can she not look like she's henry's mother

Modern Conveniences

So the idea for this came from one of @freifraufischer‘s herd of anons, and then @sometimesangryblackwoman gave some prodding to get it written. Anyway, post-ep in which Henry sends the other Regina a care package of things from the modern world, and makes the mistake of soliciting suggestions.

A couple weeks after sending the Evil Queen off to a fresh start and a chance at some happiness, Henry writes her a note. It’s mostly to tell her they’re all okay, that they’ve survived the latest peril which has so marked his adolescence. She’d want to know, he thinks. He tacks on a post-script about his grades, fully aware that she won’t be pleased about that, but hey, there was an epic battle going on and a few nights where he was out late saving the world instead of studying algebra. Surely she can forgive him that.

It’s a one-way form of communication, but it’s the least of what he owes her. Every once in a while, he pens another note, telling her about the situation with Violet and how the horses are doing and everything he thinks she might want to know. It’s not enough, but it’s what he can do.

He’s taken little Neal to the park to give Snow and David some time to themselves and is thinking of what to say to his other other mom when he hears what the mothers in the park are saying. Princess Aurora is laughing about one of the first times she used the internet for shopping. “I couldn’t believe it. You just tell it what you want and it arrives! Better than magic, if you ask me.”

“It still comes with a price!” Ashley says, and the women all laugh.

It gives Henry an idea.

The family is having Thanksgiving at the Mills house. It’s the one holiday they all really embraced after the curse was broken—Mom loves to cook, Snow loves to decorate, and Emma loves to eat, so it’s perfect for their quirky little family. The night before, Henry informed them all that he could use his abilities to send things, modern conveniences she might miss, to the other Regina, so if they had any suggestions he was certainly open to them.

The table was stunned for a minute, but soon they were coming up with all kinds of ideas. Before long it devolved into a conversation of the old days in the Enchanted Forest, and sometimes about the things they missed during the year when Henry and Emma were in New York. But on Thanksgiving itself, Emma calls him aside. “Hey, kid, you haven’t made up your magical care package yet, have you?” she asks.

He shakes his head. “No, I wanted to see if there were any more ideas.”

“Right. So this might be a little embarrassing, but trust me, it’s necessary.”

She hands him a slip of paper and walks away. On the note are two items.

Tampons. Chocolate.

For half a minute Henry wants the earth to swallow him.

He shoves the embarrassment as far back as he can and tries to be sensible. Emma’s right, probably—okay, definitely, since he has no idea what this is like and she does. But ugh, he wishes the pen would let other people write down their seriously personal suggestions instead of him having to do this.

Half an hour later, Snow calls him away from football with the guys to the dining room, where she’s putting the finishing touches on the table. “Wow, Grandma,” he says, “it looks great.”

“You think so?” Snow replies. “I keep thinking the flowers are too tall, but I guess not everyone’s as short as me. You’re not even as short as me anymore.”

He grins by way of apology. “So what do you need help with?”

“Oh, I was actually going to give you another idea for the other Regina. I don’t want to embarrass you, but…”

The words aren’t even out of her mouth yet and Emma’s note may literally be burning a hole in his pocket. Why isn’t there ever a sinkhole when he really needs one?

He stammers his thanks and hopes he isn’t blushing.

Dinner is great, even if he can’t quite look a couple of the women in the eye. He stuffs himself on mock-apple pie (Mom’s idea of a joke), and when Mom gets up to wash the dishes, he follows her to help. The others try to protest that she shouldn’t be cleaning up when she did most of the cooking, but she waves them off, knowing she likes things done a certain way.

Henry knows her system, though, so he can help. The others clear the table and let mother and son get to work. As she washes and he dries the china, she says, “There’s something very important you need to add to your list for… the other me.”

Ugh,” he says. “I know, Mom. Emma and Snow both talked to me about this, okay? I know. Chocolate and… the other thing.”

Mom looks at him with this expression, torn between laughter and incredulity. “The other thing? Come on, Henry, the word won’t hurt you.”

The ground beneath him betrays him yet again, refusing to open and put him out of his misery. “Chocolate and tampons,” he mumbles.

With a soapy hand, Mom pats his cheek. “That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Seriously, he’s going to crawl into a cabinet and live the rest of his life in there as a hermit.

“Have you got a piece of paper?” she asks.


“Good. I want you to write this down.”

“Mom, Emma already gave me a note with this, so it’s not like I’m going to forget.”

“No, I want you to write down the actual brand. These things are not to be left to chance.”

Mortified, he obeys.


In that other place, Regina is between encounters with the angry young king—she’ll bring him around yet, she knows—when she gets a box from her son. It’s thoughtful and kind and makes her heart so full she thinks it must burst. But in the bottom there’s another box, wrapped in brown paper. Henry has scrawled a note on it. They said you needed this.

She laughs so hard when she opens it that she literally falls out of her chair.

My poor little prince, she thinks. You must have wished the earth would swallow you whole.

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Klonnie - their baby won't stop crying and the whole squad don't know what to do? ( I'm just craving baby Klonnie 🙂)

She has read somewhere that in the first few weeks you are responding solely to their physical needs.  The emotional comes later as they learn to navigate the world around them but in the beginning it is food, sleep, and a dry bum.

She thinks she can manage to satisfy those needs.

She thinks wrong.

One thing she quickly learns about their son is that he does not want to be put down.  She tries if only for a quick moment so she can eat or heaven forbid shower.   Henry responds by opening his mouth and letting out an ungodly wail that shouldn’t be possible for someone with lungs so small.  It stops the moment he is pressed to her skin so she puts off whatever task that had been on her mind.

When Kol comments that she has looked better, she angrily thrusts the baby at him.  It might not be his mother’s arms  that Henry rests in but he seems content enough for her to wash away a few days’ worth of funk.  She learns a valuable lessons while she hums under the hot water.  Henry doesn’t crave her as much as he craves any contact.

