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May I ask, what turned you off from olicity?

You may ask. Really, it started with 4x08. I hated the way they wrote the conflict between them pre-Barry resetting time. And then it made me realize it actually reflected patterns in their relationship and how much I didn’t like said patterns. Patterns that I was kind of blinded to earlier by shipper goggles that 4x08 ripped off. I tried to stay invested in the ship after that, but I liked it less and less as the season continued until I finally stopped trying to make myself keep liking it.

There’s probably more detail if I have any posts tagged anti-o.licity but I don’t exactly want to write out a whole meta on the subject. I know it’s not everyone’s interpretation and I can respect that, but I found the ship to be too focused on Oliver’s “damage” and how he kept having to be proven worthy of her and she was written as rightfully angry anytime she perceived Oliver to be “regressing.” I also found it to be a pattern that Felicity walked away from Oliver a lot, even pre-them getting together, and it was up to Oliver to fight for wanting to be with her when she was perfectly capable of fighting to be with him when he was afraid it was too dangerous. I found there were plenty of double-standards when it came to how forgivable their sometimes very similar actions were.

(Again, I’m well aware this isn’t everyone’s perception of the ship & I’m really only sharing this because you asked. I’d prefer my policy on this to be “ship & let ship,” so if there are o.licity fans seeing this, I’m sorry. But I’m also not going to debate it.)

sawyer/juliet time!

  • first meeting was electric! she tasered him i mean
  • second meeting she offers him water! but she’s also his captor
  • “why’d she call you james” !!!!!!!
  • (and he never calls her anything other than juliet. 100% sure sawyer’s read shakespeare and the irony is not lost on him either)
  • she kills danny, who has been beating up sawyer for six straight episodes
  • and right after, right after that scene, kate is having her teary “don’t stay” walkie talk with jack. AND SAWYER AND JULIET ARE RIGHT THERE watching. awkward fucking quad
  • sawyer and juliet on a suicide mission TO EARN COOL POINTS
  • “karma”
  • they are literally in better places in the next life. it worked
  • (IT WORKED uggggggh)
  • they spend a whole season on opposite sides, doing the same thing: helping who they can, and end up on the same beach.
  • with rum
  • look at that scene right before the light comes - the bottle is halfway done
  • yea they’re drunk in the beginning of season 5
  • they’re also never apart in season 5. like ever.
  • and juliet does this thing where she touches him to calm him down. she does it once every episode
  • best part though is: FLAMING ARROWS. the way it’s staged! so a lot o people are dying. very dangerous. daniel who loves charlotte goes back for her when she falls to reemphasize that he goes back bc he cares. a flaming arrow lands on the tree INCHES from sawyer’s face
  • he sees juliet, WHO FUCKING STOPS to help people of course never mind there are FLAMING ARROWS EVERYWHERE
  • and he has this bit right before he goes back for her where he’s frustrated. like, he GETS IT. but he doesn’t want her to die
  • plus he has to REASSURE her that this is the right choice bc she almost goes back
  • this is the guy who almost tortured her with sayid, who was her prisoner. they’ve literally seen each other kill people point blank no remorse. 
  • then when he steps on a branch and they’re just about to be killed again
  • this is very important people. SAWYER. sarcastic ass extraordinaire! thinks juliet burke is a wiseass.
  • “james. juliet. nice to see you”
  • he also beats up the guy that was going to holding juliet down. three hard as shit punches.
  • “let her go”
  • sawyer and juliet are literally not friends. have never been friends
  • LET HER GO. in the action genre this is called i love you
  • when they’re in richard’s camp in 5X03 in the last flash, Sawyer reassures her AGAIN
  • they WORK together just BECAUSE.
  • sawyer sees kate. it’s sad and heartbreaking and romantic. locke, who has been with him from the crash and on, who has witnessed the real sawyer die, who is a close enough friend to sawyer, asks him about it
  • sawyer’s like nope i ain’t tellin
  • BUT HE TELLS JULIET while they’re rowing that canoe just randomly because SHE NOTICES HE’S OFF SOMEHOW
  • “I saw kate. she was delivering claire’s baby’
  • “that was too months ago”
  • SHOTS FIRED bc time travel and lost. they survive 
  • (sawyer takes HER paddle and SHE takes the rifle to shoot, it could have easily been the other way around but nOPE)
  • they land and SHE CONTINUES THE CONVERSATION bc sawyer is just sad and more than wanting to know, this is just what juliet does. she listens. sawyer talks to her. tells her the truth about this women he loved and had to leave. and she understands!
  • “juliet” ( i am obsessed with lost’s refusal to have sawyer call her anything other than her name. like do you think sawyer wondered if she had a romeo? more sobbing)
  • There’s this another little moment when charlotte falls and they’re huddling around her. sawyer just gives her the gun and she takes it and sets it down. it’s two seconds. they don’t even look at each other. and he just passes it to her and she takes it and IT’S WONDERFUL
  • then HER nose starts bleeding again. but she’s not worried about that because HIS nose starts bleeding
  • “you just had to say something” 
  • is the present time line. it’s sawyer being the leader. it’s sawyer making choices for the group. it’s his plan that gets them all to safety
  • except
  • not really?
  • right after “absolutely” sawyer hears a gun shot and looks down to see if he’s been shot
  • And the next shot is a soft focus shot that goes into focus. juliet’s face is obscured and then clear. SHE SAVED HIM.
  • this whole plan works because juliet backs sawyer up. 
  • miles complains first. SAWYER’S RIGHT! aka JULIET NEVER USES THE NAME SAWYER. she understands that they see him as Sawyer and they respond to Sawyer, 
  • next is daniel to raise opposition, when they hear amy
  • juliet doesn’t just back him up she REASSURES HIM that she will
  • And RIGHT THERE, right after she does
  • HE NODS AT HER. like, thanks for backing me up. go and look at his face. it’s such a great nod. it’s almost questioning like, wow did you really back me up? 
  • this! this is the moment they became friends
  • sawyer ACKNOWLEDGES that she’s a big part of why all this shit is working. he does it by masking that he needs her with flirting
  • i don’t even think he realized he was flirting. i think he just realized he liked her. AND HE NEEDS HER. he needs her for peace of mind, he needs her as his right hand. he needs her because he’d rather talk to her than to miles and jin! he wants her around to talk!
  • AND JULIET’S IS INTO THIS DORK. this is a woman who’s seen herself as “the other woman” and as the second choice and second best, who doesn’t believe in being happy in love, who’s every relationship has ended horribly. AND SHE PUTS HER FAITH IN SAWYER
  • just because
  • and then other stuff happened right?
What To Expect From “Sense8” Season 2

