speak but trying to reassure him, ‘um. It’s been dealt with.”

Close on Ellie’s face, just to make sure you can see the tears and her anguish. She leaves. But we don’t see her leave.

The camera stays trained on Hardy. This is one of the closest shots in the sequence, dedicated to capturing his reaction as Ellie departs. His eyes don’t leave her. There is SO MUCH love and concern and unspoken misery and longing there. He loves her and he’s afraid for her and he wonders if she’s really safe from Joe and he wants to stay with her, he wants to stay so badly.

There is no music in this entire sequence. There is barely any noise beyond the actors’ lines. There is a tension and an awkwardness to this entire scene and you know they’re leaving so much unspoken.

Joe wanted to stay in Broadchurch but Ellie and the others banished him; in this sequence we watch as Hardy banishes himself, even though Ellie wants him to stay.

From here it transitions to a shot of the ocean and the music starts up again - a specially composed piece called “Not Alone.” The Latimers lay flowers for Danny, then Fred, Ellie and Tom come up and the two families merge. From this shot of Ellie with her friends and family, the people she’d fought all season to regain, we go straight to Hardy alone. Again, Joe was banished by all the people of Broadchurch, but Hardy banishes himself. The overwhelming sense Chibnall leaves us with is that he should be with Ellie and the Latimers right now. He belongs with them. The taxi driver asks, “where to then, sir?” which perfectly encapsulates his dilemma. Where will he go? We know he belongs with Ellie and her family and friends, but is that what he’ll choose?

Since all of S3 is being predicated on the question of whether Hardy’s going to stay in Broadchurch to be with Ellie, of course the actors and the writer and the producers are going to deny the possibility of a relationship between them. They’re going to laugh and joke and deflect questions, but they’re just making sure S3 won’t be spoiled before it’s even filmed. Chibnall has been veeery subtle in the way he’s built up their relationship this season, just to make sure a romance seems like a faint possibility rather than a foregone conclusion. Several scenes were also cut and hidden away from us:

(gifs taken from this post, credit to mizgnomer)

These scenes are highly suggestive of romantic entanglement. Everything about them is warm and green and alive, and with wee Fred in the mix it genuinely looks like they’re a family. The full scenes with dialogue are not available anywhere, and I think it’s because, whatever happened, they were too suggestive even to be included in deleted scenes.

So: the final scene is an expression of muted romantic longing. Ellie tries to keep her distance but can barely hold back her tears when he touches her and says goodbye. The contrasts between Joe and Hardy and Ellie not alone vs Hardy alone are deliberately set up to make us think that Hardy belongs with Ellie, specifically in the space that Joe used to occupy. Chibnall predicates S3 on the question, “where to then, sir?” and on Hardy’s desire to be with Ellie. The cast have nothing to gain and everything to lose by being honest about what will happen in S3 and would never deliberately spoil the season. And Chibnall has apparently cut and stashed away a number of romantic-looking scenes, probably to keep the idea of a relationship between them subtle. Basically Nonny, you’re not stupid and come S3 all will be put right.

Sherlock S4: A Study in Failure

I saw a lot of people in here making their own lists of all the inconsistencies of TFP, so I decided to make my own and to cover not only the final episode but also to take a look at everything since TST. Also I included some stuff from panels & interviews but didn’t mention anything about setlock, otherwise this list would be much longer.
I tried to make it as detailed as possible so be prepared for 2.5k words.
Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

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So I’ve just realized something that pisses me off even more than Robin dying. Regina’s whole arc has been about redemption. It’s been about making good choices instead of bad ones, of clawing your way out of the darkness to find light. Her story, to me anyway, is about finding hope when you never thought you would have it again. It’s about finding happiness in unexpected places. It’s about forgiveness. It’s about love. Regina’s story means so much to me, in so many different ways. I don’t care who you ship, but that fact that Robin was able to meet Regina, know exactly who she was and what she’s done upon meeting her and immediately see under the mask of The Evil Queen is fucking remarkable. He saw a mother going through living hell. He saw a women broken. He knew she was not truly the monster the stories made her out to be, not anymore. He saw Regina and he knew that she was worthy of a second chance. Eventually, she found that second chance with him. Or so she thought, I guess. I saw a post tonight about how Regina is never allowed to be happy for more than one season, and it’s true. To quote Isaac, she really does get screwed over the most. She’s lost her first love, her father, her mother, her sister, she’s even lost her son at times over the course of this show. And now she’s lost her soulmate. Outlaw Queen was about second chances at love. I think that everyone identities with Regina in different ways, and the reason I love her so much is because I’ve literally lived through parts of her story. I’ve had the person I love die in my arms. I’ve had the person I loved most literally forget who I am. The pain and the anger and the fear we see in young Regina, the darkness that’s brewing in her after Daniel’s death, I see that in myself. Her story reminds me to always try and look towards the light instead of the dark. Her story has really helped me, as I suppose it has for many of us Evil Regals out there. And then along came Outlaw Queen. The idea that Robin could see the light in Regina, hand in hand with the dark, and love both of those parts of her really struck a chord with me. It comforted me and gave me hope that someone could love me as I am, with the dark and the light, with my burdens and my regrets. I’m not at all surprised that Robin is dying. The writers have never treated him with the regard that he deserves and maybe we should even be happy for Sean Maguire that he’s getting away from this hell of a show. The thing that really pisses me off is how this all effects Regina and her storyline. Because no matter what decisions she seems to make, she keeps getting punished. She let Robin go presumably so that his wife could live, and she ends up with her sister raping him just to get back at her. She went to the Underworld to help Emma, because she loves her and considers her family. Even when she was given a way out, she stayed. And now as a consequence Robin is going to die. She is consistently being punished for her good, righteous choices. Instead of showing us how hard it can be to be in a relationship when you’ve never trusted a single person in you’re whole life to stay and support you, or how this baby will affect their relationship, or how difficult it can be to blend families, or literally any other more compelling story, they are ripping Robin away from her. Regina’s story used to be about love. 