So it becomes a game of pass the baby.

Henry makes his way around the compound, passed from mother to father to uncle to aunt before making his way to his mother again.  It is a pretty good system and it allows Bonnie to form some sort of routine (all the books spoke of routine) as well as get some down time.  One afternoon she even finds herself curled up with Klaus in their bed while Henry is rocked dutifully by Elijah.

It works — until it doesn’t.

One night Bonnie bolts up in bed, instinct already pushing her to reach for Henry before she even realizes his crying is what woke her.  Beside her Klaus opens one eye and mutters something about his hungry son before drifting back to sleep (some days she wonders if he is part lion instead of part wolf — he is infinitely more lazy than she ever imagined him to be).  She thinks he is right and sets about feeding Henry.  Only he won’t latch.  Instead he balls up his fists and howls (definitely part wolf).

Klaus wakes and takes Henry from her.  If he isn’t hungry one of his other basic needs must be met.  He somehow manages to change a diaper, no easy feet given how Henry squirms.  Bonnie pulls herself out of bed and tries a few things that have seen success in the past: rocking, bouncing, this strange move that looks more like interpretative dance than anything (Klaus eyes her with a raised brow on that one).  She gives up when Henry continues to cry and tags out.

His father tries to tell him a story as he walks the length of their room.  Bonnie finds Klaus’ voice soothing but apparently Henry is immune to such things.  He shows no signs of slowing down.

Kol is the first to appear, coming to stand in their doorway with a scowl on his face.  “How much longer are we to be subjected to this?”

Bonnie throws him a look.  “You are free to sleep elsewhere.”

“Have you tried stuffing his mouth with your —”

Klaus comes to stand in front of Kol with Henry’s raging body held close to his chest.  “If you value your life, you will not finish that sentence.”

Kol eyes his nephew.  “Perhaps a gag then?”

“Get the hell out,” Bonnie says as she comes to stand next to Klaus.  It is automatic for her hand to come out to brush against Henry’s back.  She can feel all his muscles straining.  Her heart aches for her son.  

Kol does as she asks, muttering under his breath as he goes.

“Give him back,” Bonnie says, her arms open to receive her son.  He pushes against her, arching his back as he screams.  “Maybe a walk…” She leaves the room before Klaus can point out he has been walking for the past ten minutes. She moves past of the rest of the bedrooms quickly, feeling like she has a live bomb in her arms.  She descends the stairs into the courtyard, not even thinking of the acoustics of the Mikaelson home.  

If anyone had been still asleep — they aren’t anymore.

Rebekah appears next, moving to drape herself over the railing so she can look down at mother and son.  “Poor babe,” she muses.  “He probably just realized he has a mutt for a father.”

“Rebekah,” Bonnie chides as she bounces Henry once more.  Not helping.  So not helping.   

“My apologies,” she says.  “I have been told I am rather vicious when I am woken from a dead sleep.”

“I am sorry.”  Guilt hits Bonnie.  Not so much because she has woken up the household but because she has no idea what to do to help her son.  She should know right?  She is his mother.

Rebekah waves the apology off.  “I knew what I signed up for.  Does he have gas?”

Bonnie has already tried patting him on his back but she is desperate at this point.  She tries again.  Henry is clearly not pleased by the actions.  If anything he manages to up the volume.  He sounds livid now.  “Oh baby…”

Klaus is by her side within a blink.  He has Henry’s favorite blanket (or at least they presume it is his favorite).  Together they wrap Henry up with it.  Bonnie takes one look at him swaddled and makes a face.  “He looks like an angry burrito.”

Klaus gives her a look (he must be questioning her sanity; hell she is questioning her sanity).

Freya comes next.  She seems more alert and Bonnie remembers she is a night owl.  She passes her grumpy sister and descends the stairs.  She has a sympathetic look on her face as she comes to stand next to the new parents.  Her fingers smooth along Henry’s cheek. “Perhaps a spell?  Something small to send him off to sleep.”

Bonnie is horrified at the thought.  Though she knows Freya means well, she can’t help but clutch Henry to her.  “I want him to always be in control of himself,” she says firmly.  She knows what it is like to have your mind clouded by magic.  She will not do to that to him even if he won’t ever remember.

Freya bows her head in deference to Bonnie’s wishes.  

When Elijah finally joins then, Henry has been crying for nearly an hour.  Bonnie feels drained by it all, close to tears herself.  She looks down at her son, the guilt and desperation mixing together with disastrous results.  Her gaze falls on  Klaus.  “Why won’t he stop?  I should be able to help him.  I can’t help him.  I am a complete failure as a mother.”

Klaus frowns and looks to Elijah.  His brother nods his head (are they communicating telepathically?) and then steps forward.  “Bonnie, I will take my nephew.”

Bonnie is near panic now and has to be coaxed to hand Henry over.  Elijah carefully takes the baby and she slumps forward.  Klaus is there to catch her, his arms coming around her.  Her head lands on his chest and she tangles a hand in the shirt he has worn to bed.  

“Bonnie, love, you are far from a failure,” Klaus tells her quietly.  It takes a moment for his voice to break through the sound of Henry’s wailing.  “You are an amazing creature.  Strong, fierce and determined.  He is a baby and sometimes he will cry until you think he will run out of air.  He won’t I assure you and just because he does it doesn’t make you a bad mother.  You are learning.  We are learning.”

She sighs, closing her eyes.

Henry lets out an abrupt shortened cry and then stops all together.  Bonnie raises her head to look at Klaus.  Together they glance over at Elijah to find him covered in every ounce of what Henry has eaten in the past few hours.  The older Original stands there, looking a bit shell shocked.  

Bonnie’s mouth falls open a little and then she steps forward. “Uh…”

Elijah tries to maintain a shred of decorum (is it…yep, it is in his hair) as he hold Henry out.  “It would appear all is fine now.”