After spending an entire season on the run from local heads of organized crime, Wolfgang killed everyone who opposed him. In Season 2, he finds himself in uncharted territory.

“There is this new landscape that he has to find his new position within,” Riemelt said. “There are new power games taking place, new dark characters who come after him — he has to restructure everything. He has to find purpose again in living and staying in Berlin and chasing his plan of being free but still in power so no one can come after him. We also explore more of his sensate side and his storyline gets more interesting because there’s something new to explore for him and for the whole cluster.”

Much of Kala’s arc in Season 1 revolved around the struggle to resign herself to an arranged marriage, in part because she was simultaneously discovering romantic feelings for Wolfgang. In the finale, it was revealed that Kala is a brilliant pharmacist whose scientific knowledge proved invaluable to the cluster.

“At the end of the season, we learned her contribution to the group is her scientific knowledge, and I was very excited about that — specifically because I get to say a whole lot of words I don’t understand and jam needles into people,” Desai said, with a laugh. “Going forward, she’ll only be able to contribute more, because in this season, there’s more of Whisper hunting us while we’re simultaneously trying to hunt him. And then there’s also the love story that continues with both boys — but there’s a lot more of her brain and the person she’s been brought up to be.”


one of the things i really love about inuyasha is that there’s no girl hate

like sango and kagome are best buds and ayame can’t even stay jealous of kagome for a whole episode

kagome and kikyo, who have the most reason to dislike each other are shown to be very respectful of each other as the seasons go on. when kagome catches herself hating kikyo or wishing she would have stayed dead she recognizes the awful thoughts that she’s having and corrects herself. none of their interactions are ever reduced to petty fighting over a boy

It’s so unfair.

So unfair that Delphine ended this season in the way she did. I can’t help but think about her ordeal the past three seasons and shit, my heart just breaks for her. 

Imagine for a minute she’s a real person, yeah? And sure, this may be a bit of stretch because the whole idea of a world where the shit that goes on in Orphan Black is so far-fetched, but stay with me here. Imagine Delphine, bright-eyed and bursting at the seams with knowledge and intelligence. Imagine a woman so full of ambitions and possibilities. Imagine this woman, thrown–maybe somewhat willingly–into this scenario of an illegal cloning experiment, ruthless killing, and so much fear and danger. At this point, as much as Delphine may know, there is also so much she’s unaware of. 