Now it’s about pain.

I have no idea what the writers think they’re doing. This is the cherry on top of the cluster fuck that is this season. Maybe they’re doing it for dramatic effect, maybe Sean wanted out, maybe they think this is somehow necessary to feed whatever plot line they’ve set up for next season. I have no idea. What I really think they need to be worried about is what message they’re sending. They’re saying that redemption really isn’t possible. Yes, Regina has definitely changed her way of thinking and she’s on Team Hero and she’s repaired her relationship with her son. I’m not denying that. But she made the good choices. She’s consistently chose the high road this season. What does she get in return? Her heartbroken. Again. Fucking great. It doesn’t seem to matter what Regina does, the end result is pain. How is this women, who has the greatest capacity to love of anyone on this show, going to trust in romantic love ever again? My biggest fear for Regina at this point is how she’s ever going to let herself fall in love again? Both of the men she loved (three if you include Henry) have died in front of her. 

Honest to fucking god. This show is supposed to be about hope. Outlaw Queen was about hope. I’m watching the entire foundation of this ship crumble at the hands of incompetent, insensitive asshole writers and they probably don’t even know they’re doing it. Robin Hood deserves better. His children deserve better. Sean Maguire deserves better. And for fucks sake, Regina Mills deserves better than to have her heart ripped to shreds every goddamn time even a glimmer of happiness comes into her life. Show me that she can find love and happiness with the people around you after a lifetime of darkness and shitty decision making. Show Regina that those good choices are actually freakin’ worth it. That’s the real redemption. 

In conclusion, fuck you OUAT writers. 

The Best Laid Plans: A Meta on the Downfall of Laurel Lance

FYI- This is not about the grave, but rather my thoughts on where the writers initially went wrong with LL’s character.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way…

I’ve always wondered what the writers/producers first thought back in Season 1 when they started to get both fan and media backlash on their characterization of Laurel Lance.

Their original intentions for Arrow very much included the canon development of the Green Arrow/Black Canary storyline, a storyline with decades of proven comic success. So how could it have spun so quickly out of control in this adaptation? Why did the audience rebel against Laurel so quickly?

Everyone has his or her own experience and reasoning, I’m sure. I’ve heard people chalk it up to lack of chemistry, acting talent, or even the introduction of Felicity. However, none of those things factored in for me.

Personally, I started to turn on Laurel Lance halfway through episode 1x01. Yup. I liked Laurel for exactly 30 minutes of an episode before it started to go swiftly downhill.

I’ll get to exactly why in a minute but, before that, lets think about just what the writers intended to set up for the first third or half of the 1st season: Oliver Queen’s transition from spoiled, selfish, irresponsible playboy to tormented, selfless, city-saving vigilante.

To do that, they chose to exaggerate both sides of him. At the same time they introduced the deadly vigilante assassin, they also introduced the asshole playboy who took his girlfriend’s sister on a secret yacht sexcation.

Now, lets consider how they planned on fixing the chasm between Laurel & Oliver over the next couple of seasons:

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Prediction: Patts stays the whole season but things start to get interesting around episode 8/9ish. WA goes on a few dates in season 3 but don't officially get together until season 4. I do believe Iris might get another bf soon. Save this ask.

Continued Prediction: Patts will find out about Barr being Flash and will be fine with it at first. Once shit starts to pop off she will leave just like in the comics. Petty me wants the spark to happen right in front of patts eyes.

I seriously doubt there is anything they can do with Peppy at this point to make her interesting for me, she’s literally there to be a love interest, and that’s it. 