Bonnie brings Henry to her and notes the way he snuggles into the crook of he neck.  She breathes a sigh of relief.  “Yes…I should…I should put him back to bed.”

She and Klaus both retreat to save Elijah’s pride from any further damage.  She is changing Henry out of his soiled clothes when she hears it — Kol once more.

“Ugh, brother, why do you smell like rotten milk?”

A Tale of 2 Mothers- A Henry Mills One-Shot

Title: A Tale of 2 Mothers
Request: Can you do a HenryxReader where the reader is magical and is brought to Storybrooke and is scared of her powers but Emma helps teach her and that’s how she meets Henry, and Emma and Regina go into overprotective stalker mom mode? Thank you, your work is amazing :) xxx
Pairing: Henry Mills x Reader

Y/N ran through Storybrooke, running back to her house.
She was running because all of a sudden, she was shooting electricity from her hands and couldn’t control it.
Y/N had magic powers, and since she had gotten to this town, the were out of control.
While she was running, she ran into someone.
“You ok?” the woman said.
“I’m fine!” Y/N yelled, as more sparks flew from her hands. She ran as fast as she could to her house.
The woman ran behind here, determinded to help.

When Y/N got to her house, the woman she ran into stopped her.
“You’re not ok. I see you have magic. I do too.” the woman said, holding Y/N’s arm protectivly.
“How the hell do I control it?” Y/N asked.
“I can teach you if you want. My name’s Emma, Emma Swan.” the woman said.
“I’m Y/N.” she responded.
“I can help you now if you want, you can come to my house and I’ll teach you.” Emma said.
“Sure. Thank you so much.” Y/N responded.

Y/N went over to Emma’s house. Emma was like a mother to Y/N, always making sure she was doing alright.
At Emma’s house, Y/N meet Emma’s son, Henry.
Henry was also the adoptive son of the town’s mayor, Regina Mills.

“Hi, I’m Henry.” he said to her.
“Y/N.” she responded.
“So you have magic? That’s pretty cool.” Henry said.
“It’d be cooler if I could control it all the time.” Y/N said, looking at the ground.
“I’m sure my mom will teach you too. She’s great.” Henry said.
The two continued talking for a while.
What the didn’t know was that both Emma and Regina were watching them. They were happy to see the two together, Y/N and Henry were adorable.
At the end of their conversation, Henry asked Y/N if she wanted to go out with him.
“So, do you wanna go out to eat with me sometime?” he asked.
“Sure!” Y/N responded smiling.

The next day, they went out to eat. They went to eat at Granny’s diner.
As they sat down to eat, Henry pointed out their ‘stalkers’
“Just so you know, my two over-protective mothers are watching our every move.” he said laughing.
Y/N laughed, “I wouldn’t doubt that.”
“Let’s just play along with their game.” Henry said.
Y/N laughed, and the two continued talking.

Near the end of the date, Henry decided to get revenge on his mothers.
“Let’s go sit with them, and ask how their date went.” Henry said laughing.
They walked over to Regina and Emma and sat down.
“How’s the date?” Y/N asked.
Emma and Regina looked embarrassed.
“We knew you two were here the whole time.” Henry said.
Emma and Regina looked at the two, and laughed.
“We just wanted to see how you two hit it off.” Emma said.
“Just checking up on you.” Regina responded.
“Well I think it went great.” Y/N said, looking at Henry.
“I think the next one will be ever better. As long as you two don’t show up.” Henry said, looking in Y/N’s eyes then turning to Emma and Regina.
Y/N laughed.
“I think we will leave you two now.” Regina said, as her and Emma got up to leave.
When they left, Y/N and Henry went on to talk about how much fun they had that night, and where they would go on the second date.

The next week, they went out again. It was double the fun, especially since Henry’s mothers weren’t there.


Thanks for reading!



#FUCKING- #ok listen up ya’ll #gather around. #two moms that ‘don’t love each other’ #they share a son and their life is pretty much shit beacuse they can never rest #but every single time they overcome their problems - they share this tiny moment #a moment of ‘ok we made it. we’re safe’ #and not only do they usually hug their son together #but they also LOOK UP AND LOOK AT EACH OTHER #and they look at each other like their eyes are the only thing that can say the truth #now change Regina’s gender #she’s a man #everyone would see the romance here #Regina says that she’ll tuck Henry in and you can see Emma melting #because she’s seeing the real Regina #she’s seeing the mother of her son #their eyes meet and Regina’s smile DROPS because she STARES at Emma #because she CAUGHT Emma LOOKING at her #who thought this was a good idea? #the scene cut with them still looking at each other. #this is NOT heterosexual #i don’t look at my female friends like this #with… with this look #with THAT look in my eyes #a look that says ‘jesus christ you just took my breath away.’ #this is what makes me really sad about this ship #because we’re not seeing things #we are not delusional #it’s THERE #it’s fucking there…

anonymous asked:

Happy holidays! I've come to you, since you are the unofficial John Laurens expert. How was his physical traits described? And where could I find those information? (especially his hair)

Wow, I don’t know if I’m truly an expert, but thank you for that. :)

Unfortunately, we don’t really have any descriptions of Laurens.  But I’ll break down what we do know.

At the age of 15, he was as tall as his father Henry.  In a letter from October 27, 1769 (one day before John’s 15th birthday), Henry wrote, “my Little Jack, now as big as I am.”  That’s all I’ve been able to figure out from texts in regards to his height.

As for any of his other physical features, I really can’t say I’ve come across anything truly descriptive.  I’ve seen a few sources that say he was handsome, but that doesn’t really say much.  There’s one book that says he has black, curly hair and dark eyes, but this book also tells a story of him punching a fellow law student in the face.  And it also says he went to Oxford (which he didn’t - he attended the Middle Temple), so I wouldn’t really trust it.  The book is called Stories of American History if you want to check it out.