Then comes Cosima, bringing with her so much love that Delphine may never have thought possible. Love that’s powerful enough for Delphine to set aside her morals for a while, to do what she thinks is best for the woman she loves. And in the end, yes. It was after all what was best for Cosima. But Delphine was never praised or even thanked until the very end, and she seems to move past this with ease. Instead, wave after wave of tragedies comes barrelling towards her with full-strength until she’s forced to do what she doesn’t want to: break her heart in the process of breaking Cosima’s. All for protecting Cosima, and honouring the promise she made her. 

All season long, Delphine undergoes a dark and frightening, yet brilliantly brave and heartbreakingly selfless, process of metamorphosis to uphold her promise. At this point she doesn’t care if she dies, so long as Cosima lives. Thinking about Delphine living day to day knowing that anyone could kill her at any given moment, yet pushing forward anyway and not allowing herself to break, kills me. And now the ever-climatic season finale played out exactly how I thought it would, my worst fear for Delphine coming true. I just can’t help but think of Delphine as this person who never asked for any of this, who most definitely doesn’t deserve this. I can’t help but see her and relate to her on a human-to-human basis, and I think that’s a testament to Evelyne Brochu’s immense talent and capability of creating Delphine to be this character that feels so real you can’t help but feel for them as though they were real.

A sad, depressing, tumultuous, yet ultimately great season for Delphine Cormier. Incredible, incredible acting by Evelyne Brochu. In another Orphan Black life, maybe next time, huh Cophine? Maybe next time won’t be so hard.

bananadome gif.

I love the whole promo all of it and I could talk about every little bottom a million times over but this moment showed me the most because of how it parallels previous moments.

In previous cases when Fitz suggest they do something public and reckless Olivia usually shoots him down with no hesitation and in a harsh manner, and then puts as much distance between them as she can. For example (couldn’t find the gif) in the scene in season 3 were they are arguing in the hotel room and Fitz tries to stay something about how they will be together and she pushes him away. But in this gif she doesn’t she’s playful because they both know isn’t the time to flaunt their relationship but they know it will happen soon. And she doesn’t push him away she instead HOLDS ON TO HIS SIDE!!!

But you know what really disappoints me about Adore quitting?

It’s not that she’s been through the competition before. It’s this whole “I can’t change my style/aesthetic” mentality she had going on. It hurts more than that.

You know what set her apart from Magnolia, Vivacious, Gia, Milk and Laganja? Each of them, all on the same season, couldn’t change their style. They didn’t adapt or learn to do better. They whined about “staying true to themselves” without taking the chance to grow and improve. It’s what sent them home. 

However, that’s what set Adore apart. She said, “Fuck. I need to adjust.” She got a cincher from Bianca. She let her dress length go down. She learned to do glamour. She incorporated what she learned into a sewing challenge and FUCKING WON. That’s right, she beat Bianca Del Rio in a sewing challenge. That’s why she got top 3, after all. Hell, they even filmed an ending where she tied with Bianca for the win!

Adore’s narrative was her growth: she had the potential but she needed to realize it and own it. And everything she did on that show was still done with the same Adore style and flair that made the world fall in love with her. 

Michelle and Ru even remarked on the last episode, “she’s gone so far. Imagine what she could do with a few more years and more self-confidence?” 

She’s literally done this before, and this time she said, “Nope. Can’t do it.”

I respect her need to address self-care and to not let her mental health crumble. Her head was not in the space it needed to be.

But damn, as a huge fan, I’m just so disappointed. 

Can we talk about how Marian was frozen for a while and then almost died and everyone were worried for her. Regina tried to save her for Robin. But it was Zelena the whole time. She almost died to stay in character for her revenge! They fucking saved Zelena and Regina saved her evil sister witout knowing and let her take of with her boyfriend. Can you imagine how angry Regina is!?

I honestly love that Urobuchi and the other staff who worked on Psycho-Pass series and Movies didn’t push for romance or push Akane onto one of the guy’s. I love that  in each season and the movie you see her grow and you see her get closer to some, while distancing herself from others. 

I love that they just baited us . The way they left it was so open that fans can put her with Ko or Gino and it would just work perfectly, cause she’s built up understandings and friendships with the both of them. The both of them know Akane and Gino in fact may know more since he’s stayed by her side the whole time, but there is no pushing of love interest and that’s just awesome. 

YASS LET IT BUILD UP.  They gave us a series with a strong Female Mc that didn’t rely on men or love. She was independent, smart , cunning and a fierce friend.  Just WOW THANK YOU PSYCHO-PASS .