I hope Iris gets another BF soon, I’m not really feeling the idea of everyone getting some loving BUT her. 

top 10 favorite bars routines of 2014
  1. Yao Jinnan nationals podium training: It’s probably wierd not to choose her faboulus golden routine from worlds in favor of a routine from podium training. However I much prefer the composition of this one. It has the perfect balance between pirouettes, transitions and releases. The first connection she shows is original and beautifully done. Her transitions all have fantastic amplitude and the combination takes my breath away every time. And god, this is some pirouettes porn right here. Those extremely tricky pirouettes just look so easy for her and they finish right into the handstand, it’s stunning. Words can’t express how happy I am that this girl is our uneven bars champion. She totally deserves it.
  2. Huang Huidan worlds EF: I always loved Huang but in 2012 I thought that she’d be one of the many chinese gymnasts who would burn out and retire before she was able to live up to her potential. But boy, was I wrong! This girl has had a fabulous last couple of years and this routine is probably the best one she has had during her entire career. There are still a couple of form deductions but who cares? Her first combination looks so effortless, her dismount is super unique and awsome and she sticks it cold, her pirouettes were pretty much flawless and that piked jaeger is one of the most beautiful pieces of gymnastics being done in the world right now. This simply is a gorgeous routine.
  3. Shang Chunsong asian games AA: How? How is this routine even real? It’s so fucking difficult. She starts with a spectacular combination, which includes her own original skill and she doesn’t stop throwing crazy skills until the dismount. She doesn’t even count the gienger in her top 8 elements. She fucking does a D rated skill only for the connection value! like… HOW? And she may not have the absolutely perfect form we’ve seen from some chinese gymnasts in the past but she has done a great job cleaning up her skills and improving her pirouettes since last year. It’s a huge shame she had a rough time on this event at worlds because damn, she’s so good, so fucking good!
  4. Tan Jiaxin worlds quals: You know you have unbelievable depth on bars when you have a gymnast like Tan Jiaxin and don’t use her at team finals. This routine is freaking spectacular from start to finish. She flies high above the bar, she has crisp pirouettes and she performs the one ridiculously difficult combination after the other. And when you think that the impressive part is over she performs one of the most difficult dismounts this world has ever seen. And she does it pretty darn well. This bars set and the amanar she’s training would make Jiaxin a lock for every future team and I’d have absolutely no problem with that.
  5. Aliya Mustafina worlds EF: It’s a shame that Aliya wasn’t able to add more difficulty to her routine this year. But, when it comes to execution it doesn’t get any better than that. I was gasping after every single pirouette because holy shit, this is how you hit a handstand. And on top of that her Van Leeuwen is beautiful, her jaeger is high and clean and she can do this dismount in her sleep. There’s something really special about her bars. Her swing is aressive and graceful at the same time, she attacks the apparatus but she still looks elegant and relaxed. I hope she’s able to upgrade and stay in the mix because I can’t even imagine a bars final without her.
  6. Becky Downie euros EF: Finally, fucking finally! Last year Becky had two opportunities to win a major bars medal and she fell both times. That did not happen this year. For the whole season she nailed routine after routine and proved that she is one of the best in the world on this event. I’m not really a fan of having a million variations of the same skill in your bars set but one has to give her credit for this routine. She has her own original skill and she performs two combinations that nobody else in the world can do. And that time she really nailed every single skill and deserved to become european champion.
  7. Jessica Lopez worlds AA: I absolutely love Jessica as a gymnast and as a person and bars is the event where she really stands out to me. She has an extremely tricky routine full of difficult combinations and she really did nail it. It’s so exciting to see her hitting her piked tkatcev to pak and her 2nd combination never fails to amaze me. She finished that clear hip 1/1 after the maloney right into a handstand and connected it beautifully with her spectacular two releases combination. She really does fly during this routine, her releases are nice and high and she has one of the highest and prettiest double front dismounts out there.
  8. Rebecca Tunney nationals EF: This routine is so packed with difficulty, it’s insane. And damn, that church + bharwaj combination! Like, how is this shit even possible? How can one connect those two extremely difficult skills? HOW? Rebecca is not the cleanest gymnasts and there are lots of things I wish she could improve on. But this routine is simply mindblowing and it makes me scream out of excitement every time I watch it. 
  9. Brenna Dowell nationals day 1: This perforance was probably the highlight of a quite rough year for Brenna and it is spectacular. This routine is so freaking difficult and so unique. I just love the maloney + giant full combination. It shows impressive power and control. And of course the Tweddle + ezhova combination gives me life. Some times I think that Brenna didn’t really live up to her potential but then I remember that nobody ever thought she’d even be in the mix back in 2012 and that she really did defied everyone’s expectations and became a breath taking bars worker and a fantastic gymnast overall. I would absolutely love to see her competing elite again but even if she doesn’t I can’t wait to see her in college gymnastics. I don’t usually follow NCAA but I will definitely follow her.
  10. Ashton Locklear nationals day 1: This girl definitely wins the “biggest surprsise of 2014” award. Like, holy shit? She went from being pretty much unknown to being a fucking world champion in just a few months. Her first combination is so awsome to watch, it feels like it goes on forever and her jaeger has to be one of the best ones out there. She hits her handstands beautifully, she has gorgeous lines and toe point, she has a lovely swing and she knows how to stick a landing. She is a fabulous bars worker and I can’t wait to see more of her.

Honorable mentions: Daria Spiridonova worlds EF, Ruby Harrold euros TF, Larrissa Miller commonwealth games EF, Larisa Iordache worlds AA, Viktoria Komova russian cup, Εlizabeth Price, american cup