We do have some paintings of Laurens that give us some information.  First, the Peale miniature:

To my knowledge, this is the only painting we have of Laurens that was done while he was alive, so it’s probably our best guess at what he looked like.  (Though I think Peale sometimes had trouble painting male faces.  Just look at his Hamilton portraits.)  As you can tell, Laurens had blue eyes.  As for his hair - ?  His eyebrows are painted a dark color, but that’s not necessarily indicative of his hair color.

Next we have Fraser’s portraits.  Both were done after Laurens’s death.  The first was done around 1802.  I’m not sure when the second was done, but Fraser was born in 1782 (the year Laurens died), so I’m pretty confident that Fraser never met Laurens.  In the spots where Laurens’s hair isn’t powdered, his hair seems to be a light brownish color.

We also have a painting done by Edmonds in the late 1800s or early 1900s - so way after Laurens’s death.  Edmonds gave Laurens blondish hair, but I don’t know how he came to that decision.  It might be accurate, it might not be.  I think it’s based off of Fraser’s full-length portrait.

Here’s Trumbull’s painting Surrender of Lord Cornwallis.  This depicts the surrender at Yorktown, October 19, 1781.  Trumbull painted this in 1820 - after Laurens’s death.  Hamilton is on the right, the person right next to the horse.  Laurens is on Hamilton’s left.  We can’t see much of Laurens’s features here, but it does appear that he was taller than Hamilton.  Hamilton was about 5’7”. 

Here’s a painting of Laurens’s sister Martha, done around 1767 (so she was probably around 7 or 8).  After that is a painting of Laurens’s mother Eleanor, done around 1741 (so she was around 10).  We can guess that he may have looked somewhat like them.  And you can look up images of Henry (his father) if you want.

That’s all I can really tell you.  I hope this helped somewhat.

How to Become a Witch in Ten Easy Lessons - (2/5)-A CS Modern Fantasy AU

Rating: T for Teen

Word Count: Approx 7K+

Summary:  Emma Swan leads a quiet, solitary life, that is until a tragedy temporarily saddles her with three recently displaced orphans. Three recently displaced orphans who make quick work of discovering one of the reasons for her solitude and threaten to confirm the rumors swirling around town about her, unless she can do something to help them, something that will require the assistance of a mysterious Professor who isn’t quite what he seems either.

Notes:  The continuation of a birthday gift for the wonderful @phiralovesloki​  I hope this brings you as much joy reading it as it did me writing it. This part is silly fun with emotions. 

All my love to my musical brain twin @caprelloidea​ for looking this over. Your talent amazes me and this is better for you having touched it.

Read Part One Here!

On AO3 Here


It was strangely easy to make their way through the city, despite their utter lack of preparation for such an outcome, and the rather odd company they kept.

No one spared Killian’s costume, or her wide-eyed and amazed charges, more than a passing glance as he led them through the bustling marketplace. The patrons here were either used to his presence there or accustomed  to strange sights in general she wasn’t sure which. A pirate navigating through the city streets, past stalls of floral ceramic teapots, cheap tacky t-shirts, and table upon table of brilliantly shining costume jewelery, wasn’t a sight Emma was likely to forget however. The man seemed to be naturally at ease with the situation which was odd in and of itself, as if women claiming to possess magic and their overly aggressive child companions were a regular occurrence in his life. He assisted them when necessary, taking their lack of money or Oyster card in stride. He waved away pushy vendors, and easily steered their rather cumbersome group through the crowd with a quick determination that still left room for the occasional fascinated perusal.

He was still radiating tension though, an odd sort of anticipatory excitement that made him slightly jumpy at each place they stopped, licking his lips periodically and darting glances at her while the kids explored the various eclectic offerings of the marketplace. They were glances of decided interest, of curiosity, glances that heated her face and made her heart flutter, glances like she was they key to something he had been hoping for, something he had been waiting for.

It was rather disconcerting.

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“Lilac Wine,” 1/1

Summary: She takes a sip anyway. She kisses him anyway. His lips, teeth, and tongue all taste of it. When she breathes between their kiss she inhales the harsh burn of it, and her head spins but all she can do is demand more; curl her fingers around the collar of his jacket tighter, tighter. (Ao3)

Notes: My own little contribution to the miracle that was the Neverland arc. For Kat (@abbadons-little-witch), who has returned to school even though she wants nothing more than to fantasize about Colin and write fic about Emma and Killian smushing their faces together like God intended. xo

+ When Emma was young, she was desperate to be special. If she stood out, the possibility was greater that someone would want to keep her. That a teacher or a babysitter or a social worker would see how unusually talented or smart she was, and a nice couple would suddenly decide that it would be in their own best interest to take her home. Trouble was, of course, that no one really wanted to see an orphan. She was drowning in her clothes most of the time, and regardless of her plans, she didn’t necessarily want people to see her. She usually let her long, thick hair cover her face. She didn’t make eye contact with her teachers and peers, and even when she wanted to raise her hand in class, there was that little niggling something holding her back. A voice inside her head that told her no one wanted to hear what she had to say anyway.

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CS 58 for drabble prompts?

So, okay, apparently I am fluff, because when I started writing this out, somehow it warped into quite possibly the fluffiest possible variation to this prompt ever. I’m sorry. (But, really, I’m not)

58. You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?

Emma enters the living room with a bag of popcorn and a furrow in her brow. “You’re never this quiet, what’s wrong?”

Her son looks up at her from his spot on the couch and shrugs a shoulder. “Nothing.”

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Shotgun (3x12: New York City Serenade)

This one-shot is part of Twenty First Century Man, a series of canon compliant one-shots that explores Hook’s thoughts and feelings as he adapts to the Land Without Magic. Check out the master-post for a complete list of one-shots in this series.

Episode 3x12: New York City Serenade
Rated: G

Hook + modern transportation

Thanks to @dramawiie for suggesting modern transportation and @euphoric-melancholyy for suggesting first time in a car!

Hook stared at the back of the vessel, unsure of why the sight of it filled him with dread and helplessness. After all, it was just a piece of machinery, and while he was still new to the Land Without Magic, he felt that he was now accustomed to such things as cars. But there was something about Swan’s car that left him with a very unpleasant feeling he couldn’t quite place.

“I know that look,” Henry said as he arrived, carrying his rucksack. Was it called a rucksack here? “Avery’s mom won’t even let him ride in it.”


“Henry, stop,” Swan warned. She was carrying one last bag, and he was pleased to see she was wearing one of her leather jackets again. At least something was right in the world, as it were. “Let’s get the bags in the trunk, okay?”

“I’ll just keep my backpack with me. Shotgun!”

“No, come on, kid.”

“But you said it was an eight hour trip!”

“It is, but I have to drive and Killian isn’t sitting in the back.”

“Ugh, fine.” And with that, Henry pulled open a door, hopped in, and shut the door behind him.

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Let`s Say I Do

Tittle: Let`s Say I Do

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Requested: Yes

Rating: None

Warning: None

   “It`s not to late to back out of this you know.” My mother said softly from behind me as she finished tying the back of my ivory white wedding gown.

  “I`m not backing out of this, I love him.” I sighed rolling my eyes at her in the mirror.  I had been hearing the same thing from my mother from the moment my boyfriend of two years asked me to marry him.

 “Yes but I just really don`t think you thought this through.” She stressed, frowning as she shook her head at me.

  “Mum I have thought this threw. Peter made mistakes, big ones. He tried to kill Henry, I know that, but he has changed. Peter had really and truly changed! He is a good guy, the kind you always told me you want to me end up with. He is a good guy, a great one.”

  “Here is the thing, I`m not..”

  “Give up Regina, she is going to marry Peter.” My father Robin, said as he walked into the room, his hands gripping her shoulders as he gently pulled my mother away from me.

  “I don`t want her to end up wishing she never went through with this.” My mother yelled, throwing her hands in the air as she stared at me.

  “Mum I won`t I love him, a lot. Peter is it for me. I get that you don`t like this, I do, but come on. If Henry can look past this, forgive me for dating Peter, for marrying him, then you should too.”

  “Amara please.” My mother begged, wrapping her hands around my shoulders.

  “Mum please just give up on this, let me be happy.” I begged, pressing a kiss to her cheek.

  “Fine you win, but let me tell you this, I`m not happy about it at all.” 

 “Trust me, I know.”  I giggled, turning away from her and putting my veil carefully onto my head, holding it in place with my diamond tiara.

  “Come on, it`s time.” My father said softly, earning a smile from me and a frown from my mother.

 I took a deep breath, and one last look in the mirror, before I turned on my heal and walked towards my father, my arm slipping carefully through his. Once we were in the hall, my mother gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before she hurried to go take her seat, leaving the two of us standing alone in the wide hallway.

  “I know I said I was behind you on this, and I am, but just know your mother is right, it`s not to late.”

  “Oh daddy,” I giggled leaning on my tip toes to press a kiss to cheek. “I am going to marry Peter.”

  “I knew you were going to say that, I just wanted to be sure.”

  “I have never been more sure about anything ever.” I vowed, giving him a soft smile before I turned back to the doors that separated us from Peter. As I stared at them, I couldn`t shake the thought that had suddenly jumped into my head. “What if he ran off?”

  “He`s still there my sweet girl. Emma and Killian have been keeping your mother updated on him.”

  “I should have known she would have had back up.” I giggled, shaking my head. “Everyone really does hate him.”

  “Not everyone. I mean I do, but that`s only because I`m dad and your my princess and no guy is good enough for you.” He laughed, kissing my forehead before he continued. “But not everyone hates him. Your sister adores him, as does Nolan and Henry. Snow and Belle think he`s turned out to be a fine young man.”

  “Just not good enough for me.” I giggled.

  “Right, not come on, lets get out there before you mother starts thinking she won and scars the poor kid.”

  “Yeah,” I said as I took a deep breath. “Let`s.”

   The Ceremony:

  “I`m not going to lie, I thought your mother was going to kill me.” Peter whispered in my ear as we swayed to the music, ignoring the small group of others that danced along side us. All of them with having their eyes glued on the two of us as we danced slowly around the room, Peter twirling me with easy.

  “Hmm she would have had to get through me first.” I vowed, leaning forward to press a quick kiss to his lips.

  “Now if she had to came at you, I would have whisked you away faster than she could blink.”

  I giggled, leaning up to kiss him again. “Well I`m glad I married a man who is willing to protect her from her mother.” I chuckled.

  “Hey, don`t make it sound like it`s nothing, this is a deal. Have you met your mum, she`s a scary person.” He chuckled, pushing me out to twirl me around again, his eyes locked my skirt as it flowed out around me.

 “I have and she`s not that bad.”

  “She has the savoir, prince Charming and a one handed pirate on her side.”

  “Yes, but you have her daughter and if there is one thing I know Peter it`s this. A Pan never fails.”

  He threw his head back laughed, shaking his head at me before he pressed a kissed to my forehead. “That we do. A Pan never fails.”

CSSS Gift: Four Seasons (3/4)

A/N: For @captainswan4e as part of Captain Swan Secret Santa 2016.

Thanks go to @lenfaz, for always being the best partner in crime and for general hand holding and image searching. You’re the best, L.

Summary: Four seasons. Four windows on life between the storybook pages.

Summer | Fall | Winter | Spring



December greets Storybrooke twelve inches of snow no one asked for and, worse yet, no one predicted. All of which leaves Emma caught out on patrol when it starts coming down, and by the time she’s tromping up the front steps she looks like a drown rat. The portions of her hair not covered by her beanie are thick and wet with snow, her jeans are decidedly damp, and her non-insulated gloves might as well not be on her hands at all.

She contemplates just dropping to the porch and waiting for her demise, but then Killian opens the front door and he and his sweater look too warm and inviting not to take those last few steps forward. He’s holding a mug of tea in his hand and has a large bath towel thrown over his shoulder, and Emma doesn’t know which she wants first. She pushes the door closed behind her, taking the offered mug with one hand and holding her other out to him so he can peel off the sopping glove. They repeat the process with her other glove before he turns his attention to her hat and then her boots and socks. By the time she’s stripped down to just her sweater and underwear, she’s drank half the mug and is feeling nearly human again.

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Mistletoe Magic

My dear @thesschesthair , Merry Christmas my dear! *hugs* Not too shocking, but I’m your Gutterflower Secret Santa! I know you have been veryyyy naughty this year, and I’m hoping I got you exactly what your gutterflower heart wanted. OKAY…well…not exactly, sorry it’s not Colin…but at least what you wanted in Fic form. ;) Hope you enjoy! Happy Holiday’s love, and be safe!

Title: Mistletoe Magic

Captain Swan

Rating: M

Summary: This is Canon Divergent from the 3x17 “The Jolly Roger” forward. Killian doesn’t give Zelena(Ariel) a chance to curse his lips. Also, with it Winter in Storybrooke, the group attempts to celebrate Christmas while Zelena makes herself scarce after being found out.

P.S. Thank you to my amazing Beta @spartanguard. You are fantastic darling.


“That’s cheating.” Henry said with a smile.

Killian chuckled as he handed the trick dice back to the the lad. “The point is, you win.” The door to Granny’s chimed and he spotted David and Snow walk in, followed by another he couldn’t yet see. “Practice,” he told Henry and then got up from the seat and headed over to speak to Emma’s parents.

David grinned at the pirate, and then made introductions, “Hook. This is a friend of ours, Ariel.” Once the redhead was revealed, Killian tried to keep the grimace off his face from recognizing the woman. “She’s looking for someone who didn’t return to Storybrooke with the rest of us.”

The pit in Killian’s stomach grew as the the woman started talking. “He’s from a maritime kingdom, and he loves to sail. Perhaps you came across him on the high seas? His name’s Prince Eric.”

A lie was starting to form on his lips, but he stopped himself and looked to David. “Could we have a talk for a moment?”

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anonymous asked:

Post 5.02 prompts? - One where Regina didn't go to the ball and babysat Neal. Robin realizes she's not coming and they babysat Neal together. Fluff and/or angst, up to you. :) (Thaaaank you! I hope you see this)

He finds her in their shared chambers, sitting on a wide window ledge with the window opened just a crack, enough to blow the strands of hair around her face gently. Her focus is on the baby, her legs bent with sock covered feet flat on the stone surface in order to rest Neal back against her thighs. He’s looking at her with wide, curious eyes as she coos nonsense at him. He gurgles and she smiles every time, Robin can’t help but do the very same as he waits in the doorway for a long moment, just watching.

He can hear the echo of music from the grand hall telling him that the ball has begun without them but he doesn’t care, not when he gets to see her like this. She’s gorgeous, her face free of her usual mask of makeup, her smart pantsuit exchanged for silken pyjamas that he thinks she must have conjured from their land for they are not the style of Camelot. Her smile is wide and her eyes warm as she plays with the baby’s little fingers, her thumb rubbing soft circles in his tiny palms and he aches to see her with a baby of their own.

She is a wonderful mother, that much he knows from looking at Henry, at the way he loves her and from seeing her interactions with Roland. She doesn’t speak to the boy like he is a child, she doesn’t condescend to him for she understands that, most of the time, children understand far more than adults do. She knows they are able to simplify things far easier than adults can and he knows she respects that.

He watches for a moment longer, just spectating and loving this gentle woman all the more, before he pushes from the doorway and begins making his way over to her.

She notices him when he’s about halfway across the room, she doesn’t look surprised though and he supposes he wouldn’t be if the situation was reversed. They belong together, in whatever capacity possible and he aches for her when he’s not nearby. It’s something he’s told her in her most vulnerable of moments, the need he has for her, the love that surges through every fibre of his being for her. She’s not there yet, is so very in love with him (this he knows already) but she isn’t ready to say it and he won’t force her with impatience because he’d wait a lifetime for Regina Mills.

Her smile is warm, her eyes molten chocolate in the flickering glow of the candles that light the room softly as they trace over his features and she knows what to do before he even has to ask. Her hands move to hold Neal steady as she shifts forward enough for him to climb atop the window ledge and fit himself against her back with his legs bracketing hers and his arms wrapping around her slim waist.

She heaves a deep, satisfied breath when she leans back against him, melting in his form and smiling when his chin came to rest upon her shoulder. “I’m sorry you didn’t get your dance,” she whispers after a long moment in which both watch as Neal fights against the pull of sleep, his blinks growing longer, eyes falling shut far more easily though he frowns and it has them both chuckling gently.

“Another time my love,” he tells her, lifting his head to press a kiss to the bare skin of her shoulder before dropping it to rest there once again with arms tightening around her waist. It’s something he hasn’t truly been able to do since their night in front of her fire when he’d returned her heart. The peaceful moments for them were few and far between and he’d made himself a silent vow that he will grab each and every moment he can with her, even if they only last mere hours. Each and every second with Regina Mills in his arms is worth fighting for.

Our Christmas Miracle - One Shot (CS Modern AU)

A/N: SURPRISE!!!! Merry Christmas, @xhookswenchx! I was your csss this year! It has been so lovely getting to know you over the last several weeks. I hope your holidays are filled with everything you need them to be! 

You said you loved Daddy!Killian and he happens to be a favorite of mine too! This little idea came to me and I just had to write it! I hope you enjoy it!

Synopsis: The Jones family welcomes their new baby girl on Christmas day.

Rated: T

Word Count: ~ 1500

Read at:   FFN   AO3

Our Christmas Miracle

Glancing around the room, Emma pressed her hand into her protruding stomach in an effort to dull the sharp pain. Nervously, she glanced at the clock on the mantle to take note of the time. 9:26 in the morning. It was Christmas morning, Killian was sitting on the floor with Connor, his blonde hair sticking up in all directions like his father’s, on his lap and a present in the five-year-old’s hand. Henry, now thirteen, waited patiently for his turn to open the next gift. It was the perfect Christmas morning, filled with hot chocolate, family breakfast, and the smiles of her three boys.

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Little Girl Lost

based on a prompt by honeysticks: Ikea

(I didn’t want to make this an AU for reasons – you’ll see as you read – so let’s just assume there’s an Ikea in Storybrooke, okay? Prepare for some daddy!Killian feels.)

Also on and ao3.

“You gotta be kidding me!” Emma’s exasperated voice made a few heads in the Ikea section of bedsits turn around.

Killian raised his hand in a futile attempt to soothe her. “Swan, calm down…”

“Calm down?!” she echoed in disbelief and hissed: “You lost our daughter!

David felt a little guilty himself and tried to help. “Emma…”

She whirled around to her father. “You’re not one tad better, dad!” she cut him off angrily. “You lost your granddaughter and your son!”

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anonymous asked:

I always wanted to read a Swan Queen fic for this text post: "soulmate au where instead of your soulmates first words to you written on your skin it’s their last words you ever hear them say so you don’t know who your soulmate is until you lose them" so if you're up for it, I would cry a million tears and thank you forever.

Emma’s soulmate words creep up from her wrist all the way to the crook of her elbow, I’m not going to give up on you. She’s spent so many years of her life being given up on that she almost considers her soulmate words a comfort instead of a curse. Somewhere out there, someday, she’s going to matter to someone. (Sometimes she wants to scream with frustration that she’s going to lose this mysterious person, that she’ll have this gift only to lose it again.)

Regina’s soulmate words are succinct and terrible and have her trembling each time she turns her wrist to see them. I hate you. That’s what her soulmate’s last words to her will be. She can’t believe that this is how it works, that she won’t even find love with the one person destined to love her, that she can be so undesirable for forever. (”You don’t need love,” Mother says, turning her wrist so the writing burns Regina’s eyes. “You need fear.” Mother’s tattoo says Did you ever love me? and Regina wants to rail at the unfairness of Mother being loved and Regina only being hated.)

Lily draws a star on Emma’s wrist and reads the words climbing up her wrist aloud. “Don’t,” Emma says, fearful of what she might lose. Neal never says the words, but he smiles and strokes them right up until the day when he gives up on her like he’d been made for it. 

The men and women privileged enough to see the skin of Regina’s wrist read the words there and muffle snickers, and she kills every one of them. 

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family sisterly love (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 5/?

An Open Letter to the People Who Made JMo Apologize

To all those people angry at JMo for criticizing Neal’s character, for talking about his betrayal of Emma, and saying that he needed to be redeemed, I see you.

I see you for what you are.

You claim that you care about Emma’s character, and then completely ignore Emma’s feelings on the matter because what Neal did was “justified” and “August made him do it!” and “He didn’t have a choice.” You think that having a reason for ignoring Emma’s agency, for making a decision about her life and how it should go without consulting her, and abandoning her to god knows what kind of life and situation (because this was a girl who was stealing and conning to get by), makes up for the devastation he caused.

You completely ignore the fact that Emma was looking for a home and thought she had found it with Neal. She was IN LOVE with him, and he did the worst thing anyone could do to someone who already felt abandoned. He gave her hope and then he took it away. Neal made her realize that love was possible for her, and then he showed her what her love was worth: nothing. One moment, she’s planning on going to Tallahassee and having a real home like she always hoped for, the next she’s staring at a cop, waiting for Neal to sweep in like Prince Charming and kiss her nightmares away. And as she sat in that jail cell and the reality of the situation truly sunk in, she made a decision. Y'all talk about Neal having no choice, but what he did literally stole Emma’s choice, because now she’s in prison, pregnant, with no money and only the knowledge that the man who she loved not only left her, but sent her to prison for a crime that he committed. She feels used and hurt; SHE IS BROKEN, so she does the only thing she can to protect herself: she decides not to ever let anyone get close enough to hurt her again.

Fast forward to the very difficult birth of Henry where she is CHAINED to a bed because she’s a criminal and she is alone with no one there to hold her hand, no one to tell her it’s going to be okay, no one who LOVES her, and it hurts because at this point, she is probably certain no one ever has, and the doctor is telling her she can change her mind, she can keep this baby, but she can’t even LOOK at her own child because there’s a chain on her ankle and a hole in her heart, and what does she have to offer him? Nothing but her love, and Neal has already proven to her that that isn’t enough. So she listens to her son cry, clutching the bed for support because she’s abandoning him too and she never wanted to do to anyone what her parents did to her, what NEAL did to her, but she KNOWS that the only way he’ll be happy is if she’s out of the picture.

Fast forward again to ten years later when Henry shows up at her door, begging her to come home with him. And she looks at this boy and realizes that the only thing she has ever done right is fucked up. She couldn’t be a mother to Henry because she KNEW she would fail him and she wanted his life to be better than hers, but he has what she always wanted: a family, and he’s MISERABLE. She gave him his best chance and it didn’t work out, so now she is faced with a decision: to leave and hope that things work out, or stay in the life of the boy that she wanted to protect from herself.

So she stays and fast forward to the curse breaking and Emma realizing that her parents didn’t abandon her, that they gave her up to protect her. And these are people she’s come to know, come to love as her family even before finding out that they are blood related, and she feels betrayed, even more so because she knows them so well, and she realizes everything that she missed out on. On having these wonderful people in her life. And then she thinks of Henry, thinks of how she did the same thing, giving him up to protect him and she hates herself even more because she’s come to know him too. She knows he loves her as much as she loves him, but she’s hurt him irreparably. Because no matter how much she is in his life now, he’ll always have the memory of her NOT BEING THERE.

And then we move on to her finding Neal in NY. She’s looking at the man she loved so much (and that she still loves despite everything), and she’s probably thought about this reunion so many times, but she’s looking at him AND SHE’S SO HURT, but the first words out of his mouth are, “I don’t understand. What are you doing here?” She’s spent ten years with the pain he caused her ever present in the emptiness in her life, and with those first words, he makes it clear that he’s wiped his hands of her. He doesn’t “understand."Why would the girl who loved him want to ever find him? Why would the girl he left without saying goodbye ever reenter his life? What is she doing here?

What is she doing here?

She’s listening to Neal try to brush off her questions. She’s watching him lie to her, treating her like he would one of the people they used to con together. And when she demands the truth, she’s listening to him get angry at her for bringing his father to him - realizing that her pain is not his primary concern and that he thinks he has the right to be angry at her for bringing a man that he never told her about to him.

She’s laying her feelings on the line, asking him if he ever cared about her at all.

And he concedes to tell her everything, but they can’t do it out there because he "spent a lifetime running from that man, I’m not gonna let him catch me.”

And Emma demands that he tell her there, but he laughs off her demands, and says, “A bar’s better. Don’t worry you can keep yelling at me when we get there.”

He’s joking with her, laughing at her pain.

“Did you know who I was when we met?”

“If I had I wouldn’t have gone near you.”

And for Emma, it’s a punch to the gut to hear him say that. It’s a denial of all the love she felt for him, of everything they shared. It is ABSOLUTE PROOF that her love is not worth anything. If he knew who she was, he wouldn’t have risked himself. Emma Swan, as she truly is, is not worth the risk.

“Come on,” she says, her expression trembling - and she’s not saying it because she doesn’t believe him, she’s saying it because she DOESN’T WANT to believe him. She doesn’t want to believe that her love wasn’t enough. Her words are a plea.

“Come on…Come on what? I was hiding. I came here to get away from all that crap.”

“So you were just using me? You just needed someone to take the fall for all the watches that you stole?”

“I wasn’t using you. When we met I didn’t know. I found out.”


“When I went to sell the watches, I ran into a friend of yours. August.”

“You left me. You let me go to prison because Pinocchio told you to?”


“I loved you.”

“I was trying to help you.”

“By letting me go to jail?”

“By getting you home.”

“Are you telling me that us meeting was a coincidence? Because how the hell did that happen if it wasn’t in your plan or your father’s?”

“Think about it, he wanted you to break the curse. Us meeting could’ve stopped it. Maybe it was fate.”

“You believe in that?”

“You know, there’s not a ton about my father that I remember that doesn’t suck, but he used to tell that there are no coincidences. Everything that happens, happens by design. And there’s nothing we can do about it, forces greater than us conspire to make it happen. Fate, destiny, whatever you wanna call it, the point is, maybe we met for a reason. Maybe something good came from us being together.”

And Emma stares at him, silent. Suddenly, her whole life has been out of her control from the beginning. That people have always been deciding the course of her life. Not only was she the destined savior, but all her pain, all the heartache that she’s felt was meant to be. She was never meant to be happy. She was never meant to feel love. And yet, maybe something good came from us being together. And she stares into his eyes, sees Henry’s face in his, and thinks about that crying baby that she couldn’t look at. She thinks about that young boy, begging her to stay because his mother doesn’t love him. She thinks about Henry, believing in her despite her abandonment, Henry, loving her so much that he cursed himself to make her believe. She thinks about her son, dying in a hospital bed, and her pain because she can’t save him, her son who she’s failed so much, who she should’ve believed in from the very beginning, dying.

“No,” she says, “Not that I can think of. I just went to jail. That’s it.”

 "Doesn’t matter now, I’m over it, and you.“

"Why do you wear the keychain I got you?”

She touches her hand to her neck, to the weight she’s worn so long that she forgot it was even there, surprised at his question, angered that he would ask her that, as if he had any right to demand that she explain anything to him.

As if he had any right to ask whether he mattered to her anymore.

She rips the chain off her neck, says, “To remind myself never to trust someone again.”

And it’s that moment where Emma Swan realizes that she will never be over him. She will never move on from the pain he caused her because it will always be alive in Henry’s grin, in the memories of birthdays spent alone, of moments passing mothers and their children on the street and wondering what Henry looked like when he was that small. She loved Neal, will always love Neal because she was happy once, with him, and he gave her Henry and helped her find her parents. And she can forgive him for leaving her, but in that moment, she’s already closed the door on her heart to him. She leaves the swan necklace on the table, the “reminder” because she doesn’t need it anymore. Knowing that Neal never searched for her, knowing that her love for him was not enough to overcome “fate, destiny, whatever you wanna call it,” she has all the reminder that she needs.

You can talk about Neal “deserving” forgiveness all you want. You can talk about how he left her to help her, hell, you have canon to back you up.


“She’s definitely more vulnerable, more open, and for the first time in her life, believing in people who have proven that they’re gonna show up for her and that they’re gonna participate in her life and they’re not gonna let her down.”

I don’t care what you think about JMo talking about Neal’s betrayals. I don’t care if you don’t think that they were betrayals. What I care about is this: that EMMA SWAN believes that he wasn’t someone who would be there for her and that EMMA SWAN doesn’t see future happiness with Neal, only a reminder that she put her trust in someone, and they let her down.